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Young Cousin Keeps Older Cousin Company

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My name is Jake and I’m 30 years old. I just landed a new sales job on the east coast. With the new job I visited Florida a lot. Every time I go I try and visit family, even if it’s for an hour. I love it when my 18-year-old cousin comes to greet me at the door. Kathy is somewhat of a tomboy. Always wearing grungy clothes to cover her body up. But I’ve been watching her grow up and I can see that it has been increasing hard for her to cover up those huge breasts that she now had.

On every visit she would always hang all over me. Trying the sweet little girl routine probably trying to get me to go shopping with her so I would buy her something. Of course I would always give in for a hug and kiss on the cheek.

On this trip I was told that I would have to spend a week during the summer for training on a new product and that my hotel and airfare was all paid for. I told my aunt that I would try during the week to visit but that I might be tied up this time. Well, she told my cousin and she was not all too happy. She asked her mother, since I was going to be by the beach anyway, if she could stay with me for the week. Kathy kept bugging her mother about how she hadn’t really had the chance to do much this summer vacation before college and how unfair it was. So, to shut her up, my aunt agreed, but only if it was OK with me. I hesitated because 1) I wasn’t going to be around much during the day to watch her and 2) I knew she was going to try and bleed me dry shopping.. My aunt insisted to the point that I couldn’t say no, so I gave in.

I went to pick her up that weekend before training and headed to the hotel to get settled. As we were driving I told her how sneaky she was for how she manipulated her mother and me into letting her come. She just laughed and looked at me with this weird smirk on her face.

She said, “I’m sorry Jake, I just wanted to get away for a little while before I have to start college. Besides I miss you and I really don’t get to hang out with you. Are you mad at me?”

“No” I said with frustration, “you know I can’t stay mad at you. It’s just that I know its going to be a long week and I need to be able to relax in the room when I get back from my training sessions. With you here, I know I’ll be worrying about you during the day and I won’t be able to get as comfortable as I’d like with you in the same room.”

She said, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m just going to sleep late and hang around the hotel pool. May be I’ll even walk on the beach a little but I’ll make sure it’s in front of the hotel. OK?”

“OK” I said with relief. Then she asked, “What do you mean ‘comfortable as I’d like’?”

“Well,” I said, “I usually like to just get into the hotel, take a shower and just walk around in my underwear or sometime with nothing.”

“Oh, really?” she asked.

“Yes, really, but I can’t do that with you around now can I?” I asked.

“Why not?” she asked

I said, “because you’re my little cousin, and your mother would kill me. Besides, I don’t think I would be comfortable in my underwear while you were in your pajamas. It would make me feel self-conscious.”

“I don’t mind you seeing me in my panties and I definitely don’t mind if you walk around in your underwear.” She said. She continued by saying, “You’re my cousin and I love you. I trust you more than any other man I know. And if you want us to be able to walk around comfortably I don’t mind. Why don’t we make this week something for us and just us. We’ll both be allowed to say anything to each other or wear whatever we want and it all has to stay between us. Agreed?”

All I could say was “Sure”. At that moment I started to get images in my mind of her in white cotton panties and a white cotton shirt that would be too short for her. I started to get a little tingle in my underwear just thinking about it. I was wondering if I would be able to conceal a hard on if that were to happen. “Just put it out of your mind Jake” is all I kept telling myself.

We got the hotel around dinnertime so we stopped at the local dinner and ate. Funny I wasn’t that hungry. I just wanted to settle into the hotel.

Dinner was over and I just finished closing the door to the room. I looked at her and said, “Are you sure about what you said earlier. Is it really OK?” She just came up to me hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and nodded yes. So I proceeded to take my clothes off. I could feel my cock getting hard with each piece of clothing I took off.

She turned to me and said, “I’m going to take a shower, where should we put our dirty clothes?” I picked an empty draw and told her that this would be fine. She proceeded to remove her shoes and socks. She walked over to the draw and placed her socks into it. Then she took of her shirt. I could see her large tits trying to escape the confines of that very sheer bra. I could see her nipple trying to poke through. “Beautiful sucking nipples”, I thought to myself. They looked at me as if they calling me. By this time I was down to taking my pants off. My cock was so hard that I knew there was no way I could hide it. But somehow I didn’t care. I took off my pants and sure enough, there he was, larger than life.

While she was leaning on the dresser, attempting to take off her own pants, I walked past her to the sit down on the bed. With every step my cock bounced in my underwear. I know she noticed. I saw her staring at my crotch while she took off her pants.

She actually had thong panties on. Do you believe it? I could see the fullness of each unblemished cheek. Oh how I wanted to lick each cheek. “What am I doing?” I asked myself, “She’s my baby cousin… But she’s so hot…” Then she surprised me. With her back toward me, she continued to take off her clothes. She unsnapped the bra. I now had a full, unobstructed view of her bare smooth back. I just wanted her to turn around. She then slipped off her panties. As she bent over to take them off I could see her pussy hair peaking from behind. I also got a full view of her virgin asshole.

My cock could now cut glass. She walked past me, naked. I caught a glimpse of her tits as she turned. There I was, sitting on the bed and my cousin walks past me naked. God she was so beautiful. She walked into the shower and left the door open. She probably figured “what’s the point”.

While she was in the shower I took my cock out and starting stroking it. I just kept imaging her washing her hairy pussy and her big tits while she was thinking about my hard on.

The shower stopped and she came out with a towel wrapped around her body. She sat right next to me as she dried her hair. By this time I had already turned on the television and was lying back on the bed with some pillows propping me up. While she was drying her hair, she turned her head at such an angle as to look at my crotch. She stared at it for what seem to be a long time. Knowing that she was looking at my dick just got me harder (if that was possible). My cock twitched once or twice and I know she had to have seen it.

Another minute went by when she surprised me again. She said, “Jake, remember we said we could talk about anything?”

“Yes” I said, “What’s up?”

“Is your penis curved?” she asked. Confused I said, “Yes it curves downward, how did you know?”

“The way your hard on is pushing against your underwear. It’s not coming out of the top like my brother’s does. It just looks rounded.” She replied. Then she said, “Do you always have a hard on when you get comfortable.”

“Well” I tell her, “to tell the truth, I would usually get naked and jerk off before I went to sleep. But seeing you walk into the bathroom naked made hornier than usual. I think I’m going to have to go into the shower so I can jerk off.”

“Why?” she asked. She continued to say, “I thought that this week was between us and that we can do or say anything?

“Yes, I did agree to that, but I didn’t think it meant jerking off in front of you!” I exclaimed

“We said anything.” She reminded me. Then she said, “Take off your underwear. I’ve always wanted to see your cock.”

I gladly obliged. I lay there with my hard on while she stared at it. She said, “It’s huge! It’s so much larger than my brother’s. Can I touch it?”

Who was I to say no. “You’re not circumcised?” she said while pulling my foreskin back.

I moaned “No”. With that, tugged at her towel to take it off. She got up and took the towel off and sat back down, naked.

“Is this the right way to stroke it?” she asked. “Use a firmer grip and stroke it slower” I replied.

While she was played with my cock I leaned over to caress her huge tits. “Kathy you have a beautiful body! I just want to suck your tits. Will you let me suck you tits?” I asked. She nodded yes and moved into position for me to suck them but still continued to stroke my cock.

As I started to suck on her nipples I could feel her grip get firmer. Obviously she was getting hotter. I let my hand slowly find its way down to her thick bush. My finger found her now wet slit. She jumped. I asked her if she was OK. She said “Yes, kept rubbing my pussy that way…”

I said to her “I know what would be better, lay down”. She did and I spread her legs. Then I told her “Show me you pussy. Spread your lips.” She did. Then I told her “Asked me to eat you pussy. Convince me that you want me to eat your wet virgin cunt!”

She said “Jake, eat my pussy please! I’ll do anything you want if you lick it. Please Jake, kiss my pussy!”

She convinced me. She was so sweet. She started to caress her right nipple while she watched me eat her pussy. I savored every lick of her pussy. I tasted every inch. I slowly started to suck on her clit as I massage her soft tits. Her body began to tense. She kept whispering, “Yes Jake, just like that.” Soon her body started to convulse. She started getting louder as she said “YES JAKE LICK MY PUSSY!” She used both of her hand to spread her lips as wide as she could, giving me total access. Then she went silent and her whole body gave a huge shutter. She came. She came so hard that it look like she was pissing on my face. With her cum on my face I dug in more, continuing to suck her clit and tongue her hole.

I lifted her by her hips so I can get a view of her virgin asshole. I started to lick everything. From her clit to her asshole. She started scream, “YES EAT ME JAKE! OH GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. EAT ME!” This time, as she started to shutter, I moved back and started to rub her clit. I wanted to watch her cum. I told her “Come on Kathy, cum for me. Show me how you cum!” With that she started squirting, I mean literally squirting.

She relaxed as she finished cumming. She said, “I never knew it could be so wonderful.” She sat up and embraced me. She took hold of my cock and started to stroke again while she began to kiss me sweetly. She asked, “Are you going to fuck me now? Are you going to stick this beautiful curved cock in my pussy and fuck me? Are you going to take my cherry Jake?”

“Take your cherry?” I asked. “I don’t think that would be right.”

She replied, “I want you to take my cherry. I always said to myself that I would only give it up to someone I love. I love you so much Jake! Please fuck me. Please.”

Somehow it still didn’t seem right. I wanted to leave her something for the real love in her life. When ever that might happen.

I told her, “Look I don’t want to take you cherry by fucking your pussy. What would make me happy would be to fuck your ass. Will you let me fuck you in your ass?”

She proceeded to kiss my more and said, “Yes Jake anything, as long as I can feel your cock pumping inside me.”

She went into her purse where she kept a travelers sample of Vaseline. She said she uses it as lip balm. Hmm? I decided not to even bother and question it.

Anyway, she walked back to me and placed the Vaseline in my hand. I said, “Before I fuck you, you are going to have to get my cock ready. Are you willing to prepare my cock to fuck you?”

She said, “Yes baby, tell me what you want me to do.”

I said, “Here, get down on your knees. Take my cock in your hand. OK, now pull the skin back gently. Yes, that’s it. Now take it into your mouth and suck on it slowly. Make believe it’s a lollipop.” She did as I commanded. All the while look up at me listening out for more instructions.

I told her, “Take my dick out of your mouth. Go lower and lick my balls slowly. Lick around my sac down to my asshole. Stroke my cock while you do it.”

She followed every instruction to the letter. “Like this Jake? Do you like the way I lick you balls?”

“Yesss” I moaned.

She started to improvise. She’d stroke my cock and lick my balls. Then, she’d take my entire cock in her mouth.

“Oh Jake,” she said, “I love sucking your cock. I love the feel of your dick in my mouth.”

That was it, I couldn’t stand it any more. I got up and told her to get on the bed with her ass up in the air. “Now you’ve done it Kathy!” I exclaimed, “Now I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to stick my cock in your ass and I’m going to fuck you.”

She laid there, doggy style with both her hands reach around to spread her ass cheek. She was ready for me. I put some Vaseline on her hole. I stuck a finger in. Man she was tight. I knew I had to loosen her and soon. If not, I’d cum right there.

I continued to work her hole. I added another finger. Then another. I asked her if she was OK. She said it hurt a little but that she was fine. Finally I felt she was ready my cock. I placed some more Vaseline on my dick then placed the head at the entrance. I told her, “Are you ready for my cock Kathy?” She said, “Yes Jake put it in.”

I slowly inserted my dick. Oh it was wonderfully tight. She moan then flinched from the pain. She was handling it like a pro.

“Is it all the way in?” she asked. I told her that I’m doing it slowly so her ass can get used to it. “It feels so big! I don’t if I can handle your whole cock.” she expressed. I told her not to worry and to relax. She did.

Eventually I had my whole hard dick in my 18-year-old cousin’s ass. I bent over with my cock in her and grab on to her tits. I said, “I’m all the way inside you now Kathy. I going to start fucking you now. Are you OK?”

“Yes” she said, “I’m alright, I just want you to fuck me and cum inside me.”

I proceeded to grant her wish. I slowly started pumping her tight hole. Gradually getting faster. All the while hold onto her tits. Her ass was wonderful. I looked down at my cock as it went in and out of her beautiful ass. I got up and grabbed onto her hips to get a better position. Now I was fucking her hard.

“I can feel you balls bouncing off my ass Jake! Oh it’s so fucking wonderful! Fuck me harder Jake! Cum inside me!”

You didn’t have to tell me twice. I started to tense and pound harder. I told her, “Tell me how much you love my cock! Tell me how much you love for me to fuck you!”

She complied, “OH yes Jake! I love your big curved dick. I love the way it tastes in my mouth when I suck it. I love playing with your cock. I love it in my ASS! COME ON COUSIN CUM INSIDE ME!”

I couldn’t hold on any longer. I blew the largest, longest load I had ever done in my life and it was all in my little cousin’s ass.

I slowly exited her hole. She turned around and embraced me again, this time kissing me on the lips. We laid there making out for about 15 minute when I said, “Come on let go take a shower, I want to clean up that ass of yours and you need to learn how to give me a bath.”

“Give you a bath?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, “your job for the rest of this week is to bath me and service me every night when I come home from my training classes. Do you have a problem with that young lady?

“No sir!” she said with a grin, “I will behave and do what I’m told like a good little girl.”

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