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Old Man, New Business

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Over the years lots of things had changed in my life. Marriages had begun and ended, kids grown up and left home, houses bought and sold, eyesight got worse, and my once fit body betrayed me. Here I was at 61 with only one vestige of my youth, my sex drive.

And, because of medical problems, I couldn’t get a hard on to save my life.

I spent about two years being depressed that fucking and making love were no longer what they used to be. I was also a bit depressed because the company I worked for was going through some downsizing pains and it looked like I was next. I had lunch with a friend, Julian, who was downsized out of an eighteen year career two years ago.

“Find something that brings in a little cash and you enjoy.” That was the sum of his advice.

I went home and shared it with my wife. She said she’d think about it and no more was said for a few days about my impending downsizing.

She came home from work on Thursday afternoon and said, “You aren’t going to believe what I volunteered you for!”

“Volunteered? I need a paying gig not a volunteer position.”

My wife sat across from me at the dining room table and said, “I volunteered you to do a half hours work and get a hundred dollars!”

“A hundred dollars for half an hour? I wasn’t worth that when I was nineteen!”

“Yes, you were. But when we were nineteen I didn’t have the hundred.”

“So who do I have to kill?”

“Let me tell you the story.” She looked at her watch and said, “We have time.”


“The story. A friend at work has been dating a man for a month or so and tomorrow night she plans to seduce him for the first time. She knows that he loves smooth skin and she wants to be silky smooth for him.”

“What does this have to do with me?”

“She told me that every time she has ever attempted to shave her pubes she has cut herself. She wants to be smooth for him not all nicked and scared.”

Jokingly I said, “Tell her to get over here. I’ll shave her and never nick her once.”

“That’s what I told her! She looked at me like I was crazy so I took her into the conference room and I showed her what a great job you do. I told her that you haven’t ever nicked me and my pussy has been smooth for fifteen years.”


“And, she’ll be here in less than an hour with a hundred dollars and a hairy pussy. She wants to leave here with neither.”

“Are you sure you’re OK with this?”

“Ever since I talked to her and set this up I’ve been thinking about it. The big worry I have had the whole time we’ve been married has been that you might fuck someone else. When you had to go on the meds that ended our making love that way I was actually relieved. I know you weren’t but I was. Now here is a way you can have an exciting sexual experience and get paid for it!”

“Wait a sec. When I shave you I rub oil on you and I eat you, every time.”

“Carol knows that and is looking forward to it!”

“And it’s OK with you that I eat another woman’s pussy?” I was shocked.

“I know you love eating pussy and I know you love me. I am not too worried that her pussy will be so much better than mine that you will leave me to go eat her on a regular basis. Anyway, she is willing to pay you to do it! If you left me she would quit paying. And, there wouldn’t be a long line of women coming to the door with hairy pussies for you to trim.”

“Don’t women go in and get waxed?”

“Waxing isn’t fun. It hurts for a day after they rip your hair out.”

“OK. I give. I’m convinced. I’ll get things set up for her just as I do for you. What are you going to do while she’s here?”

“I have computer work to do. I’ll leave you two alone.”

My wonderful wife came over to me and sat on my lap. Our kissing began softly but insistently. Soon her breasts were being attended to and I reached into her skirt to find a panty less bare pussy flowing with juices. I was in heaven.

When we had fifteen minutes before my first paying client would arrive I set up our guest room with my massage table and the tools of my new trade: Shaving gel, a brand new razor, a pair of small scissors, a basin for hot water and a few small towels.

I had a thought, it turned into a question: “Honey, what should I wear?”

The woman of my heart stepped into the guest room carrying a pair of gray sweat pants and a white t-shirt. She handed them to me and said, “No shoes. You should shave yourself too.”

I changed, shaved and as I toweled my face the doorbell rang. Both of us opened the door and a nervous woman stood on the porch stood before us. My wife opened the door and welcomed her with a hug. She introduced me to Carol and said, “I will let the two of you get to the business at hand. If either of you need anything just holler. I’ll be in the computer office.”

On the way to the guest bedroom I stopped at our bathroom and borrowed a robe of Barb’s. In the guest bedroom I gave the robe to Carol and gave her instructions.

“The bathroom is the first door down that hallway. Please go if you can. If you would like to shower, you certainly may. I need you to strip and wear this robe. Then come back and we’ll get started.”

“I need something first. I’m nervous. I’ve never had anyone shave me down there and it is so intimate. “She paused. “Could you please kiss me?”

“I would love to.” I slowly and gently took her in my arms and held her. When I felt her relax I shifted a bit and touched my lips to hers. She moaned into my lips and parted hers. I gently inserted my tongue into her mouth and the dance began.

After just enough time to have some sparks between us I released her and sent her down the hall. I headed down the hall to the other bathroom to load the basin with hot water when I heard the shower start. I went instead into the office where Barb was working. She stood up and kissed me. We held each other and when we heard the shower shut off she said, “Congratulations on your new career, Stud.”

I dashed into the bathroom, filled the basin with hot water and made it back to my new place of business before Carol left the bathroom.

When she walked in wearing Barb’s robe I was struck with two instantaneous impressions: one, that she was absolutely beautiful and that she didn’t know it. Her hair was pulled up into a pony tail and that showed off her long slender neck and her ears. The robe showed plenty of cleavage and the hard protruding nipples within. The hem of the robe hit her about halfway between her knees and her pussy. She stood there in the doorway looking at me expectantly.

I sat on the end of the massage table and beckoned her to me. As she got close I reached out and took hold of one of the ends of the tie at her waist. She took another step and I pulled it loose. The robe opened and I could see more of her cleavage. I put my hands at her shoulders and asked, “Are you warm enough?”

“I’m so hot I’m dripping,” she said and then blushed. We both giggled for a second.

“I’m talking about room temperature. I don’t want you uncomfortable at all.”

“A little warmer would be nice, I think.”

I moved over to the thermostat and moved it up four degrees. When I sat back at the end of the table I asked, “How are you feeling?”

“I want you to kiss me and make love to me. This is too intimate to be just a hair cut.”

“Any time you need me to slow down you just say yellow. If you need me to stop say red. You are in control at every moment. I am here to love you and serve you. OK?”

“Yes.” Her voice was a whisper.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her. I began softly and gently. Her lips were very soft and opened easily to me. I took my time and didn’t rush her. Somewhere inside I realized that this was much more than my first paid hair cut and shave, this was my audition for all the women that Carol might refer to me.

I slowly migrated my kissing south on her body: spending time at her ears and neck, moving on down her chest and uncovering her as I progressed. When I pushed the robe off her shoulders it fell to her elbows and stayed. Her chest was bare and I lavished my attentions there. I sucked her nipples until they were both hard and standing proud. I kissed and nibbled her breasts and knelt on the floor as I continued my southbound migration. I could smell her arousal and feel the heat coming from her hairy center.

I used one finger to touch the top of her slit. Carol shuddered. I looked up and she was red at the top of her chest and her breathing was ragged. Time for me to move on.

“Carol I want you on the table, on your back.”

Carol shook herself to get back to the here and now and moved to get on the table. I took the robe and put it over the hook on the back of the door. When I looked back she was laying on the table with her legs spread and bent at the knees as they were off the sides of the table. Her hair was matted and a bit wet. Even with her this wide open I could not see her slit. There was a beach towel on the table and I grabbed the end of the towel and slid her down to the end of the table.

Under the table was a small stool that put my face and hands at the proper level for shaving pussy. I assumed the position and asked, “Do you want me to tell you what I’m doing or do you want me to be quiet?”

“Talk to me. Tell me anything. Talk to me.”

“OK. Carol I’m going to trim the longer hairs near you beautiful pussy. Is the term pussy OK with you?”

“Call it anything but please touch me.” Her voice had a level of desperation in it.

My hand held her upper inner thigh as my other hand trimmed her long hairs. I trimmed them very short and then cleaned up the cut hairs. I kissed the inside of both thighs and Carol shuddered.

I used the shaving gel and lathered her stubble.

“The gel needs to sit for a minute softening up the hair that is left.”

Without any thought at all my body left the stool and went to Carol’s face. I touched her and kissed her and she welcomed both. I moved down to her breasts and again noticed how delightfully pink her areola and nipples were.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Suck my tits hard!”

I opened my mouth and took as much of her tit in as would fit. I stimulated her breast with my tongue and sucked hard. Carol moaned and shuddered again. Her hands held my head in place.

The gel had been in place long enough. I released Carol’s tit and went back to the stool. I started shaving at the very top of her hair line. Slowly and carefully I shaved, talking all the while.

“Carol I’m being very careful. Your skin is so soft. As your pussy is more and more exposed it is more and more beautiful. Oh, now that I can see your lips I want to suck them. May I?”

“God, suck them!”

I took that as a yes and I did suck them. She moaned and thrashed a bit on the table. I released my lip hold on her lips. She moaned again.

“Stay still now. I’m back to the job at hand.”

Gentle pressure from my hands had her open herself wider to me. When I had removed every hair I could see or feel I said, “Now Honey, lift your legs and show me your backside.”

She lifted her legs and spread herself open for me. There were hairs around her ass pucker and the space between. I lathered them and lowered my tongue into her open cunt lips. Carol came and came hard. My hands helped her hold her legs and when she had relaxed I resumed shaving her. A minute later she was a slick and smooth as Barb. I wiped up the lather and cum she had spilled and applied lotion to the freshly smooth skin.

“Are we done?” she asked.

“Do you want to be done?”

“No. I want more.”

My hands drew her to me and lifted her legs again. I sank my face into her pussy and licked, sucked and probed her as I sensed she wanted me to. Carol held my head to her pussy and did everything she could do to get my entire head into her. I wondered if I would die smothered by a pussy at 61 years old.

Gasping I pulled back and went right back in. Carol stiffened and screamed. I held still in her pussy until she relaxed. I walked up to her head and kissed her sharing all her juices and their taste. A couple minutes later she slowly got off the table and I helped her into the bathroom.

“I need a shower again,” she said.

“Will you be safe in there?”

“Would you join me?”

I did and while I held her and soaped her the door to the bathroom opened and Barb asked, “May I join you?”

Carol answered, “Oh yes! You are so wonderful to let your husband do this for me!”

Barb pulled the shower door open and joined us. I knew she had masturbated as I could smell her juices. I kissed her while I had a hand in two smooth pussies. This was heaven.

After Carol left I put Barb on the table and ate her to two more orgasms. When he cleaned up we talked.

“You’re giving that service away at a hundred dollars.”

“You think?”

“You spent an hour and a half treating her to a number of orgasms and a great shave. I’d say one fifty minimum.”

“OK with me.”

Barb picked up the phone and called Carol. She put it on speaker phone.

“Carol here.”

“Barb. Are you OK?”

“I’m more than Ok. Your man is the best lover I’ve ever had! I want another appointment.”

“One week from today?”

“Yes. Same time.”

“Because you were the first your price will always be a hundred, but so you know, the price has gone up to one fifty.”

“Fuck that! I’d pay two hundred dollars a week for that and so would most of the women I know. You print up some kind of business cards and I’ll fill Nick’s schedule in a week.”

I spoke up. “You do that and your next trim is free.”

“Bring the business cards to work tomorrow! Oh my, I feel so thoroughly loved. My date tomorrow is in for the ride of his life!”

We hung up and looked at each other for long seconds.

“Business cards?” What do we put on them?”

“South of the Equator, smooth and silky. By referral only and our phone number.”

The cards were made and given to Carol the next day. On Saturday my phone rang.

“This is Nick”

“Is this South of the Equator?”

“Were you referred to this number?”

“Yes. My friend Carol called me just a little while ago. She said that you could give me a shave I would never forget.”

“Yes. Did she tell you the price?”

“She said I should give you two hundred, in cash.”

“Do you have your schedule with you?”


“The appointment takes about an hour and a half, but I recommend you allot two hours, to be on the safe side. When would you like to come?”

“Is there anything open today?”

I paused and then said, “I don’t usually work on Saturdays but sure I can do you today. What time would you like?”

“Can I come at two?”

I couldn’t resist. “And three and four.” There was a short pause and then nervous laughter.

“Wear easy in easy out clothes. Your name and phone number please.”

I gave her directions to our home and hung up. When I told Barb that I had a client in two hours she bounded off the couch and grabbed her purse.

“Where are you going?”

“I noticed that when you did Carol you wore your only gray sweat pants. You need new t-shirts and some large solid towels. I’m going shopping.”

I smiled and gave her the crisp hundred Carol had left in the bathroom. She wasn’t back when Lynn arrived. Lynn was wearing sweats and slip on shoes. Her blond hair was as short as mine and she was very cute. Barb and I had made a form for new clients to fill out, as legal protection for us. In the very center of the form in large bold print it said, “During this procedure you will be touched and manipulated in the most intimate areas of your body. If this is NOT what you want to happen please stop filling out this form and leave.”

Lynn read the form, filled it out and gave it back to me. Barb and I had arranged that when I was working with a client she would enter quietly through the front door and stay in the living room, kitchen, and office. I hung a small disk on the front door as a reminder.

An hour and a half later and two hundred dollars richer I watched Lynn dressing to go.

“Does your wife really let you do this?”

“She’s home. You want to meet her?”

“I’d be embarrassed.”

“She’d like to meet you, I’m sure. Come on.” Lynn slipped into her shoes and followed me into the living room. Barb was sitting on the couch.

“Is this another satisfied customer?”

“I think so but perhaps you should ask her. Lynn, Barb. Lynn would you like some water, diet coke, juice?”

“Oh a diet coke sounds yummy.” I left them alone for a minute.

When I returned they were deep in conversation so I sat the diet coke down and left the room. I came back when Barb called my name. I hugged Lynn and kissed her soft and long. Then I hugged Barb as Lynn left.

“What did the two of you talk about while I was gone?”

“Lynn shared what you did for her.”

“A haircut and shave, two hundred.”

“No. Lynn has never had an orgasm before today. Even with masturbation she never could let go enough. She said she felt safe and cared for by you.”

“Not that I was counting but I think she had at least three today.”

“She said eight.”

“Good. She might be back.”

I drank the rest of Lynn’s diet coke and went into the bathroom to start clean up. In the dish next to the sign that said payment there were three one hundred dollar bills. Each one with a lipstick kiss on it. As I picked them up, the phone rang. I heard Barb answer, “South of the Equator.”

There was a pause and she called me. When I got to the phone she softly said, “It’s another woman ready to be loved by you.”

That was a month ago. I did get downsized and threw a party as now I had more time for my new career. Carol comes by every week for a touch-up and her allotment of orgasmic delight. On my desk I have a calendar. I put a check mark for each orgasm I give at each appointment. In the last month there have been over four hundred orgasms in my little work room and bathroom. And, not a single unsatisfied customer.

Carol isn’t my only regular client. I have at least one regular a day, six days a week. I thought about raising my prices but since most of the women tip between fifty and a hundred I really don’t need to. The seventh day belongs to Barb. She is still the smooth woman nearest my heart.

Being old and safe isn’t really all that bad.

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