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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth!

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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth!

I don’t know what pervert said it to my sister but I wish I could find him so I could shake his hand and thank him.

I was home from college when my stepsister, Jenny, came home from high school in a huff. We were not really tight as her mom and my dad had only been married four years and I had been gone 2 of them at college. But she looked at me as a confidant and older brother. She felt she could come to me when she had problems and needed help.

Twice in the last month, she had called me at school for help with a school problem and once for a problem with our parents. Jenny is no brain surgeon and has had a lot of problems getting through school, so she cuts class a lot and runs off with her friends and this of course gets her in more trouble with school and our parents.

Jenny is a sweet heart but a real cock tease. She has been graced with her mother’s great looks and today got her a very suggestive cat call that had her perplexed and angry. At 18, she is still only 5’1 and all of 95 pounds. Next to me at 6’3 and 225 pounds, she looks like a little rag doll. She has long brunette hair and a tight little gymnast’s body. She is a member of the “itty bitty titty club” but what she lacks in tits, she more then makes up in perky nipples. I have rarely seen her walking around without her perky nipples pushing hard against her shirt or blouse.

Jenny has one of those faces that make you do a double take when you see her. She has big round, jade eyes that sparkle and a cute little nose with big full lips surrounding a tight little mouth. I had a picture at college of my family and one of Jenny by herself. One of my college roommates saw the picture and asked me if she was my girlfriend. I said no and before I could tell him it was my stepsister, he blurted out that she had great big blowjob lips. I had to admit he was right but had him apologizing profusely for hours when I told him she was my sister.

Now I won’t lie to you and say I never thought about her in a sexual way but it was always in fantasy never more than that. When Jenny came home and told me what happened at school, she blew my mind. She is much more naïve and innocent than I would ever expect.

“Whats’ Up?” I said as I kicked back on the couch in our living room reading a magazine article.

“Ah nothing,” she said as she slid her backpack off her shoulder with a thud. She was obviously thinking hard of something. She was wearing her cute little catholic schoolgirl outfit and I wondered if she was wearing panties.

“When is my mom home?’ she asked as she seemed to be thinking how to handle something.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at her. “I think the same time as usual, my dad comes home a 6:30 and your mom is usually right behind him at 6:40 or so,” I said.

“”Shoot,” she groaned and came and sat on the edge of the couch by me. She had her hair done up in pigtails with dark blue ribbons and she had pink glossy lipstick that sparkled with her eyes.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“Ah, some guy yelled something to me as I was walking home and made me mad,” she said and I laughed. I could envision Jenny walking down the street and guys just about crashing their cars as they craned their necks to check her out.

“What? What did the guy yell?” I said, knowing it was going to be good.

Crossing her arms across her chest in a huff, she blurted it out and I almost fell off the couch. “He was riding with a couple of other guys from school and he yelled out that ‘I sure had a pretty MOUTH’,” she said and frowned.

My cock grew in my pants as I looked at her pouting on the couch next to me. Some pervert had pointed out what is obvious to any blowjob-loving aficionado. I looked at her tight little mouth and envisioned my own cock sliding in and out of her pleasure hole and my hard-on twitched.

“Ah, he was just complementing you on your pretty face,” I assured her. She looked sad still and I asked her why she was so sad.

“A couple of my friends said it meant something bad,” Jenny groaned and twirled her left pigtail in her fingers.

“What, what did they say it meant?” I asked, playing dumb and thinking this conversation was getting better by the second. I leaned forward on the couch, as I wanted to see Jenny explain what they thought it meant.

“They said it meant that my mouth was perfect for cock sucking,” she blurted out and I gasped, I wanted to burst out laughing but she would be hurt by my insensitivity. I looked at her smiled, trying to be the reassuring older brother.

“What, where did they get that idea?” I protested. This conversation was smoking and my hard-on was pushing its way down my right pant leg and I needed to adjust it but didn’t want to draw any attention to my manhood.

“They said I would probably love it, but I haven’t ever done it,” she continued. Her eyes looked at me and she frowned.

“Never?” I asked.

“No, Never,” she answered.

I looked at her and she frowned. I looked down her hot little body and wondered how she could have gone so long without some guy trying to get her to swallow his load. What is wrong with the guys of today, I thought. The way she was sitting, I could almost see up her little schoolgirl skirt and Jenny took her hands and pulled on the hems so they covered her knees. She turned her legs away from me and although she didn’t say anything, I think she sensed me staring there.

“Wow, really?” I said and smiled.

Jenny thought that was funny and giggled, “No, never,” she assured me.

We shared a laugh and then I asked with a smirk, “But you thought about it?”

“No,” Jenny lied and shook her head and then smiled and said, “Yeah, a couple of times.”

So much blood was flowing to my cock, I’m surprised I didn’t just pass out. I had Jenny telling me some of her most intimate secrets and wanted to hear more.

“Only a couple of times?” I pried and looked at her hard.

She giggled and relented, “Okay more then a couple of times.”

“Huh,” I laughed as I caught her in a fib. I looked at her and liked what I saw. The pouty little sex princess was now smiling, giggling and laughing about wanting to suck dick.

“Why haven’t you?’ I asked and watched how her eyes sparkled at the subject.

“I haven’t got that far,” Jenny answered, then giggled at what her admission implied.

“Wow really? If you were my girlfriend, I’d want you to suck my dick all the time,” I blurted out and felt subconscious by my frankness. I was afraid that my crude admission might end our little conversation. Little did I know that it took our relationship to a whole new dimension.

Jenny smiled and I watched her eyes look down at my lap and she bit her lower lip. Her left hand twirled her pigtail again and she was silent.

“What?” I asked as her silence coincided with her face turning a rosy shade of pinkish-red.

“Would you like to suck my dick?” I asked, as her eyes didn’t leave my lap as she studied the outline of my hard-on. I again felt uneasy about my frank questioning.

Jenny, the little minx with the sensation body and heavenly face didn’t say a word but her head nervously nodded ‘yes’. She looked up at my face and back at my hard-on.

“Wow,” I said and smiled. I looked at her and tried to get her to look me in the eye. Her nervous little eyes avoided my stare and she giggled.

“Well I could go for it,” I told her. “But no one can ever know,” I said.

Jenny shook her head in quiet agreement.

“I mean no one,” I asserted.

She shook her head harder and looked at me nervously.

I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears but I was laying the groundwork for a very pleasurable agreement between the two of us.

“Now, I don’t want you to tease me, If we are going to do this, we are going to do it my way and I want to get off,” I said. I had no reason to believe Jenny would renege on her part but wanted her word. As I negotiated, I got bolder and more demanding. Jenny was an easy mark because she was very willing and seemingly would do anything for the experience.

Jenny shook her head in the affirmative. For the rest of our conversation she was quiet except for an occasional giggle or two.

“And I don’t want it to be just once, I don’t want to do it once and you hold out on me and tease me about it,” I told her. “I want to be able to get it again from time to time,” I said and Jenny shook her head yes, not really understanding the sex drive of a 21 year old male.

“Now we’ve got to hide this from the parents,” I stated the obvious and realized I was getting long in the tooth. Jenny agreed and fidgeted nervously on the edge of the couch.

I could tell she was anxious to get started but I wanted to have some fun with her. She was agreeable to all my demands so I thought I’d play with her a little. The little slut wanted to suck her first cock so I thought I’d get her to beg.

“Now so I know you really want to do this, I want you to tell me what you want to do,” I told her.

Jenny looked at me suspiciously. She frowned like she didn’t understand what I wanted.

“I want you to tell me that you want to suck my cock,” I said.

My hands had already started undoing my belt as I watched her trying to bring herself to say it. She fidgeted and giggled and tried to find the words. Her tongue wet her lips and she started to speak but paused.

“Come on, tell me what you want,” I said as I undid my zipper.

Jenny’s eyes were staring at my waist as she watched me undo my zipper and start peeling my pants down.

“Say it,” I said and slowed my undressing.

Jenny spoke up almost as if her words would get my pants down faster. They would and her words were music to my ears.

“I want to suck your penis,” Jenny blurted out and giggled as her eyes looked me in the eye and then dropped back to my waist.

“Penis?” I said and we both laughed. “Say COCK,” I told her.

“Cock,” she said.

“No say the whole thing,” I instructed her.

“I want to suck your COCK!,” she said, accenting the word ‘cock’ just for me.

I pulled my pants down passed my knees and off my legs completely. I sat back in my boxers and smiled at her. My cock was sticking out of the leg of my boxer shorts and seemed to mesmerize Jenny.

“Go ahead, it won’t bite,” I told her as she sat there staring.

“Its so big,” she blurted out and moved her right hand to touch it.

“Well thanks,” I said and reached for her hand. I took her small manicured hand and pulled it to my lap.

She let me place it on my cock and as I pulled my own hand away I told her, “Go ahead, play with it.”

Jenny started slowly but as she got over her shyness, she began to stroke and examine my meaty hard-on. Her small hands felt heavenly on it as she squeezed and stroked it. She took her hands and played with my head and with the base and my balls.

Pre-cum leaked from the head and she put some on her fingertip. “That’s called ‘pre-cum,” I told her and asked her to taste it.

She looked at me like I was crazy. I told her it wouldn’t hurt her and that all the girls taste it and a lot of them like its taste. She giggled and slowly brought her fingertip to her mouth and put the wetness on the end of her tongue. The sight of her tiny little mouth and tongue made my cock lurch in her other hand and she cooed. We shared a laugh and I knew it was time to move this little passion play forward.

“Tastes good?” I asked. Jenny just shrugged her shoulders. To her it wasn’t good or bad.

“Why don’t you kiss it?” I urged her. She giggled, hesitated and bent to my lap and she gently kissed it. As she bent, my eyes watched her cute little mouth purse and I thought I was going to faint. The touch of her mouth on the head of my cock was incredible.

She didn’t just kiss it once. She began kissing the head, my shaft, and my balls. She didn’t know what she was doing but her dedication was awesome. She didn’t stop kissing it until I tapped her on the head.

She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes and awaited my next command. I was really working with a novice but a willing learner. I told her to lick it and sat back and felt her soft little tongue do a ‘lap dance’ on me. Like her kissing, she was thorough and licked me everywhere. Her tongue was incredible. She licked my shaft, my balls, the inside of my thighs, and my head. Especially the head, she played a little catch the pre-cum as it leaked from my head. With her hand, she squeezed my cock and pushed the pre-cum from my dick. Each time the liquid accumulated on my cock hole, she lapped it up eagerly. Now I’m no fool and would never stop someone who was so enthralled with licking my cock but I wanted it in her tight ‘pretty little mouth’.

“Why don’t you slid down on the carpet,” I told her and she slipped off the couch and between my knees. I positioned her so she was kneeling directly in front of me and using my knees held her between my legs. “Now just stay right there and open your mouth,” I instructed her. She laughed and opened her sweet little mouth. She said “Ahh,” as if she was doing a throat exam for a doctor. I laughed to myself as in a way she was.

“Now stick out your tongue,” I said and she did with a giggle. I couldn’t believe my luck as I stared at her pretty face and open orifice. It was a pretty picture and it gave me an idea. I told jenny to stay put and she did, waiting for me as I ran off to my room. My parents had given me a digital camera for my birthday because I was in a photography class at college.

I made it back to the couch in under a minute, never stopping to think that I was running through my house with a hard-on sticking straight out from my boxers. Jenny watched me and I must have been a funny sight as she giggled. I looked down at my cock and laughed as I realized what she was giggling at.

“You like that?” I kidded her and sat back down on the couch. I didn’t even think Jenny might balk at the camera as I so sexually charged I had lost my head.

“This is fun,” she said and hunched her face and head forward to resume her task. “But no camera,” she stated firmly.

“Ahh, come on,” I said. “It’ll be just pictures for me, I’ll look at them and then destroy them,” I lied and tried to assure her.

“No pictures because Suzi McMichael allowed Jason Franks to take pictures of them fucking and he passed them around to his buddies on the football team,” she informed me.

“I’m not Jason, I wouldn’t pass them out,” I said.

Jenny was firm, she wasn’t budging and added, “You could lose the camera or the pictures and someone might see them and I’d be like a whore.”

Jenny was right but I really wanted the pictures. I’m a sore loser so when she was arguing with me, I got a little mad and decided to take it out on her mouth. I set the camera down beside me on the cushion beside the couch and gave into her demand but she was going to give into my demands, too.

‘Aw right,” I said and took my semi-hard cock in my hand and began stroking it. “Can you open your mouth and stick out your tongue again?” I asked.

Obediently Jenny did and I took my cock to the edge of her mouth and slid the head along her tongue. She tried to suck it and take it into her mouth. “Just keep your mouth open,” I told her. “Let me slid my cock around your face,” I added.

Jenny smiled and shot me a glance like “Okay, whatever,” I think she had an idea of what a blowjob was supposed to be and my desire to wipe my cock on her pretty face didn’t fit that idea. A lot of the things I had planned for her weren’t going to fit her ideas or plans but I was still going to do them.

Taking her hair on the top of her head in my left hand, I held her head as I wiped my cock on her tongue and edges of her mouth. She kneeled obediently and her eyes tried to follow my cock as it made its pleasurable journey around her face. Pre-cum smeared on her cheek as I laid my warm hot cock on her cool cheeks. I pulled her head forward firmly and let my cock lay against her face. Her mouth in my hairy patch and against my balls as my length twitched against her cute little nose and the head touched her forehead.

To Jenny it was amusing and she gigged as I played with her face. The feeling of her mouth on my balls felt great and I told her to lick them. She did and my cock throbbed in approval. Jenny’s tongue swirled around my balls and her face dipped so her nose was against the base of my cock. I didn’t know how far she was going to deep but I wasn’t going to stop her. I had an ex-girlfriend lick my bunghole before and although I didn’t find it very stimulating, the thought of a chick licking my ass is so perverse that it turned me on incredibly.

“That’s it, keep licking my balls,” I told her and playfully slapped my warm, hard cock on the top of her head. She was making lip-smacking sounds and I couldn’t get over how ‘hot’ it made me to hear her doing it as her tongue and lips played across my groin area.

As Jenny’s head dipped lower, I spied the camera out of the corner of my eye. She didn’t want me to take pictures but she didn’t say anything about movies. I slowly switched hands on the top of her head to free up my left hand to turn on my camera. It makes a little electronic ping so I groaned as it came on. Jenny’s face was buried beneath my balls so she couldn’t see and from her movements, I could tell she hadn’t heard. I quickly adjusted the camera for movies and focused it on my lap. I couldn’t play with it that much so I had to hope it was properly adjusted for closeness and sound. Once the camera was in position, I went back to stroking my cock and enjoying Jenny’s oral treats.

Jenny’s tongue playfully licked and slapped my balls like little punching bags. She licked under them but no further than that. I was still perturbed by her refusing my picture taking so I decided to teach her how to lick asshole. As she licked around my balls, I pushed down on her head and her tongue slid lower. It went a little lower but I could tell she was avoiding my crack. Slowly and with a little effort I slid my hips down the couch so my ass crack moved toward her face and the edge of the couch. Still I sensed her resistance and urged her to lick me there.

“Oh that’s great, now lick my ass,” I told her and pushed her head lower. She resisted and pulled her head up.

“Uhhh, do girls do that?” she asked as she looked up at me. She seemed disgusted by the act.

“Oh yeah,” I lied, “It helps get the guy off better and I love it.”

Jenny looked at me sideways as if she didn’t really believe it. She smiled and asked me if I really liked it. I told her I did as I stroked my cock. She thought it was funny and giggled. She had more questions and although talking was interrupting the oral sex, I could live with it as long as it was her pretty face between my legs and they were these sorts of questions.

“How does it feel?” she asked as she looked down between my legs.

“Incredible,” I told her and smiled. I was still stroking my cock and thinking how great my cock was going to feel in her tight little mouth.

“Do girls do it every time?” she asked.

“Most girls do,” I lied and added, “Especially the ones that know what they are doing and are good at it.” I smiled at her. Jenny was the type of girl who wanted to be great at everything and wanted to know what and how others did things. I was hoping her need to succeed stretched to oral sex and pleasing her partner.

“I don’t know if I’d like it,” she said and moved her hand to my cock and with a finger wiped up the pre-cum at the end of my head and put it in her mouth. “I would think it would tickle,” she added. She had resigned herself to the fact that all the girls did it and was now thinking of how it would feel if someone did it to her.

“It does tickle a little but it’s a good tickle,” I told her. The thought of Jenny spread on a bed with her ass in the air crossed my mind and I smiled. The talking was stimulating but if I wanted to teach her al my favorite things.

“Why don’t you tickle me now,” I said and reached up behind her head and pulled her face back between my legs. She never paused and dropped her mouth below my cock and began licking. Her earnest nature and energy made her a world class ass-licker. She playfully slid her tongue down my crack and across my asshole. She licked around my rim and pushed it inside.

“Yeah that’s the way,” I told her. Like I said, I had an ex who would do it but not with the determination and desire Jenny did. Her tongue pushed me quickly towards an orgasm and I was ready to explode and I hadn’t even had my cock in her mouth. I didn’t want to miss a chance to teach Jenny a lesson so I pulled her up by her hair and sat up towards her. She smiled and looked at me wondering what I wanted now.

“I’m going to cum,” I told her as I squeezed my cock in my right hand. Jenny looked at my cock and smiled.

“Don’t cum in my hair,” she said, and stated, “I hear it is awfully hard to get out of your hair.” She said it so matter-of-fact that I had a hard time keeping from laughing.

“Oh don’t worry about that,” I told her as I slyly told her, “I want to cum in your mouth.” I looked at her face and expected objection upon objection. I didn’t get any.

“Okay, do all the girls do it this way?” Jenny asked. She smiled at me and I could have exploded right there.

“Not all of them, but the great ones do and it keeps from having a big mess,” I said and pulled her head to my cock. Jenny opened her mouth wide and I slid my cock in her mouth. The moment I took my hand off my cock so I could stick more in her mouth, I exploded. Jenny pulled her head back as the initial shot must have hit her in the back of the throat, but my hand held her there.

“No, No, keep sucking, swallow it all,” I told her. My hand cupped the back of her head tighter and held her in my lap.

She avoided choking by quickly swallowing as much of my semen as she could. Her mouth muscles milked at my cock and she swallowed almost of all my seed. Some leaked from the corners of her mouth and wet her lips and the base of my cock.

“Oh god, that was incredible,” I told her as I reluctantly let her head up. I smiled down at her and she shyly smiled back at me. She was still swallowing and trying to decide if she liked the taste. I could have burst out laughing as she reminded me of a dog trying to eat peanut butter.

“Did I do it right?” she asked as she used her little fingers to push what was left of my cum at the corners of her lips into her mouth.

Now she obviously did it better than alright but I didn’t want her to think she had mastered cock sucking on the first time so I told her she did pretty good. I told her she’d need to learn a few more things before she could master the art. She smiled proudly at her abilities and smacked her lips.

My cock was semi-hard and lying in my lap and I asked her to suck on it some more. She obediently bent her pretty face forward and took me in her mouth. She slowly sucked on it and drew more of my spent cock in her mouth. I patted the back of her head and assured her I would teach her everything she wanted to know. My cock began to grow and I began to rock my hips. Jenny just kept her mouth on me as I slid my cock back and forth in her mouth. She was making beautiful slobbering sounds that drowned out the sound of my camera as it pinged off after exhausting all of the memory space on my memory disk.

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