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You Never Know Your Fellow Workers

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I was 34 years old when I was hired by the insurance company. The company shall remain nameless, but it was one of the biggest. I liked the job. There were six other agents and a manager in the office I was assigned to. Everyone seemed to get along well together. The manager liked to have his agents work together whenever possible, consequently I worked, at one time or another, with all of them.

I was married at the time and it was a pretty good marriage, but not very exiting. As far as sex goes, she liked it but not very often. I wanted it all the time. I confess I cheated once in a while, no romance, just sex. I was insatiable.

This story is about a guy I met and worked with as an insurance agent. His name was Santo and we all called him Sandy. Sandy was a good agent. He was always pleasant and he knew his product. After working with the other four agents in the office, the last one I was assigned to was Sandy. He was not a big guy, about 5′ 7, but built solid and strong. Sandy was always coming up with new ideas how to make money. Maybe that’s why I took a liking to him immediately. We soon began to work together exclusively. The boss liked our arrangement because we were always turning in good, sometimes great sales.

Most of our appointments were in the evening and usually lasted until about 9:00 p.m., after which we usually went to a bar and, either celebrated our success or cried in our beer. We did the usual things among fellow workers. Sandy and his wife often came to our house for a bar-b-q or we went to theirs for dinners. It was a good friendship.

One night was different though. We were working in a part of town I had never been to, but Sandy seemed to know his way around well. After an exceptionally good closing we were ready to celebrate a little.

Sandy said, “I know a lively bar near here. Let’s go have a couple of beers.”

I agreed and he drove us to a dimly lit tavern on the waterfront. We walked in and a few of the patrons waved and said hi to Sandy. The bartender, a tough looking young woman with a butch haircut, came around the bar and wrapped her arms around Sandy, squeezing his small frame into her ample bosom.

“Where have you been you little Dago, haven’t seen you in months,” she said.

“Busy honey,” Sandy said. “This is my pal Teddy. Teddy this is my good friend Irene.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I said and extended my hand.

“What is this shit, ‘pleased to meet you’ How the fuck are ya!” Irene said. “Where did you find this guy, in a library Sandy?” She shook my hand like a wrestler.

Sandy ordered two beers and we went to a booth.

“Two beers for two queers,” Irene said, laughing.

“Don’t mind her,” Sandy said. “She’s a great kidder.”

We sat and discussed our great sale and envisioned the nice reception we would get from the staff at reporting time tomorrow. The beers flowed freely. Many of them were sent over from friends of Sandy.

After about four or five rounds a guy came to our table and, apparently a long time friend of Sandy, began talking about old times. He was introduced as Arthur. Arthur was about 30 years old with a very light complexion. He had long blond hair that he continued to push away from his face. As they talked about things I had no interest in, I scanned the room. The place was filling up. I noticed there were guys with guys and girls with girls and, duh, I figured out that it was a gay bar. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, just curious. Having never been with a man sexually, and having never even thought about it, it was interesting to watch the actions of everyone. They played the juke box and dancers began crowding the floor, mostly guys with guys and girls with girls. I have to admit I grew a hard on while watching two girls French kissing. I was always hot to see movies about two women together. The girls were dancing very close and rubbing their cunt mounds against one another. This really turned me on.

I was so engrossed in watching this scene I never noticed that Sandy was gone. Figuring that he just went to the men’s room, I waited and watched the dancers. A slow song began on the juke box and the floor crowded up again. To my surprise, a young guy came to our table and asked me if I would like to dance. I declined of course, almost stating that I was straight, but, for some reason, decided against it. After waiting a while longer for Sandy, I decided that I had to empty some of this beer also. I got up and headed for the rest room. There was no one in there. I began wondering what happened to Sandy. While pissing in the urinal a guy came in and began urinating in the next urinal.

“Haven’t seen you here before,” he said. “Are you with Sandy?”

“Ah, yeah,” I said, immediately understanding the implication. “We work together,” I hastily added. “By the way, have you seen him,” I asked?

“I think he went with Arthur,” he said. “Down the hall, last door on the left.”

Thanking him, I zipped up and left the men’s room and walked down the length of a long hallway, until I came to the end. Facing the door on the left, I was about to knock when I heard voices.

“Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah. I’m almost there. Take me deeper Arthur, deeper.”

I very slowly and quietly tried the door. It was unlocked. I opened it just far enough to see the two figures on the bed. Sandy was lying on his back while Arthur was taking Sandy’s cock deep into his throat. Sandy was holding Arthur’s cock in his hand and it was only half hard. I understood why, when I saw a large puddle of Arthur’s cum on Sandy’ chest, running off his rib cage. Still coming down from my surprise, I saw Sandy’s hips buck upward into Arthur’s face.

“That’s it Arthur!” Sandy exclaimed. “Here it comes.”

With that I saw Arthur’s cheeks bulge out as Sandy filled his mouth with his juice. Arthur moaned loudly as he swallowed and swallowed, gulping the large load coming from Sandy’s pulsing cock. Sandy held Arthur’s head in his hands as he emptied his cream into his warm mouth. As his orgasm subsided, Sandy relaxed and sank back into the mattress, letting his satisfied cock slip from Arthur’s mouth.

At that point they both looked in my direction.

“Well Ted, now you know.” Sandy said. “I’ve had the hots for you since the day you started working with me, but there was no way I was going to make a play in the office. I figured if I took you here you’d either understand or fly out of here and turn me in. What’s it going to be Ted?”

There was a moment of silence. A variety of thoughts were racing through my mind. Sandy was married, has been for 15 years. He was all man. Not a feminine way about him. I could see I had a lot to learn.

“Well,” Sandy said as he sat up and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. “Nothing to say Ted?”

Arthur spoke up and said, “I don’t think you have anything to worry about Sandy. Look at the bulge in Ted’s crotch.”

I looked down and was surprised to see that I had a huge erection. It was turning me on! I walked to the bed and stood in front of Sandy. Arthur moved aside. Sandy reached up and unzipped my fly. He released my belt and let my pants fall to the floor. I just stood there, kind of in a trance. Reaching his hands into my jockeys, Sandy slid them to the floor, caressing my legs all the way down. My cock stood straight out in front of Sandy’s face. He looked up at me and our eyes met. Without taking his eyes from mine, Sandy took the head of my rigid cock in his mouth and ran his tongue all around it. We still remained in eye contact when he moved his head forward and took the entire length of my cock deep into his throat. My knees almost buckled. Arthur came behind me and guided me to the bed. Still in kind of a fog, I lay down and Sandy continued to suck my cock in and out of his warm mouth, deeply. I closed my eyes at that point and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. My cock was not just being sucked, as it was when my wife did it. It was being made love to. He was slow and delicate, bringing me to ecstasy at his pace, not rushing it. I wasn’t trying to come, just relaxing. It was the most wonderful, thrilling sexual feeling that I have ever experienced. I knew I was going to cum big time, but Sandy was in no hurry to get me there.

As I was lying there, feeling wonderfully devoured, I could hear the noises of Sandy’s mouth slurping on my cock. I felt his warm wetness as his mouth drooled on my balls, feeling it cover my ball sack and run to my ass crack. My cock was expanding and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I filled Sandy’s mouth with my cum.

I felt the bed bounce and opened my eyes. Arthur, fully recovered now, was kneeling above my head. His hard cock was just under my nose, dripping pre-cum onto my face. In the state that Sandy had me in, I was ready to try anything. I was never in my life so aroused. I opened my mouth and felt a little of Arthur’s pre-cum as it fell on my tongue. It tasted sweet. My hands automatically reached up and held Arthur’s cock. My right hand went and covered his balls. The left guided his large cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and Arthur slowly pushed his prick into my mouth. He kept sliding it in until it reached the back of my throat. I licked it with my tongue. I liked the feel of it and the taste of it in my mouth. If I thought I was turned on completely while Sandy was sucking my cock, I found that I hadn’t felt nuthin’ yet. Reaching behind Arthur, I took both his ass cheeks in my hands and urged him deeper into my throat. As the bulbous head of his cock entered my throat, I was in ecstasy! With Arthur’s hard cock deep in my throat and my hard cock deep into Sandy’s throat, I could not hold out any longer. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swelled. My seed rushed out of my balls and ran up the shaft. I thought I would pass out as I felt my cock shoot my cum into Sandy’s mouth. Never did I have such a strong orgasm and with so much cum. I could hear Sandy gagging as he tried to swallow all of it. He was holding my balls, urging all of my seed into his mouth. I almost lost consciousness as I was cumming because Arthur’s cock was deep in my throat. He saw my predicament and backed off slightly. I continued to suck him. I never wanted to stop. After Sandy squeezed all of my cum out of me and swallowed it, he stood beside the bed and watched me with my first blow job. Glancing down I could see that Sandy was hard again. His cock was standing straight out and throbbing temptingly. I reached out and took him in my hand. His cock felt good as I squeezed it lightly.

Suddenly I felt Arthur’s cock begin to pulsate in my mouth. I held his balls as Sandy had done to me. Holding his cock and balls with one hand I could feel his juice begin to surge through his cock. The first shot hit the roof of my mouth. Then, as he continued shooting his cum into my mouth, it ran over and under my tongue. It tasted a little salty, but I liked it. I relished the taste as I kept most of it in my mouth. Much of it was surging down my throat. He shot several streams of his seed into my mouth before he was done. I licked his prick and balls clean. As he backed off me, Sandy moved up and presented me his big, hard cock to suck. Eagerly, I took him into my mouth and sucked. His cock reached the back of my throat and, again, I urged him into my throat. I could feel his balls as they bumped into my chin. His pubic hair tickled my nose. I wanted to keep him all the way in my throat, but, having to breathe, I let him back off a little.

Sandy moved his hand between us and felt that I was hard again. He moved so that we were in a 69 position. Sandy’s cock, still in my mouth, was above me. I felt his warm mouth suck all of me into his throat. Ecstasy again! Nothing will compare with the feeling of having a cock in your mouth and your cock in someone’s mouth. I knew I was hooked!

Sandy and I came almost at the same time. He was a bit ahead of me. While I was drinking his cum, mine began filling his mouth. We lay there for a long while, our cocks still in each other’s mouths, sipping the last of our sweet cum.

As Sandy drove me to my car, we didn’t say much to each other. Thoughts were racing through my head. When we reached my car, I got out and was about to close the door. Having a second thought, I sat down in his car again. We looked at each other. At the same time we reached for each other’s cock and came together for a deep kiss.

The future should be interesting.

I welcome comments on this and all my stories. Will answer all. I would welcome an e-mail correspondence with someone who has had similar experiences.

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