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You Never Forget That First Time

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She was lovely as she walked down the isle. We were both 23 and in love. The first few years it was exciting. We were having sex almost every day and it was good. As the years went by, and the three kids arrived, it became more of a chore. We were still in love, but the kids were born only a year apart and the sexual excitement kind of faded.

Jane and I respected each other and so we shared the duties of the household. We did, however, understand that a time out was needed for both of us from time to time. It was agreed that Jane would go out with the girls on Thursday nights and I would go out with the guys on Fridays. Saturday nights were for both of us.

That was working out well until one Friday night when all the guys were busy doing something and I was out on my own. I was kind of lost. I visited the usual bars and bowling alleys, but it was boring. Traveling the city, I drove to an area that was not familiar to me. There, down by the waterfront, was a small bar that was dimly lit and looked inviting. Now I wasn’t hesitant to walk into strange bars. I was 6’3″ and built solid. My workouts kept me in shape.

As I entered the bar my eyes had to get used to the dim lights. I stood by the door for a while until I could take in the room and see my way around. There were several men and women seated at the tables and some in the booths that were along the wall. Striding up to the bar I noticed heads turning toward me. I got the impression that this was a neighborhood bar and strangers were rare. Sliding my ass on a bar stool I ordered a scotch on the rocks. The bartender was a good looking lady with bright red hair, large breasts and wore a very skimpy outfit. Her creamy breasts were trying to push out of the peasant blouse she was wearing and her short-shorts showed a lot of her ass. I was going to enjoy this drink watching her move.

There weren’t many people at the bar so we had a chance to talk about mundane things for a while. Her name was Mia and she worked on the weekends. As patrons came up to the bar to order drinks I noticed that there was a lot of kissy-kissy going on. Mia smooched almost every woman and most guys as she served them their drinks. Well. I thought, this is a close nit group. More people began filling up the place and the juke box got plenty of play. There was a small dance floor and, before long, it filled up with dancers. I was trying to keep a conversation going with Mia but it was becoming more difficult as the bar filled up. Soon all the seats at the bar were full.

Things got louder as the patrons drank more and a festive atmosphere soon prevailed. I got into a conversation with the guy on my left and asked him about Mia. He said she was taken and she didn’t fool around, but there were many more loose ones here. I asked him to point some out for me and he directed my attention to various people around the room.

“She’s available, she’s available, and he’s available and horny as hell,” he said.

“Did you say he,” I asked.

“yeah,” he said. There are a few gays here. They’re nice folks. Don’t judge others pal.”

I was quick to point out that I was not homophobic. “Oh, don’t misunderstand me,” I said, “I have no animosity toward gays. I tried it myself when I was a teenager.”

“Not since then,” he asked?

“No, I’m married and have three kids.”


“Well, I haven’t had the urge since I began getting laid with women.”

“You must be well taken care of if you wouldn’t like to have a nice hot, experienced gay mouth on your rod.”

This got me thinking about those few years that I had with my buddy, Bobby. We were about 15. All the guys in the gang were into jerk off sessions and one night as we all were breaking up from spilling our seeds, Bobby and I were the last to leave the clubhouse and we found ourselves alone.

Bobby said, “I noticed that you didn’t cum.”

“No,” I said, “I guess I just wasn’t in the mood.”

“Want to go to my house and try again,” he asked? “My folks are out for the night.”

I felt comfortable with Bobby so I said, “Sure, let’s go.”

We went to his bedroom and he suggested we get undressed. Soon we were both naked, lying on his bed. Bobby began stroking his cock. It was a little bigger than mine. I followed his lead and slowly stroked my, now hard dick.

“You know what would feel better,” Bobby asked? “Let’s jerk each other off.”

With that he took my cock in his hand and began pumping it. Wow! The feeling was terrific. I never had anyone’s hand on my cock but my own and he was getting me really hot. I returned the favor by taking Bobby’s prick in my hand and moving my hand up and down on it. He groaned.

“That feels really great,” I said. “I never felt another guy’s prick before.”

“Neither have I,” said Bobby. “I think I might cum soon if you keep doing it.”

I wanted to get a better look at Bobby’s cock so I moved around so that my face was very close to it. I could smell his musky odor as I continued to stroke him. There was a small stream of pre-cum dripping out of his pee hole. I let it run over my fingers. Being curious, I put my tongue on it and lapped it up. It tasted sweet and I liked it. This was driving Bobby wild. He was moaning loudly and squirming on the bed. He put his hands in back of my head and pulled my face toward his pulsing cock. The bulbous head brushed against my lips. Without giving any thought to it, I opened my mouth and let him slide the head of his throbbing cock in my mouth. Bobby pulled my head closer and I let his cock slide all the way to the back of my throat. He screamed and bucked his hips against me. I felt the first shot of his cum as it hit the roof of my mouth. The second one shot into my throat and I swallowed. There were several more, less powerful shots that landed on my tongue and I got a good taste of male cum. I liked it. It made me so hot I began to shoot my own cum into Bobby’s hand. He turned quickly and took my erupting cock into his mouth and sucked. It was heaven! I will never forget that first time. We cleaned each other off and I went home.

Bobby and I sucked each other almost every day for at least a year. We experimented with everything. I let him enter my ass and I fucked him. We loved 69. That was heaven for both of us.

The years went by. I joined the Navy and he joined the Army. Having been exposed to many young women during my stretch in the service, I got plenty of sex and never thought about doing guys. I just figured that was an episode in my life that I had enjoyed, but I’ve moved on to other things, such as women’s cunts.

The guy at the bar next to me asked, “Hey, you OK?”

Coming out of my daze I turned and looked at him. “Yeah, I said. “You just brought back some memories.”

It wasn’t long before the gay guy that he had pointed out wandered over to the bar. He said hello to the guy beside me and I was introduced to Sam and Mike. Mike was the gay fellow, but you wouldn’t know it. He was masculine and tall. He carried himself well.

“So, Jim,” he said to me, “what might you be looking for tonight?”

Sam butted in and said, “Jim wants to get laid.”

“Well,” Mike said, “your chances are slim here. Most of these gals are lesbians. If you’re really hard up, I can give you a fantastic blow job.”

Without thinking I said, “That would be nice.”

“I live around the corner, come with me,” Mike said.

In his bedroom he had me lie on his bed and began undressing me.

“Ill just service you if that’s all you want, but you don’t mind if I get naked do you? I can get myself off.”

“I don’t mind at all Mike,” I said. “I’m so horny I’ll probably cum right away.”

“Oh, no you won’t,” Mike said. “I can make you last.”

He began at my toes and licked all the way up my legs, slowly. As he approached my groin he skirted the area, continuing around my hips to my stomach. He dwelled a while at my belly button, probing it with his expert tongue. Working his way up my body, he took each nipple in his mouth and sucked. Spasms of pleasure coursed through my body. Up to this point he had not touched my cock, which was hard as a rock. After he licked my neck and probed my ears with his wonderful tongue, Mike brought his lips to mine. As we kissed wetly he took hold of my throbbing cock and squeezed. I thought I was going to explode, but he quickly backed off.

“You lie there and rest,” Mike said. “I’m going to get us a couple of drinks.”

Wow! That was close, I thought. My body did begin to relax, but not my cock. It was so hard it hurt. We sat on the edge of the bed and sipped our drinks. I saw that Mike’s cock was hard too. He was idly stroking it as we talked. I told him about my teenage adventures with my friend Bobby. He listened attentively, not encouraging me in any way.

“Now,” Mike said, as he set our drinks down, “Let’s get serious. I’m going to suck you like you have never been sucked.”

As he bent over my body and brought his mouth close to my eager cock, I said, “Wait. I want to suck you too Mike.”

Without another word, Mike moved over me in a 69 position. His warm mouth enveloped my penis all the way to my balls. Reaching up and gently holding his balls, I accepted Mike’s large cock as he lowered himself to me. Oh, heaven! It was just as good, if not better than the first time with Bobby. I could feel Mike’s lips at the base of my prick, sucking all of me into his throat. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him down so that I could take all of his cock too. I felt the huge head of Mike’s prick enter my throat. His pubic hairs tickled my nose. His large balls caressed my chin. I held him in as long as I could before I had to breathe. Mike backed off a bit too.

We could hear each other’s loud breathing. And then it was quiet as we engulfed each other again. Only sucking noises were heard, slurping wetly as we devoured each other’s cock. We tried to make it last but we were both very horny. I warned Mike that I was cuming. He simply murmured something and pulled me deeper into his throat. I could feel my cock swell as my cream rapidly began to travel up the shaft of my hard prick and shoot into his throat. I felt him back off a little and suck the juice out of me. I could hear him gulping as he swallowed my load. I hadn’t cum so hard since Bobby and I sucked each other. As I was thrilled by my tremendous orgasm I felt the first shot of Mike’s cum hit the roof of my mouth. He came with fantastic force. Shot after shot hit my palette and filled my mouth. I tried to keep it in my mouth to savor the taste, but there was so much that it was going to spill out of my mouth, so I began to drink Mike’s cum, gulping and swallowing as he continued shooting. I never knew a guy could shoot so much in one orgasm.

As we finally calmed down I felt as if I swallowed a quart. We cleaned up and I thanked Mike. He said that he should be thanking me because he had never enjoyed it so much. He asked if I was going to return to that bar sometime soon. I had to give that a lot of thought. I wanted more of this, but I was married. This could be a serious problem.

I’ll have to tell what happened in another story.

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