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You Naughty Boy Ch. 02

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** All characters are 18+ **

“Oh shit! Jake! Jake! Wake up!” I tried to wake him up but he wasn’t moving at all. The scent of cum filled the room, my underwear was on the floor and Aunt Celina was knocking on the door. Everything was there to make the situation worse.

“I want to kiss you Sue. Come near me.” He murmured, as he reached out with his arms and tried to pull me closer.

“Jake! Your mom is here. Wake up!” I said, as I pushed him little harder.


“Now get up!” We jumped out of bed in a mad tangle of arms and legs. I rushed over to the other bed, and messed up the pillows to make it look like someone had slept there. Quickly grabbing the sheet, I wrapped it around myself, while Jake hopped around on one foot, struggling to get his underwear and baggy shorts on. Seeing a can of room freshener sitting on the nightstand, I quickly sprayed the room to cover up the smell of cum.

“Jake! Natasha!” Aunt Celina shouted, as she knocked on the door, even more impatiently than before.

“Open the door after I get inside the bathroom.” I whispered in a low voice so she wouldn’t hear me.

“Okay.” He said as he moved towards the door still struggling to pull his shorts up. Slipping into the bathroom through the connecting door, I quietly closed it. I stood with my ear pressed against the door because I wanted to hear the conversation. My heart was beating so loud I could hardly hear what Jake and his mom were saying.

“What took you so long?” Aunt Celina asked.

“I was…I was…” I kept both of my fingers crossed; hoping that Jake didn’t get nervous because he’d never faced a situation like this, a situation where the girl who took his virginity is in his bathroom.

“Where’s Natasha?” She asked.

“She’s in bathroom.” Jake said with confidence, because I was in the bathroom.

I heard his mom say something, but I couldn’t hear what she said.

“She must have forgotten to take them before going to the bathroom.” Jake said. I didn’t know what he was talking about, and while I was thinking about what he said, I looked in the mirror. The sudden realization of what he was talking about, almost gave me a heart attack.

In my haste to get out of the room, I had wrapped my body in a bed sheet with nothing underneath. This meant that all my clothes were there in the bedroom and in plain sight of Aunt Celina. She must have noticed them and questioned Jake. What would Jake say or do if she questioned him further? I desperately tried to think of something I could do to help Jake out of a bad situation, but nothing came to my mind. I needed not to have worried, because apparently his explanation satisfied her.

“Freshen up quickly and come down for breakfast.” Aunt Celina said. A few seconds later, I heard the sound of the door closing.

“You can come out.” Jake said.

“Phew! That was close!” I gasped, my hand pressed against my chest. As soon as I closed the door, Jake pinned me against it and started kissing the sides of my neck. The knot in the bed sheet that was covering my body came loose, allowing the sheet to fall to the floor. He moved his hands all over my body as he kissed my neck.

For a few moments, I couldn’t resist his advances, as I leaned my head back against the door, allowing him even greater access to one of my sensitive spots. I knew what he wanted, and it was so tempting to grant him his wish. The same longings that I had felt for so long, came rushing back as he continued to nibble on my neck and his hands gently caressed me. The hours of lovemaking last night, had only served to dampen the burning desire within me, not quench it. Then reason returned and I knew what I had to do. Summoning up all my willpower, I pushed against his shoulders until finally he backed away slightly.

“You smell so good. Let’s do it again.” He pleaded, looking deep into my eyes.

“I know that you are very excited and you want to do it again, but we can’t take the risk when your mother is in the house. I feel the same way, and want more than anything I can think of, for you to make love to me again. Last night was fantastic but we have to be careful.” I tried to convince Jake. My 18 year old boy had just sex last night, so I could understand the emotions flowing through his body, also the eagerness to have sex once again. However, what we were doing was against our religion, and if she found out what we have done, then we would lose the people we love.

“Only for a few minutes! Please?” He begged.

“Trust me. I want to do it too, but we can’t. We will do it again tonight…Ok?” I said trying to comfort him. To make it a little easier for him, I picked up the robe from my bag and put it on. This hid my naked body from his view, but it didn’t remove the longing or desire that I could see in his eyes.

“Okay.” He sat on the bed with a very sad look on his face. I felt bad for not being able to give him what he desired. It broke my heart to see him this way; then a sudden thought came into my mind.

“Brush your teeth Jake.” I punched his shoulder to make the tense moment a little lighter. There was no sign of a smile as he brushed his teeth. I never liked to see Jake without a smile on his handsome face and I hated to see him this way because he was always so happy. He had the look of someone whose dearest friend had rejected him, and that hurt me deeply. I knew what I was about to do was very risky, but I had to do something to help him feel better. I picked up a towel from my bag, and hesitating near the bathroom door, I looked back at Jake.

“I am going for a shower, and I wouldn’t mind someone keeping me company.” I said loud enough to make him hear. I left the door open and stood near the shower cabin as I dropped my robe and opened the shower door.

Stepping inside, I turned on the shower. As good as the hot water felt as it cascaded down my body and dripped off my nipples; I never took my eyes off the shower door. I didn’t have long to wait, because just a few minutes later, I saw a vague shape moving around the bathroom. Even blurred by the wet glass, I could see that it was Jake removing his clothes. Turning, I stood directly in front of the shower door so that I would be right in front of him when he opened the door.

“Welc……” He pushed my body against the glass door and started kissing me intensely before I could say anything. He moved down to my breasts and sucked them while grabbing my ass cheeks with both hands. Pulling me against his body, I could feel his trapped cock growing larger and harder. Occasionally, I’d feel his tongue, lightly but firmly, rake across my areola; the tremors this sent racing throughout my body were hotter than the water.

“You feel so good.” I whispered, as he continued nibbling on my hard nipples with his lips. The way his cock was pressing against my pussy, soon had me dripping, and it wasn’t from the shower.

“My, my, you’re quite horny today. I’m glad that last night didn’t wear you out.” I said.

“You are mine, just mine!” He said, with more intensity in his voice then I’ve ever heard before.

He calmed down a few minutes later as we took the liquid soap and sprayed it on both our hands. He began to joyfully soap my boobs, by first lifting one in his hand, then while supporting it; he’d suck on the extended nipple while caressing the rest of my breast with his free hand. Releasing it, he repeated the process with the other one. It seemed to excite him even more to see my breast quiver slightly, as he released it and allowed it to fall back against my chest. It was taking every ounce of concentration that I had, to stand there as he brought my body closer and closer to that pinnacle of pleasure that I so dearly longed for.

Doing my best to concentrate, while I soaped his chest, I gently ran my hands over his nipples. Out of curiosity to see how he would react, I lightly but firmly, pinched his nipples between my finger and thumb. It brought a smile to my face when I felt him suddenly tense and heard him take in a quick gasp of air. So he was sensitive there also, a fact that I stored away in my mind for possible future use. I ran my hands down his side, then reaching around behind him; I felt him tense even more as I squeezed his ass cheeks.

“Now you know how I feel when you do that to me.” I giggled. As much as I was enjoying this, his hard dick pressed against my belly constantly reminded me of the pent up sexual desire that his youthful body contained. Pausing every so often, our thoughts seemed to be one as we kissed.

By some silent mutual agreement, we both seemed to realize that we couldn’t stand the treatment each of us was giving the other much longer. We had to satisfy our ever-increasing desire for satisfaction.

“Let me wash that for you because I want it to be clean .” I said with a grin as I took the soap. I ran my hands and the soap along his hard erection and then reached down and rubbed the soap on his balls. When I wrapped my fingers around his cock, I could feel it grow even larger. As I continued to stroke him, I felt his hardness become complete; his meaty pole throbbed in my hand.

“Oh Natasha! I like it when you play with me like that.” He moaned. “Please take it in your mouth. I can’t wait to feel your lips around my dick.

I lowered myself onto my knees in front of him and cupped his balls in one hand, using them to guide his erection toward my face. Leaning forward I stuck out my tongue, licking the underside of his hard cock. Then I took the head into my mouth, running my tongue around it, tasting the fresh taste of his newly washed flesh. As I sucked, the first drops of his pre-come washed across my tongue. Briefly savoring the salty taste, I swallowed and took more of him into my mouth, as he stood over me I sucked hard on his cock.

“Your mouth is made for my dick…oooooh!” He gasped. I could feel his knees quiver as I held his legs and sucked him, letting his hard-on slide in and out of my mouth. He placed his hands behind my head, but did not try to force himself into me. I massaged his balls with one hand, and his legs began to shake violently.

With my tongue, I cradled the length of his cock as a mother cradles a baby in her arms; I bobbed my head faster and faster. He started to fuck my mouth, so I put a hand around his cock to keep him from going too deep. The only warning I had of his explosion was when a loud moan came from deep within his chest, then a moment later, he shot his thick, hot cum into my eager mouth. I sucked on his love pipe until he had no more cum to give. At last, I released his dick and slowly got to my feet, letting my tender nipples scrape against him. Pressing against his naked, wet body, I raised my face to his.

Bending down slightly, his eyes filled with love, he gave me the tenderest kiss anyone ever has. “My pussy wants your lips.” I winked at him with a suggestive smile.

Bracing myself, I put my hands on his shoulders and looked down as he sucked on my pussy. The blowjob that I had just now given him; turned me on so much that it didn’t take him very long to rouse me towards my own climax. He bent closer, licking my pussy faster and faster, moving his tongue up and down both sides of my swollen lips. As my moans became louder and my body began to quiver, he focused on my clitoris with his tongue, cradling and caressing it.

Two of his fingers rapidly moved in and out of my slippery vagina, like a piston racing up and down inside the cylinder of a high-speed engine. It wasn’t long before my knees shook, my body quivered as I began to have my first orgasm of the day. Somehow, he managed to keep his tongue pressed hard against my cunt, intensifying my pleasure almost beyond words.

“Oh yes! Yes! YES!” I started to scream. At the very last second, Jake saved the day when he realized what I was about to do; quickly standing up he kissed me hard, silencing my scream of joy thus keeping Aunt Celina from hearing us. Throwing my arms around his neck, I moaned into his mouth, as the last few tremors vibrated throughout my body. For a few moments, we held each other in our arms; his still hard love handle pressed against my quivering pussy lips, my tits squished against his chest, until at last I had regained enough strength to stand on my own.

Grinning sheepishly at him, I whispered, “Thank you Jake. I really needed that. Now we had better hurry and get dressed before your mom wonders what’s keeping us.” We stepped out of the shower stall; while he dried me with a towel, I did the same to him. I couldn’t help but notice that he did spend a lot of time drying my tits and pussy lips, paying more attention to those two parts of my body than all the rest. Maybe he read my mind, because he grinned at me.

“I just want to make sure you are good and dry.” He said with a smirk, giving me a sexy wink.

Heading back to his room, Jake followed a couple of steps behind me. I was suspicious of his intentions, but decided to wait to see what he had in mind before saying anything. As we entered the bedroom, he remarked, “You sure do have a sexy wiggle when you walk, I love to watch you.”

“I do not!” I exclaimed, glaring back over my shoulder at him.

“Oh yes you do, and I love it.” He patted my behind then quickly stepped away before I could retaliate. The grin on his face was as big as that of Felix the cat, when he thought he had caught the mouse. It made my heart leap for joy to see Jake once again being his usual happy self. I tried to look stern, and to show my displeasure at his remark; I stuck my tongue out at him. Of course, I failed miserably because he knew that I wasn’t mad; all I earned for my effort was to have him laugh at me.

I picked up a knee length pink skirt and put it on the bed that I had supposedly slept on last night. As I was picking up a panty, Jake caught my arm and took the panty from my hand.” I can allow you to wear a bra but not these,” he said putting the panty back inside the bag. I didn’t complain because he said it in such a sexy voice that I had nothing to say.

“Okay my baby.” I said giving him a baby kiss on his cheek. “Now hurry up and get dressed before your mom comes back to see what is taking us so long.”

Aunt Celina was placing plates on the table when we went down. Jake sat on one chair and patted the chair beside him to signal me to sit next to him. He put on a crying face when I intentionally sat opposite to tease him. To pay him back for laughing at me earlier, I gave him a sarcastic little grin, and then refused to look at him.

“I made your favorite,” she said, placing a large fluffy pancake on my plate. She turned to Jake and placed a similar one on his plate.

“Thank you. That sure looks good and I’m starving.”

“You’re welcome, Natasha,” she said giving me a friendly smile. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone to cook for besides Jake and myself.”

She then returned to the counter and began putting several items back in the refrigerator. He kept moving his eyes from me then down to the chair beside him. I knew what he wanted, so after teasing him for few minutes I picked up my plate and moved over beside him. His eyes lit up and a wide smile appeared on his face when I sat down next to him. Because she had had her back towards us, she was unaware of what had been going on between Jake and I.

Returning to the table, Aunt Celina sat in front of me, as Jake and I ate. Suddenly I felt Jake’s hand on my thighs; he slowly moved his hand up my leg, all the while lifting my skirt. That little devil I thought to myself. What nerve, and with his mother sitting barely an arm’s reach away. I tried to wiggle away from his invading hand, but he wouldn’t let me. Hoping to distract him, I asked Aunt Celina, “aren’t you going to eat?”

“No, I ate earlier, while you two sleepy heads were still in bed.”

I almost chocked when she said that, but managed to regain my composure at the last moment. I felt his hand continuing its slow relentless journey up my leg. My skin began to tingle from his warm touch. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit here calmly eating if he kept going, and I was sure that was his intention. What was I going to do?

I thought that maybe I had a last moment reprieve, when Aunt Celina said, “I’ve eaten, but I think I’ll get myself a cup of coffee.” Getting up from the table, she went to get herself a cup.

Taking advantage of her absence for a moment, Jake leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, “This is for teasing me.” Placing his finger on my moist cunt, he began to play with it. He used his thumb to circle around my pussy lips, stopping at just the right place to apply an extra firm pressure against my little hidden love handle. Before I could say or do anything, she returned with her coffee and sat down across from us.

Trapped once again, I had no idea how I was going to solve this problem, and glancing at Jake and seeing the glint of devilment in those beautiful eyes of his, I knew that I wasn’t going to be getting any help from him. Meanwhile, with every tender caress, my tension was mounting higher and higher. What was I going to do? My mind desperately searched for a solution, but nothing seemed available. I’d never felt such panic in my whole life! The fork between my fingers began to slip as he increased the intensity of his fondling of my clit, and I knew that I couldn’t last much longer. I tried to hide the fact that I was almost a nervous wreck, by faking a little cough.

“Are you alright?” Aunt Celina asked, as she saw my fork slipping from my hand whenever I tried to pick it up.

“Yeah…I am.” I lied, again pretending to choke on a bite of pancake. After playing with my pussy lips for few moments, he removed his hand. Looking at me with a trace of amusement in his eyes, he slowly licked each finger.

“So do you have any plans for today?” Aunt Celina asked, while I was watching Jake licking his thumb.

“Huh! aaah…no.. Not really.” I said.

“Los Angeles is a wonderful city, and there are lots of places where you can go to enjoy yourself, especially since you’ve never been here.”

“How about I take her to El Matador beach? She will love it and I can take her to our family house near the beach.” He suggested.

“That sounds like a good idea. So do you want to go Natasha?” Aunt Celina asked.

“Sure. I’d love to.” I smiled.

“Yahoooo!” Jake punched the air with excitement.

“But come back soon, okay?”

“Aren’t you coming with us?” I asked.

“I would love to but I have some other things to take care of.” She said.

“I am going to my room to pack my things.” He was gone in a flash. Both of us had to smile at his enthusiasm. Aunt Celina and I picked up the plates and placed them near the sink. I turned on the tap and we started washing the dishes.

“Don’t forget to pick up your things before you go to the bathroom.” Aunt Celina winked, as she washed a plate with liquid soap.

“Sooooooorryyyyyyy.” I apologized. “I don’t know what came over me; I’m usually not so messy.” Because my clothes had been scattered all over the floor, including on Jake’s side, did she somehow figure out that I hadn’t slept in that second bed? Did Jakes action while talking to her at the door, somehow give us away? Had he looked guilty, which was now causing her to be suspicious? On the other hand, did she suspect something and was testing me to see if I’d admit to anything. I realized the less I said, the better, less chance of making a mistake.

“That’s fine. Once the electrical work is done you can move into the guest room and throw your things around anyway you like.” Aunt Celina grinned, as we finished cleaning the dishes.

“I’ll keep in that mind.” I said laughing, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“Here! Take the car keys.” Aunt Celina said, handing a set of keys to me.

“What about you? If you have to go somewhere then how will you get there?” I asked.

“Don’t worry; I’m not giving you my car keys. That’s the keys to another car. It’s an old car, but I hope you can manage.”

“No problem. Thanks.” I hugged her. “I guess I’d better hurry and get my purse and a couple of things I may need. Jake was so excited when he rushed out of here, he might leave and forget me.” I said laughing. Just as I turned to leave, she reached out and touched me on my arm.

“Before you go and now that he isn’t here to hear me, there is something that I want to say to you.”

My heart about leaped out of my chest with fear. Had she finally figured out what Jake and I had done last night? If so, how could I ever manage to explain what had happened? She would hate me for the rest of my life and the thought of that happening about killed me.

“I don’t know how or what you did or said to him, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as happy as he is this morning. Maybe it’s just the fact that you have come to visit, because I know that he has wished for that every day since we moved here. Whatever it is, Natasha, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for making my son so happy. You are an angel in disguise.”

I almost broke down and cried, when I heard what she had to say to me and then when she gave me a hug. If only she knew what I had done to make him so happy, but of course, she must never find out. When I entered his room, I saw Jake zipping up his bag. In his enthusiasm to get going, he was already packed. “I know we are going to be there at the beach for a few hours, but is there anything that I need to take with me?”

“Who said that we are going to spend that time only on the beach?” He replied, giving me a sly wink.

“What do you mean?” I asked, with a confusion in my mind.

“Please don’t ask anything now. It’s a surprise and you will know soon enough. Just trust me.” He answered with a grin.

“Okay. It’s just that it would help to know what to take if I had some idea of what you have in mind. Of course I trust you, you know that.”

“What you are wearing now will be perfect. Maybe you will let me help you decide what else to take?”

I picked up my suitcase and placed it on the bed. Flipping the lid open, I removed the clothes that I had packed on top, to get down to the bikinis I brought with me.

“Knowing you, you’ll probably want me to be completely naked.” I said grinning at him, as I picked up my suitcase and placed it on the bed. Flipping the lid open, I removed the clothes that I had packed on top, to get down to the bikinis I brought with me.

As I was a Brazilian, I had the skimpiest and the sexiest bikinis available. They brought out the sexy side of me, so I was very proud of my collection. While I was thinking about which one to choose, Jake stepped up beside me and put his arm around my waist, and as usual, his hand somehow managed to find its way up to my breast. “You are supposed to be helping me decide which one to wear, not fondling my tit.”

“Oh but I am. Wear this one.” He said picking up the white g-string bikini. It had a long triangle top with a g-string bottom. I used to wear it only for photo shoots but never wore it in public.

“Choose another one.” I put it aside. “It is almost to revealing, even for a string bikini.”

“Oh come on! pleeeeeeaasseee!” He pleaded while looking at me like the cat in the Shrek movie, the one with big innocent eyes.

“You have such a sexy body, I think you would look fantastic in it.” He continued. He had learned his lesson well, because he already knew how to get to me, when he turned my face towards his, and gently kissed me. Between that loving kiss and his hand cupping my breast, my will power to resist vanished as fast as water flowing through a sieve.

“Okay. I give up. Now get away from me and let me pack my things.”

“Well hurry up, slow poke.” Stepping away, he couldn’t resist giving me a little love pat on my bottom.

I put the bikini, sun lotion and a few personal items in my small bag, then taking it and my purse, I led the way, and with Jake carrying his bag, we went down to the living room.

Glancing over my shoulder, I said, “We’ll have no more comments about my wiggle either.” He only grinned. Jake then went to Aunt Celina’s room to inform her that we were ready to leave. As I opened the garage door, I saw a red Buick Skylark Matador in front of me. It was very cute. I couldn’t control myself and quickly got in the car.

“I hope you like the car.” Aunt Celina said as she and Jake stood in front of the house.

“Yes. It’s a very beautiful car. I always dreamed of riding in one of these. Thank you.” I said with a big wide smile on my face. Jake got in the car and threw his bag on the backseat.

“Don’t’ be late, okay?” She said.

“Ok.” We kept waving goodbye to her until I turned the corner.

“Now it’s only you and me.” He said resting his head on my lap. Was it this thought that had made him so excited when his mom agreed that we should take this trip, I wondered to myself? Maybe now he would tell me.

“Stop that! I am driving.” I hit him on the head with my hand as I watched him pull up my skirt. His youthful energy wouldn’t let him behave himself, and I wasn’t sure how long I could stand to have his face that close to my always-sensitive pussy, knowing what he could do to me with that marvelous tongue of his. A few licks and my whole body turned to putty, ready for him to mold in any fashion he desired.

“Ok ok! At least I can look…can’t I?” He rubbed his head where I had lightly swatted him.

“Yes…But nothing more. Now that we are on our way, will you tell me what the great secret is?”

“Do you remember last night when you grabbed my cock and sucked on it the first time? I asked you why you hadn’t told me ahead of time what you were planning to do, and you told me that you wanted it to be a surprise. The same thing applies now. You will just have to wait to see what happens next, because I’m not going to tell you.”

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