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You, Me and Marie

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Honey, you really need to blow off some steam.”

Those words, coming from my wife of three months, are seared into my memory, no less so than if she would have branded me. Like any watershed moment in a person’s life memories come fast and easy, some good, some not so good and some are a combination. The words came fifteen years ago today, while I was still a young attorney fresh out of law school and climbing my way up the corporate ladder.

My wife and I always had a very good sex life, even from the beginning. Nothing was been taboo before we were married. Not that we did everything and everyone but we did enjoy each other very much. But, since our Jamaican honeymoon I had been working my ass off. After all, isn’t that what a good husband’s supposed to do, carry the load and bring home enough money so he can buy his wife nice things and acquire a nice house to call a home? I guess we’re programmed to believe that, but my wife sensed the passion was leaving us. Sure we had sex a few times a week, but its not easy to swing from the chandeliers when you have an “innocent” man to defend.

“Honey, you really need to blow off some steam, and I know just what you need.”

She said to me on the phone. I was working late again and she called to tell me she had a surprise planned for me on Friday. Since this was Tuesday evening that gave me a full two and a half days to get caught up because

“Come hell or high water you will be home at 3PM sharp,” Kate told me.

What could I say, I knew she was right, I did need to blow off some steam and I was hoping that wasn’t all that was going to be blown on Friday.

The week dragged on and I found myself fantasizing about what Friday might bring. Did she get a new toy for us to play with? I know she likes to put on a show for me. She loves to sit me in a chair across from her and look me in the eyes while she slowly fingers her pussy.

“Do you want to taste my little pussy baby, I’m getting so wet for you right now.”

She knows how much I love the taste of her and she would tease me until she was good and ready for my tongue to lap up her nectar and push her over the edge for her first orgasm. Enough, I thought. If I’m to have any chance of getting home on time I had to get to work.

In the few moments we had at home she would give me a sly little grin and tell me how much she was looking forward to Friday, how I would be “so surprised.” She wouldn’t go into any detail other than to say I better take my vitamins because I am going to “need my strength.” Damn, this woman is such a tease, but that’s why I love her, she teases the shit out of me but in the end the payoff is usually mind blowing.

Finally, Friday 2:00 PM and I am getting very anxious. My cock is rock hard just thinking about her pussy and her eyes. Her eyes look into my soul and bring out the animal in me. In my mind I can see her on our bed, trim, gorgeous, wearing my favorite lavender bra and garter belt, sheer white thigh highs with lace around the top strapped in place, a thin little lavender thong between her cheeks and those “come fuck me” heels she knows I love. She is peering back at me, ass in the air, taunting me. I can’t see her face, just her eyes and her dirty blond hair. Fuck, I am so hard my cock is starting to seep. I need to get out of here now. I need to get home to Kate.

I jump in my car and drive the twenty miles home and it seems to take forever. I arrive at 2:50, I am early. Is she ready for me? My thoughts are racing. I better wait in my car. I know Kate will come to me when she is ready. At exactly 3PM Kate opens up the door to the house, and all I see is a finger motioning me inward. Anticipation is a hypnotic elixir, at that very moment Kate could have asked me to do anything and if it was in my power I would have complied.

I jump out of the car and run into the house and there she is, just as I pictured her in my dream. We rush together and my mouth meets hers. I feel for her tongue and she eagerly gives it to me. I suck her tongue deep into my mouth, knowing that soon my mouth will taste what I really want, which is her sweet salivating pussy. After a minute she pushes me away and tells me to go take a shower while she prepares my surprise.

I am so worked up I just want to explode but I know I want to be nice and clean for Kate. After all, who wants to suck a sweaty cock when a clean one is just a moment away? I jump into the shower and lather up getting nice and clean. I slip a soapy finger into my ass to make sure that’s clean as well, Kate knows how much I love her tongue inside my ass, I can almost feel her probing now.

As I leave the bathroom Kate is nowhere to be found. Where the fuck is she, I need her now! I walk desperately through the house, no Kate. Finally, after I’ve exhausted a search of every other room I stand at the basement door. When we moved in we furnished it as a game room. Little did I know what games were to be played here. As I near the door I hear a low, pleasant moan. Someone, a woman, seems to be getting sucked, and from the sound they are getting sucked really well. But the voice is not Kate’s. I stop and listen as long as I can and I hear the carnal sounds coming from this woman

“Oh, fuck, Kate, your tongue feels so good, god baby, stick it in me, fuck me with your tongue.”

Kate? Who the fuck is in there with her? I am so hot now I can’t wait any longer and as I walk through the door I see Kate bending over the pool table, her head between another woman’s legs licking her feverishly. She hears me come through the door and brazenly looks back.

“Surprise, Joe, do you like your present?”

Oh, yes, baby, I do!”

“Then come here and get down on your knees and suck my pussy while I suck hot little Marie here.”

Oh, fuck yes! Marie? Hmm, a new friend?

I slide the lavender thong aside and bury my face in Kate’s ass,

“Oh God, you taste so fucking good Kate.”

“Thank you, baby.” “Your cousin Marie tastes good too.”

I bolt upright. My cousin, Marie!?! What the fuck is she doing here?

“Come here, baby, I want you to taste your cousin’s sweet little pussy.”

My mind is spinning. How did Kate know I have wanted to fuck my cousin since we were kids? Marie and I did some heavy petting a long time ago but that was it.

“Come here, Joe, come taste Marie.”

I look at Marie and she is looking into my eyes.

“Lick me Joe, you know both of us have always wanted this.”

I look at Marie and then at Kate.

“Go ahead, Joe, you know you want to.”

“I want to kiss Marie first,” I say.

“Yes, Joe, kiss me It’s been so long since I’ve tasted you.”

I rush to her and whisper in her ear, “Thank you, Marie.”

And then I kiss her. Long, probing kisses. I feel a hand on my cock and know Kate’s touch. She is slowly stroking me and I look back at her.

“Come here baby, come suck Marie’s pretty pussy. I got her all wet for you and she tastes so good.”

As I work my way down between Marie’s legs I see their differences. Where Kate is completely bald, Marie has a thin strip of reddish blond hair above her clit. Marie spreads her legs for me and I part her lips with my fingers. My tongue buries deep into Marie’s sweet hole and she immediately arches her back.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your mouth. Oh fuck!”

Marie starts to spasm on my tongue and I feel a flood of her flow into my mouth.

“Damn, baby.”

I hear Kate’s voice.

“I knew Marie wanted to fuck you but she came as soon as she felt your tongue on her pussy, sweet, so nasty, so taboo, you me and Marie.”

I keep my mouth pressed to my cousin’s pussy and her flow is so heavy it’s all I can do to swallow. I can hear her moaning and she is raising her hips to force my mouth tighter on her pussy.

“That’s it baby, Marie told me all about how you used to stick your fingers inside her while you were young.” “She told me she wanted to feel your cock inside her but she was afraid, she was a virgin back then you know.”

I can see my wife walk around from behind me and lower her lips to Marie’s. Marie opens her mouth and accepts Kate’s tongue and they start to kiss passionately. How lucky I am to have a wife who makes my dreams come true. I raise my head to watch them kiss and become mesmerized.

I knew Kate had been intimate with a few women in her past but this is altogether different, Kate is taking the lead, orchestrating the scene and I am but a humble player grateful for my role. I lower my head to my cousin’s pussy again and start to suck on her clit. At first I am just lapping at the underside, running my tongue under the soft petal, but as I see Marie start to writhe I suck it deep into my mouth, hard. I see Marie’s legs go stiff and she is trying to scream but her sounds are muffled by my wife’s mouth and tongue. I take it a step further and gently bite Marie’s clit and she breaks free and screams.

“Oh, fuck, bite me, fuck, Joe, I’m gonna cum again, bite my clit.”

I do as I’m told and bite down gently, Kate is now watching me make my cousin cum a second time with my mouth. As I am lapping my Marie’s sweet flow Kate lays back and starts to finger herself.

“Suck her baby and when she calms down I want you to come here and kiss me. I love her taste and I want to taste her again.”

As I am sucking the last of Marie’s flood I glance up and see her, her eyes are rolled back in her head and she is breathing heavy. I look up and can’t help but give her one last kiss before I go to my Kate. As I kiss Marie I whisper in her ear how much I have always loved her.

“I know Kate will understand.”

Marie looks up at me and smiles and says.

“I have loved you too, but it took Kate to bring us together.”

I turn my gaze to my beautiful wife who is lying on her back slowly circling her pussy with her finger and I crawl to her side. Without a word she opens her mouth to call for my tongue and we are soon kissing passionately. The smell of sex on both of our mouths is exciting and we can’t get enough of each other.

After what seems like a heavenly eternity I raise my head and tell Kate to open her mouth again. This time I straddle her chest and slowly feed my cock into her mouth. Marie, finally catching her breath crawls off the pool table and positions herself between Kate’s legs. I hear a moan escape Kate’s lips and look back to see my cousin passionately kissing my wife’s pussy.

The kisses slowly turn to licks and I see Marie stick her finger slowly into Kate. As she does this Kate starts to writhe and moan. I see Marie suck each lip into her mouth and run her tongue along the inside of her walls. Kate is on fire and I soon join my cousin in sucking my wife.

I can’t describe how carnal the feeling is to be sucking your wife’s pussy with the help of your beautiful cousin whom you have lusted after your entire life. My mind is in overload as I continue to suck and kiss, I feel Kate’s hand on my head and she whispers.

“Fuck me Joe, I have been a good girl and I need you to fuck me now.”

I switch positions with Marie and attempt to position my cock at the entrance to Kate’s pussy. I am so worked up I can’t get it in when I hear Marie say.

“Let me help.”

I feel her grab my cock and position it at the slippery entrance to my wife’s hot steaming hole. My heart is racing, my head is racing but I know how to fuck, and I start nice slow deep thrusts. Marie has moved up to Kate’s breasts and is sucking and tweaking her nipples as I am fucking her.

I start to pump faster and Kate is bucking her hips to meet my thrusts.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop.”

All of a sudden Marie reaches down and strokes Kate’s clit and she instantly cums.

“Oh, fuck, I am cumming. Fuck me, please! Fuck me hard!”

I feel Kate’s pussy clench my cock and know she has cum hard. Marie pushes me back and engulfs my cock into her mouth tasting both me and Kate. She sucks me fast and deep, using her hand to stroke me as her mouth pumps up and down. I can take no more and I shoot my cum deep into my cousin’s mouth as I scream out. She hungrily swallows every ounce she can. I am shaking from the experience and see Marie let my cock slip out of her mouth. Instantly she seeks Kate’s mouth and together they share my cum, I could see it swirling between their mouths as I laid my head back on the floor, trying to recover. As I look over and see my two lovely women sharing my seed Kate looks over and sees me lying there spent.

“Just think, Joe, I flew Marie here this morning, and her return flight isn’t scheduled until next Friday. Should we all take a shower and go out to dinner? I think it will do us good, after all the night is still young.”

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