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You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 02

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I sat down and cooed to her, soothing, calming. Trying to get her to stop. I was really getting worried. What would happen tomorrow? This could be an incredible disaster! Finally, slowly, she calmed and then relaxed and slowly got to her feet, this gorgeous sexy woman, my own nude mother, came as sat again in her chair.

“Are you alright?” I asked worriedly. A huge smile came to her face.

“Fine sweetie. Not to worry. You are incredible! I haven’t cum like that in years, and you’re not even here!” Relief washed over me.

“You had me worried when you started crying so hard.” I told her, gently. “I was really afraid that you were, …”

“What? More freaked out than I already am?” she said with a small smile. “Pretty freaked out, I must say.” She looked down at herself. “Sitting here completely nude in front of my son? Having just showed you, … everything, … done things in front of you, … showing you how I, …” she seemed quite meek but was holding it together. “I should jump up and get dressed, but after what we just did, … It seems pretty silly I suppose.”

“Not at all!” I assured her. “If you want to get dressed, please do. I don’t want you to feel any more uncomfortable than you already do.” She shook her head slightly and smiled.

“I really should.” she murmured. “Get dressed. I should really feel uncomfortable.” Her smiled widened. “What’s funny is, I don’t.” The questioning look on my face must have relayed my confusion. “I don’t, …feel like getting dressed.” She said slowly.

“Oh, please don’t then! I love looking at you!” I told her earnestly.

“You’re sweet. Do you really?” She sat up a bit straighter.

“I do! Really, really. You are so beautiful! You are sooo beautiful!!” She smiled broadly. “You have the most perfectly gorgeous breasts! What an incredible body!”

“Yeah?” she asked sexily. “You like these?” Slowly her hands came up and gently cupped them.

“Oh my god! I love them! They are so incredible!” She lifted them slightly and began to gently knead them both. “Oh yeah! I love the way you do that!” Both index fingers began to flick over her nipples. “God! I wish I could feel them.”

“Me too.” She said. “Come and kiss them for me.” I moaned aloud. “How about you?” she asked. “Show me that handsome penis again.” I scooted back in my chair and stood, realizing that I was still pretty hard. “Oh yes, sweetie! So handsome, and strong, and BIG!” I began to stroke it a bit. “Oh yeah. Stroke your beautiful penis for me. I wish I was there to kiss it, too.” I moaned again, loudly. “Yeah? Would you like that? You have such a big one, sweetie. I would love to suck on you!

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed. “That would be soooo incredible!”

“Yes it would! Feel you so big in my mouth! Let you push it in and out. Taste your sexy big penis. Can you imagine that? Letting your own mother taste your sexy cock?”

“Or letting your own son taste your sexy pussy?” I countered.

“Mmmmmmm yes!” she moaned pushing back in her chair and adjusting the camera down to show me her pussy again. She opened her long legs wide for me. “Right here! Would you kneel right here and taste me?” her fingers were spreading her gorgeous lips again. “Mmmmm suck my clit! Slip your manly fingers in me. I’m so wet!! Mmmm yeah! I’m so wet right now. Just for you!”

“I know it’s an incredibly naughty thought,” she mused quietly, “but would you push that big hard penis into me? Into me right here?” she slipped one finger into her pussy. I moaned that I would. “Yeah? Would that be okay? Hmmmm? Push my son’s big hard cock into your mother’s wet pussy?”

“Oh mom! Yes please!! Let me!”

“Mmmmm Yeah? Lay me back and use my son’s gorgeous cock to make long slow deep love to your mother’s hungry pussy?”

“You know I would, so deep, so long, so sweetly!”

“Oh Andy, sweetheart! I would let you! Let you make love to me! Make love to me anyway you like. Take me in every way, every position, every room. Your own mother! My own son. I would let you fuck me! Fuck your own mother with that perfect penis! Lay me down and kiss me as you work it in me. Sweetie, I love you so much! I would love to show you! Show me how much you love me too! Perfect love! A mother and her sexy son just fucking all night!! Sucking each other, pleasuring each other’s bodies. Cumming together!! My body would be completely yours sweetie!!”

We sat there on Skype watching each other masturbate again, telling each other how to pose, what to do, how to turn the other on even more. After we both came, we sat there, calming each other cooing and complimenting. I had ejaculated into my hand and she asked me to taste it for her and describe the taste. She really got off on watching that. I had her lick her fingers clean, which she enjoyed.

“I suppose,” she finally added, “under the circumstances you should call me Judy.”

“Mmmmm. Judy.” I said, testing the sound of that. You are so sexy, Judy.”

“Thank you Andy. You are too!”

“To be honest though,” I told her, “I really prefer calling you ‘Mom’.”

“You see? You are so naughty. I do love it too, though.” She said smiling.

She then turned serious. “We are so bad! This is soooo wrong, but I love it so much! I have been dreaming of your cock since I first saw it the other day.”

“Oh, me too! I have been replaying every second of your technological screw up; especially your beautiful pussy. And now to see it completely shaved, …” I was getting aroused again.

“Was that really a mistake? Not turning off your camera?” She was thoughtful.

“Yes it was.” She considered it a moment. “Yours wasn’t a mistake though, was is it?” I shook my head slowly. “Naughty! I wish I wasn’t such a dolt around the computer. How do you turn off the camera?”

“Different button. What a wonderful mistake, though.”

I showed her the correct way to turn off her camera. Then we said our goodbyes, which dragged on and on, neither of us wanting for this moment to end. Then she was gone. I sat alone at my desk for a long while, replaying every moment. My mobile phone dinged. It was a text from mom.’I love you sweetie. Look forward to “seeing” you again soon. –Mom’   To be continued …

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