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You Asked For It

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Molly cocked an eyebrow at her husband, her expression showing a mixture of amusement and concern. “Hank, are you sure you want me to do this?” She stood in their bedroom, fully dressed, looking subtly sexy in her suit and glasses as she stood over her husband.

Her husband, nude and laying on the bed nodded. He was blushing a little, but his cock was rock hard and twitching with excitement. “Yes. Please. I know it sounds nuts, but I really want to try this.”

“Okay. Just so we’re clear. I won’t be back to release you for seven hours at the earliest.”

“I know.”

“And you want it to last the entire time, non-stop?”

Hank nodded vigorously. Molly let out a half-sigh, half-chuckle and motioned to him. Hank felt her magic take hold of his body, forcing his limbs spread eagle, and then freezing him in place. With a twitch of her finger, Hank then levitated into the air, still stiffly spread eagle, his cock pointing straight to the ceiling. He hovered about two feet off the bed like that.

“Last chance to back out,” said Molly as she poised her hand. Hank shook his head. Molly shrugged and twitched a finger again, and Hank was frozen almost completely, his whole body stiff as a statue. All he could do now was blink and breathe, and his cock could still twitch and jerk. Molly then wriggled her fingers briefly over Hank’s cock, and he gasped. He could feel the sensation of soft, tickling feathers, and wet, velvety tongues stroking and licking his cock.

Hank groaned. “J-jeez,” he murmured through his partly open mouth. “Kind of… intense… to start…”

“Good,” said Molly. She leaned over and gave him a deep kiss, then said, “Have fun now, sweetie.”

“Th-thank you,” said Hank. He let out a soft moan as two phantom tongues licked a very sensitive spot on his cock, lingering as they went. “L-love you!”

Molly smiled, then leaned down and gave the tip of his penis a quick kiss. “I love you, too. See you tonight.” With that, she walked out the door, shaking her head in amusement. Honestly. Her husband was such a freak. She knew plenty of women liked to use their newfound Sex Magic to playfully torment their husbands, but Molly had not originally been into the idea. Ironically, Hank very much had been into the idea of a female dominant sex life. Molly had been more than willing to take it easy on her husband, but Hank turned out to be a real sensual masochist. Given the benefits of magical cockteasing, Molly had no problem going along with it, even if her silly, horny husband’s ideas were a bit wild.

Like today. He’d been wanting for weeks now to have Molly do something he’d read about on an orgasm denial forum. He’d wanted her to use her magic to bind him in place, and then continuously stimulate his penis, testicles, even his asshole, with magical, phantom touches all day. The idea intimidated him, but he could not get it out of his mind. So today, Molly decided to indulge him. As he stayed at home, helplessly suffering constant stimulation without relief, the output of his sexual energy would be imbuing Molly with energy all day.

She was a little worried he might be utterly out of his mind by the time she got home. But she could easily use her magic to check up on him hourly, see how he was doing, and stop if it seemed like it was too much. He should be okay. She’d just allowed him to have an orgasm five days ago, so he wasn’t too backed up. After today, however, five days might seem like five weeks!


Getting a quick breakfast, heading to work, and getting herself oriented at her desk ate up the first hour since she’d left. Just before she started working in earnest, she checked on Hank, casting her senses all the way back to her house. She could “see” him there, still floating rigid in the air. He was moaning, and would have been squirming if she hadn’t frozen him in place so thoroughly. His penis flexed rapidly as it tried futilely to cum. Molly let out a chuckle and shook her head. He was going to be a complete wreck by the time she got back.


The second check up revealed he was the same as before, though his testicles ached more from the teasing. Even still, Molly could feel the energy flowing off him, imbuing her with energy even from a distance of several miles. His thoughts were a whirl of sexual fever dreams about her, making love to her, worshipping her body. Molly bit her lip and flexed her thighs as she saw her husband’s erotic thoughts. She felt herself moistening as she saw his fantasies of eating her out. She cut off the “visual” before she could get too riled up. She still had several hours of work left.

As she went back to her paperwork, one of her co-workers walked by, and noticed her chuckling again. It was Peggy, the woman in the next cubical over. “Something funny, Molly?” she said, a smirk on her face.

“Oh, nothing,” said Molly. “My husband’s just a fool.”

“Ah,” she said. “Well, you know how to keep those silly boys in line, right?”

“Haha, yes, I know,” said Molly.


He was whimpering quite pitifully by now. Molly smirked as she saw his fantasies had gotten even more intense, as though he thought he could somehow defeat her orgasm block if he just willed himself to be horny enough. But that’s now how it worked, unfortunately. Hank’s will was inconsequential against Molly’s magic. He could think with every fiber of his being, strain with every cell in his body, and he was still utterly powerless against a simple spell Molly could instill with a casual thought.

It was scary just how powerful the magic was, at least in its own context. And yet, how odd it was so strangely focused on sex specifically. Scientists had been ripping their hair out trying to figure out the mechanics and reasons for it, and no one was the wiser. That didn’t stop more and more women from learning to enjoy the power.

Molly decided a little extra sensation was in order. Now, on top of the feathers and tongues, Hank could feel a gentle, yet firm, hand close on his testicles, rolling them back and forth, before giving them a firm squeeze. Not quite enough to hurt, but enough to make him squirm with discomfort. This contrast to the sheer pleasure of the other sensations threw him off, an unexpected sensation catching him off guard. For a moment, he almost forgot the feathers and tongues. And then, the squeezing sensation released, and the pleasure struck him hard again. Hank let out a cry. Molly let the phantom hand do its work, rolling his balls, squeezing them at random, leaving Hank in a confusing whirl of sensations.


At the fourth hour, Hank cracked. When Molly checked on him, he was begging in his mind for mercy. It was too much, he thought-begged, way too much to handle! He needed to cum NOW!

Molly almost let him go right then, but she hesitated. She’d been feeling wonderful all morning. She was already done with today’s workload and now had time to get through her backlog of side projects. All because of the ethereal essence of sex Mark was sending her, his extreme state of arousal and sensual desperation beaming raw, uncut energy that kept her refreshed, focused, and she had to admit, feeling very happy. Part of her didn’t want it to stop.

Goodness, no wonder her girlfriends and female co-workers had gotten so enamored with using their powers, especially prolonged orgasm denial. Molly hadn’t done any teasing this intense before, and if it felt this good now, just imagine the euphoria of something even more intense!

Besides, Hank had begged her to do this to him for a while now. He had wanted her to not stop until she got back from work. So, this was fulfilling his desires. It wasn’t her fault he couldn’t handle his own wants.

To be nice, Molly toned down the sensations, so they weren’t quite as intense, but they were still more than enough to drive Hank crazy.


Hank, realizing he was actually trapped by Molly’s magic and she wasn’t going to let him go, had gotten beyond desperate by now. Unable to coherently try and reason with her to let go, he was reduced to using passive aggressive means to push her to stop. He cursed himself for not giving her a safeword. But then, he hadn’t thought he’d need it. Didn’t she sense how much he was suffering?

So, he decided to make sure she knew he was serious by fantasizing about other women he knew. Of course, no woman turned his crank like Molly did, but he knew several gorgeous women, all of which he wouldn’t turn down a night in bed with if he wasn’t already married. Hank fantasized about his ex from high school, a couple of his his co-workers, the woman who lived a few houses down (and who had once “accidentally” let Hank see her pussy when she bent over to pick up her paper, having “forgotten” she hadn’t put any panties on). Hank imagined them and more being the ones licking and tickling his cock.

As she said at her desk, not even pausing in her work, Molly let out a derisive snort. “Oh, you silly, horny fool,” she said to herself. “You really want to play this game? I think you want me to punish you!” So saying, she reached out with her power, and Hank wailed in sexual anguish as she not only increased the intensity of the phantom sensations, she switched them to more intense feelings. The feathers became slick hands jerking him in a variety of paces, the tongues became full mouths kissing and sucking him with different techniques. Two dozen separate stimulations, more than the human nervous system was designed to comprehend at one time. Molly’s magic made him feel each one distinctly, as well as blended together.

Hank’s attempted “revenge” fantasies broke down, and once again Molly was the focus. In his thoughts, she laughed triumphantly as he was sundered by her power. Molly let the sensations continue, regardless.


Quitting time. Finally. Molly had managed to just finish most of her backlog of projects. As she organized her desk, she noticed she wasn’t feeling the usual fatigue, no cramps or stiffness like she would normally get from sitting at her desk all day. She stood and stretched out of habit and let out a soft sigh as felt a wonderful tingle all over her body. The energy from Hank made her feel like she could work another three days straight without a need for rest! Not that working was what she wanted to waste her time on, of course…

Peggy popped her head around the cubical and said, “Hey, Molly, some of us were going to get a drink at the bar. You coming?”

Molly laughed, a tad flushed. “It’s not even five yet, you lushes! And I have some grocery shopping to do.”

“Hey, it’s not our fault happy hour starts early!” Peggy laughed. Then she noticed Molly’s sudden rosy complexion. Even though women could not sense one another’s level of arousal, Peggy could sense the aura of energy Peggy was imbued with. To her senses, Molly was practically glowing. “Woah! Are you, uh, are you using your magic on someone?”

Molly leaned forward and lowered her voice, almost conspiratorially. “My husband. He wanted me to tease him today. All day.”

Peggy’s eyes widened, then she grinned. “Oh, my god, no way! Really?” She laughed. “So tell me what you’re doing to him!”

Molly would normally be a bit shy about such things, but she was feeling too good, caught up in the moment. She described how she’d bound Hank in magic and was continuously assaulting his penis with the phantom hands and mouths.

Peggy laughed. “That’s awesome! I used to do that to my boyfriend sometimes when I was mad at him. Just pin him to the bed with my powers and use a psychic hand to tease him. I didn’t even have to do much, actually, just make it feel like I was holding his cock. That would frustrated him and he’d hump the air trying to get friction, but of course, it’s a psychic hand, so there’s nothing really there to thrust against.

“Occasionally, I’d make the hand squeeze him a few times, and he’d be so riled up by then, he’d almost cum just from that!” She laughed again. “I kept him that way for eight hours, one day. He was furious. But his helplessness just aroused him even more! When I finally let him go, he was ready to chew me out. But I just reached over and gave his penis tip a single flick with my finger. He came so hard, he blacked out!”

“Wow,” said Molly. “But you don’t do that stuff anymore?”

Peggy shrugged. “Eh, we broke up. Now he’s dating my old roommate.” She giggled. “Last I heard, she only lets him cum once every three months.”

Molly frowned and shook her head. “Poor guy,” she said. However, she couldn’t quite hide the mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“So how is Hank doing now?” said Peggy. “He still alive?”

Molly extended her senses to check. Hank seemed to now be in such a state of euphoric torment, he wasn’t even thinking coherently at all. His thoughts were a gibberish state of sexual images, sounds, and begging. He would probably have blacked out by now, but Molly’s magic forced him to stay conscious. His cock was harder than she’d ever seen it.

“I think he’s ready to cum,” said Molly, chuckling. “But he’ll have to wait till I get back home.”

Peggy nodded sagely, then grinned and winked. “So… drinks?”


Happy hour extended into an early dinner, as Molly, Peggy, and a few other co-workers hung out, and regaled one another with office gripes, the weather, what was on television, where they got those fabulous shoes. But eventually, the topic switched to sex, as it inevitably did in these days of rampant Sex Magic. The other women all noticed Molly’s heightened state of alertness and happy aura. The men in the bar/restaurant noticed too. When a woman bathed in sexual energy, she was simply “on” in a way that people inherently noticed. Molly could sense over a dozen erections in the room, all thanks to her.

Molly confessed to them she’d been teasing Hank all day, and that opened up the table to all sorts of conversations. She learned quite a few things about her co-workers that day. Aside from Peggy doing similar teases to her old boyfriend, she found out Libby liked to wake up her husband every day with an intense psychic blowjob, and then would not let him go to bed until he’d licked her pussy, so the taste of her kept him hard all through the night. Samantha actually had two live in boyfriends, and even though both were straight, the only way she would allow them to cum is if they sucked each other off. Ursula cuckholded her husband, fucking young studs right in front of him; however it wasn’t so bad, as she let her neighbor, a cute college girl, take control of her husbands orgasms, and tease him. Clair would invade her husband’s dreams nightly, and run him through agonizingly intense orgy scenarios, where he’d have to please dozens of women while never getting to cum; when she did let him cum, she would only allow him to while he was sleep, so he hadn’t fully enjoyed a real, conscious orgasm in five years.

Molly flushed as she heard all the confessions. So many wicked ideas, and the poor, poor men who suffered them. Except deep down, the women could sense, in that primal, lizard brain part of their husband’s minds, they secretly wanted such treatment. Hell, just like with Hank, half these teasing ideas had come from the men! What man wouldn’t want his wife or girlfriend to lavish such frequent and intense attention on their cocks? Even if they were being cruel, it was all in good fun, and all because it drove them absolutely wild in a way no vanilla relationship could. And of course, it was hardly the women’s fault that the men couldn’t handle their own insane fantasies.

When Molly finally came home, Hank was a complete wreck, as she’d predicted. She’d intensified the sensations of the phantom hands and mouths twice over when she’d been at dinner, and now Hank was capable only of crying and whimpering. He had no sense of time anymore, lost in world of overwhelming pleasure and the desperate need for relief. Molly, her pussy, tingling with desire and already wet enough to start staining her pants, quickly stripped. She then used the magic to grip her own body and she floated into the air. Hovering over to Hank, she watched his face and his mind as he moaned and shivered in intense ecstasy. And beneath the storm of sensation, beneath the insane desperation, she could see, deep in what corners of awareness Hank had still functioning, that he was happy, grooving on that primitive bliss.

Molly chuckled. Men were such freaks. Sex Magic was the best thing that ever happened to them, really. Of course, it was an even better thing for women, and that suited Molly just fine. She lowered her naked body onto his, and took his cock into her. As she did, she jolted Hank’s mind, forcing him to become more cognizant of his surroundings. She unfroze his body, and he flailed a bit, before focusing on her.

“M-m-molly…” he gasped, his voice ragged. “P-p-please…”

Molly, who hadn’t stopped the phantom sensations, gave his cock a firm squeeze with her pussy, which nearly made Hank pass out again. “Earn it, stud,” she said, purring into his ear. Hank clutched her tightly and started thrusting. Floating in the air, the action was surprisingly difficult. Hank had to depend on his own grip on her to give him leverage. But one he got his bearings, he pounded into her like a piston.

Molly let herself be taken, feeling Hank fill her, his hot, impossibly hard organ striking every sensitive nerve in a way that electrified her. The magic cut both ways like this, every sensation seemed magnified as he thrust into her, kissed her neck and chest. Molly wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him and howled with pleasure as he attempted to fuck her into submission, even wrapped in her power as he still was.

Molly was in tears herself as she came within just a couple minutes. She let Hank continue, driving himself crazy even as he drove her to another orgasm, then another, and another.


It was past midnight before Molly finally let Hank stop. Even with the healing effects of the magic, Hank was exhausted, the sheer need and unceasing pleasure too much for him to process. Molly let the two of them finally drop down onto the bed, where she cradled Hank soothingly, letting his head rest upon her breast, his cock burning hot against her leg. Only then did she finally ease down the teasing magic, causing each set of phantom hands and mouths to fade one by one. When they all ceased, Hank finally passed out, going into a dreamless sleep.

Molly lay in a near daze, soaking in the energy and euphoria, stunned at what she’d just done, and at just how good it felt. No wonder Hank loved this stuff so much! She looked down at his penis, drenched in her fluids, and still leaking pre-cum. The poor, teased organ was still screaming for release to her senses, the pressure so intense, it made Molly wince, even as it made her body tingle with pleasure.

She smiled, reached down, and lightly tickled the sensitive tip. Hank moaned and stirred, but didn’t awaken, even though his cock jerked fiercely against her leg. She still hadn’t let him cum. She kissed the top of his head and used another bit of power to telepathically plant an idea in his mind, a message he would “hear” upon awakening.

“Tomorrow, I’m yours. All day, any hole you want, for as long as you want, until you’ve drained every drop you can.” Then she added. “Just know that for every time you cum, I’ll be planning a special punishment for you later.” She chuckled to herself, knowing that would just drive him even battier. She then closed her eyes and let out a satisfied sigh, letting the desperate need of Hanks genitals lull her to sleep.

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