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Yes Daddy

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I really didn’t think there was much that would surprise me. I’m not a kid, I’ve been around the block, and It’s not as if I am from some place like Iowa, but I will admit, she surprised me. Popular opinion held that she was pretty hot, but kind of a freak. Even I will admit she was a little weird. They were pretty much dead on correct. I don’t know what it was about her. The things that seemed to make her strange to everyone else somehow made her irresistible to me.

She found her clothes in rummage stores. She favored old jeans in strange colors and pants in curious or outright bizarre prints. My personal favorites were plaid and quite possibly a size too small. She was an attractive young woman. She was young, that had a lot to do with it. She had wonderfully large breasts and that had even more to do with it. I was continually distracted by what she would look like without her clothes on. I couldn’t help myself. I would find myself walking out of my way to follow her. I would just watch her move and wonder what her pale skin looked like underneath the tight black T-shirt.

I don’t generally think of myself as old. I know that I am older, I passed 40 two years ago, the same year she could legally enter a bar. I have been married and divorced, almost married a second time. I have three kids running around that occupy most of my free time. Yes, the oldest is closer to her age than I am. I never really took my obsession seriously. It is the same way I would like to drive a Ferrari or fly fighter jets. I would love to do it; it just is not going to happen. So I continued to obsess about her. Flirt with her from time to time. Lust after her each time she walked by. She didn’t even think of me in the way she thinks about the boys she sleeps with, and hell, she usually sleeps with girls. Damn, the thought of that was enough to send my middle aged heart into a dangerously fast and out of rhythm state.

And so it was with little intent and only a small glimmer of hope that I asked if she wanted to hit happy hour with the team on a random Thursday night. I had asked before so it was really just a passing thought as I walked by her desk on the way out the door. When she asked where, I was caught off guard.

It was a good Thursday for drinking. It was cool outside and warm in the bar. There was a good turn out and our little group filled out an arrangement of tables in a corner. We played pool and drank beer. She flitted between the table I sat at and the one at the other end. I drank slowly; after all, I am old. The party thinned out. We vacated one table, then a second. Finally there were five of us and she was still there. As it is with most conversations Andrea and I are in, it quickly turned to sex. It was obvious. Bryan was making a play. I was mostly watching, and occasionally chiming in. It was shitty of me I know but mostly I was setting him up for failure. I was pretty sure she could tell that’s what I was doing, I was pretty sure she either appreciated it or found it charming because the little smiles she was slipping me were rather pleasant and just a little naughty. When Brian took a call on his cell phone she leaned over to me.

“You know, you really have to stop talking about me banging other girls!”

“I’m sorry, am I ruining your action.” It’s true, inside I was giving myself a little high five.

“Ugh, no, but you are making me horny as shit.”

Crap.. really… think quick… what’s the next play. Hurry… hurry… play it cool. “Well, I can help you with that if you need.”

“Oh shut up… but… you wanna go see some strippers?”

Okay, lets see, the choices were go see strippers with hot young freak or, I don’t even think there was an or.

“Sure, let’s blow this joint.”

I could tell Brian was a little disappointed. I could tell April was shocked. I called for the check and we divided it up. She hugged April and somehow dodged Brian and slipped off towards the door. I swallowed the end of my beer and scurried for the door. Outside she was nowhere to be seen but as I approached my car she was sitting on the curb in front of it. I had been worried she had taken off. We pulled away and briefly discussed where the best place to see boobies was. She sat with her feet pulled up underneath her in the seat. She wished she had a short skirt. I wished the same thing.

It would end up costing me $200.00 but I would finally get to see her breasts. Her breasts and more. She got the first dance of course. It was a rather pleasant experience. The young girl was firm and well toned. She was tan with blonde hair and she contrasted rather nicely with Andrea’s Goth alternative look. She pressed her breasts to Andy’s red lips and ran her hands slowly along her thighs. After the dance, she sat on her lap without putting her small yellow bikini back on. Andrea asked to touch her breasts and she begged off, saying she would get in trouble. She danced for me next and it was obvious I was aroused by her little show and she spent a good amount of time pressing her ass against my erect cock through my pants. She looked longingly into Andy’s eyes.

The next dancer was not as good looking. She had large rubber breast that never seemed to move. Her dance was mechanical, Andy declined her offer. We sat a couple of songs watching the stage show. We discussed the girls. We debated enhancements vs natural breasts. We had very similar tastes. It was nice. There was no tension in the air, and aside from her lovely deep red lips I almost could have forgotten she wasn’t another guy sitting there but a young raven haired pale skinned goddess. Our favorite was on stage and Andrea approached her with a 20. She danced over to Andy and pulled out her G-string and Andy slid the money along her thigh and into the band.

She danced for Andy first. She was a curvy girl with a broad round ass. As she ran her face between Andrea’s breasts she arched her back and the view was nearly too much. Her thighs were smooth, her calves muscular. Turning, she moved her hips between her legs and looked at me. She played with her delicious tits. The song finished and she danced for me. She was a wonderful girl. Her body was soft but firm and warm. She moved against me, between my legs. I could smell her. I wanted to let myself go but I couldn’t. I was looking past her at Andrea. Andrea knew it too. I had had a good dose of whisky now on top of the beer from earlier and I couldn’t help myself. I was fixated on her green eyes and red lips and the way she watched the girl dancing for me.

“Do you want to watch me with her?” The stripper was whispering in my ear.


“You want more than a dance, though, don’t you?”

“Ha.” I was flustered. What exactly do you say to that?

She finished her dance with her breast pressed to my face, her nipple brushing my lips. She was one hell of a salesman. Sitting on Andrea’s lap she was not as shy as the first girl. They were whispering in each others ears and she laid Andy’s hand on her breast in full view of the room. I could have been wrong but I could swear she licked Andreas lip just for a moment with the tip of her tongue.

The women stood and Andy came towards me. Shockingly, she was now sitting on my lap. Embarrassed, I knew my erection was pressed to her leg, I kept my arms pointedly pressed to the arms of the chair.

“I was going to ask if this was too weird for you.” Her smile was evil, taunting.

“I don’t think you can get too weird for me, dear.”

“Oh, I know I can. You seriously don’t have to. We can go.”

“Oh, I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“I don’t now what she has planned but she has me wet just talking about it.”

“Shit, all right.”

Her name was Carmen, or at least that’s what she was going by. Her pale skin hinted that her real name was nothing of the sort. She pulled the top back on covering herself as best as she could then came and took each of us by the hand. Walking to the back of the club she released our hands and walked with an arm around each of us. At the curtain to the back room another dancer, this one dressed in a short skirt and miniscule tank top, took my credit card. A very large bouncer impressed upon me the importance of sitting still and not touching.

Down a dark hallway to a small room we went, pulling the curtain aside there was a booth on one wall and another chair. Carmen sat me down in the booth and pulled Andrea to her. She kissed her deeply and Andrea dared to move her hands over the dancer’s body to her ass. Carmen took her hands away. I’m sorry. I touch, you can’t. Clearly disappointed Andy took her hands away and Carmen undressed. Standing in front of Andy I watched her move her hands over the black concert T shirt and over her ass the plaid pants.

I was glad I wasn’t allowed to move. I couldn’t.

The dancer moved her hands up inside of Andy’s shirt and over her breasts. Andy looked back at me with a raised eyebrow. I just smiled. The dancer went to work. Andy’s shirt was pulled off and tossed to the chair, then her bra. Her breasts were truly as wonderful as I had imagined. They were soft and full, still unaffected by gravity, they pushed off of her chest and Carmen ran her tongue over the round pink nipples. She was massaging her body and Andy was breathing deeply. When she moved her hands to the waist band of Andy’s trousers I thought she was going to fall over.

Her shoes sat on the floor by the chair, her pants now draped over the back. The dancer moved her head around her body touching her with her hair. Andy breathed deep and reached out her hands found Carmen’s shoulders and she supported herself.

“Do you need to sit down?”


Carmen moved her towards me until she sat between my legs, I felt her body. My hands, I dint know where to place them. I looked down at the young woman and worried if my breath would ever come back. Carmen massaged her thighs and Andy held onto my knees. I laid my hands along her legs and felt her warm skin.

Carmen descended on her. The crown of her head now pressed to Andy’s belly. I wondered what she tasted like. Andy was purring lightly and I was gripping her legs firmly. This was sex. Andy was coming. Her breathing quickened, her body was warmer and her head pushed back until her cheek was in my face.

“Oh yes. Oh, please.” She whispered. I took advantage of her and moved my hands over her luscious tits and held one in each.

“Pinch.” She whispered and I took her nipples between my fingers. Small sighs came out of her as the stripper worked her with her tongue. Though I know it was only a few minutes, it seemed to last forever. Finally I felt her body go tense, her neck strained against my shoulder. I released her breasts and moved my hands slowly down her body. I throbbed in my pants so close to a climax of my own I still don’t know how I held back. Carmen raised and moved her head over Andy’s body until she came to my face.

“She tastes so wonderful. You are lucky.”

“Oh, um, she’s not really. I, don’t actually know.” And with that she pressed her lips to mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth until I did know. It was wonderful.

Andy didn’t talk. She sat up and looked back at me. She leaned to me and kissed my cheek and stood up. I had another minute or two of her tall lean naked body before she dressed again. Carmen sat on my lap as she put her clothes on and I think as she moved her ass back and forth against me she was trying to get me off as well but it was no use. I wanted Andy. I wanted her badly. It was frightening. Dressed, looking back at me ignoring the naked blonde in my lap, she knew it too.

We had another drink in peace and cashed out. Back in my car as I drove her back to hers, it was quiet. I wasn’t sure what to say. She was quiet for a while then started.

“Well, I have to ask you.”

“You have to ask me what?”

“You know.”

“Well, there are a lot of things you could ask me. I don’t really know which of them is mandatory; they are all pretty good,” my mouth was moving without the help of my brain.

“Really, what are the good ones?” I couldn’t make out the tone of this conversation. Was she mad, embarrassed, or still horny?”

“Well, you could ask what I thought of the dance. You could ask what I think of your absolutely gorgeous body. You could ask if I want another drink, or something to eat. The list just goes on from there.”

“Are you in love with me?”

“WHAT?” That really wasn’t even on my list possible questions.

“I mean, I watched you, you were watching me. There were tits everywhere and you were watching me.”

“What can I say, your tits are better.” I was quiet again. We were close to her car.

“You don’t love me. You just want me.”

“I think it’s safe to say at this point I want you.”

She was looking at me again, her feet pulled up on the seat. “What would you do to me?”


“Yes. Seriously.”

“After that? I want to lick you. I want to lick every bit of you until you beg me to stop. Then I want to lick you more.”

“Hmmm.” She was thinking. I was thinking. I was thinking and I was wanting. Feeling her on me coming had left me wanting desperately. I was now curious. I was confused. I hadn’t ever really even thought of actually having her but now, sitting here, I needed to think of an approach. I needed her. Fuck it, I was a dirty old man.

“Andrea, I want you desperately. I have been teased to my limit. I want you, I want to take you and fuck you. I want to lick you; I want to hear you come again.”

We were at her car. She was sitting there looking at me. She wasn’t really smiling but there was something going on.

“Can you do what you are told?” This is one of those questions that you answer without really thinking about. It’s the kind of question that takes you down new roads and new experiences, whether you were seeking them out or not.

“For you? I will do whatever you tell me.”

With that, she gave me directions to her apartment. It wasn’t far and surprisingly we didn’t talk about much on the way. I parked and she hopped out. I watched her move towards the stairs. It was different watching her now. I knew what was underneath the plaid pants and I was about to have it.

She sent me to the kitchen to make drinks. Very tall, very strong, she’d commanded. This wasn’t so hard. I could do what I’m told. She came out a minute later, the shower was running and she wore a towel. I took the drink to her and reached for her. I took her into my arms and she looked up at me. I wanted to kiss her, her lips waited. She looked at me with a cold hard stare.

“Did I tell you to do this?” She looked down at me holding her.

“Oh. Um, sorry?”

“I’m not sure this is going to work.”

“Oh, it will.” Fuck, I can’t get thrown out now.

“Then do what you are told, bitch.” Wow. Okay. I’m the bitch. Interesting. “Finish your drink and get in the shower. I want it fucking spotless.”

And so I did. I washed rather thoroughly actually, turning off the water I asked for a towel.

“No towel. Come here.”

She was standing at the foot of the bed. I was certain now that I was in for something new and that it wasn’t the first time she had been in the position. I was hard for her and I really could have used that towel.

“You’ve been hard for hours now. I’m not sure how long I should make you wait.” She wore black boots and had pulled on black panties. They were boy shorts. Damn, I love boy shorts.

“Lets see. Let’s get you off so I can get to some serious work. You wanna fuck me?”

“Oh yes. I want to fuck you.”

“Tell me you want to fuck me, bitch!”

That was going to take some getting used to.

“I wanna fuck you.”

“Tell me more.”

“I want my cock inside you. I wanna fuck you hard.”

She turned and grabbed a chair, her ass in the air. I knew what to do now. I pulled the panties to the side and took her from behind. She had me talk to her the whole time. It was furious and dirty. I was to call it a cunt or a fuck hole, and each time I pressed my self into her she groaned another command. I took her like I haven’t taken a woman in a good long time. I want to describe how good she felt, how good she looked with my hand on her hips and her ass pressed to me but what would really do it justice. She was luscious. The harder I stroked her the harder she wanted it,

“Fuck that cunt hole, bitch.” She hissed at me, and I did. Panting, I came in her. The buildup had been tremendous and it felt like I would never stop. “Give me that fat cock, oh yeah, split me open.” I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Her head bucked and her hair flew. She gasped and this time she cried out as she came, her pussy clamping down on my dick. I rammed it into her again. She was hot now and wet. I slapped her ass and pressed myself deeper into her. She pushed back to take me in.

Finally releasing me, she pushed me back. “On your knees, bitch. Clean my fuck hole.”

I did what I was told. She was salty as my cum dripped out of her and I licked her furiously. I couldn’t get enough of her. “Clean me, bitch, clean my little asshole too.” She was working some spell on me and I devoured her. She spread her legs and I twisted my neck to get up into her. I wished I could get deeper. Her lips were waxed clean and I ran my tongue over her smooth pussy, I wanted her to come again. Her hand was in my hair pulling me into her. Gasping for breath I couldn’t stop. I was growing hard again and the thought of fucking her again took hold of me. I ravaged her pussy, grabbing her ass to pull me to her. I felt she was coming again and as she pulled away I pulled her to me.

“Stop it bitch.” And she swung at me with a black riding crop. It slapped my ass and sent a furious shot of pain though me. “Hands and knees, my little bitch. You told me you could do what you are told.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I was still gauging how seriously I had to take this.

“That’s better, but that’s not what you are to call me.”

“What do I call you?” I said looking up at her, her full round breasts just above me.

“Bow your head!” and the crop hit my ass cheek again, the pain shot straight down through my legs and strangely though my hard cock.

“Right now you are gonna call me Daddy. And you are gonna tell Daddy how much you want me to fuck you.”

“I wanna fuck you, Daddy.” And the crop came down again.

“No! Tell me how much you want me to fuck YOU.”

“I want you to fuck me Daddy.”

“That’s right bitch.” And she had moved behind me. She was going to hit me again. The spanking was coming. I was her bitch.

“Yes daddy. I want you to fuck me.” I was wrong, a spanking was not coming. It was her finger, and it was greasy, well lubed.

“Tell me you want it.”

Her finger was working its way into me. It was a virgin hole and she worked it easy. She had to know.

“Yes, Daddy. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

“That’s a good little bitch, tell Daddy how you want it.”

“Oh Daddy, I want it slow like that. Just like that.” And I did. It had been cold but now it was warm. My cock moved each time she slid into me. I’d never really thought about this. Never thought I’d like this.

“Daddy is going to fuck you now, okay my sweet little bitch? Tell Daddy when it’s good.” Her voice was soft and tender and as she slid her finger out I knew I wanted it back. I was coming and now I wanted her to fuck me.

“Oh Daddy. I need you to fuck me.”

“Oh, I am gonna fuck you.. You tell me when it’s good.” It was cold, just as her finger had been and it was large. It pushed at my anus and I felt it clamp down.

“Open that ass bitch. I wanna fuck it.” The calm voice was gone now.

“Look up bitch, you see the mirror. Can you see Daddy sticking his cock in you?

I couldn’t see the cock but I could see her. I saw her dark mascara, her full red lips, and her luscious round breasts. I felt her too. I felt the strap on break down the door and slide into me. She moved it slow at first and it moved deeper. She grabbed my hips and I moaned.

“Don’t moan at me. Tell me.”

“That’s good.” And I felt the crop on my ass again.

“That’s good Daddy. Fuck my ass daddy.”

And she did. She started slowly but as I relaxed she went deeper and harder. It was new in so many ways. I was being fucked. It was a whole new experience. It wasn’t gay, I didn’t want a man in me, and I wanted her to fuck me. I watched in the mirror as her tits slapped back and forth with each stroke. She took me there on the floor of her bedroom. I was fucked good and hard.

She knew when I was coming. She slapped my ass and changed stroke. I knew I was coming but the fat rubber cock sort of stops things from happening. I came for a long time, each time another quake through my ass balls and cock. She was coming too and she slapped me and made me talk to her. “Yes Daddy.” I begged. “Fuck me, Daddy.” I pleaded. Finally she was finished. She pulled the giant shaft out of my ass and it was a whole other feeling. It was strange, foreign, and delicious.

Finished I lay on the floor, my cock still hard.

She was soft and soothing again. “Do you still have something for me?” She was moving her body over me; I felt her nipples moving over my back. I couldn’t really talk so I rolled over.

She positioned herself over me and spread her legs. She took my still hard cock into her mouth. The panties were gone now and her pussy was open and available to me. She didn’t talk as she slid her lips over me. I didn’t talk as I licked, tickled, touched and nibbled at her. Time was lost and all I knew was that she was incredible. I moved my hands over her body, every inch of it impossibly young and soft. I came again as she worked me with her mouth and lips.

“Think of that as your reward.”

“My reward?”

“For being a good little bitch and doing what you’re told.”

“Oh, um, okay. I am really new to all this.”

“I know, it’s sweet. You will be good practice.”

“I will be?”

“Well yeah. You are still my little bitch aren’t you? You want to fuck me again, don’t you?”

“Oh, hell yes.”

“And to do that, you are going to be my bitch. And I am going to fuck you harder next time. You are only a virgin once.”

I didn’t have a response to that. I kissed her briefly before I left. I guess I was only a virgin once. But I think I was going to be a bitch again.

And I was looking forward to it.

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