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A New Toy

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She couldn’t wait to put it in his ass. She bought the strap-on almost on a whim; she had been walking by Good Vibrations and saw it proudly displayed in the window, almost like it was begging her to come inside. It was black and good sized. The light made it seem shiny. When she touched it, the silky smoothness had her hooked. This was her cock.

The harness was just as beautiful. Black leather with metal studs, it reminded her of some dirty cowboy movie with cheesy one-liners, but she didn’t care. It was perfect, too.

When she walked inside her little one bedroom apartment, he wasn’t around. She called for him, slightly coquettish, eager to tease and touch. But she couldn’t find him anywhere. She shrugged and went into the bedroom, shedding clothes along the way. By the time she reached the bed, she was wearing nothing but her lacy black bra and panties. She wished vaguely for her garters, but all thought vanished as she took out her new purchase and laid it on the bed in front of her.

She stood there for a couple beats, looking at the sleekness and perpetual hardness of the black cock and felt herself getting wet. She’d wait for him but she would just try it on and see how it looked.

She slipped her panties off and picked up the harness. It smelled like leather and reminded her of his aftershave. She felt warmth spreading along her body as she buckled the straps around herself tight.

The leather crisscrossed in the back, making a very sexy pattern on her lower back. God, she loved it when he licked her there…

She looked at herself in the mirror, full breasts still bound, and her pussy lips full and moist, just barely visible under the harsh black straps. She posed, arching her back and watching her reflection. She let down her blonde hair, shaking it out crazily over her smooth shoulders. She looked like a minx!

Suddenly she needed to see herself with the hard cock thrusting out from her body. She wanted that juxtaposition so badly her clit ached.

The dildo fit the harness perfectly snug. It didn’t shift around like her last strap on. This one was worth the money.

Standing in front of the mirror, she reveled in the astonishing view. There she was, petite and blonde, purely feminine and gorgeous, but then attached to her body, just under the smoothness of her flat stomach was this huge black cock jutting out defiantly. It was so different and so fucking hot.

Strangely enough, she felt herself blushing as she raised a hand to touch it. It felt foreign to her, as if she wasn’t supposed to be feeling its smoothness, when just five minutes ago she was calling it her own cock!

Tentatively she ran a fingertip over its thick surface, feeling the bumps and grooves that model a real dick. She watched herself in the mirror and found her embarrassment fading into arousal. She was hot. She licked her lips and took a deep breath, her breasts swelling against the bra.

She reached up and unhooked it, releasing her ravaging breasts. They were beautiful and she knew it; plump and perfectly shaped Ds with pert little pink nipples that were already erect with excitement. She squeezed them, appeasing their ache. Her breasts always ached to be touched when she was aroused. They needed to be suckled and pinched. She grasped them and looked in the mirror at the beautiful woman with the huge black cock. She’d fuck herself if she could, she thought, almost laughing at the wild look in her eyes.

She let go of her breasts and brought both hands to the strap-on. She squeezed it with one and caressed it with the other, never moving her eyes from her reflection. She was so wet she felt herself starting to drip. She slid the leather strap aside and slipped her fingers against all that wetness, finding her pulsing clit between two slick fingers and stroking it the way she wanted to stroke the cock, her cock. She closed her eyes, her head leaning back as her hair ticked her shoulder blades, heightening her arousal.

She slid her hand back out, her glistening fingertips making a tight circle with her thumb through which the cock could pass. Her juices lubricated the mushroom head tip of the cock, wetting it, getting it ready for fucking. Her pussy spasmed and she thought she might come, but she wanted to wait, wanted it good and wet and hard.

The bedside table had many goodies inside and when she dribbled the astroglide over the tip of her cock she was glad for their kinkiness. She positioned the mirror so that she could watch herself from the bed and then climbed up.

The cock stood straight up from her body as if begging to be jerked off. God, she wanted to fuck herself so badly! So she did.

She gripped the cock and stroked in just the same way that she loved watching him masturbate. She moved it so every stroke pressed against her clit making her moan out loud. Watching herself in the mirror increased her arousal, building her orgasm until she was jerking herself off so fast her hand was almost a blur. Every squeeze and stroke was harder than the last, she felt her ass tightening. She played with her nipples with her other hand pinching them, feeling them heat up and tingle, the pleasure going straight to her burning cunt. She fucked herself until she couldn’t take anymore and needed something filling her hot wet hole.

She reached down and pushed two fingers deep inside her feeling that perfect spot and stroking it over and over while she continued to jerk her hard, wet cock against her clit.

She was so almost ready to cum, when the door opened and he walked in. She stopped moving her hands but didn’t move. He looked confused for about half a second and than a grin spread across his face. She raised an eye brow and started stroking her cock again, building momentum. He watched, fascinated, the bulge growing in his tight pants. He swallowed, uncertain of his role here.

“Care to join me, baby?” She asked suggestively. He nodded and stripped down, climbing up onto the bed.

She didn’t even have to tell him, his lips locked around the cock and he moved between her legs, just like she had done so many times for him. He sucked and slid his hands up her legs until she felt his fingers inside her, stroking over and over and over again until she was screaming and thrusting into his mouth, raising her ass off the bed, cumming around his fingers, pushing his head onto her cock, into her clit, moaning deeply.

Before she stopped cumming, she pushed him away and moved out from under him. The orgasm lingered as she told him to get on hands and knees. He looked a little shocked, but was so rock hard that she knew he’d love it.

His dick stretched out under him, hard and needy as he got on hands and knees before her. She rubbed some lube onto his puckering hole, teasing him slowly, sliding her fingertip inside him as he moaned softly into the pillow. She lubed up the cock with her hand again and pushed the tip against his asshole. He shuddered with anticipation. It had been a while since they played like this and he wanted it badly.

So he told her so, “Please fuck me.” It was almost a whisper.

She was so high off her arousal that this plea almost sent her over the edge again.

She gripped his hips, making sure that she could see them in the mirror and pushed inside him slowly until she was all the way in. She asked if everything was alright. When he moaned a yes and begged her for it harder, she laid her body against his back, deep inside him and made small thrusting motions with her hips, bumping his prostate in quick little jerks that had him squirming underneath her, his balls tightening against his body.

She reached around, gripping his cock like she had done to herself earlier and stroked it with every thrust.

Her thrusts become deeper, pulling out more and moving faster as she jerked his dick with her small hand. She watched them in the mirror, and was shocked again by how sexy she looked as she slid the cock in and out of her hot man’s ass.

He started moaning, calling her name as he got closer and closer. His hand moved down and wrapped around hers on his cock, squeezing them tighter, their fingers sticky and wet as they jerked him harder. His breath was shallow and interspersed with moans of desire as her hips continued to buck into him, sliding the thick black cock deep into his tight ass. Each thrust bumped back against her clit until she too was moaning with ecstasy, her pussy juices dripping down her thighs. The orgasm was building and suddenly she knew that she was going to cum again as she fucked his ass.

“I’m going to come inside you, you little bitch,” she cried out uncharacteristically and he groaned, pushing his ass to meet her thrusts; his cock was ready to burst it was so hard. Their hands continued squeezing him, forcing more pre-cum from the tip to drip onto their sheets below him.

“Fuck me, baby,” He moaned again, “fuck me until you fill my ass with your hot cum!” She gasped, his sexy words sending her over the edge and she screamed as she felt the pressure in her body break suddenly and wash over her in wave after wave of pleasure. She thrust harder into him, slamming his ass hard with each wave of pleasure, the cock pulling on his desire and those hard thrusts combined with her cries suddenly brought him hard. His balls contracted and his dick shook in their slick hands and he shot his creamy load all over the bed as she continued to writhe over him, her climax slowing as his asshole squeezed tight in a delicious rhythm around the wet cock buried deep inside him.

After minute she pulled out slowly and they lay there breathing heavily as their heartbeats slowed down. He looked over and saw the black dildo dripping with lube and laughed shakily. Then she looked over at him and smiled. “So I bought a new toy today.”

He laughed again, “I see that.”

Then they cuddled and discussed the future of their new toy. The both decided it was going to be getting a lot of action.

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