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Yearly Physical

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My yearly physical was due and I had set up an appointment at my local PPO. I never know who I’m going to get doing the physical. It’s a group practice and my doctor retired a couple of years ago. Since then, I haven’t bothered to get a new primary doctor; I just see whoever’s available when I need to make an appointment. It makes it a lot easier to be flexible around my work schedule. I’m a freelancer so my schedule is never routine.

I was at the PPO waiting room, waiting of course, to be called back for my physical. Eventually, a nurse opened the door, called my name, and away I went. I followed her through the maze to the examination rooms, my eyes glued to her rear end as I followed. She was pretty and probably would have looked very good in a sexy nurse outfit but sadly, sexy nurse outfits have been replaced by surgical scrubs and no matter how sexy you are, the scrubs are not going to enhance your look.

She guided me to an exam room, weighed me, took my blood pressure, etc. – the usual drill. The only variation from the standard procedures came when she took my temperature. I was instructed to pull my pants down and lean over the table. I did so without thinking. It was only when she took out a large electronic thermometer and smeared it with Vaseline that I realized what was up.

“Why are you…”, I began to protest but she had clearly heard it all before.

“Doctor’s orders. It’s a more accurate representation of core body temperature.”

She pushed against my back, pinning me down against the table and pulling my underwear down, inserted the thermometer into my ass. I grunted slightly and she readjusted the thermometer with a sniff, ignoring me as I grunted again. I felt embarrassed, blood beginning to rush to my cock as she hovered over me, waiting for the thermometer to beep. When it did she lowered the hand pinning me to the table to my left butt cheek and holding me, slowly withdrew the thermometer with her other hand.

She made a notation on my chart, and that was that. She told me to strip completely and exited, leaving the typical paper gown.

I waited for the doctor, trying to adjust to the somewhat cold air of the room and concentrating on not tearing my gown or smearing Vaseline from my ass on to the exam table. I also wondered about a doctor that would insist on an anal thermometer for temperature. If the hot nurse had been wearing something other than her surgical scrubs, the combination of her and the prostate stimulation might have proved embarrassing.

There was a knock at the door, I assumed as a warning in case I wasn’t ‘decent’ but without any pause, in stepped my doctor. The doctor was a she, wearing a white lab coat over a tight white well-filled fitted blouse and a black pencil skirt, very professional but nevertheless showcasing a very attractive woman.

“I’m Doctor Park, I’ll be handling your physical this year. I see you don’t have a primary physician listed,” she said as she glanced over my paperwork.

“Is that correct?” I explained my reasoning as I watched her survey my documents.

“Fine,” she said, “let’s move on.” She was no nonsense this one. Probably had to be to cut through the numerous come-ons she must get on a daily basis.

She proceeded with all the usual procedures of a yearly physical. I tried to concentrate on getting through the exam rather than the touch of her hands across my body.

As always happens, by the time she had felt for cancerous lumps, given me goosebumps with her stethoscope, etc., the paper gown was much the worse for wear. She asked me to stand and knelt before me, gazing at my balls.

“Take that gown off”, she commanded.

“Not much left of it anyway, ” I joked, trying to make some sort of conversation, as I peeled what was left off and stood before her naked. No response. Not a talker, this one.

She grasped my balls firmly and proceeded to examine them. She wasn’t wearing rubber gloves and it felt wonderful despite her clinical manner. I looked down as she poked and prodded and realized that from my point of view, I was looking straight down her blouse. Her cleavage, nestled in a white lace bra, shown between the unbuttoned top button of her blouse. Damn she was perfect.

She looked up at me suddenly and then looked down where my eyes were locked. She looked up again. I was totally busted. She said nothing and returned to her examination.

I was starting to get a bit of a woody and was trying to fight it. She grasped my left nut and ordered me to cough as she poked. I coughed and my dick swung up and down slightly before her. She grasped my right nut and did the same. She stood up, finished, and turned to the medicine cabinet behind her and grabbed a pair of disposable blue surgical gloves.

I knew what was coming next. She walked towards me and stopped herself. “I almost forgot,” she said as she set the gloves aside.

“Stand with your arms at your sides.”

I assumed the standing at attention position and she reached up and much to my surprise began to play with my nipples. I know it’s unusual in most men, but this has always been a tremendous turn on for me and gets me breathing heavy and hard in very little time.

I was flustered, not knowing what to do as she flicked at my nipples without any explanation.

Blood was rushing to my cock fast and I started to pant. “What…what, are you doing?”

She stopped and looked at me seemingly with some annoyance.

“I’m stimulating your nipples. Standard procedure now for men is to examine for lumps in the breasts, as we do with women. Men can get breast cancer just like women although it is admittedly more rare. The best way to accurately palpitate for lumps is with the breasts engorged with blood. The simplest and most direct way of doing this is by stimulating the nipples. Understand?”

It was the most she’d spoken to me in the course of the entire procedure.

“I know what I’m doing, I don’t appreciate being questioned.”

The last thing I wanted to do was anger her especially as I had no idea what her reaction would be to the inevitable erection that was coming. I panted as my chest heaved from the sweet sensations of her nipple play.

“I didn’t mean to imply in any way…”

She cut me off as she continued. “Of course, with women, there’s sometimes a problem as the breasts… especially the nipples… are a well known erogenous zone. This can lead to an awkward situation of… arousal.”

My cock was growing and raising higher and higher as her flicking continued. She looked up into my eyes.

“It’s not usually an issue with men. But it can be…with a certain type… of man.” She stopped flicking and pinched my nipples as she said this.

I groaned, “Oh God.”.

She glanced down at my cock pointing to the ceiling as she resumed her flicking. “Yes. Yes, I suspected as much the minute I saw you.”

“Oh God.” The flicking continued, now interrupted with pinching.

“You like that, Bitch? You like that?”

“Oh fuck.”

“You want to fuck me?” An especially brutal pinch.

“Fuck me.”

She stopped and stepped back. She lightly caressed my chest as I panted and heaved as though I’d run a marathon.

“I don’t feel any lumps,” she said, and then flicked my nipples once again. I hissed as precum oozed from my dick.

“I need you to lie down on the exam table,” she said as she reached once again for the rubber gloves. I lay back, trying to still my racing heart as she put the gloves on.

“Put your feet in the stirrups.” I had stopped panting as though I were going to pass out, but I was still flushed and almost fully engorged, my cock a straining tribute to her power over me. She moved forward and, taking me by surprise, quickly pulled out some straps built in somewhere to the side of the exam table and strapped my arms down.

As I looked down, astonished, she pulled out two further straps and strapped by legs to the stirrups. “What are you doing?”, I demanded.

“Didn’t I say I didn’t like to be questioned?” She stepped forward and pulled a small tube of lubricant from a tray at the foot of the exam table.

“I think, judging by your response to the breast exam, that it’s prudent to strap you down for this part of the examination.”

She spread lube upon the first three fingers of her right glove and rubbed it in. “Don’t you?”, she queried.

“Hmm?” she said as she tweaked my nipple with her other hand.

I grunted and she slowly pressed her index finger into my asshole. I groaned and she smiled a slight smile as she began to saw her finger back and forth, in and out of my anal ring. Precum dribbled down the sides of my cock, beginning to pool in my pubic hair. She added another finger and pushed in, finding my prostate and rubbing the surface. My head wig wagged back and forth, lost in a state of lust. She added the third finger and thrust inwards and outwards, harder and harder. My cock strained, throbbing and I was hyperventilating as she studied me, inscrutable but for her slight smile.

Abruptly she stopped, pulling her fingers out, taking off the gloves and throwing them into the trash.

“Everything appears…normal. Normal, for such as you.” She turned and before I knew it, exited through the door, leaving me panting and heaving, my cock still thrust skywards, and the pool of precum in my pubic hair, now dribbling down between the crack of my ass cheeks.

I lay there, coming down from the sexual high she induced, breathing returning somewhat to normal, when the door opened and she entered once again, closing it behind her.

She stood between my legs and reached behind her as she began to speak. “When I asked if you wanted to fuck me…You said, “Fuck me.”.

I heard a zipper unzip and the pencil skirt at her waist loosened. She shimmied the cloth about her hips as I watched, entranced. Something was pressing against the fabric as she slid it down her oh so perfect hips. The skirt fell to the floor revealing, between the flaps of her blouse, a large black strap-on dildo, realistic with cock head thrusting forward and balls at the base where it was strapped to her waist over white lace panties. She smiled, a full smile this time, as she took the dildo in her hand and pointed it at me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it as she jacked it slowly. “You said…fuck me. And I… need a sperm sample.” She grabbed the lube again and coated her dildo, smearing it back and forth, back and forth, until it glistened in the sterile bright light.

She threw the lube aside and grabbed my legs, pulling my ass down the table towards her. She hunched forward, forcing my cheeks apart as she pushed and pushed until the cock head of the dildo speared my ass and she plunged in, the length of her strap-on filling me until I felt the balls at the base banging against my ass cheeks. I grunted with the pain but before I could get used to the feeling of the fullness inside me, she slid back and banged forward once again, down to the base. Sawing in and out, she was relentless. Her hands reached up and once again resumed their assault on my nipples. As I panted with lust, the pain subsided and the pulsing power of her assault overtook me. She sawed and sawed and as I grunted and squealed with each deepening thrust, my cock exploded and shot stream after stream of white cum into the air. She didn’t stop until my cock, dribbling cum, subsided, emptied of its tribute. Only when I was totally spent did she relent and slowly pull the dildo from my ass. She stood over me triumphant, resplendent in her dominance. Arcs of cum lay all over me where they had fallen after jetting from my cock.

She paused and then said, quite clinically, “I wasn’t prepared for my prostate stimulation to cause your emission of seminal fluid so quickly. I hadn’t prepared a specimen bottle and I’m afraid we’ll have to reschedule your appointment to obtain a sample.”

“Do you understand?”

I gulped to recover my breath to respond but gave up and simply nodded.

“Since you don’t have a primary care physician, you can ask the receptionist to schedule you with the next available doctor. Or…if you’d prefer, I can act as your primary care physician from here on out. Will that work for you?”

She didn’t smile; she didn’t betray a thing as she stood before me with the strap-on that had taken me, jutting between her legs. She simply waited for the response she knew I would give.

“Yes. Yes, I think I’d like that.”

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