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Yardwork Ch. 4

Category: Incest
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I remember making a toast to The Firetop Community and I remember sitting back rather suddenly then hearing voices in the distance. The next thing I knew, I was in my bed and the sun was coming in through the windows. My arms and legs felt very heavy so I was flexing my hands and feet to get the circulation back into them.

“I think he is waking up.”

Hearing a voice startled me; even though it had been a couple days since it had been quiet around here. I opened my eyes and couldn’t see a thing. “Who is there?”

“This is Heidi, lay still, you have a blindfold on your eyes, everything is fine.” A warm hand patted me on the arm. “Someone is going to get Momma.”

I realized then that I was naked and the reason I couldn’t move was that I was trussed up like last years Thanksgiving turkey. I hazily remembered some enjoyable moments the night before but my memory was really fuzzy. I also could tell that I had a morning woody and the need to relieve myself was getting greater by the second. “I really need to go to the bathroom, but I seem to be having a little trouble moving right now.” I could hear soft laughter all around me. I knew Heidi wasn’t the only one watching me.

“Does he always wake up with his cock hard and ready?”

“Well, we don’t know about always, but Myra said he did yesterday.”

“Hey, I can’t see right now, but my ears still work! What the H going on?”

“Hmm, he is getting a little snappy, isn’t he? He looks so adorable lying there like this though. Couldn’t we just have a little taste before the rest of the committee gets here?”

“No, Brenda you can’t and the committee is here.” I recognized that voice, Myra. I guessed that Stephanie, Rachelle and Beth were probably with her and maybe Lisa and Carrie. Heck, maybe… what were those other women’s names? “Morning Myra, would you please tell me why you have me strapped down and blindfolded on my bed?”

“Bill, it is good to hear you so lucent this morning. We were all worried. Well, we were worried after a while, anyway. But I can tell you don’t remember much, so maybe you would like to hear about it.”

“Yes, I would like to hear about it, but I also want to go to the head and get a cup or two of coffee in me. In fact, I think a shower might even be in order. I am feeling rather umm, sticky.” I could hear all the laughter around me.

“I am sure we can handle that and probably more. Let him loose and massage some blood back into his hands and feet for him.”

I felt four sets of hands loosening each of my extremities. I felt additional soft but strong hands on my ankles, calves, forearms, hands and shoulders rubbing and massaging. I also felt a hand on my balls and another on my cock. “I don’t think he needs any more blood down there, Beth. He says he has to use the bathroom and I am sure he doesn’t want to stand on his head to do it.”

I carefully swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat up. I was quite surprised that I didn’t have the hangover from hell. My head didn’t hurt a bit. I reached up and removed my blindfold and saw a sight that most men would die for. There were the women in my room that I thought there would be, well most of them, and quite a few new ones. All of them were dressed or under dressed for the summer weather. The new ones were just as beautiful as the ones I had already met and I wondered how a neighborhood could be so blessed. I gave everyone a smile and rose up off the bed. Being naked and with a morning hard on with over a dozen women staring at you will give you just about two options. You either wilt under the gaze or the ole one-eyed trouser snake will stand up and gaze right back at them. Well, this morning I wasn’t wilting. I saw quite a few tongues slip out and run across lips and that just made me harder. “It is going to take some major work to be able to pee today if you ladies don’t quit leering at me.” I then headed for the bathroom. I knew I was being watched but I figured a shower would give me some relief. Ha, I should have known better.

I heard the water running and a nice billow of steam was already building up. I also saw my redheaded goddess was naked and waiting in the shower for me, Stephanie. As I stepped into the shower I was hugged by a soaped up set of perfect breasts and her hands were rubbing soap into my ass. I was very happy to see that Stephanie seemed to forgive the ‘hair brushing’ incident. Before I was used to the heat of the water I felt another great pair of breasts poking into my back and turned to see Lisa. I felt Lisa starting to massage shampoo into my hair and Stephanie had started washing my legs. They were definitely working well together and they each finished their designated end at the same time, meeting at my still throbbing cock. Lisa removed the shower nozzle and rinsed the shampoo and soap off me and Stephanie kept rubbing my cock and balls.

Since she was already there, she seemed to volunteer to take ‘Willy’ down a notch or two. Her tongue started swirling around the head of my cock and Lisa moved down by her and worked her tongue up and down the side. They shifted a little in the shower (it wasn’t built for this many people) and licked up and down the sides of my cock. Stephanie then grabbed the base of my cock and ran her lips over the head and proceeded to take me in her mouth as Lisa massaged my balls. After a few minutes of her oral ministrations she removed her mouth and pointed my cock at Lisa. Lisa didn’t waste any time she just swallowed me whole. I am sure my intake of breath made the trees sway for a minute. She had the same magic throat I had witnessed from every one of these beautiful women. Stephanie rose to kiss me and she jumped as Lisa slid a finger straight up her pussy. I could feel her adjusting her legs to give Lisa room to work. I found a stiff nipple to toy with and as I pinched and twisted it an orgasm swept through her. Our tongues were dueling with each other while Lisa kept working on swallowing my cock and stroking Stephanie’s pussy. I couldn’t understand why I had not shot my load yet, but I wasn’t going to complain. The sensations Lisa was lavishing on me were tremendous.

Lisa stood and turned her back to me, reached a hand between her legs and grabbed my cock. She ran it up and down her furrow a few times and then settled it at her opening. She started backing up slowly, inching it in and out. Well, that felt great but I figured on getting this over with before we ran out of hot water. I reached around her waist and pulled her back toward me as I pushed my cock into her from behind. I went balls deep immediately and it was Lisa’s turn for a gasp. Stephanie went back on her knees in front of her friend and began licking and sucking her clit as I thrust from behind. Lisa was already cumming and her pussy was clamping down like a vise. I wasn’t going to last much longer and started to thrust hard. I grabbed hold of both Lisa’s breasts pulling and stretching her hard nipples in time to my strokes. I could feel Stephanie rolling and squeezing my nuts. I thrust one more time as deep as I could and let go. Our moans were echoing in the confines of the shower and you couldn’t tell if our moans were ecstasy or not. My cock was shooting shot after shot into Lisa and my thrusts were forcing it back out of her. Stephanie was licking and sucking at both of us to get all that she could from us. I finally fell back against the tile popping out of Lisa. This gave Stephanie room to thrust her tongue directly into Lisa’s wide-open pussy and scoop out our combined juices. Her nose was continuously rubbing against Lisa’s clit giving her more jolts to prolong her orgasm. Lisa finally pushed Stephanie’s mouth away from her and slumped down into the tub on her knees. Losing my erection allowed my bladder to work and I started to relieve myself. The release of pressure was so intense my head fell back on the wall and I shut my eyes to enjoy the sensation. I didn’t realize that my stream was hitting Lisa on the ass, I just knew I was finally getting to take a leak.

“Oh, my god, Stephie stop, I can’t take anymore.” I had gotten Stephanie’s hot sucking mouth away from my pussy and my breathing was just getting back under control when I felt a hot stream hitting directly on my rose bud and running down over my lower lips. My god, I have never felt more wicked in my life and I was cumming again. I thrust two fingers hard in my pussy and my head fell into Stephanie’s lap as Bill finally got to empty his bladder. I am not even sure he knew he was pissing on me. He was just too relieved to finally have his bladder emptying.

“Oh Lisa, he is pissing on your ass. Oh god, that looks so hot, do you like it, what does it feel like, Oh, I am cumming just watching you.”

I felt completely drained and laid against the wall a minute to get my wits about me. When I opened my eyes, Stephanie and Lisa were finished soaping each other and were rinsing off. I looked at them both, “I am sorry. I… couldn’t stop. I really had to go.” They both laughed and Lisa said, “When you started pissing on my asshole it made me cum again and Stephanie came just from watching you. It was so hot. Neither one of us had ever done that before.”

“I hadn’t either and I didn’t mean to this time”

“Don’t worry about it. We aren’t sorry it happened, maybe we will try it again some other time. You can piss on me while Lisa watches next time or maybe piss on us both.”

“OK,” I smiled, “great! Will you hand me the soap please? And no, I think I will wash myself this time.” Stephanie smiled, but did hand me the soap and I washed off my shrunken cock and balls and the rest. The women jumped out and starting drying. When I got into the spray it was becoming noticeably colder. I hurriedly rinsed off and jumped out myself. I grabbed a towel and dried off. I smelled the coffee almost immediately after my head came from under the towel as Carrie handed me my cup. “Thank you Carrie, I need this.” I blew on it a little to cool it and took a big gulp savoring the warmth and caffeine. “Would you hold this for me, please.” I held the mug out to her. She nodded her head and took the mug and I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked to the sink to brush my teeth. I felt almost human again and was ready to hear the story that Myra had to share with me. When I had finished in the bathroom, I went out to dress. It was still hot, so I didn’t get anything other than shorts and a T-shirt again. But I did add some underwear. I didn’t think it would slow any of these wild women down any, but I felt more protected. I finished dressing and Carrie had my mug and held it out for me. “Thank you, I didn’t expect you to hold it for me all this time.”

“It isn’t any trouble at all. Anything I can do for you just ask.”

Hmm, something is going on, and I bet I find out before much longer. She had the same look on her face the twins had… when was that yesterday, a week ago, heck I couldn’t even think what day it was.

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