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Xenia’s Family

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Moral: “You don’t always have to look far from home; sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of you.”

(This is the final chapter of Phillips’s adventure; Chapter 1 is “Valley of Mom” and chapter 2 is “Tab to Pay”)

“Oh god, big brother I want you to get that fucking cock into my ass now, please,” Beth was urging her brother, Phillip onward.

She was ecstatic that he had kept his word and come over to her place after work. They had fucked in the back room of the bar where he worked to pay off Beth’s tab earlier that evening. Phillip couldn’t believe his good luck as he was having sex with his sister for the second time in eight hours.

He was licking and kissing all over her ass cheeks as he drilled a finger in and out of her tight little back door. He couldn’t believe how great her ass tasted and especially smelled. He pushed his finger deeper and asked, “You damn sexy bitch your ass is so damn sexy. Are you sure you want my cock up there?”

“Damn it, mother fucker, get that damn thing inside of me, right now.” Beth felt Phillip’s cock head at her anal opening and pushed against it, inviting it in. Just then, Phillip gave it a shove and the head popped in. Oh yes, Beth loved being butt fucked. She loved the feel of a giant invader in her bowels and the power she had to make the guy cum at will. No guy had ever stuck his cock up her ass without cumming. And, it was such a tight fit she could always feel her anal walls being splattered with cock juices. Phillip was no different than any other guy, before long he sounded as if he were going to pass out. He gasped hard and then Beth felt his release deep in her rectum. This sent a powerful orgasm throughout Beth’s body as Phillip slipped out of her and lay back on her bed.

To Phillip’s surprise Beth immediately sat up. The next thing he knows Beth has planted her ass in his face. In a very sexy but demanding tone Beth says, “Big brother you made a mess down there so you need to lick it up.”

Phillip was glad to oblige Beth. He quickly lapped up the area around the hole and then darted his tongue in and out of it. Just when he had enough of her glorious asshole she leaned down into the 69 position and sucked his entire cock into her mouth. This, of course, put her sweet little cunt at his mouth. To say her cunt was wet would be an understatement. It was the most juices he had ever seen flow out of a pussy in his entire life and he dove right in.

They were sending electric shocks up each other’s bodies as they lick and sucked each other until Phillip let loose another blast into Beth’s throat. Beth herself came at least twice as her brother nibbled at her. It was now getting close to morning and Beth needed to at least get a nap before work. So, they kissed goodbye promising each other that they would get together frequently.

Over the next week Phillip talked with both Beth and his mother, Xenia, frequently. Xenia was a bit depressed after moving into her apartment. She liked her house so much better. But Xenia’s bigger problem was that, except for fucking Phillip a couple of weeks earlier, she wasn’t getting any sexual activity. Phillip told Beth that their mom seemed lonely. They both agreed that they needed to visit her more often.

They even discussed trying to fix her up with someone. They came to no decision on this but did agree to work out a schedule so that Xenia would not be alone for more than a couple of days. Beth suggested that Phillip come over before work on Saturday for a fuck and they could make a schedule of sorts then.

It sounded like a winner to Phillip; especially the part about the fuck. He did have one concern. Saturday was still three days away. He figured that he should visit his mother sooner than that. Phillip decided to visit his mom at 1:00 on Friday afternoon as he would have plenty of time to make love to her before he had to be at work. He had his own key so decided to surprise her and let himself in. And, if she wasn’t there he would grab a soda and leave her a note. When Friday rolled around he grabbed himself a quick lunch and got ready for work and headed over to his mom’s place.

He didn’t hear anything from outside the door. So, he pulled the key from his pocket and walked in. He was disappointed as all of the lights were out. Glumly he walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a soda pop. He took one big gulp and thought for a second. He wasn’t going to leave without cumming!

He decided to go to her room and lie on her bed and jack off remembering their rendezvous when he helped her move in. As he walked down the hall he thought he heard a noise in his mother’s room. It wasn’t much of a noise. It was like sheets moving and heavy breathing, like someone was asleep.

He thought that if mom was taking a nap she would want him to wake her so they could visit and do whatever. When he got to the doorway his eyes popped right out of his head as he saw his mom and Beth butt naked. Mom was lying on her back and Beth was suckling on her left tit. Shocked but deciding to live dangerously he quickly stripped off all of his clothes quietly and climb into bed with them. He succeeded without the ladies noticing. He climbed in bed right next to his mom and took her right tit into his mouth.

Xenia was startled by this second mouth and quickly looked to see who had joined her and Beth. She was relieved when she saw the top of Phillip’s head. Just as Xenia relaxed again Phillip placed a hand on Beth’s ass and began caressing it. She, too, quickly looked over and seeing it was her brother didn’t miss a beat and continued to suck on her mother’s boob. Xenia placed a hand on each of her kid’s heads and purred, “Oh god, it is wonderful to have my kids nursing on mommy’s boobies again.”

Both Beth and Phillip sucked with a renewed urgency. Xenia thought this must be what sexual heaven is like. Still exploring Phillip ran his hand across his mother’s pussy and found it to be sopping wet. He figured he would check out his sister and see who was wetter. As he reached over toward her sweet hole his hand hit something hard. He examined it carefully and discovered it was a ten inch dildo that Beth had strapped on. He thought this might be even more fun than he had believed it would be when he walked into the room as it appeared the ladies might be up for anything!

He was right. Just then Beth gave his cock a furious yank causing him to bite down hard on his mom’s booby. Xenia reacted by hugging him tighter to her massive orb. But, Phillip was hungry and wasn’t going to let baby sister beat him to his mother’s cunt especially with the aroma of Xenia’s and Beth’s juices now flooding the room. He quickly kissed down his parent’s stomach pausing only briefly to stick his tongue in her belly button.

Xenia’s thighs opened like the petals of a flower welcoming her son back to her womb. Phillip quickly dove in and Beth became a bit jealous when she heard the slurping noises coming from her mom’s cunt. She, too, kissed quickly down her mom’s belly.

Xenia knew just what to do to make both kids happy. She rolled over to her side raising her upper knee facing where Phillip had been allowing him to continue eating her twat. This also put her big ass in Beth’s face. Not missing a beat both kids were kissing and licking the side given to them by their generous mother. The sensations were incredible for Xenia as she got double attention.

The only problem for Xenia was she didn’t know who to grind against so she ended up moving all over the place as she felt tongues and mouths driving her absolutely crazy on both sides of her body. She laid there and couldn’t take it anymore she had to have them inside of her, sooner rather than later. She pushed Beth onto her back and quickly rolled on top of her planting a hard kiss on her daughter’s lips demanding, “Beth, fuck your mommy now. Phillip gets over and put that cock of yours in my damn asshole!”

Beth fumbled momentarily with her fake cock as she aimed it for her mother’s pussy. When she found the opening her mother quickly swallowed the entire ten inches into her snatch. Phillip’s hard on was raging as he saw the dildo go effortlessly into his mom’s cunt.

He came up behind his mom’s sexy ass and pulled the cheeks apart and remembering that she had said she didn’t need lube put the crown of his prick to her anus. As Beth pulled out Phillip pushed his cock right into his mom’s bowels. It didn’t take long for the threesome to get a rhythm going. Xenia had never been double penetrated before but was loving it. As one cock was moving out the other was moving in. Her bottom was always full. Phillip held onto his mother’s ass for balance as he thrust in and out. For her part Beth couldn’t believe how close she was to cumming as she fondled her mom’s huge melons screaming out, “Mom, You feel so fucking great on top of me, oh damn I’m cumming.”

“Oh Christ don’t’ stop now kids. I’ve never felt anything like this in my life, oh God!” Xenia blurted in response to her daughter as she felt wave after wave of ecstasy sweep over her.

“Oh shit, Mom you have a fucking tight asshole. Damn it, I want to cum in every possible part of both of your bodies.” As Phillip said this the first load of spunk shot into his mother’s rear end. Both ladies came just after Phillip had made his deposit inside of his mom.

After they fell apart they tenderly kissed and caressed until it was time for round two. Xenia had heard it was every guy’s dream to be fucked by one girl while eating another’s pussy. So, being the caring mother that she was she decided to make her son happy. She suggested that Beth climb on her brother’s prick and fuck the holy hell out of him. Once Beth had saddled up Xenia grabbed the cordless phone and straddled Phillip’s face. She lowered her cunt to a few inches from her son’s face.

“Hello, Rick, this is Xenia, Phillip’s mom, and he asked me to call for him as he is under the weather and can’t make it in tonight. Hopefully, he will be doing better tomorrow.” Pressing the off button on the phone she pressed her cunt into Phillip’s face. Phillip couldn’t believe what his Mom had just done but decided what the fuck and began eating her cunt in Ernest. This went on for quite sometime.

Neither woman wanted to be the first to cum. They used every trick they knew to stay hot but not quite finish off. About every five minutes they traded places. Phillip couldn’t believe what was happening as his face was soaked with cum and his cock was being rubbed raw. Finally neither lady could take it any longer and they both had thunderous orgasms. Except for some cat naps they kept it up until four in the morning.

When they fell asleep for the night Beth and Phillip each had one of their mother’s tits in their mouth and held hands on her furry bush. For her part, Xenia wrapped her arms around both of them and had the best night of sleep she had in months.

As the weeks went on they continued to see each other, sometimes just two of them would make connections but just as often all three of them would be there. It gave them a chance to try things they would never have with someone they were dating. But, even better was the “no strings” relationship they enjoyed. It was simple; whenever they agreed they would shed the clothes and have sex until they collapsed. Beth and Phillip never had to fix their mom up with anyone as she began dating Phillip’s boss, Rick. Beth, Phillip, and Xenia still each have their own places and like it that way.

That way they can maintain their active love both inside and outside of the family. Xenia has found out about Rick’s video taping of Phillip and Beth and made him promise not to show it to anyone or she won’t fuck him anymore. Last week she stayed over at Rick’s and found the tape and switched it out while Rick was sleeping. Tonight she plans to show it to her kids and see what reaction they have. She knows they will be shocked but also knows she will still get to have sex with them when the show is over.

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