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Wrong Side of the Bridge Ch. 03

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I didn’t want to fall for Damien too hard. But I couldn’t help it. I’d been nursing a crush on his delicious body for weeks. Then he saved me and cared for me and now I was well on the way to being in love. And after that kiss by the river… I felt like I was glowing, like I was happier than I had ever been.

We’d never used the word, but I felt like he was my boyfriend. This is what it felt like to have a boyfriend.

And when tough unromantic Damien took my hand, holding it as we walked back along the river path, I couldn’t keep myself from grinning like an idiot.

Damien and I lounged around and watched tv at his house. He got a beer and a packet of chips and offered me a Coke but I just had a water instead — I was already feeling wired enough from his company, I didn’t need caffeine too.

When he sat down at one side of the couch, leaning on a pile of his battered but comfy cushions, I’d hesitated. I wanted to sit beside him, maybe snuggle up. But he looked fierce there and I was suddenly nervous.

“Come here,” Damien said, noticing me hovering in the doorway. He put his beer aside and piled some cushions on the floor. He spread his legs so I could settle myself on the cushions with my back against the sofa and Damien’s legs on either side.

He started rubbing my shoulders and I groaned and leaned back into his touch — his hands were firm and I could feel my nervous tension leaving. Though whenever I thought of what we’d done here — how just last night he’d sucked my dick until I came into his mouth, right here on this sofa — it made me flush with arousal and my whole body became tense again.

Damien started slipping his hands inside the collar of my shirt, letting his fingers stroke against the bare skin of my neck and collar bone. I remembered last time I’d been in this position, feeling Damien stroking me from behind, and the memory made me shiver. He was so fucking hot, and I promised myself that tonight I wouldn’t run away like I had that night in the rain.

“Why do you always wear these stupid loose tops?” Damien’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

I didn’t reply and just leaned my head back to enjoy his hands.

“Elijah,” He growled.

I sighed and said, “I get teased a lot about being skinny. I thought I could, you know, hide it…”

Damien’s hands froze and I wondered if I’d said something wrong. When he pulled his hands out of my shirt and got up off the sofa I knew it.

Damien walked around me and out of the room. I heard his footsteps on the stairs out of his apartment and just sat there, stunned. What was going on? What had I said that was so wrong?

After a while, when I was starting to hyperventilate and think about going home, I heard the door unlock and Damien climbing back up the stairs.

He walked into the living room with a cardboard box and a grin. “Got a storage locker downstairs,” He told me.

I looked in confusion at the box he dropped on the floor, which was taped up at the top and had writing scrawled and crossed out all over it.

“Some of my old clothes,” He told me as he started ripping at the tape on the top of the box. “They should fit you — I bulked up a lot after high school, I used to wear tees and stuff like you like — some old band tees and stuff I’d hate to throw away and you’ll look fucking hot in.”

I was just sitting staring at him in confusion. Damien looked at me and grinned. “Elijah. You’re too fucking sexy and you should show it off. If you’re going to be my piece of ass I want everyone to know that it’s a hot piece of ass.”

His words were affectionate enough to make up for their crudeness. I glowed.

Damien pushed the box aside and crawled toward me on all fours. He leaned his forehead against mine and looked into my eyes. “Seriously Elijah. Take that useless oversize piece of shit shirt off so I can see you.”

I moved my trembling hands to the hem of my shirt but I obviously wasn’t taking it off fast enough for Damien, who growled and grabbed it by the collar and started pulling the shirt off over my head. It was a violent move but the desire in his eyes was countered by the gentle way he pulled my head to his and kissed me. His lips were soft and the kiss tentative and so caring I felt my heart aching.

“Come to my bedroom,” Damien whispered as he rested his forehead against mine.

I nodded quickly and we went to the other room. Damien took his shirt off and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in for a tight hug so our bare chests smacked together, skin on skin. He bit and sucked at my neck and his hands gripped my lower back and pulled at my skin, massaging me like he’d been massaging my shoulders earlier.

“You’re so fucking hot Elijah,” Damien growled.

He dropped one arm so it was hooked under my butt and, before I could do more than cry out in surprise, he was picking me up and bodily carrying me to his bed. He climbed on after me, his body taking up most of the narrow space so he had to press against me.

He was right there next to me, his warm body with its intoxicating smell of manly sweat and engine oil. His tattoos flexed as he moved and the light would catch on his nipple piercing and make it shine. I could just melt into a puddle of desire.

I reached out a hand to touch his chest, nervously, still not confident of touching this sexy skinhead. He grinned and grabbed both my hands, shifted his weight so he was on his knees resting either side of me with both my hands caught in his. The pose reminded me forcibly of my near rape and for a moment I froze with fright, but then Damien was rubbing my palms over his tattooed skin and I forgot everything except the warmth of his body.

He let go of my hands and for a moment I hesitated. But then I accepted his permission. I ran my hands across his chest, loving the firmness of his pecs and letting my fingertips play across his nipple piercing until he was groaning out loud. I stroked the outlines of his tattoos, as far as I could reach until my hands were disappearing around his sides.

I loved his hard chest, the gentle roundness of his belly. I knew I was staring at him with adoration, my breath coming in pants, but Damien seemed to be enjoying it.

I could feel the tension in Damien’s body, see that he wanted to be taking charge. But he wanted me to be comfortable with his body so he was letting me take my time, get to know him and enjoy him.

Finally Damien dropped down onto his elbow and lowered himself so he was lying on his side on the bed facing me, propped on his elbow. Now it was his chance to explore me, to run his hand wonderingly across my chest.

He rubbed his palm and then his fingers across one of my nipples. Little tingling waves shot out from his touch. He pinched me hard enough that I cried out and my back arched, but not enough to be true pain — it felt like a warmth was spreading through my body, like happiness was radiating out from his touch and the aggression of the pinch only made the sensation more intense.

Damien lowered his head so he could take my nipple between his teeth and chew gently on it, dragging more groans from my open mouth. He pinched the other between his fingers and toyed at my peaked skin until I was crying out and my whole body was writhing. And then he kept going, stroking and sucking at my skin until it felt like I was going to burst of the pleasure of it, like there were hot sparks of desire running all along my body from his touch.

I’d already cum just a couple hours ago but my dick was so hard now, throbbing and leaking into my underwear. Damien had me so worked up I was afraid that even brushing his hand over my dick would be enough to break me.

He had me so turned on I was whimpering and begging, my hands clutching aimlessly at his arms and chest. “Please,” I whimpered. “Please, Damien…”

His hand stroked down across my flat belly to the waistband of jeans. I whimpered and bucked my hips toward his hand.

He was sucking and licking my nipple but now he shifted his head so he could trail kisses up to my jaw, his teeth gently scraping against the skin of my chest and neck. His mouth found my earlobe and he suckled the sensitive skin there, licking my neck and nibbling at my lobe. I had soft silicone tunnels in so Damien could put his teeth on either side of my lobe and bend the tunnel between them.

His mouth felt so good on me, I was shivering from every touch and it was like there was a breeze rippling across my skin and making all the small hairs on my neck stand up. It felt like every nerve on my body was centred on his touch and I was whimpering and writhing beneath him, twisting my head away so he could get more access to my ear.

He had a hand on my belly and it was stroking lower and lower, teasing its way down to the waistband of my jeans.

“Fuck you’re hot,” He growled. “I get off on those little noises you make.”

He bit into my neck and I moaned. His fingers fumbled with my belt buckle and I actually gasped out his name in delight. I couldn’t get enough of his hands and mouth on me, I always needed more… My dick was throbbing and straining against my jeans and I was aching with the need for Damien to touch it.

Damien unzipped my fly with one hand and I quickly wriggled out from beneath him so I could pull off my jeans and boxers. I heard Damien doing the same, and I actually gasped when I looked up at his naked body sprawled on the bed beside me. His tattoos looked so great, rippling across his chest and belly. Even with all the bruises and little patches of scabs, he looked amazing.

But my eyes kept getting drawn back to his dick. That heavy club of flesh, hard and thick and jutting out of his hips. The foreskin was tight and pulled back to show a little circle of dark skin at the head. I could see pre-cum dribbling down onto the bed. He was so aroused. I imagined what that dick would feel like inside me. The thought nearly made me faint.

And the best part was, he was looking at me with as much awe as I was feeling for him.

“I’m gonna make you cum so fucking hard,” He whispered as he gazed down at my rock-hard dick. I blushed. I didn’t need to say anything because Damien reached out and grabbed my head with both his hands. He pulled me into a kiss hard enough that our teeth were pushing against our lips and it was hard to get a breath. His lip ring slid around between us and, although I knew the irritation wouldn’t help the healing process, I was still so turned on by it.

Damien kept a hand in the short hair at the back of my neck. He dropped the other hand to my side and stroked my skin, let his mouth leave mine and trail along my neck. He’d bite sharply then suck at the sensitive skin he’d bitten. My eyes fluttered shut and my head tilted back as I groaned and gave myself over to his expert touch.

I longed for Damien to touch my dick, but instead he ran his fingers over my hip and along around my body to my butt. When his calloused fingers slid between my cheeks I whimpered and froze, my eyes flying open.

Damien stopped moving, his hand lying still on my skin as he seemed to pause to listen to my breathing. My mind was swirling — I thought I knew where this was leading, was I ready?

But I felt only a little fear. Thinking back to how I’d felt when Pete had touched me, when he had tried to force me to have sex with him, I remembered my horror and revulsion. But here with Damien I was feeling aroused and content, wrapped up in warm feelings. I wanted this, I realised. I really, really wanted this.

I closed my eyes again and nuzzled into Damien’s collar bone, clutching at his warm body and hoping he’d know that he had my permission without me having to tell him. He seemed to get the message, he kissed me lightly on the head then wiggled his big body down so his dick was rubbing up against mine.

I gasped at the feel of his hot column of flesh rubbing against mine. Damien bucked his hips gently so his dick slid along mine and I nearly fainted from the sexiness of it. I was rubbing by dick against another guy’s! I could barely breathe and my heart was pounding so fast I was feeling dizzy.

His fingers slid into my butt crack again and this time I wasn’t scared. His lips were on me, his dick was rubbing against mine… I felt limp, like I was a rag doll completely at Damien’s disposal. When his slowly-stroking fingers found my hole, my head shot back in the shock of warm feelings. I moaned and felt Damien grinning against my neck.

He toyed with my hole, his finger circling then teasing its way in slightly. I could feel my dick throbbing, jerking up and down against Damien’s. He was driving me crazy, my mind swirled as all I could think about was his fingers and the sensations they were giving me.

Suddenly he pulled away, rolling onto his back. I felt cold and abruptly lonely and I snapped my eyes open in fear.

But Damien was just reaching into a box on his bedside table, pulling out a small bottle of lube and — my heart seemed to skip a beat — a condom. He left the condom on the bedside and I stared at it, trying to focus my thoughts, until I felt Damien’s hand back at my butt, this time sticky and wet from the lube.

He shifted position so he was again on his side facing me, his dick rubbing up against mine. He had one hand under his body and he grabbed our dicks in it, his fingers closing around both columns of flesh and starting to slowly jerk up and down. It was intense. I could feel every inch of his hot skin against me.

Damien’s slippery fingers teased my hole. I moaned and tilted my hips back, trying to get Damien to push in deeper. He laughed and his warm breath tickled across my cheek, making shivers run down my spine.

“You want me, don’t you?” He whispered against my throat. “You can’t wait to feel me inside you.”

I whimpered and jerked my head in a nod. Damien pushed a finger in just enough to make my sphincter muscles spasm. His hand on my dick moved faster and it felt like all the blood in my body had been drained down to my dick and my ass, like there was no life in any other part of me.

“You fucking love it,” He growled and I whimpered and nodded.

He slid his finger in deeper. It was a good kind of uncomfortable — I’d put my own finger inside myself when I masturbated, but obviously my fingers weren’t as long or thick as Damien’s. He pushed in deeper and I felt a sharp sting and couldn’t help drawing in a quick breath of pain.

Damien pulled away to lube up his fingers again. He kept squeezing our dicks together, controlling the bottle of lube expertly with only one hand.

This time he slid his finger in so deep I felt the palm of his hand pressing against my cheek. His finger felt good in there, wet and smooth and so filling. I wiggled my hips experimentally and enjoyed the warmth and fullness radiating from Damien’s touch.

He moved his face back to mine and pressed his lips against me in a loose wet kiss. I savoured the feel of his lips, so soft but insistent. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and caressed it with his own and I lost track of everything but that kiss, the sweet intensity of it.

Damien bit gently down on my tongue, making me moan. He seemed to be trying to distract me because the next thing I knew, he was slipping another well-lubed finger inside me. It felt full and warm but wasn’t hurting too bad, and after some more kissing Damien pulled away to re-lubricate his hand before sliding three fingers into me.

This time it hurt. I froze and Damien stayed still.

“It’s okay,” He whispered and kissed me again, slowly and sensually. He held his hand completely still and I waited as the pain — and my panic — subsided and was replaced by just the warm pleasure again.

Damien slid his fingers further inside me, until it felt like I was stuffed full of him. Like his body on me and his dick against mine and his fingers in me had me completely wrapped up in him. I glanced down at his cock, hard and rubbing against my own, and wondered if his three fingers were big enough to prepare me for it. I blushed at the thought, but felt a tingling rush of excitement too.

My whole body seemed to be pulsing in time with the small movements of his fingers as he pushed them deeper into me. He started gently wiggling his fingers, spreading them out and stroking my insides. This felt better than it ever did when I masturbated, better than I ever thought I could feel. I moaned out Damien’s name. “Damien, it feels so good…”

Then he touched my prostate, a hard press with one of his fingers and a shot of pure pleasure which made my whole body tense up. “Holy fuck,” I cried out. “Holy fuck, Damien!”

He grinned and twisted his fingers so he could stroke over my prostate again. I cried out and felt my dick jerking. I looked down and saw that I was leaking, huge dollops of pre-cum sliding out of my dick and pooling on Damien’s dick and the bed sheets. When he rubbed his dick up against mine, it spread the pre-cum around so he was slowly coating himself in my fluid.

He started sliding his fingers up and down a little, so it always felt full but now felt like there was different amounts of pressure on my opening. He kept hitting my prostate and I kept leaking precum all over him. I could feel my orgasm building, the feelings were just too intense. His hands were so hot inside me and every time he stroked my secret place I felt a blinding rush of pleasure through me.

“You really enjoy this, don’t you?” Damien asked. There was wonder in his voice, and so much arousal that his tone came out husky.

“Yeah,” I gasped. “Don’t stop, I’m so close…”

But Damien did stop, his hand pausing while still inside me so I moaned and rubbed myself against him, trying to get back the intense pleasure of the prostate stimulation.

“I want to try it,” Damien said.

“What?” I wasn’t really aware of what he was saying, I just wanted the pleasure to continue.

“You love it so much, I want to try it too,” He said again. Now he was pulling his fingers out of me and dropping my dick into its puddle of sticky goo on the sheets.

“Damien, come back,” I whimpered, far past caring if I sounded weak for begging.

Damien got up on his knees, his dick bouncing up against his belly then hovering obscenely out in the air. He grabbed the hand which had been lying limply at my side. I stared in surprise as he started dripping lube onto it from his little bottle. It was cold, much colder than I was expecting.

“Rub your fingers together, like you’re counting cash,” He said. I mimicked the motion and felt the sticky wet gel warming up on my hand.

Damien lay down beside me again, wiggling closer so his body was pressed up against mine. We were chest-to-chest, our dicks sliding against each other’s hips. I looked down and saw his nipple piercing pressing against the dark skin of my chest and the sight made me moan.

Damien rested a foot on the bed so his leg was bent at the knee. “Give me your hand,” He instructed, and guided me behind his furry balls to his secret entrance. I gasped when I felt the hot puckered skin there.

“Damien…” I whispered, meeting his eyes. He stared back at me steadily, nothing but desire in his face. I remembered what Pete had said, how he didn’t want to feel gay by letting me touch him. And Damien was even manlier than Pete…

“I want to feel what you’re feeling,” He whispered. “You’re so turned on, I want to know what it’s like.”

He tilted his head so he was whispering in my ear and added, “And if you ever tell my friends about this, I’ll fucking kill you.” He nipped the side of my stretched lobe to show he was kidding.

And then he grabbed my hand by the knuckles and forced two of my fingers inside him.

Holy crap. My fingers were inside Damien’s ass. I started hyperventilating, staring at the point where I saw my hand disappearing behind his balls. “This…” I choked out. “This is too hot.”

Damien was screwing his face up in concentration. “It feels kind of funny.”

“Um, it gets better,” I told him, looking anxiously down at him. I slid my fingers in deeper, feeling around. I figured I’d know when I hit the right spot, because it would be obvious in Damien’s reaction.

Damien put his own freshly lubed hand back to my ass and slid his fingers in — I was still so wet, his three fingers slid in easily and I couldn’t help but moan at the glorious fullness I felt with him inside me.

I pushed my own fingers deeper into him, determined to make Damien feel as great as he was making me. It was hard, he was tight and it felt like his entrance was trying to push me out. “Just relax,” I muttered. Damien grumbled something under his breath, I didn’t hear it but it was probably expressing just how he felt about me trying to give him orders.

And then, suddenly, I felt it. I was running my fingertip along soft squishy wall inside him and I felt an area which definitely felt different. There was a different texture there. I pressed down with my fingertip and Damien gasped. His body went rigid and his dick jerked against mine.

“Holy shit. Holy shit, Elijah, do that again,” He panted. “Oh shit, I never knew…” He wiggled his fingers inside me and I felt that same lightning bolt of arousal he must be feeling right now.

I stroked my fingers inside him and he stroked his inside me, it was ecstasy. He had a hand clasped around our dicks and was squeezing slowly, it seemed nearly involuntary — Damien was giving into the pleasure just like I was, letting ourselves enjoy the intense sensations while our dicks dripped precum onto each other.

“Oh fuck Elijah,” Damien moaned. His face was contorted into such pleasure it looked like pain. “Eli, I have to have you… Please…”

“Anything,” I said. And I meant it. I wanted to give him anything and everything he wanted. Not just in this aroused moment, but forever. Whenever he wanted, I was his.

Damien groaned deeply and pulled his fingers out of me. I did the same and he clambered up onto his knees again, reaching for the condom he’d left on the bedside. I wasn’t sure what to do, if there was some position I should get into, so I stayed where I was on my side with my cock sticking out at an angle and steadily dripping precum onto the bed. Watching Damien slide a condom onto his dick was so hot, I stroked my own and enjoyed the shivers of sensation that even a light touch could give to my over-sensitive organ.

Damien poured lube onto the tip of his dick and rubbed it around the surface of the condom. It pooled and stuck on the rubbery surface and I watched in fascination. Soon, that would be inside me.

“I want to look at you while I fuck you,” Damien growled. I shivered and nodded my head jerkily.

Damien nudged me onto my back and got between my legs. He seemed nervous and a bit unsure and that made it even hotter –like maybe he wasn’t used to looking at guys during sex but he really wanted to look at me. He paused to gaze down at me at I took the chance to stare at him — he was impossibly hot, crouching over me with his tattoos blazing and his hard condom-sheathed dick pulsing in the air. His shaven head, his lip ring, his stretched ears… He was perfect. My own dick was sticking out, seeming to reach out toward him.

Damien crawled forward until he was right over me, his hands on either side of my torso. He leaned down so his lips could press against mine in a hard, deep kiss that left me breathless. I was still reeling from the kiss when he grabbed my knees and spread them, so my legs were split with his body resting between them.

He grabbed onto my achingly hard dick and tugged on it for a few moments. I moaned out in pleasure and writhed, wanting more. With the other hand, the lubed, dripping wet hand, he rimmed my butt then slowly slid a finger inside me. I was still wet and wanting, so he lined up the head of his cock and shifted his weight to his hands which were placed on either side of my chest, and slowly pushed in.

There was an intense pressure, like a heavy blunt weight pushing against me. Then he seemed to find the right angle and his dick suddenly popped in, the whole head pushing past my first ring of defence and sliding on inside my wet hole. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” Damien groaned. “You’re so tight Elijah, you’re so fucking tight… I hope this doesn’t hurt, you must be used to stretching things by now…”

I didn’t have any breath left to return the joke, every part of me was completely focused on that big dick sliding inside of me, on that intense feeling of fullness.

“Oh my god…” I groaned. This felt better than my fingers ever had. The whole world was reduced down to this one sensation, the satisfaction of that dick sliding into me. I forced my eyes open so I could look down at it — my own dick weeping precum, my balls pulled up tight, and behind the glorious sight of Damien’s thick sheathed dick disappearing into me. “Oh, my god…”

Damien pushed in a little deeper — it slid less easily now, he was thicker than three fingers and even with all the lube there was some resistance. I felt sudden sharp pain and gasped, Damien stopped moving and looked up into my eyes. In that moment I felt like all pain had disappeared, like I could never hurt again — there was so much love and wonder in his eyes I was overwhelmed by it. I knew this wasn’t his first time but suddenly I believed it was as special to him as it was to me.

Damien stayed there, his body leaning over mine, his tattoos flexing on his heaving chest, staring into my eyes while he tried to keep his dick completely still in me.

I knew my feelings must be obvious in my eyes but I didn’t try to hide it. I kind of hoped Damien would see and understand how special this was to me. I smiled up at him and whispered, “I’m ready.”

“Fuck yeah,” He muttered and leaned forward so his dick would slide further in to me.

It hurt. It really did. But as Damien’s dick slid deeper and deeper into me, as his balls finally came to rest against my butt crack and his contented gasp let me know he was all the way in, I was able to focus in on the pleasure of it. I could push the pain aside and just think about his dick in me — his dick in me! — and focus on how good the pressure felt inside me. It was a lot like stretching my ears — after the initial pain there was that hyperawareness of the area, like I was just a bundle of nerve endings.

Damien was breathing heavy. He was hovering above me, dick inside me, just letting me get used to it. I met his intense blue eyes and saw the need there, he wanted this even more desperately than I did. It still hurt a bit but I wanted it real bad.

“I’m ready,” I whispered again.

Damien groaned in arousal and stared down at me, like he was frozen in place by his desire and not ready to act on it. Then finally he started moving — a slow and uncomfortable slide out and then back in again.

I was breathing deeply, trying to deal with the discomfort but mainly trying to breathe in as much Damien smell as possible. He was so close. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders so I could feel like I was surrounded by him.

And then Damien made a weird noise in his throat and he dropped himself down on top of me — not so all his weight was on me, but enough that I could definitely feel the bulk of him. It felt fantastic, I was suddenly intoxicated by his smell and heat and nearness, I could run my hands all over his body and he was kissing my neck and I was kissing the tops of his shoulders where I could feel soft little hairs.

And then he started moving. Not sliding in and out, just sort of shifting his hips so his dick wiggled inside of me. I cried out and my back arched up, pushing my chest into him. I just felt gloriously full — totally stuffed full with cock.

“You like that?” Damien rasped into my ear. I could only whimper in response. He rubbed his dick around inside me a bit more and it tapped against my prostate.

“Oh my God,” I cried out. “Oh God… Again, oh please do that again.”

I could feel him grinning against my neck as he wiggled his hips around and hit my prostate again. “Oh God, yes please,” I whimpered. My erection had gone down a bit from my nerves but now it surged back to full size, squashed between us so every movement of Damien’s body was rubbing his hairy belly against it.

I felt dizzy with the emotions, with the surge of feelings and sensations. I wasn’t going to last long. Damien hit my prostate again and again and it was all I could do to just clutch his tattooed back and whimper in pleasure. My dick was leaking all over my stomach, and the goo just made the friction even sweeter.

“Damien,” I whispered. “I’m really close.”

He grunted and started moving faster. I could hear his heavy ragged breathing against my neck and I hoped it meant he was as close as I was.

It was getting all too much. His weight against me, that musky man smell, his dick filling me up and sliding over my prostate so I was constantly jolted with pleasure. It was all just too much.

I came with a whimper, my back arching up and my chest smacking hard into sweaty Damien. “Oh god oh god oh god oh god,” I panted as the orgasm ripped through me and I felt my semen splashing over us. My ass muscles were clenching up and it made Damien feel like he was swelling and pulsing inside me.

Or maybe he actually was pulsing inside me. As I came he pulled his head back so he could look into my face, then suddenly his body went stiff and he jerked his hips a couple more times before bellowing out like a bull. He collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him, completely amazed that we’d just made each other cum.

“Holy shit,” He moaned when he got some of his breath back. “That was amazing.”

Finally his dick slid out of me, it felt like I was losing a part of me. Damien tied up the condom and tossed it into the plastic bag he was using as a bin.

“Shower?” I quizzed. I was covered in my semen and a layer of his sweat and my butt felt sticky with lube.

“Do we have to?” Damien asked innocently, pulling me against him so his big body was spooned around me.

I snickered, “Gross. You’re a caveman.”

He grunted and gently kissed my neck, right behind my stretched lobe. “How did that feel? I didn’t hurt you?”

“No, it felt great.”

“Good,” There was gloating in his voice as he pulled the blankets up over our sweaty sticky bodies. “Because I’m going to want a lot more of that.”

I went back to work. My bruises were healed enough that I didn’t get too many stares, and my nerves were back in place so I could hold a needle steady. I didn’t want to go back to my crappy flat, not after the weeks in my happy Damien bubble. And it turned out I barely had to — Damien was calling me every day on his lunch break and invited me to stay the night every single night so I never actually slept over at my flat.

On Friday he wanted me to go to a show with him, one on the other side of the bridge. I was nervous — I’d only ever been to straight-edge shows where everyone said the other scene was for druggies and racists and people who fought over nothing.

But we went. Damien got me to dress up in some of his old clothes. It was worth it just to have him undress me, taking his time running his calloused hands over my bared flesh and kissing me all over. I wanted to stay like that all night, just be alone with him, but he really wanted to go to the show.

Finally he dressed me in cut-off jeans and a band tee, both skin tight. I was barely dressed at all, the bathroom mirror showed my nipples visible through the tee and the jeans clinging to every curve of my body. Damien refused to let me wear underwear, insisting I go commando like he did. You could basically see my dick in these jeans.

“I can’t go out like this,” I moaned. “I look like a slut.”

“You look like my slut,” Damien growled. He looked just like he had the first night I’d seen him — tight bleached jeans with frayed knees stuffed into black Docs, a ratty white wifebeater and heavy jacket. He looked just as ridiculously hot as that first night, meeting his unnaturally blue eyes in the mirror made my stomach jolt.

He wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror. He started rubbing his hips up against me and I could feel his hard dick against me. My own started swelling in response and I stared in horror as the outline of my growing erection became visible in the mirror.

“We’re going to have a great night Elijah. The music always makes me horny.”

I moaned.

We caught a bus to the show. It took forty minutes and I was totally lost after the first ten — I didn’t go across the bridge often. The street we got off at was dirty but lively, there were a couple sex shops but it definitely wasn’t lined by druggies like I’d feared.

Damien casually held my hand while we walked. It shocked me at first and my body language must have reflected that — Damien looked across at me and winked, then curled his lip to show off the ‘FAG’ tattoo.

We stood on the street while he smoked a furious cigarette then he lead me into a sort of pizza place with people standing around tables drinking beer and eating pizza. It seemed a weird place to have a show but I didn’t say anything. Damien spotted his friends and they waved us over.

“Elijah, good to see you man,” Called out the guy with the red mohawk that I’d met once by Damien’s place. I grinned nervously and he slapped me on the back.

“You remember Baz, Scaz and Toss?” Damien asked me after he finished fist-pumping his friends. I told him yeah, but I was just as confused as the first time I’d met them.

We ate giant slices of greasy pizza and drank from cans. I didn’t have much to say but the guys seemed to totally accept me. It was weird. Damien had a protective arm around my neck the whole time and when I spilled some cheese on my face he leaned down to lick it off me. Right there in front of everyone. And no-one cared, no-one even made a gagging noise. It’s like they really genuinely didn’t mind that he was gay.

It was so crazy, the opposite of what I had expected from guys from the wrong side of the bridge. And, to be honest, the opposite of what I’d expect from the guys in my scene.

It turned out the show was held at a place right next door to the pizza place.

The bar was different to the venues I was used to, normally you could mill around and talk to each other outside. Here everyone was standing around inside in semi-darkness. The place seemed full with the buzz of talk and laughter.

I hung back with Damien and his friends. He bought another beer and kept his hands on me; an arm over the shoulders, a hand on the lower back, protective and territorial. I liked it.

When the band finally came on I realised the bass was really loud in this venue, so much so that I could feel the walls and the floor shaking under me.

The crowd solidified and moved toward the stage in a way I was familiar with. Damien lead me to close to the stage but off to the right, by one of the speakers but slightly behind it so the full force of its sound blast was directed away from us. He stood behind me and pulled me up to rest my back against him, his head resting on top of mine. I leaned in against him and smelled his manly smoke and grease smell.

We stayed there for the whole set, watching the crowd from our comfortable vantage point. The only time we’d move was when Damien would raise his beer to his lips.

When the second act came on Damien pulled me back to the same place by the stage and pulled me in against him. This time he started rubbing his hips gently up against me, letting me feel his dick against me. I could feel myself swelling and started getting nervous, knowing my dick was probably starting to show. I just hoped no-one looked my way.

After a couple songs, Damien grabbed my hand and pressed it against his hard dick. I gasped. I looked around. No-one was watching us, all eyes were on the stage. Still, there were people on either side and to the front, barely a foot of distance between us and the next person. If any of them, hell, if anyone; turned to look they would see what we were doing. What I was doing.

But it felt good, having Damien’s dick in my hand, even if it was through the worn denim of his jeans. I squeezed his cock and he grunted and lowered his lips to my neck so he could nip at my earlobe.

I rubbed and squeezed his dick all the way through the act, getting bolder with arousal and the fact no-one had caught us. I didn’t want to peel myself away from him when the music finished, but when we were back with his friends Damien pulled me in against him again. His chest was so warm against my back and I could feel his hard dick pushing against my butt. I wondered if my own erection was too obvious.

“You gonna dance tonight?” Bazz asked Damien.

“Nah, think I’ll sit this one out.”

He squeezed my shoulder when he said it. It was obvious that Damien was normally a lot more fun for his friends than he was tonight.

“You can dance if you want to, you know,” I said to him quietly when the next set were starting up and people were moving toward the stage to watch.

“Nah, I have better plans, much more fun things to do,” He with a wink.

I swallowed. The look in his eyes was intense with desire. He lead me by the hand back to our spot behind the speaker and I followed.

The band started up and Damien pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around my neck and chest and resting his head on my shoulder.. I moaned as his hard muscular body pushed up behind mine and I felt his dick there, still hard.

“You get me so worked up Elijah,” He whispered. “I’m so fucking hard for you. I want to take you right here. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? You want my cock in you?”

I whimpered and nodded my head jerkily. My dick was fully hard.

“You want to feel my dick deep in you,” He purred into my ear. I was shaking with desire and the room full of people seemed to be blurring as my eyes slid in and out of focus.

Damien kept an arm around my chest, supporting me and holding me captive. The other hand, the one closest to the speaker and hidden in its shadow so it probably wasn’t visible to a casual viewer, slipped down to start kneading my butt check.

I moaned and pushed back against him and Damien growled in appreciation. When he thrust his hips against me I could feel his erection sliding between my cheeks in these skintight jeans. I was so hard I was starting to ache, pressed up against the denim. I was sure my pre-cum would be forming a dark patch on my jeans.

I had my eyes half open and I could see the fight pit forming, Damien’s friends getting in there and throwing punches. It was kind of scary, they were a lot more aggressive than what I was used to from the shows back home where you always knew that if you fell someone would pick you back up.

There were people around us but no-one behind, we were close to the side wall. But everyone’s eyes were on the stage and the pit, everyone was bobbing their head or getting into the music and no-one seemed to notice as Damien reached around my front and unbuttoned my jeans, zipped the fly partway down.

I was so aroused I was having trouble breathing. I just stood there, staring at the dim crowded room as Damien carefully tugged the waistband of my jeans so they slid down at the back, completely baring my ass. I tugged at my tee shirt to try and cover myself up a bit but it was no use. With my fly unzipped like this, my pubic bush and a line of bare skin was clearly visible to anyone who might happen to look. Not to mention the outline of my dick, fully hard and dripping inside my tight jeans.

I started trembling. Damien kissed my neck and rubbed his jean-clad dick over my bare exposed ass. The friction made me groan aloud in desire. I couldn’t help it, I started jerking my hips to try and get more of his dick against me.

Damien chuckled. “You love it, don’t you? You love the feel of my big cock, you can’t get enough of it. You want me to take you right here and now.”

I moaned and shuddered, my hand moving behind me to try and grope at Damien’s belt and get it open. He laughed hard then unclipped his belt, and I heard the sounds of his jeans button popping and his zip going down. He guided my hand and I felt his meaty cock sticking out of the fly of his jeans. I groaned and nearly creamed my pants right then and there. I was clutching onto Damien’s cock, right here in public. It had been hot enough rubbing him through his jeans, but this? Just too much.

“I’m going to fuck you right here,” He whispered into my ear. “I’m going to punish that hot ass of yours with my big dick.”

I whimpered and jerked his dick a little faster. I kept my eyes looking forward, making sure no-one was looking in our direction.

Damien pulled away from me for a few moments and I felt his absence as intense cold on my back and ass. But then he was back, arm around me and hand rubbing at my ass all wet and dripping. I realised he must have brought some lube with him — he’d planned for this, and come prepared. He really had been serious when he said the music got him aroused.

He ran his lubey fingers along my crack and toyed with my rim, teasing little sighs and moans out of me. When I was so aroused I was nearly begging for it, he slid his fat finger inside me, all at once, and started wiggling it against my prostrate.

I nearly cried out at the intense pleasure, I had to bite my lip to keep the noise in. The guy in front glanced around at my face but looked away again.

“You’re so loud when you’re needy,” Damien muttered into my ear. He sucked on my earlobe, his teeth gently teasing the thin rim of skin around my silicone tunnel.

His finger kept moving inside me, scraping along my insides and drawing more and more intense shudders of pleasure. Then he started stretching me, pulling his finger out so he could dip back in at my entrance with two fingers then three, slowly stretching my opening while paying attention to my prostrate and sucking at my neck.

It got so I could barely stand, I was feeling weak at the knees and so desperate to feel his dick in me, the need was nearly overwhelming. I was moving my hips, trying to get more of his fingers deeper inside me. Damien was making soft little grunts as he nuzzled against my neck, clearly as aroused by this as I was.

“Take my cock, Elijah,” He whispered as he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock, sheathed in a condom and feeling rubbery and slimy. “Slide it inside you,” He ordered breathily. “Make me fuck you.”

I moaned and did what he said. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and I positioned his dick at my entrance, I had to angle my hips slightly because he was so much taller than me. And then his cock head was there, sitting snug against me, and I pushed my hips back so it would slide inside and I could feel his delicious warmth, the fullness of having his dick in me.

I didn’t want to wait, I was too turned on. I just kept pushing backward so more and more of his dick was inside me. He had done a good job of stretching and lubing me, there was hardly any pain. When I felt his pubic bush brushing against my butt I started shifting from side to side so his dick would rub against my prostate.

Damien clamped both his arms around me, one around my chest and the other across my belly and hips. He pulled me against him so every bit of my back was pressed into him, and he started rocking his hips back and forward to drive is dick into me.

I was panting hard, thrashing back and forward with his motion, gripping onto his arms so tightly. I was barely aware of the crowd around me, of the loud pumping music and the bass shaking the whole room. If anyone looked around, they would have seen me being furiously fucked with my own dick nearly bursting out of my jeans in arousal.

Damien kept up a relentless pace, until I was shaking and trembling and whimpering incoherently. Then he slipped his hand down the front of my jeans, right there where anyone could see, and grabbed me firmly in his calloused hand. That was all it took, I was already too aroused. Lights popped behind my eyes and I went momentarily deaf. I cried out and my body convulsed, my back arched and my butt drove harder against Damien as I came all through the inside of my jeans. I felt Damien’s body go stiff behind me as my ass contracted and milked him into his own orgasm.

He zipped me up first, then stuffed himself back into his jeans. I could hear his panting breath but I myself could barely stand. That was just too hot and intense.

Damien held me against him and kissed my neck as we came down and the band finished their set.

Damien’s friends seemed to realise something was up. I must have looked shell-shocked and shaky after the great public sex and intense orgasm, because Baz looked from me to Damien then shook his head andsaid, “Nasty bro.” Damien grinned.

Damien held me through the last set and held my hand the whole bus home. He even took his cool jacket off and draped it over my shoulders so I wouldn’t be cold. I didn’t object – it meant I could check out his hot toned arms with all the tattoos.

As the bus approached the stop near his house Damien whispered, “Stay the night with me, let’s see if I can’t make you cum again.”

I grinned.

I was pretty sure I was falling in love with Damien. I thought about him all the time, and all I wanted to do was be around him always. He seemed to want me around a lot too, and when he looked at me he seemed genuinely caring. He never said anything, and I just hoped he was feeling even half of what I was.

Damien bought us tickets to see one of the big hardcore bands. I didn’t really like them but they were one of his favourites. I was nervous about going because it was a combined gig so all my old friends would be there. I hadn’t seen any of them since my falling out with Pete. I also was really afraid that Pete would be there. I didn’t want to talk to him, and I didn’t want anyone to bully me.

I got nervous as we approached the venue. Damien was holding my hand like usual. As we reached the intersection before the venue, I tried to surreptitiously slip my hand out of Damien’s. He held on to it tighter.

I looked up at him and he had his jaw set, his dark eyebrows low and scowling over those intense eyes. He looked down at me. “You will never be ashamed of what we’ve got together,” He growled, and I nodded meekly. I drew in a deep breath. He was right. I shouldn’t be ashamed.

Baz called out to us from a group by the door and we went to join them. A whole bunch of Damien’s mates were there, smoking and passing around a bottle of Smirnoff. Damien pulled one of his smokes out and lit up, took a chug of the bottle and passed it right by me to Toss on my other side. No-one even tried to pressure me to have a drink.

Someone pulled out a hacky and we started playing, I wasn’t very co-ordinated but Damien was really good. I saw Pete and a bunch of my other friends walk past. Pete was looking right at me, frowning. I tried to ignore it.

The bands started up and we went in. Damien pulled me off to the side like last time, there was more of a crowd in this big venue so we were right up against a wall to be out of the way. I nodded along to the music, feeling safe and warm in Damien’s muscled arms. The opening band was really good, I love when we get international shows because you can expect such a high quality of music.

After the set I went off to the toilet and Damien said he was going outside to have a drink with his buddies — the venue was strictly all ages so you had to go outside to drink.

I went into the cubicle of the bathroom, like always. I’m afraid of being made fun of by other guys. I was cleaning up when I heard two guys at the urinal talking. “You see the fags?” One said. The other replied and made a joke which I didn’t hear, but I knew it was a joke because his friend laughed derisively. I felt sick. They must have been talking about me and Damien.

I waited until they left before I could leave. I was already feeling humiliated, so when I opened the door out of the men’s room and walked right into Pete, I was not in the best mood.

“Hey,” He said in surprise. Then he glared at me, as if remembering something. “What’s the deal with you and that guy Damien?”

Pete had been my friend for years, but the hurt of him lying to me and cheating on me was still fresh enough that I didn’t hesitate to snap back, “None of your business.”

He sneered. “Whatever, I don’t care. I’m just felt sorry for you being with a piece of trash like him.”

“He’s twice the man you’ll ever be,” I felt myself getting really angry, having Pete here acting like he was all cool and looking out for me. “He doesn’t pretend to be straight like you do.”

Pete went white at that. Maybe it was because there were people around and he was afraid they’d hear me. When I glanced to the side I saw a small crowd of people looking interested — Pete’s band were amongst them, they were glaring at me like I was good for nothing. What had Pete told them about me? Had it made them forget that we used to be friends?

Pete stepped forward and grabbed me by the collar, his eyes narrowing. I gaped. Holy crap, he was going to hit me?

“I only let you touch me because I felt sorry for you,” He hissed. I was aware of how much bigger than me he was, how much stronger. “You were lucky to have me.”

I tried to pull his hands off my collar but he was too strong for me. Pete’s drummer Skeeta stepped forward but he was glaring at me like he was getting ready to back Pete up.

Then suddenly Damien was there. He burst through the crowd running, shoving people out of his way. He punched Pete right in the jaw without a moment’s hesitation, then shoved him hard into the wall.

“Don’t you ever lay a hand on my boy again,” He shouted, loud enough for everyone to hear. I glanced around. People were staring. If they didn’t know us as ‘the fags’ yet, the sure would now.

“Let him go, Damien,” I said quietly. Damien glared at Pete a few seconds more and then stepped away, letting go of him so he slumped back against the wall.

I followed him outside, through the silent crowd. I remembered how I’d first met Damien, months ago. How then it had been Pete defending me from him and not the other way around.

We didn’t say anything until we heard the next band starting up and Damien went to head back in.

“I don’t know if I want to go back in,” I told him quietly.

He paused for a few moments, looking at me. Then he said, “I can fuck you right there in front of them, prove to those kids that-”

“I don’t want to prove anything to them,” I cut in. He’d made me a little hard just talking about fucking. “They’re not worth the effort.”

Damien looked down at me with his intense blue eyes, then he grinned. “You’re right, they don’t deserve to see you anyway.”

He leaned down to kiss me. “Come home with me,” He whispered. “I’ll fuck you listening to the CD. It will be even better because we won’t have to stop when the music does.”

I grinned. “I love you,” I said, without even thinking.

Damien froze for a second, looking down at me. Then he quietly said, “I love you too, Elijah.”

He took my hand and lead me away.

As we walked, I thought of how hard I’d tried to fit in with those guys. And how none of it mattered anyway, because they were just going to freak out and hate me for things I couldn’t change. But with Damien and his friends I never had to pretend.

That night as Damien spooned up behind me in his narrow single bed he whispered in my ear, “Move in with me.”

I nodded and then, not sure if he could feel the movement of my head, said it aloud — “Yes”.

He kissed me.

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