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Writing a Story for Literotica

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Karla moved the little house a few inches, “How’s that, dad?”

Ben was having a hard time concentrating on his model railroad. Karla’s shirt was billowing out and he was getting a good look at her breasts. “Try it a little to your left.”

Karla could feel her dad’s eyes looking up her shirt as she bent over. She was trying to help him place his latest building on his train layout.

She hadn’t worn a bra; and she was also trying to make sure he had a good look as she flashed her nipples.

Haley heard her dad looking for her, “I’m in my room dad.”

Greg poked his head in and saw his daughter at her laptop, “What are you doing?”

She got a huge smile on her face, “I have an idea for another story for Lit.”

Greg walked over to her, “Mind if I peek?” He leaned over next to his daughter to read what she had written. “How big is she going to be on top?” She started to type.

Karla finally had 34C’s with puffy nipples, and loved to place herself into any situation where she could show them to her dad. Her dad accidently felt them up during their horseplay tickling sessions, and her nipples would get rock hard.

Haley felt her dad’s hands on her shoulders as he read what she had written. If she didn’t know better, she would swear his breathing sounded funny. His hands reached around either side of her to the keyboard, his cheek touching hers.

“Here, see what you think of this.”

Ben got on his knees beside her, making him eye level with the train layout and giving him a closer look at his daughter. Her breasts were nice, and the more he looked at them, the more he wanted to touch. He wondered how Karla would react if he did touched her there? “Try it a little to your left.” He swallowed hard as her breast practically shoved itself in his face.

Haley could feel her dad’s reaction to her story; his breathing was definitely different. She had published several stories on Literotica, with various story lines, but this was her first daughter and dad story. “I like it…,” she thought for a minute, “…maybe this.”

Karla had dated some, and even had sex twice, but it was her dad she thought about when she had sex with her boyfriend, or touched herself. It had started as a fantasy for her, but all she had to do was think about it, and she wanted him inside of her so bad she could taste him.

“I like that; it’s developing the story and the sexual tension.” He thought about it for a few seconds, “Mind if I help?”

Haley and her dad had always been close. He was a published author, when she expressed an interest in writing; he had encouraged her to try it. She had been nervous when he had discovered her attraction to erotic fiction, but he not only encouraged her, had actually liked it so much he wrote a few stories too. “I would love to co-author a story with you.” She had never thought about them writing a story together, she liked the idea, it sounded like fun. “Maybe we should add this to that last paragraph.”

Karla had wanted her dad for a long, long time, but didn’t know how to go from teasing to pleasing. How could she make her dad see how badly she wanted him?

Greg swallowed as he had second thoughts, and wondered if this was a good idea. Writing these stories always turned him on. He usually let it build up until he practically raped his wife. She didn’t seem to mind. He didn’t say anything though, just typed.

Ben moved his hand to point where he wanted her to move the building, and accidently brushed against her breast. “Try moving it back a little.” Karla sucked in her breath as she felt her nipple react to his touch.

Haley gave him a sideways glance, “Dad, I know this is fiction, but it has to be believable.” His cheek was still pressed against hers so she felt him talk as well as heard him.

“What’s not believable?”

Haley pointed at what they had written, “I put, her dad accidently felt them up during their horseplay tickling sessions, and you put, he accidently brushed against her breast? How can you accidently do those things?”

Greg felt odd defending what he had written to his daughter, “I just figured if you talked with your hands, you could casually touch a woman there.”

Haley loved her dad but sometimes he was pretty naïve, “I don’t think you can.” She moved to erase the lines and found herself stopped by her dad’s hand on hers. “What?”

Greg felt an odd giddiness in his stomach, “We could try it, to find out?” He wasn’t sure where that had come from?

Haley suddenly felt light headed; her dad’s cheek against hers sent a shiver through her. Her mom and dad had a healthy sex life. She knew they did because normally they were very quiet, but occasionally they got carried away. She had been in her bed and had listened to them a few times. Then without even consciously realizing it, she had started to play with herself as she listened. His hand was still on hers and it tingled, “I guess we could do that.”

Greg watched as she got up, went to her closet, and rummaged through her tops. Finally, he saw her turn holding one up. “Is that going to puff out like Karla’s?”

Haley bit her lip as she examined the shirt, “No, I don’t think so.” She went back to looking in her closet until she found one she thought would work. She held it up for her dad to see, “This one should do, it’s a little big on me.”

Dan watched his daughter turn away from him to take her shirt off. “You’re sure you want to do this?” He could tell she was nervous, hell for that matter so was he, and he thought he would give her an out.

Haley couldn’t believe she was doing this. She could feel his eyes on her as she stripped off her shirt and bra. The shirt was easy, the bra wasn’t. As she reached behind her to undo it, she felt a thrill of excitement. All he was seeing was her bare back, but she liked the idea that he was looking.

Dan saw her put the large shirt on and turn back to him. She walked over, but didn’t make eye contact. “Look you obviously don’t want to do this, so let’s just stop?”

Her dad was wrong, she did want to, and it bothered her. Did she lust for her dad? No, she scolded herself, she wasn’t like that. Why did the idea of being naughty with her dad feel so exciting? Haley put her arms around her dad and hugged him, “I love you daddy.”

She straightened up and placed her hands on her desk chair. “Let see, Karla is bending over to fuss with her dad’s train layout,” Haley got into the position she thought was right and glanced at her dad, “Do you think this is O.K.?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Greg tried to picture the story, “You need to bend over more, and make your shirt show more.”

Haley moved to another angle and fluffed her shirt out, so that her breasts could be seen. “Her dad was more behind her, so that he could see.” She heard him moving around. She felt her face turn red, “Can you see anything up my shirt?”

Could he see anything, damn! He hadn’t realized how grown up his little girl had gotten. He knew she was a freshman in college, but to him Haley would always be his little girl. Her breasts hung down and were very inviting, but he couldn’t see the darker aureoles and nipples. His voice cracked as he answered, “Yes baby I can, almost like the story.”

“Now get next to me and kneel.”

Greg got down next to her, “Try it a little to your left, like the story.” Greg shook his head, “So much for that part.”

“What’s happened?”

“Nothing is what happened, your breast was supposed to be shoved in my face.”

Haley thought a minute, “Maybe that part is just the shirt.” A shiver ran through her as she just moved the material out of the way. She positively tingled all over, “Is this better, Daddy?”

Greg never thought his daughter would do these things. He was inches from her magnificent breast, the nipple and aureole was absolutely the pinkest her had ever seen. His voice cracked, “That’s good.”

Haley smiled to herself, her dad was seeing her breast, and he liked what he saw. Her eyes bulged out and she sucked in her breath, as she felt his hand lightly rub across her. Her nipple went instant hard.

Greg slid his hand over her breast and felt her stiffen. His fingers slid from back to front, and before they slid the other way her nipple was poking his hand. “Was that accidently enough?”

She knew her dad expected her to answer his question, but her mouth didn’t work. Haley shook her head and mumbled, “Um-huh.” She took a deep breath and started to stand up but was instantly grabbed and pushed to the floor. For a split second she was scared….

“I believe tickling is next.”

Haley screamed and laughed as his fingers tortured her. She squirmed and wriggled, but couldn’t get away from the relentless fingers ticking her. This lasted for several minutes, when it was over she had tears of laughter coming from her blue eyes. Her head was resting on his legs and she looked into her dad’s eyes. She could have seen lust or desire, but the love she saw in her dad’s face made her feel that this was right.

Greg smiled, and reached for his daughter’s nipples that poked against her shirt, “Well I guess that part of the story is all right.”

Haley felt her dad rub his fingers lightly across both of her clothed nipples. She closed her eyes as electricity went through her, and then he moved his hand up to run his fingers through her hair. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him, “The hair thing isn’t in the story.” She got up and held her hand to him noticing he had gotten hard.

Greg grinned at her, “Then you better put it in. I only want us to do what’s in your story.” He grabbed her hand and let her help him to his feet.

She sat back down at her laptop; it took a few minutes for her brain to get back into the story. Her dad stood next to her, waiting for her type, and the bulge in his jeans was distracting as it made contact with her arm.

Karla felt her dad’s fingers run through her hair, and it felt nice.

Greg ran his fingers through her hair, he liked the way it felt, “You haven’t said what she looks like other than her breast size.”

Haley could feel the electricity from his touch. She retyped the sentence.

Karla felt her dad’s fingers run through her long blonde hair and it felt nice. At 18 and active in track, she was tanned and toned all over. She saw his free hand just hanging there and moved so that her breast was rubbing against it. She closed her eyes as she felt him gently caress her nipple.

Greg bent down and laid his hands on hers. They stayed that way for a few seconds, and then she moved her hands and he typed.

Ben could feel his daughter’s nipple getting hard as he continued to play. He felt her brush against the front of his pants, and he moved his other hand from his daughter’s hair to play with her other breast.

Ben wondered how long Karla had wanted him. He hadn’t realized that he was sexually attracted to her until now.

Greg stopped typing, his mouth suddenly dry, “Do you want to try doing what they are doing?”

Haley’s mouth was having trouble forming words, so she just nodded. She got back into position by bending over and holding onto the back of the chair. She felt his fingers run through her hair. Her hair wasn’t as long as Karla’s, but it was blonde and shined as it reflected the light. Her nipple was in her dad’s fingers and it felt wonderful.

Greg whispered in his daughter’s ear, “I can only play with one until you brush against me.”

Haley wanted to shout “Screw the story,” but didn’t. Instead her fingers drifted to her dad and felt how hard he had gotten through the material of his pants. He was playing with both of her hard nipples; she closed her eyes as the pleasure spread through her. She could have told him to stop, she could simply stand up, put her other clothes back on, but instead she just stayed there and enjoyed what he was doing. She wanted this.

Trapping her nipples between the thumb and forefinger on each hand, Greg rolled them back and forth. Her shirt was pushed up out of the way, and Haley was letting him do whatever he wanted. He had her nipples standing out from her breasts, “We need to write some more, don’t you think?”

Haley felt him stop and softly moaned, “No.” Her dad had moved away from her so she reluctantly got up, got into the chair and started to type.

Karla wanted him and didn’t know how much more teasing she could handle. She decided to get her dad hot enough to actually have sex with her. Turning to him, she asked, “Why don’t you lay down and look under the layout and see if there are any wires in the way of putting the house there.”

Ben did as his daughter suggested and felt her hands fumbling with his zipper. She freed his penis and it stood out from him.

Karla wrapped her slim fingers around her dad and started to stroke him. She took a peek at his face, and saw that her dad was enjoying her touch.

He watched in fascination as she lowered her lips to it. The shaft disappeared into her mouth sending him wonderful sensations.

Greg saw what his daughter had typed and straitened up. He moved near the desk, lay down on the carpet, and waited.

Haley got down next to her dad and opened his belt and pants. She reached in under his underwear and pulled out him out. She just stared at his hard cock, took it in her hand. She watched his face as her hand moved. He was enjoying this as much as she did. She wanted him, her mouth watered at the thought of sucking him.

Greg saw her mouth open, she bent down, and her tongue slid past her lips to lick his cockhead. A moan escaped from him.

She stopped and smiled as she fussed at him, “Ben didn’t make any noises, daddy.”

As Haley went back to sucking him, Greg moaned, “Karla isn’t doing this to me.”

Haley was seriously trying to please her dad. This was their first time and she wanted more, much more. Her head bobbed up and down as she accepted him into her mouth. She felt him hit the back of her throat.

Greg watched her suck him, and it was amazing to watch his cock disappear past her lips. Finally, she stopped and just licked his cock and balls all over. He watched his daughter play; she was enjoying doing this to him, almost as much as he was having her do it. As he felt her tongue slide over him, he wondered why he had never known she wanted him. “I don’t remember Karla licking him.”

Haley licked him a few more times, smiled and stood up, “I better write that in.”

He groaned and realized he probably should have shut up. Kicking his shoes off, he slid his pants and underwear off and stood up. He heard his daughter typing, leaned over and saw she had written how Karla had licked Ben’s penis and balls. Greg placed his hands on hers, and she gently moved them away so he could access the keyboard.

Ben wanted his daughter. He didn’t know how long he had felt that way, but he loved her and wanted desperately to share this with her. He loved having his mouth to a woman’s pussy and he just had to taste her. He kissed his daughter, not a father-daughter kiss, but a kiss filled with passion. He pulled at Karla’s jeans but he was at an awkward angle and her clothes would not cooperate.

Karla realized what he wanted, returned his kiss and took off her clothes for him. Soon all of her clothes were in a pile on the floor. He had removed his shirt at the same time and now both father and daughter were lying naked on the floor.

Ben used his hands to get Karla to place her legs on either side of his face and stuck his tongue in her young pussy.

Greg stood without saying a word and lay back down on the floor.

Haley read what her dad had written, then read it again. She had never experienced getting oral sex before, to her oral sex was getting a guy hard so they could have sex. She knelt beside her dad and kissed him like he had written, her lips parted and the tip of his tongue touched hers in her mouth. The kiss continued, slowly getting more passionate. Finally, she rose up and took her clothes off, keeping her eyes on him watching her; she hoped he liked what he saw.

Trying to place herself like in the story, her movements were a little awkward having never been in this position before. She had never even done it being on top, or on her hands and knees. She felt her dad’s strong hands pushing her forward. Her breath escaped her as she felt his tongue slide into her. “Aaahhh” escaped her sounding almost like an animal sound.

Greg took in the aroma of his daughter. The musk scent of her being aroused blended with the smell of flowers on her skin, it was intoxicating. His tongue slid past her blonde pubic hair and he felt her shudder, each time he came into contact with her clit, he would press the flat of his tongue hard against her.

Haley had never felt anything like this. No wonder her mom and dad did as much as they could. Her experience was limited, and her mind started making plans for everything she wanted to do with her dad. She realized she was close to having an orgasm and moved off of him.

Haley sat at the computer and her fingers flew across the keyboard. Dan reluctantly got behind her to see what she typed.

Karla felt his tongue in her and it was incredible! Her dad’s tongue sent shivers through her body each time it touched her sensitive parts. Her experience with boys could never compare to what her dad made her feel. The pleasurable sensation he was creating in her was unbelievable. She had wanted her dad inside her, and knowing it was going to happen felt like a dream come true.

Greg put his hands on the keyboard. His daughter was reluctant to use certain words, he wasn’t.

Ben moved Karla down him until she was straddling him, her pussy just inches from his hard cock. He used his hand to guide himself into her. When he felt his cock enter her wet, warm pussy, he placed his hands on her hips and pushed her down on him.

Karla felt lightheaded as her young body slid down on his hard cock. She bent to kiss him again as her dad filled her up.

Haley took over the keyboard again; she had no intention of stopping once she and her dad finally started, just so they could write about Karla and Ben.

Ben’s hard cock was surrounded by Karla’s smooth, silky, wet pussy. Damn his daughter was tight! He realized by her awkward movements that she wasn’t very experienced, and he used his hands to help guide her hips.

Feeling him moving her back and forth on his cock so that it slid in and out, it didn’t take her long to get a hang of the rhythm and they started to fuck. Her dad’s cock inside her felt like everything she had fantasized about and more.

Greg decided to take over, realizing that his daughter had to be in a high state of passion to use those words. He also wanted the fiction to end and the fucking between him and Haley to begin.

Karla was bouncing on top of her dad. His cock was hitting different places inside of her as she moved about. Sensation followed sensation, as waves of pleasure crashed though her young body.

She exploded into an intense orgasm; her entire body was rocked by passion. She kept on fucking her dad harder, wanting him deeper. She desperately wanted to get her dad off.

Ben suddenly grabbed her and held on, as he shot load after load of hot cum into his daughter!

Greg kissed Haley who responded, and kissed him back. She whispered breathlessly, “They didn’t kiss like that until they were on the floor.”

Greg was horse with passion, “I don’t care,” and he kissed her again. Finally, he pulled her after him and they got down to the floor. He had her move over him.

Haley closed her eyes and moaned as he entered her, “Oh, dad…mmm!” When he was all the way in, she leaned forward to kiss him which made his cock feel wonderful inside of her.

Greg was amazed. His writing about how tight Karla was didn’t do his daughter justice. It was amazing how it felt, plus being incredibly hot. It was soft and silky-smooth and totally incredible as he slid in and out of her. He felt her legs holding him in a tight vise as she fucked him. She really was awkward, but that only lasted a few minutes. He couldn’t have held onto her if wanted to.

Haley bounced on him realizing that she liked being in control of where he hit inside of her, and how deep her dad’s hard cock went in. Her movements speeded up as she got closer to her orgasm. She gritted her teeth, her eyes bulged, and her breathing was forced as her body greedily welcomed her dad’s hard cock in her. Her eyes wanted to close because the feelings her pussy was sending, but she forced them to stay open, wanting to watch her dad’s face as they did this.

Her mouth fell open and her steady moan rolled over her parted lips, the contractions of her orgasm reverberated through her body. It was mind shattering. Haley gripped her dad with her legs and ground herself into him, sending even more sensations through her.

Greg had never felt anything like his daughter; the inside of her body caressed and grabbed his cock. The sensation was like she was on fire. His hard cock was buried in flesh that was impossibly hot, absolutely scorching. He arched his back and his cum exploded from him.

Haley felt her dad’s cock jerking inside of her, “Yes daddy, cum in me.” She made little grinding motions keeping his cock buried deep inside of her, yet trying to get him even deeper.

Greg moaned a steady “Agghh” as he shot load after load into his daughter.

Haley loved the way her dad looked as he pumped his cum into her. Her tongue licked her lips as feelings of love gripped her heart. This was better than she could have fantasized. She saw him smile up at her. She waited until she felt him start to get soft and bent down to kiss him. Her lips on his felt so good to her. Knowing that she had gotten him off was amazing.

“Daddy, that was wonderful.” She continued to kiss him, “How can I ever describe in a story how that feels?”

Greg had a naughty smile, “You just get this story to Literotica. You’ll need to start another one later this week, and any part you have trouble with, I will help you do all the research you want.”

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david wrote

love to type a story with the young woman that wrote this one!

david wrote

love to type a story with the young woman that wrote this one! bye