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The Babysitters Pleasure

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Clare really enjoyed babysitting for the Martins. A typical weekday evening would involve her just sitting at home on the sofa watching TV, but here she could do exactly that and get paid for it at the same time. Wonderful. The Martins had a great TV system as well, with so many channels she could spend ages channel hopping without visiting the same channel twice, and more DVDs than she ever imagined one family would own.

It was already quite late, past 11pm which was the time by which they were supposed to be back. The watershed had passed on the TV and it seemed that Mr Martin must have subscribed to the over 18 package. Clare was sitting mesmerised as the porn played out before her. It seemed so corny, so set up and unreal, but she could feel her nipples begin to stiffen ever so slightly, and that familiar feeling between her legs as she began to get aroused.

She watched as one guy after another sank his cock deep into this girl who had impossibly large breasts. Clare’s hand inadvertently moved across her own chest as she thought what it would be like to have such enormous breasts. As she continued to watch her hand slid slowly down her stomach, her fingers spread apart as they moved bit by bit towards her waist, then on in a regal procession down to her crotch. Her legs parted slightly as her fingers slid between her thighs and pushed gently up against her pussy. She could feel the heat through her thin satin panties.

Panic shot through her as she heard the key in the door. Fumbling for the remote she jumped up, kicking it across the floor. She ran across the room and just managed to turn off the TV set as the door opened and in walked Mr and Mrs Martin. Casually she leaned down and put the remote next to the TV, then breathed a deep sigh of relief and turned to them.

“Hi. Had a good time?” she said as if nothing had happened.

“Oh yes, it was great.” Karen replied, heading on through the room and into the kitchen.

Dominic stood in the doorway, his eyes focussed on Clare’s young nubile body. She knew he fancied her. He had for years, but he’d been good, never doing anything he shouldn’t do. It was just sweet, but now she was 19 and it was changing. And she liked it. She looked down at his crotch and saw a small bulge appearing. A narrow smile started to creep across her lips.

Dominic was 40 years old. He’d left it late to start a family. His wife was a few years younger than him, and he loved her enormously, but he couldn’t help but stare at younger girls, imagining what it would be like to have a young body next to him again, a nice tight pussy to pleasure with his cock.

He stared at Clare, taking in her petite breasts which were accentuated by the tight top she was wearing. She also wore a short denim skirt. Whenever he was with her he seemed to spend a lot of time just trying to sneak a peek up her skirt towards her panties, hoping each time that he would see that she didn’t have any on and glimpse her young pussy. He expected it would be shaved, and would daydream of a time when he would find out for real.

His mind flicked back to reality as Clare moved towards the chair where her bag was laying. As she bent to pick it up he walked to the TV and flicked it on. Clare turned around in a flash but it was too late. The screen flickered to life and Clare blushed as the large breasted girl reappeared on the screen. Dominic laughed, then quickly switched to the news before Karen came back.

Dominic just smiled at Clare. She waited for more reaction from him but none came. She stood there infront of him as he let his eyes scan slowly from her face, down her slim body, over her breasts and down to her legs, then slowly back up again. She bent one leg and crossed her hands infront of her in a slightly embarrassed fashion.

“So, you going to take Clare home then?” Karen asked, returning once again to the living room and snatching the remote from Dominic before crashing into an armchair.

“Yes, of course.” Dominic replied, pulling his keys out of his pocket and walking towards the door. “Let’s go, before your parents start calling looking for you.”

“Goodbye Mrs Martin.” Clare said as she left the room. “Tom was as good as gold tonight. A real pleasure. You have a very sweet little baby there.”

“Thanks.” Karen said as Clare followed Dominic out of the room. She was starting to dislike Clare a bit, mainly because she was sure that having such a hot young girl around the house with a horny husband like Dominic was not a good idea.

As Dominic walked her down the driveway she could feel his eyes on her butt, watching every sway and shimmy as she moved towards the car. He held the door open for her, and as she got in she gave Dominic a quick flash up her skirt, showing him the white satin panties she was wearing, smiling as she watched his reaction.

She had always been a bit of a flirt, but also wanted to reward him for not embarrassing her about what she had been watching. Dominic got in the car, started up the engine and headed off out of the driveway.

“You must be horny after watching those films.” He said almost immediately that they had turned onto the street.

She didn’t reply, but instead reached down and grabbed his cock through his jeans. It was semi hard so she began to stroke it, encouraging it to life. Dominic told her to stop but she didn’t listen to him and kept on going. She ran her finger nails down its length, then felt for his balls, squeezing them gently. The car swerved a bit on the road as he tried to keep control as she ran her hand back up his cock and started to run her fingers around the outline of its head.

He looked across at her and she smiled back at him, a naughty, knowing smile, followed by a mischievous wink. She used her other hand to lift up her skirt slightly, then slipped her fingers into her panties and started to play with herself.

Dominic struggled to keep his eyes on the road as well as watch her play with her pussy. Taking hold of her panties she pulled them into a thin line between her lips. Dominic could see her wet pussy lips bulging either side of the white satin.

They drove on for a couple of blocks before he jokingly told her to stop or he wouldn’t make it to her parent’s house. Ignoring him she kept on going, rubbing his cock a bit harder and a bit faster. She continued to stroke his cock, paying a lot of attention to the big head that was pushing at his trousers, almost bursting the zip.

Dominic asked her again to stop but still she carried on. He continued on for a couple of hundred yards but then braked suddenly and turned off the street pulling into the deserted park. Clare looked over at Dominic and smiled. He knew what she was doing, and he knew that she was fully aware of what was going to happen.

His heart raced. This hot 19 year old was coming onto him. He was gong to take her, right here, in the park, tonight. He could feel his balls getting ready to burst at the thought of this nubile young thing impaled on his throbbing cock, gripping his member so tightly with her young pussy.

The car park was deserted. As they pulled to a stop she reached over to unbutton his trousers but he grabbed her wrist.

“So you want to play?” he asked her.

“Yes!” she replied excitedly, looking down at his throbbing cock, eager to get it in her hands.

With that Dominic let go of her wrist and got out of the car. Walking around to her side he opened the door and helped her out, taking a good look at her panties. Now he would find out if she shaved down there. Holding her gently by the upper arm he began to walk her into the park.

She could have resisted, she could have run away, but she wanted to be with him too much. She had often thought what it would be like with an older, more experienced man. She trusted him, so he was the perfect person to show her.

They walked for quite a while until they found themselves in a quiet area of the park. He turned her to face him, his hands holding the tops of her arms.

“You’re quite a flirt.” He said, making her giggle. “OK, give me a show.”

He took a couple of steps backwards and settled down on a bench, leaning back and resting his arms across the top, his legs falling open and the rigid line of his hard cock was clearly visible to the young girl.

She looked around nervously, but the place was deserted so she started to dance for him, like she would at a strip club, like she had seen in one of the films she had watched at his house. She twisted and turned, gyrating her hips, pushing her chest out and squeezing her tits. She ran her hands up and down her body, letting them run through her hair as she twisted and turned infront of him.

Each time she turned she would sneak a glance at his hard cock, clearly visible as a long ridge in his trousers, starting in his crotch and reaching down onto his leg.

She bent over slowly infront of him, leaning forwards towards him and teasing her nipples through her top. She kept her eyes on his as she pulled the front of her top down, giving him a great view of her tits.

A few more turns and then she paused with her back towards him, bending at the waist and showing him her ass and her panties. Reaching between her legs she drew her fingers over her pussy, sliding easily over the satin material that cosseted her young tight pussy. She look back at him as her fingers slid over her pubic mound, tantalising him with thoughts of what was about to come.

She turned towards him and reached behind her, flicking open the button on the back of the waistband of her skirt, then slipping the zip down slowly. He felt his cock getting stiffer as he watched. It was all he could do not to rush over and take her right there, but he wanted to enjoy this, see how much she would perform for him.

With a slow gentle wiggle of her hips she slid the skirt down, then threw it into his lap and carried on dancing. Dominic brought the skirt up to his nose, and without letting his gaze leave the hot beauty infront of him he breathed in the feminine scent, then placed it on the bench beside him.

She looked around again, still nervous that someone might discover them, but, reassured by the silence that encircled them, she reached down and pulled her top over her head. She would have loved to go slower, but there was too much chance of being discovered. Pulling her top clear of her hair, she reached back and then threw it at Dominic. He laughed as he smelled her perfume again, then placed her top with her skirt. She was now dancing naked except for a pair of flimsy white satin panties.

She started to rub her pussy inside her panties, and squeeze her breasts, rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers in and out of her lips, making herself wet and soaking the panties. When she could feel that they were very wet she slipped them down her legs, pausing with them at her knees so Dominic could see her fingers playing with her pussy.

Dominic had been right, and he smiled to himself as he saw how cleanly shaved her pussy was. Finally stepping out of her panties and holding them to her nose, she inhaled deeply.

Then, step by step as if on a catwalk, she walked forward seductively towards him. As she reached him she placed her panties on his nose. He took them from her and started to sniff them, enjoying that wonderful smell of a young wet pussy, ready to be fucked hard by a large cock, which was exactly what he planned to do.

He was surprised as she sank to her knees infront of him and pushed his legs wide apart. Reaching up she started to unbutton his jeans. She was more experienced than he had expected.

She couldn’t take her eyes off his hard cock, feeling it solid under her fingers as each button came open. Reaching inside his briefs she grabbed his rigid shaft and pulled it out, then quickly leaned forward and, taking it deep into her mouth, sucked on him for all she was worth.

She moved her hand up and down his shaft, tugging his foreskin back as her tongue licked around the head of his cock, lapping up the precum that was seeping out. Her tongue slipped easily up and down the underside of his cock, teasing the skin with her delicate licks as his hands slid into her hair and rubbed the back of her head. She felt him lean forward, sniff her hair and kiss her on the head.

She kissed his cock at the same time, then took it deep into her mouth once again and sucked hard. She could feel his hands take a firmer hold and then start to push and pull her head up and down on his cock.

She used her hands to stop herself gagging, but bit by it she found she could take him deeper and deeper, getting closer to being able to deepthroat him. She so desperately wanted to be able to do that, take the full length of a guy down her throat, and it seemed like she was getting closer each time.

Dominic kept her sucking his cock for ages, not letting her lift her head far enough to be able to free the cock from her lips. Occasionally he would let her stop and get her breath back, but never allow her to remove the head of his cock from her mouth.

She could feel it growing even more, getting ready to cum. She wouldn’t mind letting him cum in her mouth, but she so desperately wanted to feel him inside her, pushing the walls of her pussy wide, probing deep into her as she squeezed his cock in her tight pussy.

She pushed up with her arms and finally he relented and let go of her head. Quickly she jumped up on the bench astride him, then eased down onto his cock. It slipped easily into her wet pussy. She started to bounce up and down.

Dominic kissed her breasts and squeezed them with his hands. Then his hands moved to her hips, and as he watched her breasts bounce up and down he started to push her down onto his cock. His shaft was buried deep in her as he forced her down. She pushed up with her legs and then he forced her down again.

She was praying that he would come quickly. They were so exposed. There she was, totally naked and impaled on his rock hard cock. If anyone came around the corner they would get a free live sex show. She just hoped that if anyone did show up they would just stand back and enjoy it rather than call the police or, even worse, decide to join in. The exposure just made her even more turned on.

She could feel his cock sliding between her lips, forcing her pussy wide. She tried to clench her pussy muscles to make him cum, but his age and experience made it seem as if he could fuck her all night. She rocked back and forth, feeling his cock push against the walls of her pussy, using his every moan and gasp to direct her movements to maximise his pleasure.

The cool air made her nipples stand out. She could feel goose bumps on her skin but her face was burning up with the passion she had within her.

Dominic felt so good inside her. She looked forward to feeling his spurts of cum hitting the back of her pussy, his cock driving deep into her as he released his seed. She loved the feeling of his shaft sliding so far into her, hitting the right spot so often. She had been right, experience did make it so much better. And he had so much control.

Clare struggled valiantly to avoid coming, but her body was thinking otherwise, and despite all her efforts she had to give in as her body threw itself headlong into a massive orgasm. She began to shake and quiver, still sliding up and down but in fits and starts, her head dropping as spasm after spasm shot through her. Dominic lifted her head and laughed.

“I wanted to make sure you came” he said as she continued to writhe on his cock in the grip of her pussy drenching orgasm.

Clare just looked at him, exhausted by the power of her orgasm. She continued to ride his cock as their pace quickened until she felt him twitch and send spurts of cum deep into her pussy. She pulled his head into her breasts as she felt his last pulses of orgasm inside her.

She couldn’t believe that she had just been fucked in the middle of the park. She looked around, relieved to have got away with it undiscovered, and quickly climbed off and started to put her clothes back on. As she zipped up her skirt a guy walked around the corner with his dog. He got a great look at her tits as he walked by, then smiled at Dominic. She grabbed her top and put it back on. Plenty of guys had seen her tits on the beach, so she wasn’t bothered about that.

Dominic wrapped his arm around her and walked her back across the park. The place was still deserted as they got to his car. Clare started to go to the passenger side when Dominic grabbed her, spun her around and pushed her face down onto the front. Holding her down with one hand in the small of her back, he lifted her skirt up around her waist. With a few small tugs Dominic had her panties down around her knees.

She couldn’t believe he was hard enough again to take her once more, but he wasn’t. Instead he knelt down behind her and started licking at her pussy, running his tongue along its length, and probing into the folds of her lips, licking up her juices. His tongue flicked at her clit, sending shudders through her body.

Her shaking didn’t go unnoticed and so he started to flick her clit more. She didn’t want to come here so reached back to stop him, but he just grabbed both her arms and pinned them behind her back. His knees pushed her legs wider apart.

There was nothing she could do. She tried to get up but couldn’t. His strong arms held her down on the front of the car, her breasts pushed flat against the cold hard metal.

Dominic held her down firmly as he licked away at her pussy. She could feel another orgasm building inside of her. The thought of being in the open car park, helpless to prevent this guy licking at her sex made her even hotter. She couldn’t help it and started to moan.

It only took a few more licks and flicks of her clit and a massive orgasm ripped through her body. She began to shake and shudder as her pussy muscles contracted. All the muscles in her body contracted. As the sensation subsided the full realisation of her position hit her, bent over his car, her naked pussy in the air. She was totally at his mercy and control, but it felt great. Babysitting for the Martins would never be the same again.

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