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“Write me a story,” my lover says, her eyes glinting with deep, sensual desires.

I kiss her, savoring the warmth and wetness of her mouth, as I say, “What shall I write, my love?”

She smiles at me wickedly, her hands fondling my growing erection. “Something – naughty,” she replies, her voice low and soft, caressing me like velvet. “Something – forbidden…”

I love my wife so! She knows my tastes and interests – she shares them, too.

“As you wish,” I say, and gently pull away from her.

My beloved has made my writing erotica a game, of sorts. Foreplay. An exquisite tease that borders on sexual torture as she delays my gratification until I have satisfied her wishes.

Holding me still, my wife lavishes the head of my cock with the caress of her tongue, tracing it deliciously, slowly, until I am breathing fast and shallow.

She releases me with her evil smile, and gazes at me with her beautiful, gleaming eyes. “What will it be?” she asks, her arousal making her unwilling to wait.

“You’ll see,” I reply, and cross to my computer.

My wife watches me as I write. She plays with her pussy, caressing her lips until her arousal is simply too great for her to bear any longer, and she brings herself to climax, over and over again.

She inspires me – with her body – the wonderful, sensual, voluptuous curves of her – great breasts with large, silver-dollar sized areoli; her wide hips and shapely legs; her rounded ass and neatly trimmed pussy. She is my Goddess, my wife. My lover, in the truest sense of the term.

And, she has a daughter. Twenty-four years old, and the child of a former marriage.

Stephanie, my step-daughter, is taller than her mother. Slender, and yet curvaceous. Her breasts are large, though not as full as her mother’s. And she has the most sensual lips.

More than once I have found myself fantasizing about Stephanie’s lips wrapped around my cock.


“Happy birthday!” Sandra told her daughter as she set down a large, narrow, gift-wrapped object on her daughter’s bureau.

Stephanie woke, and smiled groggily. “Thanks, Mom,” she mumbled and wondered at the present. It was wide – as wide as her dresser, and rectangular. A picture? she wondered.

Sandra bent down and kissed her daughter on the forehead. “Well – get up! I can’t wait until you open it!”

Stephanie smiled and shivered a little as her mother pulled back the covers, not waiting for the girl to get herself out of bed.

The cool air made her nipples tighten, and Stephanie felt goose-pimples flash across her body.

“What is it?” she asked as she crossed to the bureau and put her hands on the wrapping.

“Open it and find out,” Sandra said, her excitement showing.

Stephanie carefully pulled on the great bow wrapped around the present, and gasped as the paper fell away to reveal a most wonderful mirror for her vanity.

“Oh, Mom! It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed, and gazed at her own reflection in the surface smiling back at her.

Sandra put her hands to her lips, delighted at her daughter’s reception of the gift, and said, “It’s an heirloom. Your grandmother owned it, and she had it from her mother before her – and so on back for, I don’t know how many generations… But, it’s supposed to be enchanted!”

Stephanie giggled. “A magic mirror?” she asked in amused disbelief.

Sandra nodded and gazed at the girl. “It is,” she replied and smiled sincerely. “I know. It worked for me!”

Stephanie turned and looked at her mother. Her mom stared back, quite serious. “You’ve got to be kidding? It did? How?”

Sandra reached out and took her daughter’s hand, squeezing it dearly. “It – shows you whatever you desire.”

Stephanie glanced back at the mirror, and saw her own reflection. “Oh, come on! What?”

Sandra brushed her daughter’s hair away from her face, and marveled at just how beautiful her own child had become. Eighteen, and so lovely! “It’s true,” she answered. “I – I saw your father in it, before we met.”

Stephanie watched her mother for some small sign she was teasing. “No way. Really?”

Sandra nodded and smiled softly. “Years before we met,” she chuckled lightly. “But – well, you’ll discover for yourself. It shows you what you desire, not someone else. I don’t know what that might be…”

Stephanie looked over her shoulder at the mirror again.

Sandra gave her daughter a final kiss on the cheek, and pat her on the arm. “Well, I’ll leave you to your gift. I have preparations to make for your party!” And she left, closing the door behind her.

Stephanie pulled the wrapping paper free of her gift, and leaned it against the wall atop her bureau. She’d need to have her father move it to her vanity, but for now, it would work where it was.

“Whatever I desire, huh?” she muttered, and gazed at the mirror dubiously.

Stephanie stood in front of the mirror, and waited. She saw her own reflection, and watched herself as she turned this way and that, hoping to see – something. Some vision. Some – magic.

But, all she saw was her own reflection.

Disappointed, she gave up and sat on her bed. “Magic mirror – ha! But – it is lovely. And Grand-mama’s! Whatever did she see, I wonder?”


“My daughter, huh?” my lover murmurs as she stands next to me, her mound pressing into my arm as she reads over my shoulder. She runs her fingers across my skin, teasing, and makes a low purr. “You’re going to put Stephanie in your erotic tale?”

My wife leans down and licks my ear, her breath hot on my neck, and whispers. “Wicked man. I knew my daughter appealed to you!”

“Why wouldn’t she?” I respond, and turn to suck on my wife’s sensual tongue until I have her gasping for air. “She’s a version of you. And I find you – irresistible…”

“Mmmm”, my wife hums in delight as we kiss passionately. “How did you put it? Like…”

“Gravity,” I say, and nuzzle at her throat. “I find you as irresistible as the pull of gravity. Undeniable.”

“Mmmmm…” she moans and hugs me into her bosom. “A force of nature…”

“Yes,” I reply, and suck on her nipples until they grow hard and tight. I reach around and fondle her ass until she is whimpering with desire.

“Oh, God – please hurry!” she sighs.

It is a fair game we play, my wife and I. We both know how to tease each other.

“Wait,” I whisper and run a finger along her wet slit. I taste her juices, and say, “You’ll see…”


“Daddy? Will you move my mirror Mom gave me?” Stephanie asked.

David nodded, and accepted the warm hug from his now legally-an-adult daughter. Kissing her head, he answered, “Of course I will, honey! Saves me having to get you a present!”

Stephanie laughed, and playfully slapped her father. “Oh, Daddy! You’re awful. Speaking of which, where is my present from you?” She looked around, laughing.

David smiled, and said, “I thought paying for your party was enough?”

Stephanie paused, and burst out in fresh chuckles as she saw he father’s sly grin. “Oh! I thought you were serious for a second!”

David shrugged. “Can’t blame me for trying! But, I do have something for you. Later!” he said, and held up his hand as his daughter rushed to him eagerly.

Stephanie feigned disappointment, and began to wander off. “Ok. But, I’ll hold you to it!” she called as she went to her room to get ready for her day.

When she came out from her shower, Stephanie saw that her father had moved the mirror into place on her vanity.

It was much lower, now, and Stephanie could see all of herself in it as she stood and turned in front of it. Dropping her towel, she turned back and forth, watching herself.

God! Is that what I look like? she asked as she examined herself critically. My butt isn’t that fat, is it?!

Laughing wryly, Stephanie muttered, “Some magic mirror! It doesn’t hide my flaws!”

Stephanie’s sad chuckles stopped short when she saw someone laying on her bed!

“Huh?!” she exclaimed, and turned, looking.

There was no one there.

Stephanie shook her head. “Must be losing my mind…” she said, and looked back at her mirror.

“Oh – my – God…” she gasped, and gaped at the reflection.

Stephanie could see herself – except she wasn’t standing in front of the mirror. She was laying on her bed, on her back, her hands playing madly with her pussy, her body writhing in such pleasure….

“What the -?!” Stephanie shook her head. She looked at her bed. Empty! And she knew she was standing right there in front of the mirror!

My magic mirror?

Stephanie looked back at her present. The other Stephanie was bucking, close to orgasm, fingering herself wildly.

Is that? Is that what I desire? she wondered.

Her hands went to her breasts, and Stephanie felt a familiar warmth between her thighs, deep inside.

Cupping her full breasts, Stephanie pinched the nipples, and felt her arousal grow.

Well, it is right now! she laughed.

Sitting on her bed, Stephanie slid back until she and the other Stephanie were in the same position. Watching herself masturbate was far more sensual and exciting than Stephanie had ever thought possible, and she began to caress her pussy lips with growing abandon.

“Oh, my God…” she sighed as she gave pleasure to herself. “This is what my mirror was showing me!”

Magic or no, Stephanie lost herself to her masturbation, bringing herself to a wonderful climax.

Whew! That was – incredible! she thought, and looked at her reflection. From where it sat, Stephanie could see herself completely as she lazily ran her wet fingers over her mound.

Maybe it doesn’t hide my flaws, she mused. But, I do look sexy, don’t I?

She smiled at herself, and her reflection smiled back. Pleased. Quite pleased.


“You really would love to see that, wouldn’t you?” my wife says in my ear. Her voice is low, and sexy.

“Yes,” I answer, and turn to kiss her. “Very much. But, I’m not through, yet…”

She smiles, wondering what I am up to. But, too curious to pause my writing.

Pulling on her nipples, keeping herself on the edge of her own arousal, my wife whispers, “Then, show me…”


Stephanie’s party was terrific!

Her friends were over, and they ate cake and ice cream, and drank sodas.

She opened presents and laughed, and was delighted and surprised by her gifts. There were clothes to try on, some of them a bit racy – at least, in front of her parents. But, Stephanie’s friends knew she liked to wear sexy bikinis and underwear.

And her father had bought her a new car! It was just the one she wanted!

And Stephanie had to show everyone her new mirror.

She was nervous about it, wondering if anyone else would see anything at all like what she had earlier! But, no one did.

At least, no one seemed to. But, her one friend, Margaret, did stare at the mirror a little longer than anyone else, and glanced shyly around after she did.

The party moved outside, and the girls put on their bathing suits and went out to the pool.

It was a little while later that Stephanie went inside to use the bathroom, when she noticed Margaret in her bedroom, gazing at the mirror.

And Margaret was caressing herself absently while she watched herself!

Curious, and little bit aroused, Stephanie crept in and gently closed the door.

She had been so quiet, she didn’t disturb the other girl.

Feeling a bit naughty at spying, Stephanie stepped softly up behind Margaret, intending to get her attention without startling her.

But, what she saw in the mirror made her pause, instead.

There, in the mirror, were she and Margaret – naked, and kissing, hands running over each other’s bodies hungrily – standing in each other’s arms!

“Oh!” Stephanie gasped.

Margaret started, and covered herself, her eyes wide in alarm. “Ahhh! Steph?! Oh, my gosh!”

Stephanie glanced at the mirror, where the two girls were kissing quite deeply. They each had their fingers down at the other girls pussy, and were rubbing each other deliciously.

“No,” Stephanie said gently. “It’s alright. I – came to see if you were – okay…” She stepped close to the other girl, and gazed at her with a smile.

“I – uh…” Margaret mumbled, and glanced over her shoulder.

Stephanie put her hand out and turned Margaret’s head to look at her. “No. It’s okay,” she said softly and leaned in. The kiss was very gentle, but very nice.

Margaret sighed as their lips parted, and she gazed at Stephanie in wonder.

“It – it is?” she asked, her voice almost a whisper.

Stephanie nodded, feeling her pussy grow very wet. “Yes,” she replied, and slipped off her bikini before stepping into the other girl’s body. “It is.”

They kissed, much more passionately. Margaret became quite enthusiastic as her friend returned embrace for embrace, touch for touch.

“Oh, God, Steph!” she wheezed. “Please! Touch me! I want you to!”

Stephanie purred and ran her hands down the other’s girl’s body. She caressed Margaret’s ass, then reached under her and felt her pussy.

“Maggie! You’re so hot and wet!” she gasped.

Margaret moaned and nodded. Leaning into Stephanie, she reached down and felt her friend as well. “Oh, you, too…”

The girls resumed kissing and rubbing each other’s pussies until Stephanie began to feel she was going to cum.

“Oh, God, Maggie! I’m going to -!” she said aloud.

Maggie nodded, and her face was tense. “Me – too -!” she gasped.

The two girls brought each other, and held onto each other as they trembled and shook.

“Whoa!” Margaret sighed and gazed at her friend in embarrassed delight.

Stephanie nodded, and smiled. “Yeah… That was – wonderful…”

The two girls gazed at each other for a few moments before the sounds of the party recalled them to their situation.

“Well – uh – I should – uhm… get back…” Margaret said, suddenly shy.

Stephanie smiled and said, “Yeah. Me, too.”

Then, “But – uhm… Maybe you could – come back – some other time? And we can…?”

Margaret blushed, and glanced at the mirror. Then, she nodded, and a very bright smile crossed her face. “Yeah. Okay. I – I’d – love that!” She kissed Stephanie one more time and then hurried off.

Stephanie stood staring at the mirror in awe.


The party ended, at long last.

Dreamy and delighted, Stephanie stumbled to her bed and kicked off her clothes.

She had eaten way too much junk, and knew sleep would be a while coming, so kept her lights on low and gazed at her mirror from her bed.

What do I desire, now? she asked herself.

In response, the mirror grew dark and then began to glow faintly until it shone with the light from her parent’s bedroom.

As though she were looking through a window, Stephanie watched her parents as they undressed and climbed into bed.

“The girls had fun,” her mother was saying. She snuggled up against Stephanie’s father, who lay back, one arm behind his head, his body displayed for Stephanie to see.

Wow! Dad’s in good shape, isn’t he? she noted. His stomach had that middle-age paunch, but not too badly. With a little work, Dad could be hot!

“Yeah,” David replied, and stroked his wife’s hair. He had a happy little smile on his face. “Thanks to you. I’m glad I only had to pay for it! I have no idea what teenage girls are interested in.”

“Sex. And boys,” Sandra answered with a grin.

“And other girls?” David asked, playfully.

Sandra leaned up on her arm and kissed her husband. “Only in your dreams, my dear!” she said with a warm laugh.

Stephanie saw her father’s cock twitch and then begin to grow.

Whoa… She felt herself become a little wet. She knew they couldn’t see her, and it made her feel deliciously naughty!

David chuckled, and said, “Every man’s fantasy, my love!” He sighed as Sandra wrapped her hand around his shaft and gently squeezed.

“And one or two women’s” she replied, and began to stroke him.

“Yours?” he asked with a grin.

Smiling sensually, Sandra simply glanced at him and then went down on his cock.

Whoa! Stephanie felt herself grow very hot as she watched her mother give her father head.

What am I doing? she asked herself.

But, she found herself rubbing her wet pussy anyway.

“Oh, God, honey! That feels so fucking good!” Stephanie’s father moaned.

Her mother was working his cock with her lips and tongue, and Stephanie found herself incredibly turned on by it. Seeing her mother’s lips sliding up and down her father’s huge pole – her pussy quivered and pulsed!

God – that looks so sexy! And nice!

Then, as she watched, Stephanie felt a tremor roll through her as, in the mirror, she saw herself crawl onto her parent’s bed with them!

What -?

Her face was so sexy – so sensual and grown up.

Stephanie watched in stunned fascination as her parents responded to her presence.

David looked up with some surprise, while Sandra paused, her hands around David’s cock, and stared at their daughter in surprise.

“Steph?” her mother said. “What – uh – you caught us…” she seemed a bit flustered. Caught red-handed, they didn’t attempt to hide anything. Why should they? It was obvious what they were doing.

In the mirror, Stephanie smiled sweetly, sensually, and crawled up close to her mother.

“I – wanted to say thank you,” she answered, her voice very low, almost a purr. She seemed so confident, this Stephanie – and sexual! “Both of you…”
David glanced at his wife, and said, “Uh – you’re welcome…”

As Stephanie watched, the other Stephanie’s hand slid forward until it joined her mother’s around her father’s cock.

Sandra looked startled, as did David. But, neither of them stopped her.

“Thank you, Mom,” that Stephanie said, and leaned closer until she kissed her mother on the lips.

Sandra shuddered, and sighed softly as their kiss ended.

“And thank you, too, Daddy,” that Stephanie said. Then, as her lips were so close, she pressed them over the head of her father’s cock.

“Ohhh, God….!” her father moaned, and rolled his head.

The mirror Stephanie began to move her hand up and down as she sucked on the head of him. It was only a few strokes before her mother join in.

David gazed down at the two of them, his wife and his daughter, and was speechless. Speechless, and in a delirium of ecstasy.

The real Stephanie gazed at the mirror in awe and disbelief. But, fire spread through her body, and she felt herself with a sexual hunger like she had never known before. A hunger for the forbidden!

“Oh, God!” she swore, and jumped out of bed. “I can’t take any more!”

Stephanie hurried to her parent’s room where, like in her vision, she saw her mother sucking her father’s long, gorgeous cock.

Heart racing, Stephanie paused. Do I really dare?

But, the lust inside her wouldn’t be denied, and she walked into their room.

As boldly as she had in her mirror, Stephanie crawled up with her parents, who paused in their love play, caught.

“Mom – Daddy… I – wanted to say thank you,” she murmured, her pussy flowing and quivering as she looked at her father’s cock, and her mother’s hand wrapped around its base.

“Uhm – thank you?” her father replied, stunned.

Then, Stephanie smiled sensually, her eyes meeting her mother’s as her fingers wrapped around her father’s cock, as well. “Thank you, Mommy,” she whispered, and leaned in until she kissed her mother’s lips.

Then, feeling such a rush of relief and desire, Stephanie looked up at her father, and said, “And you, too, Daddy,” before slipping her lips over the head of his cock.

She stroked him while she suckled on the head of his penis, and he gasped and moaned while her mother stared.

After a few strokes, Stephanie felt her mother’s hand move in time with her own.

She glanced at her mother, and saw such lust shining in her eyes, it made Stephanie’s pussy quiver and pulse.

Slipping off her father’s cock with a soft sound, Stephanie smiled and said, “I saw it – in the mirror.”

Sandra’s eyes widened a hair. Then, as understanding washed through her, she smiled as well.

Brushing her daughter’s hair back, she whispered. “I know. I saw that, too. Before I gave it to you…”

Sandra leaned down and started sucking David’s shaft, leaving Stephanie to continue sucking on his head, humming with pleasure.

Stephanie felt a thrill run through her at her mother’s confession. And she felt her pussy flow afresh.

Oh, Mommy! When I’m done with Daddy – just you wait! I’m going to do you, too!

She suspected, though, that her mother already knew that as well…


“How did I do?” I ask as I stand next to our bed.

My cock is aching, bobbing in front of me, while my wife reads what I wrote.

She glances at me, her eyes shiny with mischief, and set the pages aside. Without a word, my wife gently takes my cock and pulls me closer. Then, she runs her tongue all around the head, causing me to moan.

“Fine,” she says at last. “You did – fine…” as she concentrates on the underside of the head, my most pleasurable spot. “Especially because you brought the mother into it. I wasn’t expecting that…” my wife says, and caresses me.

She lays back and I move over her, readying myself to enter her heat and wetness.

“No?” I ask.

My wife shakes her head. “No. I thought you were just going to have the father and the daughter. Ahhh…” she sighs as I enter her, pushing myself deep.

I smile at her, then kiss her passionately. “But, you like the incest?” I ask. “With the mother?”

My wife smiles wickedly, sensually, in reply. “Especially with the mother…” she sighs and lifts her hips to drive me further still.


My wife and I – we’re a perfect match. We enjoy the same things. My wife knows what I like, what kinds of fantasies, because she shares them, too.

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