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Worth It

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Connor Franks arrived at tiny Municipal Airport in Owens Mill a day ahead of Thanksgiving. His trip from Syracuse University in New York had led him on a series of connecting flights and long bus rides. Fortunately he had found a little charter airline that would fly him over the mess of a snowstorm that had crippled the great plains and cancelled his scheduled landing in Wichita.

His parents had braved the weather to greet him. Margaret and Wilson ‘Frank’ Franks were not exactly the prototypical Kansas farmers. They looked nothing like their American Gothic counterparts and had in fact sold much of the farm to developers a few years ago to put Connor and his sister through school. Not that they could compete with the corporate farms much longer anyway.

“My little boy!” his mom shrieked as he scanned the tarmac. Connor couldn’t see her, but she had seen him. She practically tackled him, it was a miracle he hadn’t lost his footing on the slick pavement. “My baby.” She covered his cold cheeks with kisses.

“Mother!” Connor pushed her away. The airport may have been small, but with the holiday it was brimming with activity.

“Welcome home buddy,” his dad said. Connor embraced both parents in a hug. “We’ve really missed you.”

“So I noticed.” He hadn’t made it home the past summer, opting for a study program in exotic Buffalo. He hadn’t seen his family since Easter, that was the longest he’d ever been away. Something was still missing.

“Where’s Beck?”

“Oh, new boyfriend,” his mom said. “She’s been spending all of her time with him.”

“They’re getting a little too serious if you ask me,” his dad piped in. “She really should have been here.”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Connor gave a dismissive gesture, “you’re only eighteen once.”

On the ride home his folks gave Connor all of the latest family news, while he relayed all of what he had learned from the exciting world of structural engineering. It was a good thing he was driving, because after a few sentences he had put them both to sleep.

Home was a sight for sore eyes. Shortly after his parents sold all of their farmland Connor had earned a scholarship to Syracuse of all places. It was some kind of charity deal where neurotic New Yawkers donate their money to send some poor hick to a decent school. His tiny county high school was a long way from central New York but was somehow chosen and since he had the best grades he wound up the lucky winner. Anyway, it saved his parents enough money to pay off some old debts and refurbish the homestead. They had put much needed insulation in the old barn and remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms. Nothing fancy, they were still anything but rich.

Connor took advantage of one of those remodeled bathrooms. It was nice to use a shower stall that he could move around in without fear of grazing a wall that festered with God-knows-what. He toweled off in his room and dressed in a pair of jeans and an undershirt. His skin was still moist and tingling with that freshly scrubbed feeling when he heard a rumble outside.

A motor revved. Peeking from his upstairs window he saw an old Harley pull into the drive. What kind of schmuck drives a motorcycle in the snow? The kind of schmuck who lets a girl ride behind him sans helmet. Not just any girl, but Connor’s baby sister Rebecca.

The guy pulled off his own helmet, revealing greasy black hair that stopped just above his shoulders. The couple hopped off the bike, then the guy pulled Rebecca to him. The couple tongue-kissed. The guy’s hands fell to Rebecca’s butt. This is too gross, Connor thought. Half of him wanted to throw up, the other half wanted to go outside and beat the hell out of the creep who was putting the moves on his little sis. He settled for closing his curtains. After a couple of minutes the Harley rumbled again growing fainter as it drove away.

Connor lay on his bed to recover from his trip. He must have dozed off. He awoke covered in an afghan and someone had turned the lamp off, his mother had been at work here. The clock radio’s red digital face read 10:30. He had been awakened by something. He heard it again: a soft knock on his door.

“Connor?” a hushed voice asked through the barrier. He told Rebecca to come in. “God, I’m sorry. I totally forgot that you were coming home.” She brushed a strand of ginger hair out of her eyes.

He was sure that dad had shamed her into the apology. “That’s alright. Are we still on for tomorrow morning?”

“Same as always.” She said no more just closed his door as quietly as possible.

The next morning Connor had fired up the console television, his folks had just bought a satellite. The reception was finally clear enough to use that video cassette recorder they bought a few years back, now if they could only find a place that still sold betas.

He sat on the couch stretching a long leg all the way to the other end.

“Move it or lose it,” Rebecca said. She had a plate full of rolls and stuffing and a little of just about everything else that their mother had prepared for dinner. He pulled his leg off her side, resting it on the coffee table. “Did I miss anything?”

“No, it hasn’t even started.” Then as if on cue the ribbon was cut on screen and the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had begun. Sure it was for kids and sure it could get mind-numbingly boring after three straight hours, but hey, it was tradition. The siblings had sat on the same couch and watched the same parade every Thanksgiving all of their lives.

Rebecca took a hot roll and put it to her mouth. It must have been too warm as she immediately pursed her pink lips and blew. She took a bite, a few white flakes drifted to her thick blaze orange sweater. She brushed at her chest clearing the crumbs.

“Would you like a bib?” Connor asked. She stuck out her tongue in reply.

“I’m surprised you’ve never went in person, you go to school right in New York,” Rebecca said as Kermit the Frog’s balloon was dragged across 34th Street.

“New York City and New York State are just a little different. A farm boy from Kansas, who lacked the ability to duck in a phone booth and change into Superman, wouldn’t last two minutes in that city.”

“Still, it would probably be less stressful than coming back here every year.”

“Yeah, but then I couldn’t sit here with you.” She smiled despite having a mouthful of mashed potatoes and batted her eyes teasingly. “You’d better slow down on the food or they’ll be floating you through the streets of Manhattan.” Her face soured and she flung a roll at him.

“Who would you suggest I take anyway?” Connor asked after they had both stopped laughing. “I’m not about to go to a parade by myself.”

“Well, you could always go with one of your little girlfriends,” she answered.

“I see, would that be the ones who won’t give me the time of day or the ones I make up just to keep mom from meddling in my love life.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of Courtney.”

Courtney had been his sweetheart in high school. They had actually kept a relationship up through the first year of college, but then she wanted something more tangible.

“Only one problem sis, Courtney’s married and it’s not to me.”

“Was married,” Rebecca said. “She just got divorced. You must have some really convincing fake girlfriends for mom not to have relayed that piece of information.”

The doorbell rang, it was their grandmother. She was their father’s mother, but you’d never know it by the way she adored her daughter-in-law. True to character Grandma Jo went straight to the kitchen to offer what assistance she could.

The parade was almost over and the big appearance of Santa Claus was advertised as next. “I find it hard to believe,” Rebecca said after a while.

“Well good, because quite frankly you’re a little old for Santa.”

“You dummy.” She hit him with a throw pillow. “I mean about what you said.” He had no idea what he had said, as far as he knew he hadn’t said anything in more than an hour. “About the girls not giving you the time of day.”

“Oh, they’ll talk to me, but that’s about it. They just love my ‘Kansas accent.’ Which is weird because if there is one race of people that speak bland accent-less English it’s the Kansans. You should see it when I tell them I grew up halfway between Wichita and Dodge. They think we have card games in saloons and gunfights in the streets.”

Rebecca had to cover her mouth she was giggling so badly. “Oh come on no one is that stupid.”

So maybe he exaggerated a little, but he’d heard some pretty dumb stuff. “What about that boyfriend of yours?”

She averted her eyes. “What about him?”

“He’s got to be pretty stupid.”

She looked at him like he’d just told her the world was made of Jell-o. “Letting his girlfriend ride on his motorcycle without a helmet. All he needs to do is lose control once and that pretty little head of yours cracks open like— you, remember that time you dropped Grandma’s tray of deviled eggs?”

“Your such a dork,” she said wielding that pillow again.

“I am not a dork,” he said catching the pillow and tearing it from her grip.

She cocked an eyebrow. “You’re a twenty-two year old engineering student with nothing better to do than spy on your little sister.”

“Alright so I’m a dork,” he conceded handing her back the pillow. “Whack away.”

She smacked his face once again.

“Rebecca Julia Franks, leave your poor brother alone.” Mom to the rescue. She had peeked in just long enough to catch the girl in the act.

“Well at least we know where you get it from,” she said tossing the pillow to the floor.

“It’s not spying when the person you’re spying on is making out in the middle of the driveway. Next time he tries to make hot tongue love to you, I might just come out and kick his ass.”

“I wouldn’t advise it.” She tried to look serious. “Russ is a black belt in jujitsu he could really mess you up.”

“Hey I’m no pushover. I haven’t lost a fight yet.”

“You’ve never been in a fight in your life,” Rebecca said.

She was right. He had played offensive lineman throughout high school, tall and big-boned. He never went out looking for trouble and at that size trouble just usually come looking for you. He’d lost a lot of weight since then, but still he figured he could take care of himself.

“Yeah, but I can get pretty nasty. Remember that time my football accidentally landed in Neal’s flower garden and he stole it?” She nodded. “I taught him a lesson.”

“Neal was like seventy. Besides, all you did was soap his windows.”

“Yeah. And he had to buy new windows— eventually.”

“You’re such a retard Connor. And I’m the one who got held back?”

Their older sister and her husband arrived next. Jan had gotten married a couple of years ago to Todd. Jan was actually closer in age, only two years older than Connor, but they were never very close, not like with Rebecca. Todd was a decent fellow, he used to help out around the farm. Connor didn’t really know him but Rebecca seemed to like him and that was endorsement enough.

Their Dad had claimed his easy chair and their Grandma was in the recliner. Jan was pregnant, very much so, and squeezed into the loveseat.

Santa and his entourage of plaster reindeer were gliding across the screen. “You guys still watch this stuff?” Todd said plopping on the couch. Rebecca scooted close to Connor, because family rules state: when on a crowded sofa you crush the person more closely related.

The gathering was going to be rather intimate this year. Connor’s maternal grandparents were visiting his Uncle Sandy in Denver. The oven timer went off, the nutmeg and cinnamon scent of pumpkin pies wafted into the living room. Dinner time at last.

Connor took a seat at the head of the table. Actually his father was at the head, carving the turkey, so maybe Connor was at the ass of the table. Either way it was better than being trapped at the ubiquitous kids’ table. This was the first year he and Rebecca had avoided the folding card table that a few times a year donned a paper tablecloth and masqueraded as a dining table. He had lost more than one glass of soda to that rickety nightmare. Then there was the Christmas that Uncle Sandy decided to humor the kids by sitting with them while he drank a coffee. Connor was fairly certain he hadn’t asked Santa for a second degree burn that year.

A half an hour and about ten-thousand calories later it was all over except the dishes.

Rebecca and Jan were washing and drying respectively. Connor came into the kitchen at the behest of their mom in a vain attempt to pack the refrigerator with leftovers.

“When is mom going to figure out she’s feeding a family and not an army platoon?” Connor said to no one in particular.

“Hopefully before I stop trying to stuff my fat ass into these jeans.” The two younger siblings tried to reassure their big sister that she was not that fat. “Oh God don’t even try to cheer me up. Not that I ever had a perfect butt like Rebecca or anything.” She spun the damp towel and snapped her little sister.

Connor chanced a glance at Rebecca’s posterior. He had to admit it looked better than a butt in dark slacks had a right to. Especially when the slacks and butt belonged to his little sister. He looked up from the view, Jan had seen him.

“See, even Connor likes staring at your ass,” his big sister said in that patronizing voice that big sister’s have perfected through the years.

“Jan!” Rebecca shouted indignantly.

“I was not staring at it, I was just looking.”

“Connor!” Rebecca shouted at him now.

Jan laughed so hard that Connor almost expected her water to break. “Wait till I tell Todd,” she was in hysterics.

Connor took his big sister’s place drying. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you or anything.” She didn’t answer for a minute, she just kept dipping and scrubbing. “Rebecca?” He leaned in close, thinking he’d really weirded her out or something. She took a handful of soap bubbles and smeared them on his face. “Oh that’s real mature.”

She stretched on her toes to give him a kiss on the lips. He was expecting a quick peck, but her lips seemed to linger just a second too long. What was that? he wondered. It was a little more than a peck, a lot less than what she’d given her boyfriend. He grabbed a plate and started drying again.

She hadn’t looked away like he had. The chocolate brown of her eyes fixed on him, burning. He thought leaving might be a good idea, getting the hell away from her. That might hurt her though, maybe he should give her a little kiss in return. He tentatively turned to face her again as he looked into those chocolate eyes he felt a sudden urge to bend that little butt over the counter and… He wondered where that had come from. He settled for a fourth, more big brotherly option. He stuck his hand in the sink and splashed soap and warm water in her direction.

She wrestled the towel from his grip, not that he would fight her very hard, and whipped it at him wildly.

“My eye,” he said covering his face, baiting his trap.

“God, I’m sorry,” Rebecca grabbed his wrists and tried to check on the injury she thought she had inflicted.

“You fool,” he picked her up emitting a fake maniacal laugh. He found an empty space on the counter and sat her squirming, giggling body down. He tickled her in the usual spots like on her stomach and under her arms, but the thick sweater made a good shield. He reached under the damp, wool-blend and felt soft, bare skin. He tickled her midsection unmercifully starting at the ribs then working his hands inwards to meet at her navel.

She begged him to have mercy. “Never,” he answered, slowing the tickles so that they were more like caresses.

“Never?” she asked able to breath again.

“Under one condition. Tell me you’re sorry and that you love me.”

“That’s two conditions.” she pointed out. He increased his tickling. “I’m sorry, and I do love you. Forgive me?” He nodded. “Good, now get your hands out of my shirt.”

The phone rang.

He removed his hands, brushing that fascinating skin of hers on the way out. She hopped off the counter and grabbed the kitchen phone. “Hey Russ,” she squeaked into it.

Every inch of her face and hands were flushed. Connor felt an odd sense of satisfaction over the fact that he had been responsible. “Of course I can come over, I’ll just see if Connor will lend—” Connor shook his head no, “I guess you’ll have to come and get me… Okay… see you.”

“He’d better have a helmet for you,” Connor said finishing the dishes.

“He just lives down the road. Don’t be such a Hitler.”

“Fine, let that little weasel crash and crack your skull open. I’ll alert the Goodyear Blimp people so they can collect the hot air as it escapes from your head.”

“I’m going to go change.” She had completely ignored him.

She had barely emerged from her bedroom in a dry sweater when he heard the motorbike rumble outside. She stopped in the kitchen. “I hope I’ll see you again before you leave tomorrow. What time is your flight?”


“Oh.” Her bottom lip extended in a pout. “I’ll be out kind of late, so I guess I’ll see you Christmas break.”

“Wait a sec. Out late? It’s Thanksgiving, what on Earth would you be doing out late tonight?”

“Use your imagination Adolph,” she said with a wink. He just had, he couldn’t look at her. “Relax, we’re driving to see the Plaza Lights. We’re taking his step-dad’s car so don’t go all nuts.”

“Can I at least have a hug goodbye?” Connor asked opening his arms wide.

She rolled her eyes just as a horn sounded in the drive. She bounced over, wrapping her arms around him. Just as she was about to release and step away he grabbed her again and planted a kiss on the tip of her nose.

“See you in a month. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” he said watching her rush out the door. Her butt moved hypnotically beneath the tight fabric of her trousers. Damn that Jan, he thought.


“I don’t know why you have to wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping,” Connor said as he and Rebecca navigated through the packed mall. “You’re a girl, girls are genetically engineered to shop. By all rights you should have had all your gifts bought by September.”

“Oh quit whining, you didn’t have to come you know.” Rebecca rolled her brown eyes. “So it’s a little crowded.”

“No Beck, the Wal-Mart Supercenter back in Owens Mill is a little crowded, this place is sardine central.”

“Yeah, well there are some people too special for Wal-Mart gifts.” Rebecca was small enough to traverse the crowd more easily than Connor. She was creating distance between them, he followed the bounce of her ginger hair to the window of a boutique.

It was a lingerie store. He was sure his face was barnyard red as he followed his little sister in. She went straight to a rack that had a lacy red babydoll and matching silk panties.

“Umm, I’m not sure who on your list would fit into that, but I’d like to meet her,” Connor said.

“This is the wrapping not the present,” she winked at Connor as she held it up in front of her. She placed it back on the rack.

His blush didn’t leave until he was a safe distance from the lingerie store and his sister. He found his way to the Radio Hut and had made his way to the laptop computers. He was fiddling with one, thinking for the millionth time of how handy one of these would come in at school. The university had provided a PC in his dorm room, but it wasn’t like he could stuff that into his backpack and haul it to class.

“So why don’t you buy one already?” Rebecca’s voice startled him. “You’ve only been asking mom and dad for one of those things forever. I doubt you’ll find another that cheap.”

He didn’t have five-hundred, let alone the more than eight-hundred dollars it would take before rebates. “Maybe mom and dad finally got the hint this year,” he said.

“Don’t hold your breath,” she said handing him her bags.

“I can’t believe you peeked, again.”

“What can I say, I don’t like surprises.”

No matter how well their father concealed the presents she always managed to sniff them out. She was like a surprise-spoiling bloodhound. Connor couldn’t believe her and he couldn’t believe how heavy the bags were as he carried them for her. He had just left her for a few minutes. “Do you have a bricklayer on your shopping list?”

“Shut up, it’s a bowling ball.”

“Speaking of round and heavy things, do you think our sister will make it through another holiday without splitting open like a grape?” He asked while they got in line at a snack bar. “How many years has she been pregnant?”

“Only eight months, dummy,” she playfully smacked him on the arm. “I hope I don’t get that big when I get pregnant. It’s funny how some girls do, some don’t.

“It’s like a pregnancy sweepstakes.” She looked at him kind of funny. “You’re all skinny and then one day you get a letter in the mail with Ed McMahon’s likeness saying you may already be a whale.”

“Oh God, shut up,” she said, trying hard to suppress her rising giggles. “Are you going to be that mean to me when I have a baby.”

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that.” She cocked an eyebrow at him. “It’s my big brotherly duty to ensure that by then you will have been shipped off to a Bolivian convent, where your chastity can be protected.”

“Great plan, except I think you have to be Catholic to become a nun. Besides, you’re a little late in your big brotherly duties.” She blushed as she said it.

He was glad that their turn in line was next. “What do you want?” Connor asked.

“Just a Diet Coke and nachos,” she said, “but I’ll pay.” She dug through her purse. “Christ! I can’t find my bank card. I must have left it in Jones. Look, order for me and I’ll meet you in the car.”

Connor nodded and watched her slip away to the department store. She turned heads in the crowded mall, all of them male. Whoever it was, that had gotten her first, was one lucky bastard.

He was sitting in the car sipping her Diet Coke when she hollered at him to open the trunk. It was safe to assume she had found her bank card as she was lugging a big black bag. Women. “Just couldn’t resist?” he asked as she stuffed the bag in the trunk with the rest of the stuff.

“No, not any more.”

They got home late in the afternoon, still a few more hours until the big family party at their grandparents. Their mom had left to help with dinner and their dad was out in the barn. Rebecca was just finishing wrapping when Connor walked in her bedroom.

“So which one is mine?” he asked looking over the presents. She pointed to a fairly decent sized rectangle near the bottom of the pile. “Looks promising,” he said weighing it in his arms.

“You deserve it,” she said sitting on her bed. “Why are you the only man who really cares about me?”

He wondered what had got her so down. She had seemed so happy all day. “I’m your big brother, it’s my job to care about you.”

“Some of my friends would kill their brothers if they thought they could get away with it.”

“I know you want to kill me every time I talk bad about Russ.” She started crying. “Beck, what’s the matter with you?” He tried to hug her for comfort but she turned away.

“I’m so messed up right now.”

He realized that in the over twenty-four hours since he had come home that he had not seen or heard any signs of her creepy boyfriend. “What’s wrong, Beck? You know you can tell me anything.” He tried to put his arm around her again but she pushed him away.

“Not this time, I can’t tell.” He was getting kind of scared for her. “I want to be alone for a little while, okay?” she asked never looking at him.

“Alright Beck,” he said leaving to find his dad.

The old barn had not been used for animals in years. Now, it was temperature controlled and home to his parents’ exercise equipment as well as storage in the massive loft. His dad was up in the loft moving around some boxes and crates. “Hey son,” his father said huffing from the exertion. “You’re sister isn’t around is she?”

Connor shook his head. “Good, I hid the presents where she couldn’t find them in a million years.”

Connor didn’t have the heart to tell him.

“Uh, dad?”

“What is it son?”

“When did Beck break up with her boyfriend?”

“Weeks ago, right after Thanksgiving. She was so depressed up until you got back.” His father opened a crate full of gifts. He fumbled through it’s contents and frowned. “I could have sworn that I bought two of these.”

“She really does love you Connor, I think she misses you more than she lets on. That’s why it was awful sweet of you to spend your day with her. Not a lot of boys your age would do that for their little sister.” His father’s watch started to beep. “Five already? I’m going to have to get going. Are you kids riding with me?”

“No we’ll take my car. You know how I like to leave before the older relatives get too much eggnog in them.”

His dad climbed down the ladder and hopped into his truck.

Connor dressed in a pair of new jeans with a button-up shirt and maroon sweater vest. He donned a corduroy blazer, to dress up a bit, then went to his sister’s room.

Rebecca was already dressed, a miracle in and of itself. She was wearing a powder blue sweater and jeans, she looked so unintentionally stunning. Her ginger hair was casually styled, her makeup was barely-there and perfect.

“I take it you’re ready?” he asked. She nodded. “Feel better?” Again she nodded.

Their grandparents lived in town, only a fifteen minute drive. Connor and Rebecca had been the last to arrive, ensuring them a place at the kiddie table, as well as the wrath of said kiddies for delaying the present opening.

Uncle Sandy was waiting to let them in.

Good old Grandma, she always decorated every room of the house for the holidays. Tinsel had been strung from every corner and lights were wrapped around everything. She also had a small forest of artificial trees placed throughout the house.

They trudged down the hall to throw their coats on their grandparent’s bed. “Looks like Grandma went overboard again,” Rebecca said unzipping her down coat.

“I wonder if she put out the Santa toilet seat we got her last year?” Rebecca didn’t answer. She was looking at the ceiling where a piece of green dangled over the bed. “Mistletoe?” Connor asked. “Just what kind of Christmas party are Grandma and Grandpa planning tonight?”

“Don’t be so gross. I think it’s a romantic.”

“Yep, because nothing says romance like a parasitic, poisonous plant.”

He reached up to bat the weed that dangled just above their heads. He felt her hands wrap around the back of his head, pulling. She was kissing him hard and soft at the same time. He stumbled back and they were lying on the bed, upon a pile of discarded coats. The fall had separated their lips, but he still held on to her. She was so warm and alive in his arms. He had to kiss her, just one more time. He pushed his tongue into her accepting mouth.

This was so crazy, making out with his little sister on a pile of coats. If anyone walked in his life was over. A horrifying thought, but one that didn’t stop him as he put his hand under the powder blue softness of her sweater. Beads of moisture gathered on her smooth stomach. She was sweating and he was the cause. He knew it was so wrong but his hand creeped northward until it grazed the bottom of her silky bra.

The floor squeaked in the hallway, someone was coming. Connor yanked his hand free and sprung from the bed. Their lips smacked as they separated.

“Hey Con, Beck, you kids get lost or something?” Uncle Sandy stood in the doorway. Had he seen them, no he couldn’t have. But God that was close. “Everyone’s ready to eat.”

They sat next to each other at the kiddie table, but that is the closest he would dare get to her the rest of the evening. As they gathered around the tree Connor picked a spot as far away from Rebecca as he could manage. Fortunately he could no longer feel her or smell her.

He could still see her though. The way she sat between Jan and Todd on the couch, with her shapely legs demurely crossed, was driving him insane. To the shock of everyone, Connor had been quiet all evening. He even smiled as he pretended to like the box full of underwear his grandparents had given him for the tenth straight year. How many pairs did they think he needed? He only had one ass to cover.

He put his gift down and looked at Rebecca, she was watching him. She had been watching him all evening. She knew he was thinking about her, she was probably thinking about him. A sly smile spread over her mouth. God, somebody would see. They would see the way she was looking at him and know what they had done.

What was she thinking? He thought as he sat on the Santa toilet seat trying to regain his composure. Why had she kissed him? He had to stop blaming her alone, he was just as guilty. He didn’t try to stop her, far from it, he had tried to get to second base with her. He returned to the living room, back to her presence. He told his mom that he wasn’t feeling well and was going home early. Lucky for him, he had been flushed ever since the kiss, add his unusually quiet demeanor and he had sufficiently convinced his mother.

He gathered his coat and cursed the little piece of mistletoe that had ruined his Christmas and, quite possibly, his life. He was out on the porch enjoying the fresh air when he heard the front door swing open. “Wait for me.” Hair tingled on the back of his neck.

“Beck, I don’t think—”

“Look, I’m sorry. My life has been so messed up lately, I just got carried away.” She apologized. “I don’t want you to hate me.”

He sat on the hood of his sedan. She looked so sad standing there in the driveway, begging him not to leave her. “Come on, lets go home.”

They drove in silence for a while.

“So do you want me to kick his ass?”

“What?” Rebecca asked tearing her gaze from the window to fix on him.

“Russ. Do you want me to kick his ass?”

“Don’t even think about it Connor,” she said sternly. “It’s not his fault I’m this way.”

“Not his fault? The guy dumps you right before Christmas. Granted your response wasn’t the healthiest—”

“He didn’t.” Her voice was so small and scared that he almost missed it.


“He didn’t dump me. I dumped him.”

“You were crazy about him, why would you just dump him?”

“I think I’m in love with somebody else.” His fingers tightened on the wheel. He tried to slow his breathing and stay focused on the road.

“I know I shouldn’t be but I am. I always have been.”

He kept the car running for a few extra moments after he pulled into the driveway. “Beck.” He couldn’t finish his thought on how she was just confused. Why had he let things go this far? She was so beautiful, her warm chocolate eyes looked into his soul as he tried to think of something to say. His mind was still wrapped around the fact that she had told him she loved him, indirect as she had been in doing it. She had meant it too. That was more than he could say for any woman he had ever been with.

He inched forward. Unseen forces were at work directing him to her. This was supposed to happen, he allowed himself to admit. She was the one he loved, she was the one he’d always loved. They kissed again. Nothing rushed this time, no family to barge in. She assaulted his mouth, chewing and nibbling on his tongue and lips. When had his little sister learned to do this? The windshield fogged from the heat they were generating.

The farm was cold and deserted, but inside his little car was perfect. He had done this a few times, usually in the back seat, but it was always as a fumbling teenager who knew no more about pleasing a woman than he did about tax laws. He was still no expert on either subject but Rebecca’s moans and mewls told him what she liked.

Rebecca pulled her sweater off, revealing bra capped breasts. They weren’t humongous, but gorgeous nonetheless. Her skin seemed to glow as she struggled out of her tight jeans, lifting just enough to give him a fleeting glimpse of that perfect ass clad only in a pair of panties.

Connor stripped as well. The jacket was a struggle to remove, but once it was, the rest came easily. In a flash he was down to his jockeys.

He sat staring at her for a moment. His little sister, he realized, was sitting before him in nothing but her underwear. In a few more moments his world would be inalterably thrown off it’s axis. His life had been perfectly plotted since high school. College degree, great job, wife and kids. How could Rebecca fit into that equation? Would she even want a life that meant juggling so many secrets?

There were so many obstacles. But in the end none of them mattered. What mattered was Rebecca, in that car with him, at that moment. He kissed her, mashing their mouths together. Her arms snaked around his strong back to hold him tight. He worked her bra clasp loose, freeing two perfect boobs. Her nipples were brown and stiff from arousal. He thought it was supremely hot that he could garner such a reaction from her.

He suckled one of the stiff nubs. She was salty and sweet at the same time. Her skin felt so warm against his lips. His left hand drifted to her stomach, caressing the soft skin as he had that first time on the kitchen counter.

Their lives had changed so much since then. They had changed just in the last few hours. They would change even more now that her panties were a crumpled ball around her left ankle. She kicked, causing the soft white cotton to drift to his lap.

He brought them to his nose and slowly inhaled her delicate aroma, burning into his memory the way she smelled before their first time. She reached down by the door and pulled the latch to recline the seat. She leaned backwards, slowly, until she was horizontal. Rebecca spread her legs slightly for him.

Connor tore off his jockeys and climbed over to her side of the car. “You know,” he said, the back of his head bumping the ceiling, “this would be a little easier in the house.”

“I wanna do it here,” she said. Her mouth drooped in a little sisterly pout.

“You’re the boss,” he said kissing those pert lips. Connor positioned his cockhead at the warm zenith of her femaleness. He pushed in. Those nuns had not been needed after all, but she was still tight. She looked at him with apologizing eyes. Someone had planted their flag before Connor, but after tonight no one else ever would.

The snug walls of her vagina clung to his shaft, pinching and milking as the siblings brought each other obscene pleasure. No one had ever made him feel this way. He felt his sister’s walls pulsate, he hadn’t even started moving yet. She was orgasming simply from him being inside her.

He allowed her to recapture her breath before he started thrusting his hips. She grunted and her breasts bobbled with each thrust. Her skin glowed with sweat and endorphins, her hair was wet and mussed. She looked like a woman in love. He was going to be finished soon, he hoped that he could bring her another orgasm before he shot.

Her grunts raised in pitch until they became little whines. The demure odor he had first smelled in the fabric of her panties was everywhere in the interior of the car. He wondered if it would soak into the upholstery, the more he inhaled it the less he cared if it did.

Her pussy was so wet it squished as his dick bottomed out, that sound mingled with the slaps from his balls as they collided with her perfect butt. She was going to cum and so was he.

“Rebecca, oh God! Are you on the pill?” She bit her lip and shook her head no.

He was afraid of that. He pulled out, hopefully before the first release of semen, but it was too close to call. He rubbed the sensitive bottom of his dick head along her furrow as he shot volleys of white cum into her trimmed gingery curls. He brushed past her pink little clit hard enough to send her over the edge.

“Oh Connor,” she grabbed his butt and with a strength he didn’t know she possessed, pulled her against him. His dick unloaded a final lethargic squirt between their compressed bodies.

They kissed again as a headlight lit the interior. They scrambled to separate afraid it was their parents. A roaring engine flew past, it was a motorcycle. Thankfully, it never stopped.

“Wow,” Rebecca breathed, looking every bit like his sweet little sister once again, in spite of her nakedness. “That was intense.”

“Intense doesn’t begin to explain what that was, Beck.”

“I guess we’d better go in before we freeze to death.” She gathered her powder blue sweater and jeans. He handed her the panties after one last sniff. “Looks like I won’t need to spend money on perfume anymore.”

“Find a way to bottle that stuff and you’d make a fortune.”

They managed to find time to dress in between kissing and exploring.

“Want to take a shower together?” Rebecca asked as they slipped in through the front door.

“You know I do,” he pinned her against the door and kissed her, “but what if mom and dad came home? That would be some present to find your son and daughter having hot, wet shower sex.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said. “But remember you owe me one more before you leave home.” She tickled his stomach this time.

“Hey you already had two, I’m the one who got shortchanged.”

“Alright you big baby, are you free on Monday?”

“Well there is this girl in town, who I’ve been meaning to spend more time with.”

She gazed at Connor curiously for a second. “Oh, me,” she looked embarrassed and relieved.

“Yes you,” he poked his finger in her belly producing a giggle. “By New Year’s Day you’re going to be walking with a limp.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” she said wiggling free and running up the stairs. “Want to have our exchange tonight?”

“Didn’t we already do that?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Just bring your present to my room when you’re done washing up.”


Rebecca met him in the hallway wearing a lavender satin robe. He really wanted to find out what was underneath it, but their parents could pull in at any minute.

They sat on her bed and nervously exchanged boxes. “Ladies first,” he said.

Her eyes lit up behind damp curls of ginger hair as she tore into the red foil. Beneath was a white shirt box with the word Macy’s emblazoned on it.

“This looks promising,” she echoed his sentiment from earlier. He hoped she wouldn’t be too disappointed in her gift. She pulled open the box and removed a minty green sweatshirt with the logo for the past year’s Thanksgiving parade.

“Oh Connor,” she seemed to like it.

“I know it’s kind of dumb, but I had to spend a weekend in Manhattan with my obnoxious roommate to get that shirt.”

“It’s perfect,” she said wiping a few tears away. “Open yours.”

He tore through the paper, revealing a brown cardboard box with HP stamped all over it. “Rebecca?” he said wondering what she had done. He pulled open the brown box and found his laptop. “Rebecca! You can’t afford this, it’s too much.”

“You’re worth it,” she said. He just stuttered, trying to convince her to return it. “You don’t like it?”

“I love it, I love you, but you need the money—” she put her finger to his lips to hush him.

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered.

“I love you,” he said placing the laptop on her bed and kissing her.

“I have something else for you.” This was getting out of hand, he had to stop her before he got the mother of all inferiority complexes. She rose from her bed and tugged the sash of her robe loose. Beneath she was wearing the lacy red babydoll she had showed him in the lingerie store. “You can’t unwrap this one quite yet,” she said pulling his hands to her chest, “but you can sure have fun trying to guess what’s under the wrapping.”

He pulled her into his lap. He no longer cared if his parents came home or that his perfectly plotted life was crumbling into dust. He held the woman his little sister had become and decided that no matter what happened, she was worth it.

“Connor, I love you,” she breathed in his ear.

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