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World’s Greatest Mom

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I was very happy for my mother when I found out that Cindy was coming to visit. It was late June. I had finished school for the year and had not found a summer job yet — although I was in no hurry to accomplish that. Mom was still getting over her divorce from my father almost a year ago and she desperately needed to have some fun. I had tried my best to bring her out of the doldrums that she was in, but I guess there’s only so much an eighteen year-old son can do. I was hoping that a week with Cindy was what she needed to rejuvenate herself.

Mom and Cindy met when they were both nineteen and taking their nursing degrees. After mom graduated she got a job here in Richmond Hills and married my father soon after, mostly because she was pregnant with me. Cindy moved to Cleveland and eventually married as well. Now both were divorced with children and in their early forties. A reunion was probably what they both needed at this stage of their lives.

Mom had booked vacation time from her nursing job in preparation for Cindy’s visit. She spent a good deal of time cleaning the house and planning activities for her and Cindy. Already I had noticed a change for the better in mom, even before Cindy had arrived. She seemed happier than she had in many months. It made me very glad. Even as she maneuvered about, cleaning and tidying the house, mom seemed more lithe and carefree. Not only did it gladden me; it also excited me just watching her body move.

I had always considered my mother to be very pretty. Her blue eyes had a constant sparkle to them and her raven hair hung down over her shoulders, framing her pretty oval face. In addition to her lovely face, her body was shapely and firm. Occasionally she would lament that she needed to loose weight, diet, or exercise. I was always careful to dissuade her without seeming overly interested in how she looked. Her hips had a graceful curve and her ass, although she considered it too plump, appeared firm and well-proportioned to her slender frame. Occasionally when I noticed her bend over wild thoughts of clutching her hips in my hands and pulling her to me, or giving her backside a firm slap filled my mind. Her breasts were definitely her best feature though, as far as I was concerned. They were outstanding, so-to-speak. Often I could not help but notice this fact when my mother wore sweaters or dresses that emphasized just how well-endowed she was up top.

Mom was forty-four, but most anyone would have guessed her age to be several years younger. Many times when she and I were out shopping or doing other things I noticed guys of all ages (some as young as me) turn their heads as she passed by — although she was oblivious to their admiration. Thankfully she was also blind to my taboo thoughts and feelings as well. I always made sure the occasional hugs, accompanied by a kiss on the cheek, that I gave her were never more than what she would consider proper coming from her son. I, like most every male within eyesight of mom, always knew how desirable she was. Looking at her was often accompanied by a surge of arousal and lust. These feelings became stronger over time, until they grew into a longing for my mother. Once she left my father I entertained thoughts that I might even replace him in some aspects of her life, although ones forbidden by convention.

The night before we were to pick Cindy up at the airport I don’t think mom slept at all due to excitement. As I drove her to the airport the next afternoon she reminisced almost constantly about her school days with Cindy. By the time we arrived at the airport I felt as though I knew Cindy as well as mom did.

I stood beside my mother while she scanned the faces of people arriving through Gate 52 at the airport. Once she spied Cindy she waved manically and shouted out to her. Heads turned and I felt embarrassed.

Although I had seen a few photos of Cindy that she had emailed mom and heard plenty about her, I was surprised by how pretty she was. She was slightly shorter than me, about five-foot four, slim, with green eyes and honey-blond hair. As she hurried towards mom I noticed her breasts jiggle from beneath her blouse. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off her hips and ass nicely. I moved my eyes up and down her body.

“Cindy, this is my son, Colin,” mom said, clutching my arm and sounding proud.

Cindy offered her hand to me and I shook it. “Nice to finally meet you, Colin. I’ve heard so much about you,” she said. “Although you never told me how handsome he is, Becky. You never introduced me to any of the good-looking guys you met.” Her eyes shifted towards mom and she gave her a sly grin.

“Watch out for her, Colin. She’s a cougar,” mom cautioned, then laughed.

Going home I drove as fast as I dared because I wanted to get home as soon as possible and I was sure mom and Cindy felt the same. The trip home took fifteen minutes less than the trip there.

“What a lovely house, Becky,” Cindy exclaimed as she followed me inside, while I carried her suitcase and carry-on bag.

“I got it as part of the divorce settlement,” mom explained. “I had a good lawyer who searched-out Michael’s secret bank accounts in The Cayman Islands.” She flashed Cindy a predatory grin, then chortled.

“Well, good for you!” her friend replied.

I placed Cindy’s suitcase and carry-on bag beside the sofa and sat down. Across the living room she and my mom were still talking. Occasionally I shifted my eyes towards them, surveying Cindy’s shape and pretty face. Soon I felt myself becoming turned-on by her. Although she was not quite as pretty or shapely as mom, she was certainly very attractive. My cheeks began to flush and I went to the kitchen for a glass of Pepsi.

By the time I had almost finished my pop mom was calling to me to bring Cindy’s luggage upstairs and show her to her room. My arousal had waned enough by then that I felt comfortable being around Cindy.

Cindy followed me upstairs, then into the spare bedroom. I put her suitcase and carry-on by the bed, then turned towards her, feeling awkward.

“Thanks so much, Colin. I hope that I don’t inconvenience you and Becky while I’m here.”

“No, not at all,” I assured her. “I’m glad you’ve come to visit. It will do mom a lot of good.”

I was about to elaborate when I saw mom appear in the doorway. She entered the bedroom. I surmised that she was either trying to be a proper hostess, or never trusted Cindy to be alone with me. My bet would have been on the latter.

“The room’s kind of small. I hope you find it comfortable. If you need anything, let me know,” mom said.

“Thanks. I’ll be just fine though,” she replied, then smiled as she glanced towards her suitcase. “Wait till you see what I brought with me.”

Cindy unzipped her suitcase and sifted through clothes. She pulled a pink photo album from it and held it up, giving mom a wide smile. “Photos from when we were in school!”

“Oh, wow… I haven’t seen them in ages,” mom exclaimed.

“I bet you haven’t seen many photos of your mom when she was around your age,” Cindy said to me.

I shook my head and stood beside my mother, peering over Cindy’s shoulder at the photographs.

“At least I used to be pretty,” mom sighed as she looked at a photo of herself.

“Used to be? Hell, Becky, you look as great as you did back then! Maybe better.” Cindy looked at her, running her eyes up and down her body. “How do you stay in such great shape? I wish my body looked half as good as yours does. I was always so envious of your big tits. They still look as nice as they did twenty years ago too.” She gave a blatant stare down towards mom’s chest.

Mom let out a gasp and blushed. Her blue eyes met mine as she gave me a mortified look. I managed to keep my composure, but in all honesty I wanted to at least smile, if not laugh aloud. The fact of the matter was that I could easily understand Cindy’s envy.

“Cindy, not in front of Colin. Please.” Mom’s voice was soft but firm as her eyes locked on her friend’s.

“Come on, Becky. Relax. It’s not like he doesn’t already know that you’re stacked.”

“He’s my son.” Mom’s jaw was clenched as she glared at Cindy. I feared that she wanted to strike her.

“He’s also a normal teenage guy and you’re a very attractive woman, Becky. I bet he thinks they’re as nice as I do.” Cindy thought she was trying to diffuse the situation, but was only making it much worse.

“You’re incorrigible.” Mom stormed out of the room and down the stairs.

Cindy gave me a worried look. “I better go talk to her,” she said.

“No. Give her some time,” I advised. “Once you’ve finished unpacking she should have cooled-off. I’ll go talk to her.”

“Thanks, Colin. I was only half-joking. I guess your mom doesn’t appreciate my sense of humor like she used to,” she said with regret.

“It’s been a rough year or so for her. She’ll be okay though.”

Mom was in the kitchen peeling potatoes for supper. I could tell by her jerky movements that she was burning off nervous energy and anger. I sat down at the table beside where she was standing but said nothing. I waited for her to initiate a conversation.

“I can’t believe how crass she can be,” mom spat out.

“Just like she was twenty years ago, right?”

Mom looked at me and nodded. “Exactly. But I’m not the same person I was then. She doesn’t seem to realize that I’ve changed. I’m an adult. A mother.”

“Judging from what she said, she doesn’t think you’ve changed. She thinks you look as great as ever.” I knew my comment was a risky one at best. Either mom would see the humor in it, or stab me with the paring knife in her hand. I was relieved when she smiled.

“Don’t you start too.” she said, then laughed.

“You know Cindy better than me, but I’d say you should try not to take offense to what she says about you. She means it all as compliments, Mom. You haven’t seen her in years and she’s only here for a week. Who knows when you’ll see her again,” I said.

“I know. You’re right. Like she said: I should relax,” she conceded. A smile had returned to her face. I was relieved and pleased with my efforts as a mediator.

I was glad when I heard Cindy coming down the stairs because I was hoping she and mom would resolve their differences, and quickly.

Cindy entered the kitchen, looking sheepish. “Can I help you with anything, Becky?” she asked, sounding tentative.

“There’s not much left to do. The chicken’s in the oven; the broccoli’s steaming. I’m about to put the potatoes on, but if you wanted to set the table, that would be a help.” Mom smiled at her friend, but it seemed forced and uncomfortable.

I left the kitchen and went to watch television so mom and Cindy could be alone to talk. While they waited for the chicken to finish cooking they sat at the table together, talking and laughing. It was natural and relaxed. I was happy to hear it.

That evening mom and Cindy sat on the couch talking, looking at photos and recalling years gone by. My attention was divided between the television and their conversations. Mom had opened a bottle of white wine, which helped to make them both more animated.

I was surprised when Cindy decided to go to bed shortly before eleven. I had expected her to stay up later. But traveling, coupled with the wine, had probably tired her. She and mom embraced, then Cindy made her way up to the spare room. I turned the television down a little, fearing it might bother Cindy if she heard it from upstairs.

“I’m glad you guys are getting along again.” I told mom after Cindy had left us alone.

She nodded. “So am I. But, we’ve argued before and made up and we probably will again,” she said with a laugh.

“I guess she’ll just have to be more careful about paying you compliments from now on.” I joked.

“We sorted that out,” she said.

“What did she say?” I asked.

“Come over here. I don’t want her to hear us talking about her.” Mom moved to one side of the couch and gestured for me to join her.

I walked over to the couch and sat down beside my mother. She was wearing a thin burgundy cardigan. It hugged her contours, emphasizing the size and shape of her bustline. The top two buttons were undone, leaving a bit of her upper chest bare. I wished more were left unfastened. I cast my eyes down briefly over the outlines of her breasts, then up to her face.

“Cindy apologized for what she said,” mom said, then gave me a sly smile. “Well, sort of.”

“Sort of?” I asked.

“She still says I’m stacked.” Mom smiled, as though she enjoyed using the bawdy expression to describe herself — although it was quite unlike her.

“She could say worse things about you,” I told her.

“I know. It was just that she said it in front of you though.” Mom’s voice faded out and she grew shy.

“So?” I countered with a shrug.

“So it embarrassed me for her to talk about me like that around you.”

“It’s not like I don’t know that you’re… attractive,” I explained, coaching my words.

A smirk appeared on mom’s face. “You were going to say ‘stacked’, weren’t you?” she said, seeming a little shocked.

I gave her a sly grin.

“You’re as bad as Cindy,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe you should go back with her at the end of her visit.”

“No way,” I exclaimed. “I’m staying with you.”

“Why — because I’m stacked?” Her glimmering eyes narrowed and met mine as she smiled. She gave me a mischievous grin.

For the first time in my life my mother gave me a flirtatious look, or at least I was sure of it. I had never seen her look at me that way ever before, much less make an inappropriate comment like she just had. I concluded that it must have been the effect of the wine she had drunk. Regardless, I was emboldened by it and felt my cock begin to stiffen.

“No, because I love you, Mom,” I replied.

Mom put her glass of wine on the coffee table, then leaned into me. She put her arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. “I love you too,” she said. “I don’t know what I’d do without you, Colin. This past year has been so hard. You’re the only one I can count on.”

I held mom against me and kissed her cheek. The material of her cardigan felt soft as I slid my hand up her back. I brushed her raven hair back over her shoulder. It felt as soft as silk. She shifted a bit and I felt her breasts rub over my chest. I had hugged my mother many times, but this was the first time that we had embraced for a prolonged period of time. It was wonderful.

About ten minutes later I realized that mom was falling asleep. I called to her softly to wake her. She looked up at me through half-closed eyes and smiled.

“I should get to bed,” she said in a sleepy voice.

I stood up and took hold of her hand, easing her to her feet. As she stood up I saw that another button on her cardigan had come undone, probably as she lay against me and shifted about. Now I could see the tops of her breasts rising from her bra, which was also peeking from the edges of her cardigan. She leaned against me and we hugged.

“I guess Cindy has two things to envy me for now,” she said, sounding smug.

“What?” I asked, curious as to what she meant.

“Well… my breasts — you already know that — and that I got to fall asleep in your arms tonight,” she explained.

“Me?” My eyes widened in surprise by her remark.

“Haven’t you noticed how she looks at you?”

“No,” I said.

“She wants you,” mom asserted, sounding protective.

“I don’t know about that, but if you’re right, then that’s three things.”

“Three?” she said, looking confused.

“Your breasts count as two.” I told her, taking a quick glance down towards them.

Mom laughed and I felt her rock against me. She peered down and from her reaction I could tell that she noticed the third button that was undone. “When did this come undone?” she asked, giving her cardigan a slight tug for emphasis.

“While you were sleeping, I guess,” I said with a shrug. “It’s probably good you never slept longer or more might have popped open,” I said with a laugh.

Mom gave me a demure look, then shrugged. “I guess it doesn’t matter since I’m on my way to bed anyway. Have a good night, Honey.” She kissed my cheek before going upstairs.


The next morning I awoke to the sounds of laughter and chatter coming from downstairs. I knew that mom and Cindy were already up. I smiled as I listened to mom’s laugh. It echoed through the house and made me happy. It was comforting. It had been longer than I could remember since I’d heard her laugh like that. After having a quick shower and getting dressed I went downstairs.

Mom and Cindy had already finished breakfast and were at the kitchen table drinking coffee. They greeted me with warm smiles and asked if I’d slept well. I answered as I poured myself a bowl of cereal.

Although I tried not to be obvious about where my attention was, I noticed that mom was still wearing her pajamas. They were pale blue and made from a thin cotton. The top part of them had a low V-shaped collar that left a small part of her upper chest exposed. Cindy had on a simple light pink blouse and charcoal slacks. She looked pretty and well-rested.

I joined them at the table and began eating. One thing about being around my mother and Cindy was that I had to make little effort at conversation. After being apart for so long they had a lot to catch up on and they seemed to always be talking.

“So, what are your plans for today?” I asked my mother.

“Nothing definite,” she said. “I was thinking I might show Cindy around town or catch a movie. But, as you can see, I’m not even dressed yet, so we might just be lazy for the rest of the day.”

I nodded as I pushed another spoonful of cereal in my mouth. “Being lazy sounds good,” I said.

Mom got up and went over to the coffee maker to refill her mug. From the corner of my eye I watched her move. Her breasts shook under her pajama top and there was a more noticeable sway to her hips as she stepped. She seemed more blithe than she had in years. It was a welcome change and one that made her even sexier than usual.

Cindy observed my mother as she walked back towards the table and smiled. “Those pajamas look cute on you, Becky,” she said.

“Thanks,” mom replied. She sat back down. She took a sip from her mug, looking very content.

“I wish I had have known it was Pajama Party Day so I could have skipped getting dressed too,” Cindy said, smiling at mom.

“This isn’t a clothing optional resort,” mom teased. “I thought you always slept naked.”

My pulse quickened at mom’s comment, but I pretended not to notice.

“Hey, I’m wearing more than you are,” Cindy shot back. “At least I put a bra on. You look like you’ve got two puppies wrestling inside your top when you walk.”

I expected my mother to be upset by Cindy’s comment, but she laughed it off. “That’s because I’m stacked.” mom bragged. She gave Cindy a smug grin, then giggled. She sounded proud at her boast. It was unlike her, but arousing to hear.

I had never spent time around them before so I did not know if this sort of banter was common between by mother and Cindy, but I enjoyed it, especially the lewd undertones. I listened, attempting to not seem too interested while I ate my cereal.

Once I had finished eating I poured myself a mug of coffee. Mom had the Entertainment section of the paper spread out and was checking the movie listings. Cindy had gotten up to look over her shoulder at them.

“This looks good,” mom said, pointing with her finger.

Cindy wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “I don’t like action movies and Harrison Ford is too old now. How about that one?” she suggested.

“Maybe. It looks like it’s probably funny. Adam Sandler is hilarious,” mom said.

“So, is there a theatre in town where you can wear your pajamas?” Cindy asked as her eyes danced over mom.

“I could start a new fashion trend,” mom giggled with a shrug.

“It’s not fair. You always look better than me when we go out somewhere,” Cindy said with a pout. “Shit, you just rolled out of bed in your PJs and you look hot. What’s your secret, Becky?”

Mom shrugged. “Sometimes less is more,” she opined.

“Like no bra,” Cindy quipped.

Mom laughed at her friend’s remark. “I always wear a bra, no matter where I go,” she said. “Anyway, you’re pretty, Cindy.” Mom sounded sincere as she spoke.

Cindy gave a shrug, seeming unconvinced.

“Colin, don’t you think Cindy’s pretty?” Mom turned to me, sounding earnest about wanting my honest opinion.

“Yes, of course,” I said with an emphatic nod.

“See…” mom said, looking up at her.

“Yeah, well, I still wish I had these.” Cindy reached down and gave mom’s breasts a hard squeeze, cupping them in her hands and pinching her nipples.

Mom gasped and squealed as she wrestled Cindy’s hands from her breasts. They shook noticeably beneath her top as mom struggled and twisted her shoulders.

I tilted my head down, trying to hide a grin, as well as my excitement over having seen mom’s friend grope her. My cock was throbbing.

“Damnit, Cindy, be gentle!” mom gasped, suppressing a smile.

Cindy wasn’t bothering to hide her delight at what she had done. She was laughing as she stared at mom’s stiff nipples, now rising out at her top. Covered by only the thin cotton top, they looked thicker and longer than I had ever noticed them being before. I pushed myself closer to the table to conceal the bulge in my jeans.

“You’re nasty, Cindy,” mom said.

“Don’t make me laugh, Becky. I have to get rid of that second cup of coffee. I’ll be right back,” she said, then dashed off towards the downstairs bathroom.

I waited until Cindy was a safe distance away before I said anything. “Are you okay with all of this?” I asked my mother.

“Yeah… sure. I feel like being a little naughty. This is what it was like with us years ago. But she’s being worse than usual because you’re here too. Does it make you feel uncomfortable, Honey?” she asked. Her voice took on a tone of worry.

“No. I just wasn’t sure how you felt,” I explained.

“As long as she doesn’t get too carried away, I’m fine with it,” she said.

I heard Cindy returning. I turned my head towards the left as I listened to her footsteps. I changed the subject to mom’s plans for the day.

As it turned out, mom and Cindy decided to abandon the idea of seeing a movie, mostly because they could not agree on which one to see. Mom went up and had a quick shower and changed while Cindy and I talked and she perused the newspaper.

When mom rejoined us some time later it was all I could do to appear aloof to how she looked. Her ebony hair was pinned back on either side, emphasizing her face and bright eyes. She had put on some lip gloss, which made her full lips look enticing. She looked so sexy. But it was the dress she wore that caught my attention.

The dress was light grey, sleeveless, with a high collar and deep V-neck. A row of black buttons ran down the front to the hem, which came down just above her knees. She looked stunning in it. I had only seen her wear it on one occasion, but it had left a vivid impression on me. The dress had been a birthday gift from mom’s sister shortly after mom and dad separated. Aunt Kelli thought that it would help mom to feel good about how she looked and make her regain some of the confidence that the end of her marriage had shattered. Mom wore the dress once, then concluded that it was too revealing. She said felt uncomfortable in it because the hem was too short the the neckline too plunging. I would have been thrilled if she had have worn it every day, but it was the last time I saw it — until she walked in to the kitchen with it on that morning.

“Wow, nice dress, Becky!” Cindy exclaimed, watching her pad towards us.

“I hardly ever wear it,” mom lied. “But it’s time I get my summer clothes out since the weather’s so nice.”

Mom obviously wanted to look her best around Becky, but for a minute I allowed myself to believe that she had also made the effort for my benefit too, then convinced myself that my libido was making me delusional.

When mom sat down and crossed her legs I noticed that she had left the bottom few buttons of her dress undone. It separated and slid from her, exposing her right thigh. I ran my eyes up her leg as my heart raced. Her skin was smooth as glass and looked soft. I imagined running my hand over it, coaxing her to part her legs for me.

“So, how about I take you guys out to dinner tonight?” Cindy offered.

“Oh.. no, thanks, Cindy,” mom said. “That’s awfully kind, but you don’t have to do that — unless my cooking is that bad.”

Cindy laughed. “No, it’s great; I don’t know how you stay so thin. But I want to. I don’t want you have to cook for me every night, Becky. And it will give us a chance to go out around town.”

“Well, thanks. I really appreciate it,” mom said and smiled.

“Yes, thanks, Cindy!” I chimed-in.

“Good. You choose a place — somewhere nice — and we’ll go,” Cindy said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten-out, so it will be a treat for me too.”

“Okay, thanks. But what about lunch? Do you want something now?” mom offered.

Cindy thought for a moment. “I see you have bagels. Maybe I’ll have one. I’m trying to loose weight, so I don’t want to eat too much.” She got up and went to the cupboard.

When Cindy returned to the table with her bagel she stopped, looking down at mom over her left shoulder. She reached down and tugged the front of mom’s dress away from her on the left side. From my vantage point I could easily see inside the dress a ways. Mom was wearing a white bra that appeared a size too small for her. I could see a good portion of her left breast, pushed up into a firm mound.

“So you decided to put a bra on after all,” Cindy teased.

Mom gasped and clamped her hand down atop Cindy’s. “Hey, careful! This dress already barely covers them as it is,” she said, although not upset.

Cindy gave me a sly grin as she stood behind mom. I grew nervous, fearing she had recognized the hungry look in my eyes as I looked at my mother’s exposed breast. I averted her piercing eyes and discerning grin. She sat back down across from mom and began eating her bagel.

That afternoon mom showed Cindy some of her own photo albums. They spent the time talking and watching Oprah. Later, mom searched the Yellow Pages, then called to make reservations at a restaurant downtown.

“I’ll have to get ready to go in a while,” mom said, looking at her watch.

“Get ready? What’s wrong with what you have on? That dress looks great on you,” Cindy said, looking her up and down.

Mom shook her head, seeming nervous. “No, I want to wear something that covers my arms and doesn’t look like I’m ready for the beach.”

Cindy laughed. “I’ve got a dress that would look great on you. You can wear that,” she said.

“I don’t know. I’ve got plenty of dresses,” mom said, sounding more than reluctant.

“Trust me, Becky. At least try it on. You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.”

Mom relented. “Okay, I’ll try it on,” she said.

“Great. You’ll like it; I promise,” Cindy said. “Let’s go.”

“Colin, you can’t wear jeans and a t-shirt. Go find pants and a shirt and tie,” mom said as Cindy tugged her away.

I nodded, feeling annoyed that mom felt as though she had to advise me about proper dress at a restaurant.

A short time later I went up to my room to change. I could hear my mom and Cindy talking in the spare room. As I passed by the doorway I realized that the door was ajar by about a foot. I paused a moment. Mom had on a different dress than earlier. Her back was to the door. Cindy was in front of mom, facing the door. She glanced up and saw me, then smiled.

“So, what do you think, Colin?” Cindy asked.

Before I realized what she was referring to, Cindy spun mom around to face me. Mom had a bewildered look on her face for a moment as our eyes met. The dress she wore was navy blue with white pinstripes. It had long sleeves and covered her knees. It was rather plain, although elegant. It had a scooped neckline and a row of buttons running down to the pleated waist. But Mom had not buttoned the dress up yet. Immediately I noticed that she was braless. In the gaping front of the dress I could see mom’s bare torso down to her navel. Her breasts were partially exposed at the center of her chest, allowing me to see their curves and how they sloped down without a bra to support them. They looked heavy and firm, with a nice rounded shape. On her left one, part way down, was a purple bruise — the result of Cindy having grabbed her that morning.

“Oh my god, Cindy!” mom exclaimed. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Cindy’s hands were on mom’s shoulders and she had a delighted expression on her face. Her eyes were locked on mine as I ogled my mother. Mom’s forearm had pushed the left half of the dress aside. Now I could see her left nipple protruding just below her arm. It was mahogany-colored and thick, with a large, lighter ring circling it. My wide eyes locked on it.

“I just wanted his opinion on the dress,” Cindy said, almost whispering into mom’s ear, trying to calm her.

“Well, wait till I have it on though,” mom spat out, twisting her head to glare at Cindy.

“I’m going to go get dressed,” I mumbled and walked away.

My cock was as hard as a spike. I closed my bedroom door behind me and rubbed it through my jeans. I needed to jerk off, but I did not have time and feared getting caught. I changed in to dress pants, a shirt and tie, then went to the bathroom to shave. By the time I was doing that mom and Cindy had already returned downstairs.

Mom was sullen when I joined her and Cindy in the living room. She was sitting across from Cindy in a chair, her arms folded on her lap. I dared not meet her eyes as I stood beside the couch.

“Let’s go; I’m getting hungry,” Cindy said as she stood up.

Looking dour, mom followed us to the door. She had not changed out of the dress, which both surprised and excited me. It was a little tight on her, mostly in the chest, but that made it more appealing to me.

I could tell that Cindy did not feel even the slightest bit of compunction for what she had done upstairs. In fact, I was certain she was almost as happy about it as I was. She caught my eye as we walked to the door and gave me a sneaky smile, then winked. I was sure what it implied, but was alarmed by the thought that she had deduced just what my true feelings for my mother were.

I sat in the back seat of mom’s car on the trip to the restaurant. It was the polite thing to do since Cindy was a guest, but it also meant I could avoid mom just that much.

By the time we had ordered our food mom’s mood seemed to have lightened. She became talkative and I noticed that Cindy was less meek around her. The change in mom’s mood lifted my spirits too. Previously, I had no appetite and would have been just as contented to have stayed home and surfed the Internet. Now I was glad that we had gone out.

While we were waiting for our desserts to be brought to us mom announced that she was going to the washroom. She excused herself, leaving me alone with Cindy. I grew tense and craned my head about the restaurant, trying to avoid any conversation with Cindy because I was convinced I knew what she was thinking. When she spoke I felt a rush of unease fill me.

“So, did you enjoy the show?” she asked, leaning closer.

“What?” I asked, jerking my head back towards her, trying to seem perplexed.

“Colin, I have a son who’s a few years older than you and I’ve lived a full life. I know when a man’s interested. Upstairs, in my room, I wanted you to get a chance to see just how good your mother looks,” she said.

“I know she’s pretty,” I said, although I doubted that would satisfy her.

Cindy smiled and shook her head. She gave my hand a gentle squeeze, then eased her hand away. Her eyes were on mine. They had a sympathetic look to them. “Yesterday, when she had those pajamas on, it was then that I was sure of your feelings for her — although I suspected it before that,” she said.

My flushed cheeks felt like they were on fire. I could feel my hand tremble and my brow was growing damp. I wanted to say something to try to convince her that she was mistaken, but knew it was futile. Instead, I gave her a guilty shrug.

“Like I said, I have a son. You can assume that means whatever you want, but I’m not talking to you like this to try to upset you or threaten you, Colin. I just want you and Becky to be happy. I know she loves you very much and needs you even more now that your dad’s gone.”

“I know,” I said.

“I managed to talk her into not wearing a bra tonight. It wasn’t easy though.” She paused and laughed. “To be completely honest, I think she’s hot too. Haven’t you noticed how I’m always trying to touch her?”

“Yeah…” I said, grinning.

“Her breasts feel fantastic. I hope you get to find out for yourself someday — if you haven’t already.” She winked at me.

Cindy looked over my shoulder and leaned back in her seat, looking nervous. “She’s coming back, but tonight’s going to be another early night for me so you can spend some time alone with her,” she said, then stared towards mom as she approached. “Shit, she looks sexy in that dress. Check out how hard her nipples are. She should never wear a bra. Her tits look so nice when they bounce like that.”

Cindy’s lewd comments about mom turned me on, but I did my best to hide it. I leaned back in my seat, waiting for mom. She sat back down and I noticed how her breasts shifted as she leaned over. Her nipples pushed out at the front of the dress and I noticed Cindy’s eyes on them.

I ate my dessert quickly, hoping it would mean that we would return home sooner. I was disappointed when mom and Cindy ordered coffee and spent some more time talking. My only consolation was that they were getting along well.

Once we arrived back home I took off my tie and tossed it on a chair in the living room. I sat down and turned the television on. Mom and Cindy took their usual seats on the couch.

“What happened to that wine you had last night, Becky?” Cindy asked.

“I finished it after you went to bed,” mom said. “But I have more.”

Mom went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. I watched her from the corner of my eye as she returned with the wine and glasses. I was thankful for Cindy having convinced her to not wear a bra that evening.

I watched television, but was barely aware of what was on. Mom and Cindy chatted and drank their wine. I added little to the conversation, but when I did it gave me an excuse to look at mom. The wine seemed to have relaxed her. She was leaning back on the couch with her legs crossed. Her shoes were on the floor by the coffee table.

By the time it was getting close to ten-thirty I grew impatient for Cindy to go to bed. I went to use the washroom, partially to break the monotony, then returned to the living room. Mom looked so sexy on the couch, but I forced myself to not let my eyes linger. About forty-five minutes later Cindy yawned and stretched. I was encouraged.

“Geez, that big meal and the wine really made me sleepy. I should probably get to bed now so you guys don’t have to carry me up there later,” Cindy said, looking at her watch.

“Thanks again for taking us out to dinner, Cindy. It was wonderful, and not having to cook was a bonus,” mom said.

“Yes, thanks a lot, Cindy,” I said, hoping she would understand exactly what I meant when I smiled.

“You’re both very welcome,” she said. “It was the least I could do since you’re letting me stay here. Next time I want both of you to come to Cleveland.”

“And thanks for letting me wear this dress,” mom added. “I’m glad you talked me into it.”

“Why don’t you keep it? It looks a lot better on you than it ever looked on me.” Cindy remarked, looking mom over.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t, Cindy.” mom said, although she sounded tempted by the offer.

“Yes, please, keep it, Becky. Just don’t ask for any of my bras — they’re way too small for you.” Cindy let out a laugh and gave mom’s left breast a playful squeeze.

Mom laughed, but, surprisingly, never recoiled from Cindy’s hand. She looked my way and smiled at me. I lowered my head, knowing that Cindy had enjoyed feeling mom as much as I would have.

“Was that the price for you buying me dinner, or the dress?” mom asked and smiled.

“Both. And congratulations for being brave enough to not wear a bra with it. You looked hot.” Cindy said.

Mom was blushing as she looked at me, then back to Cindy.

Once Cindy had gone upstairs I began looking at her photo album, which she had left on the coffee table. Amongst the pictures I found one of mom and dad on a beach that I had never seen before. They looked quite young. Mom was wearing a bikini. She looked like she could have been a model.

“Where was this taken?” I asked, holding up the photo album for mom to see.

She leaned forward, squinting. “I don’t know. Let me see.”

I sat down on the couch beside mom and showed her the photo.

“That was on our honeymoon in Florida. I was already almost three months pregnant with you by then. I think that was the last time I ever wore a bikini,” she said.

Mom looked at the photo for another few seconds, then shook her head. She pushed the album back to me, as if disturbed by the image. I put the album aside and looked back at the television.

“It was so nice not to have to cook for one night,” mom sighed.

“I bet,” I said, turning my head towards her. “Plus, you got a new dress.”

“Does it look okay on me?” she asked, sounding uncertain.

“Sure… of course it does,” I told her.

“It’s not something I’d buy myself. It’s a little smaller than I’d like too.” She tilted her head down, looking herself over. She tugged the front of the dress away from her chest.

I watched mom beside me, fussing with the dress. As she shifted her shoulders and pulled it away from herself I let out a soft laugh. It wasn’t loud and happened before I could control myself, but she heard it. She lifted her head up and gave me a questioning look.

“What was that for?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said, regretting my slight outburst.

“No. What? Do you think it looks bad on me?” Now mom looked insecure.

“No. Of course not,” I told her.

“Then what was the laugh for?” she demanded.

I sighed, knowing there was no way to avoid her question. “I just thought it was funny how you were adjusting it, that’s all.”

“Well, it’s a little tight in some places. Cindy’s not built like me,” she said with a foxy smile.

“But she wishes she was,” I retorted.

Mom let out a giggle and sounded very sexy. “I don’t just mean that the dress is tight up top. I think it makes my butt look big.”

I rolled my eyes, but said nothing.

“What?” she asked, sounding insistent.

“It’s a shame you don’t have more self-confidence, mom,” I told her.

“I do, but look at this.” Mom got up from the couch. She tugged the hem of her dress down and adjusted it, then turned to the side. “I think my ass looks fat.”

I ran my eyes down over the curves of her body to her hips and backside. She looked perfect and I’m sure that many others would have agreed.

“No, mom, it doesn’t. It, and the rest of you, look great. Tonight, Cindy said you looked sexy.”

“When?” She seemed surprised to hear the comment.

“When you were coming back from the washroom. She was watching you.”

Mom sat back down beside me. She tucked her feet under her and leaned on her right hip, facing me. Her posture emphasized the curves of her hip and ass. My eyes moved up over them to the outline of her breasts and hard nipples.

“What did she say?” she asked.

“That you looked good,” I said, refraining from being too graphic.

“Come on. I know Cindy better than that. What did she say? I promise I won’t let-on that I know.”

Mom was eager to know what her friend had said about her, but I wasn’t sure how explicit I should be, or dared to be. She poured another glass of wine from the bottle on the coffee table and took a drink, waiting for me to continue.

“She said that you looked good without a bra,” I divulged.

“Except in more colorful language,” mom surmised.

I gave her a reluctant nod.

“What else?” she prodded.

“Mom… come on,” I said, trying to avoid having to elaborate.

“Okay, never mind,” she relented, seeming to want to spare me any embarrassment.

“I just hope that you’re not afraid she’s a bad influence on me. I mean, how I’ve been acting lately — especially around you. I know I’m not usually like this. I just don’t want you to think badly of me.” Mom looked nervous. Her eyes shifted about.

“No, of course not. I never could,” I assured her.

“I hope not. I couldn’t stand that.” Mom looked worried

“Cindy’s visit has been really good for you, Mom,” I said, hoping to assuage her fears.

“I’m having a lot of fun,” she said.

“I’m glad. It’s about time you did, mom,” I said. “I’ve been worried about you. I know you’ve been through a hard time.”

Mom leaned over and kissed my cheek. I put my hand on her waist and returned her kiss. Her cheek was soft and warm. She slid closer and rested her head on my shoulder. Her body felt wonderful under my hand. I slid my hand down a ways to the curve of her hip.

“I love you, Honey,” she said.

“I love you too, Mom.”

My hand was on my thigh. Mom took it in hers, holding it gently. Her thumb grazed over my knuckles and she toyed with my fingers. Her touch excited me even more. Without me even realizing it at first my eyes drifted towards the front of her dress and her hard nipples.

“Maybe you’re the one who Cindy’s being a bad influence on,” mom said almost a minute later.

“What?” I asked, looking up to her.

“I saw where your eyes were just now,” she said, sounding almost indifferent.

I frowned, trying to appear apologetic. “Sorry,” I muttered.

“Cindy was teasing me about that… about them… earlier, when you were in the bathroom,” she said.

“How?” I asked.

“She said she had noticed they were hard and wondered if you had noticed too.”

“Oh… really?” I said, unwilling to admit to it.

“She was being bad.” Mom gave me a sly smile and squinted her eyes, looking very sexy.

“She’s always bad,” I joked.

“I know, but she started touching them, just through my dress. She said she wanted to make them harder so you would see when you came out of the bathroom.”

“Wow… I knew she could be bold, but that is more than I expected from her.” I said, amazed by what I had been told, but also very horny as I pictured the scene.

“I wasn’t much better though,” she confessed, looking timid.


There was a long pause before mom replied. She was still holding my fingers in hers, rubbing her thumb over them. When she finally spoke I could barely hear her soft voice. “Because I never tried to stop her,” she said, flitting her eyes up to mine.

“Because you liked it?” I asked, my heart racing.

Mom nodded. “Sort of… yes, I did. But that wasn’t really the worst part though,” Mom stopped stroking my fingers. She seemed upset and nervous.

“What then?” I asked.

“If I tell you something, Colin, do you promise never to tell anyone, especially Cindy. Even if you think I’m sick?”

“Yes, of course. But I’d never think that about you, mom.” Now I was growing concerned by her distressed tone.

Mom drew in a deep breath, then continued. “I liked what she was doing; it felt good, but what really excited me was what she was saying to me.”

“What?” I asked, not following her train of thought.

“I meant when she said she wanted to make them harder so you would notice and be turned-on. I liked the thought of you looking at them like you look at other girls.” Mom was unable to look at me. Her fingers stopped moving over mine and her mouth was tight as she stared at her lap.

“It turned you on?”

Mom nodded. “Yes,” she said, in a timid voice.

I had never been told anything so arousing and encouraging by a woman in my life. I smiled and gave her hand a squeeze, then brought it to my mouth. I kissed the back of it, looking up to her eyes. She smiled in relief, realizing my interest.

“What about when I walked in on you changing?” I asked.

“That sort of happened so suddenly that I only thought it over later, when Cindy was touching me and talking dirty. I wondered how much you had seen,” she said.

“Your nipple,” I grinned.

Mom’s eyes widened and she smiled. “Which one?” she asked with a playful smile.

“This one.” I reached out and brushed my fingertip over her left nipple through her dress. She looked down and shuddered slightly, biting her lower lip. I pulled my hand away, reluctantly.

“Cindy was right about you,” she said.

“How?” I asked.

“Yesterday, when she said you probably thought my breasts were nice,” she explained.

I gave her a nod.

“How long have you felt that way?” she asked, seeming quite curious.

“Over a year,” I admitted.

“I used to see you look at me sometimes and it sort of made me wonder, but I couldn’t imagine you having those sorts of feelings for me,” she said.

“You can’t imagine any man having those feelings for you,” I shot back.

Mom chuckled. “I guess not. I’m glad that Cindy talked me into not wearing a bra tonight,” she added.

“Me too,” I told her. “I hope it becomes a habit.”

“We’ll see,” she teased.

“I’ll have to see if I can convince you. What did Cindy say to talk you into it?”

Mom grew shy and smiled. “She sort of teased me… my nipples.”

“Sort of?” I asked.

“Well, the dress was unbuttoned, so she used her mouth a little too.” Mom gave me a shy look, guaging my reaction.

The thought of what she had told me made me even more horny. I wished I could do what Cindy had to her, or watch them.

“Lucky Cindy,” I said. “How far have you two gone?”

“Oh… not really that far — not like you probably think. Just touching. Usually she was the one who started it by feeling my boobs,” she explained.

“Don’t wear a bra tomorrow. I want to see if she tries to feel you,” I told her.

“Okay, but you know she will.”

“Even in front of me?” I asked.

“Especially in front of you. Tonight, when you were in the washroom, she mentioned how you seemed interested when she grabbed them this morning.”

“She’s right,” I admitted.

Mom grew silent, then yawned. “I really need some sleep. I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be. I don’t want to sleep-in tomorrow, so I should get some too,” I told her.

I got up from the couch. When I stood up I realized how obvious my erection was in my dress pants. I held mom’s hand and helped her to her feet. She rested her hands on my shoulders and pressed herself to me. When she felt my hard cock push into her stomach she looked down. Her eyes widened and she smiled.

“Mmmm… I haven’t felt one of those against me in a long time,” she said, still looking down at the bulge in my pants.

“Have you missed it?” I asked.

Mom shrugged. “Sometimes, but I’ve found substitutes.”

“Like the kind that need batteries?” I surmised, grinning.

“Yes…” she said, almost in a whisper as she blushed.

“I hope you have fresh batteries. You might need them,” I said.

Mom shook her head. “No. I’m afraid that Cindy will hear it.”

“Or want to borrow it,” I retorted.

Mom tugged at my hips again, pulling me tighter to her. “She’d be more likely want to borrow yours,” she said, looking down between us.

“I don’t know. Maybe what you have is better endowed,” I said with a frown, feeling insecure.

Mom moved her hips, rubbing herself against my hard cock through my pants. “Mmmm… no… I don’t think so, Honey,” she moaned.

Mom reluctantly broke our embrace and turned to go upstairs. I followed behind her, careful to not make any noise and wake Cindy. When mom stopped outside her bedroom I backed her against the wall, pressing myself to her. She gave a wary look down towards Cindy’s room and shook her head. I pressed a finger to my lips, reminding her to be quiet. She scowled, then smiled, as if indicating just how bad I was behaving.

“I love you,” I mouthed.

She smiled and gave me a hug. “I love you too, but we can’t — not here or now,” she whispered, then reached down and ran her fingers along my cock through my jeans. It was brief, but felt wonderful. She backed away, then entered her room.


The sound of the shower running woke me the next morning. I was still tired, but as I thought about my mother I grew horny instead. I rubbed my cock, recalling how her body felt and looked the night before. I had planned on finishing, but when the shower stopped running I decided to get up. I listened to the sound of doors opening and closing. The final sound seemed to be coming from the direction of mom’s bedroom door. I pulled on a pair of grey gym shorts and went to have a shower.

The hot water washing over me felt great and helped to wake me. I had a quick shower, then shaved. The house was quiet when I left the bathroom. As I was about to enter my bedroom I saw mom leave hers. She stopped and gave me a loving smile, then ran her eyes up and down my body.

Mom was wearing a white sun dress with spaghetti straps and a square front and back. It left her shoulders and a some of her thighs bare, but I mostly noticed how tight it was at her chest. I could feel my cock harden as I looked her over. I motioned with my finger for her to come closer. She grinned, giving her head a shake. My cock began to tent my baggy shorts. I reached down and rubbed it through them. Mom smiled, watching me masturbate. I pulled the material of my shorts tight around my cock, giving her a better idea of it’s length and thickness. Her mouth widened and she smiled. Once more I tried to coax her down the hall by motioning with my finger. She shook her head, looking sad. She blew me a kiss, then turned towards the stairs.

I dressed quickly. I was very horny and wanted to get downstairs with mom. When I entered the kitchen I was surprised and disappointed to find Cindy there too. I had thought she was still in bed. She was at the kitchen table eating a bagel. She had on a knee-length skirt and a tight blouse. I could tell right away that she wore no bra beneath her blouse. She looked sexy, but I wanted to be alone with mom.

Mom was cooking scrambled eggs and bacon. She turned from the stove and smiled.

“Morning. Have a good sleep?” mom asked.

“Yeah. You?” I replied, trying not to smirk.

“Great,” she said. “Want some bacon and eggs?”


I grabbed a plate and fork, then joined Cindy at the table, hoping she found the exchange between me and mom believable. I took the Entertainment section of the morning paper and began reading. It was a dreary, overcast day and looked like it was going to rain. I doubted that mom and Cindy would be going anywhere.

Mom joined us once our bacon and eggs were cooked. She sat adjacent to me and I felt her knee pressed to mine under the table as we ate. I knew it wasn’t an accident.

“Are you sure you don’t want some bacon and eggs, Cindy?” mom asked.

“No, thanks. Just looking at bacon makes my ass fat. I don’t know how you do it, Becky. You must have the metabolism of a hummingbird.” she said, sounding jealous.

“There’s plenty of other stuff to eat though, so help yourself,” mom told her. “And you shouldn’t be so worried about gaining weight, Cindy. I wore your dress last night and it was a little tight on me, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“But it was tight in the chest. That’s the only place I wish I was bigger,” she lamented.

Mom gave a soft laugh and shook her head.

I was hungry so ate quickly, then put my plate and fork in the sink. I made coffee for mom and Cindy while they talked. As I had expected, it began to rain. I was content staying home so it did not bother me.

Once the coffee had brewed, mom and Cindy went to the coffee maker. I was still scanning the paper and not paying much attention until I heard mom let out a squeal and giggle from beside the coffee maker. I looked over and saw Cindy with a wide grin.

“Cindy grabbed my boob,” mom explained, feigning shock.

“Oh,” I said, hardly surprised.

“Oh?” mom echoed with an indignant tone, but clearly joking.

“She’s always grabbing them, Mom” I laughed. “That’s not news.”

Cindy laughed. “Can you blame me?”

I kept silent, but mom gave me a sly smile.

“Well, Colin?” Cindy repeated, sounding impatient for my reply.

“She’s my mom, so I’m not commenting,” I said.

Cindy stepped behind mom. She slipped her arms around mom’s waist. She moved her hands up and cupped her breasts through her dress. She squeezed them, teasing mom’s nipples with her thumbs until they were thick and hard. Mom let out a soft moan when Cindy pinched them and gave them a tug.

I might have expected mom to have protested if this were to have happened a few days before, but it did not surprise me when she leaned back against Cindy’s chest, smiling at me. Her arms went limp at her sides as she relaxed, allowing Cindy to fondle her while I watched. She arched her back slightly, pushing her breasts and stiff nipples out at the front of the dress. She caressed Cindy’s thighs, sliding her hands up under her skirt and back down.

“Has he ever seen your tits, Becky?” Cindy asked, bringing her mouth close to her ear.

“No… well, not since he was a baby.” Mom laughed, then moaned again as Cindy toyed with her nipples.

“Do you want him to?”

“Yes,” mom sighed.

Cindy moved her hands up to mom’s shoulders. She slipped the straps of her dress from them and down her arms. The front of mom’s dress slid down her chest and gathered around her waist, revealing her breasts. They rose as mom drew in a deep breath. Her dusky nipples were thick and hard from Cindy’s teasing.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Cindy said to me, sounding horny.

I nodded, moving my eyes over my mother’s naked torso. “Very,” I said.

Cindy ran her hands slowly up and down mom’s arms, then brushed her hair back over her left shoulder. She bent down and kissed mom’s neck, nipping at it with her teeth. Mom squirmed and giggled. She reached behind herself and ran her right hand up the inside of Cindy’s right thigh and under her skirt. Seconds later Cindy moaned. I could see the movement of mom’s arm as she rubbed Cindy’s pussy. Cindy moaned again, only louder, and gave mom’s nipples a tug.

“Come over and join the fun, Colin,” Cindy said, sounding very horny.

I hesitated, until I saw mom smile at me and nod.

My hard cock strained my jeans as I walked towards my mother and Cindy. Mom’s eyes moved down towards the bulge it made. She smiled. I ran my eyes down mom’s body, then watched her arm move as she continued to rub Cindy’s pussy. Cindy was running her hands up and down mom’s torso, caressing her breasts and tugging at her nipples occasionally.

“Take her panties off for me,” Cindy told me.

When I slid my hands up under mom’s dress she never resisted. I glided my fingers up her smooth thighs to her panties. I pulled them over the flare of her hips and down, until the fell to the floor. They were black bikini cut. I picked them up, noticing how damp they were.

Cindy stepped back from mom. Quickly, she unbuttoned her blouse. She pulled it off and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts weren’t as large as mom’s, but they were nice. Firm, with a nice up-turn. Her nipples were lighter and thick, with smaller areolas than my mother’s. Cindy reached under her skirt and pulled her red lace panties off. She dropped them on top of her blouse.

“She’s made me so wet. I’m glad to have those off,” Cindy sighed.

“Easier access too,” I said with a smile.

Cindy nodded. “Becky knows she has access to me whenever she wants.”

Mom turned her head around and smiled at her friend. Cindy cupped her chin and kissed her lips. Her tongue flicked out, meeting mom’s and she sucked on her bottom lip, tugging at it. I heard mom give a throaty moan as they kissed while Cindy played with her nipples.

“Have you ever felt her tits?” Cindy asked, cupping mom’s breasts so her thick nipples pointed towards me.

“No,” I said with a shake of my head.

“Not even a quick, sneaky feel when you hugged her?” she prodded.

“Well… maybe a few times,” I admitted with a bashful smile.

Mom’s eyes widened and met mine. “When?” she asked, surprised by my admission.

“Like when you’d give me a hug… sometimes my fingers slipped down the side of one,” I explained.

“That’s how my son started,” Cindy said. “Then one day I decided to let him have a good feel.”

“When was the last time you did that to me?” mom asked.

“A few weeks ago, I guess.”

“I couldn’t tell,” she said.

“Good.” I smiled at her and laughed.

“Do you want to let Colin have a good feel of your tits?” Cindy asked mom.

“Yes,” she said, nodding.

Mom’s eyes met mine and she pushed her chest out towards me, offering me her breasts. I slid my hands up, holding them in my palms and squeezed. Mom moaned and I groped them harder, pinching her nipples.

Cindy had been holding mom’s hips while she watched. She slid her right hand up under mom’s dress, pulling the hem up with her other hand. I wasn’t paying attention until mom flinched and moaned even louder. I watched Cindy’s arm moving from under mom’s dress while I kneaded her firm breasts and tugged at her nipples.

“You guys are making me so damn horny,” mom moaned.

“Good,” Cindy said, and giggled. “Maybe we should all go upstairs then.” She slid out of her skirt and pushed it aside.

Cindy pulled mom’s dress down to her feet. She helped mom step out of it, then lead her towards the stairs. I followed them, running my eyes over my mother’s naked body.

When we got to mom’s bedroom Cindy laid down on the bed, looking up at us. She parted her thighs and began rubbing her wet pussy. I was much more focused on looking at mom though. She pulled me closer and tugged my t-shirt up over my head.

“I think it’s time you got undressed too,” my mother said.

I quickly stripped out of my pants and underwear and tossed them aside. Mom watched me getting undressed. Once my cock was freed from my underwear she smiled, running her eyes along it to my heavy balls.

“Mmmm… I did something right when I made you,” she said, staring at my hard shaft.

I stepped over to mom and held her by her hips. My cock brushed over her thigh as she pressed her body to mine, running her hand up my spine. I squeezed her ass and pulled her tighter to me. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She let out a soft moan and gave it a squeeze, then began to slowly stroke it. She rubbed her thumb over the head, smearing my precum around.

Cindy got up from the bed and stood beside mom. She rubbed her pussy while mom stroked me and played with my balls. Her watching us excited me even more.

“Have you ever thought about doing that to him?” Cindy asked.

“Mmmm… yes,” mom said.

“And a few other things too, I bet,” Cindy added with a wise grin.

Mom did not answer. She was busy stroking my shaft while she rubbed my balls with her other hand.

A minute or so later Cindy took mom by the hand and guided her to the bed. She eased her down and ran her hand down mom’s quivering body to her wet pussy. Mom let out a deep moan as her friend played with her clit and wet lips.

Cindy looked up at me. “She’s ready for you, Colin. Come over here,” Cindy said. She reached out for my hand and pulled me to the bed.

I climbed on the bed, kneeling between mom’s feet. Cindy was still running her hand up and down mom’s body, teasing her pussy occasionally. It was shiny and wet. When Cindy made mom spread her legs I saw her delicate pink lips part. The swollen head of my cock was pointed towards my mother’s dripping wet pussy.

Cindy slipped her left hand around to my lower back. Her fingers felt good on my bare skin. She coaxed me closer to mom until I was between her soft thighs. Mom opened them wider as she looked up at me, smiling.

Mom curled her fingers around my shaft and gave it a gentle tug, urging me towards her waiting pussy. When the head rubbed over her wet lips she moaned and reached out to tug at my hips. My cock slipped in my mother, making her moan louder. Her fingertips sank into my back as she pulled at me, forcing my cock deeper in her tight pussy. She gripped my shaft inside her and pushed back with her hips as I started to thrust.

I bent down and ran my tongue around mom’s nipple, then sucked on it. She let out another moan. Holding her breast in my hand I teased her nipple with my tongue and mouth. Mom held my head in her hand, holding me close to her chest.

“Oh god… mmmmm… Colin… yes… that’s it, Honey,” she moaned, meeting my thrusts with her hips.

I began pumping my hips faster, pushing my cock hard and deep in her wet pussy. She was moaning louder and grabbing fistfuls of my hair. I could tell that mom was getting close after a while. So was I. She squeezed my cock tighter as I worked it in and out of her. Her musky juice covered it and my heavy balls. She reached down and began rubbing her clit while she watched my cock slide in and out of her. A few minutes later she squeezed my cock hard one last time and arched her back.

“Oh, god… Colin… god that feels…. yes, Honey… oh… fuck me,” mom called out.

Watching my mother in the throes of ecstasy and hearing her cry out in pleasure was all I needed. I pulled my cock from her, just as the first stream of cum shot from it. It splashed up over her stomach. I leaned closer and the next two coated her breasts. She began spreading it over them and licking it from her fingers.

I laid down beside mom and she turned to face me. She rested her head on my shoulder and draped her arm over my chest.

“I love you, Mom,” I said.

“I love you too, Lover.” She kissed my cheek and smiled.

Over mom’s shoulder I saw Cindy still crouched on the bed, watching us.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said.

Mom grinned at me, then rolled over on her back. She craned her head to look at Cindy.

“Stick around. We’ve only gotten started,” mom said.

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