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Working Mary Over

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When I first met Mary I did not give her much thought. We were introduced just as I started my new job. I’d just been hired as the network administrator for a midsized business and her office was just across the hall from mine. She was the firms’ accountant.

I could be cruel and say she looked the part, but there wasn’t that much there. Mary stood 5′ 5″and looked to be in her early 30’s.

She wore her blonde hair long, but simply curling on her back. She had a slightly plump build. I noticed her chest and what I could see of her legs from her conservative-length skirt. I barely thought ‘nice legs’ while being introduced. But Mary smiled and said ‘hi’ before I was taken around and introduced to the various staff members.

To say this was a conservative company was putting it mildly. I was handed a copy of the corporate values and #1 was “Honoring Jesus in all that we do.” That took me back a bit, but I wasn’t going to argue, needing the job after having been laid off for three months.

I soon found out, that like most Bible Belt places, there’s a bit of hypocrisy. (After all, honoring Jesus wasn’t going to get in the way of making a buck.) And like the Bible belt mentality, there was a double standard when in it came to sex. You know the towns with a church on every corner and a strip joint across the street? I was expected to enforce decency standards on the internet. Never mind, far more time was lost allowing management to check their stock portfolios, than to others surfing porn sites. Because of the nature of our business we couldn’t use an internet filtering program, such as Net Nanny. Instead, I was supposed to routinely monitor the activity logs and report anyone surfing “indecent sites”.

I quickly learned, as usual, there was a double standard in enforcing this rule. Employees could be fired but executives got a good deal less punishment. I saw how this could be turned to my advantage. For instance, when I found that the Human Resources manager had cruised some gay sites, I confronted him privately rather than logging it. I soon found that I got the assistant I needed and a bonus in my paycheck.

Mary’s office was just down the hall from mine. I’d see her occasionally passing by. I learned a little about her; that she was married to a minister for 15 years and had a couple of kids. As befitting a preacher’s wife, she dressed conservatively and professionally, wearing skirts that came mid-calf and loose blouses that hid her ample chest. She was polite and correct and conscientious at her job, but every now and then she’d say something that would give a hint to a buried fire of passion.

After a quiet few months, I found something in my check of the internet logs. Someone was surfing a website called “Literotica” and had been, for a few weeks. I quickly traced the activity to a computer and looked up to see to whom it was assigned. That’s when I got a bit of a surprise. It was Mary’s computer. I hadn’t expected that one of the women in this office, let alone her, would be downloading porn.

I looked at the stories she’d read. Most of them were quite dark, dealing with bondage and pain and women being degraded in various ways. Mary’s got quite a fantasy life; I thought to myself, I can’t imagine that her preacher husband is into this. And I doubted that this conservative community had much of a BDSM scene.

I began to watch Mary, setting an alert on the computer to notify me when she accessed the Literotica website. She had a set pattern. She’d read stories for a while, then she’d make a trip to the ladies room. She’d return a few minutes later, and if one looked closely, you could see how flushed she was. Clearly Mary was getting relieving herself. Outwardly she may have appeared all business, but sin was her obsession.

I confront her one afternoon catching her as she leaves her office on the way to the restroom. Mary doesn’t suspect that I know what she’s been doing

“Mary, can I speak to you about a matter?” I ask

She hesitates and asks, “Ummm, can it wait?”

I can see she’s perplexed, surprised I’d have a work issue to raise with her (Little does she know.)

“No, we better deal with it now.”

I take her by the arm and physically escort her into my office and lock the door.

Mary sits down next to the desk as I begin to describe to her what I found.

She turns an ashen color, embarrassed and stricken with fear having been found out.

“I don’t want to report this to Human resources, the last time I did they fired the person.” I tell her.

I stand before her at the desk.

Tears are forming in her eyes as she looks at me. She clearly believes she will be ruined. She may lose her job, her reputation in the community will be trashed, and maybe even her husband will lose his position; all because she gave in to those dark desires of hers.

Ok, I think now it is time to soften the blow I place my hands on her shoulders and ask, “Are things all right at home?”

She looks at me questioningly.

“How are things with your husband; can he satisfy you in bed?”

She barely whispers, “No.”

“He doesn’t understand your needs does he?”


“You have these dark thoughts, from deep inside.”

“Yes.” she admits.

“You’ve never been able to tell him have you?”

“He wouldn’t understand. He needs me to be a good Christian wife. If I told him that he’d think I was a slut.”

I grin. “Perhaps you are.”

She gasps, taken back. “No I’ve never done anything like that! I’m a married woman.”

“You’ve always been the good girl, haven’t you?”


“You haven’t been very good here and now you’ll have to pay for it.”

I take her head by the hair and pull it back.

Staring into her eyes I say, “I bet you’re excited by this conversation. I bet if we checked your panties we’d find them wet.”

Her eyes widen in shock. “No” she murmurs.

“You’ll let me see. Take them off now!”

I can see she’s horrified. But she thinks that if she doesn’t want to have me report her she will do what I say and maybe that will end it. She hunches up in her chair and reaches under her skirt.

Mary lowers her panties. Deeply blushing, she takes them off and sheepishly hands them to me. She looks away. I inspect them, a simple white nylon pair. Sure enough there’s a little tell tale sign of moisture.

I look back at Mary. She’s frozen in her chair.

She sees by my smile I’ve found her out. She can’t hide the truth any longer.

Her lips plead, but she doesn’t say anything.

I quickly grab her head, holding her hair tight, and pull back to expose her neck. I bring my mouth down on her neck, tasting the salt and perfume on her skin.

She gasps and tries to move away from my probing lips and teeth but I’ve got her against the chair. I reach up and take her breast through her blouse, cupping the mound, and massaging her nipple.

A low moan emerges from her throat. Her hands come up to my chest but she can’t quite bring herself to push me away.

“Please,” she pleads.

She wants me to stop but lacks the will to say more.

Staring into her eyes I open her blouse and bra, exposing her to my gaze. Her nipples are erect. Her body is clearly betraying her. I tweak them lightly provoking a gasp from Mary. Then I move my mouth to one, sucking it, flicking my tongue over it.

She moans even louder and pleads, “Oh god.”

To keep her quiet I move my mouth back to hers. I bring her tight against my chest crushing her tits. My tongue probes her open mouth, sucking her tongue into mine. I see the fear and desire in her eyes. Breaking the kiss I laugh.

“I do believe you are a slut and a sexy one too.”

“Please, Please don’t tell anyone. Help me.”

Tears start to appear in her eyes.

“Oh I’ll help you. And you’ll like it won’t you?”

I turn her around and push her face down on my desk. She whimpers but hardly protests. Her breasts are crushed on the desktop.

I lean over her and whisper harshly in her ear. “This is the way you deserve it, isn’t it?.”

She doesn’t respond.

Hiking up her skirt I expose her ass and pussy. Running my hand over her ass cheeks, I smack it a few times. Each time Mary whimpers.

“This is what you deserve,” I tell her. “Now spread your legs like a good slut.”

She barely moves them.

I grab them and pull them apart and then thrust my hand between her thighs. My fingers spread her pussy lips. She’s drenched and creams as my fingers push into her.

Low throated moans emerge from her.

She pleads, “oh god.”

I take my cock out of my pants and rub it against her ass cheeks.

She flinches at the touch but her hips move back, seeking my cock.

“I’m going to do you the way a slut should be done.”

“Oh god no!” she whimpers.

I run my cock along the outside of her pussy lips, getting her juices on it.. Then I grab her hips and push into her.

She groans as I fill her. As I push deeper her moans turn to a scream.

I’ve got enough sense to cover her mouth. I take her panties and muffle her with them. Then I start to pound her pussy.

She grips the desk as I begin to pound her. Her ass cheeks jiggle with each stroke. Deeper and deeper I slide in until each time I can feel my cock hitting bottom. My balls are bouncing against her. I grab her long hair and pull her head back.

I hiss in her ear, “This is the way you should be fucked. Now take it!”

She begins to moan uncontrollably. Her pussy spasms, clutching my cock as she orgasms.

That’s too much for me. I explode inside her, filling her completely before my juices run out and down her legs.

Spent, I collapse against Mary’s back. I hold her in my arms and lick the sweat off her neck.

She murmurs and sighs, then starts to cry, finally quieting after a few minutes.

“I can’t believe what happened,” she says. “I’ve never come like that before.”

“Now isn’t that better than relieving yourself in the bathroom?” I ask her.

She blushes, and nods her head yes. “You knew?”

I grin and help her off the desk. Her clothes are a mess. She does look like a true slut. She straightens her clothes as best she can.

As Mary turns to leave I give her a last deep kiss and tell her, “That will be all… for now.”

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