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Within the Storm

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It was not the sound of the sea, as it gently kissed the edge of the beach…. the gentle sighing that whispered in the air, was coming from the couple lying on the white sands. The sun had just set, and the sky was shimmering with colors that were alive and beautiful. The footprints in the sand traced the path that they had taken. They had shared an exquisite meal and a chilled bottle of wine at the beachfront restaurant called, Neptune’s Platter.

They had dressed in shorts and t-shirts and were relaxed and satiated by the pleasures of the evening. Now they were hungry for loving and the release of pent up passions. They sank onto the sand and shed their clothing. Her hand stroked him to hardness, as he nuzzled at her breasts, turning her soft rose-colored nipples into firm marbles. She gripped him firmly and he began to become slick with the hunger of his arousal. Her hands touched him skillfully, causing him to groan and tighten his stomach muscles and thrust his body upward with each movement.

He leaned back and lay upon the sand. She took him into her mouth and as she drew him in deeply, the warm silkiness of her tongue traced a sensitive tapestry, causing him to gasp. Her hand slid up and down, moving with the rhythm of her mouth. She stroked tender places with her other hand and felt herself oozing with wetness, as his fingers found the depths of her sex. He was touching her deep, pressing on her special spot she had discovered.

Just as she was about to mount him, a startled gasp came from the shadow of the rocks along the water. They were surprised to see a young woman, dressed in a skimpy bikini, staring at them with one hand covering her mouth, and the other deep in her bikini panties. For a few moments they looked at each other…hearts racing and breath rasping with passion.

” Oh wow,” she gasped,” I am so sorry, I…”

He raised a hand to her in a gesture of welcome and she looked as if she were going to stay; yet she turned and ran down the beach. They watched her tight little buttocks as they writhed and bounced like they had a life of their own.

” Oh well.” he said,” That would have been my ultimate fantasy.” He was still as hard as steel, and she did mount him and he thrust deep inside so suddenly that it triggered an immediate climax for her. As she screamed and rode him like he was a wild horse, he shouted as he exploded inside of her. They forgot everything but the electric spasms that assailed them over and over again.

Down the beach, the girl lowered the binoculars and took in a shaky deep breath. She herself was wet and aching terribly. She had never been this hungry for sex before. She had not been with a man for so long. Not that the loss was so great. It had been unsatisfying and more like she was serving a man rather than exploring her own sexuality. She longed for more…so much more. It was wonderful to be held, as passion rose when she was with a man. When he came in her mouth she herself climaxed, not because of his touching her, but as he came…his hunger and release caused her to feel desperately needed and desired. Even when a man came within her she rode the wave of his passion and not her own. It was always the same…after sex; a man would find a reason to leave. She wanted to be held. He had wanted to meet his needs. Then she was alone again…hungry and lonely.


Later that night, scenes of the couple on the beach tortured her. Not only because she could see their mutual passion, but also because…well, she didn’t know what, but she longed for those feelings and experiences. She heard the sound of the Jacuzzi turn on next door. It was situated on the deck, and had sparkling bubbles, with lights shimmering beneath. She slipped into the shadows, as the woman stepped onto the deck. The woman wore only a towel, and she discarded it and stood at the rail, gazing out at the hungry sea. The moon was bright in the sky now, and bathed her in its luminous glow. Her body was beautiful. While older than the girl, she still had the figure that had always set her apart from other women. It was the woman from the beach she had seen earlier. They had inadvertently chosen to stay not only in the same hotel, but next to each other as well.

The woman said in a whisper, ” Why don’t you come over for a spa and some wine?” The girl gasped lightly and began to apologize, but the woman interrupted with, “Come on over, I would like some company. ”

Shyly, the girl stepped over the small fence, the tiny bikini still hugging her body like a second skin. Her body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat and she was panting, and somewhat breathless. How embarrassing. She said thanks and stepped into the warm bubbling water.

” We are alone,” said the woman, ” feel free to get out of that string. ” With that the girl laughed.

” It was supposed to lure a man to my bed, but I just don’t feel like that kind of duty.”

” Duty? ” said the woman.

The girl looked at her with deep blue eyes misting. ” I always give so much more than I receive. ” she sighed.” If this is what sex is supposed to be like for a woman, I am already tired of it, yet I constantly think about it. I see a man and I find my eyes checking out his butt, and lingering at the bulge in his shorts. Wondering how he would feel inside of me.”

She blushed and put a hand to her mouth and said, ” I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

” It’s ok, ” interrupted the woman. ” Have some of this wonderful wine and let’s chill out and talk about men! ” With that the woman motioned with her hand at the girl’s bikini and said, ” I feel it’s not fair to be naked in here and you fully dressed.” The girl laughed again and asked, ” What about the man…” And then she realized that she had given away her identity as the girl in the shadows, watching them make love.

” It’s alright, ” the woman smiled, ” He’s away now taking care of some business of some kind.”

With that the girl slipped out of her bikini and settled into the warm spa. She drank wine with the woman and they shared stories of men with all of their wonders and irritating faults. The girl saw that the woman was gently stroking herself as she sat there. Then as the girl shifted her position she sat near a vent, gushing warmer water and an array of dancing bubbles. The bubbles stroked her thighs and nibbled at her teasingly; like the gentle licking of a thousand butterflies.

The girl closed her eyes and began to weave with her butt on the flow and she felt herself tightening her vagina, and dancing amidst the stream of delightful pleasure. Then she opened her eyes and glanced at the woman. With head giddy with wine they both laughed; a deep belly laugh that they could not stop for some time.

” God I am so hungry for sex, ” said the woman.

” But you just…” said the girl.

” Honey, Sex with that man only makes me want more. He scratches places inside of me that I didn’t even know itched. We have sex and I want to eat him alive and have it again and again.” She shook her head and added, hand still moving beneath the bubbling frothy water, ” He wants to do things that I never was comfortable with before with other men, But with him, anything, and I mean anything is beautiful and such a turn on.”

The woman leaned closer to the girl and whispered secretly,

” When he comes, he growls…actually growls like a lion in the jungle. At first it kind of scared me, but wow, it is such a turn on. He said to me once that as he comes he actually feels like a strong powerful lion, mounting his mate and thrusting deep, exploding in a climax…It’s like he is there, in the jungle. It’s so different…He is such an animal.”

With that they laughed and drank more wine. As they stared at the stars sprinkled across the sky like a field of diamonds, their fingers squeezed their own nipples and found entrance into the secret places of their sex. The woman felt for the fingers of the girl’s hand and placed them on her breast. The girl opened her mouth and the woman shook her head in a yes gesture and rubbed the girl’s fingers around and around on her hardening nipples. The girl stepped closer and the woman stroked her sex with a finger jutting upward, hardening her clitoris as her hand moved back and forth. The girl did the same, and as their lips touched gently, their tongues met and they stroked each other’s, feeling an exquisite pleasure.

” I have never…” whispered the girl.

” I haven’t either,” Said the woman, “ But I have always been curious.”

The woman gestured the girl to lie back, and as she floated in the water with her arms resting on the ledge behind her, the woman lifted her butt out of the water and began to lick and suckle her hot wet sex. The girl couldn’t believe the feeling. Not like most men, the woman knew what a woman wanted to feel, and with a naturalness borne of experience, she stroked on the girl’s clitoris and thrust a finger deep into the girl’s vagina.

” Oh my God, ” moaned the girl. Vibrations were rippling inside of her as she writhed and began to spasm with her climax. The girl cried out again and as she thrust her sex into the woman’s mouth. Her clitoris was being hammered with firm taps as the woman’s tongue danced wildly upon her there, over and over.

Slowly the pulsating subsided and the girl opened her eyes. She was surprised to find the man sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi, smiling at them. The woman caught her stare and turned her face to look at him. He sat there dangling his feet in the water; he was hard and slowly swelling as he stroked it. The smile was not a mocking smile. It glowed with hunger, and with a gentle voice, he said, ” Beautiful…. so beautiful. ”

The woman and the girl laughed nervously and then they burst out with hysterical spasms of joy. The man motioned for them to come closer, and as he spread his legs, they both understood. Together they kissed him there. The woman began the lick his tender places, and the girl took him deep into her mouth. She had been giving head for a long time. She discovered how to deep throat, and found that for those moments, she controlled the men. Not so with this man. She wanted to please him, yet she was hungry for more, and she eased back, as she tasted the beginnings of his climax, signaling an impending explosion. She was not ready for him to come.

He smiled as he held her face, and then he said.” Let’s go inside.” Together they followed him and were not surprised to find that all three of them were holding hands as they walked together. They were connected this night, to a cosmic quest. They all knew that this night would be like none other for all of them.

The man held out his arms and they both cuddled him, enjoying his masculine strength. No threat…no embarrassment…just a blending of genderless, pleasure and comfort. Comfort…both women longed to show the other that she was here for her too…like they needed to connect at this time to fulfill some destiny. They stroked him and his long fingers squeezed their nipples in his encircled arms. Together they moved to the bed. It was an oasis; a warm island of pillows and scented sheets. He had lit candles before coming out to the deck, and soft music filled the room with the sensuous pleasure of smells and sights and sounds.

He lay them down and reached for lotion the smelled of jasmine and something male…He had mixed in his cologne…a heady male scent. He had them both lie on their backs and after warming the lotion in his hands; he applied it generously to their breasts and stomachs. He rubbed them with long strokes, squeezing and kneading their skin, sending shivers through each of them. All the while he watched them with that crooked smile of his. His eyes were a deep green, and they sparkled in the candlelight. The girl could not believe how aroused she was. Her hips rose and fell with his stroking of their breasts. At first she was shy about her hunger and then with his encouraging nod, he said,” Feel your skin. Close your eyes and just feel your breasts as I touch them. “ He concentrated on their nipples and as they hardened, each woman began to touch the other with an unspoken awareness of need. Silky wet juices oozed from each of them as they explored the feeling of simple touch…. Wonderful touch.

The woman smiled and he understood. He took the girl’s hand and lifted her from the bed. He held her and took her face in his hands and found her hungry mouth. His tongue explored hers and he actually began to breathe his own air into her lungs and she his. They were sharing the breath of life, and she became lightheaded and intoxicated with the wine and the incredible kiss he was giving her. Then he gestured to the woman and the girl understood. With the carnal knowledge of instinct, she knelt between the woman’s legs and began to first lick the inside of her thighs, and blow warm breath on her sex. ” How did she know what to do?” she pondered, and then she knew…she was doing what she had unconsciously knew she had wanted. Men didn’t seem to get it, but then she didn’t say otherwise. In a way, she felt as if she was doing this to herself, and she naturally did what she liked. The woman moaned deeply.

The man lay beneath the girl and while she was exploring the woman, he was stroking her clitoris with his hot tongue. She hardened immediately as he sucked at it, as if he were nursing at an altar of worship. She was overcome by these sensations. Tasting the woman…salty, moist with a musky fragrance, and not at all unpleasant. Arousing actually. She slid two fingers into the woman and the man did the same to her. Sensations rippled throughout her body. The woman was squeezing the girl’s nipples, she was tonguing the woman and the man was tonguing her. Incredible…she was more alive sexually then she had ever been before. His fingers were stroking a hot spot inside of her while he hummed, actually hummed and danced his firm tongue on her clitoris. She did the same to the woman as if they were in a sensuous dance of pleasure. Moving together like skaters on ice…caught up is the wonder of it all.

Then she felt the beginnings of the echo of an orgasm; it was coming from a long way off, but like the rising sound of a speeding train, she knew it was going to rock her. Together, she and the man eased back. He knelt before the woman and she took him, into her mouth and stroked him too. The woman moved in a primitive bump and grind as the girl gave her feelings unlike any man had ever done. The girl’s tongue continued to probe and lick her clitoris. She took one hand and stroked the girl’s soft blond hair, and with the other she moved her hand on his shaft with the rhythm of her warm mouth taking him deep. After he had hardened, He pulled back and smiled and the woman understood…don’t come yet…wait for us too. The woman bit her lip and tried desperately to hold off her climax. Buttocks squeezed tight, she tried to hold back as long as she could, and as the girl groaned she noticed two things at once. She was gripping the girl’s hair in a tight fist, and the man had entered the girl. He was large and hard, and she was not used to feeling so much pleasure as a man entered her…. and enter her he had…she was so tight, or was it that he was so large and hard. His sex was radiating heat, and she could not remember ever feeling that either…. then she couldn’t think, as the woman took a handful of her hair and pulled it tight. It wasn’t that she was into pain, but the rush of it somehow made her gasp with pleasure.

The man was deep inside of her. He was bumping against her cervix, not painfully, but sending ripples of sensations that rose up and through her body in waves. The woman struggled to hold back her pleasure… and as the girl began to moan as she sucked the woman’s clitoris, the vibrations of her moaning sent a buzzing sensation at the tip of the woman’s clitoris. Too much. The man squeezed her buttocks hard and she cried out. It was not painful, but startled her with its pleasure to her. He was now moving inside of her so fast that she could not tell when he was deep and when he was not. Her vagina gripped him like a fist, and he groaned…a deep rumbling moan. With that, the woman knew he was getting close…and it was driving her to the brink of madness.

The girl felt it coming. Her own climax…she tried to pull away from the man…was she afraid of letting go…letting another take her…control her choice to come or not…how was that possible? He gripped her hips and growled with a sound that she knew that she was his captive, as he was hers…as the woman was hers…she was giving and receiving so much pleasure all at once…cross gender…like she was both and yet one…

And then she heard an enormous crack of thunder and the room was filled with an eerie, bluish light…like a strobe light…flashing and illuminating the room. The storm outside was but a mirage of the storm they were caught up in; and then there was no turning back…the girl no longer had a choice, as she sucked and stroked the woman, she felt the huge wave of a climax rising within her like a tidal wave…blocking out everything else. They all felt it at once. The woman screamed from a place inside of her that was almost terrifying… like the cry and howl of a beast…the woman groaned and climaxed with an electrifying rush…bucking and writhing under the girl…then the girl heard the man moan deeply and gasp…and that lifted her over the edge…while she continued to suck the woman’s clitoris and hold her down…she felt the wave crashing throughout her body…a body that had never felt anything like this before.

” Oh my God,” she cried out wildly, and then the wave burst and crashed at the core of her sex. She bucked and she bounced as the man drove himself yet deeper inside of her…entering her very soul; it was like they were caught up in a lightening strike that coursed through each of them relentlessly. What one felt they all felt, be it pleasure or pain; and then she too screamed. Her cry came from her deepest self, Uncontrollable…she was held captive to this moment, terrified and yet not afraid.” OOOOOHHHHHHHH…” she shouted and moaned.

Then it happened. The man became the beast…he became the lion in the jungle…knowing that the women were in the midst of their powerful orgasms, he was at once transformed. The woman saw it, as he locked his eyes on her, and she came again…Then the man was no longer the man…he too was a captive…prisoner of something deep within him…the girl felt it too. Something had changed…even though she was in the throes of her climax, she felt his transformation and she rippled with yet another wave of electric release, and her vagina spasmed and gripped the man like a vice.

He was holding her hips and thrusting with a blur of motion, sweat spinning off of his slick body as the thunder crashed once again with the night storm over the ocean. With the flash of lightening filling the room with light, he felt the climax overtaking him. Like the rush of the wind, it hit him with powerful spasms of intense pleasure. He felt the girl tighten and ripple as her hot vagina squeezed and began to milk him… he grunted. He rose up and thrust deep within the girl and came with a gush of the hot nectar of the gods He filled the girl with molten wet heat and she moaned as she sucked the woman’s clitoris. The woman groaned again, and as the lightening flashed, she could have sworn that he had become the wild lion of the jungle. His long brown hair was framing his head like a lion’s mane.

” GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR………” he grunted wildly, as he came and came and came. The girl could feel him pulsating inside of her, and hot come was rushing against her cervix with a force she hadn’t known possible. She had never felt this with a man.

” OHHH GOOOODDDD, ” the girl cried out, still in climax.

” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” groaned the woman.


grunted the man. Like the core of a huge tornado they were all carried to a primeval place. To a time before time. Crossing the edge of the universe and touching a place before man, a place of wild hungry animals…driven by their need…

They rose and fell and groaned and moaned, bodies slick with sweat, warm wet juices oozing into and out of them…each riding the moment for themselves, yet subconsciously holding the other in the throes of climax.

Slowly they flew through the storm…and then they were almost still, tears wetting their cheeks and their bodies spent with the release of their passion. They eased toward one another in a warm embrace and continued to whimper and caress one another. They spooned and huddled so close that it was as if three bodies had become one….and then they surrendered to sleep…into the womb of the night, as the thunder rumbled far out to sea, and the flash of lightening spread a gentle glow of luminous light over them like a warm blanket.

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