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Witches’ Rising

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The afternoon air was warm, but not unusually so for that time of year. It had been ten minutes since the local highschool had been dismissed for the weekend. Two eighteen year old students were making their way through quiet neighborhoods nearby.

Ethan found it extremely difficult to walk properly, even on the smooth, level footpath. A mixture of nervousness and excitement was causing him to over-think every step.

By his side was Brooke Kallan, an extremely beautiful yet enigmatic girl from his school. She was leading him back to her home, a detour Ethan hadn’t expected when he’d left for school that morning, but one he had no qualms whatsoever in taking.

Earlier in the day, Brooke had suddenly approached Ethan and asked, “Would you come home with me after school? I need a tutor for my calculus finals.”

The request had left him speechless, for she had never spoken to him before. She waited patiently for him to utter an impulsive, “Umm… Sure!” Then she walked away, smiling, leaving the subtle scent of her perfume lingering around him. Ethan knew that Brooke wasn’t in his class and therefore didn’t take calculus. But for some elusive reason he hadn’t considered her request suspicious.

Brooke and her three best friends, Ava Ilmari, Sera Hadyn and Adamine Felsen were extremely unusual girls. All four were very attractive and had great bodies; they all exuded a strong sense of self-confidence, yet they seldom associated with anyone else in school. On the other hand, they didn’t strive to be seen as ‘rebels,’ either. They all dressed very stylishly. They could’ve easily fit in with any clique in the school, but it seemed that they simply didn’t want to. Instead, they spent most of their time in school hanging out together, having their own conversations and sharing their own secrets.

The other students didn’t know quite what to make of them. The other girls would watch them carefully as they walked the school halls, intrigued but wary. The guys would all comment about how sexy the girls were and privately ask each other, “Which one would you do, if you got to pick one?” Yet strangely, no one had ever dared to hit on any of the attractive girls. Not even one of the most egotistical jocks had approached them.

In some ways, the strong friendship the girls shared was understandable, considering they had grown up together in the same house: Arnford Manor. It was a large, plantation-style manor supposedly built before the civil war. They shared the home with their four single mothers, all of whom had likewise been raised in the old house. Most people in the town believed that the house had been divided into a set of apartments long ago, and the four women were merely lifelong tenants who were far too savvy to ever move from what were probably rent-controlled homes. But in truth, the manor was just as mysterious as its residents were and the rest of the town could only speculate about what it was like inside.

Ethan wondered about what he would see inside the manor as he and Brooke rounded the corner onto her street. Though mostly, he was preoccupied with thoughts of Brooke herself. He desperately wanted to talk to her, but words failed him. Brooke hadn’t spoken since she’d met up with him at last bell. Several times during the journey, Ethan had glanced over at her. Most of the time her face was hidden from his view by her long, light brown hair. But a couple of times he got to see that high-on-life smile she always wore and even those amazing eyes, that sparkled as if she could see wonderful things that the rest of the world could not.

He suppressed a sorrowful sigh as he lamented this fleeting opportunity with the girl he thought of as the most beautiful in town. But he consoled himself by remembering that soon he would be at her home, tutoring her and from that point on they would surely have a flowing conversation.


In a dark stone chamber, illuminated by torchlight and burning braziers, four hooded figures gathered around a shallow pond. The pond was of such size that the four women could stand at equal distances around the edge and just be able reach each other’s hands. Each of the attractive middle-aged women wore an identical black hooded cloak and a distinct necklace around their neck. One necklace bore a sky-blue sapphire within its tear-shaped bronze frame. The second necklace had a cigar-shaped gem that alternated between crystal-clear and milky, with a bronze frame coiled around it. The third necklace had many bronze tendrils with sharp points, all rising upwards from the large ruby at its base. The final necklace somehow seemed much older than its counterparts. It was a circular plate of bronze with a dull emerald set in the center, with four concentric circles etched around it.

The women all gazed into the pond and the one with the sapphire necklace made a sweeping gesture with her right arm. Instantly, the water began to shimmer with unnatural brilliance and within a few seconds a rippling image of Ethan and Brooke appeared in the water.

“They approach their destiny,” the woman with the emerald necklace stated.

“Mathair, athair, radharc!” the woman with the sapphire necklace chanted her Gaelic command with yet another sweeping gesture.

The image in the pond morphed and split into two separate images divided by a long, narrow swell of water that stayed in place. One half of the pond showed a balding, middle-aged man behind a desk, talking on a phone while reading a computer screen. The other half showed a middle-aged nurse conversing with an elderly gentleman who was propped-up in a hospital bed.

The woman with the milky-gemmed necklace reached for a small brown pouch that was tied to the hip of her panties, the only garment she was wearing under her cloak. The pouch held a coarse grey powder that had been ground from mushrooms with amnesiac properties. She poured a small amount into her hand and held it high above her head.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” the other three women began to chant deeply, in unison.

Then the woman with the powder spoke an incantation,

“Till morning’s light,

Hold no concern

Though thine child

Doth not return.

Abide the loss

Of his company.

Think naught of it.

So mote it be!”

She tossed the powder into the pond, the man and woman in the image both blinked slowly, as if trying to clear sleep from their eyes. The three chanting women fell silent.

“It is done,” the woman with the milky-gemmed necklace said in a normal voice. “His parents shall not miss him tonight.”


The tall, 18th Century double doors to Arnford manor had been left unlocked. Brooke opened only the one on the left and stepped into the expansive foyer, followed by Ethan. The first thing that caught Ethan’s eye upon entering was the wide staircase on the right side of the chamber, leading up to a second level and a balcony that overlooked the entire room. Along the first floor walls were several tapestries marked with bizarre symbols and dominating the floor was a large circular rug, also inscribed with an odd symbol. Ethan was surprised by just how much daylight managed to get into the room and soon realized that the roof was at least three stories above the floor, with two large windows at the top of the room letting most of the light in.

“I have to take care of something,” Brooke said as she turned to face her guest. “But I won’t take too long. You can wait in my room, if you’d like. Just go up the stairs, go straight ahead until you reach a hallway on your right. Follow the hallway, it’s the second door on your right.” She flashed him a warm smile then strolled off through an archway behind the staircase. Ethan didn’t take his eyes off her until she disappeared from view.

He took another good look around the grand entrance chamber, then did as Brooke had suggested and made his way to her bedroom. Her directions had been very clear so he had no trouble finding it.

The bedroom was very spacious. The walls were a light cream color with elegant cornices that betrayed the room’s age. On the far wall was an open door that appeared to lead to a bathroom and a closed set of louvered double doors. Venetian blinds partially subdued the sunlight pouring in from the large window on the western wall, but the room was still bright. There was very little furniture cluttering up the room; a short bookcase rested on the left-hand side of the doorway and a heavy-looking vanity sat against the western wall. The dominant feature of the room, however, was the enormous bed against the eastern wall. It was much, much larger than a traditional double or even a king sized bed. The solid frame was made of a very dark brown timber. It looked very old, almost medieval. The footboard, including the corner posts on either end, was engraved with an intricate botanical motif. But those decorations paled in comparison to the colossal headboard. A complex scene, carved in high relief, filled the board from end to end. Every last detail had been etched out with painstaking care. The design included several mythical creatures, such as satyrs, elves and imps, many of whom had an uncannily mischievous air about them.

Ethan tentatively stepped into the room and walked to the bed. He felt a little uncomfortable entering Brooke’s room alone, even though she’d said it was okay. He dropped his bag against the wall. He’d left all but the books he needed for Brooke’s tutoring and a weekend economics assignment in his locker, but it still felt good to get the weight off his shoulders.

True to her word, Brooke didn’t take long on her unknown errand and she entered the room shortly after. Ethan heard her footsteps and turned to find her staring at him, admiringly.

“Thank you for your help, Ethan,” she said in a genuinely gracious tone. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“Well, I, uh… Glad to help!” Ethan chuckled awkwardly. Brooke continued to advance on him, her deep blue eyes locked upon him like a panther stalking its prey.

“So… I guess we should get started?” Ethan said, just to break the silence. He turned around and kneeled beside his school bag. After fumbling with the zipper for a second he opened the main compartment and retrieved his calculus books.

As he turned back towards Brooke and stood up, he began to ask her, “What was the first section you started having… trouble…” He trailed off when he discovered that Brooke was standing only a couple feet behind him, nonchalantly unbuttoning the last two buttons of her blouse. They stood there, frozen silently for several seconds. Ethan’s mouth was gaping in disbelief.

Finally he stammered, “You… you… you… you want to get changed! Of course! Sorry. I’ll just…” He tried to leave the room as quickly as possible, making every effort to avoid looking at the wonderful things visible through Brooke’s open blouse. But she grabbed him by the hand as he tried to walk around her, stopping him dead in his tracks.

She slowly guided his hand inside her blouse and pressed it flush against the side of her waist, so that his little finger just brushed the fabric of her short skirt. Her skin felt so smooth and so warm. Ethan began to hyperventilate. She moved his hand upwards, giving him a teasing taste of her fine teenaged curves and finished by letting him feel the full expanse of her breast, which was wrapped in a smooth cotton bra. The entire time, she stared deep into his eyes with a dreamy gaze and a ‘naughty girl’ grin.

Ethan stood before her motionless, holding the fruit of heaven in his right hand and some banal academic books in his left. It wasn’t long before he completely forgot about the latter and let them fall to the ground with a muffled thud.

“I, uh… um… uh, well… uh…” he started jabbering, as Brooke shed her unbuttoned blouse and cast it to the floor. Brooke put a stop to Ethan’s meaningless babble by pulling him close and kissing him slowly and tenderly on the lips. The bulge in his pants, which had almost been invisible up till now, began to rapidly expand. When the kiss broke off, Ethan was once again speechless. Brooke also remained silent, but in her case, it was all part of the tease.

She took his free hand and led him over to the bed.

“I can’t believe it!” Ethan thought. “She’s gonna give me a special ‘thank you’ for tutoring her, UP FRONT!” Against all odds, the image he had jerked off to countless nights alone in bed, was suddenly coming true. He sat down on the comfy mattress and found her ample mounds, still in their blue bra, right before his face. In a split second, dozens of mental images flashed through his mind, of all the lusty ways he wanted to enjoy them.

Brooke swayed her hips as she undid the zipper on her skirt and let it drop to her ankles. Her panties matched her bra and were also blue. The sight of that downward-pointing triangle shape made Ethan’s desire for her almost unbearable. He reached for her thighs, but Brooke suddenly knelt, placing them out of his reach. Still wanting to touch her creamy skin, Ethan began to caress her shoulder and upper back, as Brooke got to work unlacing his sneakers.

Then something made him look up. That was when he noticed Brooke’s three best friends standing in the doorway, watching the action. Judging by their expressions, they found it very entertaining.

“Oh! Hello!” he greeted, as his cheeks began to turn bright red. “I was… We were… Uh… Um…” he rambled. The three other girls looked at each other, then approached Brooke and Ethan. Brooke had her back turned to the door and hadn’t seen her friends enter.

“Brooke! Brooke!” Ethan tried to alert her, at first at low whisper, but then louder. She didn’t react, so Ethan stopped caressing her shoulder and began to gently shake it. Again, no response. It was as if she were in a trance. By now, she had removed the shoes and socks from both his feet and was about to tend to his pants. Ethan couldn’t believe his terrible luck; he was just about to score with Brooke Kallan… and he gets caught! Brooke’s failure to realize what had happened was only making things worse. “Brooke!” Ethan said, loud enough for the entire room to hear, only to be ignored once more.

That was when he just happened to look up and see something that made him forget why he was trying to get Brooke’s attention in the first place. Ava, Sera and Adamine were each taking off their tops, followed by their jeans (or in Ava’s case, skirt). Their feet floated silently across the floor as they undressed, carrying them closer to Brooke and Ethan with each step. Before long, Ethan was surrounded by not one, but four sexy young vixens wearing nothing but their underwear.

Adamine, with her chestnut brown hair in a bouncy bob-cut style and her prominent D-cup breasts, wore a matching bra and panty set. Both pieces were black and elegant, with a floral pattern embroided across their surface. Her face, while just as pretty as her friends’, had always seemed to radiate a stronger sense of kindness than the others.

Ava was the tallest of the group by a good two inches. In her near-naked splendour, Ethan could not help but admire her long, athletic legs. She wore a plain white bra over her C-cup breasts and a matching set of sexy hipster panties. A jet-black curtain of straight hair flowed behind her head, reaching just below the level or her shoulders. While Ava’s beauty did not quite match the perfection of Brooke’s, at least as far as Ethan was concerned. Her sharp, dark eyebrows and her naturally long lashes made her eyes almost as hypnotic.

And then there was Sera. Quite simply, Sera had it all, shiny blonde hair that she usually kept tied back in a thick ponytail, pouty pink lips and as for curves; well, Sera’s body had hit the trifecta. Firm, ample breasts, a slender waist and hips that were just the right width. Indeed, it seemed that Sera had just been made for turning men into horny, complacent thralls. Her young body exuded sexuality and she had the personality to match. Of all the girls in the room, Sera was the only one wearing see-through underwear. A lavish design of lines and dashes covered the cups of her bra and the front of her panties. But Ethan could clearly make out her egg-sized areolae and the outline of her nether lips beneath the transparent red fabric.

The three new girls all stared at him with bedroom eyes and wicked smirks. Ethan hadn’t noticed, but Brooke had already removed his pants. She climbed up and kneeled beside him on the mattress and began to remove his polo shirt. Ava stepped over to Ethan’s other side to assist her. By now, Brooke surely must’ve seen the other girls, yet she had never reacted to their presence. Ethan could only think of two explanations; either Brooke was under some kind of spell that had turned her into a mindless puppet, or the four girls had planned this in advance… Whatever ‘this’ was.

When all that was left of Ethan’s clothes were his briefs (stretched to their limit by one hell of a raging boner), Brooke crawled around behind his back. He felt her gentle hands fall upon his shoulders as they began a slow massage. Ava turned his head towards her and began to kiss him repeatedly on the lips. Their mouths remained closed for the first couple kisses, but then her frisky tongue pushed its way through Ethan’s lips and the kisses became more wanton. Meanwhile, Sera and Adamine had kneeled before their houseguest and began to tenderly caress his thighs and the bulge in his undies with their fingertips. Every now and then, Brooke would lean over Ethan’s shoulder to kiss him on the side of the neck, or cheek, or both.

During the girls’ little ‘touch and feel’ session, each one of them removed their bras. They only teased Ethan like that for about forty seconds, before the girls silently motioned him towards the center of the bed. Sera, Adamine and Ava all climbed up on the bed with him and Brooke. Once again, the girls surrounded Ethan and together, they gently pushed him down so that he was lying flat on the bed quilt, with his head resting in Adamine’s lap. When he looked directly up, he could see her large, luscious mounds swelling out above him. It was without a doubt the hottest sight he had ever seen.

Ethan was turned on and fully erect, but he was also concerned and very suspicious. Nowhere in America would the four hottest girls in a highschool ever come on to a nobody like him… unless it was some kind of cruel prank. He could practically see Stu Jafferty, the school’s designated douchebag, jumping out of the bathroom with a camera and yelling, “PUNK’D, LOSER!”

“What’s wrong, Ethan? You seem so nervous,” Brooke asked in a sweet voice, as she continued to knead the tension out of his shoulder.

“We won’t hurt you,” Adamine said, playfully.

“Mm-hmm!” Sera agreed, “As a matter of fact, we want to have fun with you!”

“That’s right,” Brooke said. “We really, really, want to have some fun with you.” She leaned over and gave Ethan a very long, slow kiss. That seemed to quell his anxiety a great deal. His heart was still racing, but that was for a different reason, entirely.

After Brooke pulled back, Sera took Ethan’s right hand and placed his fingers upon the underside of her panties.

“Do you see how hot I am?” she asked, flexing her back to make her impressive bust appear even larger. The surface of her womanhood was indeed sweltering.

Before he had a chance to answer, Brooke grabbed his left hand and bought it over to her own loins. She guided two of his fingers in through the leg-hole of her panties and from there, they easily found their way to the bare skin of her labia. He barely touched her soft folds and a copious flow of her vaginal juices started dripping on to his fingertips.

“Do you see how wet I am?” she countered. Curious, Ethan sent his fingers in a little deeper. Her inner lips were slick and slippery and her canal was sweating like a block of ice in a sauna. He continued to stroke the inside of her sex and Brooke began to softly purr.

With his other hand, he began to caress the edges of Sera’s opening. He tried to push the fragile fabric of her panties inside, but Sera pulled his hand forward so that his fingertip rested upon her clitoris. It was hard and Ethan imagined it was very erogenous. He took the hint and began to gently stroke her in a tight circular motion.

Ava carefully removed Ethan’s briefs, pulled them down his legs and tossed them away from the bed. All four girls looked at the fleshy tower that had been revealed and smiled in delight. Ethan trembled briefly in anticipation. Something was about to happen. He didn’t know what exactly, or which of the sultry sex-kittens it would involve but he just knew it would be wonderful.

A few seconds later, Sera edged away from Ethan’s friendly hand and traded places with Ava. Along the way, she peeled her panties from her shapely hips and kicked them away. At some point, Ethan realized that her womanhood had been shaved or perhaps waxed, it was completely bald and it made him want her all the more. She straddled his legs then shuffled forward, until she was kneeling directly above his ardent erection.

With a wink and a smirk, Sera plunged her roasting sheath on to Ethan’s cock. Ethan froze, paralyzed by the pleasure of their two bodies connecting. Sera began by slowly pumping her hips upon his rod, then leaning over her unlikely lover and bathed him in several sensuous kisses.

Meanwhile, Ava and Brooke stretched out so that they were each lying alongside Ethan. They positioned themselves deliberately so that their chests were level with his head. Ethan’s left hand had slipped away from Brooke’s crotch during the move, which was just as well because Brooke and Ava both decided to take off their panties as soon as they had laid down.

Sera’s affectionate lips did much to put Ethan at ease once again. Once she had finished kissing him, she sat upright and began humping him in broader cycles. She placed her hands on his chest to help steady herself. Squeezed between her arms, Ethan could see her breasts heaving with every motion. Shortly after they had finished kissing, Sera seemed to lose interest in Ethan. Well, the parts above his waist, at least. She closed her eyes and a dreamy smile washed over her face as she screwed her incredulous partner.

Brooke and Ava had been caressing Ethan’s shoulders and chest for some time, but it wasn’t until they began kissing his forehead that they caught his attention. He turned his head slightly and found himself mere inches from Brooke’s luscious pink areola. She pressed her left breast gently against his face and Ethan gladly nuzzled and kissed it. Soon after, he felt one of Ava’s pliant mounds pressing against his ear. Leaving Brooke’s breast with a long, sloppy kiss, Ethan turned his attention to Ava and began suckling upon her nipple.

He continued to alternate between the two girls, taking turns to nuzzle, lick, kiss and suckle upon their tits, or simply burrow his face deep into their supple cleavage. At some point he looked straight up and saw Adamine kneading one of her large breasts and tweaking the nipple. He could feel her other hand moving near the top of his head. At first he thought she was stroking his hair, but then he realized she was stroking part of her own anatomy, not his.

As her hips rocked back and forth to a carnal beat, Sera turned her head skyward. Her eyes were closed; her mind totally consumed by what was happening in her snatch. Hot breath heaved through her parted lips, which were beginning to curve upwards into a rapturous smile. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes,” she began to silently mouth, until Ethan could almost hear her saying it. Over the space of a few seconds, her gyrations gained newfound momentum. Then in an instant, her tender womanhood tightened mercilessly upon Ethan’s maleness. With a quiet gasp, she froze perfectly still.

Ethan lost all control and a mighty torrent of semen surged through his shaft and into the incredible blonde vixen straddling him. He pulled his lips from one of Brooke’s erect nipples and roared like a beast. It was the first time he had ever come inside a woman and he had never felt so alive! As the blood pooled in his pounding loins, he felt Sera force herself even further onto his cock. To top it all off, Ava was playfully rubbing his balls. He felt like he was about to pass out under the extreme pleasure of it all, though somehow he managed to stay lucid, but barely.

Before long, Sera’s climax had ended. She slumped forward, turned her head and brushed the hair away from her eyes, which were still closed. She remained on top of Ethan until she had received every drop of his creamy gift.

Only after he had finished ejaculating did Ethan realize his hands had been tightly grabbing Sera’s thighs. He eased his grasp immediately. His forearms stung a little from the force they had been exerting in the frenzy of orgasm.

If his grip had been painful, Sera certainly didn’t seem to hold a grudge. She leaned over him and purred, “Mmm… That was wonderful,” before giving him a long, adoring kiss on the lips. Then she lifted her hips and his manhood slipped out. It was coated in her juices from tip to hilt and growing more and more flaccid by the second. Sera languidly crawled away to a less-crowded area of the large mattress where there was room for her to lay down and finger herself in the afterglow.

Soon after, Ethan opened his eyes to find himself rubbing noses with Brooke. Beautiful, beautiful Brooke. Beautiful naked Brooke! It didn’t take Ethan long to notice that her hips were writhing back and forth seductively, like the tail of a dolphin in slow motion. The lovely vee between her legs was calling to him, pandering for his attention with its sensual dance. As good as he felt right now, Ethan cursed himself for burning up all his energy screwing Sera Hadyn, when Brooke, the girl of his dreams, was lying naked in the same bed. But all was not lost; Brooke was still lying beside him, still flirting with him. If he could manage to stay awake and keep her interest, he might just get a second wind. The chance to sleep with her had by no means passed.

As if she clairvoyantly knew he could use a little encouragement, Brooke leaned in to kiss him. Ethan happily reciprocated. Their lips never completely broke contact as one kiss became two, then three, then more. Ethan reached over to slowly caress the side of her waist and hip with his right hand. But a few seconds later, someone pulled his arm away from her. It was Ava, who was merely clearing the way so that she could lie down on top of him. Ethan’s heart sank. Once again, his hopes of having his way with Brooke had been foiled.

While Brooke kept Ethan’s lips busy, Ava playfully nibbled on his ear and probed it with her tongue. At the same time, she lightly ground her smooth mons into his limp cock over and over. The workout Sera had given him had completely drained Ethan of both his fluids and sex drive, and it would take time for him to replenish. But regardless, he could tell by Ava’s body language that she was determined to fuck him, no matter how long she had to wait.


A mystical white light flickered and danced across the naked bellies of the four hooded women in the stone chamber. The magic viewing pond shone brightly with a vision of Ethan laying in the bed, with the girls fawning over him.

“It has begun,” the woman wearing the emerald necklace declared.

The enigmatic ladies gazed intently into the enchanted waters and watched as Ava eagerly gyrated her snatch against an overwhelmed Ethan.

“It is time to cast,” said the woman with the ruby necklace. The other three all looked at her, and nodded once in agreement. In unison, the four women extended their arms forward and outward so that each was pointing to the two women closest to her. Their hands were all cupped and turned at a slightly upwards angle, as if to collect ambient spiritual energy. They closed their eyes, lifted their chins and drew a deep breath. Then all but the ruby-necklaced woman opened their mouths and began to chant a resonant note in harmony, “Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

The woman wearing the ruby necklace drew a second deep breath, then began her incantation in a strong, commanding voice,

“When primal courtship

Doth conclude,

May passion’s fire

Burn wild, renewed.

Four maidens yearn

To join with thee.

Respond in kind.

So mote it be!”


In the space of a few seconds, everything changed. Ethan had been lying in bed with barely the strength to lift his arms, thinking it would take him hours to recover from the orgasm he had shared with Sera. Then suddenly, he felt his energy return to him so quickly that it almost didn’t seem real. His circulation built up to the intensity that it had been at the height of coitus. Life returned to his arms and legs and his pelvic muscles felt prepared for a vigorous workout. Best of all, he felt himself succumbing to the springtime itch once more.

Ava had been lying stark naked on top of Ethan for several minutes, but only now was he able to give her the standing ovation that she so clearly deserved. Ethan’s manhood quickly grew so hard and so strong that the weight of Ava’s hips couldn’t keep it down any longer. He began thinking in detail about what he wanted to do with her; how he wanted to probe her nether regions deep, over and over. How he wanted to feel her slick pussy totally envelop his organ as he deposited a heavy load inside her. In fact, it was all he could think about.

Ava lifted herself a few inches off of Ethan’s body to allow him to become fully erect. Both teenagers savoured the sensation of Ethan’s cockhead pressing into her belly and coursing down along her mons, thanks to the low clearance she had given it. Then Brooke, sensing that they were both ready, broke off her kiss with Ethan and crawled down the mattress to guide Ethan’s thick shaft into Ava’s opening.

Ava pushed herself onto his pole in a single motion. Her canal was wonderfully tight, but also incredibly wet, which made the whole encounter easy.

Ethan’s lips hadn’t long been separated from Brooke’s when Ava pounced upon them. A second after his cock was buried inside her snatch, Ava and Ethan were locked in a slow open-mouthed kiss. They kissed again and again, as Ava’s hips set a moderate pace of carnal grinding. Ava would only stop kissing him long enough for a sensual giggle or soft moan.

Meanwhile, Brooke had wasted no time in finding new ways to amuse herself. After briefly petting Ethan’s balls with very light fingers, she layed down again beside him. She nuzzled his cheek for a moment, then brushed the skin just in front of his ear with her upper lip in an almost-kiss. Then she let loose by kissing him hungrily and repeatedly on the cheek and the side of his neck. She pressed her crotch against his hip and although he was bouncing around a fair bit, she tried to hump him there as best she could.

Ethan barely noticed Brooke – right now, Ava had his full attention. At some point Ava had ceased to be the driving force in their lovemaking and now Ethan was holding her lower body in place with a firm bearhug, while he pounded her faster and faster from below.

Suddenly, the support for Ethan’s head became very turbulent as Adamine masturbated herself to orgasm. He was shaken up and down, side to side as her lap quaked and parted. After a few seconds, he slipped between her thighs and Ethan soon found himself in a creamy-skinned cul-de-sac immersed in the scent of female arousal. Adamine leaned back, supporting her weight with her right arm, as she rode out the pleasure with a series of loud, enraptured moans.

Ethan’s two lovely ladies seemed to be excited by their friend’s cries and began to moan a little louder, themselves. Ava in particular was panting quite rapidly, suggesting that her own climax was nigh.

Adamine’s open thighs made it difficult for Brooke to continue kissing Ethan’s face, so she moved down to adore his shoulder. Her womanhood moved also, from his hips to his thigh, where she continued to writhe rhythmically. She hooked her own leg around his and pulled it tightly against her labia – rubbing her wetness all over his thigh as she moved.


In the archaic stone chamber, the hooded women stepped up to the edge of the enchanted pond for a third time. Taking their cue from the brunette with the sapphire-adorned necklace, the other ladies crossed their arms over their chests and began to sing together in an angelic soprano, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…”

The sapphire-necklaced woman lifted a ceremonial bronze chalice above her head and cast an incantation with a steady voice,

“To him we send

This magic tide,

To fill the precious

Pool inside.”

She tipped the chalice forward and a cloudy white liquid poured out. It hit the surface of the viewing pond with a splash and caused the image within to ripple to the point of being unrecognizable.

“May his fluid spill

Each time that he

Has sex tonight.

So mote it be!”

As the last of the secret potion disappeared within the waters of the pond, the ripples disturbing the magic image began to fade. The vision returned to full clarity just in time to show expressions of sheer ecstasy flash across Ethan and Ava’s faces.


Ethan grunted as he came for the second time that afternoon. After countless minutes of hot, sweaty thrusting, Ava’s privates clenched around his cock and milked him of his load. Ethan clutched at her ass cheeks, holding her in place while he pushed his billowing shaft into her erogenous hole.

His orgasm seemed to just go on and on. Ethan could hardly believe how much he was cumming. A few seconds ago, he felt like he had barely anything left; Sera had drained him. But now, all of a sudden, he was pumping wildly away with full, rich ejaculations.

Ava continued to softly moan for about a minute after their mutual climax had ended. Ethan gently fondled her buttocks as he listlessly shifted his organ in and out of her sex. Then Ava purred in gratitude and padded several fleeting kisses across Ethan’s face, before crawling off of him and rolling onto some other part of the mattress.

Ethan’s eyes were closed, his breath was searing hot and his pulse was still elevated. For a moment, he wanted to rest, perhaps even have a little nap. But he couldn’t stop thinking about burying his manhood into one of the four tender vaginas nearby. Before long, he was raring for another round of passionate screwing.

Brooke was still lying beside him, caressing his body invitingly. He looked over at her and could tell by her smile that she knew his libido would soon return, if it had not already. Ethan had had an opportunity to sleep with his dream girl earlier, but he foolishly let it pass him by. He was not about to make that mistake twice. He slipped a hand around her hip and pulled her close to him, so that none of the other ladies could come between them. His maleness had mellowed a bit, but not so that a horny teenage girl would notice, much less complain.

Ethan prodded her mons with his cockhead a couple times as they kissed. Then it slipped between her thighs, where it brushed against her labia. He moved a hand onto her sex and snuck two fingers a little ways inside. It was like dipping them in a hot bath – she was absolutely saturated. Ethan rubbed her clit with his thumb while his fingers stroked her from the inside. He made her moan louder and louder and when he couldn’t wait any longer he removed his hand from her snatch and finally realized his dearest daydream.

The abundant lubrication let Ethan’s cock slip easily into Brooke’s fissure. It was perfect, just as he had always imagined it would be! At the same time, he kissed her hungrily and Brooke reciprocated his passion. She wrapped her arms around him and held him with a tight embrace, mashing her ample breasts against his body.

Ethan began thrusting almost immediately, working up to a sizzling pace. Five years of concealed lust were suddenly thrown out into the open, Ethan held nothing back. Even his two recent sexual encounters didn’t seem to take much of a toll on his energy.

The next few minutes were like heaven for Ethan. Every ounce of Brooke’s warm flesh was offered freely and she eagerly assisted every advance he made. Ethan found Brooke’s ass was conveniently positioned for some good groping, and took full advantage of that situation. After a couple minutes, Brooke hooked a leg around behind him and used it to assist his vigorous thrusting. She whimpered and moaned, louder and louder, as she tumbled into rapturous delirium.

Then finally, Brooke let out a sharp cry of, “OH GOD!” Her womanhood latched on to Ethan’s rod with a powerful squeeze. She used her leg to hold his hips close, not that Ethan was in any danger of pulling out of her orgasmic grasp.

If one had seen them for those few seconds and only those few seconds, one could have easily assumed that the two teens were lifeless statues. They didn’t move, they didn’t even breathe. Only the throbbing veins along their bodies and the many drips of sweat tumbling down their bare skin offered any clue to the intensity of that moment.

When it was over, Ethan collapsed into a fit of ragged breathing and Brooke was left trembling in his arms. Ethan spent a while caressing the side of her face and kissing her tenderly on the lips. Then he rolled onto his back, leaving Brooke with a pussy full of hot sperm.

Lying upon the cool quilt, Ethan sighed deeply and smiled. Nailing Brooke had been the most perfect moment of his life. If he had been struck by lightning right then and there, he would have died a happy man. Yet Ethan was still hungry for more. He remembered that there was one more beautiful young lady in the room with him. One more naked siren whose comfort he had yet to enjoy: Adamine.

He propped himself up on his shoulder and turned his head to where she had been kneeling earlier. Adamine was still there, resting against a large crimson pillow. She gazed at him with desire in her eyes, puckering her mouth as if to blow him a kiss. Her nether lips were parted and glistening between her open thighs. But it was the humble nipples upon her large breasts that Ethan was most interested in. He scooched over so that he was right in front of her. Adamine smirked and gave him a single nod and with that, Ethan dove forth to decadently fondle and suckle from her supple bosom.

Adamine ran her fingers gently through his hair while Ethan took his time adoring both her mounds. When he finally opened his eyes a couple minutes later, he saw Ava and Sera sitting on either side of her. Their hands were upon Adamine’s shoulders as if to comfort her, though Adamine certainly didn’t seem to be in need of any sympathy. In fact, she looked as if she had just got two matching symbols on a scratch & match and was just about to score the jackpot.

Ethan sat up and shared four long, open-mouthed kisses with Adamine as he positioned himself to take her. Guiding it with his hand, he pressed his rod gently into the folds of her opening. He broke off their kiss in order to catch his breath and noticed that both Sera and Ava were staring at him with mischievous smirks. He also noticed that they were each holding one of Adamine’s hands.

“Do it, Ethan!” Sera said, “Fuck her!”

“Give her a feel of that hard cock,” Ava goaded, “She wants you to.”

Adamine didn’t say a word, but the smile on her face made it clear that she agreed with her friends.

Ethan was only too glad to send his manhood deep into the busty girl’s tight snatch. Adamine whimpered as he entered her and tightly squeezed her friends’ hands. They squeezed right back.

“It’s okay…” Ava whispered into Adamine’s ear.

It was only when Ethan pulled back and noticed that his rod was coated in a reddish tinge that he realized he was Adamine’s first. A broad smile grew on his face and he found himself having to bite his lip to avoid shouting the words, “OH YEAH!” out loud. Without hesitation, he slowly inserted his maleness again, this time savoring the hot kiss of virgin womanhood.

Adamine let out a pained moan with every thrust Ethan made and maintained her grip upon the other girls’ hands. Ava and Sera comforted her with great tenderness during that rite of passage. They brushed the hair out of her face, kissed her lightly on the forehead and periodically whispered advice to her like, “Just relax… Let him do all the work.”

Ethan tried to take things slow, seeing as it was Adamine’s first time. But for the most part his body was running on autopilot and Ava had to slow his pace twice with a guiding hand on his belly. Every now and then he would lean into share a passionate kiss with Adamine prompting moans of delight instead of agony.

Eventually, Ethan noticed that the reluctance had disappeared from her voice altogether and seemed to have been replaced with passive lust.

“More…” she sighed, confirming what Ethan already suspected, “More…”

He kissed her again and intensified his gyrations. Though it was still quite a tame dance, compared to the energy he had shared with Brooke.

Adamine’s snatch was so tight and satisfying that it didn’t take Ethan long to climax. Fortunately, Sera had been stroking Adamine’s clit and personally ensured that her friend reached a powerful orgasm only seconds after Ethan. Adamine again squeezed Sera and Ava’s hands as she climaxed around a firm cock for the first time in her life. Meanwhile, Ethan was blissfully shooting jets of cum into her pure center.

He collapsed backwards on to the mattress almost as soon as he had relinquished the last drop. His penis popped out of Adamine’s sex, still fully erect, wearing the diluted blood of a torn hymen like a badge of honor. It throbbed in time to the beat of his racing heart.

Ethan’s face betrayed his exhaustion. Not being an athlete, his body wasn’t accustomed to prolonged physical activity and the muscles in his butt, back and legs all ached from the four hearty workouts they had just endured. He could feel the sweat of his back saturating the quilt beneath him. Ethan knew that by now he should have been done for the day, or the next couple hours at the very least. Yet images of the naked girls kept flashing through his mind. He pictured their sensuous curves, their firm, ripe breasts and those perfect vee shapes beneath their bellies – all of which were covered in the smoothest, creamiest skin he had ever seen. Even though all those orgasms had left him feeling fantastic, Ethan needed to keep going.

When he forced himself to pick a specific candidate from his erotic thoughts, Brooke was the girl he chose. He was horny, fully-erect and the hottest girl in town was lying on the same bed, nude. It was a no-brainer. He groaned as he sat up. His tired muscles pleaded with him, “Please no more!” but his desire vastly outweighed his weariness.

Brooke’s long eyelashes made it difficult for Ethan to tell straight away whether her eyes were fully closed or not, but he soon realized that they were half-open. Her dreamy smile broadened as their eyes met. It seemed that she knew exactly what was going through Ethan’s mind, and was more than willing to cooperate. Ethan turned around, crawled over to the comely brunette on all fours and positioned himself directly above her. He pinned her arms down above her head and then, after some aimless writhing, plunged his shaft into her moist opening.

From Ethan’s point of view, the next few hours were a myriad of passionate, no-strings-attached sex. Once he had finished with one girl, he would move on to another, taking only a few minutes to rest in between. He couldn’t stop thinking about the general sexiness of the female form. As a result, he remained permanently erect and horny beyond reason. He could almost feel a ghostly finger in his brain, rubbing and stimulating the ‘wet dream lobe’. Though Ethan dismissed this as his imagination playing tricks.

He was amazed at how quickly his body managed to replenish its reserves of semen. Every sexual encounter ended with a discharge just as heavy as the first one he had inside Sera. He could only assume that men’s testes naturally worked faster with four sexy, naked ladies in the room.

For their part, the four girls did everything they could to make the experience as perfect for their mutual lover as possible. Often, while one of them was having sex with Ethan, one or more of her friends would sidle up to him and offer their breasts, affectionate kisses, or simply a warm embrace. As the afternoon progressed, each one of the girls wandered off to the bathroom at some stage, to ‘freshen up.’ Each time, Ethan made sure to watch their gorgeous asses drifting away. He even got to admire Brooke’s sweet cheeks as he filled Ava’s womanhood with yet another load.

The room turned a vibrant orange as the sun set. Then it began to sink into darkness. Sera and Brooke began to place many candles around the bed and light them, while Ethan and Adamine were making love.

By this time, Ethan had been sweating profusely for several hours and he had ejaculated countless loads of fluid. To say that he was dehydrated would have been an understatement. His throat was so dry that it felt like it was about to crack. “‘Scuse me,” he rasped to Ava, who was softly massaging his chest at the time with a flirty pout. “I need to get a drink.”

He squirmed over to the edge of the bed and sat up slowly, then staggered over to the adjoining bathroom. His thighs were tired and stiff and he felt a little lightheaded from dehydration. The room was dark, but the windows still let in enough dusky light for Ethan to be able to see all the major obstacles in the room. Upon setting foot in the bathroom, Ethan felt around the wall and soon found an old 1930s-style light switch that truly ‘clicked’ when turned on. The room was instantly bathed in bright white light and Ethan had to close his eyes until they adjusted to it.

Most of the room’s decor seemed to be early twentieth century. The light fittings were contemporary and the shower had a glass panel door where it seemed like a curtain had once been. But otherwise all the fixtures and tiles looked true to the period, though immaculately kept.

Ethan didn’t take time to chuckle at the ‘grandma’s home’ style of the room, instead rushing over to the nearby bathroom sink. He grabbed an empty grey coffee mug from the countertop oblivious to what it was normally used for and quickly filled it, leaving the faucet roaring. After downing six or seven full mugs of water that he didn’t bother to count, Ethan turned the faucet off and drank the last mugfull calmly. He licked the last couple drops from his lips and stared at himself in the mirror. Buck naked, in Brooke Kallan’s bathroom, he never dreamed he would see the day. His cock was beginning to droop for the first time since he’d entered the house, but it was still quite large.

Offering the reflection before him a silent compliment of, “You, my friend, are a true stud,” Ethan turned and exited the bathroom with confidence in his stride. Upon stepping through the doorway, he found the four girls lying on the bed, awaiting their hero. Sera had undone her ponytail, letting her shiny blonde locks cascade over her left shoulder. One look at that erotic foursome was all it took to make Ethan stiff as a board, once more. The girls’ eyes were all fixed on his rod and he could see the hunger in their gazes. He was more than willing to oblige.

He walked back to the bed and rejoined his naked lovers. Adamine was the closest, so he would take her first. She hummed and stroked his hair as he suckled on her tits for several minutes. Then he sat up, and coaxed her to turn around so that her ass was pointing towards him. After lifting her butt so that she was positioned on all fours, Ethan teased her tender clit with the tip of his maleness, while caressing the curvature of her ass and waist with his palms. Before long, he was doing her, doggy-style. The other girls looked on and kept touching themselves, as they had been doing since the foreplay began.

Ethan shook Adamine’s entire body as he pounded against her shapely backside. He was even sending tremors right across the mattress. Adamine’s breasts jiggled from side-to-side like a pair of supple pendulums, until Ethan reached forward and started massaging them. He made her moan, louder and louder, until she was crying out urgently at the top of her voice. He held her hips close for those sublime moments, grunting through his clenched teeth. When it was over, he released her. She collapsed onto the mattress, face first, still moaning in ecstasy.

Ethan sat down to catch his breath. When he had regained enough strength to lift his head, he peered over Adamine’s back and noticed Sera sitting right in front of her. She was resting against one of the bed’s large pillows, stroking herself internally with two fingers. Their eyes met and Sera smiled and winked at him. Ethan took the hint and crawled over to her.

They kissed as Ethan closed the distance between them. He briefly added a third finger to the party in Sera’s hot pocket. Then they all withdrew, so that Ethan could move up between her parted thighs and fill her womanhood with something much more satisfying. He entered her gently, but by the end of their steamy fling Ethan was grinding her hips deep into the pillow.

Adamine, Sera, Brooke, Ava, Sera, Brooke, Adamine, Ava, Brooke, Sera, Ava, Adamine, Brooke… Ethan continued making love to them well into the night. As he did so, he took the time to enjoy every point of interest on their bodies. Before the candle flames had burnt out, he had nuzzled all four bellies, groped all eight buttocks, squeezed all eight thighs and kissed, licked, suckled and fondled all eight of the girls’ breasts. He must’ve shared a thousand kisses between them and flooded their silken pussies with sperm at least a dozen times, each.

The girls allowed Ethan to try every position he knew of, with the sole restriction that all the sex had to be vaginal. Though Ethan made a few attempts at goading them, all four girls refused to have anal sex, or perform fellatio on him. Adamine wouldn’t even let him tittyfuck her fine bust. Every drop of his never-ending supply of semen was spilled inside a woman’s snatch that night, but Ethan certainly had no complaints.

After what seemed like several hours of darkness and unbridled passion, Ethan’s weary arms and legs became too heavy for him to even lift off the bed. That didn’t stop his lovers from taking advantage of his still-rigid maleness, however. One after another, they climbed on top of him and milked him of his cum with agile gyrations of their hips. Meanwhile, the others would be fawning over Ethan with kisses and caresses.

It all ended more or less the same way as it had begun; with Sera sitting upright upon Ethan’s crotch, purring in delight as his semen exploded into her body. The only difference was that now, all five of them were thoroughly exhausted. Once Sera’s orgasm had ended, she joined her friends at Ethan’s side. Sera layed to his left and Brooke layed to his right, each draping herself over half his body and nuzzling him. Ava and Adamine spooned Brooke and Sera, respectively, from behind. The outer girls reached over their friends to lightly stroke Ethan’s shaft, which had finally gone flaccid.

Settling in that cozy pose, the five highschool students fell asleep together. They were all naked, covered in sweat and reeking of the mixed scents of masculine seed and feminine arousal. All five were sporting smiles of profound satisfaction. Naturally, Ethan’s was the broadest.


The sun had well and truly risen by the time Ethan awoke. Beyond the blinds that partially obscured the majestic bedroom window, the sky was bright, blue and without a cloud. Somewhere outside, an unseen bird was serenading life with his merry little song. It was a beautiful springtime Saturday morning.

Ethan was briefly startled to find himself in a bedroom that seemed so immense compared to his own. But he quickly remembered what he was doing there when he encountered the naked young lady sleeping beside him. It was Adamine. She looked so picturesque lying there on her belly, with a light cotton bedsheet tracing over the curves of her ass and lower back. But what caught his attention was the perfectly round bulge swelling from where her chest met the mattress. Clearly, her beautiful breasts were too big to be compressed beneath her. Ethan was about to reach over for a feel when something made him turn his head in the opposite direction.

Brooke was lying there, also naked, but unlike Adamine, she was very much awake. She smiled as soon as Ethan noticed her and scooched right over to Ethan so that parts of their bodies were actually making intermittent contact. Ethan smiled awkwardly in response. This was his first ‘morning after’ experience and he wasn’t quite sure what to say to her. “Thanks for all the hot sex,” came to mind, but seemed incredibly tactless. Thankfully, Brooke was the one who broke the ice, not with words, but with a long kiss. Ethan soon felt a part of him beneath the sheets awakening from its own slumber.

“Sera and Ava had… matters to attend to,” Brooke explained in a soft voice, so as not to rouse Adamine. “But they wanted you to know that they really enjoyed themselves last night,” she said, warmly.

“Really?” Ethan asked, flattered by the compliment. Brooke nodded.

“Definitely,” she confirmed, as she leant in for another kiss. Ethan soon felt her fingers wrapping around his maleness, which was growing harder by the second. Without even thinking, Ethan reached for one of her breasts and began to cup and squeeze it.

One thing lead to another and a few minutes later, Ethan was on top of her and thrusting in and out of her luscious sex. Brooke had not resisted when he suddenly rolled on top of her and pushed his shaft through her excited labia. Now, she did nothing but squirm in ecstasy as he took her. He was wild, because Brooke had always been the girl he had desired most.

Then at the peak of his passion, both their bodies tensed-up and trembled. Brooke dug her fingers into Ethan’s shoulders, as if desperate for something to grab on to. They were in the perfect throes of mutual orgasm and their coital fluids were already mixing together and settling deep inside Brooke’s womanhood.

Ethan was already pressed against Brooke, but he let his full weight rest upon her once it was over. She languidly embraced him and even kissed him several times before he rolled off of her. His heart was beating like a Japanese taiko drum. Brooke did not move for a long time, she merely smiled and sighed repeatedly as she savoured a tremendous afterglow.

Ethan had almost completely recovered when he felt soft lips pressing against his own. It took him a few seconds to realize that they didn’t belong to Brooke, because he could still hear her cooing off to his right. Adamine had woken up and seeing a virile, horny teenager in action, first thing in the morning, had gotten her in the mood for nookie.

She kissed him again and again. At first she just leaned over him, but after a while she decided to straddle him. As her kisses grew hungrier, she began to harden up his cock by rubbing it with her hairless mons. They didn’t speak a single word to one another, because they didn’t need to. They were consenting adults, they were attracted to each other and they wanted to have sex. That was enough.

In the midst of Adamine’s affection, Ethan felt weight shifting upon the mattress. He looked over just in time to catch a glimpse of Brooke’s gorgeous ass as she got out of the bed and walked away. But he didn’t get to enjoy the view for long before Adamine turned his gaze back to her and lunged upon him with the most passionate kiss yet. Ethan wrapped his arms around her and didn’t give Brooke another thought.

Meanwhile, Brooke walked around the enormous bed and headed for the bathroom, briefly stopping in front of the vanity to tidy her hair a little. She smiled as the form beneath the bedsheets began to rise and fall, rise and fall and moan in arousal.


Ethan hit the pavement with a fresh spring in his step. He was grinning from ear to ear. Dressed in the clothes he had been wearing the day before, and carrying a schoolbag full of books, he was heading home for some breakfast.

Life had become so much more complicated for Ethan in the last eighteen hours. Being seduced by the most beautiful girls in school and responding with such stamina challenged every notion he had previously had about himself. Adding to the confusion was the fact that he was unclear whether last night was just a one-night-stand, or if one, or more, of his lovers wanted a relationship. To top it all off, Ethan had no idea what he was going to say to his parents when he got home. By now, they must’ve been worried sick!

However, Ethan was not letting these matters weigh him down. In the wake of all that mind-blowing sex, he was too happy to let anything weigh him down.


In the loft of the old house, a slender figure stepped up to the dormer window. It was Ava, clothed in a white bathrobe that hung from her shoulders, wide open. Had a man outside been fortunate enough to be looking in the right direction, he would’ve had a very pleasant view.

On the street below, she could see Ethan walking back towards town, completely oblivious to her presence. She watched him for a moment, reflecting on the immense pleasure they had given each other the night before. But then she remembered what she needed to do.

Ava closed her eyes and raised her arms skyward, as if to beckon someone or something. She opened her mouth as if to sing, but remained silent. Purging her mind of distractions and her heart of any regrets, she called upon the mystic powers of air to do her bidding. Obeying her will, the fickle winds of thought blew over Ethan and carried away all his memories of the night before. Their interference occurred so smoothly, Ethan wouldn’t even be suspicious about why he suddenly couldn’t remember anything that had happened since the school bell had rung for lunch yesterday.


A brief gust of wind ruffled the leaves of a nearby elm and then suddenly, Ethan had an odd feeling… as if he had just lost something, but wasn’t sure what. He slowed down for a moment, without completely stopping, while he tried to think what it might be. Did he have his schoolbag? Check. Books he needed for his assignment? Check. Wallet? Check. Mobile? Check.

Convinced that he hadn’t forgotten anything important, Ethan continued merrily down the road at his previous pace. He had no idea why he was making his way home with his school gear, through a strange neighborhood, on a Saturday morning and he didn’t care, either. He didn’t know why but he was just happy to be alive. Very, very happy.


Ava relaxed her concentration, opened her eyes and smiled as she gazed down at Ethan once again. He looked no different than he had before, but Ava had faith that her powerful spell had done precisely what she commanded it to do.

Behind her, a silent figure in a pale green bathrobe padded up into the loft.

“Do you still have doubts?” Brooke asked.

“No,” Ava replied without turning around, “You were right. He does have a great deal of magical potential flowing in his veins. I felt it pouring into me last night.”

“Me too,” Brooke sighed, as she absently stroked her mons with two fingers, in a circular motion.

“It’s a pity he was never tutored by a magical coven. He might have become a strong wizard,” Ava mused.

“Perhaps,” Brooke answered, “But then we would’ve had to choose someone else. You know it’s forbidden for the male to come from another faction. It would breed mixed loyalties to the coven and weaken us.”

“I know,” Ava said as she watched Ethan disappear behind a wall of trees. She appreciated the wisdom of Brooke’s words, but the situation still seemed unfair, perhaps even unethical. Had Ethan received a magical upbringing, there would’ve been no need to erase his memory. But because he hadn’t, his role in the girls’ lives couldn’t continue beyond that single night of passion. Ethan had been brought up to believe magic, monsters and spirits were mere flights of fancy. If he were to follow the journey of his four bewitching lovers, the things he would discover could drive him insane.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you slept in late this morning?” Ava remarked, changing the subject with a little mirth in her voice.

“Well, yes,” Brooke shrugged with a smile. “I was celebrating.”

“Adamine, too?” Ava asked.

“Twice!” said Brooke. Both girls laughed.


Later that same morning, eight cloaked figures paraded through the forest in two columns. At the front of the procession were the four ladies who bore the bejewelled necklaces. Their attractive faces were mostly hidden under their large, black hoods. Following close behind were their daughters: Brooke, Sera, Adamine and Ava. The teenage girls’ flowing black cloaks were identical to the ones worn by their mothers, except they didn’t have their hoods pulled up.

The austere procession soon reached a circle of stones, about twelve feet in diameter, which almost seemed as old as the trees themselves. At the far end of the circle was a simple stone altar, upon which were two bronze chalices, a chunk of smoky quartz the size of a baseball, and a cylindrical bronze sensor. The man-made artefacts looked very old.

The older witches split into two pairs that continued around the circle’s boundary on either side. The younger witches stepped into the center of the circle and stood there, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Once all the elder witches were in their rightful positions, the one who wore the emerald necklace, Adamine’s mother, spoke.

“All hail, the high priestesses of the Coven of the Four Paths!” She saluted.

“All hail!” her three sisters repeated, in unison.

“For centuries, our beloved coven has been charged with preserving the magical secrets of the four primordial elements. With this sacred knowledge, we help and protect those in need,” Adamine’s mother continued.

“The god and goddess have blessed us with great power…” said Brooke’s mother, who wore the necklace with the sapphire.

“…And great responsibility,” added Ava’s mother, the witch whose necklace bore the milky gem.

The comely blonde witch with the ruby necklace, Sera’s mother, spoke next, “The Coven of The Four Paths has always been guided by its four high priestesses, four witches of great worthiness. The laws of the coven state that each high priestess must be a direct maternal descendant of one of the four legendary champions of elemental magic. Thus each witch will have inherited a natural affinity with her own element. Our laws further state that all four high priestesses must be sisters, spawned from the seed of a single father, so that our beloved coven shall be forever united under the bond of family.”

“By tradition,” Ava’s mother began, “all four high priestesses must be conceived on the same night and born on the same day. Together, the four of you satisfy these sacred laws and follow these cherished traditions. Now, with the next generation already growing within your wombs, you have proven yourselves capable of continuing our coven’s legacy and worthy of assuming its leadership.”

“The great elemental powers of a high priestess passed to each of you the moment that new life formed inside you. With this ceremony of ascension, the Coven of The Four Paths acknowledges you as its true high priestesses,” Brooke’s mother declared.

Only now did the elder witches enter the sacred circle and approach their daughters. One by one, the mothers removed their precious necklaces, and placed them around the neck of their successor.

“You are Ava, heir of Illmari, the storm summoner. You are the high priestess of air,” Ava’s mother said, as she passed her necklace over to her daughter.

“You are Sera, heir of Haedine, priestess of radiant light. You are the high priestess of fire,” said the woman passing over the ruby necklace.

“You are Adamine, heir of Felsea, moulder of the enchanted clays. You are the high priestess of earth,” Adamine’s mother spoke with pride.

“You are Brooke, heir of Kallana, wise witch of the lake. You are the high priestess of water,” said the last elder witch.

With that, all eight witches turned towards the humble altar. The new high priestesses stood still while their mothers approached the relics on the stone. Sera’s mother reached into the folds of her cloak and produced a modern barbecue lighter, which had been tied to a concealed leather belt she was wearing. While one of the chalices held water, the other held a clear, flammable oil. Sera’s mother ignited the oil, then passed the lighter to Ava’s mother, who used it to ignite the fragrant herbs within the sensor. Then, each elder witch picked up the relic associated with her own element and presented it to her daughter. Ava received the sensor billowing white smoke, Sera received the burning chalice, Adamine received the polished black crystal and Brooke received the chalice filled with water.

The elder witches stepped backwards into their original positions outside the circle. Then they lifted their hoods and showed their beautiful faces.

“All hail, the high priestesses of the Coven of The Four Paths!” Adamine’s mother repeated.

“All hail!” the other elder witches replied. The proud mothers, now mere acolytes to their mighty daughters, they all kneeled and bowed their heads in respect. The teenage sisters all looked at each other and smiled, before lifting the relics above their heads in triumph. Their reign as high priestesses had begun. It would continue until the night their daughters conceived their own successors.

The tree branches themselves parted so that a warm beam of sunlight could shine down upon the four sisters, a sign of favor from the god and goddess.


Winter was almost over when Ethan interrupted his first year of college to fly up to Philadelphia for his cousin’s wedding. As it happened, the groom was a particularly distant cousin, and Ethan knew very little about him apart from the fact that he was Uncle Kevin’s son. Still, it was expected of him to attend, so he did.

At the reception, he had been seated with his parents. Even though Ethan had gone home for Christmas, they were nonetheless eager to catch up again. In many ways, it was an enriching experience. His mother seldom drank more than two glasses of wine at home and Ethan had never before seen her intoxicated.

“…So Irv bought the mower back the next day, but when your father tried to start it, it wouldn’t go, and now they aren’t speaking to each other!” Ethan’s mom chuckled heartily, finishing her hometown gossip with another sip of wine.

“Yeah, and I won’t speak to him until the jackass pays for the repairs!” Ethan’s dad nodded in a matter-of-face tone.

“Oh, now what else? What else?” Ethan’s mom asked herself, racking her brain for any snippet of local trivia she might’ve forgotten to tell her son. “Oh, yeah! I’ve got some interesting news for you. You remember those four unusual girls that were in your grade at school? The pretty ones that were a bit odd?”

“Oh, you mean the ones who lived together in that big house on Greene Street?” Ethan asked, immediately remembering Ava, Sera, Adamine and lovely Brooke, the secret crushes of every boy who went to his highschool, including himself.

“Yes, that’s them. Well, they’ve all had babies!” His mother said in a way that made it sound scandalous.

“Really?” Ethan asked, genuinely shocked. His mother nodded as she took another sip. It didn’t show, but Ethan’s heart sank when he heard the news, although he didn’t really understand why. It felt like he had been robbed of something. His fantasies of sleeping with those sexy babes had bought him so much pleasure in highschool. Perhaps finding out that some other guys had obviously lived them out tarnished those dreams.

“It was so strange though. They all gave birth on the same day and all the children are little girls!” Ethan’s mom divulged.

“On the same day?” Ethan repeated in surprise. “That’s gotta be unusual, right?”

“Mm-hmm,” his mom nodded. “Well, the story I heard is that they went to a wild party at some kid’s house one night. They got drunk and ended up letting some boys take advantage of them without taking any precautions. Not one of them knows who the father is, or so they claim,” she said, shaking her head in disapproval.

“Uh, honey, isn’t that the type of thing a nurse is supposed to keep confidential?” her husband reminded her.

“Oh crap, you’re right! I could lose my license!” She agreed, panicking just a little. “Forget I said anything!” she told her son.

“About what?” Ethan asked.

“About those…” his mom began, before noticing the clever smile on Ethan’s face. “Smart aleck!” she said with a smirk.

Her brush with a potential pink slip seemed to cool his mom’s loquaciousness and suddenly Ethan found himself alone with some quiet time to think.

“What I wouldn’t give to have been at that party…” he thought to himself. He imagined what it must have been like, to sneak off to a bedroom alone with one of those minxes and have her offer her body to him, uninhibited. Especially with Brooke. Even today, she was still Ethan’s ideal of what a woman should look like.

As the many voices in the hall drowned each other out, Ethan lost himself in a daydream about making love to Brooke Kallan in a large, ornate wooden bed. It was so vivid, it almost seemed real…

The End

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