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Wishing At Christmas

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Peter Grandon sat moodily in his dorm room staring at his literature textbook and studying for finals. He had read the same passage four times and he still couldn’t tell what the paragraph meant. His mind was elsewhere.

He was in the middle of a crisis. In a week he was supposed to leave for home on winter break. Four weeks away from his state college—books, tests, the lousy food in the dining hall. The emphasis was on the word supposed, because it didn’t look like he was going anywhere. Not even for Christmas.

Peter was a freshman on a full-ride scholarship. This was partly due to his grades since he graduated in the upper eight percent of his high school class with a high GPA and partly because he ran cross-country in the fall and was a distance runner on the spring track team. The biggest reason for the scholarship, however, was because his family was poor and couldn’t afford to send him to the university.

The major challenge was that Peter’s southern California home was seven hours away from Sacramento where his college was located. His step-father had fallen off a tall ladder at work and injured his shoulder and had no employment to speak of at all right now. Peter couldn’t afford to spend money on traveling; even purchasing an inexpensive bus ticket was out of the question. There was simply no give in his paper-thin budget for a visit, not even to go home for the holidays. Just like the words in that old Christmas song that made him sniff and deny he was crying.

Peter knew the value of a dollar: he’d spent his high school years mowing countless lawns after school, packing boxes at the electronics store in town and lifeguarding during summer vacations. Even though he missed his mother and step-father, some unanticipated expense always came up at school and he was broke.

Peter hoped that his best friend, a boy named MJ Wilkins, might help him find an answer. They had met for the first time a few months earlier when they were assigned to the same dorm room, and they had a lot in common. Like Peter, he was majoring in computer technology and part of his college funding was scholarship-based. Both of them realized earlier than the typical freshman that while they, like most teens, enjoyed weed or beer on occasion, the reason they were in Sacramento was to study. College was hard work and not an opportunity to squander. Neither MJ nor Peter were in the habit of bringing girls back to the dorm. Neither was sloppy or overly zealous in cleaning, nor did they infringe on each other’s space. They enjoyed the same kind of music and video games. They had the same zany sense of humor, and they shared friends too.

Being the intuitive friend he was, MJ soon noticed Peter’s gloom and asked what was bothering him. Once explained, it wasn’t hard to come up with the perfect plan—rather simple really since MJ had a good head on his shoulders. Both boys lived in the same southern direction from their college, but the Wilkins’ home was closer; the Los Angeles area as opposed to southern Orange County. MJ also had a cousin at State named Kevin, a junior who was allowed to drive his car back and forth to school, and the two students were traveling home together for Christmas. He suggested giving Peter a ride to his house if his step-dad didn’t mind driving up the rest of the way.

“It’s no problem, Peter,” MJ told him. “Mom’s cool with me bringing friends home, and it’s only for one night. Your step-dad can pick you up the next day and bring you back after the holidays so we can return to school. You can sleep in Kane’s room overnight.”

Kane was MJ’s wiser, twenty year-old brother and a junior majoring in pre-med at a large university in Riverside. MJ talked about him all the time, complaining like younger siblings do, but Peter knew he loved his brother. Kane too would be going home for winter break, but he wasn’t expected until the morning after the boys’ arrival. Would Peter be interested?

It was the perfect solution, Peter thought. A fourteen-hour round trip would be daunting for his step-father in both time and money, but a three-hour drive, well that was entirely do-able. He agreed at once, and eight days later found the three boys on the road home, already in a celebratory mood as they contemplated a full month off from school and the approach of the Christmas holidays.

Mrs. Wilkins greeted the boys enthusiastically, relieved to see them arrive because it had begun pouring rain as they traveled south and the roads were flooding. She made them a late dinner, and by nine p.m. the boys were sitting out on the enclosed porch watching the storm and listening to music. The weather was so bad that Kevin was also spending the night, taking the second twin bed in MJ’s room, instead of driving to his house an hour east.

MJ brought out a beer for each of them. He and Kevin talked about their families, and Peter shared anecdotes about his mother and step-father, saying he was an only child. They talked about the pros and cons of having siblings. He listened as the Wilkins boys discussed Christmas and what they hoped their gifts would be. They talked about Kane, older brother and cousin, who they described as the type of guy who didn’t know how to let loose and have fun. Always studying and playing the mature older sibling role, he kissed up to the elder Wilkinses and probably thought he was better than everyone else because he was going to be a doctor. He was so quick to point out everyone else’s flaws.

MJ and Kevin were both tall and blond with pale eyes and said that Kane looked a lot like them. Peter was already aware of this fact because he’d seen pictures of Kane all over the house, and he was gorgeous. His hair was shoulder-length and curly, and his sparkling aqua eyes had dark lashes and brows. His face was nicely shaped with a square jaw, straight nose and lush lips on a pouty mouth. He appeared to be athletic with great muscle structure and a lean, narrow waist. It was hard to tell the shape of his ass in the pictures, but his legs were long and tanned. Yes, Peter thought he was very attractive.

There was one thing that nobody at Peter’s school was aware of; in fact, very few people anywhere knew about him. He was gay. His mom and step-father were cool and said they loved him no matter what, and he’d never experienced any form of condemnation over it. Unfortunately, he lived in a small town where he didn’t know a single gay person. Peter had put his hopes aside of finding anyone special for a long time, but going to college had opened up an entirely new world for him. When the time came and he met the man of his dreams, he hoped he’d be able to admit who he was.

Not even MJ was aware of the truth, but it wasn’t because Peter was afraid he’d misunderstand. Actually, he had been waiting for an opportunity to talk about it. Peter was aware that MJ knew several students who were gay; homosexuality had come up in one of their early heart-to-heart discussions. MJ had never shown one sign of being bigoted, but for one reason or another Peter held back. He decided to wait until he was more secure before revealing this secret.

Yeah, gay and a virgin, that was an attractive combination for a college student. When he was much younger, before he figured out that he didn’t especially like them, he’d kissed a couple of girls. Now? Not even to throw off suspicion about himself would he even consider the idea, and it helped that he was so shy and quiet most people didn’t believe he dated at all. He’d had a few crushes on some of his male classmates in high school, but dreaming was as far as it ever went. He played the role of the techie nerd who couldn’t get a date, and nobody was the wiser.

He didn’t own or watch gay porn, but he read gay love stories. In his mind, finding someone who was into him and being loved and romanced had turned into this huge deal that he wanted very much. However, there was that tricky closet thing at school, so unless a miracle popped out of nowhere, he wasn’t likely to meet his Prince Charming.

It wasn’t that he was ugly or a total geek either; actually he was quite good-looking. Tall and dark-haired, Peter had broad shoulders and a trim waist. Muscular in all the right places from running, and a babyish face with an endearing smile. He’d been told that his brown eyes were soulful and he had nice hands. He was friendly and trustworthy, he never made a promise he couldn’t fulfill, and it took a lot to make him angry.

At 11:30 Peter was ready to turn in, and MJ showed him to Kane’s bedroom. It was much how he imagined it would be, totally suited to the man in the photograph. The room was in shades of navy blue and gray with a double bed and sensible furniture and manly décor. That Kane had a scientific mind and was something of a IT geek himself showed up in the posters on the walls and an old-fashioned microscope operated by hand and used in schools fifty years ago. There was also an old sports picture on his wall of Kane with a group of high school students in Speedos. Oh, so he was a swimmer. He looked very sexy in the small scrap of fabric. Kane had a very nice package, and Peter felt his cock growing and stiffening in his shorts.

Peter went to bed, thinking about Kane and remembering the picture as he tried to sleep. It had all made Peter very horny, and listening to the boys talk about him hadn’t helped. He remained hard, and even adjusting himself several times wouldn’t let him get comfortable. Peter thought about masturbating, but it would be a violation of Kane’s room and the hospitality of the Wilkins family. At last he drifted off into an exhausted sleep, dreaming about Speedos and beautiful asses.

He had no idea how long he slept. The room was still dark, but as if he was in his own dream, Peter knew he wasn’t alone. He was dozing fitfully, but suddenly he found himself pulled from slumber by the slight bounce of the bed, followed by a startled gasp as a soft hand came in contact with him and pushed down firmly on his chest. “Ummph,” he exhaled and coughed quietly, trying to breathe normally.

Peter could sense that the person belonging to the hand was very startled to be touching another warm body and was on the verge of shouting or maybe even hitting him. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispered wildly into the dark, not daring to move. “Don’t freak out. I’m Peter, a college friend of MJ’s.”

In the filtered light from the curtained window he saw the hand move towards the small bedside lamp and switch it on. His eyes adjusted to the dim light, and there sat Kane on the bed looking at him oddly. He was even more handsome in person. His blond hair was only slightly damp from the rain and curled around his ears and against his neck. His light blue eyes were confused but breathtaking. He was wearing a tight band t-shirt that didn’t hide the chiseled firmness of his upper torso, and his jeans were snug across his hips and ass.

“What are you doing in my bed?” Kane’s eyes snapped in irritation and his voice was a low growl.

Peter explained himself as he sat up. “MJ said you wouldn’t be home until tomorrow.” He noticed that Kane’s damp t-shirt was sensuously clinging to his chest and well-muscled shoulders. He began to feel these strange sensations in his already-aroused groin. He knew what it meant and forced himself to remember this was his best friend’s brother—a straight older brother.

It was Kane’s turn. “I meant to stay at the university but I left school early because of the weather. It’s supposed to rain harder the rest of the weekend, and I didn’t want to drive through thunderstorms. I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t know what time I was going to arrive and…” Kane’s eyes darkened in anger. “Stupid Sal.”

Sal? That was an abrupt change in the conversation! It wasn’t any of his business who he was, but Peter liked talking to Kane and didn’t want him to leave so he asked, “Why is Sal stupid?”

“Sal is an asshole,” Kane said with firm, annoyed conviction. He was looking at the bare chest of the boy in his bed and noticing how muscular he was without a trace of hair. “A total fucked up jerk of an asshole!”

Kane said he shared an off-campus apartment with three other men all studying pre-med. Sal was the most ambitious of the bunch, one who seemed to think that he had to be the best in everything and wasn’t fussy about accomplishing his goal. Kane had thought they were friends only to discover that Sal had entered his bedroom without permission and borrowed his textbook notes and research materials for a final term project he’d been working on for months.

Lo and behold, when the professor was grading the students’ finals, he came across two that were nearly identical, and Kane had been called upon to defend his actions. For over an hour he argued that the project was his own work, and he finally prevailed when he was able to prove it with earlier renditions of his study annotations. But Sal was being disciplined, and Kane and the lying bastard were done as friends.

As Peter was able make out through the harsh words and a tear here and there that Kane carefully disguised, it sounded as if there had been more than friendship at stake. He could scarcely believe his ears when Kane, probably not even paying attention by that point to whom he was speaking to, had poured out his grief. Kane thought Sal liked him, and he certainly liked Sal, and between two men hoping to start a relationship… well, you certainly didn’t treat potential boyfriends that way.

Peter continued to listen but he went completely still. Kane was gay. The hot photo-fantasy man sitting next to him was gay.

He was awake enough to recognize the weirdness of the fact that he was totally naked except for his boxers and sleeping in the bed of MJ’s completely adorable, gay brother not three feet away from him. He wanted to offer soothing words but was completely out of his element. He had no idea how to talk to Kane, as distracted as he was with his hardening cock and fighting his desire for him. He brought his legs up under the covers and leaned forward in the bed with his elbows on his knees to hide it.

Kane’s mouth was in a delightful pout as he sucked on his lip, and his chest rose and fell in indignant anger. Watching his muscles flex underneath the t-shirt, no matter the reason, was one of the biggest turn-ons Peter had ever experienced. He wondered whether Kane had hair on his chest and how his skin would taste dampened by the rain. He saw himself kissing him, getting lost in those aqua eyes as Kane told him that he loved him. I mean, wasn’t it fate that had brought them here?

Shaking the hopeless romance out of his head, Peter returned to the here and now of Kane returning home unexpectedly. He knew he should do the right thing, and he offered to give the older boy back his bed if he would tell him where he could sleep and get him a blanket and pillow. He was very tired, and yet he felt energized in his presence.

Kane smiled and thanked him. “You can sleep on the couch,” he said. “I have a blanket in my closet, and Mom keeps a spare pillow…”

Peter was already half-way out of bed when he remembered he only had boxers on. Not only that, but his erection was rearing up stiffly in the front and creating a very noticeable tent. Mortified, he looked at Kane, and he was looking back, but not at his face. Kane stared at his crotch with a sultry expression in his eyes, and he smiled at Peter in a way that could only be described as provocative and made him turn red.

Kane reached back in his memories to a quick trip home his little brother, MJ, had made earlier in the semester. He was talking about how wonderful going to school up in Sacramento was; all about leaving home for the first time, his classes, making friends and the new experiences of college life. He had expounded enthusiastically about the cool student assigned to his dorm and how they had become buddies right away. Even more important, MJ had told Kane he had discovered quite by accident that his roommate was gay and probably still a virgin.

Kane was a nice person, definitely not a player and in no way could be accused of being the type of man who enjoyed breaking hearts for the hell of it. He remembered his own coming out and the tentative steps he’d made in self-discovery. It sucked being young and gay, not knowing who to trust.

Was that cute senior with the dark eyes looking at you because he was gay too and wanted to see if the two of you had something mutual to build on? Or was he just looking at you like any other student, and if you approached him he might denounce you in front of all your peers… or worse.

He had left the university that afternoon with his hormones raging, his dreams of Sal shattered, and angry as hell that the other boy had betrayed him and tried to plagiarize his term paper. Arriving in town, he’d gone to a friend’s house where he proceeded to get drunk, but he wasn’t able to discuss in full detail his heartbreak over Sal, not like he’d confided in Peter. But now his jeans were tight across the crotch and he and Sal had no future. His body was frustrated with longing… until he saw this good-looking man-boy in his bed with his eyes dark with lust and his cock stiff, wanting it. Wanting him.

Kane pushed him by the shoulder indicating to stay put. “What’s your name again?” he whispered in a sexy voice that was like a warm hug.

“Peter.” He closed his eyes, his heart pounding. He must be dreaming.

“You said you’re MJ’s friend from school. How old are you?” Kane moistened his lips, his pink tongue darting out of his mouth.

“Eighteen,” Peter whispered. His eyes tracked the tongue and his own mouth was going dry just looking at him.

“Well, Peter, age eighteen, I’m going to ask you a question and I just want a simple answer, okay?”

Peter nodded wordlessly, his hands beginning to shake. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to talk anyway.

Kane’s aqua eyes were wide and warm, and he was smiling at him. “No screaming or yelling, promise?”

Peter nodded again, the invitation from those eyes stealing over him, dreamlike. They were giving him ideas.

“Are you gay?”

Peter nearly jumped out of bed. What was supposed to be a simple question sounded more like an invitation. He figured he must have heard wrong. Despite his young age, Peter was an intuitive man, but not even in his wildest dreams would he have imagined Lady Luck smiling on him. It didn’t take much to determine the crazy path this line of questioning would take.

“Yes.” The word nearly stuck in his throat, and to make sure he was understood, Peter nodded again. Kane’s face lit up in joy before he remembered that the answer to one question didn’t necessarily mean anything unless…

“Um… uh, Peter, have you ever… uh, done anything… well, sexual with another guy?”

Part of Peter felt mortified having to admit his naïveté. Part of him was so excited he broke out in goose bumps and began to tremble. He looked at Kane, fighting a deep blush, and saw the desire in those pale eyes, and it did wonders to calm his own fears. Here was what sounded like a clear request to explore some of the things he’d always wondered about.

“You’re asking if I’ve ever had a blowjob or… anything?” he choked out. He shook his head wildly. “No.”

Kane pursed his lips, thinking Peter’s pink-cheeked embarrassment was cute. It didn’t bother him at all that this was his baby brother’s friend. It was as if it was meant to happen. “Do you want to?”

Peter nodded. His cock was so tight in his boxers; it was throbbing and starting to ache. “Only a few other people know I’m gay, and besides, I’m not much to look at anyway.”

Kane stared at Peter’s tanned, toned abdomen and well-defined chest muscles with brown nice-sized nipples and shook his head. Judging by the size of his hard on, he thought he must be joking, and his eyes burned with need. “How can you say that, Peter? You are so cute!”

He paused, loving how his praise made Peter’s color deepen and was ready to repeat the all-important question. “So, do you want to?”

Peter was so horny. It was the remnants of the beer, but oh so much more, it was this gorgeous man calmly telling him that he’d guessed he was gay and asking, he supposed, if he wanted to have sex with him. He smiled at Kane and nodded.

Lifting his t-shirt over his head to reveal filled-out pectorals and his own flat, rosy nipples, Kane smiled down at him. Peter’s brown eyes went huge. He was now beet red and beginning to sweat. “What are you going to do?”

“I could say that after the past couple of days,” Kane said simply as he pulled off his jeans, “and what I’ve been through lately, I need some stress relief… meaning you, and judging by your friend there…” He pointed to his crotch, “You want me just as much.”

He sighed at the hurt in Peter’s eyes. “But that isn’t the whole reason, Peter. If you want, I’m going to teach you some things I know. There is a lot about you that interests me, and maybe this is moving too fast, but I feel something here-” he laid his hand over his heart- “that I haven’t felt in a long time.”

That something here was a bit like what Peter had felt for a crush here and there himself, but he was never brave enough to explore it. It might have been lust and being in the right place at the right time. It could be that Kane was on the rebound after how Sal had hurt him. But wrapped inside all of it was a kernel of sweetness and how it felt to be liked for himself where they got the preliminaries out of the way quickly and proceeded on to what they both needed. Maybe a little ass-backwards, but it worked for both of them.

Kane was wearing black bikini briefs that showed everything he had, and his hard-on was threatening to explode through the fabric. Peter could only nod, his eyes staring at Kane’s ripped abs and the way his briefs barely contained a huge cock and nice set of balls between his thighs. He didn’t see any pubic hair protruding from around the edges of the cotton and wondered if Kane shaved. He’d heard that some did, and the thought of it turned him on even more.

Kane was moving towards him on the bed, and Peter scooted over so he could sit down. “Don’t worry about my parents or brother. This house is solid, and pillows are excellent for covering any noise we might make. I’ve had several boyfriends up here, and nobody ever found out.”

Peter smiled. Shit, did MJ have it wrong; a goody-goody Kane was not.

Peter nodded to show he was ready, unable to talk. He didn’t utter a word of protest when Kane leaned over him and cupped his face, kissing him gently on the lips. They were soft and warm, and he kissed back. Peter felt a tongue licking the seam of his lips, and he opened his mouth to let it in, following his movements. Their tongues collided and entwined. Kane was sucking at his mouth, taking control and releasing pulses that Peter felt all the way down in his balls. He moaned softly.

“You like that,” Kane breathed against his lips. It wasn’t a question; he knew he was turning him on. He touched his chest with a warm hand, his fingers brushing against a nipple and tweaking it into hardness. Peter moaned again.

“God, yes.” Peter felt like his world was shifting, and he put a hand on Kane’s shoulder to steady himself. This was so nice, he was almost afraid it wasn’t real. Kane was teasing him and once he got him so horned up he would pull back, laughing at his little joke to send him downstairs to sleep. Or try to sleep; he would have no choice but to jerk off.

Kane lifted one of Peter’s hands and put it on his chest. “You can touch me,” he said huskily.

Peter ended the kiss to look down at the perfectly round, dark pink areolas and flattened budding nipples. They were exquisite, and Peter suddenly knew he wanted to. His fingers began strumming over one of them in a lazy way, watching it tighten up and get hard. He flicked it with his fingernail, and now it was Kane who was moaning.

For Peter who had never expected the night to end with him in bed with another man, the low, throaty sounds made his emotions go wild. He moved further into the bed and with his other arm drew Kane closer. He couldn’t make his hands stay still and he wanted more. Sliding down the pale hair of Kane’s arms, corded underneath with muscle, roaming down his back and lightly brushing the fringe of his pits. They were kissing and touching each other in abandonment, acquainting themselves with each other’s bodies. Peter’s erection was hard as a rock, and he could feel Kane’s dick trapped against his side in exact same condition.

Kane pulled Peter down on the sheets so he was lying next to him, and their mouths crashed together, nibbling at lips and sucking their tongues. Desire swirled through both of them, and Kane cupped his ass and drew him flush with his body. Kane had never felt the need to possess another man the way he did with this stranger. Maybe it was the way Peter put so much trust in him and the bright gleam of awe shining from his face. He felt so privileged to be the one teaching Peter how to seek pleasure from another man and how enjoyable it would feel. Peter seemed to be a fast learner and had a gentle touch.

Peter’s whole body was shivering in anticipation and if his cock got any harder it was going to fall off. He needed immediate help in relieving the pressure, and he didn’t know any other way to communicate except to follow instinct. He picked up Kane’s hand and guided it to his groin. “Please,” he begged.

Kane looked at Peter’s anguished face and cooed sympathetically. “Oh poor baby!” His eyes were full of understanding, and he knew exactly how to take care of this crisis. “Lay down on your back,” he commanded.

Peter did as he was told, and Kane gave him one more firm kiss on the mouth before scrambling to his knees. Lightly, he began to kiss and nibble his way down his body. Chin and neck first, his hands fluttering over his shoulders, down his chest so his fingers rested lightly against his navel. His mouth was paying lots of attention to his nipples and they were hardening under his soft lips. Peter felt like he was in flames, and his breaths grew shallow and rapid. Whatever Kane was doing was not helping his erection; it was stoking the fires, and his cock jumped repeatedly in the confines of his boxers. Peter groaned, pressing his fingers firmly against his lips to stifle the sound. He wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

Kane grabbed the elastic of his boxers. Peter gratefully lifted his hips so he could work it over his body and pull them down over his feet to toss them across the room. He glanced down at himself to see that his erection had never been bigger in his life. His balls were throbbing painfully, and he found himself groaning again. “Please.”

Kane looked down at Peter’s raging member and liked the size and shape of it. While not the largest in his experience, his cock was one of the most beautiful he’d ever seen. It was a good six inches and very thick, springing out of dark brown pubic hair that was wiry and neatly trimmed. The shaft itself was dark and firm with darker veins running up and down its length. The tight purple head glistened in the dim light with a large drop of milky precum at the tip. He also had a nice pair of egg-shaped balls that looked full in a slightly fuzzy sac.

But this was no time to waste staring and drooling over him; relieving Peter’s discomfort was paramount. Kane dipped his fingers into the pearly glob and used it to lubricate the head and the upper half-inch of the shaft, making it wet and slick. Peter jumped as if touched by an electric current. He whimpered and then whimpered again when Kane brought his finger up to his mouth and tasted his precum, smiling in satisfaction.

Kane placed his other hand at the base, slowly rubbing up and down the shaft. He bent over him, his lips replacing the hand on top as he gently nibbled the head and kissed down the shaft. Peter moaned and threw his arm up to cover his mouth and muffle the sound as Kane opened his mouth to take him inside. One inch, two inches, he let the cock push against the inside of his cheek, careful not to stimulate the sensitive spots too quickly.

Oh damn! This was far better than any masturbation fantasy Peter had had ever had. Gorgeous Kane with his perfect mouth and hand, exquisite, tormenting, working his hard cock in a way he’d never experienced. He thrashed on the bed, groaning continuously with his own mouth buried in one of Kane’s pillows to mute his cries. He didn’t care how virginal he looked and that he had no idea what he was doing, his hips began bucking on their own, tipping his pelvis to drive his rampant erection into mouth and hand, each thrust bringing him nearer to losing it.

Sucking and licking, Kane bobbed his head and taking more of Peter’s cock into his mouth each time. His hand on his meaty shaft rose to meet his mouth and gripped back down in a sliding and relieving rhythm. His other hand carefully lifted his angry, swollen balls and began to gently rub and pump them with his fingers. He heard Peter’s ragged breathing quicken, grabbing for each lungful of air with a sigh.

Peter put his hand on the back of Kane’s curly head to keep his in place. He was damp with sweat, and the muscles in his thighs and abdomen were twitching. Kane’s lips on his responsive cockhead felt so astonishing, his soft tongue massaging the sensitive back of his flange creating little trills of bliss, bringing him ever closer. He could feel fingers lightly pulling on his testicles, teasing them towards an epic release. He knew he was so close, just a few more sucks. Deep down he felt his balls contract as his semen began to boil inside.

“I’m going… to, oh shit… I’m cumming,” he gasped urgently to Kane. He deliriously slammed the pillow over his mouth again to stifle his groans as his body jerked spasmodically and his back arched. Shivers raced up and down his spine and his cock exploded into a raging orgasm that spewed semen into Kane’s waiting mouth. Over and over, each electric, satisfying pulse made him writhe and moan in a pleasure he’d never felt before.

Kane took all of his release and swallowed each drop, his perfect lips milking him from bottom to top until he was empty and wrung out. He pulled himself around to kiss his lover deeply. Peter realized he was tasting his own essence, but he didn’t care. He had never done that before, and it was slightly earthy-salty but not unpleasant.

“That was fantastic,” he whispered, stroking Kane’s jaw in delight. He was dazed, nearly exhausted by the experience. “Thank you.”

Kane laughed softly. “You’re welcome.” He looked deeply into Peter’s tawny brown eyes and, while the ache of an untended erection had disappeared, his curiosity had not. “Do you know how to go down on a man?”

Peter shrugged and blushed, ashamed of his lack of experience. “I’ve heard some of the boys at school talking about their girlfriends doing it, but I’ve never had the chance before.”

“Good. Then I’ll teach you the right way.”

Peter, listening to Kane, thought he seemed a lot older than his twenty years. His patience and expertise was beyond amazing. He stared into his aqua eyes bright with need, and Kane’s lips were parted, his face flushed with wanting him. He was the most beautiful man Peter had ever seen, and his desire to please him was nearly overpowering. He was eager to learn what to do, wanting to satisfy his and bring his to orgasm as wonderful as his own.

“I’m going to start by telling you something that shouldn’t be a secret. Do what feels good to you. If you like it, I probably will. If I don’t, I’ll let you know. Follow instinct.”

Kane took his place at his side, flat on his back, and Peter rolled over toward him. He kissed the older student deeply, tasting his cum again on his lips and tongue. Kane continued to suck on his mouth, tongues tangling and dancing together, and he put his hand behind Peter’s head and drew him into his body. He was fondling Peter’s nipples again, and damn if he wasn’t already recovering and getting hard. It was waking him up, and that seemed to be his purpose.

Peter now knew how to set the mood, and he put all his limited skill into getting Kane aroused. Peter peppered his face with gentle licks and kisses along his hairline and along the edge of his jaw. He nuzzled him behind his ear, nipping at his lobe, his lips caressing his neck and collar bone. It was an incredible turn-on for him also, and he let his hands wander over his body. His shoulders, chest and abs were muscular, but the skin was soft, and the flesh up his sides was supple. He enjoyed playing with his navel and could hear Kane breathing lightly in and out, slightly raspy.

All the while he kept an eye on Kane’s cock, still enclosed in his low briefs, and the front of them was spotted with a large, wet circle of precum. He could tell that Kane was bigger than he was, probably seven inches, and thick. He was eager to see him naked, but that would come in a bit.

Knowing Kane would probably enjoy it, Peter lowered his head to his chest and bit lightly on a nipple. The nub shriveled up into a hard pebble. Kane breathed in sharply between his teeth, his body tensing, and Peter smiled against the damp skin. Again he nibbled and began playing with the other nipple, rolling it beneath his fingers. For the next ten minutes he probed with tongue and teeth, and Kane responded with a hoarse moan of pleasure as his nips bloomed in color and sensitivity.

“Yes, that’s so good,” Kane said in a husky voice, thrashing under his skillful touches. “Damn, Peter, for someone who has never done this before you learn fast.” He groaned again. “I need you to suck my cock before I go out of my mind.”

Peter flipped himself so that he was lying close, his head level with Kane’s hips. He placed his hand on a bare knee and let it leisurely travel, kneading muscles up his leg until he found his thigh. He did the same with the other leg. The massage was one of erotically toying with Kane as he trembled under his caresses. He shifted his touch to his sweaty inner thigh and finally reached over to pull off his briefs. Kane lifted, and his big cock, an angry dark red at the head, sprung free.

Just as he suspected, Kane’s entire groin was hair-free. It was an erotic sight, the first cock he’d ever seen outside of his own and what flopped around in the locker rooms in PE when he was in school. The most important thing was this was his cock to play with, and he couldn’t wait.

Peter ran his index finger along the shaft from stem to tip, and it came away wet and slick with a large drop of his precum. The dick twitched under his touch, and Kane whimpered, his eyes squeezed shut. Moistening his finger on clear fluid, Peter massaged it into the head, and Kane began to pant.

“You’re torturing me, Peter. Please, please, please suck me.”

Peter chuckled. He was enjoying himself but he didn’t want to take advantage, and besides, he wanted a taste of that divine cock that was almost flat against Kane’s belly. Leaning over him, he let his tongue follow the same trail his fingers had taken.

Kane jumped, clenching his jaw in need. “Again,” he begged.

A few more licks, and Peter felt confident enough to attempt sucking on Kane’s throbbing erection. It fit nicely in his mouth, surprisingly heavy against his tongue, and cautiously he ran the edges of his teeth gently over the spongy head. Kane let out with a deep moan and his whole body twitched. His precum was slippery and addictive, and Peter slurped against the slit to draw out more. His tongue twined around the head and upper inches of the pole like a snake, and that was when Kane began to thrust.

Kane was in paradise. He was positive Peter was telling the truth about being a virgin, but what his mouth was doing to his cock should be ruled illegal. Sucking at the slit, licking around the head and then from top to bottom and the way he gripped the shaft with his warm hand, he could feel his orgasm hovering on the edges waiting to pounce. And then Peter began to fondle his balls, rolling them in his palm, and his mind took flight.

Peter found a rhythm as his mouth dipped up and down on Kane’s delicious cock. He loved sucking it. He loved the smooth velvety feel in his mouth, the fever heat of it and the veins that circled the shaft. He enjoyed using his tongue to flutter around the bell-shaped cap and across the back where the circumcision scar was. Mostly he was getting off on how much Kane loved what he was doing. Kane had his head buried beneath a pillow and was groaning nonstop.

Peter allowed Kane to put his hand on top of his head to hold him in place so he could fuck his mouth. Surprisingly, Peter didn’t gag when the tip hit the back of his palate, and he soon got his breathing under control too. He remembered hearing that he should relax his throat, and on the next thrust, he felt Kane’s cock slide down an inch or two. He swallowed to get more, and Kane squeezed his head.

“Oh, fuck, Peter… fuck. I can’t stop… can’t… I’m gonna…”

Peter knew Kane was going to spurt, and for a moment he panicked. Just like that, he realized he had no other choice but to swallow, and just in time, he was ready. He felt a quick pulse, and then his mouth was filling with eruptions of Kane’s warm cream that he tried to swallow quickly so he wouldn’t lose any.

Thrashing beneath his younger lover, Kane couldn’t remember ever feeling so… so… adored. His tattered mind screamed ‘more’, and Peter was giving him more. More sucking and swallowing, more laps of his gifted tongue, more pulling on his balls. He had never cum so hard in his life. His muscles clenched and released and clenched again, his body on overdrive. His lungs didn’t have the capacity to draw in more oxygen as he tried to breathe through the pillow, hoarsely shouting Peter’s name in rapture.

Kane finally stilled beneath Peter who gazed down, giddy with happiness, at him. Kane’s flushed skin glowed and made him look like a sexed-up angel. He could hardly believe he’d just given this beautiful man a blowjob and successfully brought him off. He felt a stab of tenderness for him inside, and after he cleaned him completely up and let go of Kane’s softening dick, he scooted back up to lie next to him.

Kane’s eyes were sparkling in the dim light. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t fantastic,” he said to Peter, his eyes slumberous. Those sweet, encouraging words made his lover feel like he was on top of the world.

Softly they kissed, and Kane took Peter in his arms. Both of them were sated and tired and ready for sleep.

“I should probably go downstairs,” Peter said sadly. It had been an amazing night for both of them but he wasn’t under any delusions about what had happened. As beautiful as his first time was, they were just satisfying each other’s needs.

Kane stared at him in confusion, and just like that he knew what was wrong. Peter felt used, maybe not in a dirty way, but as if he was a convenient body nonetheless. And that was not how Kane felt about him. Not at all. This was new, it was too early to call it a commitment, but there was something in Peter worth treasuring. Something he wanted to explore to see if they could give each other what they needed over the long term. He certainly didn’t want Peter to go downstairs and sleep on some damn couch, feeling unloved and rejected.

“Stay,” he said, ruffling his hair. “Stay with me, please.”

Peter looked at Kane and saw that he meant it. He gave him a shy smile and settled back down in the bed. Kane cuddled into him, and they kissed again, more out of joy than passion.

Kane and Peter fell asleep in each other’s comforting arms. As Peter dropped off to sleep, he marveled at how a simple situation like not being able to go home for Christmas seemed to have changed the course of his life. It was as if every wish he could possibly think of had come true.

At five Peter awoke to the sounds of movement in the room and watched as Kane dressed. He wished they had more time together, but the Wilkinses would be getting up soon. The men had prearranged that Kane would spend what was left of the night on the downstairs couch, and they would pretend to be strangers when he awoke. Peter wasn’t sure he could pull it off. He didn’t want to let Kane go.

All went according to plan. Kane announced that he’d driven home from school early and shown up at the house in the wee hours, much too late to awaken anyone. He was too tired to trudge up to his bedroom so he settled for a night under a quilt on the couch. Formally introduced to MJ’s college friend, Peter Grandon, that same morning, the three students began to talk in typical fashion. Under MJ’s solemn gaze they started to develop a camaraderie.

Every once in awhile a memory from the night before would hit Peter, and his cheeks would stain with a light blush. Kane would smile and turn his head, his own face coloring slightly, and neither of them saw MJ smile to himself. Finally he could no longer stand it.

MJ and Peter were in the kitchen alone getting second cups of coffee. “You like my brother, huh!” MJ proposed.

Peter choked and nearly spit his coffee out. “Like?” he stammered?

MJ gave him a wry grin. “Look, Peter, no offense, but I’ve known you were gay since the third week of school.” He saw his friend tense and jumped in with an explanation. “It’s nothing on you, dude. I’m not saying you act gay. The truth is,” he reached up and scratched his head in embarrassment, “you left one of your gay novels out on your bed one time when you were almost late for class and I saw it. I just put two and two together. It worked too.”

Peter stared at the triumphant gleam in MJ’s eyes that were the same shade as his brother’s. “What does that mean?”

MJ laughed. “It means I know my brother. I know what he likes and dislikes. You’re my friend so I know a lot about you too. You and Kane are perfect for each other.”

“You set this up?” Peter gasped in astonishment. “The whole thing?”

MJ grinned at his friend’s shocked expression, glad to see it was in surprise and not anger. “Well, not exactly,” he crowed. “I didn’t predict you’d need a ride home, but after that, it all fell into place. I also didn’t know Kane was coming home last night, so it was simply a serendipity how he decided to leave school early. I only wanted for the two of you to meet today. The family has been trying to get Kane away from that nasty Sal since last year.”

“So, we were supposed to meet each other and in three or four hours… what?”

“Talk to each other and develop a friendship. Like I said, I know my brother. He likes quiet, sort of shy men with dark hair. You’re both smart and athletic. I knew you’d hit it off. And when I saw the way you guys were pretending not to know each other this morning… well, it worked didn’t it?”

Peter nodded, feeling dazed. He wondered if MJ knew the truth of it. He didn’t have long to wait.

“That is what you and Kane did, right? Talked all night?” Peter was being a little too quiet, and the blush on his cheeks hinted at more than just talking. “Oh my god, Peter.” Now it was MJ who was turning bright red. Of course, it must have been naïve madness to put the two of them in a bedroom together and expect…

“Shh,” Peter shushed him, laughing. “It’s all your fault. You and your plans. So if Kane and I…”

“If ‘Kane and I’ what?” The voice was Kane’s. He stepped into the kitchen to find two rather tense, crimson-faced students looking as if they’d swallowed canaries.

“You need to speak to your brother,” Peter said with a smirk and left the room.

A few minutes later Kane was chasing MJ all over the downstairs yelling “I’m going to kill you”, but it was all in fun. MJ allowed himself to be caught and explained himself, thrilled and smug over successfully playing Cupid. Or maybe he was Santa Claus. Peter laughed until Kane walked by and wiped the grin off his face with a gentle kiss.

At 1:30 Peter’s step-father’s battered pick-up truck pulled into the driveway, and he got ready to leave. He and Kane stared at each other, both of them aware they had fulfilled some fantasies the night before, helping each other over different hurdles to move past issues that had been standing in their way. Both aware that they were embarking on a new road together. Peter thanked the Wilkins for their hospitality and waved goodbye to Kane with a twinkle in his eye.

They weren’t even off the Wilkins’ street when his cell phone buzzed with an incoming message. It was Kane.

“I’ll see you again on the return trip in four weeks. I plan to ask my mom if you can spend a couple days with us before you head back to school for spring semester so get permission from your parents too. I miss you already.”


He put his cell back in his pocket and gazed out the window of his step-father’s truck. He was fairly certain that he had a boyfriend now because he couldn’t come up with any other solution.


His step-father cleared his throat. “So, was the drive down with MJ okay?” the man wanted to know. “The family seems nice. Did you have a good evening with them?”

Peter grinned. “The best!”

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