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Wife’s Solicitation

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I looked at my watch and to my dismay it was nearing 4:30pm. I had slightly over 400 miles to reach home and I just didn’t feel like driving late into the night. It bothered me that my 58 years made me make old person decisions. I decided a nice meal and a good night sleep was a better idea. I phoned my wife to tell her of my plans and she thought my decision was a good one.

I pulled into a gas station to fill up my car. As I pumped gas into the tank, I saw a female walking across the parking lot towards the quick serve/gas station. I shook my head at her thinness of body and was thinking it must be a young girl. Her cute bubbled ass was the main focus of my attention, but I noted her jeans looked dirty or was manufactured to look like they were. Her long-sleeved heavy sweater gave no indication of her having much of a chest.

I finished pumping my gas on credit and decided I needed to pee and pick up a candy bar and Coke for later.

As I approached the door, the female in question walked out the door and held it open for me, waiting, as I was still a good ways from the entrance. I wore sunglasses and could openly appraise her, again, without offending her. She was, to my surprise, a woman of perhaps 30 to 35 years of age. Her slightly past shoulder length hair seemed to be graying in color, her face devoid of any makeup and plain Jane to extreme in appearance.

“Good day fine sir! I hope you’re enjoying this delightful afternoon?” She said to me good-naturedly, which really caught me off-guard.

I pulled up short and replied, “I am indeed! If you will forgive my forwardness you are the thinnest woman I think I have ever seen and you are quite striking and a pleasure to behold.”

“Well, thank you kind sir! She replied.

I was content that my flirting was well accepted and I continued on my way.

Walking out of the store, bag in hand, I noticed a young man standing by the front of my truck. I studied him briefly, giving him a threat level of zero. He gave the appearance that he was waiting for me and wanted to say something.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked, stopping in front of him.

It was clearly visible that the man was very uncomfortable.

“The woman you just spoke to. She…uhhh….. is interested in knowing if you would like a little company?”

“A little company?” I asked. “You mean the thin little lady that held the door for me. Are you her pimp?”

“No! No, I’m her brother.” He mumbled, then. “You see, we’re just trying to get home and our car broke down and took most of our money. We really need a little cash to get us the rest of the way home. You know food and gas.

“How much are we talking about?” I queried, really intending to give them as much as I could, rejecting the proposition, but he missed took my intent.

“$200 for missionary only.” He responded. “$400 for anything you desire except anal. She won’t do that!”

Eyebrows lifted, I looked around my surroundings trying to make a decision. Now, I have my dark side and I have employed the occasional hooker on my business trips, so, I was not the least bit put off by this fellow’s proposition. I was just trying to make a decision. I had quickly reversed my first inclination.

“She requires that I be in the room.” He offered, seemingly to read my thoughts.

I studied the cars and found an out-of-state tag and what I thought to be her outline in an old beat-up ’59 Ford Galaxy. I certainly did not like the idea of having him, or any other man, in a motel room while I was getting some pussy. Also, I thought about the condoms that I had tucked away in my briefcase.

“Okay! I don’t think I have $400 in my wallet. But, I can go back inside and get what I need to make up the difference.” I finally said. “Not that I’m going to require anything quirky, but I’ll take your word as to why you need the money. I don’t mind helping people. If I get something in return, that’s not so bad either! Follow me and I will find a motel. If things go well, I’ll let you two spend the night with me. You okay with all this?”

“Yes. I think so.” He replied. “We’re good people. You won’t have any trouble with us.”

“What is ya’ll names?” I asked.

“She is Josie and I’m Ben.

I studied the two from inside the store and didn’t see any sign to cause me any discomfort.

As I drove out of the parking lot, they followed. Instinctively, I headed for the interstate, knowing it would be the best chance to find a decent motel.

They waited in their car while I checked in. On leaving the motel office, I told them I was starving and suggested that we find a place to eat. I told them I would treat.

They followed me until I turned into a restaurant.

“Hello Jodie!” I said to her, as we gathered at the front of my car, as an official meeting. “I’m Carl.”

“Good to meet you Carl.” She returned, with a smile but not with the spirit of before.


I saw him coming towards the store entrance. He had pretty white hair just like my father and I instantly felt kindly towards him. I spoke to him in a chirpy kindly manner and it kind of surprised me when he flirted with me. I know I’m not pretty.

My husband and I had had a streak of bad luck. Our car had broken down on our way to stay with my father, who had a job waiting for Ben. We looked forward to being back in the South. The North had showed us nothing but heartache. I had sacrificed my virtue twice before and now I was losing it again, but I was the strong one.

I didn’t have much time to convince Ben of my plan to get us the desperately needed funds to get us to my father’s house. It wasn’t like we hadn’t done it before, which probably brought him around quick enough for him to catch the man exiting the store. I watched them talking through the rearview mirror of our car.


I saw the long exchange between Jodie and the man entering the store. I saw her standing for a long moment holding the door open after he continued into the store, following the man with her gaze. I studied her as she walked towards the car. She appeared to be in deep thought and then a slight smile appeared on her face.

My mouth tightened, controlling my anger, shaking my head when she rushed, telling me her plan to get us the funds we needed. It was nothing new. I had approached men twice before and made them a proposition. She promised, this time, it would be the last time. I had to give in, as I had no time to argue. I had to catch him before he could leave.

You’re damn right! I hated doing it! I had tried to find a job in the North. I had returned to our small shabby apartment after being out all day walking, making my feet hurt. Jodie never chastised me for not warning to sweep floors, flip hamburgers or wash cars. I was a college graduate for Christ sakes! I was not the healthiest person, but that was not my fault.

As I left the car, I hoped the man in question would be a married man as the other two had been. They had used condoms but, also, married men tend to be kind and less kinky.

I was wrong as he said he would pay the $400. I informed Jodie of this, hoping it would sway her to not through with it, finding someone else maybe.


Exiting the restaurant, I noticed behind the restaurant a large field with a dirt track running around it and suggested that Ben stay at the car while Jodie and I took a walk. The walk served two purposes; first, to let the food settle so I didn’t have a heart attack during sex . Secondly, I intended to get to know the woman I was going to have sex with.

During the walk of perhaps 20 minutes, she told me of the farm she grew up on, leaving the farm with her brother, Ben, looking for a brighter future and not discovering such in the two years since they had left.

On returning to the motel, I retrieved a small piece of luggage from the trunk, I removed the $400 from my wallet, stashing it in my pocket, and threw the wallet, my watch and briefcase, opening the briefcase and retrieving three condoms, into the trunk. I was in a quandary as to what to do with my keys, but figured I’d work that out later. We entered the motel room.

“Jodie, why don’t you go ahead and jump in the shower and I’ll join you in a minute.”

I fully expected the woman to go into the bathroom to undress. I did not show it, as I was too busy watching her undress, but I thought it strange that she would undress in front of her brother. I began to suspect that there was a lie to be discovered.

I was simply amazed at the size of the woman. She could not possibly way 100 pounds soaking wet. But, there was no flab on her, as her arms appeared muscular. She wore no bra. Her breasts, what there was of them, were shaped like a sharp peaked mountain topped with a small nipple. I suppose, perky might be a term to describe them, though they lacked mass.

Removing her jeans and white, bikini panties, her pussy appeared waxed clean with a Mohawk-ish stripe of pubic hair in the center of her mound. She stood, conscious that I was appraising her, for long moments. There was no smile on her face and she could not hold my stare, finally dropping her eyes.

When she finally turned to walk to the bathroom, I again studied her cute, bubbled ass, noting her muscular looking calves. I began to undress.

“Tell me, Ben.” I said, with an angry tone. “You enjoy seeing your sister strip in front of you? Or, which are you, her boyfriend are her husband?”

“She’s my wife!” He replied, with a bit of terseness in his tone.

“Do you enjoy watching another man fuck your wife?” I challenged.

“We don’t have a choice, really!” He offered. “She promised me this would be the last time.”

“Are you telling me that this has happened before?” I asked incredulously.

“Twice.” He replied in a wimpy tone, knowing he had slipped up.

“I’m married. Not that it matters. But were the other two guys married also. Did they use condoms and how much did they pay?”

“They were married.” He answered. “They use condoms and they only paid $200.”

My dark side began to surface a little bit more. I was really beginning to dislike Ben. I was beginning to see the picture a little bit clearer, figuring, Jodie was a strong woman married to a weak man. It was not all that uncommon. The chance of any disease was unlikely and I was beginning to think a condom was not necessary, not wanted, in fact. I wanted to make this experience really difficult for Ben! I left him and enter the bathroom.


The-son-of a-bitch has a lot of nerve! He thinks I’m a low life for letting a man…….. men …….. fuck my wife. It’s not easy I can tell you that. I think….no….. I know she enjoys it. In the 10 years we’ve been married I have never been able to make her act like she did with the other two. I hope the hell they stay in the bathroom and fuck!

Carl and Jodie

“You are a petite little lady.” I said, scrubbing her back. “Ben tells me you have done this like twice before? And, he’s her husband not your brother. ”

“He told you that!” She exclaimed, looking over her shoulder. “That dumb ass! I didn’t have any choice. I have to get us back home……. to my dad’s house. My dad has a job waiting for him. Something he can do, I know. He doesn’t have to like it, but he can do it! Things will get back to normal then.”

“I’m not going to use a condom with you.” I informed her. “I can’t make you pregnant. The other two guys used condoms and I don’t believe you’re a tramp. Ben said they only fucked you missionary. Did they really fall for that brother crap!”

“Well, you two have become quite the confidants, I see!” She chirped. “I’m very clean so you don’t have anything to worry about. Other than the two, I have only been with Ben. And, I might cut off the dumb ass!”

“How do you put up with him?” I queried.

“I love him!” She replied. “Women are crazy like that you know. But, I would not mind him suffering a bit as I think you want him to also.”

I was beginning to like Jodie!


As Jodie and I left the bathroom I stopped her by the bed, turned her, and sat her down, standing in front of her. She knew exactly what I wanted, what I had paid for, and she reached to take my cock. She began toying with it with her fingers, then, began to stroke it, and finally she took it into her mouth.

I did not need to look at Ben. I knew he was sitting there watching his wife sucking another man’s cock. And, it was all having its affect on me. My cock was at full attention and Jodie gagged on it as she tried to take it all into her mouth. I wondered why she did not back off a bit. Could she possibly be enjoying it!

“Get up on the bed on your knees, sugar.” I directed. “Right here at the edge. That’s good.”

I studied Jodie’s cute little ass as I explored it with my hands, circling around to her belly, down the front of her thighs, then, of the back of her thighs back to her ass. I heard, I hoped Ben did, a very soft moan come from her.

I palmed her pussy, scrubbing it softly with my fingers, causing more and louder moans to issue forth from her. I could stand it no more and wanted to be inside, what I knew it would be, her tight little pussy. It was very easy, because of her radical slimness, to see exactly where I needed to put by cock and I placed it there.

“You haven’t got on a……!” Ben started to protest.

“Sit your ass down in that chair!” I commanded, with a bit of raised volume.

He did!

I pushed my cock into her gently. Meeting resistance, retreating a bit, pushing a bit more, retreating a bit, pushing into her again, I finally got my cock deep into her. All the while, causing her to moan softly.

I began to stroke into her with a slow rhythm for long minutes. Every long minute, I was hoping, increased the agony for Ben.

My dark side surfaced.

“Bring your ass over here!” I commanded, glancing in his direction. “Now, god dammit! ”

Ben reluctantly did as directed. I pointed to my side.

“I don’t have to tell you that Jodie has a good tight pussy. Is my cock bigger than yours?”

I was on my guard but I did not expect the wimpy bastard to do anything foolish. I saw him nod his head slowly with a blank stare on his face.

“You hear her moaning?” I queried, not expecting an answer. “I think she’s enjoying my cock.”

I stopped pumping into her, but she continued to fuck herself on my cock. Whether desirous are deliberately, I did not care less!

“Now, sit your ass down!” I directed. “In that chair over there at the foot of the bed!”

I let myself release my lust for Josie, and my disgust at Ben, and began to thrust with determination against her tiny buttocks, penetrating her deeply. She began to grunt and moan loudly. It was not my first time fucking a woman doggy style and knew her sounds were not from any pain she could not tolerate. Not all women found the position pleasurable. I hoped Jodie might!

“Is it good, sugar!”

“Unn-Hunn!” She muttered, breathing through her mouth.


The son-of-a-bitch!! It’s bad enough he’s fucking Josie, but he’s got to rub it in, making me watch his big cock pumping inside of her.


I didn’t want to be good. Honestly, I didn’t! But I do like to fuck and Ben really tries to satisfy me. He eats my pussy and doesn’t mind screwing me with the dildo that’s bigger than he is.

I liked what Carl was doing to me! He didn’t initially jam his cock into me like those other two dumb asses did.

I certainly wouldn’t, for Ben sake, show my enthusiasm of being fucked without a condom, but I can tell you for a fact Carl’s raw meat inside me felt damn good. I’m looking forward to his cum!


I pulled from Josie telling her to roll to her back and scoot back a bit across the bed.

“Ben, get your ass over here and kneel down and hold your wife’s hands.”

I put most of my torso on the bed. For brief moments, I studied Jodie’s crack. It was no more than a crack between her legs.

Jodie knew what she needed to do as she spread her legs for me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and began at her belly, working my way down to that cute little strip of bush on her mound. She gasped and her body tensed when I put my mouth to her pussy. She placed her feet on my shoulders, spreading her knees wide.


Carl was awesome at eating pussy. I wanted his tongue on my clit. He just would not listen and continued to tease be until I wanted to tear his head off. It helped that I had Ben’s hands to squeeze and hold them down so I did not claw at Carl’s back.

I screamed, I think I did, when Carl shoved his tongue into my hole. I humped his face deliriously, attempting to shove his tongue into me as deep as I could get it. I sure hoped like hell Ben was paying attention!


I wanted to put a pillow over her face to keep from hearing her moans. Her face seemed pained though I knew differently.

I couldn’t believe Carl stuck his tongue into her. I had never thought of doing that. I would show her next time!


Oh God! At last, the man put his tongue to my clit. I tried to contain my moans so as not to hurt Ben’s feelings, but I found it impossible. I had no doubt that I could make him learn to live with it. Taking my panties off, for Ben, had always cured his ego.

Lord, I hope no one heard by squealing when I came!

I was in a daze when he maneuvered atop me. Instinctively, really wanting to, I groped for his cock. It was so hard! I hope he wouldn’t shove it into me to quickly, but I could hear his excited, lustful breathing.


I know I’m exaggerating, but when I put my hands under her ass her buttocks seemed no more than a good handful. Lifting her ass up required little effort.

My tongue was working its magic on her clit.

I was enjoying the look of the distress on Ben’s face. I knew it was going to get worse, for him!

Her orgasm seemed to jolt her like being hit with electricity. I followed her ass in the air, keeping my tongue on her clit. On her clit, in relative terms, as my tongue continued to fluttering on it!

When she finally breathed a sigh of relaxation, I began to mount her. She willingly put my cock to her and I tried as best I could to enter her without causing pain. It took more push and retreat than it did the first time, but we were soon coupled once more. I was ever conscious of crushing the little woman, making an effort to keep weight off her.

Carl and Jodie

“Is a good, sugar?”

“Yes! My God yes! Your cock is so big!” Jodie moaned.

“You’re like a little Pixie.” I whispered. “A little Pixie with a tight little pussy.”

“You like my pussy a lot, don’t you?” She queried. “I bet you like eating it as much as you do fucking it?”

“I do.” I assured her.


Listing to their sexual banter, I couldn’t help it. I did not experience the same emotions with the other two men. But, watching Jodie and Carl fuck with seemingly loving affection I found it mesmerizing, intoxicating and arousing.

Jodie had released by hands to hold on to Carl’s butt.

Neither Carl nor Jodie were aware as I walked to the foot of the bed, watched for a minute or two, and then, continued around to stand behind Carl. I had a bird’s eye view of his cock pumping into my wife’s pussy. I was, I suppose, becoming more tolerant of that fact.

Carl and Jodie

“Your bare meat feels so good inside me!” She whispered.

The reference to my cock as meat was erotic as hell and my rhythm increased instantly.

“Talk like that will make me come.” I whispered.

“That’s what I want, pumpkin!” She whispered. “I want you to push that hard, thick meat deep into me and fill my belly up. Give me some cum!”

During our earlier walk, I found her musical southern accent to be enchanting. Now, it was having a magical effect on me. I wanted to do exactly what she wanted.

“You wanted now?” I queried.

“Right now!” She emphatically told me. “Give me some meat! Gimme some cum!”


I listened to their banner as I studied Carl’s cock pumping quickly into Jodie’s pussy. Her pussy was glistening with lubricant. She seemed to be in a renewed state of arousal herself.

I was pumping my cock hoping to time my ejaculation with his.

I wanted him to ejaculate into my wife’s pussy.

Jodie and Carl

“Come in me!” I cried.

I had become aware of Ben standing behind Carl pumping hard on his cock. I didn’t know what to make of this turn of events. I didn’t even want to think about it right this second as I was aroused again and was very much into the fuck!

“Yes! Lord, fuck me harder!” I begged. “Harder, damn you! Deep! Yes! Fuck yes!

“I’m CCCOOOOMMMMiiiinnnggggg!” Carl bellowed.

I felt like I was going to explode and I did. I shot off harder than I think I ever have in my life. I filled Jodie’s belly like she desired.

I was aware of something wet hitting my right leg. I continued fucking Jodie for a few more moments before pulling out of her and looking around behind me.

“You dumb ass!” I heard Carl exclaim. “You shot off on my leg!”

“Carl! Forget him for right now. I need you to finger me.” I protested.

Carl maneuvered to my right side and I spread my legs wide. He began to stroke my clit with his middle finger.

Ben stood looking.

“I envy your dumb ass.” Carl said, catching this profile in his peripheral vision, refusing to take his eyes off her my pussy. “Look at her pussy. It’s lovely isn’t it? You should kiss her ass every day of the week for letting you claim it as yours.”

“Oh! Oh! OHHhhhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKeeeeee!” I shouted, with the second orgasm.


We showered again, Jodie and I together. When Ben came out of the bathroom we were snuggled up on the bed watching TV. Ben glared weakly at me as he passed our bed and pulled down the bedding on the other bed. Entering the bed, he rolled to face the wall, and I suppose, went to sleep.

I had shown Jodie’s breast very little attention during our intercourse. I did so now. They appeared not to be very sensitive for her but I tarried for long minutes, in my own appreciation and fascination of them.

The motel room was just beginning to show light around the curtains when I woke up. It took a moment to gather my thoughts and then appreciate the little lady next to me.

Needless to say, I began to play with her ass, exploring here and there, until she woke up sufficiently to spread her legs for me.

Before losing myself in her charms, I glanced over to see Ben sleeping.

Eventually, I was just barely aware of his passing and closing of the bathroom door as I fucked his wife, Miss Jodie, one last time.

Neither, Jodie nor I, was in much of a hurry. Deep in lust but not in haste, I don’t know how long Ben confined himself to the bathroom. I had to knock on the door to get him out!

Jodie and I spent a few short minutes talking by beside my car. I remembered the $400 and retrieved it from my pocket, handing it to her.

“I wished I did not have to take this from you.” She said.

“I really wished I could spend a few more nights with you.” I informed her, holding and kissing her hand lovingly.”

“It would be nice.” She replied. “But it wouldn’t be any easier.”

“Is Ben going to be okay?” I queried.

“I think he knows you and I had something special.” She replied, a bit of concern in her voice. “I’ll give him a little special TLC and I think he’ll be fine.”

The End

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