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Summer of Young Lust

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Tess watched as her neighbor’s nephew waved them goodbye, he was very good-looking, the single 39 year old woman thought. Still, no reason to get excited, at age 22 he certainly wasn’t going to be interested in an old bag like her. Not that she really felt that old, or even thought that she looked like an old bag, but for a cute 22 year old male that’s probably what he’d see. Oh well, too bad, she sighed… first new guy in the neighborhood in years and way too young for her.

Tossing her short brown hair over her shoulder, she decided to make a casserole for him… chances were on his first day in he wouldn’t know the kitchen there very well. And she should introduce herself anyway since her neighbors Pat and Kathy had asked her to keep an eye out on him during the summer while he house-sat for them. Not that they didn’t trust him implicitly, but it never hurt to have an extra pair of eyes.

Damn he was really cute, she thought as she watched the tall young man with black hair turn to go back into the house. No, that wasn’t the way to go, lusting after a guy that was almost young enough to be her sun was definitely not the way to go. Humming to herself she began to fix up a ham and cheese noodle casserole, figuring that she could keep half for herself and give half to him.


Introducing herself was fun, although when she got an up-close look at his very handsome face with their startlingly light brown eyes, she wished that she’d taken a little more care with her appearance. Tess had no idea that Kent (as he introduced himself) thought that she looked pretty good for an older lady, with her hair up in a neutral ponytail and a modest rounded tank top with shorts, just a hint of cleavage showing, she looked a lot more relaxed and softly feminine than most of those girls who spread on tons of make up and squeezed their bodies into clothes a size too small. Instead she looked comfortable and fit, and his eyes definitely noticed the round curves of her breasts as he handed her a glass of wine.

She stayed over there for a pleasant evening with him, finding his conversation to be a lot more interesting than she would have expected. Very mature for his age… and awfully nice to look at while they talked. Surprisingly she had quite a lot of fun getting to know him, and was pleased when he invited her over for dinner in two nights – saying that he wanted to make sure he was being a good neighbor after she’d been so nice to cook for him on his first night there.


The next day Tess hummed as she worked in her garden, pulling weeds from around her beloved flowers and wiping sweat from her face with the back of her hand. For a moment she frowned, feeling as though she was being watched, goose bumps tingling along the back of her neck at the sensation. Looking around she didn’t see anyone so she just shrugged and bent down to work.

Half an hour later Kent came outside with two full glasses of lemonade, ice clinking temptingly as he walked towards her with a smile. Smiling back Tess rose to her feet, pulling off her gloves as he approached.

“You looked like you were working up a bit of a sweat,” he told her, “And I just made these so I thought you might appreciate.”

“Oh definitely,” Tess said with much appreciation as she accepted one of the cold glasses, wiping a few strands of sweaty hair from her face, “Thank you so much for thinking of it!”

“No problem,” he said.

For a few moments silence stretched between them as Tess tried not to gulp the lemonade, not wanting to look unladylike. She was intensely aware of the fact that she was sweaty, her legs from her knees down were covered in dirt, and her shirt was clinging to the sweaty curves of her cleavage… and also that he was trying not to look too closely at that area of her body. She blushed. Finally he looked down at her garden, obviously trying to find something to say to her.

“So, they’re beautiful flowers.” he said.

“Thanks,” smiling her appreciation, “The garden was pretty awful when I first moved in, I’ve been trying to fix it up ever since.” She began walking him around the garden, showing him the different flowers and telling him their names, praying that she wasn’t boring him to death. He didn’t seem bored though as he followed her around, asking questions and commenting on some of his particular favorites.

When her glass was empty she smiled a little wistfully and told him, “Well I should probably get back to work.”

“Right,” he smiled back… and did she imagine that there was a little disappointment on his face as well? Yeah, she probably just imagined it. Handing her glass back she thanked him again and waved as he went back into the house.

But for the rest of the afternoon she just couldn’t quite shake the feeling that someone was watching her… and she wondered if it was him.


Preparing to go over to his house for dinner the next day was rather nerve-wracking… she had no idea what to wear. Obviously she didn’t want to dress up too much because she didn’t want him to think that an old lady like her was putting the moves on a young stud like him, but at the same time she didn’t want to look as frumpy as she had the last time. Finally she settled on a pair of shorts that were a little bit shorter than she usually wore to work in the garden, and a white tank top that made her skin look creamy and smooth and her hair lustrous brunette, it clung to her curves a little without being tight. Letting her hair settle in wavy locks down to her shoulders, she went over and knocked on his door.

The pre-dinner stress had definitely been worth it as his eyes involuntarily traveled over the planes and curves of her body and he smiled his appreciation of her efforts. Dinner that night was even more pleasant that the glass of wine had been a few nights before, although there were a few moments of awkward silence. Breaded chicken with spaghetti was definitely one of her favorite foods so when in doubt she just ate until they managed to pick up the threads of their conversation again.

At the end of the meal she helped him bring dishes into the kitchen and accidently stumbled on her way, the plate pressed against her white shirt and a splotch of spaghetti sauce was on her stomach.

“Oh damn,” she said, putting the plates down as Kent looked over and saw the problem.

“Here,” he grabbed a damp dishtowel and moved towards her, “Let me help.”

Tess blushed a little as her hands hung uselessly and he dabbed at her stomach with the dishtowel… wiping the offending red from her shirt. Looking up she smiled to thank him, and her breath caught in her throat as she realized that they were suddenly very very close and she was looking straight up into those light brown eyes. Black hair and light eyes were a very attractive combination, she thought a little dizzily as the moment caught them.

Finally he kind of smiled and pulled away, “There… I hope that got it out.”

Looking down at her front she pressed her fingers against the wet spot and nodded, “Yeah… um, I should probably go, put it straight in the wash with some bleach and everything you know.”

“Right,” he nodded back, and then as she turned to go, “Um, would you like to come over next week for dinner again?”

“Oh…” that was a bit of a surprise, but then she smiled, “I’d love to, but only if you’ll come over for dinner this weekend. I told Pat and Kathy that I’d keep an eye on you, doesn’t seem fair if you’re the only one feeding anyone around here.”

“Yeah they told me, I’d be happy to come over.” he smiled at her, picking up some of the dirty dishes to put them in the sink.

“Great… Saturday night then?” She wanted to hit herself, a cute guy like him he probably had plans for Saturday already, “Or Friday or Sunday… I mean, whatever’s best for you.” Great, now she was babbling.

“Saturday’s fine, I’ll see you later Tess.”

“Right… fine… bye…” she tried not to actually run, but just go quickly and smoothly out the door. Stupid of her to feel giddy just because he said her name… but he said it in such a sexy voice.


The next morning when Tess got out of the shower and walked into her room, towel wrapped around her body and her hair hanging down in wet waves, dripping water slowly over shoulders to soak in to the towel, she had that feeling of someone watching her again. Looking out her windows she realized that one of her next-door-neighbor’s windows looked straight into hers… and she thought she saw a little bit of movement at the corner of the window. Feeling a flush of excitement running through her – she hadn’t felt like this since she was in her twenties – she turned away as if she hadn’t seen anything. Dropping the towel to her waist she kept her back to the window, although it would be obvious that her 34D breasts were hanging free… they weren’t as perky as they once had been, she thought, but they weren’t half bad either. Grabbing some lotion she began spreading it across her upper body, making sure to use her arms so that it was obvious that she was rubbing lotion into her breasts. Bending over, she could feel the towel clinging tightly to the curves of her ass as she lifted one leg and spread lotion over it. She could feel goosebumps popping up on her neck as she thought about the possibility that Kent was watching her… maybe even wondering what her breasts looked like hanging seductively over her leg as she rubbed it. When she was done with both legs she hiked the towel back up around her breasts and walked over to her dresser, out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of movement in that same window and smiled secretively to herself. That was awfully fun… and exciting… to think that a young hunk like him would be watching an older lady like herself getting naked.

She just hoped he wasn’t over there laughing to himself.


The next morning Tess was feeling a little shy, but also like she wanted to be a little daring. So, she settled for the more passive road of sunbathing next to her pool in the backyard. Next door Kent came outside and began to mow his aunt and uncle’s backyard, making it easy for her to admire his physique since he wasn’t wearing a shirt. It was a hot day and by the time he was done he was glowing with sweat. Nervously adjusting her dark red bikini (it was her skimpiest bathingsuit – a concession to her more daring side, she’d shaved her entire pussy mound so that not a wisp of hair was visible) she watched as he made his way over to the low fence connecting their yards.

“Morning Tess,” pretending to just notice that he was there she started a little and then smiled at him.

“Morning Kent, beautiful day isn’t it?” Damn but he looked good all sweaty and with his shirt off… great muscles.

“Would you mind if I came over for a swim? I’m awfully hot after mowing the lawn in the middle of the day,” he grinned boyishly, “Silly of me to do it now but I didn’t think about it.”

“Sure,” she replied, butterflies fluttering as he grinned happily at her.

“Great, I’ll just grab my suit and come on over,” and with that he was back into the house, presumably to change. Looking down at her skimpy covering she wished that she’d worn a more modest suit… he probably thought she looked so weird out here in a suit that most women her age would gasp in shock when seeing it on a younger girl. Still, at least she filled it out nicely… and it’d be even sillier to go in and change.

Sighing she sat up and grabbed her sunblock, figuring that it was time to reapply – especially since she would probably want to get in the water with him. Watching someone else in the water always made her want to get in.

“Here let me help you with that,” this time he really did startle her as he seemed to appear from no where, wearing a Hawaiian print blue swimsuit that went down almost to his knees. Smiling weakly the thought echoed through her mind that he really did look damn good, and she handed him the bottle of lotion. It was a very odd experience having him smooth it into her back and shoulders, making her pussy tingle a little… all this attention from such a cute, young guy could really get to her ego – among other things. Blushing a little she took the bottle back from him to lotion her front, even more embarrassing (and intriguing) was that he waited for her, watching as she covered herself and chatting with her.

As soon as she was done he asked, “Would you mind putting some on my back? I’m sure I’ll burn if I don’t.”

“Sure…” God this was so weird… getting behind him on lounging lawn chair she began to rub the lotion into the heavy muscles on his back. It seemed very intimate, and she couldn’t help but get some sensual pleasure out of touching such an attractive man. Young man, she reminded herself, much to young to be interested in someone as old as her!

A few minutes later they were standing by the edge of the pool and she put one hand on his shoulder as she dipped her toe in, “Brr! It’s cold! Maybe you should get in first and then I’ll feel more like getting in when I see how much you’re enjoying it.” She smiled up at him.

He smiled back, “I don’t think so.”

Before she knew it he had picked her up in his arms and tossed her into the pool, spluttering at the cold and the shock (even if it did feel good – both his arms and the cool water) she shrieked as he canon-balled in beside her, splashing her with huge waves.

“You jerk!” they were both laughing when he finally surfaced, and he paddled away from her so that she couldn’t splash him in the eyes.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you were going to get in if I left it up to you,” he told her, and they both just laughed and then floated on their backs, staring up at the summer blue sky.

For awhile they just lay like that, occasionally going under the water or actually swimming around, but mostly they talked. It was funny how comfortable she was starting to feel around him, despite the fact that he was so much younger than her (and that she was feeling more and more attracted to him.).

Eventually, she looked over at him… he could have almost been sleeping with his eyes closed just relaxing and only moving just enough to keep himself afloat.

Definitely time for revenge.

Springing to the attack without warning she shrieked her glee as she pushed him under the water, he spluttered and flailed as he came back up.

Backing away from him she said, “Now we’re even!”

“Hardly!” with that one word he was in hot pursuit. Tess had just made it to the wall when he caught up with her, and she didn’t have quite enough time to leverage herself up and out before his arms were around her waist and he was hauling her back into the water to dunk. They giggled and wrestled like teenagers, her trying to “get away” from his embrace and him holding on as hard as he could. It made her feel 20 years younger and extremely aroused.

Then it happened. One moment she was in his arms and wriggling, the next she’d shot out of his grip like a greased fish… but she was minus a top. They stood there, horrified, as she covered herself with her hands blushing red as he handed her the top of her suit while trying not to look. It wasn’t easy for the poor guy since one hand did not fully cover those round D cups and her nipples were hard and puckered with the cold. Turning her back to him she managed to put it back on and then tried to face him again without looking him in the eye.

“I uh… probably should go get some stuff done.” he said.

“Yeah, me too.”

“It was fun Tess, thanks for the swim.” Smiling at her, he managed to catch her eye again and nodded his thanks.

“No problem, any time.”

Thoughtfully he nodded again, “I’ll take you up on that.”

As he got out of the pool Tess wondered just what he meant exactly.


Saturday night Tess decided to be a little more daring with how she looked. Putting on a skirt that went about midway down her well shaped thighs (who said gardening wasn’t a sport?) and a form-fitting button up pink shirt (with no bra underneath just to really be fun) she felt very sexy and casual at the same time. Wavy brown hair touched her shoulders again as she bustled around the kitchen in her apron, getting the dinner ready. New York strips cooked to Medium (since she didn’t know how he liked his steak she figured that was the safest.), mashed potatoes and asparagus. Real all-American home-cooked food. Well, mostly home-cooked, the potatoes had come from a box but she wasn’t going to admit that unless anyone asked. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to make mashed potatoes after all, it was just that she didn’t always have time.

When the doorbell ran she immediately stripped off the apron, checked over her appearance in a mirror (making a quick decision to unbutton that third button and let a hint of cleavage show through – it wasn’t like he’d be interested in her but it did make it an awful lot of fun.), and rushed to the door. Opening it she decided she’d definitely made the right decision in what to wear.

“Wow, you look great!” he said, making her blush – especially when he pulled a bouquet of purple tulips from behind his back, “Here, I saw these in the Giant and I remembered that they were your favorites.”

“Oh…” she was at a loss for words as he was now standing very close, and no one had brought her flowers in a very long time, “That’s so wonderful of you Kent, thank you.”

“My pleasure.” God he had such a handsome smile, why couldn’t he have been about 15 or 20 years older? She found that she was unconsciously smoothing her hair back and pushing her chest out. Stop that, she told herself as she led him to the kitchen, it’s not like he’s actually interested in you.

Towards the end of dinner Tess was starting to wonder if she was wrong in her earlier assessment… in a lot of ways he was certainly acting interested. His eyes kept wandering down to her cleavage, it seemed like he was flirting with her an awful lot… and some of the things he said definitely had a sexual innuendo slid smoothly in under the real meaning. Tilting her head at him she had no idea that she was giving him a very flirtatious look over their wine glasses.

As she put the dishes into the sink suddenly he was behind her, she gasped and whirled, about to speak…. and then his mouth pressed against hers and she suddenly felt weak as she was firmly and soundly kissed for the first time in a year. Involuntarily her hands went up his muscled arms to those broad shoulders, and she shivered as he pulled her closer and his tongue delved deeper into her mouth. He tasted of wine and sweetness and she thought that she’d pass out with the heady joy of it.

Recalling that he was years younger than her she pulled her mouth away from his – a vain effort since her hands didn’t follow suit on his shoulders and he just moved his lips down against her neck – with her head bowed back she tried to tell him, “Kent… Kent… we can’t do this… we can’t…”

“Why not?” he was suckling along her collarbone now, fiery kisses that made her body shiver.

“I’m too old… you’re too young…” she felt like she was going to cry now that she had to admit that, sure that this was going to be the moment when he’d pull away, “I’m practically old enough to be your mother.”

“You don’t look it,” he told her, and one of his hands reached down to grip her asscheek, “You don’t feel it… and I like older women, you’re ten times more interesting than most of the girls my age.” And with that his lips were on hers again and she was drowning in his kiss, completely lost as her body cried out for passion, the touch of a man that she had been denied for so long. They were moving without her even realizing that they had started, through the living room.

Oh dear, he was taking off her shirt as he pressed her up the stairs, she was walking backwards and her hands were ripping off his own shirt. When her shirt unbuttoned to expose her hanging breasts, braless and still with a lot of perkiness, he moaned and buried his face in them. For a moment they stood still on the steps as he kneaded her flesh and sucked, nibbling with his teeth and lips. Tess panted and cried out as he sucked her pink nipple into his mouth, her whole body was burning with hunger. She wanted this, she wanted this more than she’d wanted anything else in her life. How long had it been since she was last with a man? One year? Two?

They were moving up the stairs again and suddenly their heads were level and they were kissing passionately, her bare breasts flattened against his hard chest. Little caresses on her lower back made her press her hips against his… and suddenly she realized that they were in the bedroom.

Last chance.

“Kent…” she was breathless as he pressed her back onto the bed, watching as he began to roll her skirt up, fiery kisses traveling up her thigh, “Kent… we really shouldn’t… we really… OH DEAR…” His fingers slipped under her panties and rubbed the sopping wet folds they found there… at that point the fight pretty much went out of Tess as he began to pull her skirt and panties off her hips.

She sat on the edge of the bed as his tongue made little circles on her shaved mound, two fingers pressed inside her very tight hole… it had been so long since she’d been with a man that she was practically virgin tight. It was burning pleasure as his fingers crooked inside of her, pressing against her g-spot as he began licking up her juices. With her hands on his head, she arched her back, fireworks blossoming between her thighs as he sucked her clit into his mouth. When he thrummed it with his tongue she lost it and cried out as she had her first orgasm of the night, it had come quickly and happily, pent up energy from her long lonely nights without sex.

Panting, Tess was laid back on the bed as Kent pulled off his own pants, his eyes glowed as they looked over her body. She’d never felt so sexy and wonderful in her life, having this extremely cute younger man looking over her like she was some kind of sex idol. And the bobbing penis between his legs was a very welcome sight; long and straight he kept himself nicely trimmed around the base and there was a length of about 8″ that was going to split her open. Despite the fact that she had just had a wonderful orgasm she hungered for the feeling of him inside her and she sat up as he knelt between her legs, taking his face in her hands and kissing him hungrily. Their tongues danced as the tip of his dick pressed wetly against her thigh, and he cupped her breasts, thumbing her nipples in a steady rhythm that made her pussy pulse in response. Lowering her hands she wrapped one around his shaft, luxuriating in the feel of his hardness, and used the other to cup his balls and squeeze them gently. He moaned into her mouth and pressed her down against the bed, squeezing her breasts harder so that it was almost painful except that it felt so good.

A slight hitch up and he guided his dick to the entrance of her pussy, and groaned in pleasure at her exquisite tightness. It had been so long that it hurt Tess a little… but what wonderful pain! The joyous pain of being stretched open, of long unused muscles waking up… a burning path pressed into the core of her being. Kent’s arms were under her shoulders, holding her close to his body as he buried his full length into her wetness. For a moment he just stayed there, motionless, enjoying the sensation of her surprised pussy as it rippled around his dick. When he began to pull out Tess whimpered, a void slowly opening where she had finally been filled. It was a rush of ecstacy when he only pulled out halfway before thrusting back in and her hips leapt up to meet him.

Her pussy started to get accustomed to its new size as they fucked, pain left and pleasure became a close friend, traveling through her body in sharp tingling lines that made her moan and pant. Maybe Kent was right… she didn’t feel 39 anymore, at the oldest she felt 24. There she was, on her back, and now he was lifting one leg over his shoulder to deepen the penetration… how many other women her age would be that flexible? This young stud was pumping away between her thighs, looking at her body like she was some kind of sexual goddess… who was she to say that she was too old for him? He definitely wasn’t too young for her… no one who was too young for her could possibly play her body the way he was, one mouth wrapped around her nipple as he made circular motions with his groin, grinding into her pussy. The muscle of her thigh burned as he leaned forward even more, really pounding away at her. Having her leg up in the air limited the amount that she could respond, but her constant moans, pants, and whimpers spurred him faster and harder.

Tess raised her arms above her head and arched her back, and erotic picture of lust and decadence laid out before him, boobs jiggling on her chest with every thrust. Stretching her body out she felt incredibly feminine and pleasured. Gripping the bars at the head of the bed she began using her arms to press her body further downwards, further onto that fantastic dick that was splitting her open.

It felt like she was going to go through the roof when her orgasm started, crashing over her entire body as ever thrust he made into her rubbed against her clit. Screaming and wailing her tight pussy convulsed around him and clenched hard, trying to capture his dick in her body. With a groan he let loose a torrent of cum into that tight grip, completely overwhelmed by the massaging ripples that traveled over his dick while she writhed beneath him. The sight of Tess would probably have been enough to make a man cum, stretched out and wriggling, breasts heaving with her nipples pointed straight up, flushed along her cheeks and chest as her hips heaved and that sweet mouth cried out in ecstacy. Laying down on top of her Kent could feel little shudders traveling along her body as she twitched in the aftermath of pleasure.

“That was amazing…” she breathed, her arms wrapped around his strong body, pussy still occasionally clenching as her orgasm was slow to relinquish its hold on her.

“Mmmmm…” he kissed her lips, their tongues caressing, “Yes, that was. You are amazing…”

Tess smiled, completely happy and content for the first time in a long time, “Was that you watching me from the window the other day, after I got out of the shower.”

He grinned at her, “Guilty as charged…. you were just so sexy I couldn’t help it when you got out and you were all wet and clean… I almost died when you started putting lotion on.” Actually, that particular image was starting to get to him again, little did Tess know.

Giggling she replied, “Yeah well, I thought I’d give you a bit of a show, just in case you were watching.” The smile faded a little from her face, “Are you sure you’re ok with the fact that you’re so much younger than me.”

Kent smiled, “Yes… in fact, I’ll prove it to you…” just the thought of watching her through the window the other morning had started the process, not as he began stroking her body again and kissing her lips it continued. A pleasant feeling of something growing inside her pussy made Tess start in surprise, and Kent laughed at her, “This is why us younger guys are better.”

Younger guys ended up being much better as they finished their second round, took a shower and then went for another round after she started giving him a blowjob. That summer was one of the best of Tess’s life, the couple went back and forth between the houses, christening every room of each house. Skinny dipping, having sex to bad porn, watching each other masturbate from the windows… anything and everything she’d ever dreamed of. For his birthday she even let Kent take her anal virginity – although it wasn’t something she wanted to do again it hadn’t been nearly as bad as she’d been afraid it would be. In some ways it was rather pleasant.

Although Tess felt incredibly sad to see the summer end, from that summer on she was a renewed woman. Men flocked to this confident older woman who acted about half her age, and she was married about three years later to a guy five years her junior. Kent got married as well and they both attended each other’s weddings, wishing each other the best of luck in life. Both couples remained good friends, although Kent and Tess never told their spouses about the lusty and sex-filled summer that they’d spent together – they were too busy having new lusty encounters and sex-filled seasons with their new lovers.

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