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Wife Discovers Husband’s Fetish

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My husband was tied to the bed naked; his cock lay limp between his legs. Tonight I planned to indulge him in his secret fetish for smoking.

My husband does not smoke, but is always on my case when I have the occasional cigarette. If I smoked in public, it would usually cause a row. I cut back from 10 cigarettes a day, to 20 in a week our son was born.

One day whilst shopping on the internet, I was shocked to see in the history browser lots of sites for smoking fetishes. My husband must have forgotten to delete them.

As I clicked onto the web pages, the screen filled with beautiful young girls smoking various brands of cigarettes. Some were naked or dressed in different styles of uniform and some were even in various sexual positions as they smoked. I knew it was not uncommon for men to be attracted, or even turned on by women smoking, but I had never realised it was this common.

Seeing all this stuff confused me as to why my husband was so anti to my smoking, when all this time he was looking up such sites and probably masturbating over them. Maybe he was embarrassed or scared of my reaction?

I continued searching through his history until I came across some smoking fetish stories. Most of the stories he had read were of schoolgirls caught smoking. It made me think back to when I started smoking in school and sometimes getting caught. Although the punishment was not as pleasurable as in these stories.

Reading on I began to feel my panties getting wet. These stories were very hot, young 18yr old girls made to do sexual acts on teachers as punishment for smoking on school grounds.

I quickly flicked back to a picture of a girl dressed in school uniform, kneeling on the floor smoking a long cigarette, as some stud shot cum all over her face. I slipped two fingers into my hot pussy and brought myself to climax.

I quickly logged off and headed into the kitchen. Lighting a cigarette I inhaled deeper than ever, feeling my body relax as the thick smoke filled my lungs. As I exhaled the smoke towards the open door, I began to have an idea. If my husband wouldn’t tell me, or even share his fetish with me, then I would have to force him.

As I tied my husband to the bed, I told him to be quiet. He began to get nervous as I ignored his questions. I silently placed a finger to my lips, signalling for him to say no more. I turned back to look at my husband as I opened the bedroom door. I laughed at his pleas for answers as I left and closed the door behind me.

I quickly checked on our son, who was now fast asleep and made my way into the spare bedroom to prepare myself.

I felt nervous but excited at the same time, wondering what reaction id get from my husband. I slipped out of my dress and peeled my panties down my legs. Stepping out of them I then unclasped my bra. As I stood smiling at my naked reflection in the mirror, I could feel the heat between my legs. I cupped my firm D Cup breasts and began to gently caress them as my nipples became hard. I quickly snapped out of my sexual trance before it went too far. That would come later, I thought to myself.

I took my old school uniform out of the closet. Having cleaned and ironed it earlier. I was pleased to find it still fit me. I hadn’t changed much in the last 10yrs from my school days. I have been 5″5 since I was 16. After giving birth I got myself back to 112lbs, but my breasts had swollen from a B to D Cup and thankfully had stayed that way.

I sat on the stool, and started to roll my stockings slowly up the length of my smooth legs. I then stepped into my short black skirt, which hung 3 inches above my knees. I gently slipped my feet into my sexy 4inch heels and admired the extra height it gave me. Although heels were never part of my school uniform, tonight they would be. After all I was going to be a very naughty school girl.

With my white bra straps resting on my shoulders, I watched myself in the mirror as my hands clasped the bra together, resting the clip between my breasts.

Taking the white blouse from its hanger, I slid my arms into its short sleeves. Pulling it over my shoulders I began to do up three of the five buttons. The blouse covered most of my bra, but revealed a deep cleavage. Due to the increase of size in my breasts, I noticed the blouse was a little tighter than in my school days. I decided not to wear panties, haven shaven my pussy in the shower, I decided it would add to my naughtiness. I tied my short blonde hair into pigtails and finished off my make-up. But I would leave my lipstick until last.

I placed my lipstick, a fresh pack of cigarettes and a pink lighter into my purse, and then headed back to the pleas coming from the other bedroom. I entered the bedroom and smiled as my husband’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

I walked to the end of the bed and stood facing him, legs shoulder width apart. He was speechless, but I noticed his cock starting to grow slightly.

“You have been a very naughty boy, haven’t you?”

“W ……. w …… what do you mean? What are you talking about?” he said shaking.

“Oh…… don’t worry my loving husband, you will when this is over.” I said with a saucy smile.

I took the lipstick out of my purse and slowly pushed the cherry red stick out of its holder. As I fixed my eyes on my husband’s cock, I watched it grow hard as I seductively painted my lips cherry red. His groans of pleasure filled the room as I placed my lipstick away and pulled out my pack of cigarettes.

Staring into his eyes I ran my tongue around my lips as I began to slowly peel the plastic wrapper from the pack. I opened the lid and pulled the silver foil with my fingers.

“Is this turning you on my love?” I said smirking at his obvious state of arousal.

“You have no idea. Absolutely no idea” he said in between quick breaths.

Pulling the cigarette half way out of the packet I stopped and brought the pack to my lips. I placed my lips around the exposed cigarette and pulled it out.

My pussy was soaking. Teasing my husband like this was taking my libido to new levels. I so needed to feel my wetness, but I had to hold off a little longer.

My husband squirmed on the bed; his cock was as hard as I had ever seen it, if not harder. The mushroom head was engorged and I could see the blood pumping through its veins desperate to be touched, sucked, and fucked. And my pussy wanted it, needed it.

With the cigarette dangling between my lips I flicked the lighter to life. As the flame flickered for a second I watched my husband. He closed his eyes and gave a loud groan before opening them again. I brought the flame to the tip of my cigarette and sucked deep on the cork filter. I closed my eyes as I inhaled the smoke into my body. One touch of my pussy and I would cum on the spot.

I opened my eyes and exhaled slowly towards my husband. The cork filter stained red from my lips. I knelt on the end of the bed and began to exhale smoke onto his heavy balls and his thick pole. Every time I exhaled his cock would twitch. I took a deep drag holding the smoke in deep before I leant forward and took his mushroom head into my mouth. As he rocked and groaned I exhaled through my nose, covering his groin in thick creamy cigarette smoke. As I cupped and gently squeezed his balls I took his cock deep into my mouth. In between sucking on his cock I would pause as I inhaled yet another deep breath of smoke.

By the time I took the last drag from my cigarette, the room was full with smoke and his cock was leaking pre-cum. I crushed out the cigarette as I cleaned up his pre-cum with my tongue.

Climbing up the bed I straddled my husband’s legs. I lifted my skirt flashing my new shaven panty less pussy. I took his cock into my soft hand and lifted my body over him. As I positioned my pussy directly above his pole he gave out a long groan of lust.

I was so wet his cock slid right in as i sat down on his cock. As i sat balls deep the smokey room filled with our moans.

I sat still feeling his cock twitching inside me as he moved his hips. His bonds making it difficult to fuck me as he would have have liked.

I placed my second cigarette between my lips and sucked hungrily once more. As I lit the cigarette I began to slowly unbutton my blouse with one hand as I took long slow drags from my cigarette. My husband trying hard to fuck me faster and deeper.

The cigarette dangled from my lips as I pulled the blouse from my shoulders. I left it hanging over my arms with my shoulders exposed. I then reached for the clasp at the front of my bra and unclasped it as I inhaled again.

I began to grind my hips slowly but forcefully into my husband’s groin. Feeling his hardness penetrating deep as my womb closed around him As I neared my last few drags I began to fuck him harder. Lifting my pussy off his cock then pushing it back in. Neither could hold out much longer. As our orgasms approached, I took one final deep drag held the smoke and then arched my back exhaling the smoke towards the ceiling.

My pussy tightened as ripples of pleasure washed through my body. I felt the cock in my body start to pulsate as it emptied what felt like gallons of hot sticky cream into my womb.

I collapsed onto my husband’s chest as my breathing slowed. His cock slipped out of my pussy and I could feel the hot cum dribbling out of my body.

“So you discovered my smoking fetish?” he said.

“Yes dear you forgot to delete your browser history,” I said with a cocky laugh.

“No my naughty little school girl, you were supposed to find it.”

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John wrote

Would have loved smokey kisses in the story too, but a good story all the same. Thank you