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True Confessions Heard by a Priest

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Dear reader, it is close as I sit here in bed typing on my laptop. You see my days are numbered and I have decided to show you a glimpse of the confessions a priest hears. Of course the names will be changed to protect the innocent but also, the events will be as close as I can remember after fifty years of sitting behind the partition inside the confessional. Enjoy for the tales that will be unraveled and revealed here are sure to stimulate the mind as well as the libido.

I have looked over your listing of stories and decided that I will go down the list in order to see if I can recall tales in each section. I hope to enlighten you to how depraved everyday people are around you and show just what it is you seek to find on this site of torrid and steamy trysts.

Around the year 1954 A.D. I had taken a brief sabbatical after going through the seminary, I needed time to search out a church to serve in and take a little time to reflect on all the decisions I had made. The sabbatical had been in early may and by August I had found a church and set up myself to take over there in September. Early on I knew that priesthood was the only way for me, it was that or a psychologist and I had a strong connection with God so I decided instead of spending all the years in school for college I could dedicate my life to God and the church and have both things I loved most. The lord and helping people with their own personal demons and problems.

I had settled in by early November and the congregation had warmed to me exceptionally well. They had embraced me as one of their own and very soon were able to find their way into the confessional at all hours to relieve themselves of their sins and problems with anonymity. The first time I was approached and heard tale of a sexual rendezvous from a young lady of the parish it truly baffled me. She seemed so shy whenever I had spoken to her that her lucid recollection of her debauchery and whorish behavior nearly knocked me out of my chair inside the little boxlike room in which I sat on the other side of the closed partition.

It was November 8th, a light snow had fallen and the town’s people had been preparing for a more wintry blast when the church doors opened and I had been called into the confessional by one of the younger priests that resided inside the church with me. I donned my robe and headed into the room from the door in my office which entered the backside of the confessional. As I sat down on the chair inside I knew deep down that I was about to hear something I would remember for years to come. Maybe it was precognitive or just that feeling of foreboding you get when you’re about to hear something you had never expected.

I partially opened the partition and the little iron mesh that kept both of our faces obscured sat between us. “Bless me father for I have sinned,” came the little quiet voice of Jennifer. I knew the voice for she had been here before and confessed your everyday normal sins. The girl would be enough to force most priests to excommunicate themselves and throw their religion to the wind. She had soft reddish hair, stood just over five feet and had a knockout figure that I enjoyed looking at as she resembled the starlets from years past.

“Confess your sins my child and be forgiven,” I whispered through the partition.

“Father it has been three days since my last confession and I have taken the lord’s name in vain five times, also I have well, I have committed acts of vile sexual nature and forgive me but I enjoyed them,” she nearly cried as she spoke.

“Go on my child.”

“Well Father would you like the full details or just the acts of which I have been party to?”

“Whichever shall cleanse your soul the most child. It is your sin for now but speak freely for your confession will die with me.”

“Father, three days ago after I left the confessional I was walking down the street, wearing my customary skirt and blouse when a gentleman friend of mine walked up behind me and whispered something lewd in my ear. Now normally I would have turned and slapped him, or any man for making such a remark but, on this day I grew damp Father, you know that feeling that women get between their legs that we aren’t supposed to speak of. And so I turned around and smiled my best congenial smile and nodded an affirmative for whatever reason I can’t recall now and lead the way to my home.”

As she spoke I closed my eyes, I may be a priest but my mind’s eye still works like any other man. For I had not always been of the cloth and in my middle teenage years I had experienced the pleasures of a women which I will never forget. I let my mind paint the vivid picture as she told it, letting the image flow freely behind closed lids. It was a moment I shouldn’t have allowed myself, but if it would allow this girl to rid herself of her sins then I reckoned I could live vicariously through her demons without forging a bargain with Satan and creating my own.

Her honey sweet voice revealed what he had spoken to her on the sidewalk, a lewd comment indeed. He had told her that just seeing her in her skirt aroused him and that he would like to pleasure her all afternoon with his fingers and tongue as well as his manhood.

“Go on my child,” I whispered every few minutes as she spoke of her afternoon of sin.

She had lead him to her home and once the door had shut she had turned to face him for the first time since the sidewalk and she had reached behind him closing the door as their lips met. I could almost taste their kiss myself as I viewed this with my eyes closed. She told of how he had ripped her blouse to shreds and tossed the tattered garment on the floor. Only seconds later her breasts had been bared and he had thrown her onto the table as he went to the ice chest and retrieved cubes.

“Father then as he walked towards me he ordered me to remove my panties as I lay there on the table. He wanted me to leave on the skirt saying it reminded him of a little school girl as he slowly ran the cube over my lips and down my neck.”

Her words were getting stuttered as she told me what he had done to her, with each word I could hear the arousal in her voice and I must admit being only nearly 25 at the time I had struggled with my own libido and wished I had not taken any vows ever in this lifetime. I resided to sit there and ignore my own needs as I listened still as she continued.

“Father, he then ran the ice cube down the valley of my breasts and then back up to my nipples, where he circled them with a cube in each hand. His mouth I soon realized had traveled down my stomach as he lifted my skirt out of the way before pressing his tongue against me down there. His tongue forced me open and well touched me where only wash cloths and one lover had done before. I couldn’t help myself Father I loved it. I couldn’t contain my excitement and soon I had taken the cubes from him and was rubbing them on my own nipples looking down between my spread out legs watching this acquaintance of mine licking and doing such marvelous things between my legs. He touched a spot no man had found prior and before I knew it I was screaming out our lord’s name and arching my back in what I know now is my first orgasm.”

I was hard beneath my robe by now and couldn’t resist the urge to touch it. She would never know I thought as I pulled the robe up enough to get the throbbing flesh in my hand. I would regret this later and confess my sins to myself in my private rectory, I would never reveal this to the other priests for fear of betrayal to the higher orders. Her own breath was becoming ragged and I suspected she might be touching her own bits on the other side of the partition.

“Father, then is when he did the most wicked of things I had ever experienced,” she whispered.

“What was it child, confess all to wash away this day of sin.”

“He lifted my legs and ran his tongue down the slit of my wet opening and then pushed his tongue against my um…back hole. Yes, Father my butt. He took long licks and poked his tongue against the opening as his fingers were moving around inside my pussy. It was amazing and taboo, but I knew that he was ready for more and I hate to admit but so was I. I felt like such a depraved slut at this point ready to free myself to all inhibitions I had ever felt.”

By now I will tell you I was furiously stroking my cock until I feared my hand might fly off and break my nose in a wild moment of self loving. I could also hear above my own breathing slight gasps coming from the little beauty not three feet away from me. I had to risk the chance of being caught and pushed the little wooden sliding window so that I could see through the fence like framework between us. That little glimpse showed me wonders that I had thought I would never miss. The girl’s skirt was up around her waist and her panties were pulled to the side. I watched as she slid her fingers around her clit and pushed them deep inside her pussy.

“Father, I don’t mind if you watch while I confess,” she said with a wink as she leaned forward and restarted her tale again. I was startled but couldn’t look away, my throbbing erection wouldn’t allow the part of my brain that was screaming, “close the sliding window,” to be heard.

“The next thing I knew the man had pulled me up and stepped forward pushing his fat penis against my lips as his fingers teased my nipples. What I did was so natural at the time Father, I slid my lips over the helmet of his cock and sucked hard running my tongue over it until he was moaning and thrusting his hips, gagging me on his enormous tool. He shouted that he was almost there so I backed away, as much as I would have loved to drink down his load, I had to have him somewhere else when he exploded. Somewhere I had never had a man before. I climbed up on the table and told him to grab the lotion out of my purse. As he went to retrieve it I slid my fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit wiggling my arse in the air waiting impatiently for his return.”

I would wrong any of you if I didn’t admit at this point that I was so tempted to slip out the back of my confessional and right into her’s and take her right then. But I was still a man of the cloth and had taken a vow of celibacy and wouldn’t betray that. I couldn’t so early in my years as a man of god. Then she went on without breaking a stride.

“He grabbed that lotion and knew what I wanted Father. He squeezed some out on his cock and then a few drops into his hand. The next thing I felt as I was fingering myself was the cold lotion being rubbed against my tiny little butthole. He rubbed it in and then pushed a finger into the lubed opening. It felt so good Father, I pushed my ass right back against him pulling more of his finger in. Then I tossed my hair to the side and looked over my shoulder and told him to fuck me in the ass. To make me his dirty whore.”

At this moment I felt the cum rushing for release so I let go. I wanted to wait until this tale climaxed to join her in orgasm. I may not be able to have her in the flesh but I could make sure that I felt that rush of cumming with a woman at the same time even if there was a partition in the way.

“He grabbed my hips and Father he didn’t go gently, he pushed the head of his meaty prick against my asshole and then lunged forward plunging his cock all the way into my virgin ass. Well at that point it was no longer my virgin ass but you get the point Father. He held my hips and pushed deep inside over and over again as I rubbed my swollen clit. And I swear Father it felt so good. Never did I think I would enjoy getting buggered, but I did. So much that as you can see I like playing with that hole now.”

As she said that I looked through the opening again and saw that she had both of her legs up on the partition wall and was fingering both holes as she talked to me.

“As he pounded me,” she began once more, “I felt my clit throbbing faster and growing thicker and knew that my orgasm was close. I told him to shoot his cum in or on me whichever he wanted. Jesus, Father I wish I could drag you over here right now and do these wicked things with you as I cum. No that would be wrong. Anyway, he was pushing faster and deeper and then he swatted my bottom and grabbed a handful of ass with both hands and thrust as much as he could before the first explosion of cum shot out inside my backdoor. He then pulled out and grabbed my hair spinning me around on the table as I kept rubbing my own pussy and clit. He pointed his cock at me and stroked it over my face and a few blasts of cum hit my cheek and ran down the side of my face and another dribbled down over my lips. I licked my lips and rubbed faster and harder on my own clit until I exploded, like I am right now Father.”

With that she moaned and squealed softly on the other side of the partition as I watched. I couldn’t hold off my own impending orgasm and shot what felt like gallons of cum out the tip of my red, and now raw prick. Globs of cum hit the floor and dribbled down the underside of my robe as I gave my cock a few last good tugs.

“Lassie,” I said slowly as I recovered from my orgasm moments later, “Go and say thirty hail Mary’s and pray to the Lord that he forgives you.”

“Thank you Father,” she smiled through the opening as she straightened out her skirt and stood up, “oh and Father, anytime you need another story to help your release, I am naughty and will come to confession.”

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