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Wicked Dreams

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I remember the feel of the cool wall as it warmed against my naked skin. The wall was so important, my center and my focus. My breasts were pressed hard to the unyielding surface and I could feel you behind me. With my hands at the small of my back, bound at the wrist with the silk belt of my robe, I ached to turn, to move. This is the first thing I recall from my dream, with your fingertips grazing down my bare back.

The teasing touch along the spine, the warmer caress spanning my back, the feel of your palm connecting with my ass. The loud crack, the sharp sting, it makes me gasp and jerk against the wall. I am not afraid. The smile teases first at just the very corners of my lips, then it spreads, and my eyes glow with a sensual hunger as I try to turn.

Again your hand stops me. Almost roughly, I am pushed back to the wall, my cheek kissing the smooth barrier. Your voice, oh so soft in that silence, teases me as you ask if I am wet for you and do I want to please you. My whimpered reply is more than enough for you, the half gasp of affirmation, the hungry glint in my eyes.

I can’t see you but I can feel your smile as strong fingers slide up the nape of my neck and curl in the strands of my soft hair. Gently you pull back, one hand to my bound wrists, holding me against the wall. My head tips back, and I already know it’s not enough; you pull even more, a firm steady drag that draws my body into an arch. Hips grind against the unyielding surface and your hand slips from my wrists to trace down my hip.

I quiver and whimper and you hold me there. What torture! The need and the ache have me burning up inside and yet you deny me that one sweet seduction. I can feel the heat of your hand moving down my thigh, sliding inward toward that sweet juncture that has me near trembling with desire. When you finally do touch me, your finger slipping between the folds of my sex, I moan and my knees buckle and you laugh.

‘So wet…so sweet…such a good girl…’ you whisper those words to me and bring that moist finger to my lips. My tongue flicks out and eagerly I taste my desire upon it. I so desperately want to turn, to please and tease and pleasure, yet again you subtly restrain me.

My nails are biting into my palms. I can hardly stand this torturous game! Why won’t you let me face you? Finally the answer is made clear. You let me melt down right there against the wall. My thighs slide apart, the knees rubbing against the wall, your hand still in my hair. I smile now. I know what you want. As your hand tugs once more on my hair I whimper softly, tilting it back, my body arching so nipples dance with each ragged gasp against the wall.

Slowly you come forward, I can see you so clearly, naked and aroused. Without waiting for a signal, your cock throbbing for attention, I flick my tongue against the tip. You growl and jerk lightly on my hair, I know you want more. I smile and taste you, body arching and straining, heart pounding and my sex dripping with lust. You guide my mouth, sliding just the head inside my soft lips. I suckle and moan, tasting and straining against the silk around my wrists.

How I ache to touch you! Your breathing becomes ragged as I suckle you in, the heat of my mouth engulfing you. For my rewards, your hand slides to tease my nipple, pinching and tugging making me wild and ravenous. Slowly, you fuck my mouth, moaning as my tongue plays against your shaft. I whimper and moan against your cock, my only protest and my single plea. Muscles strain as I stay arched back in this unnatural position. Completely at your mercy, trusting you implicitly.

You moan softly and pull away, chuckling when I whimper at the loss. Fingers leave my body and I press my forehead to the wall. I’m panting and quivering and so hungry for you. You reach down and pull on the belt. I feel my wrists come apart and I purr. You consume me in my dreams! I can never get enough! With free hands I push against the wall, you let me stand and then roughly press me against it once more.

I feel your knee between my shaky legs, pushing them apart and I gasp. Every touch, every sound; its all so vivid in my mind. I remember so much; I almost think it was real and not imagined. Your fingers tease my clit and you whisper softly, coaxing me to cum, promising it will not be the end. I cry out and try to push back my hands against the wall. You hold me pinned, your free hand grasping one wrist, pulling it back to let my fingers curl around your cock.

This game of torture is yours yet now I have a chance to make you as crazy as I feel and I start to stroke and tease you mercilessly. You moan, holding back, demanding I cum. And when it happens, I cry out muscles rippling with pleasure. Roughly the hand moves to my hips, you growl telling me to guide you and press your cock against my wet pussy.

Oh god! This is what I’ve ached for! Hardly able to think, I let your cock slide against those deliciously wet lips and then, before I can think, you thrust hard burying yourself inside me. I scream and my nails claw at the wall. The contracting muscles grip you even tighter as I cum, hips jerking and legs buckling. The only things holding me up are your hands on my waist, pinning me where I stand.

As the spasms begin to ebb, I purr and arch back against you, hungry for your lips, aching for a kiss. You bite at my lower lip and smile before nipping at my neck and shoulder. You move inside me then, thrusting slow and hard, slamming into me and picking up the pace. I can feel you throbbing inside me, hot and hungry demanding even more. My languid muscles begin to tense; I push back against you, using the wall instead of resisting it. Your breathing is harsh against my neck. I know you are close.

Your palm squeezes between my hips and the wall, you tease my clit and I nearly melt on the spot! The thrusts aren’t steady anymore, nor are they firm. They’re wild; they’re hard, they’re furious with desire. I welcome it all, as both hands grip my waist and you use me and fuck me.

In my dream, you explode inside me, filling me with warmth and fucking me hard. Your hoarse cry of ecstasy still teased my mind when I woke up, slick with sweat and tangled in the sheets. I was panting and wet and so incredibly aroused. I swear I could still feel you, pressed up behind me and pinning me to the wall…

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