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While Steven’s Asleep…

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“I don’t believe it,” Randi said, tying her bathrobe around herself as she walked out of her bedroom into the apartment’s living room.

“What’s the matter?” Anna asked.

“Steven… fucking… fell asleep.”

“Right after sex?” Calista asked.


Randi’s three roommates giggled. “Oh, you poor dear,” Britt said. “Now you’ll have to walk the streets looking for satisfaction.”

“Well,” Anna said, “he did have a lot to drink. It was his birthday after all.” The four women had taken Steven to three different bars tonight, to help him celebrate.”

“Oh, it would have been worse,” Randi said. “He stayed hard, and you know it takes him a long time to cum when he’s had a few drinks, a really long time, so I had my own good time.”

“Too much information!” Britt shouted.

“Twice!” Randi said with a smile.

“Way too much information,” Calista said with a grin.

“You’re just jealous,” Randi said.

“Okay, maybe,” Britt said.

“Tell you what…” Randi said slowly. “Why don’t I share?”

Her three roommates asked her what she meant, all at the same time.

“He’s just lying there on his back, with a rock-hard cock that won’t go down. And he shows no sign of ever cumming. . So if any of you want to, you know, take a ride…”

“That sounds pretty wrong,” Calista said. “Even if you don’t mind, he should have a say.”

“Listen,” Randi said, “I know he’s got the hots for all three of you. He doesn’t want me to tell you, but I’m sure you’ve noticed. So he’d fuck any one of you if he thought he could get away with it. Not that I’d ever let him, if he were conscious enough to know what he was doing.”

“Still..” Calista said.

“Are you serious about this?” Anna asked.


“Are you serious about this?” Callista asked Anna.

“And you’re not going to be angry with us tomorrow over this?” Anna asked Randi

“Absolutely not.”

“Okay, I’m in.”

“Anna?” Callista asked.

“I haven’t gotten laid in four… okay, almost five months. So yeah, I’ll take it.”

Randi smiled, and gestured at the bedroom door. Nervously, Anna walked in.

Steven was still on his back, on the bed, completely naked, his cock pointing to the ceiling. If Anna weren’t already soaking wet, this would have done it for her.

She removed her jeans, then took off her panties and laid them on top of the jeans, in case she had to grab both and run out of the room in a hurry. She knew there was no reason to remove her shirt, but decided to take it off anyway. She never wore a bra in the apartment; and with her small breasts, she only wore one outside when she had to.

Naked, she climbed onto Randi’s bed, looking at the cock she’d been wanted to see for months. Her pussy actually twitched as she thought about it.

Straddling Steven, she lowered herself slowly, as slowly as she could, onto his cock, and felt it impale her. At the same time she pinched her rock-hard nipples, imagining it was Steven doing it to her.

She wondered how vigorously she could fuck him without waking him up, and decided she didn’t really care: she was here, she had Steven’s hard cock deep inside her, and she was going to enjoy it, damn the consequences.

She bounced down on his cock increasingly hard, pinching her own nipples so roughly, it was starting to hurt. Oh fuck me Steven, she groaned, fuck me hard, fuck me hard, cum deep inside me, fuck me, fuck me… arghhh… yeah… arghhh…

She came so hard, she almost fell off of him, almost fell off of the bed. He hadn’t cum, and was still hard. Before she’d even come down from her orgasm, she was fucking him again, this time slowly…

When she came out into the living room fifteen minutes later, wearing her t-shirt and panties but carrying her jeans, Randi said “Wow, you look good ‘n fucked.”

“Yeah,” Anna said, “your comatose boyfriend showed me a real good time. Twice.” She hoped Steven wouldn’t be around tomorrow, because she was afraid he’d wonder why she was too sore to walk straight.

“Which one of you is next?” Randi asked.

“Don’t you think we’ve pushed our luck enough already?” Calista asked.

“He’s still pretty damned asleep,” Anna assured her. “And still hard.”

Britt chewed on her lower lip. “I’ll try it,” she said nervously. “You’re sure he won’t wake up?”

“I can’t promise anything,” Anna said, “but I gave him a pretty good workout and he didn’t stir.”

Britt nodded, and walked into the bedroom.

She was by far the least experienced of the four roommates, and she’d never had sex with a boy — or even come close — unless they’d dated for a while and she was sure she either in love or something close. She was probably the only girl on campus who didn’t own a dildo.

Well, Steven, you’ll be my dildo tonight.

She’d changed into a nightgown while Anna was in here with Steven, and now she just had to pull it over her head to be naked except for her panties.

She climbed into the bed and, assuring herself that Steven was still asleep, slid off her panties.

She slipped a finger into her vagina — which she still thought was a slutty thing to do, though she did it at least once a day — and felt how wet she was. She wanted the vigorous fucking that Anna had gotten, but there was a problem: she wasn’t on the Pill, and she didn’t think she could maneuver a condom over Steven’s penis even if she had one.

She got on all fours just above Steven, and lowered herself just enough to let his hard penis touch her vagina. She squirmed back and forth, allowing the tip of his penis to coat itself with her juices. Teasing herself with his penis was making her half crazy.

Once it was wet, she grabbed his penis and rubbed it hard against her clitoris, and shuddered as a small orgasm shot through her body. She continued to masturbate herself with his penis, feeling wave after wave of pleasure, but never the big one she was being more and more desperate to feel.

Finally, praying Randi was right when she said that Steven wasn’t likely to climax when he was drunk, she positioned the tip of his penis by the opening of her vagina again and without giving herself a chance to reconsider, thrust her body down. It was the first time she’d had an unprotected penis inside her, and the first time she’d had one this big and this hard. She screamed as she had the orgasm she’d been working up to for the past ten minutes.

She knew she should get up now and let Steven’s penis out from inside her, just to be safe, but she couldn’t, not yet. Even though she’d had probably the greatest orgasm of her life, she still loved the feel of his warm penis filling her up.

She really wanted to do it all over again, and try to a second massive orgasm — she was certainly still aroused enough, and Steven showed no sign of softening — but she knew that would be pushing her luck.

As she climbed off the sleeping man, she made two resolutions: to get on the Pill; and to somehow, whether Randi approved or not, get Steven to have sex with her again. Fully awake, this time.

Randi grinned as she came back to the living room. “I never pegged you as a screamer,” she said.

Britt blushed. And then blushed again a few minutes later when she realized she’d put her nightgown back on but left her panties behind on the bed.

“You’re next,” Randi said to Calista.

“Pass,” Calista said. “Got a boyfriend, remember?”

“Just think of Steve as the world’s greatest dildo,” Britt blurted out, surprising both herself and roommates.

Randi laughed, then said “Calista, you’re going in there for a few minutes even if the three of us have to throw you in. Once you’re in there, with the door closed and Steve unconscious, what you do will be your secret alone.”

“Fine.” Calista said, walking into the bedroom and closing the door behind her.

Well, she thought, I’m not going to fuck the guy; but as long as I’m stuck here, I might as well check out the goods.

She walked over to the bed. This wasn’t the biggest dick she’d ever seen, but she was impressed by how hard it was — and it’d been hard for a while now, even though Steven was asleep.

She reached over and touched it, then pulled her hand away when she remembered it had just been in Randi’s, Anna’s and even Britt’s cunts.

She started to wipe her hand on the side of her jeans; but then her curiosity got the best of her and she very tentatively licked her fingers. Odd taste. Different from my own cunt juice. She’d always kind of wondered what another woman tasted like, but she’d never have actually experimented with lesbian behavior.

She did like the taste, though. And she wondered how shocked her roommates would be if she told them she’d come into a bedroom where a hard, naked dick was waiting for her, only to discover the taste of cunt.

Well, it was like Randi had said: a one-time opportunity.

She leaned over the bed and ran her tongue along the shaft of Steven’s dick. Interesting. And no trace of Steven’s own cum, so Randi was right: the guy just didn’t cum when he was drunk. And she’s right that if I got naked right now and sank his dick deep inside my cunt, nobody would ever know. She’d feel guilty, though, and it would bother her the next time she was out with Mark.

But licking Steven’s dick clean… somehow I’m okay with that.

She ran her tongue across his dick a few more times, then took the entire head of his dick into her mouth and sucked at it.

His dick tasted of nothing but her saliva now, so she unzipped her jeans, reached into her panties, covered two fingers with her own cunt juices, and spread it across Steven’s hard dick. Then she licked it off.

This was easily the weirdest thing she’d ever done sexually, and it was making her insanely hot.

She removed her jeans and panties, climbed onto the bed, and slowly lowered her cunt onto Steven’s disk twice. We’re not fucking. I’m just coating his dick with my juices. Like dipping a teabag into a cup of water.

It does feel so fucking good though, she thought, as she lowered herself just one more time.

She got off of him — very slowly — then went back to licking his dick clean. When the shaft was clean of her cunt juices, she took the head of his dick back into her mouth, and sucked that clean.

Then she took more of his dick into her mouth, sucking it enthusiastically as her hand found its way to her cunt and she thrust one finger deep inside and she teased her clit with her thumb.

Reminding herself that it’s not cheating as long as she doesn’t fuck him, she brought herself to a wicked orgasm and as she was cumming, Steven’s dick slipped deeper into her mouth. He began to shudder and groan, and a moment later the first hard shot of cum was hitting the back of her throat, making her cough. Shit, he’s waking up! She thought as she let his dick slide out of her mouth. Before she could get off the bed, another shot of cum hit her in in the face, and one more on her shirt.

She dashed out of the room, closed the door behind her, and felt her roommates stare: she was coughing out cum, had cum on her face and chest, and was naked from the waist down. “Um…” she said, “It’s… not what it looks like?”

Randi went into the bedroom to check on Steven, and came back a few minutes later to report that Steven was still asleep.

And for all she knew Steven was asleep by the time she got back to the living room, because he’d had a really long night. “How did it go?” Randi had asked him when she went into the bedroom, as she gathered up Britt and Calista’s panties and Calista’s jeans.

“Fantastic. I can’t believe I managed to stay ‘asleep’ the whole time Anna and Britt were fucking me; but I lost it when Calista started sucking my dick and finger-fucking herself, and I started cumming like crazy.”

“So I noticed. Well, it was a night none of you will forget. Just don’t expect to do that again.”

“I understand. And thanks again: best birthday present ever.”

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