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Private Dancer

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It was her all right, definitely Kimberley Williams, the same cheeky confidence that she managed to exude even when standing perkily at a bus stop. I’d had the dubious pleasure of being responsible for Kimberley’s education regarding twentieth century history. A subject that the pretty, but insolent sixteen year old couldn’t have cared less about. She didn’t really care for Archduke Ferdinand being assassinated in Sarajevo, or for the whys, wherefores or reasons for the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Kimberley was stereotypical of her generation – dyed blonde hair, belly button piercing, cigarettes and alcopops – Kimberley’s world.

Now, two years since she’d put the school gates behind her, there she stood with the same confident, slightly arrogant manner, waiting for a bus just outside the town centre.

Kimberley had caused me a fair degree of turmoil during the year or so that she had sat vacantly in my classroom. Nothing attributable to her in any direct sense, it was just that the blossoming young woman disturbed me a little. She was borderline polite to me, and never caused any disruption within class, but to be absolutely honest… I was a little afraid of the girl.

I have always been partial to the type of woman who somehow has an aura of being elegant and classy, but with an element of raw sexuality added to the mix, Kimberley had those qualities. She was a very, very pretty girl with blonde, straight hair, cute nose and huge blue eyes. Her ripening, not quite mature figure, was full breasted, narrow waisted and broad hipped, even as a schoolgirl, with her long, smooth legs perpetually on display, tantalising beneath her ridiculously short hemmed school kilt.

During her schooldays I’d frequently see the object of my fevered imaginings going off arm in arm with a hugely muscled, shaven headed, tattooed youth who would be waiting at the school gates in the afternoon. The hulking brute must have been her boyfriend, and I was surprised by her choice. Kimberley could have had her pick yet chose this neanderthal over everyone else.

I drove around the one-way system and approached the bus stop again. I had decided to offer Kimberley a lift to wherever she was going, a dangerous decision perhaps, but I had left it up to the sisters of fate to decide. If Kimberley were still waiting for the bus, I’d offer her the lift. If the bus had collected her during the time it took me to negotiate the town’s traffic system – then so be it, an opportunity missed.

The Sisters of Wyrd decreed that Kimberley’s path and mine should cross. She was still standing where I’d last seen her so I pulled over with the electric window humming down as the wheels stopped turning. ‘Hello Kimberley, remember me?’ My opening line designed to alleviate any suspicion in the young woman’s mind as I accosted her. An attractive girl like her would be pestered by all manner of men, and I was keen to save myself any embarrassment or awkwardness.

She bent and peered into the car, the action giving me an unobstructed view of Kimberley’s fine cleavage. ‘Yeah… yeah, I do. Mr Clarke, innit?’ Kimberley’s face underwent a transformation from suspicious frown to a smile of recognition.

‘Can I offer you a lift? I saw you there, and thought it was you…’

Kimberley didn’t hesitate. ‘Yeah, sure that’d be great.’ She pulled on the door handle and eased herself onto the passenger seat, her tiny skirt riding high along her slender thighs. ‘History, weren’t it?’ she asked, almost catching me in the act of taking a surreptitious glance at her long, tanned legs, and I threw the car into gear and rejoined the stream of traffic heading out of town.

‘Yes, that’s right. History it was; and history it still is,’ I sighed, lamenting my sorry lot. Then I added brightly, ‘And what do you do these days Kimberley?’

‘Me?’ The girl pointed at herself unnecessarily since there were only us present. ‘Well… I do a bit o’ dancin’. y’know, in the pub an’ that.’

‘Dancing?’ I replied. ‘Interesting’. A short pause, then ‘Do you enjoy dancing, Kimberley?’

‘Yeah, sorright,’ she nodded at me as I drove. ‘Get a few wankers in though,’ the girl continued, then adding as she reddened slightly, ‘Whoops, sorry Mr Clarke.’

‘Hey, you’re not in school now,’ I laughed a little. ‘Where do you want to go?’ I asked, deftly changing the subject.

‘Well I’m on me way to work now, as it ‘appens,’ Kimberley replied. ‘Tiffany’s, d’you know it?’

‘I know where it is, but I’ve never been in.’ I acknowledged. Tiffany’s was a strip club just outside town, it’s façade gaudily painted with rough images depicting semi nude women. Not my sort of establishment at all.

‘Fanks for the lift Mr Clarke,’ Kimberley said pleasantly as I pulled up outside the club. Her politeness made me re evaluate my original assessment of the young woman; perhaps she’d matured in the two years since I’d last seen her. ‘Why not come in and watch the show sometime,’ she added. Then continued, ‘I know it’s a strip club, but I am gonna be a proper dancer someday. Anyway, I do Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays 2 till 7, an Sat’day night 7 till 11.’ Then with a cheery wave, she was gone.

I drove home, my mind already filled with the long dormant, now suddenly re-awoken, images of Kimberley. That night I dreamt of her dancing. She was wearing her old school uniform and dancing just for me, slowly revealing her tight, delectable, young body as she removed her skimpy clothing away from her smooth, golden tanned frame, piece by piece.

Inevitably I masturbated. My cock was huge and my need urgent, and I knew that I would eventually take up Kimberley’s invitation, succumbing to the temptation of seeing her dance. I would fight against it, but deep down I knew that I’d be visiting the sleazy club; it was only a matter of time.


I parked the car at the rear of the club. The car park was dark and uneven underfoot; I could feel the gravel crunching beneath my feet as I made my way to the rear door of the building. A burly ‘gentleman’ looked me up and down, assessing my suitability for entry, and I must have met whatever criteria was required since he stepped aside and allowed me access.

I paid my £5 entry fee to the sullen, bored faced woman behind a counter and was then enveloped by a cacophony of brash, harsh, blaring music as I made my way to the bar area. I ordered my drink and turned to watch through a fugue of cigarette smoke, the girl who was currently gyrating a short distance away from me on a small stage.

I suppose that what I was witnessing could loosely be defined as dancing, but there was little finesse or artistic flair to the young lady’s writhing display of gymnastic contortions. She definitely had a talent however, and I was quite happy to watch her as she wrapped herself around the shining silver pole, her fantastic body completely naked with the sole exception of a dangerous looking pair of spiked heeled shoes.

When the girl finished her set she left the stage with her broad hips swinging and breasts jiggling delightfully. She was almost immediately replaced by a good looking girl of Mediterranean duskiness, who was barely dressed as a nurse. The raucous music cranked up and the girl began to do her thing, teasing the crowd of men with tantalising glimpses of cleavage and shaking her plump buttocks, some calling out lewdly and others whistling in appreciation.

A huge roar went up when she finally unveiled her heavy, milk chocolate hued breasts to the crowd’s hungry stares, and I must admit that I actually licked my lips and swallowed hard when I first saw her sensational, seemingly gravity defying globes.

She carried on gyrating and wiggling her hips even when the tiny scrap of her thong was carelessly flung to the stage floor. Her large, firmly fleshed arse barely rippling with her energetic movements. She simulated masturbation, and my cock began to take an interest as I watched the healthy young woman on the stage rub her finger slowly and deliberately through her labia. The folds of crinkly skin were clearly visible to me from my position near the bar and I could see perfectly as her finger split the lips of her sex apart.

The girl ceased her teasing and went back to her dance routine. At one point she stepped down from the stage and walked amongst the crowd, allowing a few of the bolder men to feel her breasts and buttocks. She returned to the relative safety of her stage when the groping began to get a little too personal for her liking, when the fingers moving hopefully towards her plump lipped pussy became a little too insistent.

The dark skinned beauty left the stage soon after and the crowd was well warmed up when finally, Kimberley strode onto the stage. She was certainly no longer an innocent sixteen year old. The promise her body had shown in her latter years at school had come to fruition, and it was a confident, stunningly pretty, superbly proportioned eighteen year old that pouted sexily at her appreciative audience as she made her entrance.

The young woman transfixed me as she began her routine. She was dressed, appropriately for me, in a facsimile of a school uniform, complete with white blouse and a blue blazer. A pair of black hold up stockings adorned her legs, showing a large expanse of smooth skinned thigh between her stocking tops and micro skirt. Of course, she was wearing the apparently standard and obligatory high, spiked heel shoes. She even had a straw boater on her head, but the hat didn’t last long once Kimberley began to move more vigorously around the stage.

The blazer came off next to reveal her white blouse. It was putting up a brave, but hopeless fight as her full bosom strained against the buttons, the top three of which were undone to show off Kimberley’s magnificent cleavage.

As Kimberley whirled and wheeled on the stage, going through her teasing act of undoing the remaining buttons on her blouse and deftly wriggling her hips free of the clinging, short skirt, I felt all of the confusion and emotional angst come flooding back from that period two years earlier when I was Kimberley’s teacher.

I was finding it difficult to separate the young schoolgirl and the confident young woman disrobing so professionally on the stage. I had fantasised over her so intensely on torturous nights gone by, and pictured her in so many lewd and indecent situations that I was having trouble reconciling this actual event with a dream state.

Eventually Kimberley finally unclasped her bra to reveal her round breasts to my lascivious stare. The soft, pink tipped orbs captivated me instantly, and once again I marvelled at these girls’ breasts apparent ability to defy gravity.

The coup de grace came when Kimberley stepped out of her thong and showed the motley collection of leering men her plump, perfectly coiffured vulva. The faint tuft of her trimmed pubic bush was a mere smudge at the junction of Kimberley’s athletically proportioned thighs.

When Kimberley’s performance came to an end and she click clacked from the stage on her high heeled shoes, I finished my drink in preparation to leave and shortly after, was surprised to see a shyly smiling Kimberley approaching me at the bar. She was dressed a little more conservatively I was relieved to see, but I still noticed hungry eyed men looking at her as she crossed the room.

‘Hiya, Mr Clarke,’ she said quietly, eyes downcast as though unsure of my reaction to her naked cavorting.

‘Hello Kimberley,’ I replied, perhaps a little pompously. I was more than a little thrown by this – for me – surreal situation. In addition I was still confused by the mixed feelings I was experiencing. The professional part of me was appalled at my behaviour; lusting in secret over a pupil was grossly indecent in my view, wholly unprofessional – but I had never acted upon that lust; I’d kept it in check during Kimberley’s school days and so why was I flogging myself over it now? Kimberley was a grown woman, over 18. So what if she was a former pupil? Shrugging off the guilty feelings, at least for the moment, I brightened and continued in a lighter tone of voice. ‘You’ve got definite talent there, Kimberley.’ Trying to focus on the dancing and avoiding any reference to the nudity.

‘Fanks, Mr Clarke,’ the girl replied, and I was surprised to see that she was blushing slightly. ‘Was a bit weird seeing you in the crowd. Y’know, you bein’ me teacher an’ all. Specailly wiv me bein’ starkers…’

‘Well… you’ve got to start somewhere I suppose,’ I said, awkwardness slipping between us. ‘Besides, you’re very attractive, very fit, why shouldn’t you show yourself off… this is the 21st Century after all.’

My rather clumsy attempt at meeting the difficult subject of Kimberley’s nudity on stage was warmly received by the girl as she replied in a grateful tone. ‘Aw, fanks, Mr Clarke.’ Then, in a rush – ‘I ain’t gonna strip for ever y’know… I’m gonna get a proper dancin’ job… This is just for the money…An’ I don’t let none of ’em touch me, like…

‘Woah’, I laughed, holding up my hands palms out as though to stop Kimberley’s words assaulting me. ‘You don’t have to convince me.’

She smiled sheepishly, ‘Sorry Mr Clarke. I just wanted you to know I wasn’t no slapper. I was a bit of a cow at school…’ she tailed off.

‘You weren’t so bad,’ I replied feeling a sudden rush of affection for the girl. She suddenly seemed vulnerable, quite unlike the confident, brassy young woman I’d judged her to be. ‘You certainly didn’t do me any favours, but you weren’t disruptive or malicious.’ I put my hand onto the girl’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Kimberley brightened suddenly; a smile lighting up her pretty, elfin features. ‘You gonna stay for me next set?’

‘Yes, of course,’ I replied, committing myself in an instant.

Kimberley sat with me, sipping water from a bottle as we watched the other girls go through their second routines. She explained the more technical aspects of the dances to me, which thankfully distracted my attention away from the bouncing bosoms and buttocks.

‘I’d better go and change,’ Kimberley said to me as the olive skinned Latino beauty on stage began her finale. She gave me a little wave, a wiggle of her fingers and disappeared through the crowd. Her next routine featured a police uniform, and throughout the act Kimberley kept looking towards me, giving me several bright smiles and theatrical winks. When her dance had finished, Kimberley strode across to me, still naked and impossibly leggy in her high heels. She asked if I’d stay and wait whilst she dressed ready to go home. Being a Friday night, Kimberley’s work shift finished at 7pm and of course I offered to give her a lift.

‘Fanks Mr Clarke,’ she said as we stood at the bar. Kimberley was now dressed fully and properly, driking some startlingly blue, vodka based, undoubtedly fashionable concoction straight from the bottle. ‘I woz hopin’ you’d give me a lift, the bus is a pain in the arse,’ she continued, grinning at me cheekily.

I drove through the busy streets and arrived at Kimberley’s block after she’d given directions. ‘Come in for a cuppa?’ she asked.

‘Oh… well… yes,’ I was a little startled by the invitation.

Kimberley set the two steaming cups down on her coffee table and sat on the settee opposite my seat, tucking her long legs underneath her bottom as she made herself comfortable. We had been talking for about half an hour, I had been giving her a run down on the life and times of her former teachers, and telling her about my own history. Kimberley didn’t know much about my personal life, in her time as a pupil she hadn’t really been interested in the private lives of her teachers, and I thought that was understandable enough.

We had been carrying on in this entirely innocent vein, when Kimberley’s live in boyfriend put in a hulking appearance. I recognised him instantly as the same huge individual who had waited at the school gates. He’d been big back then and must have kept up his association with heavy pieces of metal, judging by his sleeve stretching biceps and forearms. The man’s shoulders and chest were enormous, and his Herculean presence seemed to fill the small room.

‘What the fuck’s goin’ on ‘ere?’ His words were accompanied by beer fuelled breath and I knew instantly that there was a storm brewing.

‘This is Mr Clarke, me old teacher. He gave me a lift.’ Kimberley’s eyes were downcast and she’d reddened with embarrassment at her boyfriend’s crass manner.

‘Teacher?’ scoffed the oaf incredulously. ‘Fuckin’ teacher?’ He turned to me and narrowed his piggy eyes, ‘You fancy my bird did ya? When she was at school.’

He’d hit the nail squarely on the head all right, and I sensed I was in more than a little trouble here. The man was enormous and I could almost smell the potential for violence bunched up in the muscle and sinew of his massive arms. If the mood took him, and it was entirely possible that it could, this man was fully physically capable of doing me great damage with his bare hands.

‘I think I’d better leave,’ I said, knowing better than to attempt any explanation or argument with a drunk, especially a drunk with such a menacing air.

‘Wot, leavin’ orredy?’ he replied sarcastically. ‘Did I disturb you or sumthin’? Sittin all nice an’ cozy wiv me bird.’ He was winding himself up now and I began to feel real fear, the unpredictability of the man turned my guts to liquid.

‘We was just talkin’, Matt – honest.’ Kimberley tried to reason with her swaying boyfriend.

‘Yeah, “just talkin'”, he spat. ‘But I bet lover boy ‘ere had more on ‘is mind,’ a jerk of the head in my direction, he looked at Kimberley before he turned his bleary attention back to me. ‘Ain’t that right, teacher?’ I could only sit; anything I said or didn’t say would only escalate things. Catch 22. Matt took a step or two closer to me and I felt my sphincter loosen, I was in real danger of actually shitting my pants. There was no honourable way out of this situation and my mind whirled with the danger I was in.

‘Matt, please…’ Kimberley was cut off as she tried once more to placate the man.

‘Shut your fuckin’ noise,’ he said in a low, menacing voice. I saw that Matt’s eyes had cleared suddenly; his drunken state had hardened into a dangerous, focussed edge. His mouth turned up in a smile, but with no light in the eyes, as he said with pseudo friendliness, ‘I don’t blame you tho mate, she’s fuckin’ stunnin’ ain’t she?’ Although he’d phrased his words as a question, I was in no doubt that he wanted any reply from me. You seen ‘er strip?’ another question.

I nodded my head in response and Matt moved closer, looming massively over me now. His huge bulk and presence, exaggerated by my vulnerable sitting position giving him a psychological edge, and I felt my traitorous guts shift again.

‘C’mere bitch,’ Matt ordered, speaking to Kimberley but keeping his attention directed towards me.

‘Why?’ she replied with a tremor in her voice. She was obviously as afraid him as I was and I thought that this was a very bad sign indeed. If his girlfriend was scared of his capabilities, then I had real reason to be afraid.

‘Cos I fuckin’ say so, cunt.’ He turned towards his girlfriend and she stood uncertainly, too frightened to offer resistance.

Kimberley came over to where her boyfriend stood over me threateningly. ‘Take your clothes off,’ he ordered again.

‘What..?’ Her question was curtailed sharply when Matt turned suddenly and took hold of Kimberley’s face in his huge grip, his fingers digging into her cheeks and distorting her pretty features.

‘Do… As… I… Fuckin’… Tell… You…’ He spat each word into her face, Kimberley wincing at each as if it were a slap. He released his grip and looked down at me with contempt, ‘Take a good look at ‘er. You know you fancy the fuckin’ arse off ‘er.’

I couldn’t understand the man’s rationale. He was insanely jealous and possessive, that much was obvious, but where was the logic in forcing his beautiful girlfriend to show herself in such a degrading way? What kick was the man getting from this?

Kimberley stood naked and trembling, her hands and arms held protectively across her breasts and groin. Her posture angered Matt and he reached out to grab both of the girl’s arms. ‘Show us yer tits,’ he said coarsely and pulled roughly at her slender limbs.

Kimberley was forced to reveal her nakedness to both of us, and I found myself looking at her tight body in spite of the manner of its revelation. Even though Kimberley had strutted confidently on the stage in front of an audience of strangers, cavorting nakedly and showing herself off unselfconsciously, she was humiliated and degraded by the current situation. She was able to compartmentalise between her work and the intolerable manner in which she was being forced to display herself now, and it was the abject look in her tear filled eyes that spurred me into action.

‘This is crazy,’ I spoke up now. ‘There’s nothing going on, I was her teacher… that’s all… I gave her a lift home… Stop this, now. I’m leaving.’

Matt looked at me for long seconds and I struggled to find my feet, the depth of the chair and Matt’s proximity making it awkward for me to stand.

‘Shut your fuckin’ face, you cunt,’ he said and bunched his huge fist before smashing it onto my forehead. The blow stunned me and slammed me back into the chair. I was unused to physical violence, I hadn’t been involved in a fight since junior school, decades earlier, and it took me several, groggy moments before I realised I’d actually been struck. ‘Any more of your bullshit and you’ll get some more,’ Matt threatened, waving his hammer fist in my face.

I could only sit, stunned when Matt ordered Kimberley to walk around the tiny room and pose for us. Further objection was useless and my fogged brain was in no state to think of a way out of this sickening predicament.

Kimberley did as she was bid, and I watched her as she moved reluctantly tears trickling unheeded down her smooth cheeks. ‘Matt… please,’ she sobbed, but her hulk of a boyfriend just sat down on the settee and barked orders at her.

‘Wiggle your arse, girl. Go on, that’s it. Now, go over to lover boy there,’ Matt thrust his chin in my direction.

Kimberley stood close to me, arms hanging by her sides uncertain about what to do next. ‘Go on teacher,’ Matt spoke. ‘Go on, feel ‘er tits an’ arse.’

I looked at him blankly, and he responded threateningly, ‘I said, feel ‘er tits an’ arse.’ The menace in his voice was palpable, leaving me no choice but to reach out and feel Kimberley’s spongy, firm breasts and buttocks. Kimberley drew in breath sharply when she felt my finger tips touch her skin, and I could see that the girl was trembling even harder with fear and apprehension.

Matt laughed out loud, a sinister sound in my ears; it was a laugh that contained no humour whatsoever, a malevolent laugh of a man over the edge of reason. Matt rose to his feet, ‘Sit down there, bitch,’ he pointed at the seat next to me.

Kimberley sat and waited for matt’s next instruction, which wasn’t long in coming. He unzipped his jeans and scooped his prick from inside. It hung, flaccid and obscene in front of him, and I could see that he was quite well endowed. Even in its soft state matt’s cock was at least 6 inches long, what size it would be when aroused, I could only wonder.

‘You know what to do you fuckin’ slut,’ Matt snarled as he thrust his cock close to Kimberley’s face.

The girl looked over to me beseechingly, but there was nothing I could do. I was a powerless as she in the face of this madman’s savagery. We were both prisoners, at Matt’s mercy and subject to any whim he may have.

Kimberley turned away from me, and with a trembling hand reached out and lifted Matt’s thick stalk. I watched as she took the head of the cock between her lips and began to suck. Matt groaned with delight as his cock visibly thickened and grew between Kimberley’s lips, and he reached down to grip the girl’s blonde hair in his big paws.

‘Tip to balls, girl… go on… you know what I like,’ Matt said pulling his blood engorged prick from Kimberley’s mouth.

He was hugely erect now, the drink having no apparent affect upon his libido, and he held the root of his cock, pointing it menacingly at his girlfriend’s face, waiting for her to comply with his wishes.

Kimberley licked the big, spongy dome with her pink, wet tongue, and then licked along the entire, savage length of her boyfriend’s huge penis. She licked the root of Matt’s cock where it met his heavy, hanging balls, and then slowly ran the tip of her tongue back up his length, returning her attention back to the helmet.

Matt’s eyes closed and his head fell back whilst he stood and enjoyed the sensation of having his cock licked and sucked. ‘Aaahhh, that’s fuckin’ good,’ he growled in appreciation. ‘My little girl knows how to dish out the blowjobs.’ Matt commented, looking directly at me.

Kimberley carried on sucking at Matt, slurping audibly as she slobbered over and around the big cock head. She reached up a dainty little hand and wrapped her slim fingers around Matt’s prick, down low near his balls. In this fashion she was now able to suck at the tip of the cock, and wank him at the same time.

Matt groaned even louder at this treatment, and I looked across at Kimberley, unsure now that she wasn’t actually beginning to enjoy herself. She was certainly giving Matt the treatment, vigorously pumping at his dick with her fist, occasionally pulling the helmet out of her mouth and using it to paint her face, chin and cheeks with Matt’s syrupy pre cum as it leaked from the slit at the tip of his prick.

‘Yeah, baby… do it to me,’ Matt moaned. ‘Fuck, you turn me on,’ he continued unnecessarily. Then he looked down at me again and said, ‘I bet you’d like some of this, wouldn’t you teacher?’

I just looked at him, not sure how to reply. Of course I’d love to have my prick sucked by the delectable Kimberley, but not under these circumstances, it would be tantamount to rape.

Kimberley must have sensed something was amiss, something in Matt’s tone, because she stopped her sucking and looked from Matt to me quizzically.

‘Well?’ he asked again, bending towards me belligerently.

What could I say? If I said yes, would he be offended and go berserk? If I said no..?

He was so unpredictable; I had no idea of how to respond. Matt pulled his thick cock out of Kimberley’s grip and thrust his chin towards her. ‘Get the teacher’s cock out, slut,’ he said.

‘Matt… please, no more,’ Kimberley begged her voice tremulous.

‘Shut your fuckin’ whining, face you cunt,’ Matt spat at the trembling girl. ‘Get ‘is fuckin’ cock out, and stop your fuckin’ bawling.’

From somewhere I found the courage to speak up again. ‘That’s enough… it really is enough,’ I blurted, my voice sounding alien to my ears, and I was amazed I had spoken out.

‘Yeah?’ was Matt’s response. ‘Yeah?’ he repeated, before he bunched his massive fist again, and gave m two quick jabs to the face in rapid succession.

The blows knocked me back into the seat again. I’d risen halfway out, intending to stand and hopefully walk out of that madhouse. Matt’s blows sent me back onto my backside, and I slumped in the cushions with my ears ringing and my head spinning.

‘I told you to get his cock out,’ Matt’s voice seemed to come from far away as he spoke to Kimberley again.

I was bleary and disorientated but I felt Kimberley fumbling with the fastenings on my trouser front as she carried out Matt’s order. I shook my head in an attempt to clear it, and became aware that somehow she had managed to get my trousers and underpants down to mid thigh, exposing my limp, shrivelled cock and balls.

Matt looked down with contempt at my pathetic showing. ‘Do you fuck with that?’ he laughed, the sarcasm evident. ‘Play with it,’ he commanded Kimberley when she looked at him.

‘Pease Matt,’ she tried again. ‘Please… stop this. Why are you doing this to me?’

‘Coz you’re a fuckin’ slut,’ was his reply. ‘You let those blokes letch at yer tits, let ’em look at yer cunt… I bet you let ’em fuck you too. So, you can fuckin’ well do it ‘ere… in front of me,’ he continued, lost in his own twisted logic.

I understood at that moment that Matt had become deeply troubled by his girlfriend’s choice of occupation. He was too full of male pride and bravado to admit that he was jealous of the attention Kimberley received in her role as a stripper, and I suppose he would view actually disclosing his feelings to Kimberley as being weak. He was a troubled individual, but even so that didn’t excuse his behaviour, and it didn’t give me any ideas about how to remove myself safely. Nor did it help Kimberley in any way either, with her being even more of a victim than I was in this whole sorry mess.

‘Now,’ Matt said through gritted teeth. ‘Play with the teacher’s prick. Get it hard an’ then you can suck it too.’

Kimberley looked at me as she reached across to my groin. I could see the fear in her eyes, the fear of what this animal might unleash if she didn’t carry out his wishes. I tried to convey my understanding to her through eye contact and facial expression. To let the girl know that I fully appreciated her predicament, that I would rather anything but this.

I felt Kimberley’s fingers tighten around my cock, felt her begin to manipulate me in an effort to get me sexually aroused. Unbelievably my cock responded to her delicate touch. It began to stiffen in her hand, and grew steadily thicker and longer at each soft stroke. Once again I locked eyes with Kimberley, trying to send some sort of signal to her that my prick’s stiffening appalled me, to let her know that I wasn’t turned on by what was going on, and that it was merely my body that was responding to her.

Kimberley carried on wanking my cock, returning my stare with her big, blue eyes wide open. I thought I saw her nod her head, it was an almost imperceptible movement and I took it to mean that she knew what I was trying to get across to her. Somehow Kimberley and I were bonded together in this bizarre situation, and that although Matt was calling the shots we were united together as victims of his bizarre, twisted thinking.

‘Look at him grow,’ Matt said, breaking the link between Kimberley and myself. ‘I knew the dirty old bastard wanted you,’ he continued.

Neither Kimberley nor I said anything. The girl just allowed a disgusted look to cross her pretty features, showing me how she now felt about her drunken, oaf of a boyfriend. Without a word or any indication whatsoever, Kimberley leant across me and to my surprise took my cock into her mouth.

She sucked at the head of my cock for a moment and then vigorously licked at it with apparent enthusiasm. If her boyfriend wanted a show it looked as though the beautiful Kimberley was going to give him one, and I was going to be going along for the ride.

‘Fuckin’ ‘ell, you dirty cunt,’ Matt whispered as he watched his girlfriend suck my erect cock. He grabbed his thick stalk in his hand and began to pull his prick, the sight of Kimberley eating my cock arousing him. ‘Suck ‘im, you fuckin’ slut,’ he spoke again. ‘I knew you’d be fuckin’ those dirty old blokes down at that club.’ His mind was focussed entirely upon Kimberley’s imagined, whoreish behaviour. This was a point that I knew he was mistaken over, but there was no deviation to the man’s logic.

Matt pulled his jeans off completely and then pulled his t shirt over his head so that he was now as naked as Kimberley. He took up his wanking again and Kimberley continued to slurp at my cock. She was doing a really excellent job, her tongue tickling the underside of my helmet as she sucked and slurped at me. I could feel my spunk beginning to rise, and I was in danger of spurting my load into her mouth in spite of the dangerous circumstances.

Matt moved in close to Kimberley and bent forward to lift her hips clear of the sofa. She turned her head to look at him, the fear returning to her eyes. ‘Wot you doin’? she asked as Matt lifted her bodily from my lap.

‘I’m gonna fuck you,’ he growled, positioning Kimberley so that he could get his cock against her vulva.

‘No Matt, please… not like this…please, I don’t wanna,’ Kimberley was begging him once more to stop his madness. It was no use however, and Kimberley was forced to stand with her back to Matt as he bent her forward and pulled her hips back, forcing his thick prick into her opening.

Kimberley looked down at me, tears welling in her eyes as Matt split her labia with his bludgeoning cock. Big, fat tears trickled down her cheeks and plopped soundlessly onto the cushions next to where I still sat.

Matt was totally unconcerned by his girlfriend’s humiliation, and merely wrapped his huge, bear like paws around her tiny waist, gripping her body tightly and grunting as he began to thrust. He thrust so hard into Kimberley that she was pushed forwards by the force and had to hold herself steady with her hands against the upright back of the settee.

From my subservient position I could see Kimberley’s perfect, full breasts wobbling with each thrust, I could see how Matt’s huge hands almost completely encircled her tiny waist, and I could hear the slapping of flesh upon flesh as the brute forced himself deeper into Kimberley’s reluctant cunt.

Kimberley had her eyes closed now, and I could see her face was contorted into a tight grimace, with her jaw clamped firmly closed as she gritted her teeth and allowed her boyfriend to use her.

His grunting and panting became frantic, and the tempo of his rutting became almost impossibly fast, the slapping of his belly against Kimberley’s tight buttocks ringing loud in the room. Finally the man groaned out loud and grunted like a rooting pig as he emptied his balls deep into Kimberley. He continued to groan and twitch spastically for long moments, no doubt washing Kimberley’s womb with his hot, salty spunk.

Kimberley fell in a heap onto the sofa next to me when Matt finally pulled his huge member out of her. She was sobbing uncontrollably now and I unconsciously reached for her wracked body as she heaved convulsively next to me.

‘Aww, isn’t that sweet,’ Matt laughed, his prick still oozing thick semen that he let drip onto the carpet at his feet. ‘Cuddle up to the old cunt yer pafetic bitch.’

Kimberley’s sobs died away, leaving the poor girl wretched and sniffing as she cuddled up against me. I could feel her soft skin under my hands as I held her close, and could feel her tight breasts pressing against me.

‘Get up you cunt,’ Matt grabbed Kimberley roughly.

The girl looked at him with terror in her eyes this time. The man had just raped her in front of me, and neither one of us knew what further cruelty he was capable of. She stood, very unsteadily, too frightened to deny Matt anything. Her inner thighs were soaked with Matt’s semen where it trickled out of her, and I could see that the girl was trembling like a frightened puppy.

Matt forced Kimberley to kneel between my feet and suck on my prick again. She wasn’t as defiant this time; all the fight had been fucked brutally out of her. She had been subjected to rape and humiliation by this man and was far too scared to antagonise him further by any further defiance.

‘Suck it hard again you bitch,’ he growled. ‘You pretend to be scared, but you fuckin’ love it. Yer just a slut, an’ this is what you want.’ He really was a twisted individual. I couldn’t comprehend how he could even think that Kimberley wanted this. The girl was in fear for her life and quite obviously hating him for what he was doing to her, and to me for that matter.

Kimberley sucked at me again, probably using every trick she knew in order to get my prick to stand upright again. Remarkably it didn’t let her down and was eventually standing semi erect in my lap.

‘Climb aboard, bitch,’ I heard Matt whisper.

I couldn’t believe it, he wanted Kimberley to climb onto my lap and fuck me. Of course she had no choice at all, and she did as he told her, climbing onto my lap with her big, round breasts inches from my face.

I felt her hand guide my prick to her opening as she knelt with her knees either side of my thighs. She held me against herself and paused for a moment before she lowered her gooey cunt over the head of my cock. When my cock head was just inside her opening, Kimberley looked into my eyes, and once again I got the sense that she was telling me it was ok, that she didn’t mind taking me into her young body, that she blamed Matt for all this and that she attached no blame to me at all, even though my cock was already growing harder and thicker inside her.

In spite of myself I found Kimberley’s perfect, young body was exciting me. I was aroused by the liquid heat of her insides as her cunt squelched wetly over my cock, Matt’s spunk being forced out between our bodies as my prick invaded the space.

Kimberley began to fuck up and down on me and offered her breasts to me. I licked and suckled at her teats eagerly, almost forgetting the circumstances behind our coupling as I enjoyed the texture and taste of Kimberley’s skin.

Kimberley leant forward over me and stroked my hair gently, and I could hear her murmuring softly in my ear, ‘It’ll be Ok, baby, it’ll be Ok.’ It was like a lullaby, one she was cooing to herself as though she was trying to distance herself from the brutality of Matt, and surrendering herself to the security of my presence. Even if that security was just a façade, a thin veil over the truth of our situation.

I reached around Kimberley’s body and gripped her hips tightly. I took over some of the control of the tempo of our fucking, and Kimberley looked down at me in surprise. I pulled the young dancer up and down on my by now, rock hard shaft. I was oblivious to Matt’s presence and was concentrating wholly on the sensations that fucking Kimberley was producing along the nerve endings of my cock.

I saw Kimberley smile secretly to herself when she realised what I was doing, that I was blocking out Matt and enjoying her ripe body, and I was rewarded by a kiss right on the lips. Soon our kissing had grown from that first tentative joining of lips to a full on passionate French kiss. Kimberley’s tongue squirmed inside my mouth as our tongues danced, and I continued to pull her hips down hard against me, forcing my cock deeper into her body.

‘Oh, fuck…Kim. I’m… oh God… I’m going to…’ I struggled against the inevitable tide of my climax; unable to find the words to let the girl know I was about to come.

Kimberley understood however, and redoubled her own efforts as she ground her cunt down hard onto me. ‘It’s Ok, Mr Clarke,’ she whispered. ‘Do it in me, it’s Ok. I want to feel you pump it deep inside’

She looked into my eyes again as I grunted and pumped my seed into her. My cum spat against Kimberley’s already sodden insides, mingling with Matt’s earlier deposit. The girl was filled with her double dose of cream, and I could feel the stuff dribbling out over my balls, there was so much volume inside her tight cunt.

Finally I stopped coming, and Kimberley slid away and lay next to me on the sofa. Matt just looked down at us both, speechless now, and without a word he turned from us and shuffled into what I presume was a bedroom.

Kimberley lay for long moments saying nothing. I took this as my cue and stood, pulling my trousers up.

‘How do you feel,’ I asked the silent girl.

She just looked up at me and shrugged. ‘You’d better go,’ was all she said.

‘But…’ I started to reply but was cut off.

‘Mr Clarke… It’s best if you just go… If he comes out again…’ Kimberley left the rest unsaid, and I made my way out to my car, my head swimming with what had happened.


I struggled with my experience for a couple of months. I was on the verge of going to the police several times but never followed up my intent. I thought about visiting Kimberley at the flat, but the threat of Matt’s hulking presence put me off that idea too. I did visit the club once or twice, but Kimberley didn’t put in any appearance, and I decided against asking any of the other girls if they knew where she was or how she was getting on.

Then, suddenly one day she was on my doorstep. She’d found out my address from the school using some subterfuge, and had come over.

To cut a long story short, Matt was in prison for violent offences and Kimberley now lives with me. We share a bed and I still have to tell myself it’s not a dream when she lays back and spreads her long, dancer’s legs for me, exposing her perfect labia to my adoring gaze. I love the taste of her pussy as it squirts syrupy juice when Kim comes on my face, and I love the tight squeeze of her tight, young cunt when I feed my prick into her welcoming body. Quite often she’ll sit astride me, my cock buried deep inside her, and with her big breasts pushed against my mouth, my tongue busy upon her skin.

I am under no illusion that there is no way our relationship can last. But as long as it does… I have my own private dancer.

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