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When The Cat’s Away

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I sipped my beer as I sat at a table in the bar, casually looking out over Loch Lomond. I had some documents in front of me, on the table, but I was rapidly getting bored. I knew what I was going to talk about when I met my clients in the morning. I had my power point presentation ready and I was confident I could deliver it. I put a paper down and looked out the window again.

I was in a hotel sitting on the banks of bonnie Loch Lomond. I always stay here when I’m in this part of Scotland. They know me here and I always buy the receptionist a drink. Courtesy and friendliness is always matched with an above average level of customer care. If it’s available, I often get an upgrade to one of the suites and I was lucky this time.

I was deep in thought as I admired the view out of the window. I was so far away with my thoughts that I didn’t notice the man walking from the bar over to my table. ‘Do you mind if I sit here?’ he asked.

‘Sorry, you startled me. Of course you can sit down, we’re the only ones in the bar tonight,’ I replied.

In the instant I looked at him, I had read him. He’s about my age, in his fifties, a bit overweight, like me, a friendly well groomed man. A salesman, I thought. He just looks like a salesman, confident and chatty. He introduced himself as Ian and sat down across from me.

We sat there, enjoying our beers, the scenery outside and the quietness around us. We chatted away like old friends. He was a very interesting person. I was right in my guess, he was a salesman, of tractors, of all things. He was up from England meeting farmers all over Scotland. This was just one night out of forty and he would be on the islands tomorrow night. ‘Gosh, a forty night sales trip, that must be so tiring after a while. What does your wife think?’ I asked.

‘She’s okay with it, used to it after all these years. I miss her and the kids when I’m away but it pays well,’ he replied.

He asked me how my family cope with me being away, I explained that I was single and left it at that. I did wonder when I saw him, could he be gay or bi? Difficult to tell but I guess the fact he has a wife and kids suggests he’s straight. Nonetheless, he was good company, I liked him. If I had a farm, I would buy one of his tractors, I joked.

The night wore on and we had a couple of beers as we chatted. Neither of us intending getting drunk. We needed to be relaxed and sober when we met our clients. Eventually, I thought it was time for bed. I drew our chatting to a close. I joked that I had the sauna in my room turned on and that I’m right in there as soon as I get up the stairs. ‘You have a sauna in your room? How did you manage that?’ He asked, amazed that I had a sauna.

‘I managed to get an upgrade to a suite as I’m here quite often. I keep the receptionist sweet and she gives me the suite if it’s available,’ I explained. His room was just along the corridor from mine and he was in the standard rooms. ‘Bad luck,’ I joked.

We left together, bidding the bar man a good night. We reached my room and, just as I was opening the door, I asked him if he would like to see it. I held the door as he walked into my suite. He stood there amazed. There was the sauna, next to a needle shower. I showed him the lounge and the bedroom off to the side and he was stunned at the size of the bed, it was like two double beds together. Even for my size, it was a huge bed.

The best part of the suite was that the windows slid apart to reveal the loch. Floor to ceiling windows slid easily as I exposed the view to Ian. Better still, nobody can see in unless they are on the loch. You get complete privacy. I often stand here, naked after a sauna and enjoy the cold air coming in from the loch. It’s really relaxing.

I had a bold thought and asked him, ‘would you like to experience the sauna? It’s big enough for four people and it’s been on ever since I arrived. You are more than welcome to share it.’

Ian hesitated and smiled, ‘Thank you, that would be great. Let me go to my room and get out of these clothes.’

He was only a couple of doors away from mine and I watched him as he jogged along the corridor. A few minutes later and he knocked on my door. He stood there, with just a towel around him. I stood back to let him in. ‘Lucky no one saw you,’ I joked.

I also had a towel around me and he followed me into the sauna. We sat on opposite sides and chatted as the heat got to work on us. I wondered again, could he be bi or gay? I moved my foot, ever so slowly and my toe was against his toe, he didn’t move his foot and I gently stroked my toe against his foot. Again, so subtle that it could be accidental. He didn’t move at all, continued to talk as if nothing was happening. He’s straight, I thought as we sat there. I was disappointed because he was a lovely guy and we were here in the middle of Scotland’s spectacular scenery, sitting in a sauna together.

After a while, the sweat was pouring off me. I went next door to the needle shower and stood there, plucking up the courage to pull the lever. When I did, needle sharp cold water went all over my body. God, it was cold but thrilling.

I walked back into the sauna, inviting Ian to try the shower. I had forgotten I was naked, I had left my towel outside. I saw him looking at my cock. I turned and sat down on the bench and he went next door. I could hear him shrieking at the cold water. He came back into the sauna and, what a surprise, he had left his towel outside too. He sat opposite me, completely naked.

He was about the same height as me, maybe a little heavier. He sat, looking down at his feet. He couldn’t see me looking at his cock. I felt a thrill run through me as my mind started to drift. He was quite small and soft. Sometimes a small cock becomes really big when it’s erect. Mine is like that, I’m quite small too when I’m soft. I wonder how big his cock gets when he’s aroused? God, here I was in a sauna with a naked guy across from me. This was looking promising.

It was great in the sauna. Temperature was just right and I was enjoying talking to Ian. I stood up and stretched. ‘very good for the muscles,’ I said. He laughed. ‘Can I ask you something? Ian replied, looking at me. ‘Sure,’ I said.

‘I know a lot about massage, would you like me to rub your neck,’ he suggested. ‘It really does feel good afterwards,’ he went on.

‘That would be fantastic,’ I enthusiastically replied. He sat on the top bench and invited me to sit on the lower bench, between his legs. I sat there, relaxing as he worked on my neck. He rubbed, he prodded, he kneaded and he stretched my muscles. It felt fantastic, particularly as I was sitting inches away from his cock.

When he finished, we swapped positions and he sat between my legs. I was nowhere near as good as he was but I did the best I could, trying to repeat what he had done. He was moaning as I rubbed his shoulders, ‘That’s so nice,’ he whispered. He stood up and, wow, his cock was semi erect. I’m sure he saw me looking at it. He smiled and thanked me, going outside to the needle shower. I followed him and waited while he showered. He reached out and touched me, holding on to my arm as he climbed out of the shower. My hand accidentally touched his ass as I stepped round him and got in the shower. God, it was cold. I quickly finished and darted back into the sauna. He was lying naked out on the bench. His cock was definitely getting harder, or was that wishful thinking? We talked some more and then I suggested we stood at the window, looking out over the loch. ‘No need for a towel,’ I reminded him.

We stood there, leaning on the railings naked and enjoying the cold breeze. He was standing so close to me. Talking became a whisper. The air seemed charged and I could taste the scent of him.

Very slowly, as if he was unsure, he leaned against me. It could be completely innocent and accidental. Surely, two naked men away from home, standing looking at a romantic scenery are hoping for more. It couldn’t be accidental, he’s still leaning against me. I put my arm around him. Suddenly, he kissed me. Passionately, on the lips, teasing my tongue. My God, did that just happen?

I moved behind him, my arms on his hips. He leaned back against me and I held him. I was getting hard, and I thrust against his ass, squeezing my cock. His hands gripped mine as he slowly ground his ass against my cock. I was breathing heavily. I get such a thrill when I meet a guy for the first time and this happens.

I kissed his neck and his hand reached behind to grip my cock. He held it tightly. I gasped loudly. My hands ran slowly over his arms and shoulders, holding him tight. We stood there, quietly holding each other, knowing what was going to happen and taking our time. I stroked his face and nibbled his ear as he wanked me. This was very erotic, I thought, I have stood here many times in the past but this is the first time I’ve been with a guy here and it’s so exciting.

I took his hand and led him through to the bedroom. I lay out on the bed, looking tiny against the size of it. He sat on the bed, fondling my balls. He wanked me and I moaned, reaching across the bed for his cock. I was right, he had grown to quite a large cock and he was throbbing. I had my eyes shut as he wanked me. My hand was rubbing his cock, he moaned every time I squeezed it. I felt him move down the bed and I reached across, turning on my side so I was in front of his cock. We took each other in our mouths. God, this was really nice.

Ian was fondling my balls as he sucked me, writhing about on the bed. He pulled my ass towards him, taking every inch of my cock. My head was bobbing up and down as I sucked him. We pleasured each other, not in any rush at all. Slowly, the energy was building and I felt that dreamy feeling I get when I’m about to cum. Ian must have sensed it as he wanked me faster. I could feel Ian begin to tremble. ‘Together,’ I shouted.

I relaxed as I felt my orgasm building up in me. I gripped Ian a little harder, my other hand fondling his balls. I could feel them move. He was very close, so was I. The moment I felt his cock stiffen and his balls move, I spurted into his mouth. He moaned and just exploded in my mouth. I thrust and thrust with each spasm and he almost choked as he tried to swallow it. Without stopping for breath, I lightly squeezed Ian’s cock. He was quite loud when he came, God it sounded like it was a powerful cum.

We lay there, spent, wrapped up in each other’s arms, drifting off to that wonderful place an orgasm takes you. Ian whispered in my ear. He told me he was bi and I was the first guy he’d had sex with in two years. He tried to suppress it for his wife but occasionally, he just had to have a man. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

My mobile went off at six in the morning. Ian was still with me, somewhere in this huge bed. ‘Sorry to wake you,’ I said, pulling back the huge duvet. He popped up the other side of the bed. He lay there wanking himself. I watched him as he wriggled with pleasure. I walked over to my bag, which had lube in it. I lay down with Ian’s cock in my mouth. God, he tasted lovely. I turned him onto his front, rubbing my cock over his ass. I teased him with my fingers and he purred with pleasure. Slowly, I worked on him, pulling him onto his knees. I pushed my cock against his asshole. Slowly, he relaxed as I entered him. Slowly, inch by inch, I pushed into him until all my cock was in him. He groaned as I slowly pulled back until my cock was almost out of him. Slowly back in, one long stroke. I kept up the rhythm as I fucked him, long powerful strokes until I felt the delicious feeling of cumming. God, that made my toes curl. He worked with me as I pumped my hot spunk inside him.

I took his hand and led him back to the window, which was still open. I stood there, hands on the railings with my ass pushed back into Ian’s cock. He rubbed the lube over my ass. I moaned as he put two fingers in me. I relaxed and felt his hands replaced with his cock. He pushed and I pushed back to meet him. He was well lubed up and slipped right inside me easily. My head rolled forward as I took him in my ass. I really needed a good fuck, it seemed like ages since I’d been with a man. God, I was enjoying this. I felt his balls against me as he thrust his cock in and out of me. I squeezed my ass muscles, feeling his cock twitch in response. I smiled when I sensed him start to cum, God, I love the feeling of a cock cumming in my ass. He kissed my neck as he thrust inside me, moaning as he shot his spunk into my ass. ‘God…..this is wonderful,’ I moaned as I felt his cock pounding me.

Exhausted, we walked back to the bedroom. I could still feel his hot cum inside me. We lay on the bed, next to each other. My head was on his chest and I was looking at his cock. Our time was running out, it was time for breakfast and onto the road.

Ian jumped out of bed, looking for his clothes. He had forgotten he only had a towel with him. I laughed as he ran along the corridor to his room.

We met up a short while later for breakfast. We were unlikely to meet again, although you never know. We didn’t ask for each others email or mobile number. We knew it would lead nowhere. It was a brief, sensual encounter, a happy memory to store away.

We shook hands in the car park. I wanted to kiss him but there were people around. I watched him walk to his car. I felt sad. ‘Ian,’ I shouted. He stopped and turned around. I walked towards him and hugged him. I kissed his cheek as I whispered in his ear. ‘Thank you.’

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Bob wrote

Thank you for this hot story of two guys in there 50’s meeting in a bar at the hotel sure nice to read about older men. Loved the sauna shower the playing leading up to 2 guys fucking each other raw and breeding each other Please write more I love older men or in their 40s am vers.