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Tommy and Tina’s Adventure

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Tina and I grew up on farms a mile apart; 2 miles from a very small town in Missouri. With only 12,000 people, you were pretty limited to your friends. We were both the youngest kids in our families. It wasn’t often we had time together, what with all our chores and stuff, but we became good friends in school and at church. I fell in love with Tina when I was about 12.

We didn’t become boyfriend/girlfriend until we were in high school and we were never apart from then on. We ‘fooled around’ a bit but never were what we would call sexual. We were raised with a pretty strict up-bringing and we were both kinda naive.

Loving each other led to us getting married right out of high school. I found that Tina was a really different girl when she was turned on. She went from shy to outgoing when she got hot; which was a very good thing for me.

Tina and I seemed made for each other. She is the original ‘Miss Perky’ and I guess that’d make me ‘Mr Laid Back’. We never fight and I have seldom ever seen her get upset. Tina is just over 5 feet tall and 105 pounds, soaking wet. Most of my buddies thought she was too skinny, but I felt differently about her. Yes she is thin, but she is also strong from growing up on a farm, doing as many chores as her older brothers. She has adorable B cup boobs and the cutest butt I ever saw. As for me, I guess I’m average although I was pretty proud that when showering in the gym, I seemed to have a bit fatter prick than my buddies. I guess it ran in the family because I’d seen my brothers naked and when I was a freshman in high school, a few of the senior jocks commented that I was as thick as my brother William who was a star football player and graduated the year before. Tina wouldn’t know the difference, because until recently, she had never experienced any other prick than mine.

We got married and moved into town because neither of us wanted to stay on the farm, and besides, there just wasn’t room for us. With my experience from years of taking care of the farm equipment I got a job at the local Ford dealership service department and Tina got a job as receptionist at one of the town’s dental offices. We were all grown up, or so we thought.

Our life was almost perfect. We fell into sex with great joy. We loved exploring each other. I learned that I loved licking her pussy and she shared equal joy when it came to sucking my prick, we would do that for each other and have great orgasms. We, rather I, had only one problem.

The problem came when we tried fucking. We would get all ready and I’d put my prick in her, take a dozen strokes and cum. No matter what we tried, I’d cum just too fast. We tried having her suck me off first and even that didn’t help. Her pussy was so damn tight and wonderful that my damn prick would just start spurting right after it got in her. Well hell, of course I enjoyed it, but Tina wasn’t getting anything out of it. And the truth was, I wanted to fuck longer, for both of us. So we just got to where we would eat each other to orgasm and not worry about fucking.

After my first year on the job, my boss sent me to the big town of Springfield for advanced training. I was to be there 2 weeks and Tina and I were going to miss each other badly. I drove my old truck the 150 miles to Springfield and checked into the motel I was told to go to. I found that I was bunked up with a guy named Eddie, from a town about 100 miles east of where we lived.

Eddie seemed like a nice guy and we hit it off right away. After training classes each day we would all have supper together and then go to our rooms to study. As easy as the class came to me, I was still tired each night. Usually, after calling Tina to tell her I loved her, I’d get in bed and go right to sleep.

Then the weekend came and I learned things that would change everything for me and Tina. Change them for the better.

Eddie talked all week about how he and his wife Linda fucked all the time. He said if they weren’t fucking, they would be talking about it or watching it on X-rated video’s they got from the local movie rental place. Tina and I had never seen an X-rated video. Eddie laughed when I told him that and said that he would make sure we did.

On Saturday he drove us to an adult store on the outskirts of town. Wow, I had never seen such things. I looked at all the books, magazines and video’s on display. All I could think was, Tina has to see this stuff. As tight as my budget was, I bought a movie and two paperback books. Eddie bought a few videos, and on the way to the room we stopped and got a six-pack of beer and a couple of sub sandwiches. When we got back to the room, I wanted to tell Tina what I bought. However, she had already told me that she was going shopping and to a movie with her best friend April. Just as well I thought, because I really wanted to surprise her with the stuff I got at the adult store.

Eddie and I ate, drank some beer and put one of his videos in the VCR. I had never seen anything like it, guys with big pricks fucking beautiful girls. I was hard as a rock almost instantly, which kinda embarrassed me because Eddie was there.

After about a half hour of watching the video, Eddie said to me, “Tommy, I ain’t into having my dick out in front of a guy but I just gotta jack off.” He pulled his prick from his shorts and started stroking it.

“Well shit,” I thought, “When in Rome,” so I let my prick out of my shorts and jacked off too. We avoided looking at each other, which wasn’t hard as the couples fucking on the video held our attention. Of course I came way before Eddie and I lay there all messy, with cum all over my shirt, until he finished. I got up and went to clean up and Eddie did the same when I came out of the bathroom. We watched all the movies we bought and jacked off again and again all weekend. We didn’t have any embarrassment about what we did together.

When I talked with Tina, I didn’t tell her what happened and how. She later said she felt a “strain” in my voice, but thought it was because I was working so hard in class.

Eddie and I didn’t watch the videos again as we both wanted to do our best in training. I was totally proud that I was 1st in the class of 15 other guys. Being first paid off when I got home because my boss gave me a very good raise.

Once home, Tina and I went right for each other. I had never been one to be aggressive with Tina, there was never a need since she was as eager as I. However, after all the time apart I knew I was being demanding of her. I pulled her up tightly to my body. I kissed her hard, while I ran my hands down her back, cupping her tight little ass. I slipped my hand down her jeans and rubbed her clit, feeling the cum pouring from her.

We devoured each other three times that night. First I made Tina cum, while I fingered her hot little clit and she used her hand to stroke my cock until I came. Then we lay together and kissed and caressed each other. I went down on Tina and made her cum while I sucked her clit; Tina followed suit by greedily sucking my prick. As we lay together, Tina asked me if I jacked off while I was gone and I admitted I had. She said she rubbed her pussy every night, thinking of me. We lay together, discussing our varying experiences. Before falling asleep, Tina climbed on top of my face and began to fuck my face while I ate her clit. She lowered her head down to my throbbing shaft and took it in her mouth. I loved the way Tina sucked my cock. I also loved having her in the position. Have her pussy over my face and my cock in her mouth.

The next morning I gave her the package I had bought from the adult store. Tina’s eyes went big as she read the cover of the video and books I bought. “Oh my God Tommy,” she said, squealing with joy, like a kid with a new toy. She asked me a dozen questions. Did I watch the video? Did I read the books? How did I jack off with a roommate there? On and on, and I answered each question honestly. She was amazed about me jacking off with Eddie there.

“Hell Tina, it was just jacking off,” I told her.

Tina had to agree as she had told me that she and April masturbated together, once in a while, on sleepovers. “No big deal,” she said.

We watched the video and read the books again and again over the next few weeks. We loved the look on the faces of the guy’s and girl’s and Tina especially liked the way they talked. “Prick” soon became “cock” to her. “Pussy” became “cunt.” She would say to me, like in the video, “Tommy, I want to suck your cock,” or “Tommy, please lick my cunt.” I was loving it and loving that my shy, sweet Tina wanted to be a grown up, sexual woman. The one thing in the movies she couldn’t say to me was, “Tommy, I want you to fuck me all night.” The reason, of course, was I was lucky to be able to last 2 minutes. No matter, we both enjoyed watching the good looking guy’s and pretty girl’s fuck each other senseless.

One night Tina asked me if I wanted to fuck the girls in the video. “I love only you Tina,” I said proudly.

Tina laughed and said, “I’m not talking of marrying them silly, would you like to fuck them?”

“Well since you put it that way, yes, but only if you wanted to fuck one of the guy’s.”

Tina laughed and said, “I only get to fuck one of them?”

I looked at her and laughed with her. I said to her, “Tina, one thing I can’t seem to give you is a long fuck, so I would love to let you have sex like that, as long as you don’t leave me.”

Tina hugged me and said, “Tommy, we will never part, no sex could make me stop loving you.”

“WOW Tina,” I said, “How could we find someone like them?”

“I dunno Tommy,” she said. We both blurted out, “Not April and Danny!” We cracked up because while they are our best friends, neither of us wanted anything sexual to do with them. “Well Tommy, we will just have to keep the fantasy and hope something happens, one day.” I agreed and we held each other and went to sleep.


Tina and I had dreamed of a home of our own. And with my big raise at work, we could seriously put money away for a down payment on a home of our own. We sat with the lady from our bank and she set us up with a plan and an automatic savings account. She told us it would take us three years of sacrifice to achieve our dream. We decided that it was worth it, but first we needed to take a real vacation so we wouldn’t feel we were missing out on anything as we worked toward our goal.

We took some of the money we had both saved from working the farms and planned a vacation. We put the rest in our “home” account. We had vacation time coming and decided to go all out and chose Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for our first vacation spot. We made all the arrangements, bought clothes and headed out.

I need to say this right off. Tina and I didn’t want to jinx this vacation by saying that we would meet a couple there. We silently hoped it would happen and Tina even bought us new underwear, just in case Well, she bought me new jockey shorts and herself new, really sexy panties and bras. So it was on our minds, for sure.

It took us the better part of two days to get there and we stayed in a cheap motel on the way. We arrived late the second day and checked in. After a quick meal we went straight to bed, as we were exhausted.

At breakfast I quickly learned two things. First, this was a much more successful crowd, money wise, than we were. Second, everyone seemed older than we were. Well, no matter, we loved the place and were determined to enjoy ourselves.

After breakfast we dressed in beach clothes and headed out. This is an absolutely beautiful place and we had no regrets about spending the money, the long drive to get here or anything else. It was to be the vacation of a lifetime for us.

Tina wore a really tiny bikini with a matching cover and sandals. She looked so damn hot and sexy. I wore California surfer shorts, a really nice white shirt and also sandals. We felt a lot richer than we were.

After sunning and playing on the beach we had a great lunch and went back to our room. We had loud, mind-blowing sex and took a nap.

When I woke, I got a beer from the room fridge and went to sit on the patio. A few minutes later, the door of the room next to us opened and a tall, good looking guy came out.

Our patios were separated by potted plants along a low wall. He noticed me and walked to the wall and introduced himself as Robert. I stood and shook his hand and told him my name. He said that his wife Della was napping and I told him that Tina was also napping. He suggested I bring my beer and sit with him on his patio. I did so, walking around the low wall and settling into one of his chairs.

We talked a while and I discovered that he was the owner of a car dealership. I told him that it was a coincidence, as I worked for an auto dealership. We laughed and I took careful notice that my telling him didn’t cause him to talk down to me. He seemed to be a truly nice guy. I liked him right off and while I wasn’t in his ‘financial class,’ I didn’t consider myself stupid around him.

We talked shop a bit and Robert seemed impressed with my knowledge of the service department. He even mentioned that his service department was the only weak link in his dealership and he would like to have a dozen guys like me around.

Della appeared, “I thought I heard voices out here,” she said. She shook my hand, winked, and said, “I thought maybe Robert was talking to himself again.” We laughed and Robert, playfully, slapped her on her butt.

“What a nice butt she has,” I thought. I figured them both to be early 40’s (I found out later that she was 39 and he was 44). They were each in great physical shape, no doubt from working out, and were very good looking. Robert was about 6 feet tall and didn’t have an ounce of flab on him. Della at about 5′ 6″ was built really good, large boobs, narrow waist, great hips and legs. I worried that I’d get a hard-on looking at her so I suggested more beer and went to my room to get it.

Tina was just waking and asked me who I was talking to. I told her about Robert and Della and I saw a twinkle in her eyes. Laughing, I said, “They must be close to twice our age, but really attractive.”

Tina sighed and said, “Oh well, wishful thinking.” I told her to wake up and join us. She pulled me down to kiss her and said she would be right over.

I rejoined Robert and Della and we sat talking as we waited for Tina to show. Before I heard her, I saw a look in Robert’s eyes. He stared right past me and I knew that Tina was behind me and probably not wearing her cover up, just her skimpy bikini. Robert and Della stood and Della said, looking at Tina, “My goodness Tommy, your Tina is lovely.”

I grinned a quick, “Uh huh,” and turned to see Tina walking towards us. I introduced her to them and Della made a remark which was to start us on an adventure we will never forget.

Taking Tina’s hand, she said, “Well Robert, now we can see why we heard the sounds we did before Tommy came out from his nap.”

Tina blushed and asked, “Were we that loud or are the walls that thin?”

Della laughed and said, “No matter Tina, what we heard was lovely.”

Robert grinned and said, “I totally agree.”

I wasn’t too surprised to find that I was semi-hard and noticed that Robert was the same. I had to believe that the smile on Della’s face meant that she knew it too.

Tina, being Tina, asked if she could call Robert, Bobby. Robert smiled and said that he hadn’t been called Bobby in a lot of years, but she was welcome to. Della laughed and said that Robert was definitely going to be a Bobby this trip.

We spent the next couple of hours talking and laughing. One thing I felt was that there seemed to be a lot of sexual tension in the air. I could always tell when Tina was turned on and I saw that Bobby couldn’t keep his eyes off of her anymore than I could keep mine off Della. My God she was a good looking woman.

The phone rang in their room and “Bobby” excused himself. Della said that he was expecting a delivery of a contract. Bobby returned and apologized, saying that he had some business to attend to and invited us to join them for dinner at seven in the main dining room. We accepted, shook hands again and returned to our room.

Tina hugged me as soon as we got to our room and said, excitedly, “Oh my God Tommy, maybe Bobby and Della are what we want.”

I was a bit surprised, but I grinned and said, “If you want him, I sure as hell want her.”

Tina sank to her knees and pulled out my cock and went right for it. Thinking of Della’s body, I came quickly. I lifted her onto the bed and pulled off her bikini bottoms and dove into her cunt with my tongue. Tina came immediately. We lay, holding each other and I said, “Baby, maybe you will get the fuck you need tonight.”

She sighed and said, “I hope so Tommy.”


Tina showered for the evening and sat applying her makeup as I took my shower. When I got out of the shower I found she had laid out slacks, a shirt and sandals for me to wear. I asked about underwear and Tina said I wouldn’t need them tonight.

As I dressed, Tina slipped off her robe and slipped into a pair of tiny, deep blue panties. She wrapped her lower body in some kind of a silky material and tied it closed at her waist. The material allowed exposure of her left leg, all the way to her panty line. She pulled on a top of sorts, the bottom of which snapped at her back exposing her tummy. Two pieces of the same silky material covered each breast and tied behind her neck. She looked both adorable and sexy, an irresistible combination.

We walked to the dining room and looked around for Bobby and Della. They, as well as everyone else saw us enter, and Bobby and Della rose to greet us. All eyes were on Tina as we walked across the room to join Bobby and Della. Della looked ravishing in a one piece, white jumper which hugged her curvy body beautifully. I was relieved to see that Bobby was dressed as casually as I was.

Della hugged us both, and smiling at Tina said, “My, my, my.”

Bobby shook my hand and leaned in to kiss Tina on her cheek. His eyes told me that he wanted more than a kiss on the cheek from Tina.

We had a great dinner, with wine, and Bobby ordered us all an after dinner drink. Della announced it time for she and Tina to find the ladies room, leaving Bobby and I alone.

Bobby asked me if we had felt the same sexual tension and connection that he and Della had earlier in the evening. I told him that we had and were looking forward to the rest of the evening with them.

When the girls returned, Tina sat and Della remained standing. She told Bobby that we would be joining them in a few minutes and Della and Bobby left to return to their room.

Tina told me that Della had asked her if we were up to what she and Bobby felt might happen tonight. Tina said that she told Della that she hoped that she meant sex, and if so, that yes we were up to it and wanting it to happen.

Tina then told me that she had a nice conversation, in which she mentioned to Della, that I would want to please her, but feared that I might not be able to hold out a long time. She said that Della assured her that she could help me make sure we both enjoyed each other. Tina asked, “Is it ok that I talked with Della about that?”

I laughed it off and told her that it was all good.

Tina grinned and said, “Um, Della also said that Bobby likes to fuck a long time.”

I laughed again and said, “I hope he will fuck you until your toes curl, baby.”

As we walked the hallway to Bobby and Della’s room I felt myself hardening and was thankful for the pleated slacks Tina had chosen.

We paused and kissed before knocking on the door and Tina, looking into my eyes said, “Tommy, no matter what happens tonight, I love you madly.”

I held her close and said, “I love only you Tina.”

We entered the room to find that Della had been lighting candles, lots of candles. They gave the room a serene and sexy glow.

Each of the 2 queen sized beds had had the covers removed and only pale blue sheets and pillows remained.

Della walked up to me, placed her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I felt myself become completely hard as I held her body to mine. Della felt it too and moved her tummy back and forth against my hard-on.

Della broke our kiss and stepped back. The jumpsuit she wore had a long zipper, and while looking into my eyes, she pulled the zipper all the way down. She shrugged her shoulders and let the suit slide down her body, exposing her breasts, her tummy, and her hips. She pushed the material over her hips, down to the carpet and stepped free of the jumpsuit. She wore no bra or panties.

I was awestruck as I looked at Della. This was a totally mature woman, standing naked in front of me. Her curves, the softness of her skin, things I had experienced with Tina, yet somehow different. There was a sexiness which I could only assume came with maturity and confidence. I knew that having this woman, making love with this woman, was going to be an experience like no other I’d enjoyed.

I quickly discarded my shirt and slipped out of my slacks.

Della grinned when she saw that I hadn’t worn underwear. She walked to me and placed one hand on my neck and wrapped the fingers of her other hand around the shaft of my cock.

“This is going to be more fun than I had imagined, Tommy,” she whispered.

Della took my cock in both hands. She looked into my eyes and said, “Baby, when you feel the need to cum, I will feel it too.” “When I apply this pressure,” she said pressing her thumbs onto the base of my cock, “Just relax your body and you will be ok.”

Della kissed me and slid down my body, kissing her way down to my cock. When she settled onto her knees, she looked up at me, smiled and took me into her mouth.

I was mesmerized.

Della worked her way up and down my cock, licking and kissing the length of it. She swirled her tongue around its head, which damn near drove me crazy.

I felt the urgency to cum and Della felt it too, and as she had said she would, she pressed her thumbs into the base of my cock. I willed by body to relax, as instructed, and was pleased to feel the urgency subside.

After a minute, Della started sucking and licking again, and to my amazement, it was like we were starting all over. Della did this two more times and each time my body relaxed and then started over.

A familiar moaning made me look over to find Tina and Bobby. Bobby was on his back, on one of the beds, with Tina straddling his head. Bobby’s hands were on her hips, obviously holding her cunt to his face. Tina had one hand grasping the shaft of Bobby’s, very impressive cock, while her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him. Tina lifted her head, looked at me and I knew she was coming.

That brought me to the brink of wanting to cum again, and to my surprise, Della didn’t try to suppress it this time. I bucked my hips as I exploded into her wonderful mouth. Spasm after spasm struck me and Della stroked each spurt of cum from me, into her mouth.

My knees grew weak as my cock started to soften. Della let me slip from her mouth and smiled up at me as she swallowed my cum. I lifted her up to me and kissed her. I could taste my cum on her tongue.

“My God, Della,” I whispered. “You are fantastic. I have to taste you now,” I added as I walked her, backwards, to the other bed.

I lay Della on her back and kissed her as I held her warm body close. A part of me just wanted to kiss her all night, but I knew that I needed all of this woman. I also knew that she had needs that just kissing wouldn’t take care of.

I broke our kiss and moved my face to her breasts. While I tugged at one hard nipple with the fingers of one hand, I sucked and chewed on the other nipple. Della responded with moans as she held my head, urging me on. Her hips started moving and I knew she was anticipating what I would do next to her lovely body.

I kissed my way down her tummy, while continuing to tug and twist her nipple. Her body reacted with tiny jerks as I kissed my way to her mound. I nuzzled the soft hair covering her pubic bone and inhaled deeply the aroma of desire coming from her pussy.

I moved between her legs and sat looking at Della. My God, she was lovely. Her eyes were slightly glazed over with lust and her smile urged me on. Her breasts were heaving with each labored breath she took. Her hips were in constant motion, almost as if they were trying to tell me to get to the treasure that awaited me.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I leaned into her and licked the length of her pussy. Della moaned loudly and lifted her hips to meet my mouth. I sought out her clit and sucked it free of its hood. As the tip of my tongue circled her clit, Della grasped my head and held my face to her pussy. Her taste was incredible and her reactions were even more so. She bucked and moaned and her juices flooded my mouth and face. Della was coming and I was getting hard again and wanting to be inside her, needing to fuck her.

Noise from the other bed made me look once again. Tina was now on her back and Bobby was fucking her hard. Tina was urging him on verbally as her fingernails raked his back. I knew that this was what she needed and wanted and I knew that Della was what I needed and wanted.

My attention was quickly back to Della. As her orgasm subsided, I slowly licked up all her juices.

I kissed my way back up to her face and kissed her tenderly. She took my face in her hands and said, “Tommy, that was amazing. I can feel your hard-on now and want it in me. Fuck me Tommy,” she whispered.

I reached between us for my cock and rubbed its head up and down the length of her slit. Finding her opening, I pressed the head of my cock into her pussy. Della sighed and lifted her hips to capture the length of my cock in her.

The feeling was unbelievable. I lay still, fully embedded in her pussy. Della’s pussy was so silky soft, warm and slippery. I wanted to stay, just like that all night.

Della moved her face to my ear and whispered, “Now Tommy, fuck me baby, make my cunt cum and cum with me.”

“Wow,” I thought, “Is this really happening to me?”

I lifted my hips, pulling my cock out so that just its head was in her opening. I plunged back into her. Out again and back in, gaining a rhythm which Della picked up on. She moved her hips with mine as we fucked each other.

My face was in her throat and her hands held my head as I kissed and chewed on her neck as we fucked. Della grunted and groaned as she fucked me back, stroke for stroke.

“Now Baby, Now!” Della shouted out as she started to cum. This took me totally over the top and I started to cum with her and we grasped at each other as we came and fucked and came and fucked.

I collapsed onto her body, completely spent. We kissed and I thanked her over and over. Della held me close and told me that she loved it as much as I did.

The silence in the room made me look over to Tina and Bobby. Della’s eyes followed mine and we saw them looking at us, grinning.

Tina’s eyes told me that she had enjoyed Bobby as much as I had enjoyed Della. Our fantasies had come to fruition and we were happy for each other.

The rest of our short vacation was filled with sunning, shopping, swimming and sex with Della and Bobby. By the time we left, I knew that I could last with a woman. I wasn’t completely cured of coming too quickly, but I was well on my way.

We left them, to return home, knowing that our lives had been made better. We also knew that it wouldn’t stop here. We knew that we wanted more adventures like this.

Tina cemented that feeling as we pulled into our town. She looked at me and asked, “Tommy, do you think that your friend Eddie and his wife would like to fuck us?”

I laughed and replied, “I hope so baby, I really hope so.”

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