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When Hairy Met Hairy

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I’ve always been a hairier-than-average guy, and I’ve always been grateful that, in the body-type lottery, I was given a hairy one. Mind you, I’m not the hairiest guy you’ll ever meet — not like those guys who get nicknames like ‘Bear’ or ‘Ape’ — but my chest and shoulders have a nice, ample covering of hair, and my arms and legs, too.

I was ‘That Kid’ in junior high — the first guy in my class to hit puberty, the guy the other boys gawked at in the showers after gym class.

I was twelve when my dad pulled me aside, rubbing his thumb across my upper lip to determine if I was sprouting my first facial fuzz, or if my lip was just dirty. Upon confirming that it wasn’t dirt, he took me to the bathroom and tossed me a can of shaving cream.

“Shake the can,” he commanded, and I obeyed. Then he rummaged around in the cabinet for one of his ‘spare’ razors, and gave me my first instruction in the manly art of shaving. Within a year or two, it was no longer simply a matter of some fuzz on my upper lip — I was pushing out real, manly whiskers, all over my face, which in my own youthful mind, was a treasured marker that I had arrived, biologically.

The rest of my body joined in the fun, pushing out hair in all manner of places that I hadn’t anticipated. My hairy arms and legs were, in my mind at least, a sign of my advancing maturity that was visible to the outside world, and whenever the weather was warm enough to wear shorts, I was proud to show my hairiness to the world.

Pubic hair was a particular joy to my youthful self. There was just something very cool about the thick tangle of hair that sprouted around the base of my cock, and even onto my balls. In the shower, and at the beach, when I wore swimming trunks, I noticed that the hair on the insides of my upper thighs was a bit thicker than the hair on the rest of my legs. It wasn’t pubic hair, but it seemed like it was the ‘residual spillover effect’ of my pubic hair, overflowing from my genitals, down my legs. At first, I was a little self-conscious about it, like my pubic hair was hanging out for all the world to see, or at least that my thighs were a flashing neon sign — ‘Pubic Hair This Way’ — but no-one besides me ever seemed to notice it, so I stopped worrying about it.

When I went to college, in the hippie-ish style of the day, I took my earliest opportunity to lose my razor and grow a beard; it only took me a couple weeks to grow it out past the point where it just looked scruffy, like I’d forgotten to shave. And I’ve had a beard ever since. I keep it trimmed, not like some prophet from the Bible, or anything like that. But I have always enjoyed the feeling of having hair on my face. Besides which, I like how it looks on me (it covers a bit of a ‘weak chin’), and it gives me something to fiddle with when I’m trying to look thoughtful. . .


I was a high school freshman, I think, the first time I was over at a buddy’s house, and he got into his older brother’s stash of porn magazines. It was a stunning revelation to me — girls had pubic hair, too! I’d always thought that girls were pretty much completely smooth and hairless, but — they had hair on their private parts, just like I did!

I knew that my mom and sister shaved their legs and armpits, so there was a part of me that understood that it just stood to reason — hairy armpits, hairy legs, hairy crotch — but female pubic hair still fascinated me no end.


I’d never been exactly suave with the ladies, and somehow or other, my hairiness notwithstanding, most of the girls I knew had somehow or other failed to take notice of my innate desirability. I didn’t feel super-awkward around girls; in fact, I always liked girls, and several of my best friends were girls. They just didn’t think of me as boyfriend material — I was the dreaded ‘nice guy’. I’d get invited to the parties, but everyone else, it seemed, was hooking up except me.

I think it was the summer after my sophomore year of college that I was at a beach party; it was a mixed group of maybe 20 or 30 people. At one point, I was talking to a dark-haired girl; she had lovely olive skin, and brown eyes that I could get lost in. What caught my eye, though, was that she had one of those wispy girl-moustaches sprouting on her upper lip. I’d often heard other guys joke disparagingly about ‘girls with thicker ‘staches than they had’, but in my eyes, the little wisp of hair on her lip looked really sexy, and alluring, even a little mysterious.

“I’m Pete,” I said.

“I’m Anna.”

Her bathing suit was a modest one-piece, that even had little legs to it, that extended an inch or two down from her crotch. I could see that she had a real nice shape, with full round breasts, and a shapely butt, and I wondered to myself why she wanted to cover it up so much.

She seemed kind-of shy, and when I asked her if she wanted to get away from the group and go for a walk, she quickly agreed. We broke off from the main group, and went for a walk down the beach, the two of us talking about our lives, our likes and dislikes, our hopes and dreams, making a nice connection with each other.

While we were talking, Anna put her hand on my arm briefly, and I noticed that her arms were quite hairy, and her legs, too — she didn’t even shave them! I was already quite taken with her physical charms, but her hairy arms and legs only heightened the attraction I was already feeling toward her.

When we were a ways down the beach, maybe a mile from the main party, I turned to face her.

“I hope I’m not out of line,” I said, “but I think you’re very pretty.”

She looked at me askance, tilting her head to one side. “You do?”

I nodded. “Mm-hmm.”

“Well, then, you’re the first,” she said, chuckling, but with more than a hint of irony.

“I’m serious.”

“My own mother doesn’t think I’m pretty.”

“What?!? Why in the world not?”

“She thinks my moustache makes me look like a man. Now, what the hell am I supposed to say to that?”

I smiled, stifling a chuckle. “Well, you know, that little wispy thing isn’t exactly something most guys would be very proud of,” I said. “I think it makes you look even prettier. Sexy, even.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Maybe,” I said, “but it’s crazy in your favor.”

She smiled shyly.

I stopped and looked at her for several seconds. “How can I prove to you that I mean what I say?” I asked, more of myself than of her. Impulsively, I leaned forward and kissed her. On the lips. She seemed momentarily startled, but quickly recovered and returned my kiss.

“You’re sweet,” she said. “But you’re still crazy.”

I grinned. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” I continued, “but I’m fairly hairy myself — not that I expect you’ve been looking all that closely. I like hair; I like my hair, and — I hope this isn’t creepy — I like your hair. And I’m glad you don’t shave your legs. Nothing to be ashamed of — God put it on your body, so you might as well enjoy it, don’t you think?”

Anna smiled. “It’s not creepy,” she said. I don’t know if she really believed that I meant what I was saying or not. But she was at least willing to hear me out.

“Look,” I went on, “I think you’re pretty, I really do. And I’d like to get to know you better, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” she said.


We finally rejoined the main party, staying together for the rest of the evening. When things started breaking up, I offered to drive her home, and she accepted my offer. I pulled up in front of her place, and walked her to her door.

“We’ve already had our first kiss,” I smiled. “You up for a second?”


This time, there were tongues involved, inter-penetrating each other’s mouths, and twisting together in a sensual mating-dance.

When we finally broke our kiss, Anna looked at me, searching my face for. . . I couldn’t tell what, exactly.

“Would you like to come in for a while?”

“I would love to.”

We walked into her apartment, and she motioned for me to sit on the couch, while she scurried about the room, quickly tidying up.

“My roommate’s gone for the weekend,” she said. Finally she sat next to me on the couch.

“I’m sorry, Pete,” she said. “I don’t mean to refuse your kindness. But my whole life, I’ve been told that my hairiness is ugly. You’re just. . . so different from anyone I’ve ever met. Certainly any guy.”

I sighed; it was frustrating me, and pissing me off a little, the way this lovely young woman’s beauty had been utterly missed by virtually everyone she’d ever known, including her own mother. I just wanted to love her the way she deserved, and convince her that she was as beautiful as was obvious to me. “Maybe it’s a good thing we met each other, then,” I said. “Because I don’t just think you’re pretty, Anna; I think you’re beautiful, in a deep, elemental, earthy way. All that hairiness is YOU, and I think you’re wonderful. Do you trust me?”

She nodded.

I grinned impishly. “So — when do I get to see your armpits?”


“Can I see your armpits?”

Anna rolled her eyes, then raised her arms, wrapping them over the top of her head. I smiled appreciatively to see a dark, thick swatch of curly hair sprouting lavishly from the hollow under each of her arms. “I know you think I’m crazy,” I said, “and there’s no reason you should care what I think. But yours are the loveliest, sexiest armpits I’ve ever seen.”

She blushed, and looked downward, then back into my eyes. “I DO care what you think,” she said, almost choking back tears. “You’re the first person I’ve ever known. . . not even my own mother could love me just as I am.”

“I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

She leaned toward me, parting her lips for another kiss, and soon we were locked in a passionate embrace, our mouths and tongues feverishly inter-penetrating each other. Anna’s hands stroked lovingly, urgently over my back and shoulders, running sensually through my chest hair.

She smiled. “You’re pretty hairy yourself,” she chuckled. Then, shooting me an impish glance, she said, “I think hairy men are sexy.”

“I was hoping you would.”

My hands stroked over Anna’s back and sides. Playfully, I ran my fingers through her armpit hair, stretching the hairs out to their full length, and savoring its thickness. Even the scent of her body in her underarm fur was sexily arousing.

I yearned to feel her firm, round breasts, but I didn’t want to seem too pushy. Heck, it was only a couple hours ago that we told each other our names. But Anna was just as hungry as I was. Peeling down the shoulder-straps of her bathing suit, she exposed her lovely breasts to my grateful gaze.

“Thank you, God,” I breathed. They were magnificent — full and firm, and olive-colored. Her nipples and areolae were a deep, almost purplish brown. And a few small stray hairs sprouted from each areola. “Wonderful,” I murmured, as I took them in. “Simply wonderful.”

I cupped my hand over one breast, and then the other, savoring their full, weighty heft, bouncing them gently in my hands to see them jiggle sexily, while Anna grinned at my playfulness. Finally, I bent down to take them in my mouth, sucking appreciatively while Anna groaned at the sensation.

By that time, I had a stiff hard-on, straining against the fabric of my swimsuit. Anna could hardly have missed it — it looked like some jungle snake caught in a bag, trying to escape.

“Did I do that?” she asked, sweetly.

“Uh-huh,” I replied. “You should be proud of yourself.”

“I had no idea.”

I scooted my hips up off the couch, and peeled my suit off myself, freeing my erection from its captivity, to stand straight up from my loins, pointed at the ceiling.

Anna gasped. “Oh my. . .” she blurted. “It’s big. . .” Looking up at me, a twinkle flashed through her eyes. “And hairy. . .”

She began sensually running her fingers through my pubic hair, then cupped her hand on my balls before sliding it slowly up and down my shaft. A copious bead of pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock, then dribbled down over my cockhead, onto my shaft. Anna took some of the slick fluid on her fingertip, then rubbed it along my shaft, using it as a lubricant for her impromptu hand-job.

Abruptly, she stood up. Taking my hand, she pulled me to her bedroom, my stiff cock pointing the way ahead of me. Once inside her bedroom, she turned to face me, the top half of her bathing suit bundled around her waist. Hooking her thumbs into the stretchy fabric, she looked into my eyes and peeled it off herself, standing before me completely naked.

I was awestruck. I would never have imagined that any woman could be so sexy, so earthy, so natural, as what Anna was. Her pubic hair was an amazing, luxuriant bush — dark and thick and curly, like lamb’s wool, which covered a wide expanse of her lower belly, even a bit beyond the creases where her legs met her torso. No wonder she wore a one-piece swimsuit — no bikini bottom could have contained it. And just as my own pubic hair had a ‘spillover’ onto my upper thighs, so did Anna’s — thus, the little ‘legs’ on her suit. Shaving such a resplendent bush would have been a crime against nature. Such abundant hair on a woman’s pubis — it took my breath away.

“See how hairy I am?” she said, almost plaintively. “Do you still think I’m pretty?”

“More than ever,” I said.

I took Anna in my arms, carrying her across the room and laying her tenderly on the bed, her ass resting on the edge of the bed as I knelt in front of her. I draped her legs over my shoulders — my own hairy shoulders — and leaned in to worship her wondrously furry pussy. The pungent aroma of her arousal filled my senses.

Anna raised her head up to look at me. “Are you gonna. . .?”

“I am,” I grinned. “You have the most amazing pussy that there ever has been, and I aim to give it the loving attention it deserves, if I may. You just lay back and enjoy.”

“Oh god. . .” she gasped, as I made the first gentle, nibbling contact between my lips and the tender skin of her inner thighs. Slowly, I moved my face in a large circle around her entire groin, nuzzling her luxuriant bush with my nose and mouth. With my lips, I teasingly tugged on her pubic hair. Then, I nuzzled around her opening with my nose and tongue. Even as I did, I ran my fingers through her rich fur, reveling in the sheer, profligate thickness of it.

Gently, I probed between her labia with my tongue, lingering as I enjoyed the tangy savor of her vaginal sauce. Slowly, I moved my mouth to the top of her vulva, to the nexus where her labia met, and her clitoris was beginning to emerge from under its hairy hood. At first, I ran my tongue in little circles around her nubbin, then I pursed my lips over the soft flesh surrounding it, and gently sucked on it, teasing it with the tip of my tongue, while Anna squirmed and groaned with arousal.

When I laid my tongue broadly across her clit, and began making long, ice-cream strokes, she squealed with delight, and began to buck her hips against my face, making it difficult for me to keep my tongue engaged on her clit. I persevered as best I could, and soon, she was gasping and panting in orgasm, clutching my head tightly against herself, twisting and writhing uncontrollably.

“Oh god!” she cried. “Oh god. . . I’ve never felt anything like this. . . Oh, Pete. . . it feels so good. . .”

I kept licking her, and she kept coming, rolling and writhing through orgasm after orgasm, until she finally pushed my head away, panting.

I slid up alongside Anna. While she slowly recovered her breath, I resumed idly running my fingers through her spectacular pubic thicket, taking delight in the sheer abundance of it, watching her firm, olive-skinned breasts rise and fall with her every gasping breath.

Finally, when she was breathing nearly normally, she turned her face to me.

“You know this is my first time, right?”

“I didn’t know that. Are you OK?”

“I have never been so OK in my life.”

I nudged gently at her clit with my finger. She squealed; it was still sensitive, after her climax.

“Have you. . . done it before?” she asked.

“A few times,” I answered. “But never with anyone as beautiful as you.”

She laughed. “Now I KNOW you’re bullshitting me.”

“I never would. One of these days, you’ll believe me.”

“Sorry; it might take me awhile to completely get it.”

“That’s okay; I’ll just keep telling you until you do.”

I pulled her to myself and kissed her deeply, running my hands all over her olive-hued shoulders and back, and over the smooth, dusky cheeks of her ass, and down her thighs. Then I rolled her on top of myself, her full, firm breasts mashing against my hairy chest. She wriggled from side to side, enjoying the sensation of her nipples running through my chest hair, purring happily.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “You’re nice and furry. Makes my nipples tingle.”

She sat up, straddling my thighs. My erection stood straight up from my loins, its base covered with my own dense pubic jungle. Anna took my shaft in her hand, gazing in wonder at my thick pole. Slowly, she stroked up and down along its length, checking out every detail of what was probably, as far as I knew, the first erect penis she had ever seen. She cupped her hand over my balls and fondled them gently, a bemused smile on her face.

“It’s so big,” she mused. “Are you gonna put it in me?”

“Only if you want me to.”

“Oh god yes,” she purred. “More than anything in the world. Just go slow, OK?”

“I’ve got all the time in the world. Especially for your first time.”

She raised herself up, so that her furry opening was snug against the head of my cock. With a wiggle of her hips, the tip of my cock snuggled between her puffy labia, like a sensual genital ‘kiss’. She paused momentarily, still wriggling her hips, but not moving downward on my cock. A millimeter at a time, she slowly worked me into herself. The tightness of her virgin cunt on my shaft was utterly intoxicating. Then, with a groan from deep inside her, her barrier gave way, and quickly I was all the way inside her, our bodies connected as completely, as intimately, as elementally as they could possibly be.

I looked down to where our bodies joined. My chest hair and pubic hair seemed to flow seamlessly into her lush pubic bush, obscuring the distinction between her body and mine, making us look almost like a single furry body.

The warmth of her vagina radiated through and around my shaft, as the tip of my cock probed her innermost core.

“Oh god,” she gasped, “you’re filling me up. You feel so good inside me.”

I clenched the muscles of my ass, causing my dick to swell inside her, stretching her opening even more. She giggled.

“Do that again!” So I did, which drew a gratified moan from her.

She raised herself up, my stiff manhood reeling back out of her. I smiled at the sensual sight of my thick cock disappearing inside Anna’s pussy, surrounded by the biggest, thickest pubic bush I had ever seen. Instinctively, she began grinding her pussy on my thick pole, and I rocked back against her, matching her rhythm. I reached up to gently squeeze her firm, full breasts as we rocked together in sexual ecstasy. With deep groans of pleasure, Anna ground her pussy back and forth on my erection.

“So good. . .” she purred. “Oh, Pete, it feels so good. I don’t want it to stop.”

We mated like that for what felt like hours, my cock plunging in and out of Anna’s sultry womanhood, as we both savored the incredible sensations of our coupling. Finally, Anna’s breathing became ragged, and her movements became more urgent, heightening and intensifying the sensations in my cock.

“Oh god!” she cried out. “Oh god. . .” Twitching and writhing, she seemed to lose all voluntary control of her body. Her thighs rhythmically squeezed on my hips, and her head rolled from side to side as a massive orgasm exploded through her body.

The intensity of her movements brought me quickly to the edge of my own climax. Much as I wanted to prolong the ecstasy, there was simply no way. With a low groan, I sent rivers of my thick, viscous cum surging into Anna’s womb.

“Oh!” she cried. “Is that you? It feels like a bubble of warm liquid bursting inside me!”

“Mmmmm,” I groaned. “Sounds fun. . .”

She fell on top of me, and we spent a long time afterward hugging and kissing and stroking and caressing each other. In the warmth of our afterglow, it seemed like every nerve ending in both our bodies was hyper-sensitive. I gently trailed my fingers over Anna’s back, and down her ass, and she trembled at my every slightest touch.

Finally, she raised her head up and looked deeply into my eyes. Her own dark brown eyes seemed bottomless. Gently, I stroked her cheek and jawline, not quite able to grasp my own good fortune.

“You,” I crooned softly, from the old Joe Cocker song, “are so beautiful. . . to me. . .”

She laid her head on my chest, and soon we drifted off into a happily satiated sleep.

I don’t know how long we dozed, but when I awoke, I could feel my cock, still inside Anna, regaining its stiffness, parting the tight walls of her vagina as it expanded again into her warm depths. Soon Anna came awake, prompted by the erotic sensations of my cock inside her. Lazily, she began to grind against my erection again, and soon we were happily fucking away again. In the fullness of time, Anna had her second orgasm on my cock, and I sent a fresh surge of my semen into her.


When I finally awoke in the morning, Anna was already awake, lying next to me in her bed, propped up on one elbow, gazing at me as I slowly gained consciousness. The sheet had slipped off her, so her naked body was completely open to my grateful scrutiny. Slowly, I ran my eyes over every woolly inch of her lovely body — her hairy armpits, her lush pubic bush, the downy fur on her arms and legs, and her wispy girl-‘stache that had caught my attention in the first place. If there was such a thing as a Beautiful Woman Lottery, I had clearly won it.

“Good morning, you,” she chirped.

“Good morning yourself. You know, you’re even more beautiful by the light of day.”

She laughed. “I still think you’re crazy,” she giggled, “but your kind of crazy, I could get to enjoy.”

“Ummmmm. . .” I drawled, in my semi-wakeful state, “Would you mind if we just stayed naked for a while? I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you, and I’d like to look at you just a little while longer, if you don’t mind.”

“Naked is good; look to your heart’s content,” she purred.

For several leisurely minutes, Anna and I laid in bed together without a word. My cock began to grow again, stimulated by the sultry erotic vistas of her wondrously hairy body. Anna saw it, and began lazily, appreciatively stroking it. In response, I ran my fingers through her pussy-fur again, then began probing inside her with my fingertip. Soon she pulled me on top of herself, and, gripping my erection in her hands, she fed me into herself, and I was slowly sliding in and out of her once more, until we came to another crashing mutual orgasm. We lay together for a long time afterward, savoring the delightful warmth of our mutual naked intimacy.


That was several months ago, and Anna and I have only grown to love each other more deeply in the intervening time. I am still utterly captivated by her physical charms — she seems to have come directly from the elements of the earth, so natural, so richly, profligately wonderful, so full of earthy and erotic energy that it just sprouts out of her follicles. As if she were made just for me; and me for her. For her part, Anna seems less self-conscious about her hairiness, and she is very indulgent of my crazy appreciation of her. I’ve even gotten her to wear a bikini, with a boy-short bottom.

She is the most extravagantly beautiful woman I could ever imagine, but even more than that, I’ve come to know her as inwardly beautiful, as well. I want her to marry me, to throw our lives, and our bodies — in all their hairy splendor — all-in together, for as long as we both shall live. And maybe make a family of hairy kids.

I think she just might go for it.

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Owl2013 wrote

This may be the best erotic story I’ve every read. I was mesmerized, I do like the rare female stach, hairy armpits are my one fetish and I’ve never been with a woman that did not have pubes. I enjoyed winter months when my wife would let her armpit hair grow. This story stimulated a physical reaction which is becoming rare these days. Great story thank you!