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What Friends Are For

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Lily Carter was a perfectly ordinary nineteen-year-old girl with a reasonably ordinary life. She was just starting out at her local college, studying hard to get the grades to move out of her town. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to leave, but she could dream, at least.

She spent most of her free time at home, taking care of her mother.

She’d been sick most of Lily’s life, and since her husband left, Lily got the job of taking care of the house and making sure her mom had everything she needed. It wasn’t the life she’d have chosen, but not many people get to choose their lots in life. It wasn’t all bad. Thanks to her situation, she’d learned how to drive by the time her 16th birthday came around, and her dad had sent the money for a car. Someone needed to be able to drive her mom to the hospital when things got too bad, and as it turned out she loved to drive.

That was how she’d met Ben. He was a car buff, and when he saw her get out of hers in the parking lot of Jake’s Pub, he approached her and started extolling the virtues of her “sweet ride”. He left out the excessively large back seat, so she introduced it to him after last call.

That had started a relationship that she couldn’t be bothered to end. Ben was good looking, and she couldn’t deny that he was something else in bed, but she just didn’t feel much for him. She didn’t really have time for a boyfriend, she’d just wanted a quick lay. She’d lost her virginity in the eighth grade, and had learned quickly to take sex when she could get it. Ben didn’t realize that was all he was to her, though, and she wasn’t about to tell him in that manner. He probably wouldn’t appreciate it after six months together.

Most days she could forget about him safely. Between his job as a salesman, the five courses she was taking at the college, and the demands of her mother’s health, she rarely saw him. He complained rather loudly about that, but she stopped his complaints with a glare. It wasn’t as if she could do anything about the demands on her time. She had to prioritize.

Somehow, though, she found time for pursuits of her own. She spent too much time with Ben’s friends, and whatever free time she had at home was spent on the Internet. She was heavily addicted to sex chat rooms, and when she discovered IM cybering, she thought she’d found Heaven. When she got the call from Jareth, she’d just finished reading a story from her favourite erotica site, and was washing and drying her vibrator.

“Hey Lily, you busy?” She slipped her vibe back in its shoebox.

“Nope… Just finished some stuff up, but I’m free now. What’s up?”

“Brian and I were just wondering if you wanted to come over and watch a movie with us?”

“Sounds great. Just let me check with Mom, then I’ll be right over. I’ll give you a call if I can’t make it.”

“Great. See you soon, babe.”

“See ya, Jer.” She ran down to the living room, and checked in on her mom. She was sleeping, as usual, and looked pretty comfortable. Lily wrote a quick note, grabbed her cell phone, and started out the door. As she was about to leave, she heard from the living room “Baby? Could you pick up some milk on your way home?”

“Sure, Mom. I’ll try not to be late. If you need me, just call.”

“I always do. Take care, kiddo.” She shut the door behind her, and drove to Jareth’s place.

As usual, Brian and Jer were stretched out on the fold out couch when she walked into Jareth’s room. Also as usual, they were absorbed in some video game, and they hardly noticed when she came in the room. She occasionally found it amazing that they could get so absorbed by their games. She sometimes wondered if she could walk in wearing nothing on her tiny 5’4″, 110lb frame without them even acknowledging her presence. As it was, with her auburn hair, green eyes, and C-cup tits, she got the attention of most guys around, but these two were just oblivious. Today she wore jeans and a tank top, but one day she fully intended to test out her theory.

They noticed her when she jumped up onto Jareth’s bed, though. “Hey, Lily. Took you long enough,” Brian said, grinning. While it took most people at least twenty minutes to get from her area of town to theirs, she’d managed to make it in less than ten this time. They’d long ago given up trying to convince her not to drive like such a maniac, and now they just mocked her over it. She punched Brian in the side, and settled down on the sofa between the two of them.

“So, what’s on the schedule for today, boys?”

“Well, I was thinking a little sexual romp, then some movie action,” Jareth quipped.

“Sure thing, Jer,” Lily answered, “just let me give you boys some privacy first.” She made as if to get up, and Jareth tackled her down onto her stomach on the bed.

“You’re not getting away from us that easily, girl. But alas, I was only joking. We’re gonna watch Chasing Amy. How’s that sound?” She loved that movie.

“Sounds great to me!”

They turned out the lights, and settled in for the film. She loved all of Kevin Smith’s movies, but this one had a special place in her heart. She fantasized about being Alyssa at the end of the film, but saying “yes,” instead. She always wanted to slap the girl for turning down such an amazing opportunity. She was guessing that probably wasn’t why the guys had picked this particular film, though, so she tried not to let her mind wander too much.

But when Holden and Alyssa started getting into it for the first time, she felt a hand trace up her spine. She caught her breath and tried not to move, in case she jinxed whatever might be happening. The hand (it had to be Jareth’s) rubbed slowly up and down her back, but didn’t seem to be doing anything further. She relaxed again, and enjoyed the sensation. After a minute or two, though, she felt him slip his hand under the back of her shirt. Her skin tingled under her fingers, and she let her breath out in a sigh. Then she felt her shirt being lifted up her back.

Her stomach was fluttering almost as much as her pussy was tingling. She didn’t think that Jareth would ever try anything with her. He was a good friend of Ben’s, and she hadn’t realized he thought of her at all sexually. She bit her lip and lifted herself a bit so he’d be free to pull her shirt up all the way. Then his lips were tracing the path of his fingers, up her spine and across her shoulder blades. Brian seemed completely unaware of what was occurring, but she knew it was just an act. She bit her lip harder to keep from letting out a moan. One of the hands slid down her back again, this time not stopping with her jeans. She spread her legs a tiny bit, just in case, and held her breath as he traced his way over the folds of her jeans down into the cleft between her thighs. She gasped as he pressed two fingers hard against her denim-covered pussy, and Brian finally looked up, grinning wildly.

“God, I didn’t believe you, Jar…” He stopped suddenly, realizing the impact of his words. “Heh. Never mind me.” She closed her eyes as he moved closer to her. She felt him brush the hair away from her eyes, and then his warm, moist lips were sucking on her earlobe. He bit down lightly, and she felt a shock of pleasure course through her. She knew she should put a stop to all of it, but she just felt so good. Her whole body was awake, in fear and desire and everything that was wrong with this, and she couldn’t stand the idea of stopping it. Jareth was slowly rubbing her through her jeans, and her hips began to buck slightly in response. She licked her lips, trying not to lose control. Their movements were clumsier than Ben’s, but the sheer eroticism of what was happening was getting to her.

Before she realized what was happening, she was being turned over onto her back. Jareth moved up over top of her, pulling her shirt the rest of the way off and exposing her tight, hard nipples. He slid his leg between hers, and moved his mouth down over her breast. She ground her cunt against the pressure of his leg and hip, and he went to work with his mouth. His lips were everywhere, and he was sucking on her nipples, licking them, biting and sending pulses of pleasurable pain through her taut body. She moaned through clenched teeth, and Brian’s mouth found hers in the darkness. She hadn’t even noticed that the movie wasn’t on anymore.

She kissed him violently, straining against the pressure of two bodies restraining her. Brian was grasping at the breast that Jareth had left free, squeezing hard, digging his fingers into her flesh. He pulled at her nipple, and twisted, and she arched her back in pleasure. She was overwhelmed, sensation sparking across her entire body, waking her up in a way she’d never experienced. Everything inside her was on fire.

Brian’s lips and tongue explored her mouth almost violently, at one moment bearing down on her, at others just darting across her lips with his tongue. She bit at his tongue, and her own darted between his lips. She ran her tongue along his smooth teeth, licked the roof of his mouth, his tongue. They were entangled and she loved it. Jareth was kissing and licking his way down her side, now, and she laughed softly as he tickled her with his tongue. Then his hands were at her belt, and she realized that this was really happening, that this wasn’t just playing, just a fantasy. This wasn’t something Ben would just forgive her for. She was going to have to pay for this.

But later, oh God, later. Jareth had her pants undone, and was pulling them off of her. Brian was kissing his way down her neck; soft wet kisses down her skin. She moaned under her breath, trying not to lose it entirely. Jareth was back between her legs, now kissing her through her cotton panties. She strained her hips upwards towards him, trying to feel more, but he backed off until she relaxed. Then he licked her, just once, up and down her cloth covered slit. She nearly yelped as his tongue flicked against her clit through the covering. He rested his lips against her nub and flicked his tongue slowly back and forth across it until she was shaking in pleasure, a moment from exploding. Then, he bit down.

She came violently, incapable of controlling her response. Her body spasmed and her stomach contracted. She bit down hard to keep from screaming as heat shot through her lower body, tingling and burning and making everything go black. Her panties were flooded with her juices and Jareth licked around the edges and through the cloth, tasting her. She came down panting, flinching at the pressure against her sensitive pussy, her head swimming in the blackness. She fell limp onto the foldout couch, beyond awareness for a moment.

But the excitement was hardly over, and Jareth and Brian weren’t yet satisfied. She came back to reality as Jareth pulled off her sodden panties, and she could hear Brian undressing beside her. “We’re going to have that little sexual romp after all, sweetling. Hope you don’t mind if we all play at once,” Jareth whispered to her. A strained moan escaped her, catching in her throat. She heard a click, and a flame leapt out of the lighter Jareth was now holding. He lit two candles, and in the dim light she could see them both naked and erect, one lying on either side of her.

Jareth was well built, muscular like Ben and about equally endowed. She’d guess him to be about 7 inches. He was cut, and his thick dark cock was surrounded by a tangle of dark hair. Brian was a bit smaller, but shaved completely, balls and all. He wasn’t cut, something she didn’t have much experience with, but she assumed she could figure it out.

She was ready to give up her passive role in this, and she got up on her knees between her friends. She looked between Jareth’s knowing smile and Brian’s stunned grin, and flipped a mental coin. With the results in, she climbed over Brian’s legs, straddling them at the knees. She rubbed her cheek against his warm cock, and kissed the tip. She licked her lips to taste the saltiness from his pre-cum, and then wrapped her hand around his thickness. She ran her hand up and down his shaft a few times while he moaned, then pulled back the foreskin and licked the engorged head as it appeared. She licked around the flared edge, and licked up to the tip, dipping her tongue into the tiny slit and savouring his saltiness. Jareth watched with wicked eyes, and Lily closed her own and concentrated on the task before her.

She enveloped the head of his cock in her warm, wet mouth, licking around it as she did. She sucked gently but insistently, taking him into her mouth inch by inch, licking up and down the shaft constantly as she did. She massaged his sac with her hand, caressing his balls with her palm. She wanted to make him moan. She started sucking for real, quickly up and down his thickness, occasionally dragging her teeth gently to get a response. After some few strokes she could feel him hitting against the back of her throat, and she fought her weakened gag reflex. He was panting in pleasure as she relaxed her throat and took him in completely, deeply into her tight throat. Her saliva dripped down his cock, mingling with the pre-cum that he was producing almost constantly, and he bucked his hips hard, driving his cock further into her throat. That was all he needed, and he exploded into her throat, as she drew back so as not to choke. She drank his cum willingly, swallowing all that she could as he pulsed into her mouth, tasting the extreme saltiness and enjoying it. His hands clenched the bed sheet, and his back was arched in pleasure, his face a picture of pain and pleasure. She rolled back onto her feet, and crouched over him, watching him come back to reality and breathe again.

Jareth was behind her, then, and she felt his hands grab her hips insistently. She moved forward and spread her legs, planting her hands against the mattress as he rubbed his cock between her moist, engorged pussy lips. He rubbed against her clit and she bucked against him, feeling him slide up almost to her stomach before settling back where he wanted to be. He slid back and forth through her slit a few times, then stopped at the entrance to her hole, pushing just barely inside. She moaned deeply, loving the feeling of him spreading her apart, yet knowing that if they went any further there would be no going back. She didn’t want to stop, though, he felt too good, and she pushed back, enveloping him into her warm, wet tunnel, her pussy muscles clenching at his hardness. He pushed then, once, twice, three times and he was completely inside her, his balls slapping against her flesh. He stopped, to let her adjust and feel the fullness his cock gave her, then began to thrust slowly into her warm cunt. She felt her whole body rock with each thrust, and concentrated on the sensations spreading through her. As he fucked her slowly, Jareth reached around and stroked her clit, and she spasmed uncontrollably, bucking backwards into his thrusts. The feeling was almost too much; she was too exposed, too sensitive.

Suddenly she felt the feeling double, and opened her eyes to come face to face with Brian’s semi-hard cock. He’d turned himself around, and was lapping at her clit, then up and down her slit. Her muscles contracted hard as she realized that Jareth must have also been experiencing the effects of Brian’s attack on her pussy, since he was licking all the way up to her moist (and busy) entrance. She felt herself coming for a second time, nearly buckling down onto Brian’s body, thrashing against Jareth, impaling herself further onto his cock.

Once the aftershocks ceased, she began her careful attentions to Brian’s tool again. She licked him clean, this time, and sucked him softly into her mouth. As she stroked gently in and out, he became hard, growing in her mouth. When he was fully ready again, she pulled away, allowing Jareth to hammer into her as hard as he wanted until he came explosively into her pussy, pulsing and contracting as his seed filled her. Thank God she was on the pill, the last thing she wanted was a child out of this.

Jareth fucked her slowly until he slipped out, and then leaned back against the back of the sofa-bed. She wasn’t done, though; she hadn’t had everything she wanted. She flopped down onto her back beside Brian, and gave him her best “fuck me” stare. He didn’t need further encouragement, quickly positioning himself between her legs. She was well lubricated, both from her own juices and Jareth’s, and he thrust into her with one smooth motion. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and encouraged him to fuck her hard, digging her fingernails into his asscheeks, and pushing back against his thrusts. She felt amazing; she hadn’t been fucked this thoroughly in her life. After a few short minutes, he stopped her, panting, and rolled her so that she was on top without ever separating them. She caught her breath for a moment, and then began bouncing on his cock, wanting to come, pulling almost off of him, and slamming her full weight back down, enveloping him completely in one motion. She was so caught up in what she was doing that she didn’t notice Jareth again until he was pushing her upper body down over Brian. She stopped what she was doing, and tried to look around to see what was going on.

Brian pulled her down closer, and wrapped his arms around her back so she was motionless, resting her cheek against his shoulder. She could hear something behind her, but she couldn’t see what. Then she felt something that made her stiffen in surprise, the coolness and pressure of a lubricated finger against her asshole. Jareth ran his finger around her unused hole and she shivered in simultaneous pleasure and discomfort. Both feelings increased as he pushed his finger further, slipping into her up to his first knuckle. She breathed carefully and tried to relax, letting him push in the rest of the way, then thrust gently with his finger. She’d never been violated in that way, but there was something good about it, something wrong that made shivers pulse through her body. She clenched her hands into fists and tried to relax further as he slipped another finger into her. She pushed back as he moved inside her, beginning to enjoy the sensation. Then the fingers went away, and for a moment she felt empty and disappointed. But before she could protest, a new sensation hit her, more pain, too big. She closed her eyes and tried not to fight it as Jareth pushed himself slowly into her. She felt the head enter her, and she felt like she was being torn apart. Then, a sudden popping sensation and he was in past her sphincter. The sharp pain was beginning to dilute with pleasure, and she relaxed as he pushed the rest of the way into her. Finally all she could feel was fullness, two cocks buried to the hilt inside her, almost touching. And then, then they began to move.

She’d never felt anything like it. She relaxed her body between them, feeling so comforted, completely surrounded by warm bodies, hands all over her, pulling, scratching, sending her feelings she’d never imagined. Brian’s fingers ran through her hair, tugging, stroking. Jareth kissed her neck, bit at her soft flesh. She dug her teeth into Brian’s shoulder and succumbed to the sheer overwhelming sensuality. They thrust into her in rhythm, filling every part of her, stimulating her whole body. She felt a fire building inside her, uncontrollable. She had no control, she was being used, filled, fucked beyond anything she believed to be possible. Every part of her body was warm, burning, tingling with pain and pleasure so close she couldn’t differentiate. And she didn’t want to. She gave into the sensation, and was swept into a wave of feeling, exploding, coming oh god I can’t… stop… can’t handle this… god… I’m coming! And she lost it, her nerves firing, limbs flailing, body jerking between the two surrounding her.

As her muscles clenched, and contracted, she felt Brian pulsing inside her, and his body was straining even as she came. His semen filled her, and his cock trembled against Jareth, who succumbed as well to the added sensation. Moans filled the room, as the tangle of sweaty bodies quivered and thrashed, strained, and then relaxed, collapsing apart onto their sides, juices covering thighs and cocks and dripping down legs. Lily could barely breathe, could barely register what had happened. The boys beside her looked as wasted, as fulfilled as she felt. She breathed slowly, trying to come down from the high she was on. She was shaking with the effort of the afternoon, but she knew she’d have no regrets.

When the fatigue subsided, she sat up and started looking for her clothes. “Lily…” Jareth moaned from the bed, “Why in God’s name are you getting up?” She smiled.

“I think we all need some breathing space. I’m gonna go, you understand?”

“Sure, sweetling. But… Are you okay with all of this? I mean, Ben and all?” She pulled on her jeans and tank top, tucking her panties into her pocket. They were far too sodden to wear again.

“Yeah. He can fuck himself, for all I care. That was worth it.” Brian laughed from the sofa. Apparently they weren’t good friends, after all… well, at least not to Ben. Personally, though, she thought, she couldn’t possibly ask for better.

She drove home, picking up the milk on the way (and ignoring the stares of the people in the shop, she must look just awful), and slipped in without waking her mother. She locked the door to her bedroom, and prayed that her mother would keep sleeping. As she booted her computer, she pulled out the shoebox that she kept her sex toys in. She’d just learned something new; she had to share it with her online partners. She’d never realized before just exactly what friends were for.

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