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After four hours of steady hiking, I finally reached the top of the bluff. I was greeted by a panoramic view of the coast and the islands. I dropped my pack and pulled out my binoculars to have a look around. As I scanned the view, I noticed some movement on the other side of the valley, closer to the water.

From my vantage point, I could see for miles and the binoculars were powerful enough to pick out the smallest detail. I watched the other side for a few minutes but didn’t see anything moving so I continued scanning the view. After making a complete circle with the binoculars, I settled down to enjoy the day and the scenery.

The bluff was quite exposed and the sun, being hot and the air humid, it wasn’t long before my shirt was off. I removed my boots and felt the warm rock underneath my feet as I padded around the top of the bluff. I finally sat down, satisfied that I had seen everything there was to be seen and relaxed, contemplating the trip back.

As I sat, I scanned the view again. This time, I saw another person climbing on the other side of the valley. I watched as he slowly, climbed up the final abutment and reached the top of the trail he had been following. He was an older man, gray-haired, slightly older than me. I watched as he put his pack down and sat, relaxing after his climb. As I watched, he started to remove his clothes, taking his shirt off then his boots. He didn’t stop there though, he continued and removed his shorts and underwear, then laying down on the warm rock underneath him. I watched him lay there for quite a long time.

He seemed to be completely relaxed as he lay on the warm rock, sunning himself. As I watched him, I increased the zoom on the binoculars and scanned up and down his body. He looked like he was in good shape, athletic and well defined. When I got to his groin, I was amazed at the size of his cock. It had to be at least 8” and it rested against his leg, almost down to his thigh. As I watched, he seemingly, absent-mindedly, reached down and started to rub his cock. It didn’t take long before it was standing straight up from his groin. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock as he slowly rubbed it, making it harder and harder.

I suddenly realized that my cock was hard, just from watching this stranger. I reached down and undid my shorts, letting my cock expose itself to the sun as I continued watching this man, slowly rub his hard cock. I could see that he was close to coming as he was rubbing his cock harder now, running his hand up and down the length of his cock in faster strokes. I wanted to see him come and I didn’t have to wait long. I watched as his whole body convulsed and his cock started spurting hot, white come. It spurted several feet from him. He came again and again, covering his legs with his white seed. As he came, I moved up to look at his face. His mouth was open and he was groaning as his hot come spurted all over his body.

After he finished, he just lay there, resting. I watched as he slowly reached down and scooped some of his come off his leg, raising it to his mouth and sticking it in his mouth, swallowing it. By now my cock was rock hard so I quickly stripped off my shorts and sat, fully naked to the world, and started to rub it as I watched eating his own come.

I started coming and spurted my hot come on the rocks around myself. It felt so good in the bright warm sunlight but my mind was more on the other man than satisfying myself. As I calmed down, I saw the other man get up, stretch and turn around, facing me. He had binoculars in his hand and was scanning the horizon with them. I knew he would eventually see me sitting on the rocky bluff as there was no place to hide. He slowly scanned the view in front of him and as he scanned in my direction, I’m sure he saw me.

Here I was, in the middle of nowhere, watching another man satisfy himself and now was staring him in the eye as he saw me, focusing on my perch. We sat for a few minutes watching each other before he put his binoculars down and waved over at me. I waved back and gave him the thumbs up sign, wanting him to know that I enjoyed his show.

He grinned and reached down for his cock again, raising it up towards me, invitingly. He slowly rubbed it as he watched me watching him and soon had another hard erection. He was giving me signals as he continued to rub his hard cock. He was inviting me to join him but of course, that would have taken too long. I raised my hands in the hopeless gesture as if to tell him that it was impossible to get together, under the circumstances. He seemed to understand and just grinned at me.

We spent most of the rest of the afternoon, watching each other. He watched me as I stood, brazenly, coming on the bluff again, covering the rock with my hot come. I watched him as he lay down on his back, raising his legs over his head and coming in his own mouth, spurting his hot come down his throat and onto his chest. He got up and bent over, spreading his ass cheeks apart, offering himself to me, making a signal that he wanted me to fuck him. He was driving me crazy with his antics and gestures.

Unfortunately, the day had to come to a close. I slowly dressed and with a wave to him, started back down. My final look over at him found him doing the same. He waved back and gave me another big grin as we left our perches and headed down the trails.

All the way down, my mind was ablaze with the thoughts of this man. Watching him come so many times was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and as I walked, my cock started rising again. I knew that I was in for a long walk but I eventually, came down to where I had left my car and slowly loaded up and got in. I sat for a few minutes before starting the car, remembering the afternoon in every vivid detail.

I slowly drove back to the highway and turned to head home. Along the way, I stopped for some gas and as I was getting back into my car, another car drove up. I quickly looked over at the driver and to my surprise, it was the man from across the valley. We made eye contact and he smiled, recognizing me. He got out of his car and approached me.

“Hi,” he said. “My name is Todd.”
“John,” I quickly replied as I reached out to shake his hand.

“It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, and the scenery was spectacular,” I answered. “I especially enjoyed the view of the valley from the bluff. It was most enlightening and uplifting.”
“Yes it was,” he quickly replied. “I enjoyed the view of the opposite side of the valley, especially, the bluffs.”
He winked and smiled. He looked at his watch.

“Do you have time for a quick drink with a fellow hiker,” he asked, looking my straight in the eyes, with a grin on his face.

“Sure,” I said quickly.

“I live just down the road a bit. We can go there, if you like.”
“Can’t think of a better place,” I added quickly.

“Ok, just follow me,” he said, gesturing to me.

I watched him get in his car and head off. I followed him and was soon being led off the highway, up a dirt road. As we rounded a bend, I saw a cabin ahead, sitting on a rocky bluff. He led me to it and I got out of my car, looking around. It was an ideal setting, open yet private and the view was overwhelming.

“Come on in,” Todd said.

I followed him into the cabin and was surrounded by warmth and serenity, instantly.

“I just have to change,” he said, pointing to the bar. “Help yourself.”
As I looked around his cabin, he came back, dressed in another pair of shorts and no top. I looked at him and he was more athletic up close that he looked across the valley. He motioned for me to follow him, leading me out onto the veranda. The sun was starting to set as we settled into some comfortable chairs.

“I go hiking quite a lot,” he said. “I love nature and spent as much time out in it as I can.”

“I do too,” I added. “I love this area and the views.”

“What other type of views do you enjoy?” he asked.

“Well, there are views and then there are views,” I answered. “I enjoy them all.”

“Let me show you a view,” he said, ginning as he stood up, putting his drink down on the table. I watched him walk over to the edge of the veranda and quickly, pull his shorts down, stepping out of them. With his back to me, he spread his legs and stood, silouletted by the sun. I could see his long cock hanging down between his legs as he stood there, letting me take in the view.

“Great view,” I said.

He turned around slowly and his cock was starting to rise as he walked slowly over to me. He stopped inches from me and looked down at me.

“What do you do with a great view?” he asked, smiling.

Without saying anything, I reached out and grabbed hold of his cock, pulling him to me. I ran my hand up and down its length, feeling the power in it as it grew in my hand. I didn’t look up at him but could hear his breathing getting faster as I rubbed his hard cock.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I answered, not taking my eyes off his hard cock, twitching slightly in my hand. “I love the view.”

I opened my legs to let him come closer to me, holding his cock, pointing at my mouth. I opened up and took his head into my mouth, running my tongue around its head and licked up and down its length. He groaned when he felt my tongue on him and moved closer, letting me suck and lick him.

“Oh yes, that feels good,” he whispered. “Take me in your mouth and suck me off.”

I did, engulfing as much of him as I could. I felt his head hit the back of my throat, making me gag slightly. He stepped back slightly, watching me suck him. I ran my tongue up and down him, sucking his head, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock inside my mouth.

As I continued sucking, he groaned and held my head with his hands.

“I’m going to fuck your face,” he said, panting. “I want to come in your mouth.”
I reached around him and grabbed his cheeks, pulling him to me. He started to slowly thrust his hips back and forth with my help. He was soon sliding in and out of my wet mouth, easily and groaning loudly. I sucked as hard as I could, wanting to feel him come inside me. He finally did, spurting hot, white come deep into my throat, making me swallow quickly. He pumped his come into me again and again, filling my throat and making me swallow faster.

“Oh god.” he yelled.
I swallowed all he gave me and slowly pulled his softening cock out of my mouth. I looked up at him and he was standing with his eyes closed, moaning softly. After I licked his cock clean, he opened his eyes.

“I have another view you will enjoy,” he said.

“Oh really?” I said. “I don’t know that anything can top what I just saw.”

He stepped back away from me and turned around. He walked over to the veranda edge again and put his hands on the railing, leaning forward, sticking his ass towards me. I quickly got up, shedding my shorts, and walked over to him, reaching out to rub his cheeks and run a finger up his crack. He groaned as I ran my finger around his hole, teasing it.

“Fuck me,” he said suddenly. “Fuck me now.”

I leaned down and ran my tongue up his crack, stopping at his hole, sticking my tongue inside his ass. I licked and sucked him for a few minutes until he was pleading with me to fuck him.

“Fuck me, stud,” he pleaded. “Put your cock inside me and fuck me hard.”
I stood up and moved to him, spreading his cheeks with my fingers. I pushed a finger up inside him, making him groan loudly. I finger fucked him and then moved up, pointing my cock at his hole. I pushed forward and met very little resistance, entering him easily. Again he groaned loudly as I pushed my entire length up into him until my balls were resting against his ass.

“Fuck me now,” he said. “Fuck me hard.”

I slowly, teasingly, pulled my cock out of him until only my head was still inside him. I then pushed myself fully back up into him, making him groan even louder. I started to thrust in and out as he groaned and told me to fuck him. I held his hips as I started to thrust faster and harder in and out of him. I could hear the squishing sound of my cock sliding in and out of him and it was making me harder as I fucked him. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hand on very long and soon, my cock twitched in its first throes of coming. He felt it too.

“Yes, come inside me,” he urged. “Fill my ass with your hot come.”
I spurted a fully load up into him, making him groan with every spurt and twitch.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fill me up,” he yelled as I came inside him, filling his canal with my hot seed.

“Oh yeah, fill me up.”

I finally finished and held myself against his ass. The warmth of his canal was so inviting, I didn’t want to pull out of him. He seemed to sense this.

“Stay in me as long as you can,’ he pleaded. “I love the feel of your cock inside me.”

“I will,” I said. “I’ll stay in you as long as I can. Your ass feels so good around my cock.”
I stood, holding myself inside him for a long time. Finally, my cock had softened to the point that it wouldn’t stay inside him. It popped out of his ass with a slight plop and my come started running down his legs. I stepped back to let him stand and when he did, without closing his legs, he reached down and scooped some of my come off his leg, putting it in his mouth.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “You taste good too.”
He grinned at me as he continued to scoop the come off his legs, putting it in his mouth.

“You fuck well and you taste good. What else is there?’” he mockingly, said between swallowing the come from his fingers.

“You taste good too,” I added quickly. “Your come is so sweet, I wouldn’t mind tasting it again.”

Hr grinned at me and held his cock out to me. I quickly got on my knees in front of him, taking his cock into my mouth, suckling greedily on it. He was hard instantly and started to fuck my mouth again with rapid, short thrusts. It didn’t take him long to fill my mouth with his hot come. I swallowed all of it and stood up, grinning at him. He stepped to me and reached out with his tongue, licking the corner of my mouth.

“There was a little come there,” he said, stepping back.

I reached for him and pulled him to me, grinding my lips against his, thrusting my tongue roughly into his mouth. He groaned as he explored his mouth with my tongue and flicked his tongue against mine. We kissed for along time, exploring each other until he stepped back.

“I want you to fuck me again,” he said. “This time, let’s go somewhere where it’s more comfortable.”
I smiled at him and motioned him to lead on. I followed him into his bedroom and got on the bed with him. We embraced and held each other as we explored each other’s mouth with our tongues. I pulled away from his mouth and ran my tongue down his body, stopping to suck and lick his nipples and then his cock. He was starting to get hard again and I quickly moved to the side of the bed. He started to roll over but I stopped him.

“No, don’t turn over,’ I said quickly stopping him. “I want to see your face as I fuck you.”
I pulled him to the side of the bed, grabbed a nearby pillow and thrust in under his hips, raising his ass in the air. I then spread his legs as far apart as I could and aimed my hard cock at his ass hole, entering him in one thrust. He yelped slightly as I entered him, but was soon yelling at me to fuck him hard.

“Fuck me hard,” he yelled. “Fuck me as hard as you can.”

I started thrusting in and out of him faster and faster until our thighs slapped together every time I fully entered. He was squirming under me as I fucked him and was pleading with me to keep fucking him.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”
I pounded in and out of him until I came, holding myself against him as I spurted my come up inside his ass hole a second time. He groaned with every spurt of hot come and held me against himself.

“Oh yeah,” he finally said, panting slightly. “You are good at fucking and I haven’t been fucked like that for a long time.”
“Well, any time you want, I’ll be glad to come up here and enjoy the views with you.”
I slowly removed my cock from his ass and let him lower his legs.

The next weekend, I met Todd on top of the bluff and fucked him again, several times. That weekend was the first time I had ever had a cock up my ass and I knew that it wouldn’t be the last either. We have spent many weekends in the wild and at his cabin, enjoying the views and fucking each other. This may be the true meaning of getting back to nature.

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