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Wet Punishment

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I was ready for a night out… dressed to kill in a black lace stretch top over a black lace bra, black miniskirt, thigh-high black silk stockings and black velvet heels. A lacy black thong was the only thing coming between my lover’s hands and my pussy, which was ready for a hot night out of drinking and dancing… knowing that his hands would be roaming and bringing me to a fever tonight, enhanced by the forbidden pleasure of touching in public.

I loved the feel of the silky skirt on my bare ass and the way my pale thighs showed over the tops of the stockings… his hands slipping under my skirt whenever someone was watching, the lacy top displaying my hardening nipples as I responded to his touch. We had drinks and danced to the swirling, gyrating, pounding music, he allowing his cock to harden and press against me… lifting the back of my skirt and grinding against my ass as we danced, his fingers hidden under my skirt in front, soaking my pussy with wetness as they slipped inside, tugging on my thong and baring my sweat-drenched lips.

The alcohol and water we drank all night began working on me and soon I could feel the sweet pressure of my full bladder as we danced and pressed together, and the need to pee grew stronger… still he held me close and I could not bring myself to break away and stand in the long line under the bare lightbulbs… waiting for my turn in the indescribably bleak back hallway of the club. I wanted to be here… on the floor… with his fingers up my pussy, moving to the music.

I whispered in his ear how badly I needed to pee, knowing how this would turn him on… and knowing what he would say next… “No.” Just that one simple word… no. Grasping my panties tightly in his hand he held me against him, letting me feel the effect of my words through his jeans, slipping his fingers in and out faster, knowing how hard it would be for me to resist the temptation to let it loose, and letting me know that he would not let me break away, even if I wanted to.

Losing myself in the feeling… close to peeing I felt the strong stirrings of my pussy rising as always to the need… swirling my hips and feeling the thong bite into my lips and clit, moving on the fingers… Soon it becomes too much… a trickle of pee mingled with cum, pussy juices, and sweat… would he notice it on his fingers? Not yet… sweet pleasure… sweet release… too lovely to hold back for long… giving in to a little flood… a trickle of warmth down my thighs… oooohhhhh too nice, how to hold back now?

Suddenly he grabs my pussy, and whispers fiercely in my ear… “I felt that! Don’t do it again.” Moaning… I hump his hand as he moves his fingers into my pussy, pressing hard on my g-spot and flicking my clit with his thumb… lost in the sensation and the heady thump of the music… I gave myself over to his hand. Suddenly he began vibrating his fingers against my g-spot… grabbing my breast and twisting my hardened nipple with his other hand and pulling me back against his hard cock… too much, it’s too much…. He knows I can’t withstand this… moaning and crying out as the first stream of pee floods his cupped hand, down my thighs, soaking the tops of my stockings…

Clamping his hand on my pussy and holding his fingers still inside me… I manage to stop the flow and regain some pretense of control. He tells me I need to be punished for peeing down my legs and ruining my stockings… for not doing what I’m told. He grabs my arm and yanks his hand out of my pussy, pulling me toward the door… the sudden emptiness there causing a spurt of pee to follow, soaking the front of my skirt and spraying little droplets on the floor before I get it under control again… clamping my hand under my skirt as he leads me dripping from the club and tells me to get in the car.

“We’re going home now… and I don’t want to see any pee on the seat of my car, understand?” I tell him yes, I understand… concentrating hard on holding myself as he drives roughly through the streets, every bump and curve testing my physical resolve. Somehow I manage to make it back to his place without losing any more pee… the need growing with every moment, starting to fantasize about spurting, spraying, pee streaming out of me, rubbing my swollen pussy, not trusting myself to cum without flooding…

Once inside, he roughly pulls me down across his lap, yanks my skirt up, and slaps me HARD across the ass without warning… shocked, I somehow manage not to pee all over him… the stinging slap leaving my ass glowing with pain and sending hot thrills to my pussy. Slap!… a little moan escapes as I press myself into his hard cock… unable to help myself… “Do you like that? Hmmm? Maybe I’m not hitting you hard enough… this is supposed to be punishment.”

SLAP!!! And again harder! and now I can’t help myself… with each slap I start to cum and pee is flowing out onto his lap, soaking his jeans and mixing with the precum there… I press hard against his cock to try and stop the flow but every hard slap sends me flying and makes me lose control… I cry out and tell him I can’t… I can’t hold it… fuck me! Hit me, punish me! Let me peeeeee, please….

Quickly he throws me across the arm of a leather chair and yanks my panties down…and now I let loose…. oooohhhhhh peeeing on the chair, the floor… all over my legs, stockings, velvet shoes… yanking his jeans off he spreads my legs and shoves his cock into my soaking wet pussy… my hot pee flowing across his cock and balls, down his legs…. Fucking me so hard, the pee flowing faster and harder each time he pulls out… slowing as he enters and fills me up again…

My fingers frantically working on my clit as he pounds me… bringing himself off hard and fast, using me as I need to be used… cumming hard, bringing us both to climax and shooting his cum in me, pulling out and finishing all over me… then… turning me around and pulling me down to my knees in front of him… letting loose his own fine, long stream and peeing all over me… hard on my swollen clit, onto my breasts, stomach, moving up to my face and hair, then back down to my pussy as I arch my back and thrust out my body to receive the golden stream… fingers deep in my pussy as I finish my long, hard rolling orgasm with the warm flood cascading down my body…

Well punished indeed…

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