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Wet Fun

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Girlish giggles bounced through the room as Kim was telling Kalista her latest fantasy. They were both lying on Kali’s bed, naked and flushed from their playing, Kim’s fingers tangled in Kali’s long red gold hair as Kim whispered excitedly about what she just *had* to do.

“Seriously – I watched a movie I downloaded from the net and it made me so hot I almost came just watching it.

This guy was just pissing on this girl and she was lapping it up like a starving puppy. It was SO hot! C’mon Kali – let’s get your friend to come play with us and do it!” Kim’s bright blue eyes were sparkling with glee over the thought, her cupid’s bow mouth curved in one of her never-ending Diaz grins.

Kali just rolled her warm brown eyes and laughed, her thumbs stroking over Kim’s hard pink nipples. “You’re insane. I do NOT want some guy pissing on me thank you. Can you imagine how that would reek??” Kali’s own laughing lips were full and generous, a naturally deep color that almost negated the need for makeup.

“You’d probably never notice the smell. We’d both be so horny and into it all… and oh God that man is so hot… We could shower right afterwards!” Kim was insistent. She always was when she got some strange idea in her head. She was so impulsive sometimes Kali worried about her.

“But Kim – I don’t want piss in my MOUTH. GROSS!” Kali rolled off the bed and stood, her not quite six feet of height impressing Kim from the bed. Kim loved the length of Kali’s legs and never tired of playing with them.

“But I’ve already read all about it. Piss is perfectly sanitary! People drink it in some countries and you’ve got more germs in your mouth already than piss has. It might taste strange, but damn, you drink cum by the bucketfull!” Kali just groaned. That part was certainly true. She LOVED cum. Kim was never going to let up.

“OK, fine, but if he says no, then Im not going to drive him crazy. He already thinks I’m off my rocker.” Kali laughed when Kim threw herself at Kali and started kissing her like crazy.

“Thank you Kali!!” she giggled.

Kali laughed and flounced back on the bed, then rolled over to snag the phone. She called Michael and told him what Kim was dreaming up, the whole time laughing about it and telling Michael that she personally thought Kim was a kook. To her surprise, Michael jumped at the chance.

“Twisted perv, I should have known he’d go for your goofy idea.” Kali laughed when she hung up the phone. “He’ll be over here in an hour. Go get cleaned up.”

Both the girls snagged a shower, giving each other douches and enemas so they’d be sparkly clean. Kali rubbed Kim’s tummy during hers and grinned. “Why we’re worried about getting clean just to be pissed on is beyond me. You’re such a nut.” Kim just laughed again then dipped her head down to suck on Kali’s clit while rubbing on her distended tummy, making her cum quickly.

“Because I always make it worth your while baby!” Kim laughed.

Both girls finished up, brushing each other’s hair and playing with their makeup until Michael rang the doorbell a short while later. Kali greeted him at the door, going up on tiptoe to wrap her arms around him for the searing kisses she loved so much. He pushed his arms down inside her robe and slid it off her body while they stood right inside the front door. Kali tried to back into the house but his arms held her tightly and wouldn’t let her go. She melted into them, not even caring when cars drove slowly past to watch the completely naked woman with the waist length auburn hair being ravished by her lover in the door.

Michael finally let her go and kicked the door closed behind him. Kali laughed and swatted his arm. “My neighbors are going to call the cops on us one day.” He just looked at her with that serious look he had perfected and then smiled slowly. “That’s ok. If they come I’ll share you.” Kali blushed to her toes but smiled, loving the way his voice vibrated through her body, setting her nerves on edge. She pulled him into the house back to the bedroom where Kim was waiting.

Kim grinned, waving up at Michael. “Kali didnt think you’d want to play with us today.” Michael just laughed at her and swatted Kali’s bottom. At 6’5, Michael stood even taller than Kali and his dark hair and eyes gave him a rakish though romantic look. His slimness belied the incredible strength he possessed, yet rarely exhibited.

“I always want to play with my lil slave girl.” he replied, gently kneading Kali’s breast. Kali chuckled softly, then reached up to start undressing him, knowing that’s what he was waiting for. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders, her palms stroking across his slim but incredibly well shaped chest and tummy. She reached down and unbuckled his belt.

He was so tall that his belt buckle was only slightly lower than her breasts, and she loved that too. She pulled it out of the loops and lovingly kissed the leather then the buckle. It seemed a strange thing to do the first time, but now it was an act of reverence – the warmth and scent of her Master in her hands.

Her fingertips played over the button and zipper of his jeans, finally pulling them free. Michael sat on the edge of the bed to let her pull his boots and socks off, then his jeans. Kali was constantly kissing and licking his skin where she could, loving the taste and feel of him. Being slave to this man was definitely her wildest fantasies come true and she loved it.

Kim was a plaything and had fun with it, but the title slave was just another part of her own fantasy. Kalista took it seriously and it showed in the way she worshipped Michael. Michael knew it and was always careful of her in a different way than with Kim. The bond between them was different – stronger, passionate and volatile. Wild yet with a deep understanding there.

Michael stroked Kali’s hair, bunching it up in his fists and leading her willing mouth to his cock. Kalista couldn’t count how many times she’d loved and worshipped this cock, draining its cum on her face, on her breasts, so deep down in her throat so that she didn’t even have to swallow it. She worshipped Michael’s cock the same way that she worshipped Michael – as her Master, as something that owned her. Everything about him made her weak with longing and need. His taste, his smell…

Kim came around then too, wanting to get into the fun with them. Naked she lay on the floor under Kali, her face pressing into Kali’s warm smooth pussy so that her tongue could flick and taste and her clit. Kim’s fingers started stroking her own clit then and Kali spread her knees wider, lowering herself onto Kim’s face as she opened her mouth wider, opening for Michael’s thumb pushing gently down on her chin to allow his cockhead to push in over her tongue.

Michael’s cock was huge. A full eleven inches long and six inches in diameter. Its size was always a complete wonder to Kali. She worked very hard to take as much as she could, but in the end Michael always ended up holding her by the hair and forcing his cock into her throat, blocking her air, forcing his ownership over her in a way that sent Kali over the edge every time. It was working this time too.

So far she’d been slowly stroking his cock with her tongue. Figure eights for a moment, then soft suckling kisses all around. Her tongue would flicker over his balls lightly, then back up over the tip to swirl around, catching the precum she craved. He was leaning fully back on the bed now and Kali was in the doggie position with her face working his lap and Kim working her pussy.

Then Michael sat back up and pushed Kali back for a moment. He leaned over into his pockets and pulled out the heavy clamps he liked to use on Kali’s large nipples. They were heavy and they would bite like fire, but she loved the fiery pain mixed in with her pleasure. He twisted her nipples with that slow sexy grin of his then pinched the clamps on.

The weights immediately started pulling on her breasts and Kali brought her arms up in reflex to cover them. Michael slapped her then, hard enough to catch her attention. “Slut, I own you. Anything I do to you, you thank me for, understand?” His voice was as soft and calm as ever, but Kali recognized the strength of will behind it.

Kali slipped into another world then, her body awash with the pain and pleasure and complete ownership by this man. “Yes Sir..” Her eyes were bright with tears – from the pain of the slap and the pain of the clamps along with the feeling that she’d disappointed him.. the worst pain of all.

Then he leaned over and kissed her again, twisting the biting clamps again. Kali moaned out, but then when he pulled away she whispered softly “Thank you Master…” and he smiled too.

Then he leaned over and placed another on her clit. She screamed behind clenched teeth. She’d never had one there and her clit was hugely swollen from Kim’s ministrations. He slapped her again, harder this time, then slapped her breasts twice each. “Bitch, I asked you nicely to shut the fuck up. Do I have your attention yet?” Still his voice was deep and deadly calm, no one would have guessed from his tone that he was even remotely upset.

Kali gasped, tears falling down her cheeks now. She nodded, in agony, but unable to refuse him. The nodding earned her several more slaps to the face and even more to her scalding breasts. She knew full well he didn’t like for her to nod that way. She couldn’t believe she’d done it. “Yes Sir! Yes Sir… yes Sir… oh God.. yes Sir…” Soft sobs punctuated each yes Sir.

Michael smiled then and leaned over to kiss her mouth, licking up the salty tears gently. Kim just lay on the floor quietly, waiting for the OK to continue. “I love you baby. You know that I love you. But I own you. I am your God. You know that baby. You do whatever it takes to make me happy, right cunt? Whatever it takes…”

Kalista started to nod, then caught herself in time. “Yes Master.” she whispered. Michael smiled then, loving this creature that was so fully devoted to him that she took absolutely anything he asked her too. He loved her more than she’d ever know because of it. She was his treasure.

“Kim, come here.” Michael stated simply. Kim wiggled from beneath Kali and went over to Michael on her knees. Michael looked over to Kali then. “Lean back in your presentation position, cunt. Spread your knees as far as they’ll go. Good girl. Your hands behind your head. Very good.” He spoke softly, commanding her with his presence.

Kali was in total agony. Without the flicks of Kim’s tongue on her pussy, all she could feel was the heat of the pain from her nipples and pussy licking through her body, the sting from Michael’s slaps. None of it felt at all good, and tears still flowed down her cheeks. But she sat as she was told, waiting for his command.

Then he looked at Kim. “Come here, whore.” Kim beamed at that. She loved being called slutty names. When she was between his legs he pushed her head down to his cock. “Suck me, bitch.” Kim was in absolute heaven. She loved sucking cocks as much as Kali and had wanted this one for a LONG time.

Michael usually ignored her though and she got off eating Kali. She went crazy licking and sucking him before he finally yanked her back by her long hair. “Stupid bitch, I don’t want to cum yet. Go slow. Make it last a long long time.” Kim nodded then, not remembering Kali’s punishment for the same. Harshly Michael slapped her then. Both sides of her face.

“Are you slow cunt? Are you fucking retarded? Speak. Don’t just nod your damned bobble head!” Kim was completely caught off guard and just stared at him, open mouthed, the imprint of his large hand reddening on her face. Kali was looking on, terrified because Kim still hadn’t spoken. She knew what was coming but couldn’t help Kim.

Again he slapped her face, three times on each side. Then he stood and pushed Kim onto the bed, taking his belt and using it to stripe her ass and the backs of her calves. Kim screamed out, but still couldn’t comprehend what she had to say to get him to stop. She begged him to stop. She cried into the pillows, but she couldn’t understand what she had to say and Michael wasn’t about to tell her. He flipped her over then, standing between her legs to spread them, and used the belt on her breasts and between her legs. Using it to lick at her pussy and her inner thighs. Kim was really screaming them, trying to cover herself with her hands, but getting her hands belted for her troubles as well.

Finally Kali couldn’t stand it anymore and yelled out to Kim, “Kim – you must say Yes Master! You have to call him Master!!”

Kim stared at Kali in shock for a moment, the belt still snapping at her nipples and clit until she thought she would faint, then she begged, pleading.. .”Yes Master! Yes.. .Yes Master… Yes, I’ll go slower next time Master… Please Master… Please…”

Michael stopped then, smiling at her. “Perfect little cunt. Now roll over.” Kim sniffled loudly, then remembered…. “Yes Master…” then she rolled over. Her breasts were screaming from the heat of her welts, but then, her ass was too.

“Get on your hands and knees whore. Like a dog. Like a fucking bitch that you are.” His voice was raspy and commanding, and Kim fell in love with that power that was coming from him and pouring into her – the same way Kali loved him. She climbed to her knees then, her red and swollen nipples grazing along the soft coverlet, sending jolts through her.

He moved up behind her then and pushed his large cock up into her pussy – hard, fast, with no warning. She screamed again then, her pussy feeling like it was going to split from the force. He fucked her hard then, and long, loving the sounds of pain and pleasure that she was making. He could hear her whispering into the blankes “Yes Master… Yes… Yes Master…”

Kali was still in tears as well, her breasts and clit really on fire now. She wanted to rub her legs together but feared both Michael and the clamp so she didn’t. But she could feel her juices running down the insides of both legs. She knew she was soaking the carpet under her. But her heart ached too. She knew Michael was punishing her by fucking Kim instead of her.

Then he looked over his shoulder at her. “Come here cunt.” He crooked his finger at her and she crawled… gingerly on her hands and knees… to a spot just behind him. “Tongue my ass bitch. Make me cum with your tongue. Make me shoot my load up in your best friend’s pussy.”

Kali whispered softly “Yes Master…” even as her heart broke. She loved his cum. In her, on her, wherever. She loved it. But she wouldn’t complain and make him angry so instead she did as she was told. She leaned over him and parted his slim ass cheeks with her fingertips. Then she leaned her face in and flicked her tongue across his asshole. He loved this, and she loved doing it for him. He was always impeccably clean for her so she never minded and she loved the noises he made when she did it.

She flicked her tongue across his asshole again, and heard him moan softly as her reward. He fucked hard into Kim again, causing her to scream out. Then they set up a rhythm. Every time Kali would use her tongue in his asshole, he’d ream Kim as hard as he could.

“Oh damn bitch, that’s good. Tongue me you fucking cunt. Use your tongue up in me. Lick my ass. You fucking dirty slut. You love it. Fucking cunt licking whore. Lick my ass like it was your girlfriends cunt. Lick it bitch. Make me cum in your girlfriend’s pussy.” He was nearing the edge now, Kali could feel it and while she loved making him cum she couldn’t stand that he’d be cuming in Kim.

She used her tongue then like a tiny cock, pushing deep up in his ass every time he’d back up to her from force fucking Kim. He loved this even more, wiggling his bottom on her tongue, loving the way it felt. Every time he’d come back on her tongue Kali would push it a little deeper, licking up and around inside his rectum to drive him a little closer to the edge.

He leaned over then, kissing Kim fully on the mouth, pinching and squeezing her nipples harshly to make her cry out for him. He’d fuck into her hard, then lean down and bite her nipple until she cried out “Yes Master!” then push back on Kali’s tongue.

It was slowly driving them all insane, wildly passionate and crazy.

Finally he came, pushing as deep as he could up into Kim, spewing is amazing loads up cum deep up inside her womb. He loved knowing that when he did that there was a chance either of them could get pregnant. He never let them use birth control for that purpose alone. He owned them, body and soul, but usually he’d fill Kali’s womb. This was the first time he’d filled up Kim’s belly with his seed.

Kali continued using her tongue to stroke his ass, knowing that it helped him finish cumming, causing him to spill more load when she massaged him that way. She could smell his wonderful jizz dripping from Kim’s pussy and was dying to taste it.

Finally, he let her. He stood up and moved out of the way, then pushed her face into Kim’s pussy. “Eat her cunt slut. Eat my cum the way I know you’re dying to. Lick her pussy clean out cunt.”

Kali dipped her head between Kim’s legs and started lapping hungrily away, taking every drop she could, using her fingers to spread her pussy hole as far as she could to lick up deep inside. Kim arched her pelvis, grinding her pussy into Kali’s face until finally she came too, screaming and holding Kali’s hair.

Then Michael stepped behind Kali and Kali dreaded what she knew was cumming. Michael parted her ass cheeks and placed his cock at the entrance of Kali’s tight and dry asshole. His cock was wet with his own cum and with Kim’s juices, but that was all. He leaned forward and pushed Kali’s face into Kim’s pussy again. “Lick her cunt bitch. Keep licking her until she cums again.” Then he leaned down and twisted the clamps still on Kali’s nipples, tugging and pulling until Kali cried out “Yes Master!” His hand dipped lower and he twisted the clit ring as well until she cried out again… “Yes Master… Yes… Yes Master… please fuck my ass Master…”

As soon as Michael had what he wanted he reamed her ass. He pushed up deep inside of her all in once shove. He knew it would hurt her, but he knew she loved it too. Tomorrow she would barely be able to walk from having his six inch round cock shoved so fast up inside of her bowels. And every moment she’d be thinking about him. Her Master. Her God. Her Owner. He nearly came thinking about it.

He pushed up again into her tight sweet asshole, laughing softly when he saw the tinge of red on his cock, but knowing that too would make her ache tomorrow – but make the fucking easier tonight. He shoved deep up in her again. And again. He’d already cum up in Kim’s tight little pussy so he knew that this would take longer. The tightness of Kali’s ass always pleased him though. And her muffled screams into Kim’s pussy made him almost dizzy with the power he had over her. He might not take so long to cum at all.

Again and again he shoved his cock up into her tight tight ass. Every so often leaning forward to pull and twist on the clit ring, knowing that the pain on one side helped her deal with the pain on the other. Knowing that she was loving it by the streams of her own juices running down her inner thigh. God it felt good to own this woman.

He fucked her harder then, ramming into her ass, driving her pelvis into the edge of the bed, knowing the clamps were biting into her nipples with each thrust. He felt as though his body were glowing with his power over them both, but mainly over Kali. His love. His slave. His bitch. He drove hard into her then, almost over the edge, laughing softly at her screams and Kim’s moans of ecstasy, knowing Kali’s tongue was working as hard as it could. Because until Kim came, Michael was just going to rape her ass over and over and over again.

Finally Kim arched her back, driving her pussy into Kali’s mouth, grinding her clit against Kali’s teeth. Michael rammed into Kali’s ass again then, knowing he could finally spill his load into her ass. He always came more the 2nd time around. He grabbed her around her belly then, his large hands holding her, and battered into her ass, trying to reach her throat. With Kim in a fetal ball rolled away from Kim now, there was nothing to muffle her screams… calling him Master… “Yes Master… Yes… Yes…”

Michael knew she’d rather be begging him to stop, and… soon he would. He fucked into her deeper then… squeezing her tummy as tight as he could, feeling his cock bruising her insides, leaving her asshole gaping wide open when he’d pull out then push back in. He loved it. He’d remember this scene later and jack off to it. Then Kali screamed out “I love you Master… I love you… Please… I love you…” and that sent him over the edge… knowing that no matter how he hurt her or what he did, she loved him… loved being owned by him…… loved making him happy.

He thrust one last time and then pumped what felt like ten gallons of cum up into her belly. He strained against her, as deep as he’d ever been, feeling her insides quake and stroke his cock, sucking it in greedily, taking it from him. He almost collapsed on top of her, but instead simply lowered her flat to the bed where he covered her with his length. “I love you too baby… ” He whispered in her ear, then kissed her gently on the cheek. She smiled up at him and he knew she was His forever.

They all lay there for a few minutes. Then finally Michael rolled off of Kali and pulled her up by her hand. Juices drained down her legs from both her pussy and her ass. Then he took the clamps from her clit, then her nipples. Kali screamed into his shoulder as the nerves cried in release. He wrapped his arms around her and soothed her. “You did so good baby. I love you. You are so perfect..”

Then he reached over and tugged Kim up too. “Let’s go take a shower.”

The all three went to the shower. Kali turned on the taps. It was a huge shower. Really intended for loving couples, but three would fit as well. They all got in and rinsed off, Kali lovingly tending to Michael’s needs.

Then Michael stepped out. Kali made to follow but he just smiled. “On your knees girls.”

Both girls looked at each other, then Kim slowly grinned, remembering what he’d come over for in the first place. With the water still streaming over them, Michael pointed his cock first at Kim. “Open your mouth cunt.”

She did, and he filled it with his hot stream of piss. “Swallow it.”

She tried, but he kept filling her mouth, and finally she choked some on it. Then he turned his cock onto Kali and covered her face and breasts with the hot stream. “Open your mouth too Kali, and swallow it.”

She did, and gulping what she could, but choking as well. Michael leaned down then, taking her by the hair, and shoving his 11 inches as far down her throat as he could get. He continued pissing then, and Kali thought she would drown. She could feel her belly filling with the warmth, could feel it moving down her throat, but because his cock was so far down, she didn’t have to swallow. She couldn’t breathe at all, and tried to pull back, but his hands held her head and wouldn’t allow her to move. He did the same thing when he was cumming down her throat but this lasted longer… Kali was so afraid she was going to pass out… and started seeing dots… before he finally pulled back from her. He finished the rest of his piss on Kim’s face and in her hair, finally pointing it at her pussy. They were both completely saturated, and Kali’s tummy was cramping from the amount she’d swallowed.

“Shower up girls, then come to bed…”

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