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Good-Bi Romance

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“My long wait will finally be over.” I sighed.

“What was that?” my roommate Rebecca said.

“Oh, just thinking out loud. Jeff will be back tonight. I feel like he’s been gone for ages. Four months is a long time to go for me. I mean we made love almost every day and then he goes away on business and wham! No sex!

Rebecca quickly adds, “…and you’ve been almost faithful the whole time.”

“Hey, girls don’t count! After all, I needed someone to help me out. I thought I was going to get calluses I was fingering myself so much. I felt like I was back in high school. Besides I didn’t hear you complaining any. Oh, that’s right, you have Ethan now.” I teased.

Ethan, was Rebecca’s new boyfriend and only the second guy she let in her bed, at least that I knew of. She’s a bit on the chunky side and very quiet, which I like personally, but a lot of guys wouldn’t give her the time of day. Ethan seems to really like those qualities about her as well. He is probably the sweetest guy, not to mention cute. He looks a lot younger than he is, but he’s filled out in all the right places. Once I skipped class and headed back to the dorm. I hear them until I was already in the room, but they didn’t seem to notice me. Rebecca was on all fours with Ethan right kneeling right behind her pounding into her. Her chubby ass rippled and her full, round tits swayed with each thrust. He was grunting like an animal while she was made a high pitched moaning sound.

From my vantage point I could just about make out his cock moving in and out of her. His size was…impressive, to say the least. I could feel the butterflies kicking up in my stomach and my knees get week. Although I had been standing there for more than a minute, they still hadn’t noticed me. I quietly left the room, with once final peek. I’ll tell you, I brought myself off on many occasions since then to that vision in my head. But enough background!

“So do you have any plans other than the obvious?” Rebecca asked.

“I’m not sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Ethan would like the chance to meet Jeff, especially since you talk so much about him. Maybe we could all go out Saturday night?”

“Okay, we’ll see how Jeff feels.” I said.

The next few days seemed to stretch out forever. I spent most of the time at Jeff’s, needless to say why. Each day I would pop in at the dorm to pick up a few odds and ends and say hi to Rebecca. Friday afternoon was no different, but this time Rebecca appeared distracted. She looked at me a bit differently. I noticed her eyes watching me in her secretive sexual way. Being the dirty little tease I am with her, I obliged whatever was going through her head.

I stripped down totally naked in front of her and stretched my arms up sighing, “You have no idea what Jeff and I have been doing to each other. He’s really wearing me out.” I ran my hands down over my pert breasts and pointed nipples as I said it. I gave them a little squeeze and proceeded down. “I just forgot how good he feels inside me.”

“Do you think you’ll have enough strength for tomorrow? We’re both looking forward to being, I mean hanging out with you guys.” She stammered. Her face flushed up and her eyes fell away from me. I knew right way there was something she wasn’t mentioning.

I tried to get some more information out of her, “OK Sweetie. We’ll be there. What did you want to do anyway?”

“We figured we can go out for some drinks and maybe hangout at Jeff’s if it’s OK.” She answered, but I wasn’t buying it. There was something in the way she said hang out.

“Why Jeff’s? You guys don’t want to just hang out do you? Come on you can tell me.” I made sure to ask with a smile.

Rebecca pleaded, “Promise you won’t tell Ethan I said anything.”

I nodded and she went on,” Well I really like Ethan and we’ve been getting more serious. Lately we’ve been talking and telling each other things, you know to get each other hot. Well I told him about what we’ve done together and it really turned him on. The more we talked, the kinkier we’ve gotten. I told him about the things you told me and how you and Jeff have sex with other men and women. Actually, you and Jeff have been the main topic for a while and we’ve decided to live out some of the stories. We were hoping we could do it Saturday night.”

I sat there quiet, eyes wide for a minute, then spoke, “So exactly who’s idea was this?”

“Honestly, it was mine. Ethan said he’s up for it if it would make me happy. We would only have to do what you both want or nothing at all. It’s up to you.”

“Well I can tell you that I’d do anything for you too and it won’t take much coaxing for Jeff either, but I won’t say anything to him so it can be a surprise.” I said.

Rebecca’s face lightened up and threw my clothes back on and gathered what I came to get. We hugged and I went to give her a peck on the lips, but she slipped her tongue into my mouth and grabbed my ass. I started melting then caught hold of my senses and broke the kiss, “MMM…Baby. Jeff’s waiting for me and there’ll be plenty of that tomorrow night.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I grabbed my things and answered. It was Ethan. “Perfect timing.” I quipped with a wink and left closing the door behind me.

Saturday had come and Jeff woke and returned to our normal weekend routine of mutual masturbation followed by a quick shower and some breakfast. Jeff asked if there was anything I wanted to do today and I mentioned that we were to meet Rebecca and Ethan later in the evening and suggested we just hang out at the beach until then.

When evening came Rebecca called, “ Are we still on for tonight?”

“Yeah, I just told Jeff we’re going to hang out for a while.”

“Are you sure Jeff’s up for what’s in store?” she asked.

I answered with a smile, “I’m sure. He’s been at me all day and I’ve been teasing him to get him hornier than he already is.”

We arranged to meet up at a bar by the beach hung up to get ready. I didn’t dress up too much, just something casual but sexy and easily accessible. Jeff looked almost too good to resist, but I restrained myself with the thought of what was to come.

We arrived at the bar right on time and saw Rebecca and Ethan already waiting for us at a table. We stayed there for a while and had a few drinks. Jeff and Ethan really hit it off, making Rebecca more at ease. Before then she seemed really nervous. She glanced over at me and smiled. I reached under the table and squeezed her leg. I have to save Ethan looked damn good tonight. I also never saw Rebecca so sexy, in her own Goth way. I could barley wait to have her blood red lips pressed against my pussy. Both of us started giggling like little girls hiding a secret from our families.

Before too long, I noticed the place was getting pretty crowded and suggested we leave and take a walk on the beach. Before we left I grabbed Rebecca’s hand and had her join me in the ladies room. Once there, I locked the door behind us and she let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m so relieved Ethan and Jeff are getting along. I was afraid that this was going to be an awkward night. I can tell that Ethan’s feeling better about it too. He almost called it off, but changed his mind after a few minutes of me on my knees licking his cock.”

Here candor sent a shiver of lust through me and brought me to the point were I had to taste her flesh. I pulled her to me with a salacious groan and buried my face in her cleavage. My tongue licked the milk white skin between her tits. Rebecca knew that it was best to just let me get it out of my system and just played into my ravenous will. Unfortunately her attire kept me from doing more. A leather corset replete with chrome buckles pushed up her already ample breasts, but prevented any thing than just a sample. “That’s enough my little baby.” She said, “ The boys will be wondering where we are and you can have all you want later.” Then she left a small kiss on my head and we pulled ourselves together.

We met the boys outside the bar and left for our walk. The moon was full and cast a white light over everything. The noise of the strip behind us was drowned out by the sound of the breaking surf and the sea breeze. We walked along the edge of the shore, both couples hand-in-hand until we came to a breakwater of coral jutting out of the sand and running into the ocean. We all sat in its shadow so not to be too conspicuous to other’s wandering the beach.

I sat next to Jeff, my head resting on his shoulder. His arm was around me and he was stroking my back, making my body tingle at his light touch. Rebecca and Ethan sat next to us kissing each other gently and gazing into each other’s eyes. Taking a cue from them, Jeff leaned in and kissed me. I opened my mouth and he slipped his tongue in. I discretely guided one of his hands under my skirt to show him I wasn’t wearing any panties and I was freshly shaved bald. I was already sopping wet from the restroom and was in urgent need of release. I looked up at Jeff and whispered, “why don’t we invite Rebecca and Ethan to the apartment for a while.” Jeff saw the twinkle in my eye and knew what I meant. He turned to our friends and suggested we take this off the beach.

Both couples raced back on the five-minute drive to Jeff’s place. Once there we settled in the living room and Jeff broke open a bottle of wine. I felt completely flushed and my heart was still racing as much from the sexual excitement as the car ride to the apartment. Jeff returned with our wine and handed a glass to each of us. I lit the candles on the coffee table and turn off the lamps to set the mood. Rebecca and Ethan wasted no time in picking up where they left off and started passionately kissing again. Ethan’s hands roamed Rebecca’s leather clad body. Both were breathing heavily.

I joined Jeff on the sofa and sipped my wine as I straddled his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck. I smiled thinking how much this felt like a high school makeout session. I pulled Jeff’s head into my modest cleavage and gave him a playful squeeze, then we lost ourselves in our fervent kissing and groping. I felt a trickle of moisture coursing my inner thigh, tickling me as is ran. I broke the kiss and pulled my blouse up above my right breast then leaned forward force-feeding it to my boyfriend. He licked and sucked at it greedily, while squeezing the other one and tugging at my nipple. Each lick on one raspberry nipple or manipulation of the other sent jolts straight through my pussy. That in turn caused me to squeal or sigh in building ecstasy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could make out the dim, candlelit forms writhing on the love seat next to my boyfriend and me. Ethan was clumsily fumbling with the myriad buckles and laces that bound her overflowing bodice. His face was buried between her cleavage which ran practically to her neck. Rebecca’s right hand was holding his head to her while her left had disappeared to the shadow between Ethan’s legs. It was apparent she was stroking him through his pants. Rebecca’s blood-red lips were to his ear and a barely audible whisper could be heard. I’m not sure what she was saying, but it was no doubt words of encouragement.

I had closed my eyes for a second, when I heard the loud creak of leather and metallic clink of Rebecca’s corset dropping to the floor. Jeff and I both looked over to see Rebecca now topless. She let out a relieved sigh now that her torso was released from its leather and chrome. Her tits jiggled and bounced freely. Here alabaster skin seemed to glow in the faint light of the room. She long low moans reverberated from her as Ethan pushed her back flat on the seat. Then he began licking and kissing at every inch of her breasts and stomach. How I loved to see her beautiful, full body like that.

Me and my stud focused back on our business. I climbed off of Jeff’s lap and shed my flimsy outfit to reveal my totally naked body to all in the room. Then I pulled at Jeff’s shirt over his head and dropped it to the side. I crawled between his legs and rubbed his bulge a few time noticing the wet spot that had formed on his pants. He undid his belt and opened his button and fly. In one motion I had his pants and underwear removed. Before me was his mighty cock standing at attention. A droplet of precum emerged from the tip then trickled down the shaft. My mouth watered instinctively in anticipation of the salty liquid. I leaned in starting at the base of his rob where it met his shaved balls and began to lick the line of precum back to the source.

My mouth enveloped his swollen, purple head and my hand milked more clear salty precum from my man. Soon my head was bobbing up and down in Jeff’s lap. My lips were stretched around his girth and his head was hitting the back of my throat. His musky scent filled my nostrils and slurping sounds mixed with our moans to fill the room with the sounds of lust. No matter how much I tried, I could never quite deep throat Jeff, but I have to say I was doing pretty good. One hand followed my mouth, pumping Jeff’s stiff rod while I stroked the void between his scrotum and anus. That drives him wild.

After several minutes I looked up to Jeff and motioned my eyes to the bedroom. He gave a nod and we both stood up and turned to invite our friends in with us.

“Jeff has a nice king-sized bed. Why don’t we play there.” I said before turning completely toward Rebecca and Ethan. Little did I know he had slipped his head under her long skirt and between her legs.

Rebecca tapped his head through the material of her skirt and spoke shakily, “Honey, we…we’re gggooing to th…bedroommmmmm….oooohhh.” Ethan emerged from his concealment and coyly smiling, stood up. His pants were tented over his impressive dick which cause my pussy to throb. He wiped his chin of the shimmering juices and help Rebecca to her feet.

I led them to the bedroom, where Jeff had already taken position on the bed. I laid on top of him rubbing my clit against his shaft. Rebecca and Ethan meanwhile, stripped what clothes were left on them and laid next to us. Ethan situated himself between my lovely friend’s spread thighs and pressed his very nice erection into her. She dug her fingers into his back as he glided in and out of her cunt. I spun myself around to sixty-nine with my boyfriend and shoved my burning pussy into Jeff’s face. He expertly worked his tongue over my clit and in my pussy and I reciprocated by sucking his meat.

To our side Rebecca and Ethan were completely consume in their carnal act. Ethan had her legs up on his shoulders, his long cock forcefully pounding into her stretched pussy then steadily withdrawing for another thrust. His ass looked so enticing as his muscles rippled with every thrust into my wanton roommate. His intensity was highlighted by guttural grunts. Rebecca herself breathlessly mumbled incoherent pleas, interrupted only by stuttered sighs and whimpers. She uttered the occasional cry of delight. Soon closed her eyes tight and her face winced. She wrapped her arms and legs around Ethan and undulated her hips to meet his motion. She urgently repeated, “MMMHMMM! MMMHHHMMM! OK! OK!” and then a shriek. Rebecca was quaking and shuttering.

I know how tight she gets when she cums, and could see the effect it was having on Ethan’s dick squeezed in her. He continued pumping in earnest through her orgasm until he finally moaned that he was cumming. He quickly withdrew from her honeypot and stroked its length violently with his hand until he blasted a long line of cum up to her neck. His throbbing penis shot several more streams onto her tits and stomach.

The sight was enough for me. I gave into Jeff’s ministrations and rode his face to my own powerful orgasm. Muffled groans escaped my throat as I slobbered all over his pole. Seconds later Jeff warned that he was close. I tasted the precursor to his orgasm then pulled my head off him jerking his manhood inches from my face when he erupted in my face. The first blast hit my eye. The next grazed my cheek and landed in my hair. I lost track of the torrent after that. Some wound up in my open mouth, some on the bed and still more pooled at his base.

Ethan got up to grab us a towel from the adjoining bathroom and we wiped ourselves off. His semi-ridged dick flopped as he walked around the bed. Jeff had softened some in my hand but remained fairly stiff in my hand.

I rolled off of Jeff and cuddled up next to Rebecca. She adjusted herself to face me and we pecked little kisses on each other’s lips and faces. I pressed myself against her voluptuous form and we just held each other for a moment. Forgetting about our men I grabbed one of her tits and sucked a nipple into my mouth. She reached down between my legs and started rubbing my sensitive clit then pushing her finger into me. I shift my hips to allow her better access to my womanhood.

“Oh fuck Rebecca, that feels so good.” I whimper as I wilt under her touch.

“You just keep sucking my boob my baby and I’ll make you cum.” Rebecca offered and she lived up to her promise. She had me cumming in no time.

I felt as if I was on some wonderful drug by now. This last orgasm only served to add fuel to my fire. Jeff and Ethan had been stroking themselves while they watched Rebecca get me off.

I chided, “How could we leave these two to play alone like that. Jeff you should have at least showed Ethan what an expert cocksucker you are.” My domineering personality was starting to come out. Kinky sex to me is like the elixir was to Dr. Jeckyl, transforming me into a lascivious Mr. Hyde. “You wouldn’t mind would you, Ethan, for him to suck you. He’s really quite good with his mouth. Trust me.”

Ethan looked to Rebecca, who bore an approving smile on her face. “Why don’t we lay in a circle so each of us can suck or lick the person next to us.” , Rebecca suggested. I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that.” We all took our places on the bed. Jeff nearly inhaled Ethan’s long, thick bone and began sucking away. Rebecca was ready to have Ethan eat her out, but I quickly changed spots with her.

“I want to taste you Sweetie. You can try Jeff.” I practically commanded her. She wasn’t about to disagree since I know she fantasized about Jeff herself. So there we all settled in Ethan eating me, I eating my roommate. She in turn swallowed Jeff and he Ethan. This continued a few minutes until Jeff switched from sucking Ethan to rimming him. He jerked that sweet prick while his tongue circled Ethan’s virgin asshole.

“Stick a finger in me Jeff.”, Ethan pleaded. Jeff complied happily. I knew what was coming up. After increasing the number of fingers in Ethan’s ass, Jeff pulled out. We broke the circle and Ethan looked at Jeff, “I want you to fuck me Jeff.” My man just nodded and grabbed some lube from the nightstand. He lubed his dick and the tight ass he was about to fuck.

Before they began, I feigned protest, “If you fuck him, I want to have him too.” I just couldn’t resist. Ethan was damn cute. Jeff knew what I meant and guided Ethan to the side of the bed. I laid on my back on the edge in front of him. Ethan guided his cock into me and my eye’s rolled back in my head. It was strange and exciting feeling someone else’s dick in me. Especially in this way. Jeff maneuvered himself behind Ethan and placed his tip at the opening. Slowly he penetrated the undefiled hole. Ethan bit his lip and shut his eye’s. His rhythm slowed in me as he adjusted to the new sensation.

“It will only hurt until you get used to it.” Jeff said. “ I’ll go slow until you say.” Jeff eased in more, then pulled back. This repeated frustratingly slowly for me. Eventually Ethan seemed to enjoy it more and resumed fucking me.

“You’re starting to like it aren’t you?” I teased Ethan and he just moaned. “You like taking it like a little bitch? My boy’s going to take your cherry like he took mine, little bitch” Ethan seemed to get perturbed at this, I could read it on his face. “Well then prove you’re not a bitch. Fuck me like I’m your whore and prove you’re not a bitch.” Fuck me he did, but I continued my lewd.

Rebecca was wise to my game and played along. “You better shut up! You can’t talk to him that way.” She said.

“Make me shut up you pussy eating slut!” I yelled back. With that she straddled my head and buried my face in her cunt.

“Now who’s the pussy eating slut. After all, you’re the one who taught me.” I was helpless to respond, but I was getting what I wanted and I was building up to a powerful climax. Small orgasms propelled through me. Every thrust Jeff made into Ethan cause him to pound deeper into me. Rebecca was the first to lose it, soaking my face with her essence, then falling off me.

Ethan was next. He tired pulling out, but I held him fast. His pumping vein released a flood into me. His hot seed filled me and spilled out down my ass. I shiver traveled up and down my spine then I convulsed uncontrollably. “OH FFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKK!” I screamed. Tears welled up in my eyes and I only heard my own heartbeat in my ears. Ethan’s dick continued pumping and throbbing in me as my pussy muscles bared down on him. My stomach felt tight but I tried to keep the sensation as long as I could.

Jeff was the last to cum emptying into Ethan’s ass. He didn’t pull out right away, but remain almost trance-like. We stayed like this for another minute or two. Ethan’s flaccid member plopped out of me followed by a stream of hot cum. Then he jumped and gasped as Jeff pulled out of him. Again we passed the towel around and cleaned up a bit.

We each paired off to take showers. Jeff suggested that our playmates stay the night. We had fucked into the wee hours anyway, so it only made sense. Regardless, we didn’t get much sleep as we couldn’t keep our hands off one another until finally we passed out exhausted and satisfied.

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