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Welcome to America

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It has been one of those winter’s that linger on and on; a few days of temperatures above 40 degrees teasing man and nature only to bring back freezing temperatures for a week or more. But today the sun was really warm despite the patches of snow still spotting the view. Trees, flowers and all of Nature began to respond to the ageless renewal of life. A gentle breeze rolled crisply and had a promise of thaw and melt in the offing.

After just taking off, not knowing exactly where I was going – just out into the Spring – I found myself sitting at one of the Nature Trail tables watching and listening to the river flow. I had my pad to draw and my tablet to write but just sat there absorbed in the clear clean river flowing past, the birds busily flitting back and forth, noisily announcing a time for awakening, the waving branches poking hundreds of green thumbs in my direction and vernal, multi-green colored shoots pushing through the ground to grip the sun. It was nearing noon and my clandestine sanctuary would soon be populated by more structured people “doing” lunch, getting their “exercise,” doing what people do at the noon-hour. I looked around and sighed.

It was then that I noticed a couple looking around, apparently for a comfortable table to sit at and take in the extraordinary beauty unfolding. The woman, middle-aged, like I, had classic European features, softened by mid length, silky salt and pepper hair, smiled at me as she sat at a table, and I smiled back. She had pamphlets and tourist information in her hands. The man, middle-aged, dark, straight hair, military aplomb, poised like a Cossack officer, with map in hand, approached me deferentially.

“Could you please tell me, do you know this area? Are you from here?” He held up the map of the Nature Trail and surrounding area.

“I am familiar with some of the Trail. What exactly did you want to know,” I responded?

“Can you tell me, is this Trail an easy,” he pointed to the trail leading to the reservoir and thought a moment, “… walk? We wish to see the reservoir but we have already seen how your country… changes. We wondered if we were suitably attired?”

I looked at their stylish clothes and shoes. Their clothes would be okay to walk in but they had no rain-gear, no water, no warm clothing. Their shoes would be adequate for the paved trail but less than serviceable for the unpaved part of the trail. The Trail was not a strenuous hike in elevation, but fairly long and variable with patches of rock and dirt paths better suited for hiking boots than regular casual shoes. This was Colorado springtime, volatile and subject to change at a moments notice. Right now it was beautiful and warm but a blizzard could be over the next hill or a freezing rain move swiftly across the plains. Those not prepared for hypothermia and weather extremes could put themselves in danger quickly, even when on familiar terrain. Even a short distance can make a difference. But how to explain this to visitors?

“Do you have warm clothes and hiking boots in your vehicle,” I asked?

The man looked puzzled and shook his head “No.” The woman, who heard my response, looked at her tourist information then at me with concern and question. The man then introduced them,

“Please permit me. I am Petrov Marshink and this is my wife Elise. We are from a small town in South-eastern Europe. This is the first time we are in your country. We do not understand your question, please,” he said.

I looked at them and said, “Would you care to join me and I’ll try to explain?”

I waved at the other chairs at the table. They looked at one another, communicated agreement and Elise got up moved to my table as Petrov held and guided her chair before he sat down. She was even lovelier close up than from a few tables away. Her skin was smooth and a healthy alabaster, her hands graceful and elegant and she moved with balance and suppleness, comfortable with the ground beneath her. She had a clean womanly smell. Her eyes were gentle, kind but full of laughter and what a seemed wisdom of a life well lived. Petrov was olive-skinned, Semitic, lithe, almost feral and calmly, furtively primed for anything. He had an exotic masculine smell that evoked erotic images and fiery passion in my belly. His eyes penetrating, alert, evaluating data effortlessly.

“My name is Jana and although I’m not from here, I’ve lived here for over 25 years,” I smiled at them; they smiled back. “This climate is like no other and I have lived in and visited many different climates.” They waited for me to explain.

“This climate changes dramatically and quickly,” I said, “It can go from a beautiful warm day, like it is now, to a blizzard to a cold, wet climate in a matter of minutes – not hours – minutes.” They seemed to mull that over.

“Hypothermia and dehydration are the leading causes of trauma and danger to hikers,” I explained, “Even for a short walk, it is prudent to have raingear, hiking boots, water, trail mix, and most important warm clothes that can be layered.”

They looked at each other, and apparently came to a decision. Elise reached over and patted my hand, “Thank you so much for the information,” she said in a low, rich voice, “Would you join us for a light meal and more conversation? We would gladly pay for the food and beverages.” Her hand was warm, soft-skinned but firm. She began stroking my hand gently, fingers rhythmically in time with the burbling water. Her smile parted her full luscious lips and a healthy blush of intense pomegranate heightened her cheeks. Her clothes were modest and shielded what could be the curve of a full bosom and round, shapely hips. She reminded me of a sweetened, vanilla-soaked, ripe pear, juicy and ready to sample. He observed my nipples begin to point, I flushed, salivated and my own lips parted with a quick intake of air. He smiled a sensuous, magnetic smile and reached for my other hand. His touch was light but electric. From the tip of my toes to the strands of hair on my head, my body was insisting that I celebrate life fully.

Petrov called the waitress and ordered fruit, small portions of meat-salad, bread and beverage for all of us. The noontime crowd came and went. We talked, teased, laughed, touched, innocently played as we observed each other’s festive mood become arousal. We talked about our likes and dislikes, safety and recent testing, past diversions. I wanted to kiss both of them, intensely, passionately. I wanted my mouth to move on their bodies’ and my tongue taste their skin. I wanted them to touch me all over, with all parts of their body’s and feel my electricity charge. I drank in their beauty and they enveloped me with their presence.

The meal finished and the check paid, Elise suggested we go to their hotel room to continue this celebration. Elise gave me the hotel information and phone number then moved close to hold my hand, brushed my face with her velvet smooth cheek and blew moist hot kisses on my neck as she breathed in my scent and I hers, her breast nudged mine, the heat of her hip warmed mine, and sent chills through my body. As Elise moved away, Petrov moved close, hard muscle rippling in contrast to Elise’s softness; his masculine smell ignited a primal fire deep within me. He put his strong arm around me as his hand firmly gripped the most sensitive part of my waist and drew me against him. I could feel his manhood on the inside of my thigh, his athletic chest inhaled as his lips fit into mine, our mouth’s tempered a desire to devour each other. My heart raced in enthusiasm. I was nearly breathless when he let go, my knees weak. He steadied me and grinned, licked his lips slowly, savoring my taste and said, “We’ll see you soon? Any problem finding the place?”

“N… No,” I barely voiced, “I… I can find it.

“Good,” Elise purred with a radiant smile, “We’ll see you there soon!”

I was charged, pulsing with the intoxication of lust. Like the vernal promise of renewal, my body throbbed alive with anticipation. I knew exactly where their hotel was but wanted to stop at a convenience store to pick up a few things. I had hoped the intermission wouldn’t lower my eagerness too much, but as I drove and thought of the both of them, in various poses clad, semi-clad, deliciously skin-clad and the promise our last moments held; the time and distance was covered before I realized it.

I found their room and knocked. Elise opened the door a little to peak out, smiled a magnificent welcoming smile and drew me in, kissing me as she closed the door. The kiss was so inviting and sensuously soft, I barely noticed she had changed into a silky, sheer camise. But as I went to put my arms around her, the sheer cloth glided delicately on her exquisitely voluptuous form, encouraging me to move my fingers up and down her back, feeling the tension of her muscles as she moved her arms and hands on me.

“Hello again,” we both mumbled. I kissed her face and neck. “That feels very good,” she quietly spoke into my ear, “I like the way you touch me, Oh yes, touch me all over.”

I moved my hands to her ample, round and firm buttocks, fingering her muscles as I moved over her hip bones and curve at her waste to her swelled, melon firm breasts with raisin-upped nipples. She moaned as I licked her nipples and sucked her nipples into my mouth while my tongue worked her hardened tips.

“I would never have imagined how well you do this – You really like this,” she breathed? I massaged and sucked and moved my head enthusiastically in response.

As her heat rose, her light fragrance became a heady, musky odor that spoke of lazy, hot summer nights, magnolia trees, and rich, fertile earth. Her hair rippled silver and white, with sparks of dark. Her eyes black lightning, simmering coals leading me to the fire within. As her hands snaked down my back and over my hips and gluts, my hands went down her front, lingered a few moments over her soft belly and down to swirl in her pubic hair. She squeezed my butt as I found her slit and searched for the wet to pull forward onto her button, she gasped, “You have found the spot easily.”

It was then that Petrov made his presence known by cupping my breasts and gently pinching my pruned nipples, “You don’t mind if I join in the fun, do you?” He worked his way down my front, kissing and licking my neck, running his hands down my side and to the front again to the middle, stroking my pubic mound.

With one hand holding Elise’s back firmly, my face moving from one taut nipple to the other, pulling pushing, nuzzling, and my other hand flicking her clit, Elise cried, “Oh yes, right there. Don’t stop now – don’t stop – keep doing that.” She began to breathe faster and utter guttural sounds,

Petrov lifted my skirt, moved the elastic in my panties and found my slit, wet, ready. He moved his fingers to open my outer lips, my clit stood up and he massaged more intently, I felt his turgid shaft at my legs and began to breathe more rapidly myself. Elise and I kissed pushing our tongues around each others mouth and all of a sudden Elise pulls away, arches her back, gasps in and shivers. Petrov, with his free hand and me with both hands try to steady Elise. I feel more wetness at my fingers. Even though my body is buzzing, I hold Elise until she returns completely to the room. She smiles a beatific smile as her arms encompass both Petrov and me for a hug. “My, my. What a wonderful beginning.”

Then she moves behind me and Petrov moves in front of me. I smell his masculine smell and the electricity in my belly throbs in time with the pulsing of my clit. Elise is unbuttoning my blouse, opening my bra and removing both smoothly, her pointed nipples brushing my back. Petrov is removing my panties. As I step out of them, his head moves to my crotch and his tongue finds my slit, and my erect clit. I gasp and can only manage an “Ohhhh!”

He pulls back my outer lips with his hands to better massage my clit with his tongue and gently sucks. I can barely stand as Elise kneads my breast, pulls on my nipples and nibbles at my neck. As Petrov licks and sucks he moves the fingers of one hand into my opening, slowing working up into me. My knees begin to buckle. The tension in my body makes the electricity on my skin move wildly between all of us. I breathe faster.

“I’m about to cum,” I manage.

Petrov gets up, as he holds me firmly, I wrap one leg around him and he enters me, his steel hard rod pushing past my wet opening -filling me. I feel every inch of him moving up inside of me, my vagina clamps around him and twitches with every movement. He kisses me, our tongues swirl a dance of passion.

“Don’t hold back, sweet-one,” Elise whispers in my ear. “You are so very beautiful, let go.”

“Yes,” Petrov murmurs as he pumps, “Cum for me. Move with me. Let me feel your release… Let go. Give it to me.”

I can only grunt and moan, my insides are rippling in delight, my body is alive and pulses as Petrov pushes in and out, in and out, pushes up – pushes deeply. I need for him to push harder, deeper. “Cum for me, love…,” his voice is urgent, “You are so beautiful when you look like that. I want to feel you cum. That’s it… move with me. Suck me in with your pussy…”

He pulls my hips down on him and I feel his hot, hard penis deep inside me, Elise moves one hand to my erect clit and rubs quickly, “Come on, lovely, It’s okay to cum. Oh Yes! Do it! Let it go. Cum. It’s okay. That’s good – Yes that’s good.” I hear the both of them, feel the both of them, Petrov has found the place inside me that leads to other worlds, Elise has built the storm and released the current. My head moves back, my mouth opens, “Ahhhhh”, my ears are ringing, I arc my back. The world moves to an erupting volcano within me, I explode – sparks of pure energy pulsing in time/space – there is no more me – there is ALL – I am ALL – flowing.

* * *

Arms… I have arms… and legs. I am between two warm bodies. I move my head to look around me and see two grinning faces. Happiness bubbles up from inside me. I can’t help but giggle a little, Elise rubs my arms and there is something circulating there. Petrov squeezes my butt a little and I realize I have wrapped my legs around him and need to put my feet back on the ground. He is a strong man – he has apparently been holding me up! Petrov chuckles at my apparently returning awareness and helps me get on my feet. Elise moves a few inches away to rub my back and backside, kissing my back lightly.

“Are you steady? Can you stand by yourself, now,” Petrov asked genuinely concerned, even if he did have a very pleased, self-satisfied grin on his face.

I notice for the first time that Petrov is partly in (and partly out of) an open bathrobe and is pretty buff. His solid muscles undulate under firm skin. He could have easily been one of Michelangelo’s models except his manhood exceeded anything Mick had ever formed!! Nice … very nice!! When he moved, he moved like a cat – he padded rather than walked, with the stalking quality of a predator.

Elise and I moved towards the table and chairs in the room. Petrov produced some glasses, got a cold bottle of spring water for me and a cold bottle of wine for them from the fridge and came to the table and poured.

“I’d say welcome to America,” I teased, “but you beat me to the welcoming part!” I couldn’t hold back my own broad-faced smile. “But if you give me half a chance – I’ll make it up to you!!”

“We’ll be looking forward to that with great anticipation,” Petrov coaxed. “Yes,” added Elise, “this promises to be quite a celebration!”

They looked at me and each other and smiled. My heart was still beating fast and my face was still a little flushed. We finished our drinks and moved to the bed. I finished undressing and stretched – it felt good to be naked – almost holy.

There was a bit of an awkward moment when we first got to the bed. “Why don’t you get in the bed and sit with your back on the head board, Petrov,” I said, “ and Elise, you sit up against him on his lap with your legs open in the middle, so I can reach both of you?”

They moved into position and became comfortable. What a beautiful site. Elise, softball round breasts with crinkly pointed dark pink nipples, wide shapely hips and tummy, legs apart, a patch of fine short down-like hairs nestling pink folds and a darker pink ridge that converged to a small hard, sensitive bead that raised vertically to pull the ridges taut, mouthwatering mauve opening with contrasting pink depths, pale, smooth legs that went on forever. Petrov, dark skin, long, slender, muscled dark legs, testicles that drooped well in their sack, semi-hard, hand-length, two fingers round, mushroom headed shaft, promising the gift to come, surrounded by short curly hairs. Human flesh, with all its surprises, warts and all, is so very arousing, so very luscious and appealing.

I started by running my hands down their legs, alternating between them. Petrov fondled Elise’s breasts while I caressed them both by touching lightly with fingertips and nails then flat handed. Down with the fingertips up with the flat hand. Licking in small, quick tastes, mock biting, both sides as I stroked. I made my way to the center – what a feast before me. I began fondling Petrov’s balls and shaft and moved my tongue over Elise’s bead, curled my tongue around it briefly and dipped my tongue into the honeypot a couple of times and back to the hardening pebble and squiggled my tongue as I sucked gently. Elise moaned and shuddered as Petrov softly spoke a language I didn’t understand in her ear and she sharply inhaled, clenching the sheet. She spoke out in her native tongue, passionately.

I could see Elise’s pink and mauve turn deep red; her nipples push up hard and erect. Petrov seeped a little pre-cum semen and I moved my hand to manipulate Elise’s clit and moved my mouth to take in Petrov’s growing staff. Ummm. Licking the length of it, around it, down to his balls, which I gently took individually into my mouth and manipulated with my tongue, back up the shaft and put the head and shaft in my mouth sucking and wiggling my tongue as far as I could. Petrov was breathing faster now.

“Lift Elise up some so I can put you inside her,” I coached Petrov.

With his amazing strength he gently held Elise up so I could move his fine manhood into her. He began to push up to go deeply and she straddled more upright to take him in.

“Hold her back steady,” I said as I gently moved her torso back.

With Petrov pushing up, I wrapped my tongue around Elise’s clit and sucked. I moved my other hand to Petrov’s anus and gently circled the hole. Both Elise and Petrov were breathing rapidly and moving rhythmically. I moved my face to the rhythm and my fingers in and out of Petrov’s hole. Elise screamed and tensed, I nibbled lightly with my teeth to ad emphasis to the sucking, Petrov arched his back, I moved my finger farther in and out.

“I’m cumming,” Petrov grinded out. He tensed, Elise tensed again. They both seized and shook. I moved my face and moved my hands to their legs, rubbing quickly. I slowed my movement as they began to relax, wiped my hands and their legs with the convenient cloth on the nightstand. They rolled over, this time with Elise sandwiched in the middle. I stroked their heads and hair as their breathing returned to normal. I pulled up the covers and cheerfully said, “Welcome to America.” They both grinned contented and we snuggled as we napped, warm neath the covers.

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