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Erotic Furry Tale

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King Galdon ruled his kingdom with a ruthless but fair and even hand given the period in history. This was just prior to recorded history as we know it when myths and tales of great and valiant deeds were passed from lip to ear.

His father, King Redor, had just died leaving the entire kingdom to him by decree. Galdon had killed two of his brothers and several other interlopers defending his fathers wishes.

In his grief Galdon decreed that two dozen virgins would constantly guard his fathers grave for a year from those who would defile his memory.

At the end of the year there was only one virgin left.

A year of nights had passed as she sat wrapped in her warm furs to protect her from the cold winds and snow at the foot of the dead king’s monument, her sword at the ready.

They often came in bands during the night, wanting to defile the King’s grave and humiliate King Galdon. There were so many at times they nearly overwhelmed her but she defended King Galdon’s decree and the dead King’s grave to the end.

This virgin warrior guarded the grave with a sword that dripped with the blood of each and every rapist of every defiled virgin.

She ran them through the groin so she could witness their agonizing pain before taking off their head. She filled many graves with dead men’s bodies, throwing their shaved heads in after them. She wove a cloak from their hair in her idle hours there were so many.

Red Celia was defiant to the end and now a mighty legend in her own right.


In a time when women were treated as less than animals Red Celia was an inspiration and a legend that even King Galdon could not dismiss or subdue. Killing her would only make her legend greater as had been spoken of in the past with such stalwart defiance and great defenders.

He had inadvertently created her after all. As so often has happened throughout history, individuals rise to meet the challenge of the situation and times. This time it was a defiant virgin who commanded the situation.

King Galdon made Red Celia a “Defender of the Realm”. The greatest title one could achieve. She was also given permanent residence in the Castle and a place at the side of the King.

Celia was honored and proud of her accomplishments as anyone would be. As any woman of the time, however, she was suspicious, wary and always alert, still with sword at hand. Red Celia was also nobody’s fool.

She had been given fine quarters fit for a Warrior and a bed heaped with the finest furs, fur robes and wraps for her position in the King’s Court. She was dressed as a Warrior not as Maid-at-Court. Celia was temporarily lulled into a state of false security.

Celia was called Red for obvious reasons. The fact of her being a Warrior in no way implied she was like the male Warriors. Red Celia puts all the Maids-at-Court to shame with her stunning beauty. Her long flowing bright red hair was magnificent and often a distraction to those that fell victim to her sword. She would wield and swing it like a sword.

She was tall and nearly as strong as the men. She also was striking and had delicate features that made men weak before her. Her graceful motions she used to her end as a swords(wo)man without equal as many had the misfortune to discover.


One evening not long after taking up her position and asleep in her quarters she awoke with a start to see King Galdon standing at the foot of her bed.

“I am here to take my due!”

“You are due nothing more from me except my loyalty and willingness to die in battle by your side.” she defiantly and rightly retorts.

Galdon was enraged, going at her with his sword. Celia rolled from her bed, grabbing her sword in defense.

They fought for what seemed hours. In and out of her room, up and down the halls. Celia matched his strength with her skill. The fight filled the night with the clanging and swishing sounds of their fight. No one dared to show themselves.

Backed into her room Celia finally yielded to his strength. There was a reason Galdon was King. At least she put up a good fight he would never forget! He knew he couldn’t just take what he wanted without a fight or consequences.

Galdon picked her up by the waist and tossed her back into the furs of her bed. He ripped off his clothes to his massive, muscular and scared nude body, several Celia had just inflicted. He donned his great fur cape made from the hides of an entire pack of wolves in their prime had killed with his bare hands as a young man. He had the scars as proof.

Celia slid back through the furs with her night clothes having been ripped from her body as Galdon tossed her into her bed. She gasped at the sight of Galdon’s enormous cock. It was like a tree trunk with the bark still attached. His gonads were like an enormous root ball, swollen and red with his excitement. The fight had only driven him to greater lust for her.

Celia covered her body with furs, hiding her thick and lush red muff from his sight. Her swelling breasts betrayed her own excitement as her hard nipples thrust forward from their swelling and darkening areola. Her labia was moist and swollen as well. She continued to retreat across her bed, gathering more furs around her luscious and trembling body.

Galdon was impatient with her resistance and grabbed her with a large fist full of her thick and long hair, pulling her tight to his hot body. Celia moaned as he gripped her breasts, pushing her on her back and wedged her thighs apart with his powerful legs. She was smothered deep in the thick and soft furs of her bed as Galdon moved his cock forward to her labia. Its enormous head ran through her thick muff, parting her labia and with a loud groan Galdon thrust forward deep into her tight virgin vagina heedless of the resistance he felt as he ripped through her veil.

Celia screamed in pain as his enormous cock seemed to be splitting her apart. Her pain was soon shoved aside with enormous waves of contractions of her own. Wave after wave of new and thrilling feelings wracked her body as it seemed to grip and massage Galdon’s huge cock inside her.

He thrust deep, long thrust after thrust to the very bottom of her glorious wet and warm well. Celia was overwhelmed with an all consuming passion. She gripped his buttocks to pull him into her deeper yet and as she did she felt the flexing and quivering of his powerful muscles as he thrust time and time again into her.

Celia was near fainting with the sensations and her contractions as Galdon thrust stronger than any before. With a mighty moan that echoes through the Castle he pumped his thick hot fluid, burst after burst into her deep and warm well to overflow. Galdon was suddenly spent, his huge cock shrunk and slipped from Celia much to her sudden disappointment.

Galdon got up from her bed, grabbed his clothes and with a sweep of his huge Wolf cloak was out the door and gone.

Celia laid there both excited beyond belief over her new found desires and sensations while disappointed at the quickness of it all. She wanted more, a lot more and by the gods she vowed she would have all she wanted.

Galdon started this and he would continue to deliver. Celia had a new mission.


The next day at Court and the King’s hearings he was distinctly indifferent to her. Despite repeated, though subtitle attempts to get his attention he was decidedly cold to her.

For the following days he continued to be cool and indifferent. She knew he had many women, a Kingdom, at his pleasure but Celia knew none were her match.

There was a great battle where they had engage a rival Kingdom that had invaded their land. She fought with him side by side. She had lost track of the enemy she had slain. Surely he was not mistrusting of her or not knowledgeable of her worth to him! There were moments when his life was in her hands! Surely this was more important than any wench he might have on any night of any day.

That night he came to her bed. He ravaged her much as before and as he left she had an even greater sense of it all being far from complete or adequate for her needs.

This happened with regularity after that with the same feelings of incompleteness and his continuing disinterest in her at Court and anywhere else except on the battlefield where he trusted her with his life.

“Great, strong and sustained on the battlefield. One brief burst of strength, not at all sustained and not great in my bed.” Celia screams aloud and she was getting very agitated, wanting true and complete satisfaction.

In her position Celia had quickly gathered a large but modest loyal following. None that would threaten the Kingdom in any way but her own followers none-the-less. Mostly Castle staff and laborers, people knowledgeable of the workings of the Castle and Kingdom. Collectors of facts and rumors for sure. Contributors of small but sometimes important favors. She always knew everything that was going on and often the first to know. They were dedicated and well rewarded.

Celia hatched a plot to get Galdon’s sexual attention to her needs.

One night she had some of her folks drug Galdon’s guards and unlock his chamber door for her.

Celia knew she could die for her actions but she figured she had rather be dead than suffer these overwhelming cravings Galdon had released in her. He had to satisfy her even if he did kill her for it.

She had Galdon fully tied and secured to his bed before he awoke. His arms spread to the corners and both ankles tied together and secured to the foot of his bed, nude as the day he entered this world.

When he awoke he attempted to cry out. The soft fur wrap around his mouth prevented any sounds being heard. Celia was at the foot of his bed in full armor with his Wolf cloak wrapped over her shoulders. She had her swords point in his crotch between his gonads and his cock. Galdon had an immediate erection, bigger than Celia had ever seen him have.

His face was awash in pure fear and terror. The first time she had ever seen him show fear. She had not anticipated this and this concerned her greatly. She had forgotten in her eagerness why she was a legend.

“What is done is done.” she thought.

On with her plan.

Slowly Celia swung off the cloak, dropped it across his legs but with his cock still fully exposed growing bigger by the moment.

Celia then proceeded to remove first her armor and then one piece of her clothes at a time, again slowly, every stitch of clothing on her body getting closer and closer to his face. Stepping up on the bed as she progressed.

She was finally standing straddled over him in the bed, his wide eyed gaze in all her magnificent beauty and swollen pink essence. His cock was enormous by now. You could hear it growing as Galdon was now breathing quite heavily, as heavily as after a great fight. His hips were starting to buck involuntarily.

Celia then reached down, grabbing the great Wolf cloak swung it over her broad white shoulders as Galdon’s eyes almost left their sockets. Believe it, his cock got bigger yet.

Galdon’s bed is replete with the finest furs of the Kingdom and Celia was making sure he truly felt them all as she fur fondled his entire body with their softness. Especially his still growing cock slowly and generously. He was going out of his mind with lust for her. His very heavy breathing and body motions betrayed his every thought and desire as he squirmed and writhed in the furs to her incredible touch. He knew there was steel behind her soft touch.

Celia sent Galdon over the top. While fur fondling his enormous cock she slowly took the head of his incredible cock between her lips. With a gasp and quick suck she had the entire head in her mouth. No small feat at this point. She had no sooner started sucking and stroking its head while still fondling its shaft with her tongue and furs than Galdon erupted with huge bursts of cum, straight into Celia’s mouth. She managed to hold on and take in his load remembering the furs.

Wiping herself clean .. “You know that you are just going to have to do that several more times before we are done tonight. I will not be denied. Do you understand.”

Galdon quickly and energetically nodded yes. She said this while running the point of her sword up his unbelievably rigid and re engorged cock with an excited look panting and twitching around in the furs.

She made sure she swished and drug the heavy and thick Wolf’s fur cloak over him at every opportunity, blatantly stroking and fondling her own body and labia with it in full display to him. His power cloak caressing her nude beauty like it was her who slay the pack of wolves just for her fur fondling pleasure.

Galdon was going out of his mind with lust for Celia as he was under her full control.

Celia swung up over the great bulk of his powerful body like mounting a horse. She raised up as if in the saddle over his engorged cock and dropped down like she was off in a full gallop.

Galdon was “screaming”, twisting and thrusting up to meet her every swing and roll. Celia was in full gallop having orgasm on orgasm. She was finally being fully satisfied!! Galdon was shooting load after load into her writhing and swinging body until stars were in his eyes and in a near faint. He soon discovered that if she did stop he would not be able to now. She had taken him to a place he had never been. His passion for Celia had become overwhelming.

Celia “rode” Galdon for more than an hour before she relented.

When she rose up off him his cock was a soft pile of meat like a raw boneless butt roast drenched in their juices as if in a marinate.

She poked her sword once again between his gonads and his softened cock. It shot up stiff again. Not quite to its former height but not a boneless butt any more. Galdon had this look of utter astonishment and unbelievable ache between his thighs. Celia had fucked him to a pain he had never felt but now wants to experience again.

“Next time you visit me come to stay for awhile .. she admonished him .. I know there are many that would love to be in my position now and do you in with a thrust of their sword.”

With the swinging of her hair and swirling of the great Wolf cloak she swung her sword in graceful moves as in a dance, cutting his bindings.

The Wolf cloak flowed behind her as she strode from the room fully nude but for the great cloak.

A guard at the door rubbing his eyes thought it was Galdon striding across the Great Hall in the early morning light.


That day Court was canceled. The King was indisposed.

The Kings cock was sill throbbing from last night and all he could think of was Celia’s beauty and wonderful warmth around his painful cock.

His sleep after that was fitful and constantly interrupted by night fantasies of Celia fondling him all over with soft furs, dragging her magnificent hair over his body and sucking on the head of his cock. None of his wenches did or could match what she did for and to him. He suddenly had no interest in them.

Court was held, though short, the next day.

The King “noticed” Celia and publicly acknowledged her bravery in the cause of the Kingdom at the last great battle. She bowed for the acknowledgment.

The King retired for an early meal taking a nap.

Celia was somewhat non-plussed by the situation. Recognition but ..?? “Better than loosing my head.” she thought to herself as she went to bed.

She was awakened by her “guard”. They were folks that were dedicated to her and since she had no official guard they ‘stood over’ her at night.

“The King is coming.”

She had half expected this and had dressed her hair with furs and scented oils just in case. She lit some scented candles.

When Galdon entered he was already under her spell, her armor and clothes in his hands from the night before as an offering.

Galdon was nude in an instant as he gazed between her wide spread thighs and her welcoming gesture, stroking up her thick red muff with the Wolf cloak. He falls between her thighs, his face buried in her soft muff and labia. Celia was in orgasm with the anticipation. Galdon was beside himself with lust for Celia. He consumed her fragrance, her juices and her essence.

This time he ‘took’ her many times as they wallowed and writhed in the furs together. Celia was wracked with orgasm on orgasm as the King had his way with her. This time it was her way and he knew it full well.

He got to enjoy her ride of him before dawn broke. He had stayed the night as he would many more to come.

Soon after Celia discovered she was finally pregnant by the King. Galdon had already decided he was going to make her his Queen by then.

In the ceremony she was “crowned” with the great Wolf cloak as a symbol of her worth to him and the Kingdom, declaring his love for her.

They were unconquerable. They fought back to back and made love belly to belly, living happily ever after.

The End

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