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Welcome Home Sir

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You come home from work and find me waiting for you. I am wearing a French maid uniform with white thigh highs and black stiletto heels. I lead you to the bathroom where a robe and toiletries are ready for you. Relaxing music is playing.

“We have about half an hour until dinner is ready, Sir.”

You take a long hot shower after your night at work and find your favorite shampoos and soaps waiting for you. You find me in the kitchen preparing dinner. I turn and smile,

“We have a few minutes until dinner if you would like to watch TV. I made you a rum and coke. It is in by the couch.”

You smile and lean down to kiss the back of my neck, knowing that it makes my pussy instantly wet.

“What are we having, hun?”

“Grilled steaks, with sautéed mushrooms and onions. Twice baked potatoes and a Mediterranean salad. For dessert strawberry short cake.”

I feel your hands brushing up my legs, pulling my skirt up to reveal my black lace boy shorts. I lean back into you and you pull my hair to turn my head, kissing me hard; your tongue chasing mine. I break away from you.

“Sir, if you keep distracting me dinner will be ruined. Please have a drink and relax.”

I smile at you.

You leave me in the kitchen and find a tv tray in the living room with the remote and a drink sitting by your favorite chair. A few minutes later I bring in our dinner. We eat and discuss our day while you search the TV for some entertainment. After we have eaten, I take your dishes,
“Sir, if you go lay on the bed it is time for your massage.”

You look at me as though you are going to argue, but I am off to the kitchen putting the dishes in the washer and cleaning the kitchen. You walk to the bedroom to find candles lit, fresh sheets on the bed, music playing and oil sitting by the bed. You lie down on your back and start to drift with the music. I come into the room and start with a light massage of your head and face, working down to your arms, and then your legs. I use long slow strokes to relax your body. Then I sit at the end of the bed and use a vanilla lotion to massage your feet.

“Have you ever had your feet rubbed babe?” I ask you softly.

But you can only moan. I help you roll over on to your stomach and work the back of your legs and your back, making sure to stretch out your lower back and sciatic area, running my fingernails lightly across your back. As I finish your massage I lean down and whisper in your ear

“Anything else you want, Sir?”

You moan ‘yes’, and before I can react you grab me and pull me down under you, pinning me to the bed. You kiss me and run your hands down my body feeling the satin of the maid outfit. You can feel my lacy bra and your hand runs down my stomach to my lacy panties. You rub my clit and I moan into your mouth as your tongue teases mine. You lean back and smile at me.

“Yes, there is something I want”, and you pull out a set of silk ties. “Remember what we talked about this morning?”

I nod yes.

“Tell me what you want,” you say to me.

I blush. “I want you to tie me up, shave my pussy, and tease and fuck me until I beg you to stop.”

You smile at me and raise my hands above my head tying them to the bed and then move to the end of the bed and tie my legs spread eagle to the bed. You place a pillow under me to raise me up off the bed and lay a towel down and bring warm water, saving cream, and a razor from the bathroom. I am squirming with anticipation. You place your hand on my stomach, right above my hips, to stop my moving. With the other hand you pull the black lacy panties down my legs and pull them over my feet. You spread a thin layer of saving cream over my pussy. I close my eyes and feel your warm hands gliding over my body. A few moments later I feel the razor slowly take the first strip off of my pussy.

“You ok babe?” you ask me.

I nod my head ‘yes’, unable to speak. You continue to shave me until my pussy is soft and naked. You use the warm water with a washcloth and clean off the remaining shaving cream. The warmth makes me moan. You slip a finger into my pussy and I try to sit up to look at you, but the ties hold me to the bed. You slowly pull your finger out of me while my muscles and hips try to pull you back in. I moan in protest and you lean up to look me in the eye.

“Baby you need to behave or I will blindfold you,” you say to me, trying to look stern.

“Yes Sir,” I pout.

You stand up and walk out of the room. I start to protest and you give me a look that tells me I really shouldn’t. I lay there waiting, listening to the music I turned on for your massage and slowly I relax, forgetting that I am even tied to the bed, naked and under your control. You return to the room with a box, of what I can only assume contains the objects you have been thinking about using on me all day.

“I am going to blindfold you hun, I know you have behaved, but I want you to feel everything.” My eyes widen but I don’t say anything to you. The wetness on my thighs tells you everything. You place the large black blindfold over my eyes. I feel you slide your hand under me and unzip the maid’s uniform and pull from my body. I can feel your eyes running down my body. From my black lacy bra that holds my tits up high, down to my white thigh highs and heels. You put your box of tricks on the bed, so that they are close to us at all times. You untie my arms and I feel you unhook my bra and pull it up my arms, so that I am naked for you. Then you tie my arms again.

I suck in air as I feel an ice cube tracing around my left nipple and then slowly run over to trace my right nipple as well. The cold makes them stand at attention. Your warm tongue flicks over my left nipple as the ice trails slowly around the right. You suck the nipple into your mouth and my back arches towards you.

“Hun, if you misbehave like that again….I will have to punish you and I don’t want to have to do that.” You whisper up to me, returning to work on my tits.

My body is on fire and it is taking everything in me not to move. The ice moves down my chest as your mouth moves on to the right nipple. You bite me slightly, knowing it makes my pussy wet to be bitten. Then, your tongue follows the ice down my body until you place it on my clit.

“Ahhh, God,” I can’t stop myself from moaning.

You smile knowing how hard it is for me to give up control and how hot and wet it is making me.

You slip the ice cube into my pussy while you lick my clit. My body jerks at the cold of the ice and the heat of your mouth. Your mouth leaves me to place soft kisses around my pussy, but never on my clit which is where my body is begging for you to touch me. Your finger holds the ice inside my pussy while it melts. You can feel my muscles squeezing at the cold ice and at your finger. You move down so that you are between my legs and my soaked pussy is raised and exposed for your every desire. You lick me, from the cool wetness leaking out of me, up to my clit where you suck hard. I lean my head back and moan aloud. You reach into the box taking out one of my vibrators and slowly slide it into my tight, wet pussy. Watching it open up to envelope the toy that is a just a bit smaller than the size of your own throbbing cock.

I have no idea how you are keeping control, as you slowly turn the knob of the vibrator on until is it as high as it goes.

“UUHHH please,” I moan.

“Please, what hun? You ask.

“Please fuck my baby?” I beg.

“No hun, I am not done with you yet. I know you can take more than this.” You slowly start fucking me with the vibrator. My breathing is getting heavier by the second and your thrusts become quicker and you watch my pussy squeeze tight, trying to hold on to the vibrating cock. I start to whimper and you know I can’t take this speed much more. You pull the toy from me, returning it to the box. I am lost in darkness….my pussy yearning at the air, longing to find any part of you.

“AGGGHHH fuck!”

I feel hot wax drizzle across my tits. Just as I calm down another drizzle onto my belly. My body quivers. You use one hand to spread my pussy juices down to my ass, while the other hand removes the wax from my body. Each time your finger grazes my asshole my hips buck.

You lean up and remove the blindfold, kissing me deeply and letting me suck on your tongue. My body is on fire and I want you so badly right now. I will let you do anything. You know this. You roll so that you are between my legs as we kiss. I feel your hard cock against my pussy. I sigh softly and you push your cock all the way into my pussy in one hard thrust while you cover my mouth with your own. I moan into your mouth. Your cock is tight in my little pussy and it drives me crazy. My hands are clenched above our heads and my breathing is short and shallow. You lean back so you can look at my face.

Slowly you start shallow thrusting into my pussy, the muscles melting around your cock, molding it to your desire.

“That’s it. Let me take you Destiny.”

As your thrusts become quicker and more urgent, my moans become louder. You pull your cock almost all the way out of my pussy and slam it back in. It feels so good that I haven’t noticed that you have untied my hands from the headboard and tied them together behind your neck.

“Ahhh, yes fuck me hard, ahhh, please baby,” I beg you.

You thrust faster than ever and I can feel your cock growing just a little inside of me. I know you are going to come and I am about to come too. You pull my feet free from the ties, and roll me over onto my stomach. I feel you pull my hips up to you and your cock sinks back into my pussy. From the box of tricks you find my small glass dildo and tease my ass with it slowly pushing it in.

“It’s….so….tight….I’m gonna cum…oh…please.”

I can feel you balls slapping against my clit and your hand drive the dildo into my ass in time with each thrust of your cock. You slap my ass hard and my muscles contract around your cock and don’t loosen up.

“Oh ……fuck…..yes” I scream. Your hot breath is on the back of my neck.

“Come with me,” you yell and slap my ass again.

My pussy oozes all over your balls and you shoot my pussy full of your cum in three more thrusts. We collapse on our sides with you and the dildo still inside of me. My thigh highs are drenched and we cannot move; for a long time we breathe more and more softly.

You finally lean forward and kiss the back of my neck.

“Mmm. I should call you sir more often.” I giggle.

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