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Weekends with an Anal Lover

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I had been divorced for about a year before I went to my first singles get together. It was held at a local bar and restaurant in town. The bar was closed to others and only those that attended the singles meeting were allowed in. I did not know what to expect since I had never been to one of these meetings, however I needed a break from the normal bar scene.

When I first arrived I checked out everyone that was there. They all seemed to be older than my 35 years and most of them were out of shape. It was disappointing to see so many unfit people in their 30’s and 40’s. Then I spotted one woman who looked younger and fitter than any others. I walked over to her and introduced myself.

“Hi my name is Walt.”

“Hi I’m Bonnie,” she replied with a smile and then asked, “Is this your first time at one of these meetings?”

“Yes it is. How do they normally go,” I asked in reply.

“This is only my second meeting but it will probably be my last. People just sit around talk, drink and dance occasionally. The people are pretty boring,” Bonnie admitted.

“I was surprised when I looked around that you were here as you don’t seem to fit in,” I told her.

“Why do you say that?’ she asked.

“Well you are younger and fitter than the others for starters.”

“Thanks for noticing, you are too,” Bonnie said with a smile.

“Would you like to go somewhere else? Have you had dinner yet? We could go to diner if you like,” I offered.

“Maybe a burger, I’m not that hungry,” she accepted.

Bonnie and I left the singles party to get a burger at her favorite burger restaurant. As she walked out in front of me I took a closer look at her figure. She was about 5’6″ and I guessed her weight to be about 115 pounds. She was small breasted with a narrow waist that flared out into wider hips. She was wearing a loose fitting skirt so it was hard to assess her legs and her ass. Bonnie had blonde hair that was coarse in nature so she kept in short. We drove separately to the restaurant where we had a pleasant meal and engaging conversation.

Over dinner I learned that Bonnie was also divorced for just over a year. She worked as and Admin Assistant for an Executive at a local insurance company. She took good care of herself as she worked out five days a week, three of those days doing aerobics. I also took good care of myself as I trained at the gym and I was taking a class in martial arts. Bonnie was pleased to hear that I also played tennis, golf, snow skied and SCUBA dived. She told me that she liked active and fit people. I was happy to hear that as I was proud of my 6’2″, 190 pound physique.

We also shared that both our divorces were no fault and clean breaks. My former wife and I just agreed that we didn’t want to be together after 10 years of marriage and Bonnie had a similar situation. We finished our meal and then we agreed to go out together the next weekend. I asked Bonnie if she would like to go to a show and dinner and she accepted. I told her that there was a play I wanted to see downtown and she agreed to go with me. We said goodnight and then drove home to our respective condos.


The next Friday evening I picked up Bonnie at her condo. She lived in an interesting community as all the condos were detached and really looked like small house close together. My condo community was much different as I had opted for the amenities of a club house, fitness center and swimming pool.

Bonnie was dressed very different that evening as she wore a tight mini skirt that showed off her shapely legs and very curvy ass. Bonnie had a true bubble butt and it was one of those asses that you always wanted to touch when close to it. I felt my loins stir at the sight of her. I opened the car door for her and she slid into the seat. As she did her skirt rode up and I noticed the elastic tops of her hose. By the time I walked around the car to the driver’s side I could feel my cock hardening in my pants. As I drove to the theater I kept glancing over at Bonnie’s legs as her skirt barely covered the tops of her hose. I was sure that she saw me checking out her legs as she smiled at me several times.

The play was very entertaining and we had an excellent dinner afterward. I was amused at the number of guys, even those with dates, who checked out Bonnie when she walked by. I knew that they were all checking out her great ass. After dinner I drove Bonnie back to her condo and up until then we had not shared any signs of affection toward each other. I pulled into her driveway and I hoped that she would ask me in for a nightcap.

I turned toward Bonnie and she smiled at me. I leaned in toward her and kissed her and she kissed me back. Within minutes we were kissing each other deeply and our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I had an immediate erection that was straining to get out of my briefs. I pulled Bonnie to me and her skirt rode up over her hose baring her luscious thighs. I reached down and stroked the bare skin of her thighs as I kissed her. Bonnie responded by feeling for my crotch. She located my erect cock and she rubbed it through my pants. We continued to kiss and fondle each other driving each other crazy.

As we kissed Bonnie managed to unzip my fly and free my cock. She pulled my briefs to one side so that my cock and balls were free. She took hold of my cock and stroked it as we kissed and I caressed her thighs. I tried to get my hand inside her panties but she moved away. At first I was disappointed but hen she lowered her head to my lap and engulfed my cock in her mouth. Bonnie sucked on my cock and I instantly knew that she was a very accomplished cock sucker. I groaned loudly as she deep throated my 7+ inch cock and fondled my balls in her delicate hand. I was sure that she was going to let me cum in her mouth.

Just before I came Bonnie lifted her head off my cock and asked, “Would you like to come inside?”

What a question. Here I was ready to blow my load into her mouth when she stops and asks me in. I sat there speechless for a moment as she stroked my cock lovingly. Then I answered her in a shaky voice.

“I would love to come inside. I can’t possibly stay here in this condition,” I stammered.

Bonnie just smiled at me and then straightened her skirt before opening the car door. I quickly pushed my cock back onto my pants and zipped up before I got out of the car. We walked up to her front door and I looked at her shapely ass again. I wondered if she liked anal sex. She definitely had an ass that I would love to fuck but I had learned not to push it. Bonnie let us in the condo and from there we went straight to her bedroom where we undressed and got into to bed naked.

Bonnie was ready as was I so there was no need for additional foreplay. I slipped right between her thighs and my cock slid into her wet pussy like a hot knife through butter. Bonnie moaned as my cock entered her cunt and she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I went deep into her. We fucked slowly at first and then picked up the pace. Bonnie had a mild orgasm along the way to a massive one. Her body rocked and gyrated as she screamed in ecstasy and it was all I could do to hold on as she bucked up at me. Then I felt my surge and I drilled deep into her pussy just before I unleashed a massive cum load. I felt my cum shoot out of my cock deep into her womb and Bonnie held me tighter as I came in her.

We stayed together for several minutes with my cock buried deep in her pussy and her arms and legs still holding me tight. Bonnie and I separated and I rolled over on my back. She surprised me when she moved back down and took my cock in her mouth. Within minutes she had me rock hard proving that she was an accomplished cock sucker. I was anxious to get at her ass all the while wondering if she would let me fuck her in the ass. I moved her to all fours with her ass elevated and she placed her head on the mattress turned to one side so she could see me. I started playing with her pussy and her curvy ass lubricating her asshole with her own cunt juice. Bonnie moaned and cooed as I fingered her pussy and her asshole simultaneously. I tired to get her asshole wet enough with her juices and my saliva so that I could fuck her ass.

I knelt behind her and tried to insert my cock in her ass but it just wouldn’t go. Afraid of hurting her I tried more pussy juice and saliva for lubrication but to no avail. My cock is 7-8 inches long and about 5′ around. There are times when it feels bigger and this was one of those times. I was fingering Bonnie’s ass when she spoke.

“You are going to need some cream. There is some in my bathroom” she whispered.

I got off the bed to retrieve the lotion from the bathroom. As I did I realized that Bonnie was going to let me fuck her in the ass. I returned to the bed and put an ample of amount of lotion in her asshole coating the tiny puckered opening of her anus and lubricating the rim. I added my saliva to my lotion covered cock and nestled my dick against the entrance of her rectum momentarily before easing it inside her ass. I could feel my cock struggle to stretch the resistant muscles. My dick head burrowed in and her rigid passageway soon yielded to the determined action of my cock. Bonnie moaned as my penis filled her hole.

“Go slowly at first it has been awhile,” she said sexily.

I fucked her with long and deliberate strokes until my cock was sliding easily in and out of her ass. I caressed her shapely buttocks as I watched my penis move in and out of her rectum worming around inside of her curvy ass. I caressed her small tits and tweaked her nipples as I leaned over her body and whispered in her ear.

“Bonnie you have a hot ass, I love fucking you in your hot ass.”

My hands freely roamed her body and I pulled her hips drawing her backwards impaling her on my inflated member. I reached for her pussy to finger fuck her and diddle her clit but I found Bonnie’s hand already buried in her womb. She was frigging herself frantically working herself toward an orgasm. Suddenly I felt my cock inside her ass swell up and I started pumping faster. Within minutes I knew that Bonnie felt the warm fluid being squirted inside her anus and she immediately started to cum herself. Her cunt walls convulsed around her own hand fucking her cunt as her anal muscles squeezed every drop from my spurting cock. I grunted as my whole body became stiff and I slammed my cock harder into her. Bonnie writhed around and her body arched off the bed as a climax of massive proportion tore through her loins.

My cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop and I flopped down on the bed next to her. She surprised me again when she covered my cock with her mouth and sucked any remaining cum from my tool. Bonnie then lay on her back, splayed her legs and pulled back the folds of her vagina.

“Here eat my pussy, please eat my pussy,” she pleaded.

I rolled over and got between her legs and blocked out that fact that I had cum in her before. I put her thighs on my shoulders and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I took one slow lick as I flattened my tongue on Bonnie’s mound. It felt so smooth and warm and I knew I had achieved the desired effect from her moan I know that Bonnie enjoyed it. I enjoyed the taste of her and I kept licking and eating her. I pointed my tongue and burrowed into her pussy as it parted her labia my tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of her juice. Soon I was like a puppy at a saucer of milk, licking and lapping up as much as I could as fast as I could.

Bonnie was obviously enjoying what I was doing as she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for my tongue to explore her pussy. My tongue explored all of her as my mind took notes of what seemed to turn her on. Bonnie was breathing rapidly and she moaned softly whenever I got near her hard pearl. As I searched out her hard clit still just barely hidden she tensed and began to quiver. After I felt like I had teased her opening as much as I could with my tongue it was time to see her reaction when my tongue finally touched that pearl.

I burrowed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to her pearl I used the very tip of my tongue to push back the little hood. I was truly amazed at its size. I flicked my tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of flesh on either side of it. Bonnie was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her pearl stuck out even further like a little cock. I nuzzled it with my nose taking in her scent and I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it.

Bonnie went wild and started bucking and moaning loudly. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I sucked her clit as deep in my mouth as I could and Bonnie humped my face for all she was worth. I was thrilled that I was able to get her that excited and I sucked harder and played with her wonderful clit with my lips, tongue and teeth. I don’t know exactly how many times Bonnie came but finally she collapsed on the bed, her body in spasms.

I lay next to her and stroked her body my hands moved freely over her tits and pussy mound. She rolled toward me and embraced me and yelled for me to hold her tight.

“Hold me, oh please hold me,” she pleaded as her orgasm and spasms continued.

I had never seen anyone cum that hard before and I was briefly worried that she had injured herself. My fears were short lived when she finally calmed down and spoke to me.

“That was incredible I haven’t cum like that in a long time. You really know how to eat pussy,” she said with a sigh.

We lay there for awhile making small talk and then Bonnie started stroking my cock. Now at the age of 36 it was very unusual for me to cum more than twice in a fuck session, particularly after having a couple of drinks. In fact I usually could stay hard for a long time before my second cum which allowed me to pleasure my partner thoroughly before achieving my own orgasm. Bonnie added some body lotion as she kept stroking my cock and soon had me hard again.

“I like playing with your cock. You have a big cock,” she told me.

“It’s not that big,” I replied although I was very comfortable with me manhood.

“It’s bigger than my ex-husband’s and the biggest I have ever had,” she said with a sultry tone.

“Well there are plenty bigger than mine,” I assured her.

We continued our conversation as Bonnie continued to stroke my cock. I learned that she had first been ass fucked before she was married. Bonnie was working in Washington, D.C. at the time and she went out with two guys from the office. They took her back to their place and one fucked her ass as she blew the other guy. She took to ass fucking after that but she was very selective about who allowed in her ass. Her ex-husband did not like butt fucking and he also had lost interest in eating pussy, so for them it was straight sex. She also told me that this was the first time she had anal sex with anyone since her divorce. I shared with her that I loved fucking a beautiful ass but that my ex-wife did not like anal sex and she didn’t like sucking cock either.

“All this talk and playing with your cock has got me hot again. I need to sit on your dick,” she announced.

Bonnie straddled my body and lowered herself onto me as she held my tool and aimed it at her vagina. My hard cock slid easily into her womb and she emitted a small gasp as it filled her hole. Bonnie rocked back and forth on top of me as I held on to her curvy ass. I stroked her ass cheeks and molded her firm buttocks in my hands as she picked up the pace fucking herself with my dick. Bonnie started moaning as she fucked faster and faster. I sensed her pending orgasm and then she yelled out.

“I am going to explode. Oh, Oh hold me, please hold me tight,” she screamed.

Bonnie collapsed on top of me her body quivering from the intensity of her orgasm. I could feel her juices coating my cock as it remained buried in her womb. It took a few minutes for her to regain her composure and she just lay on me and cooed. Eventually she rolled off of me and lay on her back next to me.

“Can you stay with me tonight?” she asked in a sultry tone.

“I would love to stay the night with you,” I told her.


Saturday morning I woke up with Bonnie stroking my cock. She smiled at me when she saw I was awake and then she lowered her mouth to my cock and deep throated me as she had the night before. I had a tremendous urge to piss but I knew I couldn’t as long as my cock was hard and I couldn’t cum until I took my morning piss. I decided then to fuck Bonnie into submission that morning. I rolled her over and got on top of her and slipped my early morning erection into her moist pussy. I started fucking her slowly and gradually picked up the pace as she moaned and groaned with desire. Bonnie did not know what she was in that morning and I was determined to fuck her brains out. I could fuck for a long time without cumming the first in the morning with my piss hard-on. As I pounded Bonnie’s pussy she had a continuous string of orgasms. She was screaming and thrashing in ecstasy. Bonnie held me tight, dug her heels into my back and muffled her screams in my shoulder as I pounded her pussy. Finally she shook uncontrollably, screamed and collapsed, her body going limp on the bed.

“Please stop fucking me, no more please. I can’t cum anymore please let me rest,” Bonnie pleaded.

I eased my still hard cock out of her cunt and I actually heard her pussy sucking as if it was gasping for air. I slid off the bed and went into the bathroom to take my morning piss. When I returned to the bedroom Bonnie was in the same position that I had left her. I got back in bed and rolled her over on her stomach.

“Please Walt let me rest awhile,” Bonnie begged.

“Relax and I will give you a massage,” I told her.

I took the lotion from the night table and applied it to her back and shoulders. I massaged her neck, shoulders and back rubbing the lotion in and relaxing her body. Then I moved down to her calves and massaged her aching legs. I worked my way up to the back of her thighs and massaged them deeply. Bonnie moaned and cooed under the manipulation of my hands and I knew that she was enjoying the massage. I next moved my hands to her buttocks and massaged her glutes as I knew they were fatigued from all of our fucking the past two days. Bonnie involuntarily tightened her butt muscles as I massaged them and I felt my cock get hard again.

I put more lotion on Bonnie’s ass and worked some of it into her crack. Bonnie raised her ass slightly and I slipped a lubed finger into her bung hole. Bonnie gasped at the intrusion but then relaxed and enjoyed the stimulation. I added a second finger and Bonnie gasped again. As I worked my two fingers in her ass my cock had become fully erect again. I lifted Bonnie by her hips and she allowed me to lift her ass higher as she kept her head on the bed. I was sure that she knew I was going to take her ass again and she offered no protest.

I lined my throbbing cock up at the entrance to her ass and pushed it in until the head cleared her sphincter. Once again Bonnie gasped at the intrusion but she did not resist. I eased my cock into her ass inch by inch until it was completely buried in her anal channel. I started slowly as I had before and then picked up the pace. Watching Bonnie’s ass impaled on my cock as I fucked her sent a chill through my body. My own orgasm, the first one of the day, was building in my balls and I knew it would be a matter of minutes before I ejaculated.

My body stiffened, my balls tightened and the first stream of cum entered Bonnie’s asshole catching her by surprise. I pulled my cock from her ass as I continued shooting cum at her asshole. My semen bounced off her anus and her buttocks and then ran down over her pussy lips onto the bed sheets. After shooting my last stream at her aperture I shoved my cock back into her ass. Bonnie once again milked my cock with her anal muscles and drained it dry. My cock stayed hard and I was sure that I could fuck her again but we had the whole day ahead of us and I withdrew my cock from her ass. Cum bubbled from her butt hole and trickled down over her vulva. There was more cum this time since I had shot my first load deep into her rectum. Bonnie worked her muscles and squeezed the semen from her ass as I watched.

Bonnie collapsed face down on the bed and I flopped right next to her. We lay together for awhile and then we decided to shower, dress and go out for breakfast. Over breakfast we talked and got to know each other a lot better. We shared some of our best sexual encounters and Bonnie was flattered when I told her that she was my best lover ever. That was true too as she gave great head, she was a great fuck and she liked it in her curvy ass. After breakfast she asked if I would go on a hike with her as she loved to walk through the nature trails in the afternoon. I agreed and we drove over to my condo first so that I could change clothes. Bonnie, with a wicked smile, suggested that I pack an overnight bag. I knew then that I was in for another great round of sex.

After I changed clothes we headed over to her favorite park and walked the nature trails for several hours. We had a light lunch at a sidewalk café and then made our way back to her condo and immediately took off all of our clothes. We went into her bedroom and Bonnie got on the bed and spread her legs displaying her pussy. I got between her legs and licked her inner thighs causing her to groan slightly. She held my head gently as in a signal that I should eat her pussy. I began to lap at her labia and then plunged my tongue into her pussy. I quickly located her clit and nibbled on it gently. Bonnie thrust her hips into my face and I grabbed her shapely ass as I held her in place. I wanted to get her to spray her juice in my face but Bonnie had other ideas.

“Okay, I’m ready now. Stop eating me please and put your cock in my pussy,” she begged.

I knelt up with my raging hard-on bobbing in front of me and I grabbed it with one hand.

“Is this what you want?” I teased.

“You know it is, now shove it in me,” she hissed at me.

I smiled and eased my cock into her sopping wet pussy. Bonnie gasped aloud and thrust her hips at me driving my cock in deeper. Once again I fucked her hard and fast as I kept my cock in contact with her clit. I was determined to fuck her through multiple orgasms before I shot my load again. Bonnie went wild as one orgasm after the other rocked her body. She buried her head in my shoulder each time she climaxed to muffle her screams of ecstasy. I finally felt my own orgasm on the brink so I pulled out of her so that I wouldn’t cum too soon as I wanted to save myself. I kissed Bonnie and then moved back down to her pussy. She told me to get on my back and then she moved into a 69 position on top of me. She sucked on my cock as I ate her pussy and we worked each other to a rapid orgasm.

Bonnie took her mouth off my cock and asked, “If I let you cum in my mouth will you still have enough left to fuck me in the ass again?”

“You know I will,” I replied excitedly.

Bonnie went back down on my cock and we ate each other until we both orgasmed. Her female juices gushed into my mouth and I gobbled up every drop of her nectar. I told Bonnie that I was close to cumming but this time she just inhaled my cock and took every ounce down her throat. Cum jetted from my cock, bounced off her throat and filled her mouth. Bonnie kept a good amount of spunk in her mouth and swirled it around the shaft of my cock. I had never felt anything so erotic. Bonnie eventually swallowed the remaining cum and rolled off of me. We rested for awhile and then Bonnie suggested we watch a movie. Of course I had no idea that it was porn at the time.

We took a shower together and then just wore our underwear while we watched the movie. Bonnie cuddled up to me on her sofa as we watched the x-rated movie. As usual all the guys were well endowed and all the women were knock outs. This movie starred a European cast and all the women had natural breasts and they all took it in their beautiful asses. I got hard watching the movie and then Bonnie began to stroke my cock. After the movie ended Bonnie and I were back in her bed and she was on all fours begging me to fuck her ass and cum in her ass. I didn’t disappoint her as I fired another load deep into her anal recess. Bonnie milked my cock dry with her anal muscles and then we both flopped face down on her bed. I was done for the day and we both fell asleep shortly afterward.


Bonnie and I woke up and I fucked her again with my morning erection. She had numerous orgasms before I stopped fucking her and went in the bathroom to take my morning pee as my bladder seemed ready to burst. I heard the water running in Bonnie’s tub and I noticed her putting in the bath oil beads. Her Jacuzzi tub was a square design and it had plenty of room for two people. Bonnie and I showered together before entering the Jacuzzi. We soaped each other up and played with each other’s bodies being careful I didn’t cum in the shower. Bonnie then douched both her pussy and her asshole. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman do that and it was kind of erotic.

After showering we entered the Jacuzzi. I turned on the jets and we kicked back enjoying the bubbles. After awhile Bonnie leaned back into me and I reached around and stroked her cute titties tweaking and rolling her nipples in my fingers. I slid one of my hands down across her firm abs over her little blond tuft of hair and found her vagina. I played with the folds of her labia and then inserted my fingers in her pussy. I found her hard clit and rolled it between my fingers as I continued to tease her nipples with my other hand.

As Bonnie got turned on I moved her to the other side of the Jacuzzi and had her lean over the edge presenting her shapely ass to me. Her ass always looked good but this time it glistened with water and bath gel and looked so sensual. I leaned over and licked Bonnie’s pussy from behind driving her wild. Then I had the urge to tongue her beautiful ass so I swiped my tongue from her pussy up and over her bung hole and back to her pussy. She gasped out loud when my tongue touched her asshole. I really got into it and grasped both of her curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that I could get my tongue in deeper. I probed her pink aperture with my tongue as I inserted three fingers in her pussy. She started whimpering, gasping and directing the action.

“Oh my God, do it again. Lick my asshole; stick your tongue in there. Eat my pussy, tongue my ass, rim me, oh yessssss,” she cried out.

I repeated this several more times until Bonnie seemed to go into convulsions. She collapsed back into my arms and I stroked her smallish tits as she recovered from the intensity of her orgasm.

“Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that you would tongue my ass or did I know it would feel so wonderful,” she uttered in an exhaustive voice.

“I surprised myself by going after your ass. I have never done that before but it just looked incredibly sexy as it glistened with water. Of course I remembered that you had douched and it looked so clean,” I replied.

We decided to get out of the Jacuzzi before we turned into prunes. We dried off and flopped down on her bed. Bonnie began to stroke my cock into an erect state and then proceeded to suck on it. She loved to stick her tongue in the little hole and nibble on my cock head. This always made her hot and she needed my cock in her pussy. She straddled me and aimed my cock in her hole and rode me until she achieved another orgasm.

It was time for me to fuck her in the ass so I had her kneel on all fours with her gorgeous ass in the air. She put her head on the mattress and turned to the side so that she could watch. I broke out the lube and put an ample amount in her asshole. I fingered her ass and pussy at the same time.

“I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together,” Bonnie exclaimed!

If there was one thing I liked besides fucking a beautiful ass is preparing an asshole for a good reaming. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole I couldn’t wait any longer and I had to get my cock in her beautiful ass. I removed my fingers and lined up the head of my cock at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly. My cock head strained to pop through and she let out a little groan as the pressure from my iron hard dick forced her little ring to open like a flower and suddenly my large mushroom head slipped past the ring and into her ass. Bonnie let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate my ample girth.

“Oh you are going to make me like this more than the regular way,” she gasped and shivered as I filled her fully and withdrew my penis slightly.

I felt her ass tighten around me and I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her tight ass until all 7+ inches were tightly packed up her ass. Bonnie really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. I began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as I penetrated her with long hard strokes that used the entire length of my thick cock. Bonnie was going wild as she loved the feel of my cock as it pulled out and then came crashing back in as my big heavy balls bounced off her clit. Bonnie was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure. When I reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded with her third orgasm of the night.

I continued to hammer her ass with long strokes then suddenly I felt that familiar tension in my balls and I knew I was close. I began to piston my raging cock harder into her searing ass in search of my release, which also increased the intensity of her orgasm. She was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the cover on the bed begging me to cum.

“Give it to me, give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass,” she begged.

I felt powerful and dominant with my impressive dick stuffed up the beautiful ass of a woman who could not get enough of me. Bonnie lay submissively before me on all fours as I towered above her like some untamed animal with a strong sexual hold on her. I took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into Bonnie’s ass. I did that three or four more times and then I let out a loud groan as I emptied my seed deep into her bowels. I couldn’t believe how much cum I produced as my dick continued to hammer into her ass. When I was finished I pulled out of her ass as Bonnie collapsed on the bed utterly spent. I slumped down next to her quivering body. I looked over at Bonnie and I noticed my seed oozing from her asshole. It resembled a natural spring as the jizm just seemed to bubble up as she tried to relax her spasming anal muscles.

Bonnie and I got up, showered and returned to the Jacuzzi where we soaked our aching muscles. After the Jacuzzi I offered her a massage which she gladly accepted. I had her lay face down and worked her back, legs and buttocks. Not so surprisingly I got an erection as I massaged and fingered her ass again. I came a second time that morning when I fucked her ass again. After the ass fuck I rolled Bonnie over on her back and continued the massage this time working her tits, abs, legs and pubes. I finished her off with another thorough pussy eating which had her screaming my name and humping my face with her volcanic orgasm. After that we were really spent and had just enough energy to shower, dress and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Bonnie made coffee and we sat around looking at the Sunday paper as we enjoyed a pot of coffee. I knew that I could not possibly cum again that day as I had had more sex that weekend then I had had in the past six months. It had been incredible sex filled weekend that I wouldn’t soon forget. Later that day I drove back to my own condo but not before Bonnie and I made plans for the following weekend.


Bonnie and I continued our torrid affair for almost five years before her boss took another job and she followed him to be his assistant on the west coast. During that time Bonnie and I only dated on weekends but we were together almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time, I stayed at Bonnie’s condo but sometimes she would stay with me. I offered to have her move in with me but she declined. She felt that we had something special and to see each other more than we did on weekends or to live together would ruin it. We had something special together alright and for me it was her incredible ass. I never tired of playing with it, rimming it and fucking it. Bonnie was also always full of surprises and I learned that she was a little bit of an exhibitionist and she liked to take chances. She liked car sex and we took some chances in public.

After a meal I walked Bonnie to her car and she asked me to get in for a minute. We had driven separately and met right after work on a Friday evening. Well we there longer than a minute as she proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them along with my boxers down to my ankles. As Bonnie pulled my boxers down over my balls she licked and sucked them before kissing her way up my shaft. Looking up into my eyes, she slid her lips over my bulging head with her hand still wrapped around my shaft. Her tongue swirled under the ridge of my crown as she sucked me deeper into her mouth. She tested her gag line and was soon taking my entire cock down her throat.

My cock was alive and my hot flesh pulsed against her lips. She pulled me deeper into her mouth, pressing her lips tightly against me and sucking hard. The feel of my hard cock sliding between her lips and over her tongue had me on the verge of a huge orgasm. Bonnie had slipped her hand into her panties and fingered her dripping pussy. The smell of sex was rampant in her car. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. She was slurping and sucking as fast as she could. Bonnie drooled as she tried to keep up with my thrusting motions. Her fingers dug into my thighs, moving her head as I pumped my cock in and out of her mouth.

I knew her pussy needed attention but I wasn’t about to stop anything she was doing. I could sense that I was going to cum soon and I warned her but she just kept sucking me in anticipation of receiving a creamy treat. I felt my cock swell and knew that she was about to receive my load. Muffled moans escaped from her throat as she eagerly sucked my dick awaiting her prize. She moved her lips up and down over my shaft in rhythm with my thrusting motions. She was drooling like crazy and I could feel it running down my pecker onto my balls.

My breathing became more erratic and I was about to lose control. Bonnie looked up at me with those big eyes and nodded her head, letting me know she wanted to taste my cum and then covered my cock with her mouth just as I lost it. I let out a soft grunt as I pumped stream after stream of hot cream into her mouth. I shot the first jet against the roof of her mouth then several more blasts of hot cum poured into her mouth. She moved her hand under my scrotum to squeeze out the last few drops and then Bonnie had her orgasm. Apparently the feel of my throbbing cock in her mouth, the taste of my seed and her hand in her cunt was just too much. The pressure in her lower tummy gushed out through her pussy and soaked her fingers.

My cock fell from her lips and cum dripped from her lips and chin as her body jerked and shuddered in orgasm. Bonnie looked up at me when she was done, blotches of cum glistened on her lips. The smell of pussy in the car was powerful. I took Bonnie’s hand and licked her fingers clean. I pulled my underwear and trousers back up and dressed the best I could in the confines of her car. I went to my car feeling totally drained as I drove to her condo. There we would suck and fuck the rest of the weekend.

On another Friday night after dinner as we drove to her condo I looked at Bonnie as she shifted in her seat allowing her dress to rise slightly showing more of her upper thighs and the elastic tops of her stockings. She smiled as she gradually opened her legs more giving me a glimpse of her inner thighs. Then she reached under her dress and removed her panties.

As I reached across the car seat Bonnie arched her back a little then spread her legs further apart, giving me access to her genitals. My fingers began slowly teasing her clitoris and then caressing the folds of her labia. My index finger pushed its way between the textured folds to pause over her sensitive bud and it caused an involuntary gasp to escape her lips as she felt the gentle touch. Her legs jerked slightly to allow my hand easier admittance to her vagina as I pressed my hand between her trembling thighs and gently kneaded the soft flesh of her slippery vulva. I continued to wiggle my finger about inside her taut passageway before her groin started to clench and spasm sporadically. I could feel the warm fluid seeping from her aroused sex and I forced my hand harder against her cunt. Bonnie gave a muffled cry, clamping my hand between her legs against her pussy, as the orgasm slammed into her as we pulled into her driveway.

My arousal was clearly evident as the bulge at my pelvis was enormous with my dick straining at my trousers. As her orgasm subsided Bonnie couldn’t resist reaching into my lap and squeeze the hardness beneath the fabric. She fondled my stiffened cock and then slowly traced the outline of her lips with her tongue. Bonnie reached for the zipper of my pants and tugged it downward, putting one hand inside the gap to retrieve my engorged organ. Then she slowly lowered her head to flick the top of my penis with her tongue. I released an involuntary sigh as the she took in as much of my cock as she could and then returned to lick the head, lapping away at a trickle of pre cum.

Bonnie continued sucking vigorously on the length of my shaft as my orgasm erupted. My hips jerked uncontrollably but she never released her grip. She swallowed all of my creamy discharge and when I eventually stopped cumming she pulled her head away. Some of my fluids dribbled down the side of her mouth but she quickly swiped it away with the back of her palm and licked it clean.

“I am really enjoying these rides home,” she teased.

“As if I don’t,” I retorted.

We then got out of the car and went into her condo. We made a beeline for her bedroom as she couldn’t wait to get my cock in her ass. Bonnie stripped off her clothes and hopped on her bed in all her naked glory. I stripped off my clothes and climbed in with her.

“You really like being naked don’t you Bonnie?” I teased her as I playfully smacked her ass.

“Oh yes, I love being naked but even more than that I love being naked with your big cock in my ass,” she replied sexily.

Bonnie handed me the lube and I lubed up her ass as I always did. I took my time and finger fucked her pussy and her asshole at the same time. She loved me to do that before I stuck my cock in her ass. Then I removed my fingers and moved my cock to her ass and eased it in. Bonnie cooed as she always did.

Bonnie reached between her legs and into her puffy cunt. Her juice was oozing from it and she rubbed her stiff and aroused clit. I picked up the pace and began to fuck Bonnie’s ass with steady full thrusts. She gasped at the sensation surging through her rectum. There was no discomfort now but just a glorious feeling of being stuffed with cock. Bonnie loved the taboo feeling of being filled with cock in her ass. The thought of this forbidden act along with her clitoral stimulation pushed Bonnie closer to climax.

I was trying to hold off my threatening ejaculation as Bonnie’s movements intensified with her pending orgasm. We were both perspiring and I held to Bonnie’s shapely buttocks as I slowed my pace slightly in an effort to slow my eruption. Bonnie groaned loudly as her head dipped down to look between her legs and she pushed back in an effort to get more of my cock in her.

“Oh Walt, fuck me. Fuck me in my ass, it’s so good so wicked, I love it,” Bonnie cried out.

Bonnie was going wild with my cock in her ass and I had never seen anyone take to anal intercourse with such abandon. Bonnie balanced herself on both hands as she thrust backward impaling her ass on my thick cock. I knew that I could not hold out much longer. I reached around with one hand and found Bonnie’s pussy and engorged clit. With the other hand I squeezed the rock hard nipples sticking out from her flat chest. Her clit throbbed as it clamored for attention and her pussy clenched my fingers as it released her warm love juice. The points of her nipples were excited beyond desire and my cock was clamped in her well stuffed bottom.

Bonnie was out of control as all she knew at this point was that she was being fucked up the ass with a very thick cock and it felt fantastic. She was on the verge of an intense orgasm and she struggled frantically seeking her climax. A few more seconds of rubbing her stiff clit sent Bonnie into a mind blowing orgasm. Her body stiffened and then she spasmed out of control as she moaned loudly and struggled to breathe. The intensity of her climax was too much for me and I grunted as I shot my spunk into her forbidden tunnel. Bonnie’s eyes flew open as she felt my hot thick semen rush into her rectum and splash off her bowels. Her face was pure ecstasy as she turned to look at me as my cock continued to spurt its sticky fluid up into her.

“Give it to me, cum in my ass, oh I can feel it. it’s so good so nasty,” Bonnie cooed as she was overcome with passion

Bonnie fell forward on the bed as I continued to marvel at the beautiful ass that I had just fucked. As she lay before me she clenched and unclenched her ass muscles causing cum to ooze out of her asshole. It looked like a small spring as the semen intermittently bubbled up and trickled out of her ass between her ass cheeks and over her puffy pussy lips. I stayed hard and stroked my cock as the last tiny drops landed on her ass. I then realized that I was going to stay hard and I decided to try and fuck her ass again.

I told Bonnie that I wanted to fuck her ass again and in an almost business like fashion she pushed her self back up on her knees. She turned her head to the side and smiled at me waiting for the second penetration. I pushed my still erect slippery cock into Bonnie’s now gooey asshole. Bonnie felt her sphincter being stretched again but this time she enjoyed the sensation of her ass being filled with my thick cock. As I pushed inside her my spunk from the previous ejaculation was squelched almost obscenely with my cock. My previous deposit squeezed out around my shaft and oozed from Bonnie’s asshole running down between her buttocks and plopping on the bed sheets.

Bonnie was an extremely hot woman and her fucking technique was incredible. I stayed crouched behind her and placed my hands back on her hips as I fed my long thick cock deep into Bonnie’s accommodating back passage for a second time. Bonnie pushed her hips back at me and her bodies slapped loudly together.

“Yes, yes, oh I love it. Fuck my ass with your hot cock,” Bonnie yelled to me and then she cried out, “Make me cum again fuck my ass with that big cock.”

As before Bonnie lowered her head to the bed and turned it to the side as she grasped the bed sheets. I could feel her taut muscles massaging my shaft in her ass as I held on to her slim waist and I caressed her curvy firm ass cheeks. Her sphincter grabbed the base of my cock as she worked her lithe athletic body. Bonnie was an incredible sex partner who was a fantastic ass fuck. I knew that I was getting close to losing it again as Bonnie manipulated my pecker with her undulations and muscles and that I would soon be adding more semen to join my previous load in her ass.

Bonnie had her hand back on her clit and rubbed herself frantically as she had another violent orgasm thrashing and panting wildly. I felt my seed travel along my scrotum and then spurt into the recesses of her ass. Bonnie felt the second ejaculation shoot into her bottom and she wallowed in the feeling of the warm liquid once again soothing her ravaged ass. Bonnie squeezed her ass muscles extracting every drop of cum from my cock until I went soft and slipped from her hot gooey ass with an audible pop. Bonnie collapsed face down on the bed and savored the moment. She was hooked on anal sex and she knew that she could expect me to fuck regularly. I flopped next to her and held her to me as we kissed and rested.

“I loved it. It was incredible I felt like I would never stop cumming. The feeling of your hot semen shooting into my ass was unbelievable. I never expected it to feel so good just from being so full,” Bonnie murmured as we lay together.

“I am so glad that you liked it as you know I loved fucking your ass,” I replied.

Bonnie then cuddled back up to me and we dozed in each other’s arms. Later Bonnie rolled over and had me eat her pussy before we finally went to sleep.

Another time I met bonnie after one of her aerobic classes on a Friday evening. She hadn’t bothered to change clothes so we just went to her favorite place for a burger. Bonnie was still in her leotards when we went into the tavern. After a few drinks and a burger we adjourned to my car so that Bonnie could suck me off. As she was blowing me she pushed her leotards down to her knees baring her ass and pussy. I played with her ass and fingered her pussy as she sucked on my cock.

She lifted her head up and said, “I wish you could fuck me in the ass right now.”

I asked her if she had any lotion and she dug it out of her purse. I reclined the passenger seat all the way until it was almost flat and had her lay face down. I prepared her ass with the lotion and my saliva. I pushed my trousers and shorts down past my knees, lubed up my cock and got on top of her. It was tight quarters but I managed to get my cock into her ass and started banging her hard. Bonnie pushed up at me as hard as I pounded her. Soon we were both sweating and breathing hard. We made quite a sight if someone should happen to look in the car window but we were past caring about that as we raced toward our mutual orgasms. As soon as my spunk filled Bonnie’s ass her body went into spasm with her own orgasm. I lay on top of her keeping most of my weight off of her until we recovered. We cleaned up the best we could and headed to her condo There was no shortage to our imagination and willingness to have sex in public as well as private places. Bonnie, I was to learn, was somewhat of an exhibitionist. She loved to be totally naked in private places and was really turned on by the chances we took in public places. She loved it when I ran my hands under her skirt and inside her panties. She loved it when I pulled her leotards down to her knees and played with her buns and pubes. Bonnie could never seem to get enough of my cock. She loved to fuck me, suck me and have me fuck her ass.

My five years with Bonnie were the best of my life when it comes to sex. I missed her dearly after she moved and I never hooked up with anyone again who was so adventurous and such a great lay. I still fantasize about her being on all fours with my cock sawing in and out of her shapely ass. I had other women who let me fuck them in the ass but no one enjoyed it as much as Bonnie. She never tired of anal sex and neither did I. I often wonder what she’s up to and if she had met another anal lover to satisfy her passion.

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