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Wear Something Pretty To The Party

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There were silky red thongs, lacy black bikinis, pearl white strings and soft blue french cuts. There couldn’t be a more beautiful collection of lacy panties and bras anywhere. I had just returned to my apartment building from getting my morning coffee and was going upstairs, when my pretty neighbor from across the hall passed me with her laundry.

Being the polite guy that I am, I smiled and said “good morning” and she replied “hi” back. As we passed I peeked around my shoulder and got a glimpse of the treasures in her basket.

She caught me staring and giggled as she disappeared around the corner and headed down to the basement.

It was my day off and evidently hers too. As I made my way to my apartment I couldn’t help thinking about her sorting through all her pretty underthings. I stood inside my apartment door listening and peeking through the peephole, waiting for her to return. Ten minutes seemed like an eternity, but finally I heard her coming back and I watched her as she entered her apartment and shut the door.

All was silent…I could hear my heart pounding as I formulated my plan. Her loads of laundry wouldn’t be done for another 20 minutes or so, plenty of time to get downstairs and back without her knowing.

I carefully opened my door, slipped out into the hallway, and tiptoed down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door that lead to the basement laundry and storage units. Once through, I immediately saw her basket sitting on top of one of the washers, and both washers were running delicate loads. I looked in the basket and saw several white and blue silk panties and bras.

I listened for any sounds in the building, and after convincing myself that it was safe, I picked out a pair of white string bikini thong panties and began rubbing the soft slick fabric between my fingers. I noticed a slight stain in the crotch and put it up to my nose and breathed in.

I felt a tightened in my shorts as I rubbed the outside of my pants and played with her panties. I opened one of the washers and looked in. All her red underwear was gently washing back and forth. I took out a red lacy french cut bikini and felt the cold wet lace in my hands. By now I was practically humping the washer, trying to get as much friction as I could. I desperately wanted to relieve myself in those panties but the chance of getting caught…

Several minutes later I was listening outside the door; all was still quiet. My chest was thumping as I contemplated the stupid thing I was about to do. Deciding just to go for it, I stripped off my shirt and tossed it on the floor. I pushed off my shoes and slipped off my socks and set them by the shirt. Then I unsnapped my shorts and hooked my thumbs into my pants and boxers and began to push them off my waist. My erection got caught in the waistband of my underwear but eventually popped free. Standing butt naked, a little cold yet very hot, I approached the collection of panties.

I wanted to pick out the sexiest pair to play with. The wash was just about to switch to spin cycle so I had to decide quickly. I thought one of the red ones would be best and took a pair and began to wrap it around my naked pole. The wet silk was cold and slippery, but as I started stroking, it warmed up quickly. As I stroked, the wash cycle switched to spin and the room got louder so I walked around the corner over to the storage units so I could concentrate on finishing my task.

One unit was unlocked so I went in and stood behind some bicycles and garden tools for privacy. My sack was tightening and I knew what was about to happen…I started rubbing the lace against my balls…

Just as I was about to shoot what felt like was going to be a hugh load, I heard giggling coming from the laundry room. I crouched down behind some boxes and held my breath as my cock shriveled. There were two women whispering and giggling but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I waited without making a sound.

A few minutes later one of the women walked around to the storage units area and said “We’re having a little party in 2B if you’d like to join us. Be sure to wear something pretty or just come as you are”. They both laughed then I heard them leave the room and walk back upstairs.

I stayed crouched in the corner for several minutes to be sure they were really gone. As I walked back into the laundry room I got the most sick and helpless feeling ever. Everything was gone. Her basket, panties, bras but most of all, my clothes—the washers and dryers were all empty and quiet. I stood there stark naked with only the pair of red, wet panties in my hand.

What was I going to do now? I thought I could probably make it back to my apartment without anybody seeing, but my door was locked and my keys were in my pants pockets–which were now in their apartment. I shivered as I looked at the panties and knew what I had to do–what they knew I would have to do.

For the first time in my life I stepped into a pair of women’s panties. They were still a little moist as I pulled them up my legs and over my limp cock. The material felt cold against my balls as I pulled them all the way up to my waist. I just stood there and looked at myself.

I didn’t look bad in red lacy bikini panties; I was in great shape from working out everyday at the club and the panties fit quite well. My buns were fully covered in the back and my balls were pulled tight against the thin fabric–a narrow crotch of fabric that was never intended to hold a man’s package. My shrunken cock was plastered tight against my body and lay off to one side buried in my pubic hair. I adjusted my penis, first positioning it straight up but then deciding I could hide it best by pushing it straight down into the crotch of the panties. As soft as it was, it easily tucked down beneath my balls and practically disappeared into the satiny material. It made me look even more girlish, but hey, at least it was hidden from view. I figured that was the best I could hope for, then turned to the door to make my escape.

All was quiet as I opened the door and made my way up the steps. It felt weird to be walking around my familiar apartment building dressed only in a pair of pretty red women’s panties. I made it around the corner without incident but as I was heading up to the second floor I heard someone unlocking the building’s outside door.

I ran the rest of the way up and knocked on 2B. The person from the outside was now inside and getting their mail and I heard more of that familiar giggling from inside 2B. As the door opened, the person from below started walking upstairs. My neighbor greeted me and she asked if I would like to come in. I said yes and slipped inside just as my other neighbor was reaching the top of the stairs. The door closed just in time; at least that neighbor hadn’t seen me in panties.

“Hi, my name is Brianna.” Finally, I was face-to-face with my pretty neighbor, the one I had watched coming and going for months but was too shy to speak to, and now I was standing before her wearing nothing more than her very own panties–I was horrified. My face turned red as I held out my shaking hand, “Hi, my name is Keith.”

“I’m glad you could join us, come in.” She motioned toward the living room and as I looked over I was sickened to see that there were three other women, all as pretty as Brianna, all with wide grins on their faces. I followed Brianna into the living room and just stood there as she sat down and began introducing them all to me.

As I was being looked over I subconsciously covered my crotch with my hands. I wanted to get this over with quickly so I just blurted out “I believe you have my clothes and keys.” Brianna said to her friends, “He wants his clothes back girls, what do you think?” Everyone started laughing and shaking their heads no. “I think the consensus is that you don’t get your clothes back quite yet. Here’s the thing, we were just hanging out together, and we’d really like you to stay. When the party is over we’ll give you your clothes back. Sound good?”

I sheepishly agreed, what choice did I have. “Good, before we can continue with the party though you need to give us a small audition. Clasp your hands behind your back, stand up straight and tall like a fashion model, and walk slowly to the patio door and back so we can check out that cute bod of yours.” I’m not sure why I submitted to her requests so easily, maybe a part of me wanted to, or maybe it was because she was so beautiful, but whatever it was I slowly uncovered my crotch, joined my hands behind my back and walked to the sliding patio door. Making sure nobody outside could see me; I quickly turned around and walked back.

The girls whooped and hollered as I walked past. When I was back, Brianna came over to me and said to everyone, “I think he’ll do just fine. I’m going to need to buff him up a bit, everyone have a drink and relax, and we’ll be back soon.” She hooked her finger into the front waistband of the panties and tugged and said, “Follow me” and she led me to the back of the apartment.

We entered the bathroom and she said, “OK, here’s the deal. I sell lingerie for a living. You just interrupted us as I was starting one of my most profitable sales parties–these ladies like to buy underwear. It’s this simple, the more I sell the more I make, and I’m not about to let an opportunity like this pass by.”

“Usually, I have to model all the outfits myself, but today you’re going to help me. Why you ask? Well, I could have easily reported what you were doing in the basement with my panties to the landlord or the police, but I was nice and decided not to. And since I didn’t force you to remove your clothes and play with yourself with my underwear in a public place, you did that all on your own, you are now going to do some favors for me. If you do everything that’s asked, you’ll get your clothes and keys back at the end of the party. Is that understood?” I thought in silence for a moment, I didn’t have much choice. I said I’d cooperate.

“Good now that we have an understanding, first we are going to clean you up a bit. Take my panties off.” I hesitated, the panties were my only remaining trace of dignity, or so I thought. “Hurry up, we don’t have all day, get them off!” I reached for the panties waistband and pushed them down and off. Now completely nude, she looked me over from top to bottom, her eyes eventually stopping at my cock.

“My, what a little one you have. Does it get any bigger?” Oh god, how embarrassing. I explained how it gets this way when I’m nervous. She spread out a towel on the floor and said “Don’t worry you have nothing to be nervous about, I can assure you I’ve seen plenty of those before and yours is no different than the others–although maybe a bit on the tiny side.

Stand on this towel and put your hands behind your head, you can’t wear my expensive lingerie with all that hair poking through, and I don’t want it clogging my drain either.” I stepped on the towel, faced her, and clasped my hands behind my neck. She dug through a drawer and found a pair of scissors. Then to my utter disappointment, she began clipping off my pubic hair.

It had been six months since I last trimmed myself and the growth had finally reached a couple inches or so, long enough to make my cock and balls comfortable flopping around in the boxers I wear. Her fingers felt soft and gentle as she maneuvered my penis out of the way of the clipping scissors. She worked quickly and in no time there were just prickly stubs left. She did the same to my armpits and then said, “Now step in the shower and get wet all over.”

She watched as I turned the water on, let it warm up, and then step in. It felt strange to be watched while showering. After I was good and wet she said that was enough and shut the water off. I stood there wet and shivering as she dug back into her drawer and found what she was looking for.

“Now I want you to lather up with this from your neck down, don’t miss a spot.” She handed me a can of what appeared to be hair remover and I reluctantly squirted some of the foam into my palms and started covering my arms, shoulders, armpits, chest and stomach. It tingled as I rubbed it in. She said, “Give me some and I’ll do your backside.” I squirted some into her hands and soon felt her hands covering my back and buns; I did my crotch, balls and legs. As I bent over to get all of my legs, she swished some through my ass crack and under my balls.

When I was completely covered in the foamy cream, she said, “wait right there” and left the room. Like, where was I going to be going like this?

Before long she was back with a camera and said, “put your hands on your hips and one foot up on the edge of the tub.” I thought, oh no, please, not pictures. As I positioned my hands on my hips and put my right foot up, my white creamy cock jutted out from my foam-covered body.

By the looks of it this was no cheap consumer camera, it was the type professional photographers use, equipped with big lens and flash. Brianna looked through the viewfinder and adjusted the zoom and exposure settings. She said, “Ready? Give me a desperate, scared look; like you’ve lost all your clothes, your last bit of body hair, your last shred of dignity.”

My face turned a darker shade of red as the camera went off 3 times in rapid succession. She looked at a screen on the back of the camera to view the results–she seemed quite pleased, as she could not hold back a big grin. Then she laid down on the floor and aimed the camera back at me so that the most prominent thing between the lens and my face was my white creamy cock. She said, “Push your hips out just a bit more.” When I did, she fired off another set of pictures, and then got back up and examined the results. “Good, those turned out especially nice, see.” She turned the camera around and I could see my white, naked images in the tiny screen as she flipped through them. I never felt so helpless in my whole life.

I said it felt like the cream was beginning to burn and she said it was OK to wash it off. I turned the shower back on and rinsed away all the foam, and watched as the rest of my body hair washed away and my silky smooth figure emerged. I looked like a little kid again; my arms, chest, stomach, back, legs, butt and balls were all completely smooth and hairless. I felt even more naked, if that was possible. She said that I could stop and get out now.

“Stand on this towel and face the mirror.” Still completely dripping wet I stepped out on the towel. After snapping a few more pictures of me dripping wet she said, “Now put your hands on your hips and spread your legs and I’ll dry you off.”

I did as instructed and she stood behind me and dried off my back, arms, chest, butt and legs but not my cock. I stood completely dry except for my dripping wet, naked cock. She tossed the towel away and stood directly behind me–I could feel her jeans brushing against my buns–I noticed my body was much more sensitive without hair. “I have to check for any spots we might have missed.”

She placed her hands on my ribs and slowly reached around to feel my smooth stomach and chest. She started rubbing my stomach with one hand and my chest with the other–occasionally brushing her red nails against my now pointy nipples. While still rubbing, she whispered into my ear…

“OK Keith, let me explain how this is going to work. In my bedroom I’ve set out an outfit for you to model for the ladies. You can change in private in there. When you are dressed you are to go out into the living room and model the lingerie for the girls. On the bed there is a card with instructions on what to say and how to pose–follow those directions to the letter. While you are out in the living room modeling, I’ll be changing into another item to model and I’ll set out your next outfit. You stay with the girls and do whatever they ask until I come out, then you can return to the bedroom and change into your next item. When you’ve changed, come back out and model that one for the girls.

As she was describing my task, my cock began to grow and she noticed in the mirror immediately. “Oh look it does get bigger–you must like the thought of wearing girl’s undies.” Her hands stopped rubbing my chest and moved down to my hips, pushing my hands away. Her right hand grabbed my semi-erect cock and her left hand slipped under my smooth balls. She just held them still for a minute and said, “I think we could all have some fun, and when the day is over I’ll give you your clothes and keys back.”

I was now completely erect and I desperately wanted her to stroke it, but she just held it completely still, pointing straight up toward my face. “Oh, and one more thing, if someone wants to purchase the item you are modeling, you are to remove it immediately, fold it and hand it to her, stand up straight and tall with your arms at your sides and then refresh their drinks until I come out. Understood?”

I said I did. “Good, your first outfit is waiting, I’ll explain to the girls how this is going to work while you’re changing. The bedroom is just across the hallway, now get going”.

She let go of my cock and balls and gave me a little pat on the butt and I headed for the bathroom door. I peeked out the door and when convinced nobody was looking I raced across the hallway. Once safely in what must have been Brianna’s bedroom I spotted the outfit on the bed. According to the instruction card, it was a red see through babydoll with bright red lacy panties and white stockings and white high-heeled shoes.

I knew what I had to do; at least it was better than being completely nude. For the second time in my life, I stepped into the legs of a pair of women’s panties and pulled them up my smooth legs and bald manhood–if you could call it that anymore. My semi-erect penis was not going to tuck away underneath this time, so I just let it lay to the side in the red lace. I had seen women put on stockings before in the movies and I knew you had to roll them up your legs carefully or else they would run. I gave that a try and within minutes my now shapely legs were covered in sheer white silk.

The babydoll was next. I carefully slipped it over my head and pulled the soft material down until the cups were centered over my little nipples. The cups sat loose and unfulfilled, obviously designed for a beautiful woman, not me. I walked over to the full-length mirror and looked at the image that was staring back at me. I looked ridiculous–how did I get myself into this mess. I knew how–I knew someday my dick would get me into trouble, but I never imagined it would be like this.

There was a knock on the door, “What’s going on in there, time’s up. We’ve got to get this show started.” I said I was almost ready; I just needed to put my shoes on. The door opened and Brianna peeked inside, “Oh, you look absolutely lovely. Don’t be afraid, you’ll do fine.” As stupid it sounds, her compliments made me feel better. I smiled and picked up the shoes and slipped my feet inside.

I practically tipped over trying to walk in the heels, but it wasn’t impossible and I gingerly tiptoed my way around the bed–the heels pushing my hips and crotch out obscenely. I picked up the instruction card and headed for the door.

She took my hand and led me down the hall to the living room. I felt cold and embarrassed as we walked into the living room where the other women were gathered.

As we arrived all talking stopped and every head turned our way. Someone said “Oh my god, what did you do to him? He’s gorgeous.” Brianna said, “I just smoothed him down a bit; enjoy”. She then left me standing in the middle of the room and turned to return to her bedroom.

My nervousness kicked in again as I stood exposed to the ladies. Not knowing what else to say or do, I held up the card and began to read out loud: “All dolled-up and ready for love, this scarlet satin babydoll features heart embroidery and beaded cups. Notice the slim, adjustable straps, lace trim and matching satin panty, which completes the hot flirty look. This outfit is on sale for next ten minutes for only 29.95.”

Then it said to lift the sides of the material up and out and do 5 complete turns. I couldn’t believe this was happening as I grasped the sides and lifted and attempted to turn around in high heels. As I turned and lifted, the material rose above my panties, which made my dick even more apparent. On my second turn I noticed one of the girls had Brianna’s camera, and as I was spinning she fired off a round of “action” shots.

One of the ladies asked for a closer look so I made my way over to her seat as I finished my last turn. She told me she needed to inspect the material and instructed me to sit on her knees, facing her. I stepped forward and slowly spread my legs and gently sat down on her pantyhose covered thighs, just below her skirt. She said to put my hands behind my back and hold onto her knees. This forced me into a slight reclining position that pushed my hips forward a bit. The camera went off again.

The lady gently explored the babydoll material with her fingers, tracing up and down my hard, flat stomach and sides and brushing her fingers across the cups. The lace material teased my nipples as she stroked there and, to my horror, my body began to respond. The little nubs beneath the cups hardened until they were pointy pebbles, and the bulge in my panties started to twitch. “Oh my, look what we have here”, she said as she turned her attention to my panties and started running her finger around the outline of my cock.

The other ladies were sitting up in their seats so they could get a clear view. She kept tracing around the head and down the sides until reaching down and under the sack. The twitching turned to full-scale growth as my penis became fully erect. “I like these panties, and I’m sure my boyfriend would like this babydoll too, although I don’t think he would ever be caught dead wearing it himself like you are”, she said. I cringed with embarrassment. “I think I’ll take this set. You can sit up and take it off.”

I sat up and began to pull the babydoll up and over my head. When it pulled free I felt even more naked sitting there in just the panties, stockings and shoes. I carefully folded the top into a neat square and handed it to her. She said, “I better help you with the panty so nothing gets caught in there.” Before I could object, she grabbed the front of the panties and pulled them open, peeking inside, then told me to stand up.

As I stood she carefully maneuvered the panty past my erection and down my stocking covered legs. When they were just above my knees she stopped and said I could do the rest. I had to bend over and push them the rest of the way down to my feet, and step out of them. I slowly stood up, my erection lewdly poking out from my body, folded the panty into a tiny square and handed the small piece of silk to her. She pointed and said, “The stockings too…you can put a foot up on the coffee table to get them off.”

I glanced over at the table and stepped over to it, slipped my high heels off and placed my right foot on the edge of the table. My raised leg made my cock stick up further for everyone to see. I slowly rolled down the stocking. Once off, I did the other leg and standing now completely bare in front of everyone, folded the stockings into small squares and handed them over to my new customer. I thanked her for her purchase and then noticed Brianna standing in the doorway dressed in the most beautiful pink satin slip, panties and slippers.

My heart thumped when I saw her and she just smiled at me and said “Keith, you’ve done well on your first modeling job, there’s a new bottle of champagne in the refrigerator, after you put your shoes back on, would you please be a good boy and get the bottle and we can celebrate.”

Brianna’s apartment was laid out like mine so I intuitively knew where the kitchen was. As I slipped my shoes back on and turned and walked to the refrigerator the ladies began whistling and giggling. When I got to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator the cold air brushed across my naked belly and instantly made my nipples jut out even more. I spotted and grabbed the champagne and with as much confidence as I could muster I stood tall and walked back to the group, my cock jiggling as I went.

The ladies were all enjoying my predicament Brianna instructed me to open the bottle while standing in the middle of the room so they could “see my muscles at work” and so she could get a good shot.

I began peeling the foil off the neck, and then loosened the wire and removed it. Now the tricky part was to get the plastic cork out of the bottle without a table or anything to support the bottle on. I started twisting the cork with my right hand while holding the bottle tight against my belly. Someone made the comment that the bottle looked like an enormous penis sticking out of me. The cork was almost out so I slowed down, trying to let the air gradually.

I almost had it out when all of a sudden it popped off and foamy champagne blasted out onto my face, chest and neck, flowing down my front. The camera went off. The champagne was freezing cold as it made its way down my body to my cock and then dripped off my smooth, naked balls and onto the floor.

All of the ladies jumped to my rescue, one taking the now half full bottle from me, another running to the kitchen for towels, and Brianna and her other friend patting my shoulder and back in consolation. “That’s OK Keith, we’ll clean up your little accident.”

Before long all the girls had towels and were rubbing me dry. At first I thought they were genuinely being considerate, but soon I realized that it wasn’t all for my benefit. They seemed especially concerned about getting my cock and balls dry, as that’s where most of the rubbing seemed to be occurring.

Two girls were rubbing my balls while a third had her towel wrapped around my cock and was stroking it, Brianna was wiping off my face, neck and chest. When she was convinced I was quite dry she said, “Ok, that’s enough girls lets have some bubbly and then it’s time for Keith to get back to work, he has another outfit waiting for him.” I poured the remaining champagne into the glasses that were brought over and Brianna said I could take mine back to her room. She gave me a little pat on the butt and told me to get moving and I reluctantly broke away from the girls and headed to the bedroom.

Unfortunately, I all too soon discovered my next “assignment”. Spread out on the bed was a black silk thong teddy. I carefully picked up the lingerie and felt the soft lacy material and thought, oh no, here we go again. I slipped the teddy over my head and gently pulled it down to my waist. It was open in the back and the sides except for a panty like waistband that fit around my hips. The cups sat loosely over my chest and the crotch flapped between my butt and cock.

Snapping the crotch together was going to be a challenge since the design was definitely not made for a man. I positioned the material to the right of my groin and fastened the two pieces together. It was tight but not unmanageable. Once connected, I pushed my cock and balls inside and pointed my penis straight up. My balls were pressed tight into my body as the back wedged between my cheeks; it could almost pass as a good fit. I picked up the instruction card to see what I was going to have to say. As I read the card I just sighed and headed for the door.

They hadn’t even seen me yet and I could hear laughing coming from the living room. I walked down the hallway and peeked in to see what was going on. The woman who had bought the red babydoll and panties from me had actually changed into the outfit, white stockings and all. Brianna had changed into a pair of plain white cotton panties and bra. Her other friend was dressed in the pink satin slip, panties and slippers; Brianna must have borrowed her panties and bra. The other lady was the only one left in regular clothes.

Someone noticed me standing there, and Brianna instructed me to come stand in the middle of the room so they could all see my outfit. I walked into the center of the room and began to read the card. “The mood is classic glamour. The sensibility is sweet seduction. Greet that special man, or woman, dressed in lightly lined demi cups with sexy blossoms of rose patterned lace with twinned adjustable straps, lace bodice and satin back. Thong back snaps beneath. This outfit can be yours for only $19.95.”

Next the card said I was to demonstrate how the bottom worked by unsnapping the bottom and leaving it open, there were very specific, detailed instructions on doing this. I looked at all the eyes watching and slowly set the instruction card on the table, and placed my right foot up on the table. With trembling hands I reached down under my balls and unsnapped the thong. Once separated, I pulled the back out of my cheeks and let my cock fall down from its imprisoned panty.

Next, I was to place my hands behind my head and visit each lady and do a twirl. One by one I delivered my twirls until I was directly in front of the fully dressed girl. She seemed to have a special interest in my outfit and grabbed hold of the front dangling flap and pulled me to her.

My now rock hard cock was only inches from her face as she ran her fingers up and down my bare sides. She reached under my legs and pulled the back of the thong forward until it was once again lodged deep in my butt. As she examined the snaps, my balls couldn’t help but brush against her hand, causing my engorged penis to throb with each heartbeat. My breathing was short as she pulled the material to the right and fastened the snaps, leaving my cock fully uncovered.

“There, that’s nicer. I can see you like wearing women’s undies, look what it’s done to your little cock.” She wrapped one hand around my pole and with the other, gently cupped and squeezed my balls. She waved my cock in front of her face and pointed it directly at her slightly parted lips. Just as she set the head of my cock on her lower lip she looked directly into my eyes and said, “I’ll take the teddy, now strip for me.”

Grasping my cock head snuggly between her lips and not letting go, she unsnapped the bottom and placed both her hands on my butt. I unwedged myself from the back flap and pinched the sides of the teddy between my thumbs and forefingers and lifted up to my shoulders and over my head. All the while she remained motionless with just the tip of my cock in her mouth, her hands holding my butt tight and her eyes traveling up and down my torso. I folded the teddy into a tiny square and handed it to her. As she sat back up, my cock popped from her mouth and bounced gently in front of me. She said, “Thank you, you sure have a special knack at selling women’s undies.”

“Naughty, naughty”, Brianna said. She walked into the living room in a white lace bustier, stockings, and white heels. The lace was so sheer you could see right through. Her nipples were proudly displayed beneath the white lace cups, her pussy, obviously shaved, exposed in see thru panties, and sheer nude stockings held up by straps attached to the bustier.

“I see you’ve been playing while I was getting dressed. Did anybody get any pictures?” One of the girls said she got it all; she was holding Brianna’s camera, I hadn’t noticed the flash going off. I wonder how many other pictures I hadn’t noticed. Brianna said, “There is a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom, scoot.” I snapped out of my sex induced haze and hurried out of there, my rock hard cock leading the way.

Back in the safety of her bedroom, instead of a new outfit waiting for me, all I noticed was a small wrapped gift box placed in the center of the bed. I picked it up and there was a card with my name on it. The card read, “Keith, thanks for being such a good sport. Here is a pair of your very own that you can keep. When you’re dressed, come to the kitchen and help me prepare some food for our guests. Love – Brianna.”

I tore off the gift-wrap and opened the box. Inside was the most delicate pair of white lace panties I’ve ever seen. They had white embroidered see thru lace roses on the sides and a solid white textured silk panel up the front and a full back. I couldn’t wait to get them on.

I stepped into my new panties and pulled them up and over my cock. They were tight fitting but comfortable–my cock was completely covered by the center white panel and the tight narrow crotch firmly tucked my balls away somewhere inside my body; I looked kind of pretty in my new panties. My god, what was happening to me, I looked ridiculous wearing women’s panties, who did I think I was fooling. But I was sort of looking forward to being with the girls in my new outfit. I decided to go help Brianna in the kitchen.

As I rounded the corner I noticed the girls were commenting on how nice the black thong teddy looked on my new customer. She filled it out much nicer then I ever could, her breasts filled the lace cups, and the bottom fit smoothly over her shaved mound. Compared to her I looked like some sort of freak in panties. The girls, now all dressed in their new purchases noticed me heading for the kitchen and let off a few wolf whistles for my benefit.

In the kitchen Brianna was cutting fruit, still dressed in lace, I could plainly see her butt through the sheer panties. I thanked her for the present and she looked at me, then her, both of us in white, lace silk, like we had something in common. There was a long uncomfortable pause in the conversation but then she broke the ice by asking for some help. She pointed out where the dishes and silverware were and asked that I set the table.

I busily gathered the required items and got to work. The girls decided to linger over to watch as I hurried back and forth in my panties. There were comments about how they should all have a man like that to help around the house. There were a few pats on my butt as I set the table and comments on how cute my buns looked wrapped in silk.

Finally everything was ready and we all sat down to eat. Brianna asked me to sit at the head of the table so everyone had a good view of me in my new clothes. When I sat down someone complained that they couldn’t see anything. Brianna told me to go get a stool from the kitchen.

When I returned with the stool my chair had been pulled away and she told me I could sit on the stool. Sitting on the stool placed my panty-covered crotch at eyelevel of the guests, I had to spread open my legs to get close enough to the table.

Food was passed around and I did my best to concentrate on the lunch. Conversation quickly turned to how cute I looked in panties. As I looked around at the four ladies I saw a sea of nipples under sheer bras, bare arms, tight tummies, and pretty smiles. All that eye candy took its toll, and before I knew it, I was sporting another huge hard on.

Being displayed on my stool left little to the imagination, and the women quickly noticed my predicament. The lady to my left, dressed in the red babydoll, tried to comfort me by patting my leg, saying that was OK, completely normal in a situation like this. She then offered to help me relieve my situation and scooted her chair over next to my stool.

She said it looked like my panties were cutting off my circulation and she better take a look. She told me to pull them down to just above my knees. I hesitated and looked over to Brianna, but she gave me a nod, so I stood up and pulled down my panties to my thighs and sat back down. “There isn’t that better”, she said. “My boyfriend likes it when I do this to him, do you like this?”

She wrapped her fingers around my hard penis and slowly stroked it. All eyes were on me as my breath shortened and my pulse picked up. One of the ladies touched her breasts as she was watching my cock get jacked off. Another lady had her hand under the table and had that faraway look in her eyes. This went on for what seemed like an eternity, but as hard as I tried I just couldn’t cum.

The woman jacking me off said, “I don’t know what’s wrong, my boyfriend would have blown his load by now.” The lady to my right said she knew what was wrong, “let me try.”

“Here, take one leg out of your panties and turn this way.” She helped me take my right leg out of the panties, and then set them to rest on my left thigh. She swung me around so my right leg was on one side of her and my left leg on the other, then she scooted forward so her face was directly in front of my cock. She looked around the table and grabbed the canned whip cream. She said, “My husband loves this.”

Several people gasped when she shook the can and then placed the tip of the whipped cream nozzle in her mouth and pulled sideways. You could hear the cream filling her mouth but none escaped. When it was full she returned the can to the table and faced me.

She took my cock in her hand and opened her mouth. The whipped cream filled her mouth completely and as she positioned my penis at the tips of her lips and leaned forward, whipped cream oozed out the sides and coated my nude balls. The soft creamy liquid felt wonderful against my aching cock. She worked it all the way to the back of her throat and then started pumping; all the way in, all the way out. Her head was bobbing up and down on my cock and I could see her boobs bouncing around in the black teddy. I gently placed my hands on her head and savored the blowjob.

God I wanted to cum in her mouth but the more I tried the more fruitless it seemed to get. Several of the girls were openly masturbating and Brianna was busy taking pictures. After a while the girl looked up at me, stopped, and licked and swallowed the whip cream off my balls. She sat up and asked what was wrong. I said I didn’t know, for some reason I just couldn’t cum.

Brianna said she knew what the problem was, and walked over to me. She said to stand up and put my panties back on. I got off the stool and stepped back into my panties and pulled them up my legs and over my cock. She said, “higher.” So I pulled up on the lace sides until they were above my hips and the crotch was cutting into my balls. She told me to grab my buns and then stepped behind me and placed her arms around me.

I could feel her lace covered tits and tummy rubbing against my back. Like she did in the bathroom earlier, one hand rubbed my stomach and nipples and the other hand rubbed up and down the front of my panties.

She said out loud, “I’ll count to three, and when I say three I want you to fill your panties. One,” she gave my balls a little slap, “Two”, and another slap, “and Three.”

After the third little slap something changed inside me. My groin tightened and somewhere deep inside all the barriers, both physical and psychological, opened up. I groaned as the first gush of sperm shot out my cock and unloaded into my panties. I leaned back into Brianna and she held me tight as a second convulsion sent more sperm shooting out my penis, filling my panties. Then a third, forth and fifth spasm produced successively less and less cum until I was finally pumping dry.

I had never cum so much, the gooey liquid oozing out the lace sides and turning the center material transparent. Brianna held me as I looked around the table. From the looks on their faces it looked like at least two of the women had cum too.

“My god that was so hot.” someone said. Brianna explained, “The problem was that since Keith is now a true panty boy, he can’t cum unless his cock is in his panties.” I felt so humiliated wearing cum stained panties and realizing what she said was probably true. “Keith’s life has just taken a big turn for the better. From now on he will only be able to wear panties, no more boxers, briefs, jock straps or whatever else men wear, just silky women’s panties.

Sit down on your stool, we have something to tell you.” I sat back down, folded my hands over my wet crotch to hide my accident, looked down at the floor and listened to Brianna.

“I’m not really a lingerie salesperson, I’m a fashion photographer. And this is not really a lingerie sale party; it’s more of a club meeting. Each of the ladies brought the outfits they are now wearing to the meeting today; weren’t you surprised how well they fit.

How should I describe it, it’s sort of an apartment building panty club. We meet each Tuesday and Saturday and show off any new outfits we have purchased or just our favorites. Two of the ladies can only come on Saturdays because they have fulltime jobs during the week, you’ll meet them next time. We usually get together and just prance around in our undies, but when you decided to join us today it became much more interesting.

We’d like you to join our club permanently.” I looked up, shocked. “In case you have any thoughts about not joining, I’d remind you that the photos we took of you today are high resolution RAW files, each over 5MB in size and could easily be made into very clear 16×20 inch prints, or of course converted to jpegs to email or post on a website. We don’t want to have to do that of course, we’d rather keep them to ourselves for our club photo album.”

“So, as a new member of our club, there are some guiding principles you need to follow. As I said before, you will only wear women’s panties from now on.

In a few minutes I’m going to send you over to your apartment to gather every piece of underwear you own in a trash bag and then bring them back here. You’ll do that dressed only in your panties of course. Hopefully they will dry soon and no one will catch you flitting about the building dressed like that. That would be real embarrassing. The door to your apartment is open, but I still have the key. I’m going to need to hold onto that for the time being, we’ll make a copy for you if you don’t have an extra one.

Then, when you’ve brought us all your men’s underpants, I’ll give you your clothes back so you can skip off to the mall to purchase some proper underwear. The lingerie store at the mall is having a buy-two-get-one-free sale and we’d like you to get a week’s supply of panties. Since you already own the pair you’re wearing, you’ll need at least six more pairs. I’d think three thongs and three string bikinis would be nice. You can model them for us at Saturday’s meeting.”

“Finally, to make sure you aren’t cheating by wearing men’s underwear throughout the week, there will be random panty check visits to your apartment. Each of us will take turns stopping by, day, night, anytime. We expect to find no men’s underpants, and if you happen to be home at the time, we expect you to be dressed in just a pair of panties–nothing else. Of course if you are showering you can be naked, but there better be a pair of panties close by to put on when you are done otherwise there will be unpleasant consequences.

That just leaves meeting preparation instructions; before each meeting you are to follow the same procedure we followed in the bathroom to remove all your body hair. Then after dressing in your favorite pair of panties, you are to run across the hall to my apartment and come right in–I’ll leave the door unlocked. The meetings start at 10:00am sharp and tardiness isn’t tolerated. Once here, you will be kept very busy; modeling outfits, serving drinks, preparing food and cleaning up–that sort of thing. Believe me, knowing these ladies, things could get very interesting. I think that’s all, any questions?”

My mind was reeling from the new lifestyle just described to me. Part of me was sick knowing that I’d never be able to wear my boxers or briefs when I was at work or at the gym. Someone was bound to find out sooner or later–I’d be a laughing stock. However, another part of me was excited to think that I’d be hanging out with these nearly naked women dressed only in my panties. For some reason that seemed rather comforting. Who knows, maybe someday I would be able to fuck some of them. Brianna did seem to care for me and I trusted her.

I said I didn’t have any questions. She said, “Good, you can start now. You’ve got five minutes to be back with all your underwear–get going.”

I got up and headed out the door, I felt so vulnerable walking in the hallway in just my panties. I wonder how long my apartment door had been unlocked–maybe from the start I could have returned to my apartment, found some clothes, and got my wallet and keys back another way–I’d never know.

As I gathered all my underwear in a plastic trash bag I felt my old life slipping away. Things would be very different now and in a way I sort of looked forward to the change. My cock sure seemed to like it; by the time my last brief was dumped in the bag it was rock solid and my heart was thumping hard. I couldn’t wait to return to Brianna’s apartment and begin my new life with my new friends.

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