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Warm Breeze

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It was a warm afternoon and the windows were open in the small one room apartment. The blinds on the sliding window to the deck we flapping playfully in the warm breeze that blew through the apartment. Alissa reclined on the couch naked, her long dark hair draped enticingly over her gorgeous dark skinned Asian body. Her breasts were large, a bit past their prime but still gorgeous to behold and her dark aureole encircled perk nipples that just begged to be sucked on.

We’d been making out for a while, enjoying each others bodies while restraining ourselves from getting into it too quickly. But eventually the clothes had come off and now it was clear we were about to start into some serious carnal pleasures.

I knelt over her, stroking her thighs with one hand as I removed my shirt and unbuttoned my pants with the other, and then proceeded to pull out my cock, which was naturally throbbing eagerly by now. She loved to suck on my cock unlike any girl or woman I’d dated before. In fact I’d never particularly enjoyed getting a blow job from a woman until I met Alissa. So as my cock came out she rose up, pressed my hand to her wet pussy and proceeded to suck on my cock with zeal while I caressed her warm crotch in appreciation.

Periodically she gazed up at me, my cock still in her mouth. She’d pull my hand from her pussy and either lick it or offer it, moist with her juices for me to lick. That smell and taste was irresistible, I couldn’t get enough of it and eventually I pushed her back parted her thighs to return the oral favor. I loved how she tasted, her pussy was almost sweet and I would dine at her Y all day if I had a chance – there was only one thing I wanted more than it right now and that was her ass.

As I licked, sucked and feasted on her pussy, from time to time I’d come up for air to kiss, and suck on her breasts, teasing those perk nipples with my tongue, sucking on them to audible signs of appreciation. On my third trip down between her legs she let out great moans of pleasure that made my cock quiver. Her pelvis thrust her pussy onto my tongue harder and harder in time with her moans, my face being buried deeper and deeper into her pussy each time. Eventually the moaning subsided and she held still, panting quietly.

I rose up and smiled at her as she beamed back blissfully. We cuddled and I caressed her breasts, pleased at the pleasure she’d extracted from my attentions. After about five minutes the smell of her pussy on my face and my unsatisfied cock drew me out of her arms and back to her thighs. I licked some warm gobs of juice from her labia and lapped playfully at them.

Turning around I straddled her with my butt to her face, I got my head back down and she parted her thighs again for me. I started licking her pussy with more enthusiasm but as I did I started charting a slow course to her ass with each lick of my tongue. Eventually I was licking the bottom of her pussy and off to her taint, that oh so short prelude to her ass.

As my tongue started to stray toward her rosebud I observed that it was clean down there – not sterile, just your average sweaty funk that you might expect on a girls ass after a day of being out and about, not to mention some hot oral sex on a warm afternoon.

I’d licked her ass before but nothing had ever come of it, perhaps because I hadn’t pressed the issue, so to speak, or perhaps because it hadn’t been on the cards, who knew. But today I figured I would just keep licking away and see what happened.

Before long my tongue was almost exclusively licking her ass – probing her rosebud and circling it enticingly. She seemed to be enjoying it as far I could tell as she was clearly relaxing her sphincter for me so I could probe deeper with my tongue. From time to time I’d lick her pussy again and bury my nose into her butt and roll my head as I did so. She reached for my cock and started stroking it, and sucking on it and then as I was licking her ass again she said quietly to me, “Do you want my buttons?”

I paused and looked back up at up her. “Your buttons?” I guess I knew what that meant – I mean it probably couldn’t be anything else.

“Yes my buttons. Do you want to fill my buttons with your cock?” It was an endearing way of putting it to say the least.

I grinned back. “Yes, very much,” I said, my cock twitching in her hand.

She smiled and said, “You’ll need to stretch me out a bit first – lick your finger…”

So I turned around and knelt between her things, studying her face carefully as I licked my index finger and then reached down to her pussy, placed my thumb on her clit and started to circle her ass with my moist finger and gently began to probe at her ass.

After that it didn’t take very much – just the gentlest pressure and she virtually sucked me in. Before I knew it my finger was in her ass up to the knuckle. She smiled at me, almost as if she’d just pulled off a magic trick, and as my finger enjoyed her warm ass for the first time we gazed at each other, well aware of the level of trust this moment signified, and what was inevitably about to follow…

I stroked my finger in and out a few times and then slowly pulled it out and sucked on it. She seemed unphased, not grossed out at all. Even though she let me into explore her ass it wasn’t obvious she would be happy to see me suck my finger now. Wetting it thoroughly I returned it – her ass quickly enveloped it for a second time and once again I let my thumb rub against her clit as I probed her ass. As I was enjoying the moment she said, “Now your other finger…”

Without even pausing I moved my middle finger into position and up against her sphincter, squishing it against my index finger to slide it in.

I felt her tight ring relax slightly and I pushed against it. I knew she must be straining like she was having a bowel movement to loosen her sphincter and let me in – clearly she knew what she was up to but I don’t think either of us thought the other was an anal virgin at this point. Anyway it did the trick and I now had two fingers into her ass. I looked down to enjoy the view – her sphincter was stretched out around the base of my fingers and her ass was dilated nicely as I started to thrust in an out. Inside her ass I could feel the warm and new sensations of her anal cavity.

As I focused on her ass she reached down to her pussy and started playing with it, something I hadn’t seen her do before. Normally my cock, (above average but by no means huge) was plenty enough for her. Her ass relaxed more and my fingers slid in deeper. At the depth of my probing I could feel something alien buried in the soft warm passage. It was the briefest of moments of uneasiness, mostly because I knew that she already felt it too and I was unsure what her reaction would be. I quickly wiggled my finger and eased it out of the way, wiping my fingers on a Kleenex quickly and before the moment was spoiled I had returned to my attentions of her ass and she returned to rubbing her pussy without so much of a word.

In fact I hesitate to mention that happened at all, but sometimes even during the sexiest and tenderest of moments you get a little surprise with anal. I think it was just part of that trust we had that it was not the slightest issue to either of us. It just goes with the territory I suppose and those who are comfortable with the territory aren’t going to freak out over a little bit of reality.

As I continued to probe her ass with my two fingers I bent down and licked at her pussy, she seemed to enjoy this as she played with her clit. Then I started pulling my fingers from her ass and licking at them, keeping them nice and wet and enjoying the sight, taste and smells of the moment.

In all too short of a time she then instructed me, like a teacher almost, “Now put your cock in.”

I was somewhat of a surprise to me since while she was clearly nicely stretched out by now there was something missing.

“But wont we need some lube?” I asked.

“No, trust me, it’ll be okay, I’m nice and wet,” she reassured me.

I thought to myself that this was just not how it should be – whatever happened to “There’s no such thing as too much lube!” and all that?

I asked once more and on her continued assurance I dribbled a healthy gob of saliva into my palm and basted my cock and her ass with it as liberally as I could. She lay back and tilted her hips to raise her ass as far up as she could and I leaned forward, my throbbing cock dancing as it neared her ass.

I rested its head against her sphincter and gazed into her eyes as I felt the warmth of her ass against my glans. She focused on me, smiling softly and almost instantly her sphincter dilated and I was in. There was no difficulty, no pain, just warmth and tightness. She grinned, knowing I was enjoying the bliss. I moaned with pleasure and told her how good it was. I reach down and wet my shaft with more saliva and she reached down to her pussy and started rubbing.

“Now you can start thrusting,” she hinted, giving me permission to do what I’d be dreaming of for the last half hour.

I began very slowly but she took me in – and out – with ease. Within a few slow strokes I was able to slide all the way in, focusing on her face checking for any signs of displeasure or pain. There were none.

With no lube but my saliva I found myself with my seven inches of cock buried to the balls in her ass. I looked down to check and watched almost with wonder as my shaft slid out and then back in.

“Squeeze your ass on me,” I told her.

She grinned and clenched her sphincter tight around me. “You’ve got me now!” I joked – she giggled. Although she could do magical things with her pussy from lots of practice at Kegel exercises it was nothing like this.

“How does it feel?” she asked.

“Oh god, its so wonderful – so hot and tight!” I exclaimed, at a loss for words. Just how do you describe that feeling? Being in her ass was such a brand new set of feelings it was a almost overwhelming my senses.

She held me in there feeling the throbbing of my cock. “I want you to fill me up, squirt your cum deep in my ass!” she begged.

I laughed and said, “Yes ma’am!”

So I started thrusting in and out, faster and faster and she diddled on her clit gazing at me intently, studying my expression as I enjoyed her ass.

I looked down and watched my cock sliding in and out – parting her labia as it filled her ass beneath, then I began pulling out all the way leaving her ass open, like a mouth gasping for air. It never looked sweeter to me and I quickly filled it again with my cock to her eager moans of pleasure.

Normally I could make love to Alissa for a long time in the missionary position without cumming myself. But it was hardly surprising that I wasn’t going to last that long tonight. With the tightness of my cock in her ass, the amazing view, the novelty of the situation and her eager moans of appreciation I was realizing I’d soon be fulfilling her wish to squirt my load in her ass. She wasn’t near to orgasm unfortunately but I couldn’t hold out.

She saw the look in my eyes and the slowing of my thrusts and whispered, “Do it!”

I was trying to avoid thrusting too hard in the heat of the moment, but as I reached my climax she pulled my ass tight into her until my balls slapped against her butt and my cock thrust deep inside of her. With a strangled yelp, grunt and then a deep satisfied moan my cock began throbbing and my cum sprayed into her several times. In the deep tightness of her ass I could feel it filling her ass and flowing up around my cock as still more squirted in.

“Oooooh wooow!” I exhaled and smiled at her, starting to come around from the moments of bliss that temporarily detached me from reality. Resting there with my cock still quivering in her ass we gazed at each other grinning, our bodies moist with sweat.

“How do you like my buttons?” she inquired.

“I love your buttons, thank you – that was so wonderful!” I exclaimed.

“Did I hurt you? Was there any pain?” I asked.

“Oh no, it was easy – I told you we wouldn’t need any lube,” she said, seemingly pleased.

“Yes that was amazing, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible without lube,” I told her.

“Yes you just need a lot of saliva and my ass is nice and moist,” she answered.

“Well it’s definitely nice and moist now!” I joked and we both laughed because at that moment we could both feel a warm, wet trickle of my cum coming down her ass around the shaft of my cock.

I reached for a Kleenex and leaned back and somewhat reluctantly started to slide my cock out for what I knew would be the last time, at least for a while that is. She squeezed her ass tightly around my shaft and barely a drop of cum was spilled. I dabbed her ass and then licked her pussy while she laid back.

I looked up. “Shall I lick your ass clean too?” I asked.

“Sure, go ahead sweetie,” she said completely unphased as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

So I gave her ass some nice licks of my tongue and mopped up the saliva and cum that was down there. Since there was nothing else I came up and offered her a kiss – she didn’t hesitate and we kissed and snuggled for a few minutes enjoying the moment.

Then she made a move to get up and I let her and she went over to the bathroom.

“Come here,” she said.

She squatted over the toilet bowl with her thighs well apart so I could see. Her moist pussy was still swollen and her breasts hung beautifully with her long dark hair draped over them. She then reached down and pulled her ass cheeks apart and lent back so I could now see her ass.

She concentrated for a moment, then quietly whispered to me, “Watch!”

Instantly a flood of cum gushed from her ass and into the toilet bowl. With a few more squeezes of her ass some more followed it and then it was over.

“Damn!” I exclaimed

She grinned at me like she’d pulled off another magic trick, knowing that it was making me oh so horny all over again.

“That was your luvin that filled me up, what do you think?” she asked, somewhat rhetorically.

“That was hot!” I told her. “How ever did you get so wickedly sexy?” I asked.

She just beamed and winked back at me. With a quick wipe of her ass she stood up, glanced down at my quickly stiffening cock, then took my hand and led me out of the bathroom and off to the bedroom…

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