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Walking the Dog

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It was finally summer. I just moved out of my parents’ home and had found an apartment for myself and my best friend Harry, a ninety pound mutt that I had rescued from the local dog pound when I entered high school. He had been my constant and loyal companion for the past five years and there was no way that I was going to leave without him. We had gone everywhere and done everything together, and now that we were out on our own, I needed to find a place for Harry to do his thing, if you know what I mean.

At my parent’s house, Harry would have the run of two acres of land, so picking up piles of dog shit wasn’t a worry. He would head off into the wooded section of our property, do what he had to do, and then come back to play. Now I needed to find a place where we could continue to do what we liked to do…shit wherever we wanted and play. I knew of a park that was within walking distance of where we now lived, but I also knew that it got rather crowded once the day started to warm up. Therefore, Harry and I needed to wake up early to avoid anyone or anything that would disturb our perfect life.

Things went well for the first week. We had the park to ourselves for more than an hour each day, and when other people would start to arrive we would leave. The beginning of the second week, however, brought about a drastic change in our lives. We reached our destination at the usual time, only to find a woman and her dog playing in “our” park. Harry looked up at me with quizzical eyes, then at the two intruders, and then at me once more, as if asking, “What the hell is going on? Who the fuck is that?” I shrugged my shoulders, trying to let him know that there really wasn’t anything I could do about it, and that he’d have to cope.

I took the leash off of his collar and let him loose, knowing that at that point in time, taking a dump was his number one priority. Harry headed off to his usual, out of the way spot, lifted his leg and then did what he really had to do, never taking his eyes off of the other dog. I truly expected Harry to stay with me when he was done, but as soon as he finished, he took off in the direction of the woman and her dog.

“Harry. No!” I yelled, but my effort was useless.

Harry covered the distance in seconds, which was no small accomplishment for him. I have to admit that he was a bit overweight, but I had never seen him run so fast in his life, even when he wasn’t so generously proportioned. As I trotted over to where the three of them now where, I watched as the woman introduced herself to Harry with a playful rub to his head and affectionate scratch to his chin. After that, Harry made a beeline for her dog, with both of them introducing themselves to each other the way all dogs do, with a lengthy sniff of each other’s ass. Once the preliminaries were through, they both took off in some sort of dog contest to see who could run the fastest to nowhere. When I finally reached the woman, she was standing with her back toward me, arms folded in front of herself and watching the two dogs enjoy each other.

“Sorry about that,” I said slightly out of breath. “I didn’t think he would come over here. He usually listens pretty well.”

“That’s alright,” the woman said as she turned to face me. “Princess seems to be enjoying his company.”

As she turned to talk to me, I saw that she was an older woman. I understand “now” that middle-aged isn’t old, but it’s still a couple of decades spent on earth longer than myself. It was quite apparent that she hadn’t expected to meet anyone at the park this early in the morning. Her blond hair was tied back into a short ponytail and she wore no makeup. Her face, however, still exhibited a fresh appearance and attitude. Her less than perfectly proportioned teeth and nose, along with her strikingly high cheeks, may have possibly induced an advertising agency in a time gone by to say that she had a “farm-fresh”, natural look. To me, she was sort of cute. The way she was dressed would only add to the marketing campaign which could have been designed for her traits. She was wearing a plaid, worn out, cotton shirt. Its tails were tied in front, exposing a small portion of her stomach. Her belly button was an “inner”. A pair of worn, cut-off jeans, that were probably shorter than they should have been and a size too small, covered her ass. Maybe they fit her body a few years ago, when she was a few pounds lighter and a few inches firmer, but now her thighs bulged out slightly at the edge of the pants leg. Calf-high white socks and a pair of hiking boots completed her attire for this morning’s excursion with her dog into the park.

At first, she must have forgotten about her appearance, but the longer we talked, exchanging inconsequential pleasantries about the weather and our dogs, and the more she looked at me, the more uncomfortable she seemed to be about how she appeared. She started to fuss with her hair and her clothing the way women do when they think that they look totally unattractive. She pulled at this and poked at that, fidgeted over here and fiddled over there, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to say something.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked.

“I must look horrible,” she said bluntly, sounding nervous and awkward. “I…got up late…and…threw on anything that was hanging around so I could get Princess here. I feel like a slob.”

“Don’t be silly. You look fine. Besides, there’s nobody here. Just me and Harry. And he was in a pretty big hurry to come over and see you. You know, he doesn’t single out just anyone to be his friend.”

“That’s right,” she said with a smile. “He picked you, didn’t he.”

“That’s right,” I confirmed proudly. “And now he’s picked you too.”

“I think Princess had something to do with that.”

We both looked as our two dogs frolicked in the grass without a care in the world.

“Well…maybe,” I said, turning to look at her again. Her green eyes nearly matched the color of the grass.

“Not maybe,” she said, nodding her head in the direction of our dogs once more. “I’d say definitely.”

I turned to see what she was alluding to. Harry was now doing the other thing that dogs are famous for. He was standing behind Princess, his forepaws wrapped tightly around her waist. His hips were pumping back and forth like the driving piston of and old-style locomotive. A stupid, happy grin was painted on his face.

“Harry!” I yelled at the top of my voice. “Cut that out! Harry!”

Once again, my dog paid no attention to what I said. He continued to dry-hump this woman’s dog until he wanted to stop. When he finished, Princess happily turned to face him, playfully bent her head down to the ground, and then took off on another run across the field, with Harry puffing behind.

“Sorry about that. He’s not being a very good boy today.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she said with a giggle. “She’s fixed, just like her master. Besides, I don’t think she minded at all. In fact, I think she enjoyed it.”

In spite of the fact that she didn’t seem to mind seeing her dog get humped by some stranger’s, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I prayed that Harry would control himself until I could collar him and take him home. Thankfully, he never did catch up to Princess again.

The woman told me that she was married and had three children. Her husband was at work and the kids had just left the other day and were visiting relatives out of state for three weeks. She didn’t work, so most of her day was spent at home with the dog. I told her about my current situation, how I worked evenings, and that Harry was my one and only best friend.

“No girlfriend?”

“I’ve got Harry for now.”

“That doesn’t sound right,” she said with a laugh.

“Hey,” I said playfully. “Who do you think taught him those moves?” I said, as I held my hands out into the air in front of myself and pitched my hips back and forth.

“Wow,” she said as she continued to laugh. “You’re form is very good.”

We both continued to chuckle as our dogs finally decided that they had run around long enough for the day. The four of us gathered together as a few more people began to enter the park. I collared Harry first, putting his leash on and holding him by my side. Princess was a bit more tired and decided to lay down a few yards away from us. The woman elected to leash her dog while she lounged on the ground. She went over to her dog, and instead of squatting down, she spread her legs and bent over at her waist to harness her tired pet. Standing behind her, Harry and I both stared at the pleasant view she offered to us. The legs of her shorts rose up on her chubby thighs, revealing temporary, red marks which had been pressed into them. The seam that went down the middle of the backside of her pants strained to stay together as her ass expanded to its fullest size. On the right side of her ass, the line of her panty dissected her right cheek squarely in the middle. The left side was a different story. The edge of her panty was no where to be seen, buried somewhere deep inside the crack of her ass.

“Let me show you my dog moves now,” I thought to myself.

I wasn’t paying very close attention to Harry when suddenly he moved forward, trying to put his nose into the crack of her ass as he sniffed the air feverishly. I luckily pulled at his already shortened leash, stopping his advance with barely an inch to spare. He gagged and coughed as he sat, looking up at me and wondering what the hell I did that for. In spite of my silent, but energetic, fist-shaking admonishment, he continued to sniff the air frantically in her direction, and once more in my life I wished that I was a dog. Finally, she had her dog collared and she straightened up. The seam of her cut-offs now disappeared into the same dark crevasse that had swallowed the left side of her panty. Both cheeks of her ass were now delightfully obvious. I could only imagine the loud sound that would resonate from a perfectly placed slap. As she turned to face me, she pulled the legs of her shorts back down. We smiled at each other, and I wondered if we were smiling about the same thing.

We both lived in the same direction, so we walked together for a few blocks. When we reached the street where we would go our separate ways, Harry and Princess seemed to not want to part. As we both pulled our dogs along, she turned and called back to me.

“My name’s Jean. See you tomorrow?”

“Maybe,” I called back.

“What’s your name?”

“Thomas…Tommy. Everyone calls me Tommy.” “My mom calls me Thomas,” I said softly to myself.

“Okay. See ya’ Tommy.”

We waved to each other and turned to continue on our way. After about ten steps, I stopped and looked back towards Jean once more. I found myself watching the cheeks of her ass pitch up and down in a very rhythmic manner. Harry watched too, and I wondered whose ass he was looking at. When she turned to go down another street, Harry and I headed off to our apartment.

Throughout the rest of the day, I found myself thinking more and more about the older woman I had met. The sight of her smile, the sound of her laugh, and the shape of her ass repeatedly filled my thoughts. When I eagerly let my imagination grow, so did my cock. Quickly, a full blown hard-on filled my shorts when I imagined myself doing to Jean what Harry had done to Princess. A wet spot of pre-cum rapidly stained my shorts. I should have suspended my daydream at that point, but instead, I increased my drive and searched through my numerous copies of Penthouse. I finally found a pictorial that featured a girl that somewhat resembled the older woman from the park. Heading for my bathroom and standing over the toilet bowl, I began to stroke my hard cock as I examined the pictorial. I let a huge amount of spit collect in my mouth, and when I knew that I had accumulated enough, I let it drip from my mouth to coat my fingers and cock. From past depraved experiences, I knew that I could have used some other lubricant, but spit always seemed to be more natural and usually more effective. As I stared at the pictures of the woman in the magazine, her face was magically transformed into Jean’s. A shot of her holding onto the lips of her cunt and spreading them apart as far as she could took me to the brink of orgasm. I let another deposit of spit smear over my cock as I turned to the last page. I was greeted by a shot of the model’s ass as she bent over. The mound of her cunt bulged down from between her legs as a tuft of soft, pubic hair hung down invitingly on either side of her parted lips. My hand slid rapidly over my cock as my balls convulsed, sending a stream of cum into the bowl. I groaned as my orgasm set chills up and down my spine.

Harry heard my moans of pleasure and came padding down the hall to see what was going on. By the time he reached the bathroom, the last drops of cum were oozing out of the tip of my cock and dropping into the bowl. I looked down at him as he looked at my swollen cock, and then at me.

“I bet you wish you could do that, huh fella? Well, at least you could sniff your girl’s ass and dry-hump her in the middle of the park without worrying about someone calling the cops. I got to get my jollies by jerking off in the bathroom, thinking about some married, old lady that I’ll never even get close to. At least you get something you lucky bastard. I only got these magazines. Go lay down.”

Harry took a deep breath, blew it out of his nose, and then departed. I still had to clean my hand and cock, and then look forward to eight hours of work. I spent the rest of my day wondering where I had put my clean shorts, and if I would see the older woman again. When my work day finally ended hours later, I had decided that the day had been a fluke, and that my normal, tedious existence would resume tomorrow.

When Harry and I left our apartment for the park the next morning, I had really been hoping that Jean and Princess would be there waiting for us. Upon our arrival, a slight sense of depression filled my heart as an empty park greeted us. Harry, on the other hand, seemed to be as happy as ever. Whether or not a female would be there for him was of no concern. All he wanted was to take a healthy shit and run. I unleashed him and sent him on his merry way. As he fulfilled his physical wants and needs, I spun around slowly, hoping that I had possibly missed seeing the woman and her dog. No such luck. They weren’t here. I let Harry run around and explore as he always did, chasing squirrels and smelling patches of burnt, yellow grass. Today, however, I didn’t partake by walking with him as I had done before. After yesterday, it just didn’t seem the same. It had been more fun with another human being around to talk to, especially one of the opposite sex.

Time dragged, and I was going to end our morning at the park early when I heard Harry bark and saw him running toward the park entrance. I turned to see another dog running in his direction. It was Princess. A huge smile grew immediately on my face when I saw Jean waving at me. I waved back, unaware that my heart rate had increased, or that I was trotting off in her direction. Our dogs met first, but I have to admit that I didn’t loose the race by much. I was surprised to find myself panting like a dog when I reached Jean.

“You can run quite fast Tommy. I guess that goes hand-in-hand with youth.”

“Huh? Oh. Yeah. Aaa, sometimes I jog to stay in shape.”

“I see. I thought you ran because you were happy to see us,” she said with a smile.

“Well yeah. I mean no. I mean…I jog. Honest.”

“I was just kidding with you,” she said, reaching out and touching my arm with her hand.

Her touch was so soft and so warm. I could smell the slight fragrance of an extremely enticing scent float from her body. Maybe it was a hand lotion, or maybe a perfume, but why wear perfume to walk your dog in the park? It was then that I noticed how different she looked. Her hair was styled and she was wearing a slight touch of makeup. A matched, well-fitted blouse and skirt had replaced her worn shirt and cut-offs. A stylish pair of shoes with a slight heel had taken the place of her socks and hiking boots. Suddenly, I was the one that felt uncomfortable with my attire. Without thinking, I questioned her about her appearance.

“Looking pretty snazzy for a morning dog-walk. Got someplace special to go to?”

“No. No where to go. Just here to meet you. Yesterday, like I said before, I got up late and just threw anything on. Today, I got up on time. That’s all.”

“I see. We didn’t expect to see the two of you. I thought that maybe we scared you away.”

“Oh no. Don’t think that way. We enjoyed your company yesterday. Couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun we had. Especially Princess. She couldn’t stop talking about how good Harry was.”

She laughed scandalously, alluding to Harry’s backdoor attack of her dog. She reached out and put her arm around my shoulder, pulling me into her body and hugging me as if we had been good friends for years. I laughed uncomfortably and found myself trying to artfully escape her grasp. She released me from her grip slowly, letting her hand gently brush against my ass on its way down. Nether one of us said anything about it, but I’m sure that we both knew that it had happened.

Once again, small talk occupied our time as the two dogs reestablished their friendship. In spite of my now guarded feelings towards her, I couldn’t help but find myself attracted to her new appearance. Without even trying, she had my undivided attention. Great effort was exerted on my part to not let my spellbound stares last too long. Her breasts, which were hidden by yesterday’s shirt, now stood out independently with a firm, inviting form. Her skirt clung to her hips, accentuating the motion of her lower body as she walked. The heels of her shoes made the muscles in her full calves take on a surprisingly, stunning shape. Had this woman been single and slightly younger, I would have asked her out for a date.

About a half hour passed by before the usual crowd began to enter the park. We both agreed that it was time to go and leashed our dogs. The pace of our walk was slower than the previous day’s. Maybe it was caused by the heels of her shoes, and maybe it was because neither one of us was satisfied by the length of time we had spent together. As we approached the street where we would go our separate ways, Jean stopped and turned to face me.

“You know Tommy, Harry and Princess really didn’t get to spend much time together today. That was my fault. Why don’t you come to my house. It’s just down the street. I’ve got a fenced-in yard and the dogs can spend a little more time with each other. They’d love it. I’ll make coffee. How’s that sound.”

“Gosh. I really don’t know. I don’t want to be a pain.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m the one asking. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to. What do you say? How could you refuse those eyes?” she asked, pointing down at Harry.

Harry was doing what any other dog would do, wagging his tail and giving his best impression of a human being’s smile.

“What do you say Harry?” I asked. “It’s up to you. Do you want to visit over Princess’s house?”

Harry wagged his tail some more and barked.

“Well, I guess that’s that. But only for a little while. Like I said. I don’t want to be a pain.”

“Great. Your fantastic Harry,” she said, as she bent down and rubbed Harry’s head. As she cradled his muzzle in her hand she said, “Let’s go and have some fun.”

Unwittingly, I had just allowed my dog to let a married woman invite me over to her empty house. It never occurred to me that what we were about to do could lead to things that just shouldn’t happen. I mean, it’s one thing to associate with an older, attractive, married woman in a public place, and another thing to accept an invitation to spend time in her house while her kids and husband are away. I’m sure that neither one of us had intended to do more than talk, but we both should have known better. Leave a pyromaniac alone in a room with a book of matches, and you can be sure that when you get back, some of those matches will have been struck.

We made it to her house in no time, and I’m sure that that had to do with our quickened pace. If we had paid more attention to the sound of our heels, we both would have sensed a potential, hidden purpose in our lengthened and hurried strides.

As we walked up the steps of her house, the entire length of her light skirt fluttered lazily in the gentle breeze that blew. I couldn’t help but notice the shape of her ass once more. The sleek and shiny material which covered that round surface clung desperately to her shape. The mischievous thought of bending down and looking up her skirt disappeared as soon as the front door swung open.

“If only her skirt had been shorter,” I thought.

The four of us entered a typical, family-of-five, home. Toys and articles of clothing littered the rooms. Cars, trucks, dolls and board games decorated both the floor and furniture. A man’s suit jacket hung on a hanger that was suspended from a doorknob. What really caught my eye was a black bra draped over the back of a chair in one corner, and a white cotton panty that sat on the top of the banister leading upstairs.

“Excuse the mess,” she said, as she quickly grabbed the soiled panty and threw it into a clothes basket, filled with dirty garments. Maybe she thought that I didn’t see it. “The kids just left the other day and I’ve gotten lazy, enjoying the peace and quiet.”

“That’s okay. Don’t forget. I’m a single guy living on my own. This looks immaculate compared to my place.”

I followed her through the rest of the house, towards the back. In the kitchen, a door opened up to the backyard. A large, fenced in area awaited our dogs. As soon as the door was opened, Princess and Harry flew out into their own private playground. We watched them play together for a few minutes and then we both went back into the kitchen. I sat at the table while Jean went about making coffee. I couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to pull out her coffee-maker from a lower cabinet. When she reached into an upper cabinet to retrieve two coffee cups and some dishes, I wished that my seat was lower and once more that her skirt was cut shorter. As she leaned over to pour coffee into our cups and to put some donuts on the table, I hoped that the buttons on her blouse wouldn’t open and let her tits fall out. When I finally realized how out of place my thoughts about this older woman had become, a sizeable hard-on had already crammed its way into my pants.

Thankfully, I was able to remain seated as Jean continued to be the consummate host. As the levels of coffee in our cups lessened, so did the size and strength of my cock. The drops of pre-cum that had oozed out of the tip of my cock made things a little bit uncomfortable, but that was a small price to pay for the secreted pleasures this young man had just indulged in. We talked as if we had known each other for years. She was genuinely interested in what I said and thought, and what I planned to do with my life. Maybe it was just the mothering instinct of an older woman overtaking her, and maybe she really cared. Anyway, nearly an hour passed before I made any attempt to leave.

“Well,” I said, “I think Harry and I better get going. We’ve taken up too much of your time already.”

“Nonsense. I enjoyed every minute with you. And I’m sure Princess feels the same about Harry.”

“Well, thanks again,” I said as I attempted to get up from the table with my dishes.

“Stay seated Tommy. I’ll clean up. It’ll only take a few seconds.”

Once again, her motherly nature set her into motion. I sat and watched as she collected the dishes and brought them to the sink. Immediately she began to wash the cups and plates, commenting about her children and telling me what Princess and Harry were doing. Actually, I paid little attention to what she said because of the motion of her ass. While her upper body was busily scrubbing the dirty dishes, her lower body was rocking and rolling like a bowl of jell-o. She reminded me of one of those quivering, hula-girl dolls that people put of the dash of the car. In no time, my cock had hardened as much as it had before. I looked down to see a huge bulge between my legs. Even though I wanted to leave right now, I couldn’t. Not until my obvious disfigurement had disappeared.

I wisely pulled my eyes away from her ass and looked at the artwork of her children, which covered the refrigerator door. While gazing at the scribbled stick figures of “Mom” and “Dad”, I could finally sense a decrease in the flow of blood to my cock. It was then when I thought I heard my host calling my name. Suddenly I realized that she was. I looked back toward the sink to see Jean staring out of the window over the sink. She was on her toes, stretching her neck in order to view something that had caught her interest.

“Look Tommy. I really don’t think that Harry wants to go right now. Come over here and see.”

“What do you mean,” I asked, reluctant to get up with a hard-on still visible between my legs.

“Come here and see.”

I cautiously rose from my chair and slowly made my way over to the kitchen sink. Had my third leg been able to reach the floor, I would have made it over to her much more rapidly. Jean turned quickly and looked at my eyes.

“You’ve got to see what your dog is doing again.”

She never saw the bulge in my pants as she turned once more to peer out of the window. I stood at a safe distance away from her and tried to see what she saw.

“I can’t see anything.”

“They’re over there,” she said pointing to her right. “He’s doing it again. Look.”

She reached at me without looking and grabbed hold of my arm. She pulled me toward herself until the sides of our bodies were pressed firmly against each other. She put her arm around my back and attempted to push me further in the direction of the window, hoping to make me see what she saw. Immediately I sensed the heat of her body. Her soft, supple flesh molded itself to mine. The alluring scent that I had been aware of at the park now totally engulfed my sense of smell. My cock, which had started to diminish in size, now sprung back to life with untapped vigor. Straining and stretching like a bear, awakening from its winter sleep, my six inch tool felt as if it had doubled in length and girth.

Had the older woman at my side been a little less enthusiastic about what was happening outside, I might have been able to gain a bit more control over the entire situation occurring within my body. Hormones were being produced at speeds and amounts that my system had never seen. Instead, her actions only continued to drive things past the point of no return. In her haste to have me see what she was seeing, she generated events that neither one of us could, or actually wanted to stop.

“Can’t you see?”

“I don’t see anything.”

“Let’s try over there.”

Grabbing me by the wrist, Jean pulled me in the direction of the door. As we hurriedly moved away from the sink, the left cheek of her ass pressed firmly onto the head of my cock. A jolt of electricity shot through the shaft of my cock as if I had plugged it into a functioning light socket. The married mother with me had no idea what had happened. I don’t even think that she felt anything. And if she did, she probably thought that something that hard must have been a bone that made up the elbow in my arm.

We covered the ten feet between the sink and door in seconds. I stood behind her as she peered out the window, keeping a safe distance away from her body. Her head bobbed and weaved until she spotted her objectives once more. She smiled and chuckled at what she saw.

“They’re still at it.”

“What? I can’t see anything.”

“Well you’ll never see anything from back there.”

With that, she reached back without looking and expertly grabbed me by the waistband of my pants. I surmise that having children blesses mothers with the ability to hit targets without having to see them. Anyway, she pulled me forcefully up against her backside. A second, blind probe by her hand found my shoulder and drew my chin down onto her’s. I put my right hand onto her right shoulder for balance as my entire body now pressed firmly against her. Holding my chin in her left hand, she directed my line of sight in the direction she wanted me to see. The cheek of my face rubbed gently onto hers as she pointed at what she wanted me to see with her right hand.

In the far corner of her yard, I saw our dogs wrestling with each other, or so I thought. A closer look revealed that Harry was once again mounting Princess. This time, however, she seemed to be in no hurry to run away when he finished. When he ended a session of thrusts and got off, she stuck her head between his legs and licked his little, hard, pink cock. She then circled him a few times and offered her backside to him once more. Unwilling to disappoint a lady, Harry happily mounted her once more.

“They’ve been carrying on like that for a while now,” Jean said with a laugh.

“I guess they’re having fun,” I said.

“I guess so.”

The two of us remained as we were, hypnotized by the fornicating exhibition our dogs were acting out for us. When the older woman in front of me shifted the weight of her body to get a better look at our dogs, only then did I realize how fast my heart was beating and how heavy our breathing had become. Her sudden silence revealed that she too was now aware of our problematic situation. We both froze, knowing that any movement might change our lives forever. Instead of helping to alleviate our predicament, our lack of movement only made us more aware of the subtle, delicate stimuli that would finally make both of us loose control.

Our slow, unmatched, rhythmic breathing quickly harmonized. I became acutely aware of the sound made by her nose as her hot breath exited through her nostrils. I felt my chest bounce against her back as my heart pounded with ever increasing power. The scent of the perfume and powder she had adorned her body with that morning increased in strength as the heat of her body amplified the intensity of their chemicals. I was now able to discern with my sense of smell that she had placed her perfume on her neck, and her body powder had been dusted lightly between her breasts. Although she had drawn my lower body tightly against her ass, previously camouflaging the size and shape of my hard cock, I was positive that she was now extremely aware of how excited I really was. My rock-hard, erect cock pressed deeply into the left cheek of her ass. In a vain attempt to stop anything more from happening, Jean halfheartedly tried to divert our attention away from what we truly felt.

“Who’s your dog’s vet,” she asked in a faint, hesitating voice.

“Why?” I asked, determined to not loose my real train of thought.

“Just wondering,” she replied as she took a long, deep breath through her mouth.

Recognizing that simple questions would not stop what was happening, she stood silent and still once more. Unable and unwilling to fend off what my body felt, I turned my face into her and put my lips onto the nape of her neck. I didn’t kiss her, but allowed my hot breath to caress her skin. Still staring out the window of the door, she automatically tilted her head in my direction and then surprisingly tilted it in the opposite direction, presenting her entire neck to my advances. I opened my mouth slightly and kissed her softly on her neck. She quickly took another deep breath as an almost indiscernible moan was generated from her vocal chords. When she suddenly realized what I was doing, and her acceptance of it, she quickly tilted her head back towards me and lifted her shoulder, trying to stop my advances.

“No Tommy. Don’t,” she said softly, but with very little conviction.

“Why not?” I whispered, dragging my lips across her skin and letting my warm, moist breath blanket her neck once more.

“We shouldn’t. I’m married. I have kids.”

“Harry and Princess won’t tell,” I said softly as I kissed her neck for a second time.

Her green eyes spied the two dogs once more. Harry was on top of Princess, holding onto her with his paws as best as he could. Jean was breathing through her mouth faster now, watching intently as my dog’s hips thrust back and forth with incredible speed. Spit flew from his mouth as he panted with delight. The older woman in front of me licked her lips and swallowed with some difficulty as the pornographic movie played out in front of her.

“Please Tommy. Stop,” she haltingly whispered.

I softly kissed her neck for a third time. Again she tilted her head away from me, exposing her entire neck. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and pressed it firmly onto her neck. I dragged my tongue across her skin, tasting the perfume that had already accomplished the task its manufacturers had intended it to achieve. I continued to orally explore her neck as I let my right hand travel slowly down the right side of her body. I felt the soft, warm texture of her physical being through the nearly imperceptible material of her clothes. I sensed the strength of the bra she wore and the slight bulge of flesh that marked the beginning of her waist. My fingers gently covered the bump of soft tissue that indicated the inviting form of her hips. I pressed my fingers into the supple, abundant deposit of fat that padded the firm and strong muscles which lie beneath. I let my hand glide down the outside of her thigh as far as I could reach, and then let it return upwards along the backside of her leg. My hand finally reached the right cheek of her ass. I cupped its form gently in the palm of my hand, and then I squeezed it as hard as I could. Jean gasped with surprise and delight as her body reacted to my unexpected assault. I released my grip from her firmer than anticipated cheek and let my hand gently caress its form repeatedly, in a slow, circular motion. My fingers easily sensed the shape of her panty. Unquestionably, it would be a clean, white, high-cut brief that was definitely being worn for the first time.

The older woman standing in front of me made no verbal objections to my probing touch. Her breathing remained rhythmic and strong as I brought my hand around to the front of her body. I let my hand float softly over her stomach. A slight bulge bore witness to the effects of child birth and a lack of exercise. However, I did find the pliability of her form to be thrilling. She offered no resistance as I cupped the lower portion of her right breast in my hand. I lifted its mass, with its weight causing it to loose some of its alluring shape. I searched the surface of her blouse with my index finger, easily finding the hard, distinctive form of her nipple. Automatically, I drew my thumb up and squeezed her nipple firmly. Jean drew a deep breath and thrust her chest forward. I wondered if she had the same reaction when one of her suckling children clamped down hard on her nipple when she was breast feeding. Sensing that she was within an eyelash of not being able to ever say no to our desires, the woman from the park weakly pleaded one last time for me to stop. Her body began to undulate as words left her lips sporadically, in between panting breaths and gasps of pleasure.

“Tommy…please…I can’t…we shouldn’t…my husband…my children…you’re too young…oh God no…please…I…”

I heard her pleas, but I obeyed her similar to the way Harry had obeyed me. I let my hand leave her tit and I reached down between her legs as she continued to plead for freedom. Automatically she spread her feet apart, granting me access to the part of her body she had just supposedly begged me not to take. Through her skirt and panty I felt the rough texture of her pubic hair. I brought my left hand down between her legs too, and using my fingers, I pulled the fabric of her skirt up, gathering it in my left hand until I felt the soft, cotton material of her panty. Slowly, gently, I let the fingers of my right hand search out the waistband of her panty and gradually descend beneath its surface. Her pubic hairs were matted and pressed tightly against her body. I allowed my fingers to explore her growth of fur entirely, discovering an abundant and robust patch of locks. Needing to fulfill my desire to know more, I pushed my hand deeper into her panty. I sensed the heat building between her legs as a virtual blast of moist, hot air rose up to envelop my hand. I reached as far as I could with my fingers until I felt the top of the opening of her cunt.

I tried to continue with my probing when I felt her hand grab my wrist and pull my hand out of her panty. Surprise slowed my understanding of what she was doing. In the blink of an eye, Jean spun her body around to face me. She quickly put her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine. Desperate, passionate, animal-like kisses smothered me. The mature woman who fought off the imprisoned desires which had struggled for freedom, suddenly conceded defeat to the stronger elements which made her what she was. She opened her mouth, covering mine with her soft, wet, and warm lips. Her tongue found a slight separation in my lips and pushed its way into my mouth. Frantically, her fleshy tongue explored every nook and cranny it could reach. Warm, slippery spit transferred unabatedly between us in liberal amounts. Finally, as we divided our lips to breath, I quickly put my mouth onto her neck and sucked on her flesh. She squealed as an instantaneous, stimulating and tickling effect shocked her body. She squirmed like a snake as a minimal orgasm began to magically make its way up and down the insides of her legs. The skin between her cunt and asshole tightened. Her hips began to rock back and forth, not requiring any type of commands from her brain to perform as they did. As I continued to attack her neck, she pleaded with me for one last time, only now she begged for what her body truly wanted.

“Oh God…oh please…fuck me Tommy…fuck me.”

She reached with both of her hands and pulled my face from her neck. Again she kissed me like an animal, seemingly trying to devour my mouth with her own. She then buried her face into my neck as her hands feverishly groped at my body. I quickly reached for the tie that held her skirt up. One tug undid the loose knot. I slipped my hand into the waistband of her skirt and unfurled the gathered material. Instantly, her skirt fluttered to the kitchen floor. Without thinking, I reached down between her legs, caressing the bountiful, warm, soft flesh of her inner thighs. Once again, she began to spread her feet willingly, allowing me to explore with little difficulty. I brought my hands up and lovingly rubbed the inviting mound between her legs. As she kicked her skirt out of the way, I pushed aside her panty with my right hand. She hugged my chest tightly and hid her face into my neck as my fingers began to probe her inviting hole. I was instantly aware of the slippery juices her cunt was producing as my fingers easily slid across her soaked pubic hairs. When I pushed my first two fingers into her hole, a flood of slick liquid coated them instantly. The soft and delicate kisses which she had been depositing on my neck were immediately replaced by the mouth of a very hungry animal. I felt her fingers dig into my back as a rush of emotions drove her half crazy.

Unwilling to wait any longer to be satisfied, she sent her hands on their final mission. Struggling fitfully, she fumbled and groped at my pants, trying to undo my zipper and release the part of my body which she wanted so desperately. I felt the button of my waistband rip from its stitching and heard it fall to the floor. I was aware of an immediate loosening of my pants as she pulled its zipper down. Her hands were now flailing purposefully as she tried to assist gravity in lowering my pants. I fumbled with the buttons of her blouse as I tried to release her tits from their constraints. I quickly became frustrated by my lack of success. Aggravated by my constant failures, I reacted to my problem instead of thinking a solution out. I grasped either side of her shirt and pulled them apart with all of my strength. Buttons flew and material ripped as her tit-filled bra finally burst forth. I grabbed at the lower portion of each cup and pulled her bra up and over her tits as far as I could. The tight, elastic contraption failed to lift as far as I wanted it to. Her bra stuck fast, distorting her tits and causing them to point upward. Her hard nipples begged to be stirred. I put my mouth over her left nipple and immediately began to suck on it. I heard a loud and swift gasp come from her mouth as she gulped a huge volume of air into her lungs. Her chest rose quickly and sank slowly as the thrill of having a youngster obtain satisfaction from her breast once more made her feel like a woman. She moaned passionately as her body sent messages to her brain, instructing her as to what to do and say next.

“Don’t make me wait any longer Tommy…hurry…before I change my mind…fuck me…fuck me here…now…please.”

I took my mouth from her nipple and looked directly at her face. Her eyes were wide open. A crazed, desperate and impatient expression proclaimed the urgency of her condition. If I didn’t fulfill her body’s demands, right now, I swear that she would have searched out Harry for some type of satisfaction. With our eyes locked onto each other, we used our hands to see.

With her back pressed against the kitchen door, I reached down between her legs and pulled her panty aside once more. I felt her hands grope between my legs. Her left hand cupped my balls gently as the fingers of her right hand firmly wrapped around the shaft of my hard and throbbing cock. As my left hand held her panty out of the way, the fingers of my right hand spread the swollen lips of her cunt apart. Suddenly my fingers lost their grip, due partly to my excitement and to the abundant amount of slippery, lubricating juice that her cunt was producing. I fumbled with the opening of her cunt once more, pressing the lips of her cunt forcefully against her body. I squatted slightly to lower my body as she stood up on her toes. I then brought my hips towards her as she skillfully guided my cock to her waiting hole. As soon as the head of my cock reached its destination, I felt the soft, warm, and wet sensations of her appealing body. She closed her eyes slowly and bit her lower lip as the head of my cock easily slid inside of her. A soft, satisfied moan gently eased from her throat. As my cock sank deeper into her cunt, she released her grip from my shaft and put her hands around my neck.

I gradually let my cock slide into her cunt as far as it would go. Immense heat surrounded my cock as the potency of the furnace between her legs continued to build in strength. Unable to push my cock into her any further, I slowly drew my hips away from her, pulling my excited tool out of her cunt. Instantly I felt the muscles inside of her cunt contract, reluctant to feel my swollen cock leave. The further my cock exited, the stronger their clamping force became. When the entire length of the shaft of my cock had left her, leaving only the head of my cock in her hole, I pushed back inside of her once more. Again a long, drawn-out, satisfied moan communicated the pleasure she was feeling. A third, tantalizing stroke now made me aware that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I felt the sac holding my balls tighten and lift as the shaft of my cock expanded with even more blood. With my cock buried deep inside of her, I pushed against her body with all of my might, squeezing her body between myself and the door. I positioned my body carefully, placed my hands under her exquisite ass and rose up from my slightly squatted stance. With one fluid motion, I stood erect, lifting her feet off of the ground. The entire weight of her body now rested on the door, in my hands and on my hard cock. The rear portion of her panty stretched until it couldn’t stretch any more, finally surrendering to the laws of physical things and shooting deeply into the crack of her ass. Her eyes flew open as her feet dangled in the air. Her shoes fell off of her feet with a clatter to the floor. A slight shift of my feet dropped her body down another inch, pushing my cock deeper yet into her. A wide smile now grew on her face as she understood my actions. Following my lead, she now swung her suspended legs up and onto my hips, interlocking them behind my back. Her hips tilted slightly, placing the head of my cock squarely onto her cervix. I repositioned my hands, placing them closer to the crack of her ass. Deliberately, I pulled her cheeks apart as I began to fuck my new, older friend in earnest. She held onto my neck tightly as she pushed her mouth onto mine once more. Louder and more passionate moans began to fill the air. The door began to creak as our combined weight stressed the wood that it was constructed of. I looked out the window of the door. Princess and Harry were both looking intently in our direction. I quickly turned my attention back to what I was doing.

I started to pitch my hips back and forth, causing Jean’s body to come away from the door ever so slightly with each backward movement. With every forward thrust, a resounding thud echoed from the door and throughout the entire house. Unaffected by our primal music, the older woman who was perched on my cock suddenly began to groan. She took her lips from mine and began to breath rhythmically and deeply through her mouth. Quickly, an every increasing, excited moan left her throat with every deep breath she took. Once again she held my head in her hands at looked intensely into my eyes. I thought that she wanted to speak, but she said nothing. Her lips moved, but words failed to flow. Suddenly her eyelids began to blink and then flutter rapidly as her orgasm started to track its way through her body. I felt her feet begin to vibrate as she held them tightly around my waist. The muscles of her calves tightened, followed by a quivering in her fleshy thighs. She closed her eyes as her head began to sway to the left and right as an orgasm pierced through the core of her body. Her cunt clamped down tightly on my cock as her body produced its own electricity. Her fingers dug into my back as her hips convulsed with pleasure.

Following her lead, I pushed my crotch into hers as hard as I could, pinning her against the door with force. As her hips trembled, their motion caused the lips of her cunt to spread apart even further. Her clit was now totally exposed and subject to uninhibited stimulation by the unyielding bone of my pelvis. I felt myself begin to loose control of the muscles stopping my orgasm as Jean’s shuddering form dangled on my cock. I looked out of the window once more. Harry was hammering Princess again and again. I looked back at the homemaker in my arms and saw on her face the enormous feelings of gratifying agitation she was being subjected to. An unexpected squeal and groan that burst forth from her throat pushed me over the edge. My hips instantly reacted to her vocalized excitement. The door shook as once more I thrust my cock deep inside of her cunt. I closed my eyes as I seemingly felt the head of my cock swell, preparing to position a load of my cum inside the cunt of the older woman with me. I felt my balls contract as a thick consignment of hot, syrupy cum made its way out of my cock. Barely milliseconds elapsed as the muscles in the shaft of my cock contracted, transporting my gift into the mother of three. She stifled a scream as she felt cum rocket out of my cock and slam into the back of her cunt in seemingly inexhaustible amounts. It felt as if each succeeding spasm sent the maximum load of cum that my balls could produce into her warm and welcoming cunt.

It was 10:30 in the morning, and in this once average, run of the mill, suburban dwelling, instead of the hearing the high-pitched screams of children at play or the arguing voices of an unhappily married, middle-aged couple, the sounds of uncontainable moans and groans from two copulating lovers, along with the thunderous reverberations of the back door now resonated within its four walls.

Finally, exhaustion made my body bring an end to my efforts. When I opened my eyes, I saw the limp body of Jean dangling in front of me. Her arms rested loosely over my shoulders. Her head was tilted back and resting on the door’s window. Her eyes were still closed. Her nostrils flared as long, slow breaths of air entered and exited through her nose. Her legs were no longer wrapped around my waist. Her stout and sturdy supports hung lifelessly from her waist, her toes listlessly attempting to touch the kitchen floor. Again, I gazed out of the window. Harry and Princess were lying under a tree. Their eyes were closed as they both panted with exhaustion.

With Jean’s body still hanging from my cock, much like the gored victim of a rampaging bull, I gently attempted to lower her form to the floor. As her feet finally reached the floor, I continued to support her weight by keeping my hard cock inside of her cunt. More than a minute passed before her legs were able to keep her upright without my help. When she finally opened her eyes, she smiled and leaned forward to give me a kiss. As I tried to respond to her affection, she suddenly grabbed my shoulders with her hands. She pushed my upper body back and looked at me with all of a sudden shock and surprise. She instantly looked down and gasped when she saw that we were attached at the crotch like a pair of Siamese twins. She pushed me away some more and squealed when she saw that my hard cock was inside of her cunt. She looked back at me again with a look that now bordered on hysterical.

“Oh God,” she whispered with an unbelieving tone. “What have I done?”

I didn’t know what to do. I was totally taken aback by her reactions.

“What have we done?” she said as she continued to push me away, causing my cock to finally slip out of her cunt.

“Oh God…Oh no…Oh God.”

She looked at me with panic in her eyes and then looked down between my legs. My hard cock was pointing at her cunt, still throbbing with every beat of my heart. Veins and arteries bulged as its shaft glistened with the remnants of her vaginal fluids. A white drop of cum filled the hole at the tip of my cock.

Jean quickly brought both of her hands to her mouth to stifle a scream. Her eyes were as big as Harry’s when he wants to eat something that he shouldn’t.

“Jesus Christ!” she said as she still looked at my swollen, red cock.

She then shot a look of disbelief at my face.

“Jesus Christ!”

“Jean?” I said, trying to hide the panic that I now felt.

“Oh God. What have we done? What have “I” done?”

She tilted her head and looked down between her legs. Wet and matted pubic hairs, decorated by a few entwined drops of cum, were evidence of what had happened. The swollen and separated lips of her cunt only added to the condemning facts.

“Oh no…Oh God…What did I do?…Jesus Christ…What am I going to do?…What if my husband finds out?…What am I going to say to him?…This wasn’t supposed to happen…We were only going to talk…Have some coffee…not…fuck…Oh God…Jesus Christ…”

She was now pacing like a crazy woman, locked up in a padded room. I could tell that she was thinking, trying to resolve the problem she assumed that she was in. With my pants still down around my ankles, I turned with slight shuffling movements of my feet to follow her travels. She suddenly stopped and looked at me. Her expression was still somewhat vacant as new thoughts still filled her brain and as she talked in my general direction.

“You have to go…You have to go now…Oh God…What have I done?… You have to go Tommy…Don’t forget Harry…Jesus Christ…Don’t say anything to anyone… Please… Don’t tell anyone that we fucked standing up in the kitchen…Oh Jesus…Don’t tell anyone that you came in me…I have to take a shower…Don’t forget Harry…He’s in back with Princess…I have to wash my clothes…Oh God…Don’t forget Harry Tommy.”

Now I felt guilty. I felt as if I might have ruined this woman’s entire life in just a couple of minutes. As I stood there with my pants still around my ankles, she looked at me and then at my cock once more.

“Oh my God,” she said as she turned to leave the room.

I stared at her form as she walked away. Her panty was still wedged deeply into her ass. Her round cheeks bounced with each step she took; numerous dimples of cellulite decorated her rump. Bright red spots at the top of each cheek revealed the area of her ass that was pressed against the kitchen door when I fucked her. I watched her until she was gone, not really wanting her to leave, but afraid that if she stayed she might have really lost it. Suddenly, she came back into my view, stopping to stare at a mirror that was hanging on the living room wall, next to the front door. In the glass was the reflected image of herself. She gazed with a mystified look on her face as her fingers touched the torn pieces of her shirt. She leaned closer to the source of her echoed image, staring intently at something that caught her eye. I watched as her fingers left her tattered blouse and began to touch her significantly misplaced bra and distorted breasts. Gawking only at the image in the mirror, she cupped her hands under each tit and lightly supported their weight. Next, she gingerly touched each hard nipple with her index fingers. She pushed both of them in slowly and then watched as they rebounded and maintained their perky stance upon her tits. I swear that I saw I slight smile grace her face. And then, she turned away from the mirror and out of my view again.

“Wow. Jesus Christ,” I heard her say softly.

As I bent down in an attempt to pull my pants up, I was surprised to see the mother of the house again, walking quickly to reenter the kitchen area. She still seemed as confused as when she had left. Her blouse was still hanging loosely on her shoulders. Her bra was still pulled up over her tits. Her nipples still pointed toward the ceiling. She seemed to not notice me until she was almost on top of me. She looked at my eyes and then down between my legs, just as she had done before. My cock had lost some of its rigid form, but it was still long and thick from the excess blood that had failed to empty from it.

“God,” she said, although this time I thought that I sensed a slight indication of appreciation for the size and performance of my cock.

“I forgot my skirt.”

I made an uncoordinated attempted to reach for her skirt, nearly taking a header as my trouser-entangled ankles held me prisoner.

“I’ll get it,” she said as she glided past me.

Again I shuffled my feet to watch her movement. The smell of her perfume and body powder wafted through the air once more. I scrutinized her body as she squatted down to retrieve her skirt. She spread her knees apart and reached between them to pick up her clothing. Even from where I stood, I could see a large, dark area of discoloration on her white panty. Clutching her skirt in her right hand, Jean stood up with little effort. She turned and looked between my legs once more.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered.

She took a couple of steps and then stopped suddenly with an expression of disgust on her face.

“Oh no,” she said with repulsion in her voice.

I couldn’t do anything but watch as she looked down between her ample thighs. Throwing her skirt over her shoulder, she spread her feet and reached between her legs with her hands, grabbing her thighs and pulling those adequately padded cushions apart. Instantly I spied what had made her act as she had. A generous amount of thick, white cum was dripping down the inside portion of her left leg. She spread her legs wider to see that most of the cum that I had deposited into her cunt a few minutes ago had oozed out of her hole and into her panty. When she had squatted to pick up her skirt, the muscles of her cunt relaxed, allowing a deluge of fluid to escape. A large drop of our sticky, slimy concoction had filtered through her panty and now hung down from the cotton material.

“Jesus Christ…Jesus Christ.”

She took her skirt and wiped the gross mass from between her legs.

“God damn it,” she whispered. “Jesus Christ.”

She seemed to be in a world of her own. I was standing next to her, but I could have been a million miles away. She turned without looking at me and began to walk out of the room again, only this time her gate was much different. She strode with her legs spread awkwardly apart, now totally aware of the uncomfortable feeling between them. She ambled like an infant with a load of shit in its diaper. The backside of her panty was still wedged deeply and tightly into the crack of her ass. Incredibly, the dimples on her cheeks appeared to be very sexy to me.

“Jesus Christ,” she muttered to herself. “What am I going to do now?”

She stopped, turned and looked at me once more. She then looked somewhat amazingly at the organ which hung down from between my legs.

“God,” she said, shaking her head, seemingly astounded by what we had done.

She turned and then disappeared through the door. A few seconds later I heard her carefully ascend the stairs that led to the second floor, one step at a time. Subsequently, I heard the sound of running water as she prepared to wash her body. As I stood in her kitchen with my cock still dangling, uncovered for all the world to see, panic hit me the way it had hit the older woman who was now bathing upstairs. What would I do if someone came home and found me standing there with my pants around my ankles? A shot of adrenaline suddenly set me into motion. I pulled my pants up and did my zipper. I had no time to search for the button that had been ripped off by Jean. I opened the door to the backyard with quite a bang. Harry and Princess jumped up from their peaceful rest and barked as I picked up Harry’s leash and called him to the door. I tethered him in seconds. As silently and as quickly as I could move the two of us through the house, I headed for the front door, and freedom.

As my right hand gripped the doorknob, I heard Jean call out to me from the top of the stairs. I hadn’t noticed that the water of her shower had stopped running. Instinctively, I turned and looked at the older woman talking to me. She stood at the landing of the second floor, her mature body unclothed for my eyes to see. She used the towel that she held in her hands to dry her hair, not to cover her inviting breasts or tempting cunt. She smiled pleasantly as her tits jostled with the movements of her arms. I stood frozen, waiting to hear what she had to say. That was the least I could do before I fled from her house like a thief in the night.

“Going somewhere Tommy?”

To say that her change in attitude was surprising would be an understatement.

“I think I better go. You seemed…upset.”

“Oh. I’ve calmed down now. Are you sure you don’t want to stay longer?”

“No. I gotta’ go.”

“Okay sweety. Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Huh? What about your husband…and everything else?”

She waved her hand in the air as if she was swatting an annoying fly.

“The hell with him, and the rest of my worries. I’ve got a life to live, and right now, I want to live some of it enjoying you. See you tomorrow?”

I said what I knew I truly wanted to say. There was no sense in kidding myself.

“You bet. How does eight o’clock sound?”

“Great. We’ll be waiting.”

“Fantastic. See you tomorrow.”

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