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Professor’s Degradation

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Kirsten did not show up for my class the next day, Friday. I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved, still somewhat jumpy and completely in shock as to the feelings that she had elicited from me and totally terrified by the potential ramification of what had occurred.

I left town for the weekend, trying to escape the loneliness of my house, as well as the looming danger of further action by Kirsten. When I returned home Sunday night, there was a bag by my door.

I knew without looking that Kirsten had left me something. This time I was right. I picked up the bag and pulled it into my chest tearing the note from the top as I opened my door, looking almost furtively backward as I puled the door shut behind me. The note read:

“Dear Steffie – I had a great time the other evening. I learned a lot about myself and you. You looked so good, I thought that I might help you out by giving you some items to wear to class tomorrow. I hope you like them. I know that I am very much looking forward to seeing you and raising my hand and talking to you as if nothing has changed. I like that you will know how aroused I am sensing your discomfort, knowing that one comment from me could cause you untold embarrassment. But you will wear what I have given you and you will shave your legs completely so that you do not tear my gifts; and that will turn you on. Just in case you are having any second thoughts, I have forwarded you an email that raises some interesting questions. Remember to thank me in the morning for allowing you to do what you really want. MK

I dropped to my couch, the note slipping from my hand. My body was split in half. Even as my mind was crying out to rebel, to find some escape, I became aware of the pressure building as my stiffening cock pushed against my jeans.

I ran upstairs to my computer ignoring the flashing light on my answering machine. She had sent an email, and there was an attachment. “Steffie, I am a little disappointed that you did not just accept my instructions, but I am glad that you are so anxious to hear from me. You should not need to open this attachment, if you remember what we talked about at our last meeting.”

I was dying to know whether she had actually taped anything or been able to download anything for future use, but I knew that if I opened the enclosure there would be hell to pay. How much of a sap was I to risk wearing lingerie to class, not to mention shaving my legs, without any proof that she had anything more than her word. I probably could have ended it there, but I did not, and it only got worse, much worse.

I had a pit in my stomach the next morning as I entered the classroom, my now shaved legs encased in Kirsten’s nylons with a thong bikini sliding deeper between my cheeks with each step. I hoped the wind would explain the flush that crept into my face as anyone looked in my direction. Did either of these new garments make a visible line under my pants. I had tried to check and found none, but Kirsten came in with Summer and another girl just as striking as her.

“Professor Samson, this is my sister Michelle.”

“Welcome Michelle. Thank you MK for letting me do what I want…teach.” I said with some humor wanting Kirsten to know that I was taking this with good faith and intentions, trying at all costs not to emote the sinking filling that I was already in too deep to escape.

“I love your outfit today, Professor. It gives you an attractive glow.”

“Well…thank you MK,” I said awkwardly as she smile widely at me looking all but like the fabled cat with the canary.

“MK?” questioned Michelle as they took their seats.

“It’s along story, maybe I’ll have him explain sometime,” I heard her whisper as class began.

Of course, as fate would have it we were discussing the operation and stage construction for Shakespearean drama that day. I had managed to get through most of the class without acting too self-consciously. I am sure that they all knew about my personal relationship by now (it was a small campus) and were willing to cut me some slack; all but Kirsten it seemed.

“Professor, is it true that there were no actresses in Shakespeare’s plays and that all the parts were played by men.” Even her voice was getting to me. She never spoke in class. I had a bad feeling about where this was going, but I was powerless to stop it without making too big a deal of it.

“Yes, K…MK,” I caught myself.

“Thank you..Professor.” That canary smile again.

“You mean none of the actors were women,” another student piped in.

“No. They did not allow women to perform in “respectable” theatres at that time. You’ve all heard about the choirs in the middle ages that directed castration so that their young male singers would not go through puberty and spoil their voices; this is nothing compared to that. Many actors continue today, Patrick Swayze, the guy from Friends in the WW2 movie. There is no ostensible difference, it is all acting, playing a part.”

“Professor, are you saying that you would not have any problem dressing up as a woman,” Summer asked with a smile and a false incredulity that made me suddenly very afraid that Kirsten had told her everything.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, when Spielberg calls and tells me I have to put on a tutu to be in one of his films, I’d say yes!”

If anyone caught the undercurrent of the exchange, I was not aware of it. I felt great, somehow thrilled convinced that I had walked the tightrope set out for me and lived, at least for one more day.

“Take Michelle over to the grill. I’ll be right after you, I just got to check one thing with Professor Samson,” Kirsten instructed Summer as everyone made their way out the doors.

“You did well today, Steffie,” she affirmed as she cupped my right cheek and ran her index finger along the thong. I tried to turn to move her hand from the door’s line of sight as any of the last student’s would have gotten a full view had they turned around.

“MK, please…” I whispered.

“We are alone, no?”

The door shut, “Yes, Mistress,” I said, the frustration rising in my voice.

“Steffie, that is not a nice tone, but I’ll forgive you because you probably are just aching for release, no?” she asked apparently innocently as her hand followed the seam of the panties over my hip and down to my stiffening cock. She took my right hand in her left and slipped it through the folds in her wrap-around skirt, pulling it directly between her thighs.

“Do you want to know how wet you make me?” she whispered looking directly into my eyes.

Captivated, “Yes, mistress.” She pushed forward and my fingers slid through her curls, across her clit and against her slick skin. I lifted one finger up slightly into her and if felt as much as heard and saw her back arch, her head tilt back, her neck become exposed as she bit her lower lip and smiled. She puled my hand away as she squeezed my now turgid cock again.

“Glad we have such a rising effect on each other, aren’t you Steffi? I like calling you that, it reminds me of what…never mind.”

“Suck your fingers, taste me, Steffie.” I hardly hesitated. “Better,” she began to walk to the door.

“Oh, I almost forgot. You haven’t asked me to dinner yet tonight.”

“I…” stopping more than a little confused. She turned and looked at me impatiently. “I…would you like to have d…”

Summer came back in the room, “Come on, already.”

“OK, I’ll be right there.”

Turning back to me, “Do you think Summer would like to know who she watched the other night. We had talked about a repeat performance.”

“Mistress, would you please have dinner with me tonight,” I was practically begging, this was ridiculous, but it was about to get worse.

“Since you asked me so sweetly Steffie, I would love to…” Home free, for an instant. “But I think it would be nice if you demonstrated the acting form you spoke about today.”

“Excuse me? Mistress.”

“You know. Don’t be so shy. You know you want to be dressed up for me, to be my Steffie. Say 8 tonight. If you look the part, you might get the roll you are looking for as long as you don’t expend yourself too much before then. It might be a little taxing after all.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I blushed.

“Oh, and Steffie, I expect to be impressed. After all someone as photogenic as you needs to do quite a bit not to be discovered.”

She had pictures of the other evening, I had no doubt. In retrospect, I should have questioned that more or even called her bluff, but I didn’t. It did not even really occur to me that she did not have the pictures at that point. Maybe she had already reeled me in, maybe it was the fact that I was turning on an amazingly attractive young woman, maybe she had awakened some passion in me that blinded me, I do not know. All I realized at the time was that I had better find a dress to wear that evening.

Maybe I could impress her. Her dominance must have struck some chord within myself that I needed emotionally at that time. The only thing that I could think of was how to play this role effectively. I would have to shave or nair my chest and arms. I did need a dress, what about shoes, make-up, a wig? None of it seemed that unnatural, odd or even dangerous at the time. I guess I figured that if I impressed her, we would enjoy each other and she would reward me with the tapes/pictures. Why? I do not know, maybe part of me realized I needed a fiction to get me through this, to convince myself that this was the intelligent path, even if not the path that was even then arousing me. I got it all, even a sash for my neck and a pair of boots from which I removed the padding to be able to fit into a smaller size.

I had to do what I could to keep those pictures from getting out. If they did, I was finished. Not only sleeping with a student (bad but survivable), but dressed up jacking-off and licking my cum off her; there was no way to survive that.

The doorbell rang directly at 8 just as I was lighting candles. She was a good looking girl, even through the fish eye lens of my door wearing a grey pantsuit with her hair plaited back in a pony tail. I opened the door with a smile, knowing I had only this chance to win her over. She had a momentary look of shock on her face, but masked it quickly.

“Nicely done, Steffie.” She surveyed the dining area.

“Thank you, Mistress,” still contrived; I found myself wanting to call her by her name.

“Why don’t you get me a whiskey, Steffie?” I hardly heard the name, it was just MK’s way of addressing me.

After taking a long sip, she looked over the rim of the glass, surveying me head to toe. I felt so exposed, but oddly aroused.

“I was not sure you would really do it. Show me your chest.”

I, almost shyly, undid a few buttons to show my newly hairless chest to MK. “Mmmm, I am impressed, and you should be relieved.” She sat in a chair at the table.

“Come here.” I complied. I felt her hand run up my stockinged leg under the hem of my dress up to my already hard cock.

“You do like to please me, don’t you.”

“Yes, Mistress.” She pulled the stockings down from my cock and pulled my panties to the side and began to slowly stroke me with a firm grip, barely pulsating her fingers as the slid up and down.

“That feels amazing, Mistress,” I was dying for release, having been incredibly aroused on multiple occasions over the last 24 hours, but not having been allowed to cum. She reached down and picked a knife which she used to make a hole in the hose through which she guided my hard cock. I almost came as she lowered her mouth to my cock and sucked it into her mouth swirling her tongue over the head and shaft, before pulling abruptly away, leaving my cock bobbing in expectation and frustration, almost spurting on its own.

“That is enough for now,” I could still feel the cum almost exploding from my balls even without any friction just by her voice and the memory.

“Besides, I want us to cum together; I want to feel that explosion that has been building inside of you while I fuck you. Tell me that you want to cum while I fuck you Steffie!”

“Yes, Mistress, I would love to cum while you fuck me.”

“Tell me that it would make you cum for me to fuck you that the very thought of it arouses you incredibly.” There is no doubt I should have caught on by now, but somehow I was snookered by the moment, lost in my arousal and the closeness of MK.

“Yes, Mistress,” I continued, “The thought of you fucking me does turn me on. I know that it would make me cum very hard. Please fuck me, Mistress.”

“If I was willing to fuck you, what would you do for me?”

“Right now? Anything, Mistress!”

“You should know better than to say such a thing lightly Steffie.” She teased running her nails along my cock causing it to shake again, ready to burst.

She stood and unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid them over her hips revealed her perfect bush. I was dying to kiss her to feel her to be awash with her.

“Kneel.” In an instant. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her mashing herself against the bridge of my nose. She smelled amazing. I tilted my head back and ran my tongue across her clit savoring the wetness, the warmth and the smoothness of her skin contrasted with the slight coarseness of her blond curls. I felt her whole body tremble and then push back hard against my face as her knees buckled slightly.

“Close your eyes.” I could barely breathe, but I would not have moved if I could have. Another moment and she stepped away.

“Don’t move Steffie. You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress”

“To make me cum?”

“Definitely, Mistress.” I could hear one zipper, then a slight gasp and then what sounded like a belt being drawn.

“Put your hands behind your back and hold your wrists Steffie. That’s it, you look so willing, so compliant. You want to please me don’t you Steffie?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes. Mistress,” she mocked, “You actually do want to be my slut, to get me off any way you can, don’t you.” Not even a question this time. I nodded mute. “That is what I thought, so I planned a little surprise for you, my little slut.”

More pensively, after seeing my cock jerk again after she called me her slut, “I think that is what I shall call you when others are around, MLS. Do you like that MLS?”


“Actually, right now I don’t care, because I do like it, MLS, and tonight you will demonstrate the full extent of your sluttiness for me.” I was about to unclasp my hands and stand up, nothing good was going to come of this. I should have, but again I instead feel deeper into her trap.

She pushed me back on my haunches before instructing, “You may open your eyes and look at me, slut.” I opened my eyes to see a thick, shiny strap-on directly in from of my face. Its smooth head gave way to a formidable shaft which curved down into her golden curls which were already glazed over and which poked seductively from the base of her cock. As I watched she brought her hand down and began to lightly stroke her cock.

“I can see why boys jack off all the time. I love this.” She added stroking it harder a few time, pushing it back into her pussy, massaging her clit with each stroke.

“Do you like my cock, Steffie…You do not have to answer…I can see that you do,” she raised her heeled foot to run against my hard cock.

“How does it feel knowing that my cock is bigger and harder than yours MLS. That you are going to suck my hard cock until I come. That excites you, the thought of sucking me off, making me cum by sucking my cock, doesn’t it?”

Abashedly, “Yes, mistress.”

She laughs, “Well get to it!” She grabbed my hair holding my head in place as she stepped forward hand still clasped around the base of her cock pushing it forward against my lips.

“Oh god, you look like such a slut, your lips opened in an O just waiting to have me fill your mouth with my fat cock.” She slid her cock into my mouth. I tried to accommodate it and felt my tongue swirl over it trying to lubricate it even as my cheeks swelled under her pressure.

“Oh god that feels good,” her strap-on had a separate attachment that drove inside her and rubbed her clit with each stroke.

Pulling her cock from my mouth, “Tell me you like it, you like sucking my cock; you want to suck it more.”

I looked up at her, humiliated, but seemingly mindlessly aroused, “Yes. Mistress. I do like sucking your cock.”

“You don’t sound like it, You’ll have to do better to convince me.” She slapped her dick against me face, making me reach for it and pulling it away allowing only my tongue to graze its big head.

“Mistress, please let me suck your cock. I love the way it stretches my mouth and fills me.” Nothing the almost impatient look. “Please, it turns me on to suck it, to please you.” She took on step back still slowly stroking her huge phallus. I broke lower, resistance virtually gone. “I am your slut. I would do anything to please you, but I want to such your cock, I need to feel you fuck my slutty face. Please.”

“Better, MLS, you might make do after all. That would save me the trouble of downloading and copying all those pictures from the other night.” She stepped forward again. Even as I stretched my neck forward to pull her cock into my mouth, I thought I heard a click behind me. Before I could turn, Kirsten had grabbed my head by both sides and pulled me onto her cock. She started moving her hips forward pushing her cock deeper into my mouth. She began a steady rhythm and I looked up at her face, she was staring down at me enjoying the humiliation, the lust in my eyes. As she started thrusting her hips faster, sawing her cock in and out of my waiting mouth, I felt her power grow. She grew more confident and aggressive in her posture knowing that she was now actually in control, for as long as she wanted. Her hands held my head tighter as she thrust deeper down my throat almost making me gag, her hips lamming forward and back, sawing into my mouth, the base of her shaft driving back against her pubic mound and clit on every thrust. I heard her moan as my expression changed trying to accommodate her cock, trying not to gag but take it dutifully deeper. She was dripping from the control. All of a sudden her knees buckled, and I bent lower to keep the rhythm on her cock.

She pushed back panting, “My slut likes to such cock. To be my bitch, To satisfy my whims, even if it means gagging on my cock.”

Her breath was getting raspier, “ Oh god, yes, take my cock you little slut, take it.” She screamed as her whole body began to shake shoving her cock into my mouth indiscriminately, convulsing, then falling back into a chair, one hand falling relaxed against the base of her hard cock.

“Oh my god, that was amazing.” Then, appraising me, “You like being My Little Slut, don’t you?”

I had been completely manipulated with hardly a word, “Yes, Mistress,” I practically blurted, desperately hoping for release, pleased that I had made her come and terrified of what might follow.

“You know I like being a student in your class, and I know that I will enjoy every lecture that much more being able to see your mouth wrapped around my cock as I slide it between your lip harder and deeper.”

I blushed, suddenly acutely aware of Kirsten’s age and afraid of her cavalier use of the power she had so recently obtained. Not that nature had not given her a strong bargaining position, but she had just obtained a great deal more authority in the last 24 hours and was enjoying putting it to use, she was getting off not only on the physical benefits – both new and old – but also sheer power itself.

She bit her lip, “You know what I am also going to enjoy tremendously Stevie?” as I had thought, “The thought that you know that is what I am thinking about when I raise my hand and speak in your class and that it is arousing you knowing that using you in that way is making me wet, hot and wanting to do more.”

She laughed. As she had been speaking, she had begun idly stroking her hard shaft again. As she finished, she squeezed it hard, and I looked down. She followed my eyes. “That turns you on doesn’t it, Stevie.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted, “You turn me on. Your enjoyment turns me on.”

“Does it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s good, because I am going to enjoy you and this situation very much. You will due well to focus on that thought and let yourself go to me if you want to continue to enjoy it as well. Is that understood…professor?”

“Yes, mistress.” My student was my teacher. She possessed me on many levels at that point, but she wanted more. I did not realize it then, but I should have. I do not know if I had a chance at that point. I probably could have, the drugs would still have shown up in trace quantities and I had an impeccable record, but I did not recognize that possibility. I had definitely come a long way on the path to submission and Kirsten was not about to let me slip back. She had to much exploring to do.

“Stevie, come here. Get on your knees.” She reached down and unbuckled her cock and puled it out from the harness. She was sopping, her lips parted, flared in excitement, her smell intoxicating. The golden curls next to her lips matted down flat against her skin.

I would have done anything to taste her just then – terrified by that thought, I was slightly mollified to hear her say, “That is what you are doing to me.” Kirsten looked down at me, “You may,” she whispered. I bent me head and opened my mouth to taste her, letting all my senses be filled with her. As soon as my tongue touched her warm smooth skin, she put her hands on my head and pulled me deep into her. I could only feel, see, smell her as she ground her mound against my face letting my tongue split her lips seeking out her clit as she continued to thrust hard against my face, cumming hard, but more quietly even as I thought I heard the doorbell sound. Looking up through her golden hair, I thought I caught a glimpse of a mischievous grin upon hearing the bell again just before her face contorted beautifully in orgasm.

She pushed me back, and I fell to my haunches licking her cum from my lips. “Oh god, that was nice. I am going to be tired if we keep this up. Speaking of which help me up.” She stood and stepped into her pants.

“Now Stevie, show me your cock.” The doorbell rang again. “Leave your skirt above your cock and put your hands behind your back and do not turn around. I will be right back. Oh, I almost forgot.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out a scarf which she wrapped around my eyes and face, leaving me completely in the dark as she went to answer the door. Who could it be? There was no way that I could answer the door dressed as I was, but how was I letting Kirsten do it. I mused that I could always say she was house-sitting. After all my car was out at the shop. No one would know that I had not gone away for a day or two.

I heard the door open and Kirsten talking to whoever was there. “No, I did not break in. He said I could use it to have a few friends over while he was out of town. Why don’t you guys kick back and start the movie, and I’ll grab some stuff from the kitchen.”

“Do you want some help with what you have in there?” Oh my god, it was Summer, another one of my students, what was Kirsten thinking?

“No, I am ok for right now.”

“Stevie, I hope it is ok, I invited a few friends over for a little rest, relaxation and maybe some crippling embarrassment for you,” she laughed.

“Seriously, though,” she continued pulling down the scarf and sitting in front of me, “Before the end of the night I am going to put back on my cock and fuck you in the ass with it. By the end of the night, you will be my whore, Stevie. My little sissy slut.” My face got very red; I was totally strung out, humiliated, scared, angry, and aroused.

“Stevie, be honest with yourself. You would not have gotten all dressed up, unless part of you wanted to. You know that there is still evidence of the drug in you, yet you did nothing but let me humiliate and use you. You like it. You might like it because you want to please me, but I think you get your own kick out of it. Either way, you will be fucked. Now, if you are willing to admit what you want, then we can both simply enjoy ourselves and maybe we will be able to come at the same time. I would like that. However, if you do not, I might have to ask for some help in the kitchen and let each of my friends fuck you too, maybe even without your little mask. I am very good about secrets, but who knows who those two might tell.”

This was real. This was my life. Amazingly, my own cock stayed as hard as ever when Kirsten stood up and walked past me to the other end of the room. When she came back into my field of vision, I saw a camcorder in her hand. “Now, I can see that some part of you, wants this, wants to tell me what you want, what you need. What turns you on.”

“I. I.”

“Look how hard you are, do you remember why, don’t you remember sucking my cock, my fucking your face. You seemed very into it. Do you want me to show the tape to my friends and let them judge?” She stood.

“No, please…Mistress, please don’t.” No movement.

“Mistress, please. I did like watching you stroke your cock. It did turn me on when you fucked my face.”

“Wait,” she directed, resetting the camera lens directly on me. “Say that again.”

“Mistress, please. I did like watching you stroke your cock. It did turn me on when you fucked my face. I love the fact that you got off from it.”

I stopped, waiting almost expectantly. “Stevie, you realize that your name is Stevie, have you considered what you are wearing, that I have your dick on film about to explode simply from my filling your slutty mouth with my cock. That I already have pictures of you ready to burst as you demonstrated willingly to me that you are a cocksucker. Now tell me what you want, what would turn me on, slut.”

This was getting out of control, but I could not stop. She had begun talking faster and louder, she had to keep her voice down. I had to make her be quieter.

“Yes Mistress, I.”

Still the words were very hard to push from my mouth, “I would like you to fuck me.”


“Mistress, please fuck me.”


“In my ass.”

“Is that what you really want?”

“Yes, Mistress, I would love for you to fuck me in the ass with your cock.”

“Better, slut. Go on.” Go on?

“I. I want to please you.It would turn me on to have you use me like that.”

“It is not only for me is it, Stevie?” She asked, almost gently.

“No, Mistress, I want to feel you fuck me, to possess me, to make you mine by fucking my mouth and ass with you cock.”

“Have you thought about that often?”

“I uh recently yes.”

She picked up her cock, “Is this the cock you want me to fuck you with slut.”

“Yes Mistress.” She under her pants and slipped them just over her tight ass, spreading her legs so that they could fall no further.

“Then come her and put it on me.” I knelt and strapped her cock in place. Her hand grasped her cock and pushed the base back against her still swollen clit. I saw her head loll back as she let out a small involuntary sigh.

“You like my cock, don’t you Stevie.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Prove it.” I moved to put the head in my mouth, but she pulled it away and slapped her cock against my face.

“Mistress, please let me suck your cock.”… “I loved it went you fucked my face before.”


“I felt I felt full, used, useful, fully abandoned, I am not sure. I felt possessed.”

“By me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, what else do you want.”

“For you to fuck my face and ass with your hard cock until you come.”

“And if I was willing to do that, to fulfill your fantasy, what would you do for me.” Part of my mind, managed, what my fantasy, but…but I was already lost in a game that was becoming real without return.

“I would be your slut.”

“Yes, Stevie that would make you my slut, but I think that is what you want.”

“I I. Yes, Mistress.”

“No that will not due, such hesitation will be punished, but first say what you need to.

“Yes, Mistress I want to be your slut.”

“So, what would you do for me.”

“I. I would come on my face while you fucked me in the ass with your hard cock.”

“And swallow it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, what slut.”

“I would come on my face and eat my come for your Mistress, if you fucked my mouth and ass until you came.”

“Much better Stevie, again.”

“I would come on my face and eat my come for your Mistress, if you fucked my mouth and ass until you came.”

“Good, louder,” her own voice was growing.

“I would come on my face and eat my come for your Mistress, if you fucked my mouth and ass until you came.”

“Better. Excuse me.” She took the tape out of the camcorder and walked in to the other room.

“Now, that we know the tape won’t get lost. I want you in the den. Now! I like the idea of popping your cherry while my friends are in the next room watching a movie.” I could not believe this was happening.

“Don’t worry slut, they’re totally engrossed in some movie. You can sneak by.” She was right, I made it totally undetected. Kirsten followed me shortly and handed me a mask when she came into the room. I put it on covering my eyes, waiting to hear the door shut and the tv to be muted.

“Now Stevie, I want you to be totally honest with me. What do you want from me?”

“I…I want to you to fuck me in the ass with your cock, to have you come while you are fucking me.”

“Really?” I could almost see her arched eyebrows as she feigned incredulity.

“Say that again Professor Samson.” What was going on? I did not even stop to think about the change, her names for me had become interchangeable, her voice hypnotic, the pounding in my loins undeniable.

“I need your cock, mistress, please fuck me in the ass with it and let yourself come while fucking me.”

“I almost think you mean that, do you?” Why the new torture? Why the repetition of the kitchen scene? The lace of the underwear and the smoothness of the stockings continued to grasp my own cock even as the dress continued to apply pressure leaving it as rigid as before.

Determined to please and to play the scenario out, needing to move it along, I responded, “Yes, Mistress. I do want you to fuck me, to use me. I was very turned on by your arousal and fucking my mouth with your big cock. It would turn me on to have you fuck my mouth and ass with your hard cock.”

“Is that what you fantasize about professor.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“If I was willing to fulfill your fantasy, what would you do for me.”


“Well let’s see, you are already dressed as a slut, so you obviously want to be a slut. Now you tell me that you fantasize about my fucking you, filling your mouth and ass with cock. Fulfilling your need for cock, feeding it to you, allowing you to come and make me come just from using you. Is that right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So, then, what would you like to do for me, and no lame-ass whatever you want. I want to know what has been in your mind.” I was totally trapped, pushed to my limits already, I did not know what else to say to satisfy her.

“I would come on my face for you, Mistress.”

“You mean that you want a load of hot come to be shot on your face, just to get me off.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, what?”

“I want a hot load of come shot on my face.”

“So you want the feel that come hit your face and drip into your mouth and down your neck, into your hair, down your throat.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Stevie, you are still very hard, isn’t getting come on your face part of your fantasy? Part of what you have been thinking about.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“So we are back where we started aren’t we my little slut.”


“Now, I gave you the opportunity to be creative, but obviously you are not inspired enough. You clearly do not want to see me cum, to stroke my cock, to fuck you until I come over and over wracking by body against yours, knowing that every thrust was getting me wetter and wetter, knowing that you could picture my glistening lips get hotter and spread as my come starts to slip down my thigh, my short hairs matted against my skin with pure arousal.”


“You what?” I was dying, I wanted her more than I thought imaginable, but I did not know what she wanted. What else could she do to me; could she desire from me.

There was only one thing left, one way to satisfy Kirsten, or so I thought, “I would let you have one of your friends be there when you fucked me and got off from making me come on my face.”

Then she laughed, and I could have sworn that I thought I hear a second intake of breath, but maybe not. “Let, Stevie, I will decide that, correct.” No question really. “But that was better, you are on the right track so I will give you one more chance. That is, if you want it.”

She whispered as she squatted down bringing my hand to her dripping crotch as she let her other hand encircle and slide down my shaft bringing me instantly to the verge of orgasm.

“Yes Mistress,” I exhaled sharply.

“I would love it if you let one of your friends fuck my face while you fucked my ass with your hard cock.


“Yes, Mistress.”

“I think that can be arranged.” I could hear her slipping on her harness and strapping her cock in place. I trembled slightly.


“What slut?”

“I would do anything if you don’t involve anyone else, Mistress.”

“That is sweet Stevie, but you have already told me what you want, and I intend to give it to you. In any case, I have what I want, there is nothing else that you could do for me that you do not already want to do. Besides, if you behave, I might leave your mask on, and save you some embarrassment.”


“Open wide bitch. I want you to see your lips on my cock, now.” I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me towards her; I could smell arousal, somehow different, before I felt her cock push back into my mouth, filling me, spreading my lips, feeling my throat relax again as she thrust deeper, allowing my nose to graze her soft curls as I almost gagged on her cock.

“Impressive Stevie,” I heard from behind me, as I felt a finger push into the hole in my stockings and rip them open up to my ass. Who was fucking me face if Kirsten was behind me?

“I bet you are wondering who is in front of you, aren’t you Stevie. I like that you do not know who is using your mouth for satisfaction, even while I take your ass.” I felt cool then warmer lubrication sliding down my ass following by the blunt fullness of Kirsten’s cock pushing into me. I tried to protest, but I soon found myself being pushed from one cock to another.

“Aside from the feeling of being filled from both sides, taking two cocks for me, Stevie, focus on the fact that my friend was in here the whole time. She has heard what you want, what you crave and now is witnessing it first hand. She looks like she is enjoying fucking you.” Kirsten pushed deeper into me.

“You like that don’t you, Stevie. You want more. You like being fucked from both sides, being filled with cock, don’t you Stevie.” I could only bob my head up and down, trying not to gag on the cock in front of me or cry out from being split from behind. As my ass adapted, the girls’ tempo began to increase.

“Oh my god, Kirsten, I am going to come.” It was Michelle, the embarrassment almost put me over the edge. Kirsten seemed to sense this and thrust in deeply and stopped fucking me, even as Michelle’s whole body began to spasm, thrusting in and out against my face, hands gripping my head tightly as she fell backwards, slight pelvic thrusts still creating friction on her clit as her orgasm continued. Even without Kirsten moving, I was held on the brink and almost came solely from Michelle’s continued spasms. Finally, she released my head and slid her cock out of my mouth.

Kirsten shifted behind me and I felt he perfect breast push into my back as she whispered in my ear, “I want you call Summer in and ask her to fuck your face.”


“Stevie remember when you said that you would do anything not have your identity exposed to my friends, Stevie.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then be sure to be believable when I ask you what you want when Summer comes in or you might have to lose that mask.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Summer come here.”

“Oh, I like this. Do I get to play too?”

A prod to my ass, “Yes, please do.”

“Summer, I told you there might be a follow-up show. Do you want to sub in for my younger sister.” Kirsten added, knowing that this additional fact would add to my humiliation.

“Well, what does Stevie want?”

I did not pick up on how she would have known my name at the time, but prompted by anxiety and another small thrust of Kirsten’s cock deep in my ass asked, “Summer, please fuck my face. I would do anything to get you off.”

“Summer, you have to try this; it is such a power rush fucking a guys face with a cock.”

“Get on your back, Stevie,” Kirsten directed. As I did, I felt a wet plastic cock rub along my cheek.

“Oh god, he likes this, does he,” Summer chortled.

“Well,” Kirsten demanded.

I fumbled, “Yes, Summer, I like being fucked by Mistress Kirsten. I would love to get you off by sucking your cock as Mistress Kirsten is fucking my ass.”


“You do have him trained well don’t you, Kirsten.”

“It was not that hard he is such a slut; he likes it form both ends. He has been thinking about getting cock from both ends, haven’t you Stevie.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Really,” continued Summer, “so I guess you have been more than willing to take our substitute cocks tonight, though, haven’t you been you little slut.” I was frozen, substitute cocks, what was she talking about; Kirsten could not let her do that, make me suck a real cock, could she?


“Yes, Mistress,” snapping out my reverie, “I would like to accommodate your hard dicks from both ends tonight.”

I felt Kirsten pull back out of my ass. I felt strangely empty now that the pressure had been taken away. “I like to share with my closest friends, like my sister, you don’t mind do you Stevie.”

“No, Mistress.”

“Then tell them what you want.” “Michelle please fuck me in the ass with your hard cock, while Summer fucks my face. I would love to come while you two fuck me.” It was more awkward on my back, but Summer turned my head to the side and started to ease her big cock in and out of my mouth. My jaw was starting to get sore, but there was nothing I could do as she began to mercilessly saw her cock on and out of my mouth.

“God, he is a slut, wherever did you find him?” There was no response as Michelle’s cock soon filled the void left by Kirsten.

“Oh god, he is tight, and this feels so good,” she gasped as she entered me with one stroke, taking my breath away. As they began to speed up, I felt a familiar boil in my loins and I knew that one way or another I would have to come this time or I would combust.

Reading my thoughts, Kirsten directed, “Michelle lift up Stevie’s legs. He wants to feel come splatter all over his face and you two can’t quite do the job.” She did, folding me almost in half, even while she kept pounding my ass.

“Oh god, I am going to come,” shouted Summer. She pulled out leaving us both panting.

“Stevie, tell me you want me to jack off my cock on your face, because you want to feel me shoot come all over your face,” Kirsten demanded. Her cock? My cock! Then more quietly, in my ear, this is your one chance to come and avoid exposure.

“Yes, please jack off your cock and shoot your big load all over my face. I want,” she stopped, “I need to feel that.” No movement.

“I have thought about this a lot, and I want to feel come splatter on my face to eat it for you, to please you.”

“Oh this is going to be good,” gasped Michelle as her breathing grew shorter, nearing orgasm.

“You better open wide and swallow what I shoot for you, Stevie, or I just might have to take this mask off.” Desperate, I opened my mouth wide and even reached upwards towards my/her cock.

“Yes,” Michelle gasped as she thrust down deeply, almost out of control, deeper and harder, clenching my thighs, nails digging into me through my stockings. It was over, I could not stop if I wanted to. Finally, the release that I had sought. I started to shoot just as Michelle cried out in her first wave of orgasm. I felt her spasms through my body as my own nerves caused convulsion after convulsion. My own come shot into my mouth, salty, warm, slippery. Load after load, onto my lips my forehead, nose, neck, in to my mouth. I had never come even half as much it seemed. I think I almost blacked out.

“Stevie,” I heard Kirsten’s voice in a haze, “not a bad show, but don’t you think Michelle and Summer deserve to know who got them off.” That was not our deal, my cock was still hard, and shook again with Kirsten’s tone and her threat. I was starting to be aroused by her total command and humiliation techniques.

“Mistress, please, I thought.”

“Did I ask you what you thought? You are a mess. Don’t you want some help cleaning up, Stevie?” This was my way out, she was being generous, I guess, she just wanted to push me a little further. I could do that.

“Yes, Mistress. Summer please let me suck Mistress Kirsten’s come off your cock.”

“Is he serious? That’s twisted, but kind of a turn on.”

“Beg Summer, for what you want…specifically.” She had no give.

“Summer…” I knew that I sounded just like in class, suddenly I was very conscious of every continued action. “Please use your cock and let me suck Mistress Kirsten’s come off it.” She did so. As soon as it was coated, she slid it deep into my mouth, scraping off my own come with my lips.

“He’s still hard. He must like this. I bet he’d love to suck a real cock so that it could shoot directly into his mouth,” Summer observed.

“Or maybe two so he could suck one while another came on his face,” added Michelle.

Then Kirsten, “Maybe girls, maybe, would you like that Stevie, to suck a real cock for me, while we got a hot load of come shooting on your face?” I cannot explain why, maybe it was her tone, maybe it was Summer arousal directly above my head, the lightheadedness from have come so hard, but cock responded by bobbing up and down, returning to full strength, even as Summer held her cock deep in my mouth, grasped between my lips.

“It looks like you would, you really are a slut. Maybe I could arrange that, or even have another guy there to cover you with hot come while I watched, getting wet seeing you take cock for me again and again and again. She grasped my cock, rigid from her voice, trembling from her touch.

“Did you like that Stevie?”

No alternative, “ Yes, Mistress, thank you.”

“So do you guys want to know who you have been fucking.”

“Of course.”


“Oh, Stevie, I know what I said, and you did perform admirably, but you wanted all this. I let this happen for you, remember that. You probably also want them to know who you are and would jack off at the thought of my showing them or letting them find out; it probably turns you on for them to know. To know that whenever you see them in school and they see you that they are thinking of you begging to suck cock as they fucked you and watched you lick your own come of their cocks. It turns you on for me to humor myself by humiliating you. I personally love the idea that when you see me in class, you will never know what I am thinking. That worries you even as it arouses you doesn’t it.”

Silence. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Come on Kirsten. Just tell us, take off his mask, we know he is in one of our classes. We’ll figure out eventually.”

“Well, I don’t know. I sort of promised him.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Well, at least make him earn it. Didn’t he say he’d do anything.”

“I guess that’s right.”

“Well, I don’t know about your Kirsten, but I have always wanted to see a guy suck another guy’s cock. After all don’t they always fantasize about two women together. What if we got a real jerk and had your little slut here suck him off. Then once he came, we would have two guys under our thumb, right?”

Laughing, “I knew I brought you up here for a reason Summer. I guess you get a reprieve, Stevie, as long as you agree to this plan.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.” I was pathetic.

“Why don’t you two get out of here, I got to get this place cleaned up before the Professor comes home.”

“Do you want us to help.”

“No thanks, Stevie here should manage just fine,” she patted my ass.

“Ok, we’ll just go plot who is the most deserving,” giggling they left.

This seemed to gone on for hours, the discussion of my fate as if I was not present, of how I could be used by these girls, my students. Kirsten turned from the shut door and walked back towards me, “You performed well tonight Steven. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I think that you need to be rewarded. Tonight I will let you feel, but not see.”

I felt her legs come down on either side of me as she took hold of my cock and guided it against her pussy lips.

“I have been thinking about this all night,” she whispered as she sank back on my shaft. She moved her face over mine and leaned over. I reached up and felt her lips meet mine and she began to move her hips back and forth slowly at first then harder.

“I loved fucking you Steven. Tell me that you liked it.”

“I loved the way you fucked me Mistress.”

“Tell me that you want me to fuck you again, that you want to suck my cock.”

“Yes Mistress, I would love you to come by fucking me, to suck a cock for your pleasure.”

“Oh god yes, don’t stop. Don’t stop… Tell me,” she gasped.

“I would suck a cock for you. I will do what you ask. I am you slut.”

“You’re my cocksucker,” she gasped.

“Yes, Mistress,” desperate to please rocked by the tightness and warm friction around my cock. She started to shake. She actually rode me through that first orgasm, pushing two fingers in my mouth growling and thrashing over me. \

“Say it, Stevie.”

“I will be your cocksucker, Mistress.”


“I will be your cocksucker, Mistress.”


“I will be your cocksucker, Mistress.”

“You already are, but a real one will look good spurting on your face, while another fills your mouth. Yes, that does make you hard, knowing you will demonstrate your technique on real cocks for me.”

There was no real question, but I felt compelled, “Yes, Mistress. It does turn me on.”

“I’d love to be buried in your ass while you sucked one guy and another came on your face. Picture that Stevie. You’d be my whore then, begging to get fucked, to get come on while I filled your ass with my cock. Fucking you hard, knowing each thrust was sending shocks through me driving me to the brink of orgasm even as those two hard cocks swelled under your touch, their warmth spreading your lips slapping on your face. You reaching for them knowing your letting go to your desire thrilled me even more driving me into you deeper, watching the first spurt a hot load onto your face, stream after stream, seeing it drips of your chin , smear over your lips and cheeks even as the second cock works steadily in and out of your mouth, the soft head disappearing into your mouth followed by the thick shaft which pushes out your cheeks, forcing your lips wider than you expected, alternatively filling you a leaving you feel empty, wanting to feel that last expansion the sudden rush and then his come shoot out of his cock even as the constant pressure on my clit and the knowledge of your use combine to push me over the edge. Can you picture that,” she whispered, her own breathing becoming labored again as a deeper orgasm bubbled up inside her.

“Yes, Mistress,” automatic, that must have made her smile. My eyes were still blindfolded. Her voice seemed to be directly inside my head.

“Picture that cock sliding in and out of your mouth, open wider, bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Reach for it with your tongue.” I complied, and felt the tip of her cock.

“Want it.”

“Yes, Mistr.”she pushed it into my mouth.

“Imagine that it is a real cock. Imagine it warm and pulsating in your mouth. Imagine how much better it would feel.” She pulled it from me lips, I followed.

“You want it don’t you Stevie.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell me and we will come.”

“I want to suck a cock for you.”


“I want to suck a cock for you.”

“Again.” She began to drive back and forth harder. I was so deep I felt her lips on the base of my cock, on my pelvis. Moving faster.

“I want to suck a cock for you.”

“Louder. Feel it; see it.” “I want to suck a cock for you.” She lowered her cock again, I felt it brush my lips and moved forward for it.

“Yes, Stevie. Suck it; want it. Feel its heat growing in you.” Even as my own cock moved past the point of no return and I felt Kirsten clamp around me, her tell-tale pre orgasm sign.

“Oh yes; oh shit, feel him cum; aaahhh.” She exploded, bucking furiously as I shot stream after stream of my come into her even as she sawed her cock in and out of my mouth.

She collapsed on me, her cock falling out of my mouth. I kept moving my hips slightly. Apparently enough to keep some edge to her throes, because after a minute she gave a little moan and pushed back. I thought I would be done, not be able to come again, but you reminded me that you have not gotten to taste me yet, and you want to lick me don’t you.”

Despite myself, I nodded, “Yes Mistress.”

“Even if it meaning swallowing another load of your come.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Well then Stevie, you should like this,” as she slid forward over my chest and stopped directly above my face.

“I could see my come start to slip out of her.


“Please let me taste you, lick my come from you, Mistress.” No reply but she settled lower, spreading her legs further, exposing her spread lips and opening a stream that fell directly into my mouth. As I set a steady rhythm nestling my lips on her, letting my tongue explore their inner walls, moving cautiously, barely touching her skin upwards to her swollen clit, she began to reassert control and grind her hips down onto my face. As she pushed harder, her curls dragging across my lips then down to my chin then back to the bridge of my nose, I became completely enveloped in her.

“I love that you want to taste me. That you will gladly suck your come out of me. That it turns you on for me to fuck your face with my pussy or my cock.” One hand on the wall in front of her on hand on my head pulling me into her, even as her hips thrust against me, driving her clit against my tongue.

“You like being my slut. I like pushing you, Stevie. Having you dress up, take cock for me, let my friends fuck you. I can’t wait to see you take a real cock, to make you my real cocksucker, to see you drink come not your own, just for me, to be more than a slut and toy, but my cum slut, my whore. I know you like that. I can feel that you are turned on thinking about it. I can feel your urgency returning your desire rekindled through your tongue. You did become my whore tonight, letting, begging my friends to fuck you. You will suck cock for me and be my cum slut, my cum whore. Oh god that feels good, I love that picture. Make me come by thinking of sucking a cock Stevie. Don’t worry, I know you will, are, even as I am telling you to. You feel its width and hardness slapping across your face sliding into your mouth, shooting into your mouth. You can’t get that out of your head even if you wanted to.”

She was right, even as her thrusts became more urgent, her voice spoke about her desire to have me suck a cock for her. Her arousal aroused me and cemented the thought in my brain. Even when she fell silent, then, and her breath was held as she neared another explosion, each thrust became a mixture of her scent, her cock, a real one all in a blur even as I became hard again, knowing that such was her plan to always leave me needing more.

“Yes Stevie, you are mine, my slut, my cock-sucking whore,” her voice raised she moaned and spasmed on me falling to the side, but holding me head between her thighs with her hands and squeezing my head trying to pull very last bit of pleasure from her latest orgasm. That’s enough stop.”

Even as I stretched out my tongue to maintain contact, I can’t take any more,” she panted and lay back.

I stayed still, my head resting between her legs. My cheek comfortably on her mound, relishing the scent of her arousal, her sex, her come. Finally, she stretched.

“That was nice Stevie. We will have to do it again sometime. Remember to lay low tonight and where your uniform to class on Monday.”

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