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Wake Up Call

Category: Fetish
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It is still dark outside when your alarm goes off to wake you to get ready for work. As usual, you hit the snooze button and roll over to enjoy a few more minutes of sleep. Little do you know I woke up feeling a little frisky this morning and you won’t need that snooze button!

Quietly, I sneak out of the bed and run into the bathroom for a quick visit before turning off your alarm and hopping back into bed. You are peacefully unaware of how I am going to rock your world this morning.

Gently, I push on your shoulder to turn you onto your back before sliding out of sight under the covers. I slowly trail my hands down your body after my mouth, kissing your stomach.

As I reach your rock hard cock, I slowly touch it with my tongue. Watching it jerk at the first touch. I open my mouth wide and suck you into my hot wet mouth just as you push back the covers to watch. I can feel your hands coming down on the back of my head, pushing me down as your hips arch up so your dick is sliding down my throat. I can taste the precum, leaking out, coating my tongue. I lick the underside of your dick, making more ooze out for my pleasure. My hands caressing your balls, trying to milk out more of your cum. Wanting to taste it all.

You begin pulling my head up and down. Slowly fucking my mouth. My mouth vibrating around you as I moan. Telling you without words how wonderful you taste to me. You ask me to turn around, bring my pussy closer to your face. You reach down and slowly part my pussy lips with a finger, sliding it up and down. Teasing me by staying between my lips, not touching either the opening or my clit. My hips rocking against your hand, begging you to touch more as I suck on you harder.

I swirl my tongue around the head of your dick. Curling it as far around as possible then pulling up so my tongue rides the ridge that separates the head from the shaft. Coming up to tease the slit, licking it with my tongue that I have flattened to a point. Gently I bite down on the head and then lick away any pain I may have caused you as you finally slide two fingers deep into my pussy. Your thumb rubbing circles on my hot swollen clit. My pussy tightening around your fingers, growing hotter and wetter.

Suddenly, you push me away from your hard cock and bury your face in my wet pussy. Moaning at how I taste, pushing your tongue deeper in me. Even though I wiped after using the bathroom, small amounts of urine dribbled out of my pussy and you can taste them on your tongue.

Lifting your head you say, “I can taste your pee, baby. I want to taste more of it. Please, pee in my mouth.”

It is such a turn on to hear you say that but I don’t have to go anymore. With a groan of frustration, you ram your tongue back into me, swirling it around to get all of the golden fluid you can find. Massaging my clit with one hand, your other creeps up onto my lower stomach and begins pushing, trying to convince my bladder that it is full again so the muscles will relax and flood your mouth. Soon my bladder feels as if it is going to burst even though that is not possible this sudden.

I am twisting away from you, trying to get up but you won’t let me. Taking your tongue out of my pussy, you gaze up at me and whisper, “Please, baby, I really want to taste you. I want you to pee in my mouth. Just a little, OK?”

Then your mouth is once again pressed against my pussy, your mouth forming a tight seal to my pussy lips. I can feel as your tongue pumps in and out of me, stretching in an effort to touch my bladder. The hand on my stomach is massaging my bladder until I can’t hold back any longer and release a small stream of pee right into your waiting mouth.

As the first hot sprinkles fall into your mouth, you moan, making your mouth and tongue vibrate against my pussy. Your tongue begins pushing even harder against me, wanting to feel more. My hips are rocking, riding your hard tongue as my bladder opens up and releases the small amount of urine.

Once you have drunk all my urine and licked my pussy clean of the taste, you turn and lay on top of me. My arms and legs open wide and wrap around you so you can slam your hard, stiff, wet dick deep into my steaming pussy. Pounding into me so hard and fast as you bite my hard nipples. Hear me moan in pleasure as you take me so hard. My hips rocking up to meet your every thrust, fucking you back as hard as you are fucking me. Wanting to take you deeper.

I throw my head back and scream as you slide a finger deep in my ass. Rubbing your cock with the finger in my ass, feeling them slide together through the thin wall dividing them. My hands come down to grab your ass, pulling you tighter against me. You shove your tongue down my throat as your other hand comes up to squeeze hard on my tit. I can taste my pussy and pee on your tongue as it rams into my mouth. The finger in my ass rubbing your dick as it slams in and out of my pussy.

My pussy starts to spasm around you, gripping your dick tighter. My hips rotating, sucking you in deeper as I cum around you. You can feel my pussy pulsating around your member as my ass tightens around your finger. You bend down and bite on my nipples. My body shivering as I scream out my pleasure, begging you not to stop fucking me. As my orgasm slowly fades, I moan as you pull out of my pussy and ass. Leaving behind an almost physical ache at how very empty I suddenly am.

You pull your body up so that your dick is in my face. I can see it glistening from my pussy juices. I slowly stick my tongue out and taste my pussy on you as you slide two fingers back inside my still pulsating pussy. I love the way my pussy tastes on you and I open my mouth wide to take you back inside as you start rubbing my clit again. Your dick jerks as my tongue slides up and down on the shaft. I begin licking and sucking on the head as my hand squeezes around the shaft.

You turn around and bury your face back into my pussy. Your tongue sliding in so deep and wiggling back and forth. Making me moan around your hard cock as you push deeper into my throat. Your balls getting tighter as you get closer to filling my mouth with your hot salty cum. I can feel you sucking on my clit. Your tongue flicking back and forth on it as you gently bite down, wanting to make us explode together. Your cock twitching, swelling in my mouth as my pussy burns hotter and tighter than before.

You slide two fingers inside me, fucking me hard and fast. My hips rocking up to meet your mouth and fingers as my hands wrap around your ass. Pulling you tighter, deeper into my mouth. I moan around you as my pussy starts clenching your fingers. The first shot of your cum shooting down my throat as you bury your tongue in my pussy to cover the screams as you cum. My pussy throbbing as I cum all over your face. One of my hands moving down, trying to push your head deeper into my cunt as I suck on your cock. Swallowing all the cum you can give me. My other hand squeezing your balls, trying to milk you dry. Wanting to have all of you in my mouth. I can feel your cock jerking in my mouth as you continue to cum for me. I am holding all of your cum in my mouth, letting it wash over you before swallowing it.

I take your cock in my hand and allow my lips to slowly slide over the head as I remove you from my mouth. I rub the head of your cock on my lips, flicking the opening with my tongue. I run my tongue down the shaft to your balls, gently sucking them into my mouth to bounce them on my tongue while I squeeze the shaft in my hot fist.

You have your tongue still buried in my hot wet pussy as you ram a finger in and out of my ass. I am squirming under you. I can feel your chin rubbing on my clit as you twist your tongue deep inside me. Your fingers in my ass are fucking me harder, faster as I rush headlong towards another orgasm.

I can feel your cock stiffening again in my hand and am amazed at how quickly you have recovered. I continue stroking you in my hand and soon I can feel a warm liquid splashing on my body as you start moaning. I can feel your hot pee running over my chest and down my neck to soak the bed under me. In surprise I let go of your cock and you lift your hips so it slides between my breasts, pumping into that warm soft tunnel. I can feel your pee running down my sides, onto my lower belly and can feel your mouth leave my pussy so that you can suck your pee off me.

You pull your fingers out of my ass and quickly push three of them deep into my pussy. Slamming them in harder and deeper. Climbing off me but keeping your fingers inside me, you turn around so you can kiss me. Pushing your tongue deep into my mouth so I can taste your pee too. With your other hand, you skim my sides bringing more of your pee to my face. Breaking our kiss, you offer your hand to me and watch as I eagerly lick you clean.

Pressing your fourth finger into me, you start finger fucking me hard and fast as I carefully lick between each finger to capture every drop of your pee. My hips are rocking up to meet your fingers as I lick from the palm of your hand up to your fingers. Sucking your fingers back into my mouth, I gently bite down on you as I cum again. Slowly sliding your fingers out of my pussy, you lie down next to me and gather me in your arms.

“Good morning,” I whisper to you, “time to get ready for work.”

“Work,” you say as you roll me over so you are lying on top of me, “can go to hell. I think I’m going to call in sick today.”

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