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It is late. The bedroom is dark, with only a single light above the computer. I’ve been sitting there looking at the erotic photos that you have collected. What a beautiful assortment you have. There are the most amazing photographs of women’s bodies. I particularly like the close-ups of the vaginas. I like looking at the different clits;

the outer and inner lips of the labia. I like the view from the rear even better. It really turns me on to see the ass and the pussy together. I especially like it when the photos include the woman’s hands fingering her swollen pussy and teasing her tight ass.

How I would like the view that you have when you enter me. From the front or the rear, you can look down and watch as your cock pounds into me. I can only imagine what that looks like. The imaginary image is incredibly stimulating. I can only wonder how the reality would turn me on.

My hands have been as busy as my eyes. My pussy is hot and wet. I’ve been waiting a long time for you. As I continue to slowly move through your collection, my fingers alternately stroke and squeeze my clit. I shove my fingers deep into my pussy, but even three fingers does not compare to the girth and strength of your dick. I’m so horny and need something more. I close my eyes and remember the feel of you. As I open my eyes again, my glance catches sight of one of our toys on the edge of the desk. I reach for the plastic sheathed dildo and quickly turn the head to begin the vibration. I move it slowly up and down my hot pussy for only a second before shoving the whole length of it into my wet and waiting hole. There, that feels better. I continue to play with the toy as I scroll through the photos.

I have found a new set; ones that include a man. His cock is big and beautiful. Looking at it only makes me want you more. Your cock is real to me. It is not only big and beautiful, but totally responsive to me. I want to feel it. I am intensely aware of wanting the feel of you inside of me. In these photos, my favorites are the tight in shots of the huge, pulsing dick pushing into the swollen pussy. I can feel the motion, even though these are still photos. The toy begins to move faster in my hand.

I’ve been lost in the photos and the feelings, but now I can feel your presence. You move quietly across the bedroom. I can feel you long before I see you; long before you touch me. You quickly take in the scene and process what is happening. You stand silently behind me. I can feel you there, but you have not touched me. We both are taking in the visuals on the screen. No words are spoken, but the silent language between us is powerful and direct. As the photos appear and disappear, we watch together the magic moments of pussy and cock coming together. I continue to fill my own pussy with the vibrator. I can feel the heat coming off your cock, through the thick fabric of your jeans.


And then another new set appears. The woman has turned around. Her bottom is up high in the air and from this position we can both see her swollen pussy and the tight little hole of her ass. We still have not touched. In the silence I hear our heavy breathing. We continue to watch from this new perspective. Suddenly, I feel your hands reach out and grab me around my shoulders. Silently, but very purposefully, you raise me to my feet. Your big red T-shirt quickly comes over my head. I am naked, standing right in front of you with my back to you, just like in the photos. I can feel your hands slide down the sides of my body, feeling the soft curves that you have come to know so well. Your large hands reach in front of me and grab my breasts. There is the slightest sense of urgency in your touch. Your hands are strong and demanding as they move across the roundness of my belly and find the hot wet mecca of my pussy. I’ve been waiting for you a long time.

As the photos continue to appear and disappear, your hands move from my body for a moment. You quickly move the chair that I have been sitting on around in front of me, lock the wheels in position and unzip your pants. Only a moment has passed, but to my waiting and ready pussy it seems like a lifetime. Your cock springs to attention; always ready to pleasure me. I can feel the heat coming from it as you lean into me and pull me closer to you. The photos continue. We both are still watching. Your hands come at my waiting pussy from the front, even as your huge hard cock probes my ass from behind. The toy has been put to the side for now and my hands work my breasts with just the amount of pressure and firmness that seems right for this moment. Our coupling is mirroring the images on the computer screen. Even as I watch the cock in the photo probe the woman’s tight little hole, I can feel you urging me to bend over the back of the chair. As I lean forward, I reach behind and spread my soft, fleshy cheeks. But in my eagerness for you to fill me, I am jumpy. My ass bumps and grinds against you, searching for that ultimate pleasure tool – your cock.

The silence is broken as I hear your low growl, “Hold still”. Your strong hands grab me firmly by the hips and hold my bottom still. I am watching the cock on the screen push its way into the tight hole of her ass. I feel your cock pushing against my tight little hole. And then, in a moment of exquisite pleasure/pain, you break through. I can feel the head of your cock inside my ass. I moan in pleasure. You stop for only a moment to allow my muscles to relax and expand to allow you in and then continue to push deeper. Oh you feel so good! Hot and hard and strong and filling up every inch of my ass. You have found your way into this special part of me and we begin to move together in the in and out dance of pure passion. The fluids of my body, the images on the screen and the simple fact of my constant desire for you have come together to allow you to penetrate me. I watch the screen, wishing for a way to see what you can see; not an image on a screen, but you and me; your cock in my ass. I am so turned on.

Each hole, my pussy and my ass are streaming with fluids. I am wet and slippery. You pound you cock easily, but intensely into my ass. Your thrusting is wonderfully hard and fast. I am so ready to come. I reach for the toy and shove it into my now empty pussy. Can you feel the vibrations through the thin wall of flesh? You know that there is only one more thing that could make this coming orgasm more perfect, more powerful. Now that my bottom is firmly locked to you, your hand reaches around and begins to finger my clit. One touch is all I can take. I’m over the edge in one of the most intense and mind blowing orgasms I have ever experienced.

But even as the stirrings and tinglings in my body calm, I can feel them beginning in your body. Your cock seems even harder and bigger than before and I can feel the come shooting through your dick and into my ass. Your hands grab my hips again and pull me tight against you.

We stand silent and motionless as the photos continue to fill the screen. We have totally lost sight of that voyeuristic pleasure. We are spent and satisfied with the pleasure of each other.

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