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Waiting by the Front Door

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She knelt by the front door, waiting for him to return.

He had called about 30 minutes ago, informing her that he would be home soon and instead of her usual greeting, he wanted her naked, kneeling with her head down, hands clasped in front of her, when he returned home.

After he had called she had undressed as she was told, darting into the bathroom for a quick spin in the mirror, she liked looking at herself, she’d worked extremely hard to get the body that she had now.

She also liked to make sure that there were no imperfections that perhaps she hadn’t noticed earlier for some reason. She had thought casually while standing in front of the mirror whether or not he’d be upset at her for admiring her body. She wasn’t sure, but she didn’t really think so.

Now she was kneeling by the door as told. She lowered her head as she heard him coming down the stairs. Keeping her head down as the lock clicked undone. She already knew better than to unlock the door for his return, she had learned in an earlier lesson that there was always a chance that someone else could enter before he did, since he never gave her an exact time of when he’d be arriving. When he said he’d be home soon it could always mean within a couple a minutes, or a couple of hours.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as the door swung open and he stepped inside, closing the door, and locking it. He moved past her and into the living room, setting his things down on the end table. She hated it when he passed her by like that without acknowledging her, while knowing it was another part of training she disliked it, but still knew better than to move from her position.

He was moving around behind her in the other room and she waited patiently until she heard him approach her. She knew he was looking at her, possibly admiring her hair that cascaded down her back just barely stopping past her butt. He loved her hair, always had from the first times they’d met.

Moving in front of her he reached down taking her clasped hands, raising them above her head and pulling upwards.

“Stand up” he spoke firmly.

She quickly but smoothly did as he said, keeping her head turned down and slightly to the left.

Stroking his left hand down her arm and over her side resting it on her hip while his other hand still firmly held her hands above her head, he gazed over her body. She was beautiful, and he loved looking at her, he would never tire of coming home to her each evening. Making her take a couple of steps backwards he pressed her against the wall behind them, pressing his body firmly against hers.

“Look at me…” He said it in a stern voice, but softly. She turned her head and brought it up, looking into the eyes she loved she smiled softly. He returned her smile and kissed her gently, and then parting her lips with his tongue he kissed her more forcefully and passionately, crushing her against the wall with his own body. She whimpered softly, partially from the force he was using and partially because she could feel his already hard cock pressing against her body through his clothes.

He finally released her hands and she let them drop around his neck as she knew he liked, his own hands going to her hips to lift her slightly and press her body against his.

One thing she had always appreciated and loved about their relationship together was that even when in training she was always allowed to speak, and ask questions, unless of course he had specifically told her not to.

“Did your day go well baby…” she asked when he had stopped kissing her for a moment.

“Yes… it’s going even better now.”

He kissed her neck once, and then took a step back from her.

“Get back down on your knees, and address me as you should be when you speak again, understand?”

She instantly got to her kneels again, cringing at his words.

“Yes sir” she spoke softly.

She should have known better than to address him with “baby”, while it was a name he loved hearing, perhaps on a usual day when she’d greet him with a hug and kiss. This day and any other, when they were working together as Dom and sub in their own home, she was supposed to call him by “Sir”.

Typically she would have addressed him by “Master” but she had screwed up a couple weeks ago when she had accidentally stayed out past the time he had gotten home. She didn’t feel it was directly her fault; there had been an accident which prevented her from getting back home in time.

There were things she could have done better however. She had left her cell phone at home which was a huge mistake; and she should have left her friends early enough to prepare for any kind of situation that she could have run into. He had punished her severely when she had arrived home, bringing her to the point of tears. Not from any pain he caused her, though there was some of that also, but from simply being incredibly sorry she had upset him. He had explained to her later that night as he held her lovingly that he didn’t enjoy punishing her so severely, but she had worried him when he arrived home and she hadn’t been there, and it was something that needed to be done. Then he had told her that for now she was to use “Sir” until he thought she had earned enough respect again to call him by “Master”. “Sir” is what she had originally referred to him as when they first met and started training.

She broke her mind from her thoughts as he moved to the living room again.

“Come here.”

She quickly moved across the floor to his feet on all fours, and then kneeled up again in front of him.

“Undress me.”

She stood, sliding her hands under his shirt and lifting it over his head with his help. She timidly kissed his chest once then kneeled again, using her teeth to undo the ties on his shoes, removing each one, his socks afterwards, as he shifted his weight so that she could. She then kneeled up again to undo the clasp of pants and draw his zipper down with her teeth. She removed his pants and his underwear, trying her best to ignore his hard cock that sprang forward as she did.

Feeling her pussy grow wet at just the site of him, she quickly folded the articles of clothing, setting them next to the couch and out of the way, and then returned to kneel in front of him. She glanced quickly up and him and saw he was watching her every move. Leaning forward she gave a lingering kiss to the underside of his cock, letting her tongue dart out to taste him. She paused for a moment to see if he would stop her and when he didn’t she continued kissing him, running her tongue and lips up the length of his cock, licking up the pre-cum that already rested on the tip. She then slowly slid him all the way into her mouth until she felt his head resting against the back of her throat, and then while maintaining a gentle sucking slid her lips back up his cock.

Watching her he groaned, she was damned good at sucking him off, and he also knew how much she enjoyed it which only turned him on more. After a moment he put his hand on her shoulder, pushing her down and away. Then stepped over to the couch and sat down.

She kneeled where he had left her, watching him.

“Alright, come here.” He said after a moment of settling into a comfortable position and spreading his legs apart for her to kneel between them.

She crawled quickly to him, kneeled between his legs then proceeded to again greedily take his cock into her mouth.

He moaned again as she did, partially from the pleasure of her eagerness to immediately do so again.

At first slowly, then a bit quicker she slid her mouth up and down his cock. Using one of her hands to gently fondle his balls, while holding his cock in her other hand, sliding it up and down in the same motion as her mouth. With the wetness, and warmth of her mouth passing over him, it in a way created a feeling of how deep she could take him. After a moment she steadily held the base of his cock while sliding her mouth completely down over him, letting the head and part of his cock slide into her throat. She continued to do this up and down, massaging the end with her throat muscles while her tongue and lips did the rest.

Reaching down he ran his hands into her hair, holding her head firmly, but continuing to let her do the work.

Continuing to suck, she pressed her tongue that was pierced against the underside of his cock so that her barbell rubbed consistently along the underside while she moved.

After several moments she felt his balls start to tighten and listened as another groan of pleasure escaped his lips, his cock spasmed, once, then again as he started to shoot his cum down her throat with another loud moan of pleasure.

She greedily swallowed all of his cum as he continued to moan, moving her lips and hand up and down his cock.

As he started to soften slightly she slowed, sucking more slowly, and gently. Then removing his cock from her mouth she licked the base, and his balls.

Hands still in her hair, and breathing somewhat heavily he pulled her head up. Bringing her body up his body he kissed her again, and then let her rest her head on his chest, stroking her hair.

“You know the best ways to welcome me home, don’t you?”

She smiled in response, taking comfort in being close to him. She always missed him when he was away at work all day, and he’d been working longer hours recently.

He again moved her back onto her knees and stood up.

“Get up and lay down on the couch.” He said.

She did as she was told, lying down on her back. She watched as he moved her hands above her head, while removing some restraints from the cabinet next to the couch. In each room of the house they kept restraints, and different toys. Most of the items were kept in the living room and bedroom.

He placed the restraints on her wrists, fastening them together, then taking the end he attached it to a hook that was screwed into the end table, but not visible to any company that might be over.

He then picked up a bag from the table that she hadn’t noticed before; it must’ve been one that he had brought in with him when he had arrived home.

“I picked us up a new toy while I was out today.” He said reaching into the bag and pulling out a box. As he opened the box she noticed what seemed at first was only dildo that was about 5 inches long, and thick. Then he removed some straps from the box, lowering himself next to her.

She had already tensed a little, while she didn’t mind toys, she much preferred it when he was touching her himself.

“I’m going to fix us some dinner, and while I do that, you’re going to enjoy yourself for both of us.” He said, sliding a hand along her right leg, and applying pressure so she spread her legs.

As she saw what he meant to do her eyes widened a bit and she started to struggle a little, pulling as much away from him as she could. While she disliked the toys a bit, she disliked them a lot more when he made her use them on herself, being as she was still working on the fact that she could be very self-conscious.

She should have known better than to struggle or object at all, in a split second he had grabbed her leg, quickly and forcefully turning her onto her side so her ass faced him and grabbed a paddle he left on the table to smack her hard, once and then again.

She cried out in surprise at his force and the pain, and squirmed again instinct driving her to a running response, but there was the couch on one side, her hands tied, and him on the other. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“THHWACK”…the paddle came down on her ass again as she squealed, her body jerking against the restraints.

“Don’t you EVER struggle away from me like that! You know better!” he said loudly, his voice severe as he brought the paddle down once more.

Her body was shaking violently as he flipped her roughly onto her back again, but she was no longer struggling. He spread her legs again, with much more force this time, feeling her pussy, which he already knew would be wet. He grabbed the vibrator from behind him and rubbed it in her juices before sliding it up into her pussy. Even with her ass still stinging, and feeling ashamed, she couldn’t suppress the small moan that escaped her lips and it slid into her. She turned her head to the side, so that she was looking at the couch. Frustrated and defeated she would endure, but not happily. He picked up the straps, fastening them to the vibe rolling her slightly to one side to bring one strap up along her ass, and then another up her front, both attaching to a strap around her waist that would hold the vibrator in place. After a few more adjustments he was satisfied and leaned forward on the couch turning her face to look at him.

“I’m not so horrible to you am I?” he said.

“No Sir.” she replied quietly, but with a tone that showed her defiance.

“You know I love to bring you pleasure, and you also know, that I like to watch you enjoy pleasure. I got this toy for you, because I knew you’d enjoy it. You struggle with masturbating for me, so I thought you’d enjoy this even more, so I could give you a break of playing with yourself sometimes. Understand? ” his voice was soft, but still harsh. Enough so that she knew not to try and talk back to him.

“Yes Sir.” She said, still not completely looking at him.

He looked at her for a while longer, and then ran his eyes along her body again before standing. However, before walking away, he switched the vibrator on to a low setting, listening to its soft hum. As he walked into the kitchen he chose to ignore her last small whimper of protest.

He could watch her while in the kitchen through the bar that was set into the wall, looking over the living room. For now she was lying motionless, her head turned away. He knew with the vibrator going in her cunt that she wouldn’t be able to stay still for very long. She was extremely sensitive and very easily orgasmic.

As he started taking things from the cupboards and fridge to fix their dinner he thought about how far they’d come. They’d been together for a bit over a year now and she’d come to live with him only a little over a month ago. From the first time they had spoken to each other he had let her know what he wanted and expected out of a relationship, and she had agreed that these were things that she wanted also.

The first couple of months were difficult, they lived quite a ways from each other and at first while he knew she had a submissive nature, she continued to fight him in anything he asked. He did understand now that with her past, and the way she was, she had just needed some extra time. She was definitely still disobedient at times; the most whenever he wanted her to pleasure herself, but she was getting much better even in those things. He enjoyed disciplining her, and training her, and throughout their relationship there would always be times when it was necessary, they both knew this.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard her first quiet moan. He turned looking at her through the opening. She was squirming a bit, and her eyes were closed, probably still trying to resist the pleasurable feel of the vibrator.

Moving out of the kitchen he again approached her. Her eyes opened and watched him as he came closer, they were slightly glazed. He spread her legs again which she had closed.

“I want you to keep your legs open so I can watch you, keep one off the couch if you need to.” He said it sternly while he reached down, turning the knob at the end of the vibrator up another level to increase in the vibration.

A sharp intake of breath hissed through her lips and clenched teeth when she felt the vibrator start to hum in a faster rhythm and her hips bucked once as she felt him slide his hand up her pussy, gently rubbing her clit. She groaned deeply as he touched her, her hands involuntarily jerking against the restraints on her wrists.

He rubbed her clit between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it gently. Then stroking it in a slow circular motion, watching her the entire time as he did so; he would bring her to orgasm this first time, and then leave her to continue while he worked.

She squirmed, her breaths coming faster as she neared orgasm. Her body started to shake and she arched her back, pressing herself more against his hand and giving a cry of pleasure as he quickened his fingers against her clit, sending her over the top in a frenzy of pleasure.

A few tense moments and her body again started to relax as she began to come down from her orgasm, her cum dripping from her pussy.

He reached up and squeezed one of her nipples hard, knowing that this would bring her more pleasure.

She gasped; moaning loudly as her body again jerked and shuddered as another orgasm tore through her. When she started to calm down again and his hand came away she struggled a little against the vibrator that was still firmly inside of her, knowing that it would bring her to an orgasm again within a matter of moments.

He watched her silently for a minute longer, resting his hand on her belly and looking into her large blue eyes that were glazed over. Her body had a slight glistening sheen across it from the thin film of sweat that had already broken out across her; it only made her more attractive. She was shivering slightly, an occasional small shudder running up her body. Something she had referred to as her “aftershocks” of a powerful orgasm in the past. He thought it was sort of a cute way to refer to them.

While there was a desire for him to let her loose then, and forget about making any dinner; fuck her, and cuddle her the rest of the night, he also wanted to continue with his plans.

He stood, kissing her once before returning to the kitchen.

He proceeded to cook their meal, listening and watching as another three times she orgasmed while he was working. By this point she had began to verbally beg for him to stop and free her, and was again fighting the restraints. He usually didn’t let her go as long as this, but she needed to be punished.

Perhaps a half hour or so went by before he returned to her. Her pussy was dripping, having gotten even the couch wet.

“Please, please Sir, I can’t cum again, I can’t. Please stop…” she cried and begged as he crouched down beside her.

“At this point it isn’t just pleasure, its punishment, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes Sir” she whimpered, her eyes continuing to beg him. He was hard again, had been for awhile, and he wanted her. Reaching down to the vibrator he turned it off, but left it where he was. As he did she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Turn over on your stomach” he said.

She quickly did as he asked, cringing a little at the feel of the vibrator still in her as she moved.

“Now bring your knees up, keep your shoulders down, so I can see your beautiful ass up in the air.”

She again did as she was told, completely exposing her ass and pussy to him.

He sat down behind her, rubbing his hands over her ass, giving each cheek a gentle smack. Then ran his hands over her pussy and up her ass again; her cum had run all the way down.

Using the pad of his thumb he pressed against her anus firmly, and listened as she moaned, squirming a little back against him.
She had always loved being fucked in the ass, she liked plenty of other things, but one of her favorites was definitely having her ass played with and fucked.

He shifted so he was kneeling behind her, and while holding his cock, ran it up along her pussy and ass crack, getting it wet with her cum.

She moaned.

“Please…” she uttered, barely above a whisper, moving her ass side to side slightly.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Please what…”

“Please fuck me…” she said a bit louder.

“What did you say?” his voice had become stern again.

She hesitated, confused, more dazed than anything; and then remembered.

“Please fuck me, Sir” she pleaded.

No sooner than she had uttered the words did he ram his cock up her ass. Bring a sharp cry from her.

He held still, buried deep inside of her ass.

“Like this my little sub?” he asked

“Yes Sir, yes!” she barely gasped out the words. He started to fuck her, hard and brutally he slammed his cock into her ass over and over again. The way she liked it, and the way he did also. Her screams of pleasure only encouraging him to fuck her harder, holding onto her hips and bringing her back against him with every thrust he made.

He paused for a moment; reaching forward over her he released her hands.

“Turn over.” He said, pulling out of her ass.

She immediately turned over, bringing her legs up to give him access to her ass again.

“That’s my girl” he said as he pushed back inside her. He liked fucking her in the ass this way so that as she orgasmed her cum came down, drenching them both.

As he started to fuck her again he reached down, turning the vibrator on again, this time to the highest setting.

She screamed, arching her back and lifting herself against him so all that was basically still resting on the couch was her shoulders and head.

Holding her hips he fucked her in a hard steady rhythm Then releasing her hips to hold and squeeze both of her breasts, leaning forward slightly on his hands putting enough pressure on them and to causing her a little pain that he knew at this point would only increase her pleasure.

She squirmed and twisted violently underneath him as orgasm after orgasm rocked through her. Tossing her head from side to side while digging her nails into his chest and back, screaming loud enough the she knee their neighbors must be able to hear.

“I’m going to cum in you this time, you’ve been a good girl for the last little while and I want to reward you.” He spoke as he felt his own body start to tense. He could feel the vibrator going in her pussy and it was drawing him to his orgasm much quicker.

All she could do was continue to cry in pleasure, too overwhelmed to do anything else. He knew how much she loved it when he came inside of her. While she loved to suck him dry, she also loved the feeling of his hot cum filling her.

He tensed, about to cum, and thrust again and again. Then let out a cry and loud groan that mixed with hers as he started to cum. He could feel his cock spasming with his orgasm, his hot cum shooting deep into her.

She cried out again feeling his cum, pulling him down to her in his last thrusts so she could kiss him deeply and passionately.

A moment passed and he half collapsed on top her, reaching in between them he turned off the vibrator, expertly unsnapping the straps and pulling it from her body he tossed it onto the floor. His cock was still in her and slowly going soft but for now he was staying right where they were.

She sighed, happy, and pleasured; kissed his shoulder, his neck, and then his lips.

“For now, your training is done, understand?” he said quietly.

It was what he always said when they were finished working as Dom/sub for the moment.

“Yes, thank you Sir.” She responded as she was supposed to with a smile, eyes closed, and resting contently.

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